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A edgy weapon that beholds half of Kingsman Private Highschool students flaws,built up on a website that now anyone has acess to. From the schools subterraneous <b>sluts to the grimy <b>playas and other subterraneous dirt. This caused alot of drama, but the problem lies beneath the person who made it. Whoever she/he is will they ever be discovered???

*If you guys feel that the story is going to be great, please write so.


I'm sweet loving caring don't get on my bad side if you do your there for awhile. I'm open, sensitive, balanced, empathetic, loyal, thoughtful introspective and self-aware, you have a solid grip on your emotions.

Age: 18
Man: T.I. Aka DeAntè Johnson

Name: Teamicia Jay
Pic: raven Symone
Person: lil sis to everyone, funny, mischievous, very very shy, intelligent & sneaky, can be the biggest scary cat.
Man: T.I.-

atheletic loves to sing and dance,smart damn near genius funny as hell loyal ..real chill and down to earth ..the girl everybody loves...great advice giver call me oprah or dr.phil....not for the drama zero tolerance for b.s so dont get it twisted i will bust that ass

Bow Wow-Kaydence aka KayD

Im very sweet, doesnt get made fast but i do its hell, caring, loving , always have advice

The story sounds intresting af. Oh! I love dramtic stories. This s*** is bout to be turnt up! Oh yeah, and I'm athletic.
Run it!!!!

Oh and I think this story is going to be dope!

I call kirko bangz but I want his name to be Levi

Personality: double personalities: I can be a quite cool laid back chick then I can be a hardcore down for whatever party girl depending on who I'm with.

I call Chris!!!
Pic:helloimfanny: <a href="">Pic</a>
Personality: nerd, blunt (double meaning lol), chill, goofy, mean, rude, and flirty.

Im shy silly wen u gt to no me a lil flirty smart
Sweet out goin at times observer to things that catch my eye laid back most of the time n dnt take no mess frm no one that cum at me wrong but other than that im peaceful

Drake -his name cn stay the same or it cn be byron or u cn chose the name
If nt drake ill take tyga- his name cn be mike

*I also need characters I prefer females for the following characters

Bow wow-
Kirko Bangs-
And the One & Only Chris Brown-

So in all i will need 8 female characters and just choose who you would prefer to be with and what you think their name should be and a brief description of your personality and age as well .

Run it!!