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Hold Me High-.

So I Want To Bring My Old Story Back To Life. I Really Miss Writing, The Only Reason Why I Stopped Is Because I Didnt have a Faithful Cast. Which Means Reading&Replying To My Sh.t lbs. I Miss the Challenge. SO Imma Give You guys The Intro, Remember Faithful R&R!:D


---Isabella stood behind the curtain waiting for her turn to go on stage. Even though she know she’s a pro at this ‘ a nervous blow took a hit on her, Hard. its so many people out there tonight but she knew most of them was fans of hers. The thought of it made her smile. Her thoughts got interrupted by her b.tch Trinity getting off the stage. “ Your up hun ! DO THE DAMN THANG !” Trinity yelled as she disappeared into the back. Izzy heard her Song “ Well that’s my que” .

She went on stage ‘ making eye contact with her main fans which was now in the front. She didn’t even take off her clothes yet and can bet any money it was already atleast 300 on the stage with her. Dice climbed up the pole ‘ showing no struggle. That’s one thing she really knew how to do. As she hung upside down on the pole ‘ she removed her bra. Sliding down the pole, she watched her fans go crazy. She knew what they wanted but taking off her panties was not apart of her show, and never was. But they loved her for some reason ‘ maybe because of her sex appeal. Izzy finished dancing and started picking up her fresh made money. As she exited the stage she glanced at her Boss . She smiled at him remembering his words “Bring your body, and I will bring you fame”. That’s all he had to say and she chased Her Money.


Heather is crazy she all smiling and s*** but I understand that she didn't wanna be his late night special and izzy went missing and didn't come to cheer but can go to the store I wonder what is up? And yea I see now dont mess with ace and his money

My boo tyga of course read the username mrs nic Stevenson/Michael Stevenson get it? Lol

<i> Heather Mari Dulce </i>

<a href="">Heather</a> went in the locker room so she can change for practice. “Whatsss Up yall” She yelled to all the girls, which was already half way dressed. She started stripping before she even got to her locker. She threw on her sports bra and cheer shorts. She was putting on her shoes when Nicole walked up.

“Whats up girl”! Nicole said

“Sh.t just tired ass hell! Is practice gone be long today?” I asked looking at her

“Girl I doubt it! You know how WE DO”! They both laughed “We get sh.d over and done with”!

“Yea, You seen Izzy”? I asked

“Nope, not yet at least. I thought she was with you”. Nic said “Oh and I think we all having a lil meeting during practice”.

“Alright babe! Imma go turn on the music”! I replied

Heather made her way to the stereo system in the gym. As she was turning on the music she noticed the basketball boys come in and starting shooting hoops. The girls came out too and went to the other side of the gym. She made her way over to them and they started doing routines. About 10 mins have passed and Izzy still was nowhere to be found. She was getting kinda nervous because Izzy usually don’t miss practice. Because she IS one of the leaders. She decided to speak up.

“Hold up yall”! I yelled a little over the music. When I had their attention, “Where the is Isabella”?

“I have NO idea. I don’t know about yall but im a lil worried’’! Nic said

“Idk. But im sure she is fine yall. Yall just hurry the up cause im ready to leave.” Steph said from the bleachers where she waited Nic

Practice flew by. After about 30 minutes they was sweaty and heading out the builing. Heather seen Nic & Steph talking to Shawn, Well she thinks that’s his name. She was going to go over there to ask Nic what happened to the meeting but the boy next to Shawn caught her attention. “Omg thats Ari”! She squealed to herself. That’s been her crush since like ‘ Foreverrr! “Is he coming over here. . Omg”! She started trying to fix her hair low key.

“Whats up sweetheart”! <a href="">Ari</a> came up smiling.

“Hey hun”! I replied giving him a hug. Even though we both was sweaty as hell, I loved it! !

“What you finna get on tonight”? He asked looking me right in the eye

“Uhmm nothing, why whats up”?

“You wanna chill with me tonight”? he gave me the puppy face, I swear I Died inside!

Heather thought long and hard. Well short and hard cause she had to give him an answer.

“Well matter of fact, I had something to do. I can’t, Maybe next time”. I said, mad at my self!

“Alright its cool! Im finna get out of here tho”! Ari replied giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Which of course made Heather smile. She know the girls gone be like “girl what the wrong with you”! But she don’t want to be NOBODY’S late night special. Well unless its her boyfriend, That’s the only acception.


Ace sat in his car smoking a blunt just getting out of basketball practice, he was dead ass tired but he knew he had to get out on the block! Ace regulars would be coming out soon. “Damn I do want another ride”. He said to himself, and decided to finally get to the block.

“Aye imma get up with yall niggas later”! I said out the window to Rice nem

“Aight nigga! Imma hit yo line later on”! Rice said walkin away with the others.

Ace was dreading the ride to his block, when he seen <a href="">Dre</a>! A nigga that owed Ace money for over a month now.

“AYE B.TCH”!!!! I yelled, hopping out the car “DON’T F.CKIN RUN EITHER”!!

“Wussup Ace man?” dre voice shoke, while he started backing up with his hands up in the air.


“Man I aint got it right now im hurtin man” he lied thru his teeth but with fear in his voice.

Ace was no damn dummy! That was another thing that his father had taught him, “NEVER LET A NIGGA HUSTLE YOU OUT YO MONEY” and that’s exactly what Dre was tryin to do.


“Man my grandma take care of me”! BAM!!!! Ace knocked dre out wit one hit!

“Don’t borrow no f.ckin money you can’t pay back”! I said going thru Dre’s pockets, taking a wad of money out!

“Lyin ass b.tch, NEXT TIME I SEE YO ASS YOU BETTA HAVE MY MONEY, OR GRANNY GONE BE MISSIN A GRANDSON” I said after giving him a blow to the head, making him spit up blood.

If Ace didn’t hate nothing else in the world it was a liar and a smart mouth ass b.tch! Thats why he couldn’t stand “that b.tch” named Izzy! He found out her name from his nigga Shawn after he bumped into her at school. She had a attitude out this world and if he was a woman beater she woulda been layed out right next to Dre.

Ace stayed out on the block until almost 3am! He made hella money so he didn’t mind being tired at all. On his way home he stopped at the liquor store for something to snack on for the ride home and a bottle to sip on so he can get a good nights’ sleep, or at least a couple hours. When he walked in he immediately saw Isabella.

& I Had To Make Little Changes Steph & Heather, You Guys ARE Seniors in high school with Isabella for now.

Nic I Can Later On, Whats up? Who you want. & Rissa Lmao i swear when i was in high school, thats ALL I did in the mornings. even if i plan on wearing something the night before, i still change it lmao. Thanks Guys!

Soooo I agree with nic, Ace is rude as F*ck talking bout "do yu kno who I am" b*itch please n*igga dont care lol Anyway RUN IT!

Um changed my mind, nigga who the f*** was he talking to? Da f***! He got her all types of wrong. She should've swung on the nigga. I would've. Man or not don't disrespect any lady unless she disrespected you in the first place. Oh and um nigga the f*** ypu mean if yall wasnt in school, you wouldnt have touched her ass in a dark f***in alley. Smh, aye yo nigga Rice lookin good tho. Let me stop. Nic really all them damn outfits, s*** I am the same way. But I still get good grades tho so middle finger to them b****es hatin. She got a swimming pool full of liquor and she dived in it. Lol old song I know I know.
Run it

Oh wow ace is rude as hell smh
cant wait until I show up in the story do I get a guy too??

Run it

Ace is rude he deserves to be smacked! And izzy bed to stop drinking and do our men change later in the story?? Like izzy with Chris me or steph with tyga or trey?

Ace pulled up to Rosemont High School looking <a href="">Fresh</a> as usual. Even though he sold drugs and sh.d don’t mean he stupid and don’t have any morals. Matter of fact he is on the basketball team ‘ one of the best players ! He seen his nigga <a href="">Rice</a> talking to the coach, so he made his way over there.

“Whats up Coach <a href="">Penson</a>!Whats good Rice ?”He said dapping both of them up.

“Talking about YOU making it to the game on Friday this time”! Coach said

“Coach you know imma be there. Im not gone let you down”. Ace said with a smirk

“Alright! Holla at yall at practice”! & with that he walked off

Ace shook his head, Laughin “That nigga a fool”!

“Naw yo ass a fool for not making it to that game. Ace you slipping man ‘ Get your sh.t together.”

Ace didn’t reply. He knew deep down that he was f.cking up. Popping pills got him slacking but he don’t want to admit to it. “Man I don’t give a ! I got money to pay for all this sh.t !” He said to himself. He was so into his thoughts he bumped into some girl.

“Damn watch your step shorty” ! He kinda yelled

“How bout you watch you f.ckin step next time and get out my damn way”! she said back

Ace chuckled “ You must not know who I am” He said going closer to her

“Uhmmm And I DON’T GIVE A F.CK” ! She said in my face then walked off.

He just laughed cause if they wasn’t in school, Her ass woulda been on the ground. He heard Rice next to him laughing.

“Man shut up bro”. . Ace said then stood there for a min “ she think she is.." He said then walked in the class.


<a href="">Nicole</a> got to school late as usual. People can swear up and down this girl never come to school on time! She did <a href="">Look</a> good thoe. That’s maybe what take up all her time cause she can never make up her mind until she tried on about 4 outfits. I mean WHOLE outfits! When she finally got to class she seen her b.tch Stephanie. She made her way to sit by her.

“Whats up hunny! I see you finnaly made it to school”. Steph said laughing

“ <a href="">Stephanie</a> that sh.t not funny! I go thru a lot in the mornings. ”! Nicole replied giggling.

“I Bet”! She laughed

“What the hell is she talking about”! Nic asked referring to the teacher

“Well if you were here you would know”! She laughed “Naw but we have an essay due Friday” Steph told her

Nicole sat there taking notes. Last night was still fresh on her mind. She wondered if she should bring it up to Izzy or not. Yea she know that’s her best friend but she just know she won’t listen. Its just that Izzy got soooo F.cked up last night. . Well for the past few nights. Like She been going thru bottle after bottles of liquor. Nic knew it was something up with Isabella. Her thoughts got interrupted by Steph Saying something to her.

“Aye Nic‘ you know Izzy my girl too right?”

Damn she must have been noticing Izzy problem too-Nic thought to herself

“Yea. Why what’s up”? She asked

“Well have you noticed her drinking.. A lot lately”?

“Yes girl! I swea I was just thinking about that”. .Nic replied. She sat there for a second “It’s getting bad man”. She whispered, stuck in her thoughts

After that convo, Nicole just sat quiet. It seemed that the day was just flying by when 3rd period was over. She started thinking of her baby Shawn. Nic missed him and haven’t seen him in about two days! They don’t go out, YET! But they sure do act like it. “Shawn ass really be tweaking”. She said to herself. Speaking of the devil ‘ here go this <a href="">nigga</a> right here!

“Shawn where the hell you been”! She asked him

“Be quiet.” He said pulling her into a hug. “ You missed me”? he asked in his southern voice.

Nicole just smiled! Ah she loved this boy. She notice his friend was with him.

“Whats up <a href="">Carter</a>”!

“What’s going on Nic! Haven’t seen you in a minute”! He said

“Blame your friend over here. He been trying to keep me away”! she replied. We all laughed

Nicole looked over and seen all the girls. “Dang we do got practice” she thought

“Alright yall! I got to go to practice. And I’m pretty sure yall do to”! She gave Shawn and Carter a hug, then they went separate ways.

Heather I Guess We Would Have To Wait ANd See!:D
& Marissa Lmao, your my hype.
Thanks Readers!

I Will Change The Dudes You Guys Are With ' IF You Really Don't Like Who I Chose

I Will Change The Dudes You Guys Are With ' IF You Really Don't Like Who I Chose

What ya need what what ya need I GOT! I like Chris' name Ace. Aye ASAP! Get like me. Lol, Well hello Chris' brother looking mighty fine. Really, she was up in yo closet! Damn. Stole yo money then turned around and lied about doing so.
Run it!!

Run it

Uh oh looks like moms a drunky and she stealing like WTF. I wonder do the ppl at school know that she's a stripper...

You can pick my picture too

Yay I'm in *starts reading*

ummmm can you pick my picture im having a hard time chosing between jasmine saunders or draya lol

thnks Run it

My picture could be Katerina Graham or whoever u wanna pick for me I don't care it's your story

idk how to put the lil link thing
but heres Stephy

on the story
dam i kinda feel bad for ace losing the only family he got
and izzy her mama an alcoholic smh
she a bad one alight
run it

<b>Mason</b> <em>Ace</em> <b>Brooks</b>

“What you need”?

<a href="">Ace</a> asked one of his many customers. He was well known out here in the streets of Chicago. Everybody and they momma wanted to know this nigga but he didn’t give a about nobody but his bros he rode with.
“I need a pound of cali” the Boy replied
<a href="">Derrick</a> was one of his regular customers. Come to think of it ‘ this dude only 16, handling heavy weight Ace thought to himself. That’s not bad ‘ Ace started dealing when he was 14. That’s only cause he had to. Derrick followed me into the trap house to get what he needed. I looked over at my <a href="">Bro</a> as he was weighing and bagging cocain.
“Ayo Cam hit this nigga with a P of Cali, Im finna be out !” Ace said
“I got you bro”! He replied
There’s reasons why Ace live this lifestyle, Mainly because of his Dad. Growing up, His dad was all he knew, and this lifestyle was all his dad knew. He introduced me to this High life before he got killed a few days before my birthday. Ace sat back in his Car as he reminisced on his Father’s words “Keep money in your vision and always grind with precision.” Ever since then Ace had a hold on His Money.


<i>Isabella Neveah Lucky</i>

<a href="">Izzy</a> woke up the next day to her alarm clock going off. She must have had a Long night at V.I.P’s cause she didn’t even remember coming in last night.Izzy tried to hit and turn off her alarm but missed causing it to fall on the floor. She wasn’t a mourning person but then again who is!

“ F.CKKK” !

Isabella screamed rolling out of her bed onto the floor ! She heard her mom bumping down stairs so she got up and stumbled to the bathroom. She didn’t feel like hearing her mom drunk ass voice today. She jumped in the shower and did her hygiene thing! She got out and lotioned up ‘ spraying on her favorite Japanese Cherry Blossom.

“Now what am I wearing today”

She thought out loud to herself while she walked into her closet. When she got in there she seen her purse on the floor. She looked closer and it was wide open with things falling out.

“What the . . I know I didn’t leave this right here! “

Izzy threw on some undergarments and her towel, then ran downstairs searching for her mom. When she found her ‘ she was in the kitchen on the floor. With a Bottle of whisky in her hand.

“Mom was you in my room this morning”? Izzy questioned her mother

“NO! Why you always accusing ME” ! She screamed while her words slurred

“Well where did you get the money to buy that bottle ? Huh ?” Izzy pointed at the bottle. “ You know what. . Just stay out MY stuff.”

Izzy calmly said as she exited to go finish getting ready for school. She wasn’t disrespectful to her mother. Even though she had little to no respect for her. But she smiled, thanking god because this is her last year in high school & she was already halfway thru it. When she got back to her room, she stashed the rest of her money her mom left into a shoebox. She decided to put on <a href="">This</a> .She left her hair curly. Isabella don’t even try nomore. She has the style of a bad b.tch ‘ And it come naturally.

Rissa: <a href="">Pic</a> :Tae Heckard.

Cast Call Closed! So Now that thats out the way(evil grin),Story Time.
I Need Pictures! If You Want Me To Chose Them, Let Me Know asap. Remember Bad b****es.Lbs.
-Stephy I Likeeee, My Lil Thug b****!
-Nalanie, Heather, & Nic I Got Yall.:)
-& Marissa I Can Already Tell imma Have A good ass laugh out of your feedback soo of courseee!lmao

Let The Games Begin :D

I f***ing love stripper stories!!! I always feel like I'm Rihanna or something. Aye gon get ya money. Bring your body baby I can bring you fame, and that's my muthaf***in words to aye! Just let me muthaf***in love you!!(sings offkey)

If you need one more person I'll be in it, if not okay.

Name:. Marissa? most people call me Rissa
Occupation/What you doing in yur life:.I am currently in college
Do You want to be a stipper:.Hell yeah!! lol If you need a stripper name can it be Star
5 words decribing you:. Blunt, chill, fighter, lover, independent(most of the time, but I can be a softie sometimes.)

If you need anything else thats cool/

Name Nicole aka nic
Age 19 or 22 which ever u decide
Occupation: tattoo artist but I really want to be a dancer
Sure ill be a stripper
Honest trustworthy feisty ambitious independent

Name:.Heather or Candi
Occupation/What you doing in yur life:.College student/pole instructor
Do You want to be a stipper:.Hell Yes!
5 words decribing you:. Over-the-top, flamboyant, crazy but in a good way, loving, quick tempered

Occupation/What you doing in yur life:Dance Choreographer
Do You want to be a stipper:.Yes
5 words decribing you:. Fiesty,Easygoing,Smart,Sweet,Sassy

Feedback!!:) I Likeee. So Nalanie & Nic I Need..
Name: Stephanie or stephy
Age: 18
Occupation/What you doing in yur life: College student but i slang on the side (thuggie)
u can put me in any school based on the location of ur story
Do You want to be a stipper: i dont mind it
i can do it to pay for school but i always wore a mask
or it can be a one night thing to just to have fun
5 words decribing you: loyal
smart both books and streets
strong if i talk isshh i will most def back that up
im shy during class mostly to get attention off me but will get bold if someone disrespects
but im loud when i with my close circle

is this ok?
if not i can be a tattoo artist
party girl but not a slut

do u want pics?

Feedback!!:) I Likeee. So Nalanie & Nic I Need..
Occupation/What you doing in yur life:.
Do You want to be a stipper:.
5 words decribing you:. give me something to work with