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Phuck it . . . COME HERE QUICKLY

. . . Lol I just feel this way
Like fck you and the d*** you rode in on
And slapping 300 b****es up with baby powder!
Then stepping on the baby toe!

. . .,. Sorry . . . . I have outbursts . . . .

What up though?
How are my lovies tonight?


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Shut up Bree
Ole mean asx

Brb w/ the link

sure not doing nothing

Hey everyone


F*ck Lexi! Lol

Lexxi wanna get on chatzy.
Y'all want to?

Dun dun dun!


I will!

Hmm Trigga made another appearance . . . . I approve!

Awe, give him kissies for me

wtf with the chris brown post lol

Dany bout that thug life lol

I'm alright.
Little man sick && fussy . . . So yeah

Real thug niggas wassup?

Lost my soccer game. Almost fought some b**** on the other team.

How are y'all?

Lol just Thuggie utensils

I just noticed salt packets really lol

Lmao Nani....

I'm mad that you said you need to get your blades and salt packets. Ouch.... Lol.

Make a move
Then get that paper done love

And ummmmmm tf???

run it

he pissing me off like really
ughhh I ain't even in the mood
I got a 16 page paper plus design
due next week just freak me that's all I ask

So he believe other ppl over you is what you saying??
Hmm gold that thought *searches purse for blade && salt packets*
Aight now where is he located again??
I just wanna talk to him.

i think me and my bf (not trey<---he is the husband)
is breaking up, over some old he said she said bull crap
like we are in f***ing high school

then school is well passed kicking
my ass and it is very hard to study
while worried about outside crap


What's wrong?

in a SUPER bad mood guys
in need of smiley faces
and jokes

He was here talking to J

Damn, im sexually frustrated. I need some head!

Where is Legacy?!?!?!

white black and squirrel

Breyannah. Im going to comment right now! Chill mija, I got you!

Sometimes I forget Ana's race lol
Then I'm all like "ooooooh o.O"

i had a little riley freeman boondocks moment lol

:O o_O