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This Thing of Ours 06.10.13


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caaaan't til next add :)
Runnnn it <3


Lol at Curtis tryna get Rashad to take the drugs
He might as well just sell it himself.

Him and nalleyl flirting and s*** mmhmm I see them.
Whats next?

Run it


I hate that we can't edit!
But the whole conversation with the Latino
Is supposed to be in Italics


Curtis walked to his friend’s apartment with his hands in his pockets. He felt the small balloon of pure Columbian cocaine in his left pocket. He still couldn’t believe that he had anything drug related in his possession. He was a good kid, but a hustler nonetheless. He kept replaying the conversation with Vali, the Latino guy, earlier.

<em>”Yo, I got your order.” Curtis voiced after knocking. He was ready to go home and being that it was an whole hour early was pressing him even more.

The guy opened the door, “That was fast kid. Come in, I’ll get the money.” He then disappeared like he had earlier.

Curtis looked around the apartment and noticed something that he hadn’t the first time he had been in there. There were several white bricks on the glass living room coffee table and a pile of small balloons off to the side. He shook his head because his assumptions were correct.

“The name is Vali.” The guy reappeared with the money in hand.

Curtis averted his eyes back to the Latino, “What?”

“Vali, that’s my name. Yours?” he put the money in Curtis’s hand.

Curtis cleared his throat, now feeling uncomfortable. It wasn’t the fact that he was around drugs. Hanging with Rashad, he had been around drugs often. But it was never cocaine, Rashad only dealt with marijuana. “Curtis. Curtis King.” He voiced.

Vali smiled and nodded, “Nice to meet you.”

“You too.” Curtis looked down at the hundred dollar bill and back at Vali, “I just realized that you paid me earlier.” He handed him back the money.

Vali chuckled, “Damn, I suppose you’re right. Well here,” He took the money and walked over to the coffee table and grabbed a small balloon, “Take this.”

“Fck I’m supposed to do with this?” Curtis blurted before he knew it.

The Latino chuckled again, “Sh*t man, whatever you want! Snort it, free base it, give it away, sell it! I don’t care. You look the kind of cat that knows what to do with it though.”

“I guess man, here’s your food.” He pocketed the drugs and handed Vali his delivery.

Vali took his food and sat it on the bar that was by the door. “Hey listen, if you ever figure out what you wanna do with it come back. Maybe we can do some business.”

“Right.” Curtis dismissed him while walking to the door.

Vali chuckled once more, “Aye, I like you kid. You got something about you. It’ll take you far.”</em>

Curtis made it up to Rashad’s place and knocked. After a few knocks, Rashad’s little brother Colby opened it. “Aw what’s up King!” he dapped him.

“What’s up lil one. Rashad here?” Curtis stepped in.

Colby nodded, “Yeah he in the room.”

Curtis followed Colby down the short hallway that opened up into the living room. Colby took a seat next to his big sister Nallely. “What’s up Na Na.” Curtis smiled.

“Hey Curtis.” She smiled back.

Rashad appeared from the room, “Yo, y’all might as well hook up.”

“Man, that’s ya little sister.” Curtis blew it off as he pulled Rashad back into the room, “Yo lemme holla at you B.”

Rashad chuckled, “What is it yo? You got cha hands all on me B, wrinkling my fresh clothes nsh*t.” he began to straighten his clothes out.

“My bad young, but look at this sh*t.” Curtis pulled out the balloon.

Rashad eyed the product, “So you finally fckn with E now B?”

“Hellll naw! I got this from one of my customers. He a lil Latino cat, I think he tryna put a nigga down with the business. So I came over to see if you tryna get down.” Curtis voiced as he sat on one of the twin beds in the room that Rashad shared with Colby.

Rashad shook his head, “I’on fck with that sh*t man. That’s not my business.”

“But yo, you Rashad ‘Richie Rich’ B! This sh*t is the future, it’s gon keep you rich young.” Curtis tried his best persuasion techniques.

He shook his head, “Naw B, I’m doing good with what I got. You handle that sh*t yo.”

“Aiight man.” Curtis pocketed the drugs and they both walked out of the room. He looked at Nallely once more, “Yo I’ma call you sometime, is that cool?”

She smiled wide, “Yeah, that’s cool.”

“Cool.” He smiled. “Aiight catch cha later B.” He dapped Rashad up and let himself out.


He's going back to deliever his food

You'll understand as I write more
But it's only been a year


Soo Curtis going back to that guys house
for what now??
This must be how he came to be what he is
Btw ... It's the 80s at the time of the flashback sooo like how old were they at that time?
And how old are they now?
Because from the flashback it seems like Curtis is in his teens like 16 or 17
And Eric in his twenties && if that's so wouldn't that make them in
their late twenties or early thirties at the present time of this story??? .....

I'm just a bit confused about the age thing ....

Eric is a bit of an asxhole
Think he doing something so he's arrogant af
But he shouldn't be


Ehhhh Eric just pissed my soul off
I bet this is how Curtis gets down with them.

Run It!!!


Run it


-Harlem, Summer of ‘83

Curtis stood at the counter of a well-known food shop in the middle of Harlem staring out of the storefront window at the busy streets. He was bored with life and knew that it had to be something better out there. Mr. Johnson, the owner of the place, came out of the back with several food pans. “Delivery and don’t be taking all day to come back either.” He handed Curtis the list of addresses and went back to where he came from.

Curtis sighed and grabbed the trays, putting them in the carry out bag to keep warm. He had no car so he was forced to walk. He dapped up some of the neighborhood guys that he knew and smiled at the pretty girls showing more flesh than they should on that summer evening.

On his last delivery, he waited as a regular customer went to go retrieve money for payment. “Aye, you work down at Johnson’s Food Shack don’t cha?” a Latino man a few doors down inquired.

Curtis eyed him as the customer came back to the door with the money, “Yeah, I do. What you wanna place an order?”

The man nodded, “Yeah, come down here when you’re done.”

Curtis said thank you to the customer and walked down to the apartment. He stood in the doorway that was open.

The apartment was furnished lavishly, considering that the building looked like sh*t. You would’ve never know that someone was living like this. This apartment was a diamond in the rough in this neighborhood. Not even the big time dealers had apartments as decked out as this.

“Yo, you ready to order?” Curtis yelled into the apartment.

“Uh yeah, give me a minute.” The man hollered back. For him to be a Latino, he had no accent at all. The man appeared from a side room and came out. “I’m gonna want a 6 piece chicken with fries.” The man ordered and then pulled out a huge wad of money.

Curtis’s eyes darted right to the cash, ready to formulate and put two and two together.

“Be cool man.” The guy chuckled.

Curtis shrugged his shoulders, “I’m cool B. Not the first time I saw a cat pull out a wad of cash.”

The man stopped what he was doing and looked at Curtis smirking, “You think you know me?”

Curtis was ready to get back to work at this point, “Naw man, but I know you can’t possibly have a legit job.”

The guy laughed heartily, “Here kid, keep the change.”

Curtis accepted the large bill and headed back to the restaurant to put in his order.

When he got there, his sister was there with her dealer boyfriend Eric. He was an idiot and had no idea why his sister even bothered with him. As usual, Mr. Johnson was eyeing Eric irritably.

“Aye yo King, why don’t you take my order young? This old cat needs to stay in the kitchen.” Eric mouthed off.

“This is my place of business and you can get the hell out!” Mr. Johnson forced.

“Yo Mr. J I got it, aiight?” Curtis stepped behind the counter handing the order from earlier to him.

“I don’t know what your sister sees in him.” Mr. Johnson said to where only Curtis could hear.

“Yo King baby, tell your boss to quit trippin wit his old ass before I make em.” Eric spat rudely.

“Yo, E be cool. It’s over now, just order.” Curtis’s sister Carol voiced.

“Aye what I tell you about mouthing off?” Eric looked at her.

“Yo what you want B?” Curtis spoke in an irritated tone.

Eric ordered and over paid like the dummy big shot he thought he was. Truth is, Eric was just a small time hustler with low grade cocaine that was overpriced. Curtis’s close friend, Rashad was the real hustler in these Harlem streets.

“Order up!” Mr. Johnson yelled as he put Eric’s order up in the window.

“Here you go E.” Curtis bagged it and handed it over.

“See you later King.” Eric chuckled like a cornball and walked out with Carol on his heels.

Curtis shook his head and looked at the clock; it was almost time for him to get off. “Here’s your delivery. After you’re done with him and come back you can go home.” Mr. Johnson informed. Curtis nodded and headed back to the Latino guy’s crib.

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Oh God I'm not gonna lie a little tear came running down my face.
I'm liking this
Shawn need to relax just cause we girls don't mean we can't get the.job done.
I hope Curtis makes it threw this surgery for his little one.

Sorry I'm late :/
run it!!!!!

no more runs?!

Run it

Again, I feel like s*** so pardon me if it doesn't make sense

I like me already. I'm so Thuglife love it..
Who shot Curtis though like was it the people we robbed
Well no it couldn't have been ..... Idek

Since he "the king" and all I'm guessing
it could be anyone
Someone hats jealous, felt wronged or anyone

Shawn soun like a lil butch

Rns it!


Shots rang out as two people dressed in black fled out of a known trap house in the Bronx of New York. They threw the duffle bags in the trunk and hopped into the black hooptie getaway car. They drove across the bridge to Jersey and parked by the docks. When they got out of the car, they retrieved the duffle bags from the trunk. While walking away, the driver shot once at the car’s gas tank and it immediately exploded. Outside of the dock’s gate, sat an all black Jeep with yet another driver. They got in, finally removing their ski masks. In the front seat sat Nallely Santiago, girlfriend of the King of Harlem. In the back sat Ashley Williams and Christina Mendoza, both equally important. “How was it?” the driver, Rashad “Richie Rich” Johnson and Ashley’s boyfriend, asked. “Successful.” Was all that Nallely said while applying her lipstick in her compact mirror. Rashad was satisfied with the answer and pulled off, headed back to Harlem where the other two waited.

“Yo, all this waiting is bullsh*t.” Shawn "Lucky" Smith declared. “Chill the fck out B.” Curtis “The King” King bellowed nonchalantly from his new leather Lazy Boy. “I’m just saying B, why we send them in anyway? They just some females, yo!” Shawn sat on the couch out of frustration. “I’m tired of yo sh*t son! You always hyped the fck up about something. Chill B!” Curtis got up to check out the window of his 5th floor apartment, it was something that he did periodically in his profession. He saw Rashad’s jeep pull up outside. “They here, come on.” Curtis said as he grabbed his leather jacket and walked out. Shawn followed him down the stairs and out of the front door of the building. Soon as Curtis set foot on the stoop, a white Saab sped down the block. Curtis looked and instantly knew something was wrong. “Get the fck down!” He yelled as he pulled his gun out of the back of his jeans. Before he could even do so, shots were fired and he fell on the steps. Shawn ran out of the building’s door and down the steps. He joined Rashad in firing at the car as it sped away.

“CURTIS!!!” Nallely ran to his side. He was coughing up blood as she cradled his head in her lap. “Somebody help!” she yelled at the rest of the crew. Ashley ran up the stairs to call 911. “They on the way!” she yelled down out of the window. “I’m sorry.” Curtis whispered to Nallely as he touched the side of her face. “Baby please, don’t die.” She cried while grabbing his hand. “I’m pregnant.” She whispered. He looked into her eyes surprised, “I….love you.” At that moment, he slipped into unconsciousness. This made her cry even harder. Soon, the paramedics were pulling up. Ashley and Christina held her as they rushed him into the truck. After they pulled off, Shawn and Rashad took the bags of money up to the apartment and then the five of them rushed to the hospital.

When Curtis opened his eyes, he saw bright lights speed over his head. He could no longer feel any pain. He looked to see that he was in the hospital. All he could remember was Nallely telling him that she was pregnant. He couldn’t die, he had a kid to think about. He was rushed into surgery and as the anesthesia took over, he couldn’t help but to think how he ended up in such a fckd up situation in the first place.