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Death Becomes Me~

I could hear the loud sounds of metal clanking behind me as it enclosed around me. The dim lit room becoming more constricted within seconds. I could see a small pathway begin to open up as one of the metal panels on the other side of the small room began to open up. My heart skipped a beat of relief and fear at the sight of it and frankly I wasn’t sure which one I felt more of.

All of this time wasted on simple instructions that turned out not to be so simple and I was finally about to see the final resting place of Anikka Moore. It’s unfortunate that her misfortunes are to my benefit but in the line of work I do everyone’s misfortunes are to my benefit so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to inhale a deep breath before entering the dark passage way only to feel myself suck in a huge amount of dust which caused me to start choking.

I couldn’t help but think how the person who sent me here ever found this place as I wheezed for air. This peculiar place isn’t an easy find but then again the person who sent me here is a peculiar person. My breathing began to go back to normal as I coughed up the rest of the dust and gazed once more at the passage way before going inside.

Before you can began to comprehend what is about to take place I first have to tell you about what led me here. I start off with the story of my first high profile case and lead you down the dark disturbing path that I’ve been on for the past year. If I didn’t think I had what it takes to be a good defensive attorney I damn sure know I do now.