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Hold Me High-.

So I Want To Bring My Old Story Back To Life. I Really Miss Writing, The Only Reason Why I Stopped Is Because I Didnt have a Faithful Cast. Which Means Reading&Replying To My Sh.t lbs. I Miss the Challenge. SO Imma Give You guys The Intro, Remember Faithful R&R!:D


---Isabella stood behind the curtain waiting for her turn to go on stage. Even though she know she’s a pro at this ‘ a nervous blow took a hit on her, Hard. its so many people out there tonight but she knew most of them was fans of hers. The thought of it made her smile. Her thoughts got interrupted by her b.tch Trinity getting off the stage. “ Your up hun ! DO THE DAMN THANG !” Trinity yelled as she disappeared into the back. Izzy heard her Song “ Well that’s my que” .

She went on stage ‘ making eye contact with her main fans which was now in the front. She didn’t even take off her clothes yet and can bet any money it was already atleast 300 on the stage with her. Dice climbed up the pole ‘ showing no struggle. That’s one thing she really knew how to do. As she hung upside down on the pole ‘ she removed her bra. Sliding down the pole, she watched her fans go crazy. She knew what they wanted but taking off her panties was not apart of her show, and never was. But they loved her for some reason ‘ maybe because of her sex appeal. Izzy finished dancing and started picking up her fresh made money. As she exited the stage she glanced at her Boss . She smiled at him remembering his words “Bring your body, and I will bring you fame”. That’s all he had to say and she chased Her Money.


I Just Wanted to let you guys know I Moved into my own apartment,so No internet yet. But expect an add in a couple days!!

Izzy needs to get out of the house ASAP and nice car..

Can't trust none of these niggas, can't trust none of these hoes! Man Izzy mom tripping. She need to take her ass to rehab and STAY ubtil she gets better. Nobody want her ass. Izzy really needs to get out before the worst happens to her. And if it does, I'm goin in on ole boy ass. He thinks that this is a muthafhuckin game. Smh, think before you say or do anything to her.
Run it

Run it

what?! how can they not be talking he gonna catch her alone and spit game
as for her mother she got to watch her "man" cuz he a lil filthy perv ugh
she needs to move out asap
run it

Isabella Woke up smiling, thanking God it was Friday. Spring break is now here! Very excited, she hopped out her bed and walked in her bathroom. “Damn I look rough” she said looking in the mirror. After getting out the shower and doing her lil hygiene thing, she went looking thru the closet for something to wear. I know what everybody thinking “What happened with her and Ace after that night?” Well . . They havnt talked more then hey and bye. Crazy right! Anyway She rubbed lotion&baby oil on and put on her second favorite perfume, Burberry. As soon as Izzy put on her bra and panties, her door busted open. She turned and seen some man standing there.

“WHAT THE F.CK! GET THE F.CK OUT” She screamed and slammed her door.

She got Dressed mad as hell. Ready to cuss Somebody out. She just couldn’t find out who the hell this nigga was her mother got in here. She stood and took deep breaths, trying to calm down. “f*** this” Izzy blurted out and ran down stairs

“MOM! WHERE ARE YOU”! I yelled, looking around corners.

“WHY are you yelling”? Her mother asked through her teeth


“YOU NEED TO CALM THE F.CK DOWN. Besides that’s my new MAN in there. He don’t want your scrawny ass, Do you Baby” She asked him as he came out of the living room.

“Naw sweetheart. You know I only want you” He said kissing her, while looking Isabella right in the eye.

Izzy rushed off PISSED, grabbing her keys out her purse as she left the house. “I cant do this sh.t nomore”! she screamed to herself sitting in the new <a href="">car</a> she just bought. She wiped a tear that was creeping out her eye, then pulled out the driveway deciding not to let this sh.t break her.



Ace pulled up to the prison house. Jumping out his car seeing all the gaurds, he reminded himself why he hated coming here. Making his way to the front desk, He made no contact with no one.

“Excuse me, Im here for Malakai Akello Brooks”

“Yes.” She looked through the appointment papers in front of her. “You must be Mason Brooks”. She looked up at me

“Yes Maim, His brother”. I Looked around, Not looking her in the eye

“Alright Sir, ID please, then take a seat until your name is called”.

After she handed Ace his I.D back he went and took a seat next to some fat ass chick that kept staring. Ace sat there trying to figure out what he gone say this time to his brother. He don’t want to seem so weak around Akello, But thats Ace sensitive spot. All the two of them have out of their father, is just eachother. He missed his brother so much, “He shouldn’t f.ckin be here” Ace repeated in his head as his fist balled up. Ever since it happened he felt as if it was his fault. But it wasn’t ..

“Mason Brooks For Malakai Brooks”! The man called. I stood up and followed him to the back

“Take the elevator up. Brooks may not be out yet, so just take a seat up there”. He then walked off. Ace did what he was told, a few minutes later he seen <a href="">Akello</a>.

“Here we go” Ace mumbled.

Lol they sum clowns run it

Sooooooo she's a virgin, that's why nino want her so bad smh

she a virgin stripper!? that is a first! no wonder nino want her
dam i couldnt imagine stripping for strangers and still being a virgin
she confident fasho
and i have a feeling Ace gonna swipe that v-card but the right way like izzy wants it
run it

Cam walked in V.I.P’s with Rice and Ace, ready to throw some money. He was with Nicole ass all day and now it was time for him to kick it. The <a href="">Waitress</a> took them to thier table. Damn she got a fat ass !

“Hi, Im Kayden and Im you waitress for tonight. Is there anything or Anyone I can get for you”? She said with a smile

“Can you give me some of you tonight”? Ace replied, leaning over looking at her ass

“Well..” She got real close to his ear “I don’t get down like that. But if I did, I would show you some things other women cant”She whispered seductively in his ear. “Now is yall ready yet”? Kayden Smiled

“Yeah just bring us a bottle of Patron on ice. Thank you” I said, dismissing her

“Yeah thank you” Ace said starring at her ass as she walked away

“Yo ass a fool man” Rice said still laughing

Ace went in his pocket and took out some pills. He looked at them for a minute, thinking is that what he wanna be on tonight. “ it” he said to himself. He started handing them out to his niggas.

“Naw. Im cool for tonight bra” I said handing the pill back to Him

“You sure nigga”? Ace asked

“Yeah, im just gone drink on this PATRON tonight” I stood up yelling, getting the night started


Marissa walked towards the front of the club getting prepared to watch Izzy do her thang on stage when she saw Nino coming towards her.

“You really need to back up off my cousin Nino”! I said stepping to Nino

“And you need to stay the out our business! Whatever is going on between me and my B.TCH is between me and her”. He replied with a little smirk on his face. “Now excuse me I have a business to run”! & with that Nino walked off and went back into his office. Marissa went to the bar & took 2 more shots.

She looked through the crowd and spotted her <a href="">Baby dancing</a>. He looked up at her and came over , grabbing her like he missed her. He did. They havnt talked in a week. He kissed rissa and sat down, pulling her unto him.

“Whats up love”! I yelled over the music

“Whats up baby girl” Shane said, her still in his arms

“How you been”

“I been good,busy” He said looking around then back at her,
"I didnt know you was working tonight"

"Im not. Im just here" I replied, trying to read his thoughts.


Ace was in his zone when his <a href="">Sh.t</a> came on. He found himself starring at the stage when the curtains opened. Damn! Was all he could say. All Ace could see was her body right now because the lighting. When she got out the dimmed lighting Ace notice it was Izzy up there. Damn! He said it again. Izzy spotted Ace as she hopped on the pole. She got deep in her zone. It felt she was dancing just for him. Ace looked at her body licking his lips. He sat back and watched her, He wanted Izzy. She took off her top making direct eye contact with Him. 20’s 50’s was flying from everywhere and all she noticed was him. Damn she wanted him.


After Isabella picked up her money and exited the stage, she sat in the strippers hall. She picked up some of the shots that was lined up on the table and threw them back, getting more liquor in her system. She looked up to find Kayden mugging her. Kayden was just another hating ass b.tch that wanted Nino of course. Izzy didn’t give a though cause she know when it comes to Nino, Izzy comes first. Even though Nino them other girls, Izzy will always be the first lady! Or so he say. She got up and walked over to Kayden as she sat on a table. She bent down to get eye level with her.

“What.The.F.CK. are you looking at”?

“The b.tch Nino CLAIM he want to be with”! She replied sarcastically

Izzy stood up as she laughed. She grabbed a cup of liquor from a mirror stand and poured it slowly over Kayden. She knew Kayden couldn’t do anything because Nino would flip the out. Kayden Stood up, wiping herself off. She looked at Izzy like she wanted to kill her

“Really B.tch! Watch yo F.CKING back”! Kayden said stepping to Isabella

I Giggled “I don’t have time for that, Watch it for me” I replied, walking out.

Izzy stopped at the bar getting another drink before closing time. The club was still packed but she knew she had to go home before she leave and do something she know she shouldn’t do with Ace. Thinking about loosing her virginity made her push the shot glass away. She was ready to loose it but not drunk. Isabella wants a fairytale but its not coming her way. She's something like a hopeless romantic, she knew for sure. Every relationship she get in its nothings but f.cking drama, cheating, lying, backstabbing. Its like men don’t act right unless they f.cking they lady. Like damn is it a sin to hold on to her virginity! Izzy got up to go head out when someone bumped into her. She looked up

“I saw yo ass staring down Ace b.tch!” Marissa screamed laughing

“Hell yea! Looking like you wanted to him right then and there! You know i could hook something up if you want me too” Shane said walking up, hugging me

I just laughed “ yall! Sh.t I think I would have if he woulda came his ass up there!” They all busted out in laughter, Shane walked off to go kick it with the guys.

"Don't Try No BullSh.t Shane!!!" I yelled after him.

“Look at his ass over there, feeling himself!” Rissa said as they looked over at <a href="">Ace</a>.

“Damn he look soo good to me for some reason”. I said, staring him down, loving every second

“Because HE. DO. LOOK.GOOD b.tch”. Marissa said laughing, She started to pull me,“Lets go over there”.

“HELL NAW”! I yelled “If I take my ass over there, He taking me home tonight” she laughed knowing Izzy was serious! “Imma just go to the crib.. In your car, Holla chicka!” I kissed rissa cheek, while grabbing her keys. "You and Shane need to have make up sex anyway" I said walking off.

“Bye Hoe” Rissa Yelled!

Run it

aww man alright
whatever easier for ya
run it tho

Nicole Lmao how could you blame izzy, if you was in her shoes ' wouldnt you be tripping a little??

Steph i was thinking Kirko bangs,i can change some s*** around. Let me know.

Marissa I Absobutly LOVEE When Men Smirk as you can tell lol, Its So Sexy! You Always have a music comeback lbs.

& Heather hmmm we will see if the "Possibaly Good Dude" Last..

You Guys Tell People To Check This Story Out. Adding Maybe Later On After Work Or Tomorrow Morning!

All I'm goin to say is I call it like I see it izzy is wrong af and needs to get her s*** together but I was a little mean maye I should chill I'm glad Michael came to pick me up niño needs to back up he is so irritating and marissa is an okay friend by taking izzy out

She really need to stop messing with Nino
and Nicole I would've said the same thing to Izzy
Marissa seems like a good friend Awwww RUN IT!

Damn Nic! You didn't have to call her a dumbass b****. Lol, that was funny tho, Izzy popped the f*** off. I thought she was my mom for a second, getting mad because people slamming doors. Aww Cam loves Cole!!! Izzy really needs to stop f***ing with Nino, he's not gonna get you anywhere in life except for the bottom. Smh.
Run it

ooh she thinking bout Ace
i hope he aint missing school to be on the streets
and nino need to leave her alone
poor girl
run it

& I Didnt forget about you Nalanie, just Trying to work something out!

Isabella walked out of the locker room after cheerleading practice. She been in a real bad mood every since that whole confrontation between her and Nino. Not because he hit her but because this nigga playing with her money. She havnt danced since then. Its now been a week and a couple of days and it f.cking with her. Izzy wiped the sweat off her neck as she walked up to Nicole.

“You riding with me or what”? I asked heading to my car

“Yea, I already told you that”! She replied kinda aggrevated

“Lets go then”.

Cole trailed behind Izzy as they went to the car. She was getting sick of Izzy's attitude to everybody. “If she don’t change this sh.t soon, imma say something” Cole thought to herself. She don’t know what got to her, or who possibly. Nicole hopped in the car and slammed the door after her. Guess that triggered Isabella off.

“Nicole what the F.CK is wrong with you”?


“Nicole, back the up. I don’t have time for this”. Sitting back, looking out the window.

“ Im so close to saying you Izzy.” She said as she sat back. “You know what, F.CK you ”! she said cold heartily as she got out the car, walking back in the school.

“Well F.CK YOU TOO NICOLE”! I yelled out ther window, face wet with tears.

Izzy sat there for a couple more minutes, then pulled off. <a href="">Cam</a> pulled up to the school not long after. So much stuff was going through his head. He never really heard Nicole cry the way she was over the phone. He loved her! He knew it, but she didn’t . They've been best friends since grade school, he fell in love with everything about her. Cam seen Cole come out the school, he jumped out his car and ran over to her. He embraced her and looked in her eyes. He put his arm around her and they walked to the car. He opened the door for her, then got in himself.

“Babygirl what happened”? He seached her face. Wanting to fix all her problems

“Isabella. I don’t know what happened to us”. That’s all I could get out as I stared out the window.

Marissa La'Shay Banks

Later that night, <a href="">Marissa</a> pulled up to Isabella house so they can go to V.I.P’s. Izzy didn’t want to go but she forced her. Rissa honked her horn as Izzy ran out and jumped in the car.

“Whats up hoee” grabbing her ass as she sat down

“What down b.tch”! Izzy laughed, drinking the rest of whatever was in her cup.

“Damn you drinking without me now”!

“Naw I got a whole bottle for us to drink on, calm down mamma”. She said laughing

As they drove to V.I.P’s Izzy got a text from Nino, Telling her to come in. She really didn’t want to go now. It’s going to make it look like she was thirsty to be back up there. . With him. Izzy looked out the window, thinking about Ace. She havnt talked to him since the day he dropped her off. She really havnt been seeing him though. But she brushed it off. She got other sh.t on her mind. Before she knew it, they was already parked infront.

“You ready”? I turned asking her

“B.tch I was born ready”! Izzy smiled, getting out the car

“For you not wanting to come here, you do look hella <a href="">Nice</a> “ I sent her a smirk

“Shut yo ass up” They both laughed and walked in the strip club.

As soon as they got in there, they instantly got into their own vibe. Isabella AND Marissa loved this sh.t. The black and dimmed lights always set the right mood. Izzy felt someone staring, she searched around & found Nino burning a hole through her. She walked over to him, squeezing through a small crowd.

“Where you been at Izzy”? Nino questioned

“I’ve been around” I smirked and walked seductively over to him. “I really been missing you daddy”

“Oh really” He replied grabbing my ass. “Or is you just trying to butter me up to let you dance”?

“I thought you called me in here to dance tonight.”?

“No. I called you in cause I wanna”.

“What! Nino You know I need to be on that f.cking stage !” I Shot Him a look, frustrated.

“Naw you don’t need to be up there. All yo ass need to do is hop on this!” He grabbed her and held her down

“Get the off me!” pushing him “You need to let me dance Nino”! I screamed. Marissa walked in Nino office.

“Izzy lets go” Marissa said, grabbing me.

“Naw she aint leavin outta this building” Nino said walking over to me, giving me a sloppy kiss. “Be on that stage in 10 minutes”. He demanded

Marissa walked out with Izzy with her. She was Disgusted. She can’t bring her mind to why Izzy started f.cking with Nino in the first place. They both went to the back room so Izzy can get dressed. Isabella felt Rissa staring at her.

“Whats up Rissa”? I asked, with my head low. Not wanting to look at her

“Why you still around with dude”? Marissa demanded to know. Izzy didn’t answer her, She just sat there. So Rissa went at it again. “Like forreal Isabella! Cause I really don’t understand”? Marissa walked over giving Izzy a shot then grabbed her hand. She could tell Izzy needed to get something out so she waited.

“Marissa. I NEED this. You know my situation with my momma!” I finally let it out. “Im only 18 and I pay f.cking bills Marissa!” Tears flooded my face. “The money I get here, is money that I NEED”.

“I understand you Isabella, I really do.” Rissa hugged Izzy. “But Nino got you in a trap. That you really need to get out of”. She kissed Izzy cheek and gave her another shot. “We will talk later. You got two minutes B.tch, Clean yourself up”! They both smiled.

been m.i.a cuz of spring break!
woah so izzy is a stripper and she in h.s? how the hell no one know she dance??
ayy i see ace tryna get with her
poor izzy getting beat up and thats why she be drinking hella
ace boy u slippin on school
Heather and Ari ooh something gon happen ;)
can Rice be my future boo?? since ace is gona be taken by Izzy
run it

Ahhhhh Izzy really need to cool it with the alcohol
Ace can possibly be a good dude
lol I keep my body right I see, and Ari tied my shoe Awwwww

Aye!! Pour it up pour it up!! Izzy, you really gotta cool down with the drinking. Hold the hell ! Who the f*** you calling a hoe?! This nigga pullin hair too? Ohhh, Nino you a little boy, don't get f***ed up by my belt. Wassup wit Chris smirking at Izzy. He smirked or smiled at her a gazillion times! Lol thinking bout that sex, thinking bout her thighs, kissing on her neck, or maybe what positions next. OHH! On my Kendrick Lamar s***!!
Run it

Run it

<a href="">Heather</a> woke up an hour early to get a quick run in today, as you can tell she’s all about her figure. She used the bathroom and started brushing her teeth.<a href="">Ari</a> popped in her mind, looking good by the way. She washed her face and walked into her room taking a glance at her phone. She knew it was early but she kind of wanted Ari to run with her. She sent him a text hoping that he was up.

-Ari you up?

Heather thru her cell on the bed and went thru her drawers to get something to exercise in. She decided on her grey yoga pants and sports bra . Just as she started putting her clothes on, her cell went off. Ari’s Ringtone . “Omg . Omg! He calling me!” She squealed too herself, taking deep breaths. Overdoing it.

“Hello” I answered it finally

“Whats up ma”? Ari's sweet voice came thru the phone, causing me to smile.

“Uhmm I know its hella early but would you like to come running with me”? I asked, fingers crossed

Ari chuckled “ Yea, imma come by you crib in bout 20”.

“Alright hun, text me when you outside”.

“Iight”! He replied, Shuffling around

“Cool”! I Hung up & Smiled.

Heather walked pass her dad room and peeked in “Daddy?” She called him but he didn’t answer. She went to the kitchen and ate a bagel while writing her daddy a note. Yeah she’s a Daddy’s Girl & she didn’t mind. When she got done, she threw on her Nikes. “ Cam should be here by now”! Just then she heard a horn. As she locked up, Ari walked up behind her, hugging her. Heather giggled “ Ari”! she turned around and hugged him back.

“We got like 30 mins to run, you ready”? He asked as he bent down & tied her shoe

“Awww thank you”. I smiled, He Really Got Me “Lets go babe”!

<a href="">Isabella</a> walked out of V.I.P’s around 2:30a.m already tipsy. Tonight was the only night she didnt dance. She hated it that she wasn’t making her money. He actually MADE her come in early today, izzy was pissed she missed practice to not even dance. It Didnt make sense. “ Dumb ass Nino”! Izzy mumbled as she stumbled to his car. When she got in he was staring at her.

“What the you looking at Nino”. I said not looking his way

“Didn’t I tell you stop talking to them dumb ass B.tches in there”! He replied loudly

“Shut the up! Go to the liquor store”!

<a href="">Nino</a> was getting on her f.cking nerves. The messed up part is she couldn’t do sh.t about it cause he was her boss. He wanted Izzy to stop talking to her girls.Nicole & this other chick Heather is like a sister to Izzy. And Marrisa is her actual blood cousin. Nino really have Isabella in his head as a goofy if he think he gone make her stop f.ckin with them. He told Izzy, Nicole,Heather & Marissa was some hoes. But She didnt get him cause her girls do the same sh.t she do! Nino pulled up to the liquor store by Izzy house. She was about to get out until he pulled her hair back in the car.

“YOU GONE STOP PLAYIN WITH ME DICE”! He screamed, spit flying in my face

“Nino! Stop F.CKIN GRABBIN MY HAIR”! I yelled hitting him, trying to get him off me.

She hit him so hard he finally let her go. She got out the car “F.CK YOU NINO”! She screamed and then slammed his car door. He sped off, she fixed herself up and put on her sunglasses before walking in the store. It was his fault she didn’t make practice. He hit her because she havnt gave him no ass yet. Isabella eye was hella swollen, she kept her glasses on also while she was in the club so her girls wouldn’t notice. Atleast her eye not black, Right?

“Whats up Unc ”! I spoke to the familiar cashier, which always let me buy liquor

“Whats up baby girl”! he replied as I made my way to the back.

She felt someone looking at her, when she turned she seen that stupid ass nigga she got into it with. “Rude ass mothaf.cka”. she mumbled while grabbing a bottle of coconut ciroc. She heard him saying something so she turned around quick

“Look like you don’t need nomore of that”. He said laughing

“Who the is you to judge?” I Mugged him, disgusted

“Im Ace, The hoodest nigga around here”! he Smirked

“And I care why?” taking off my glasses not thinking.

“Whatever man”. Ace said walking past her

“My name is Isabella, not man”!

Izzy paid for her liquor and left out the store ready for her walk home! Ace watched her leave out wondering what happened to her face, he didn’t really care he was just curious! After he paid for his stuff he left out getting into his car still thinking about Isabella when he seen her walking.

“Aye you wanna ride”? Ace hollered out his window

“No thank you”. I sped up my pace as i opened up the bottle of joy & started drinking it.

“You sure? I mean you HAVE been drinking and sh.t.” Ace Replied

“Look dude I dont need a ride or anything else from you. Alright”! I let him know

“Aye I’m just being nice, you don’t gotta be a b.tch all the f.ckin time”! Ace stopped the car

Isabella stopped, thinking to herself if she should take the ride or not. She finally gave in and hopped in the car, knowing damn well she didn’t feel like walking.

“Thanks” I mumbled

“No problem shorty”!

“Isabella”! I said, looking his way.

Ace just nodded. He knew he wasn’t easy to get along with but, she impossible! He looked over and seen her drinking out the Ciroc bottle. He smirked and she mugged him

“Make a right up here & it’s the second House on the right”.

When he pulled into the driveway, he turned the ignition off. She looked over at him

“Why’d you bring me home?” I asked takin another drink

“Because it’s a f***ed up world...”

“Why? You barely know me”

Ace looked at her and chuckled a little “To tell you the truth I don’t know”. He thought about it. “ I mean we go to school together, yo girls be kickin with my niggas. We might be seeing a lot of each other. Sooo why not”. He replied, looking out the window.

Izzy stared at him for a minute until he finally looked her way, She quickly turned and opened the door. “Thank you”. Izzy said as she closed the car door and walked up the drive way into the house. Ace smirked and pulled off.

Thanks Readers !& Marissa That was 3a.m when he seen her :) i guess we will find out what happend.
Add Coming Up

Where the hell she been all damn day! and Ari is fineeeeee lol. good thing ace isnt a woman beater RUN IT!

Damn, everybody talking bout Izzy. I got a question. When Ace bumped into Izzy that meant that she was at one point at school, so when did she leave? I don't know, but Izzy needs to leave the alcohol alone and get her ass back in school, or imma whoop her!! Aww s***, he done whooped the nigga's ass! Really Ace? I guess it was true, he stuntin like his daddy! Lol
Run it

These niggas crazy run it