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Lies Told On Chatzy

1. Cupcakes are disgusting

2. Ana can be turned off

3. Sneak want Bluey over Shad

Did I miss anything??


*starts tearing up* why yu so mean bree all i want you to do is love me *jumps on bree & starts kissin her cheeks* love me loveme loooovvveeeeee me


Lmfao, thats hella rude


Ughhhhhhhhhhh! This post has now been infected by an old, trick turning hussy! Lol

*Sprays the post with Lysol*

Go far away Lexi! Lol.

a boat trip without ana knock it the f*** off lol

dont make me poke a hole in that damn ship!!!

lmfao your joking right

what? aw hell naw...

Law & Order just pissed me off.
The next episode will be based of of Chris Brown & Rihanna -___-

I see someone think they Lil Kim clown asx!

bow tadow watch out now its the little one & its not bowwow

this aint titanic ! lol

hmmm . . .

anyhow Dany you can doll

Hell ya i wanna come!!

see bree know what it is!
except he got on my nerves
ALL the time lol

but i <em>guess</em> he can come...
but if he annoy me ONE time im kicking
him off the cruise ship

:( lol

Ugh. Shad gets on my nerves sometimes! Short ass nigga!!! Lol.

Bree . . :)

Sneak . . .yaaay im inspiring !
lol but shxt umm your asx WILL be bringing Shad !
bluey can sit this one out
it'll be good for yall lol

Um there's too much smiling in this post.

That is all.


lol that comment gave me an idea too!
and you're welcome ;D


bish you <strong>must</strong>.... be <em>tweakin</em>
i aint bringing no damn shad

*looks at him lying beside me asleep*

i'm bringing bluey fck you mean guh!

you can go girl

you bring Shad??

Lord, Sneak!
udk what that add just did to me
i laughed my asx off then i became incredibly sad
yet hopeul . .

thank you!


ooh i wanna go

and i added mrs. cole ;D

I'm going on one spring break!
Wann come???

Aye!!!! I wanna go on a cruise. Do y'all wanna come?

Yay! Lol

Sooo since you missed me I just know you gon add again. . . .

imy2 :)

My babies! ,

Bree YES my goal was reached ! Lol

Heeey Dany boo!

Sneak I understand but
I missed you o.O lol

Today my boo bday!

sawwi lol i be busy these days and
knocked out as soon as i come home
from school nshid.

but I es right chea all day today
chillin, no class for the day :)



I read that s*** in his voice for real.

Respect my AUTHORITIE *cartman voice*

Girl bye lol