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Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth…

Sorry I've been neglecting CBW. I've been creepin + bein a silent reader but I've been around. You guys don't even seem to miss me. It's cool tho. I just decided to hop on + see what you nigras are up to!

—Yours Truly, Cara The Misfit (AKA: Momo)


I swear hiss high yellow ass want me to DROPKICK him in the fu¢kin throat. I cannot BELIEVE he said that. I haven't been anywhere NEAR him since December. And I don't need to SNEAK in. I know and his ass answers. But Dudley has had my undecided attention since December. And it might stay that way. With his sexy self. And his ACCENT!!!!!!! <3 he is life.

Shiiit. That ain't what he told me. You gotta ask him all that.

Sneakin in his…!? NIGGA I BEEN WITH DUDLEY O'SHAUGHNESSY SINCE DAMN DECEMBER 2012!! Fu¢k is Chris fillin yo head with lies for!?

No... No... I'm rude for a reason. Heard you be sneaking in his windows so I have no choice but to treat you rudely.

Heffa Chris ain't said SHIIIIDDDDD. Lyin on niggas ns***. You just rude to be rude -______-

Lmao. Chris told me to say that. He likes when I'm rude.

Nigga you mean as shiet.

Haha. Go away. We sure didn't.