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BIG News ! ❤

I'm joining the goddamn mutherf***ing Air Force! ❤
Reason being is because, no one in my family has ever served the country and I want to do something new.
I was hoping to come back home to get married to Avery, but unfortunately he and me split. Let me remind you, he's in the Navy now. But I'm perfectly fine. I think joining the Air Force will do me some good. It will keep my horny ass out the bed and put my brain to work.

Haha. Serious s*** though. But I just wanted to share my BIG news with you guys.
Btw, bree I'm f***ing tyga stupid ass up when I see him!


congrats, now since you in the air force fly your ass down
to the store and get me some hot fries

I mean hey... Your ass just might be fatter. That's your huge ass that's using up all the tissue lol.

And bleh.... I'mma kick you in your throat.


*sticks a frog down bree's thong* answer me nigga! Lol

My ass is fatter than yours. Haha lol

Try again ho lol

You know they say opposites attract but I didn't know Roaches and Hood rats would click. You and Tyga make my nipple numb and me booty crack grow. Lmao

Pshhh both of y'all some goofy hoes. Match made in weak ho heaven lol.

f*** Tyga ole punk fool mark trick ass. That nigga could suck my big toe and you can too.
But when it comes to muthaf***ing Aubrey Drake Graham, I'll assasinate you mf's. Tyga ole yellow ass better sit down before I shove something serious up his ass. Lol

B*tch you can say what you want but when it comes to MY Nigga Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, watch yo MUTHAF*CKING mouth. Drake softer than a pile of pillows. F*ck out of here. His fruity booty ass.
Stupid ass c u n t lol.

No, them thick ass Wendy's burgers were down my throat. Not your dusty, rusty, crusty burnt ass sharp elbows.

My nigga Drake the man. He will have Tygas head gone in the blink of a eye. Tyga to pretty to be fightin' with his gay ole ass lol

Pshhhh. They weren't ashy when they were down yo deep throat whore.

And yes! Slaughtered muhf*cka! My nigga don't play! Lol.

No. Yo ashy elbow ass. That's what grease for hoe. Lol

Drake? Slaughtered? Are we speaking on the same guy? Cause I bet you gone find tyga ass in a ditch if he touch my baby. lmao

lmao thats a new one suck my elbow

b**** suck my elbow. Write these nuts lol. And don't get Drake slaughtered lol.

You think not, old yellow ass nigga gone catch my foot in his ass if he retweet me on bulls*** again. Ima have Drake handle that doe. lol

But thank you guys! Bree you should write me alot whore!

congrats :)

You could have left the last line out.

You not doing sh*t.

But congrats!