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Shotgun | Ch. 3

New inspiration for a story came to me a few days ago. I have some slight ideas...but ionno.


On a cold winter day in the south suburbs of Chicago, <a href=>Nani</a> stood outside her parents’ home with all her bags and suitcases set up behind her at the end of the driveway. She was kicked out because she disobeyed and disrespected her parents by smoking in the house, coming in all kinds of hours at night, and especially for getting suspended from college for bad grades that eventually caused her to receive a low grade point average. What they did was something they have always done, which is tough love. However, this time, it wasn’t just mental but physical. She was on her own now at the young age of 18. After an hour of waiting, her friend <a href=>Kamren</a> pulls up and helps put her bags in the trunk of his white 2009 Nissan. They knew each other from the community college they both attended. Nani had only attended for a year before dropping out or even telling anyone.

“Where to,” he asks in a high, smooth voice as he drives off down the street. “Just…” Nani’s soft, honeyed voice fades barely above a whisper, “take me to that motel on Torrence right off the highway in Lansing.” “Okay,” he nods, glancing at her before going back to focus on the slush filled, snowy road. “You wanna talk about it?” “No,” she stares down as she fumbles with her hands, “but thank you, Kam.” “No problem Nani. Are you hungry? There are a few fast food restaurants on the way over if you want to stop by one of them.” “Yes, and Burger King please.” “Cool.” He turns up the music and exits out of the neighborhood making his way to the main road where traffic would slow them down a bit. “Man you know you can crash at my crib,” he says before wedging a cigarette between his lips and inhaling the fumes. “I know,” Nani sighs. She eyes all the food places they passed on the way. Kamren snickered and shook his head, “Somebody is starving,” he sung. “Shut up,” Nani smiled, feeling embarrassed.

“Me too though,” he blows out smoke through his nose. “A nigga ain’t eat since yesterday. My girl is tripping and my sister, too! Shid I need me a new btch or sumn. You got some friends, I know.” He glances at Nani to see her rolling her eyes. “Kam, ain’t your girlfriend pregnant?!” “AND!? A nigga need sumn to eat! I go to work and school! Her ass don’t do sht but go to work!” “Okay, so what about your sister? Don’t she work?” “My sister doesn’t do sht either! Alright…she watch my son sometimes, but other than that she sit up on the couch and watch tv with her lazy ass!” “Boy gone! YOU trippin’!” “Yeah iight,” he laughs. “Answer that,” he nods at his Samsung Galaxy phone sitting in the middle compartments’ cup holder. “What do you want from here,” Kamren asks Nani. She tells him her order as they pull up into Burger King. Nani picks up Kamren’s phone and answers. “Hello, you’ve reached Fck You and Yo Momma, how may I help you?” she says trying to hold back laughter.

“BTCH!” rang through the phone as the very short-tempered, raspy voice of <a href=>Isaiah</a> responded, “you wanna repeat that?!” Nani busts into tears, leaning forward as she held her stomach. She catches her breath to say, “YEAH,” and goes back to laughing. “Whassup Izzy?” “Aye man ain’t nobody got time for yo broke, homeless ass! Yeah I saw you sitting out there on the street this morning btch!" Nani smacks her lips, "Fck you nigga! Why you ain't help me out then!" "If you ain't strippin then we aint't speaking! Yo When that nigga ready to holla at me tell him to hit me up!” Isaiah hangs up. “Izzy said that you can suck his dck!” Nani lied as she called him back. “Tsst…No wonder your parents kicked ya lying ass out,” Kamren smirked. He traded Nani the bag of food for his phone as they pulled off. While Kamren talked to Isaiah, Nani stuffed a burger and fries down her throat. By the time they made it to the motel 6, all she had was pop left. “Should’ve saved some for later,” Kamren stared at her. “Yeah, well McDonald’s is only a minute away. I can walk,” she shrugs. “Thanks Kam! I love you boy!” “Mm hm,” he nods watching her get out the car. “Aye, Izzy said he wanna fck with you!” Nani smacked her lips, “That nigga know he can’t handle me!” “Well I’m starting to wonder who can,” he sighs. "Me too," Nani says, slamming the car door and walks towards the motels’ lobby.


im glad my brother is back
he better come save me or something
i dont wanna go back to our parents house....
they asxes put too much on it smh ... never ever again
and he better stop laughing at Ashley name...its unique
....for a guy

as for Jamie and Isiah ... i feel bad
i fck her bd but at thesame time
i didnt know......i knew him before her
maybe we will just keep it to ourselves shes leaving anyway right??
i hope they work something out for the baby sake
but from the looks of it
she dont want him around because she think he dont care
and he dont wanna be around cause he cant trust her

damn the struggle is REAL

oh and shorty behind the counter better fall back
she dont want it!


I did not forget you!,,,
Be back to read && comment love!

Run it

well two months isnt enough "to know" someone
run it

<strong><ol>Chapter Three</ol></strong>

Nani steps out of the shower and hurries to get it. The ringtone was all too familiar and she was waiting on the call since last night. Picking it up off the dresser, she answers. “Hey!” “Sup baby girl,” her big brother, <a href=>Derrick</a>, answers. “You okay?” “Yeah, I’m good now, I guess.” She says, sitting on the edge of the bed and stares at the tv not really listening to it. “What’s up with you?” “I’m at the airport on my way home. Leaving LA.” “Oh okay! Found you a lil girlfriend while you were out there,” she asks, smiling. Derrick laughs and says, “Nah man! I haven’t found a girl yet. But I’m looking.” “Mm... Okay. Well, I’m just at this hotel chilling. About to get ready to go out on a date.” “With who?” “Like you know him, Derrick! It’s a guy that I met. His name is Ashley.” “Ashley?” Derrick laughs again, but louder. “What the hell? Who the hell names their son Ashley?” Nani giggles, “Look, don’t be talking about his name! He is really sexy so I could care less about that. I’ll just call him Ash.” “Hm… Well, my flight is boarding now. I’ll call you when I get out there.” “Okay. Oh and have you talked to our <strong>parents</strong>?” “No; not yet. I just heard your message and decided to call you first.” “Alright then. Bye. Have a safe flight. I love you.” “Love you too. Bye. See you soon.” Derrick hangs up and Nani closes her eyes as tears fall. She missed Derrick a whole lot and him coming home would make her the most comfortable in this situation. They’d be able to talk about things without yelling or arguing. Nani got back up and went to the bathroom, setting her phone down on the counter before she got started wiping herself down and putting lotion on and starting on her hair.

Isaiah leans against the door watching as Jamie climbs into the bed and gets comfortable underneath the covers. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were pregnant?” he questions, angry. “Because…” Jamie looks down at her hands, fumbling her fingers. “I was scared enough telling my parents,” she looks at him. “I didn’t want to have to hear anything else. I just felt it was right to not bother you.” Isaiah scoffs, smiling. He closes his eyes and chews on his bottom lip. All he could do was think at the moment. He had no other questions. His mind was just stuck on why. And now that he got the answer, he knew that she was right. He wouldn’t have wanted to be, but he would have been. “You said you loved me,” he smirked. “Should’ve known that was a lie.” “I do love you, Isaiah!” “THEN WHY THE FCK YOU AINT TELL ME,” he opens his eyes and stares at her. “Y’all females know y’all are something else! You say one thing and do a-fckng-nother!” “I WAS SCARED,” Jamie yells, tears falling down her face. She continues saying, “Shoulda coulda woulda! You act careless! Reckless, sometimes! Like you don’t give a sht about anything! I’m always deciding for you, us! For me, myself, and I,” she points to herself as more tells fell. “On everything while we dated! Two months may have been a short ass time to everybody else, but to me the days we spent together I never really cared about the time! It was the moments that counted! That made me fall in love with you and with that said was enough! I was done! I knew…” she stared at him. “That you didn’t care. That I’d be left to do this alone. Basically. All you’d do is provide the money until the baby came. And like you’d want me to move in with you and like I’d want to with everything that you do out of that house.” She rolls her eyes, now mad, too.

“True,” Isaiah nods and licks the tears that rolled along his top lips, “however, you obviously missed the part where I said that I loved you back! This sht you pulled fcking <strong>hurt</strong>! Me having to hear from Natalie that you ran away had me going crazy! I didn’t know what to do! How the fck was I supposed to deal with my girlfriend leaving me, regardless of what the fck happened at home, and on top of that pregnant? Baby, you should have come to me. We could’ve worked <em>something</em> out. I would do anything for you. Would have. I would have been scared with you. Don’t judge me! Please. Because you don’t even know me,” he opens the door and walks out, pulling the cigarette wedged between his ears. He takes a walk around the motel while smoking and thinking. Jamie sat there, shocked. She thought she knew him. Guess she was wrong. Already seeing that he wasn’t how he acted publicly, more open-minded and fun behind closed doors. But all the while he didn't really know Jamie either. But they claimed to have loved each other. "I don't know what love is," Jamie and Isaiah say in unison. Jamie lightly cries as Isaiah comes back around the motel just as <a href=>Nani</a> is leaving out her room.

“Sup,” she smiled at him. It then faded away as she saw him teary-eyed while sucking on his cigarette as he passed. Only giving her a fierce glance and head now while he let his head drop with cigarette in hand, she sighs and keeps on about her business. Glancing one more time over her shoulder to see him blow smoking through his nose like a raging bull. When she makes it to the front office, another employee is working the desk. “Damn, I thought Ash worked this place 24/7!” “Yeah,” the female <a href=>employee</a> rolled her eyes. Nani yanked her head back and was about to pop off until <a href=>Ashley</a> walks out from the back. “Hello beautiful,” he grins as he approaches her with open arms. “Hey,” she smiles. They hug and then walk out. “So who’s the btch in there that I might have to pop off on, up there rolling her eyes at me nsht? She need not…get fcked up because her ass don’t wanna work!” “Tsst…” Ashley chuckles as he opens the passenger door to his car for Nani, “that’s Lauren.” “She must be your ex or something,” Nani eyed him as she got in the car. Ashley chewed on his bottom lip while closing the door and hurries around the car and hops in. Without answering, he drives off. “So she is your ex,” Nani nods. “Well when we get back you make sure you tell her ass that I don’t play these games and if she wanna roll her muthafckn eyes at me again, that she can trust and believe that she’s gonna be working two or three jobs soon cause I’m a send her ass to the hospital and the bill will be high! Fck you mean!” Ashley starts laughing as he pulls out of the parking spot and drives off into the street. “She just having a bad day is all.” “I could give a fck! Her sht not as bad as mine! Bet.” “She just found out that she’s pregnant with a nigga who got about five kids and three or four baby mommas.” “Too bad for her! She should’ve been more careful opening up her legs! Should’ve kept em btches closed then!” “She was drunk as fck.” “Shouldn’t have gotten drunk,” Nani smirked. Ashley smiles, licking his lips and turns up the music. Nani smiles and begins dancing in her seat. They start talking over the loud music and get to know each other on the ride to wherever Ashley was taking them to.

<em>Will go into the past of both character's on the next add. I wanted to do it in this chapter but I didn't have the time to explain what I wanted about their past. So Ch. 4. will be all about the flashbacks and I'll try to post again on either Saturday on Sunday.</em>

Run It <3

Run it

*to not I
*should not hound

Ugh. Fcking typos.

Lord .... Why why why ??
Well ... Ik why cause Izzy is well .... Look at his asx lol
I wonder what's gonna happen if Jamie finds out
And how Jamie and Izzy conversation will go?
Sooo Jamie s going to leave and stay with Ashley mom and go I school?
I kinda hope so ... She hound do something to better herself and for her baby

Hmmmm ole Ash trying to flirt ...
Lol. That's okay cause ummmm I'm .... Not gonna saaaaay No

Runs Sneak!

forreal i agree with @bananna
this story is a trip
ashley is a girl name why trey got have a girly name?? lol
i wanna see how baby daddy and baby momma gon play out
run it

Oh it's so good!! I cant say that I like Nani, I mean Izzy is fine as f***, but after meeting Jaime and getting to know her I couldn't have f***ed with him whether he knew about the baby or not. I feel it's f***ed up especially if Jaime did love him. I don't know what to think because all of them niggas seem suspect. Ashley seems like he likes Jaime, but Nani seems to like what she sees..Kamren seems like he's cool and into Nani, but pushing her on Izzy.. It's crazy and I love it, Just dont wanna see Jaime get hurt. She seems like such a sweetheart, but this story is interesting. it's definitely going to be a wild ride I know.. I'm just going to buckle up!! Run It.. and please check out my story


<ol><strong>Chapter Two</strong></ol>

<a href=>Nani</a> wakes up to knocking on the door. She lay on her back and feels the nakedness of another body in the bed. Looking over, she sees Isaiah lying on his stomach, snoring. She smiles and rolls over onto him, nibbling on his ear. “Wake up, bum nigga.” She hops out of bed. “Don’t wake me up, guh. Fck is yo problem.” “Seriously,” she says and puts on his huge shirt really quick before answering the door. “Like I’m going to talk to this motel manager and go job hunting after I take a shower and get online really quick. Just have to find free wifi some damn where.” “iight, I’m a get up in five minutes,” he dozes back. Nani rolls her eyes and goes to open the door in the over-sized t-shirt that looked like a dress on her. “Good morning,” <a href=>Ashley</a> says. “Morning,” Nani smiles. “Here to talk about that deal?” “Yeah,” he nods. “Give me five minutes,” she pleads. “Cool, cool. Just meet me up front, okay?” “Yup,” she smacks her lips and takes his glasses. “Oooh Gucci… I like these! Thanks boo,” she laughs and closes the door. “Better give them back,” Ashley smiles and walks away. She opens the door quickly and yells, “I will!” She closes the door back and Isaiah is just pulling his legs over the edge of the bed letting his junk hang all out. “Ugh, put some clothes on,” Nani rolls her eyes and heads to the bathroom to run the shower water. “I would if you’d give me my damn shirt! Wearing my shirt like you my girl nsht!” “Nigga I just needed this right quick. Damn,” she sighs and walks out the bathroom, heading to one of her suitcases to find something to wear. Once she laid an outfit on the bed, she took his shirt off and threw it at him, heading to take a shower.

“BTCH!” Isaiah screams, trying to open the bathroom door that’s locked. “Unlock this damn door!” “No,” Nani laughs as she scrubbed herself down. Once she was done, she got out and wrapped a towel around her body. She walks out to find Isaiah walking back in the room with a book bag. “Better had been done,” he smiles and passes her by to use the bathroom without closing the door. “Don’t nobody wanna see yo junk!” she yells as she gets dressed. “Feel free to come back to this freak show anytime,” Isaiah laughs. For a minute, Nani actually thought about it. But no, having sex with him one time was good enough. And now that she thought about it, she couldn’t remember how last night went. The nakedness explained a lot and the smell of weed fading out as the windows were cracked open plus a condom on the floor. “Oh yes,” she exhaled after spotting that. “Thank God.” She grabs a napkin and picks it up to throw it away. Isaiah walks out <a href=>dressed</a>. Without saying anything, he heads to the door with his book bag on ready to leave. Nani searched for her laptop and watched walk out. She sighed and finally found what she was looking for before heading out herself to go meet with Ashley. Once she got to the lobby and found it empty, she groaned. “This nigga…” she then sees a bell and taps on it a few times. “HEY!” “I’m coming, I’m coming…” Ashley says walking out from back. “You should know,” Nani smiles, “that I’m pretty impatient. So next time, have your ass up here okay?” Ashley smiles, shaking his head and nods. “My office,” he leans on the counter. Nani smirks and follows him back to the <a href=>back office</a> to talk about the deal. When they were through, Ashley walks Nani back to the front as he receives a phone call.

“Hello,” he answers. “Yeah baby doll, I’ll be right there. Okay, and um we going out anyway cause my momma wanna see you too. …Alright baby, sit tight.” He says in a country accent before hanging up. “Damn that’s that sht I do like,” Nani mumbles staring at Ashley. “Where you from,” she asks. “Virginia,” he answers. “But I moved out here and went to Columbia for Business Management. Now I’m a manager of this motel. It’s okay, but I’m doing something I like.” “You got a girlfriend,” she asks and walks out the lobby door. “Nah… That was Jamie! You met her yesterday, didn’t you?” “Oh yeah, she’s real cool people.” “Yeah, she’s like family.” “Well, see you around,” Nani waves and heads back to her motel room. “Hey, if you need a ride anywhere…” Ashley says, stopping at the driver side of his black Mercedes, “I can take you.” “When you get back,” she nods. “iight then,” he shrugs and gets in his car. Nani stares and then turns back around to continue about her business. When she gets back to her room, <a href=>Kamren</a> is waiting. “Kam, what you doing here?” “Well, I forgot to call you last night,” he shrugs. “Thought I’d come and stop by. Chill with you or help you out with anything.” “You know what,” she says while opening her door, “you could help me out! But we need to go to Fed Ex first so I can use their internet.” “Resume time,” Kamren smiles. “Get your own money, fam.” “Lord knows I need it,” she sighs. “And somebody who can deal with your ass. Isaiah told me he was gone fck with you last night, he come over?” “For a few minutes, we smoked and then he left.” “Mmhm,” Kamren sits down on the bed. “What? We did!” “That nigga say he wanna fck with somebody, then he fcks with that body!” Kamren snickers, “Whatever yo. Look, get your stuff so we can go.” “iight,” Nani grabs her things and they leave in his car.

Ashley pulls up to the hospital to see <a href=>Jamie</a> just standing up. He stops along the curb and unlocks the door. Jamie hops in and closes the door, “So ma is on some sneak sht or did you know about this brunch date,” she smirks. Ashley smiles and pulls off as Jamie puts on her seatbelt. “She called me last night,” he licks his lips, “And um…remembered that it was your birthday. Mad you ain’t remind nobody! So that’s why we’re going out today. But she called me this morning and told me last minute about going to Denny’s.” Jamie giggles, “I ain’t tell her because I know she was gonna buy me a bunch of stuff since I didn’t have a baby shower! Ugh,” she sighs and turns up the radio. They make it to Denny’s and Ashley parks right next to his mother’s car who was just stepping out. “Hey!” <a href=>Anya</a> smiles. “Long time no see,” she places her hands on her hip as she watches Jamie get out. “Hey YaYa,” Jamie smiles back and hugs Anya. They keep a long embrace before Ashley came around for a hug. “Hey momma,” he hugs her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. “Ash, you tell her,” Anya stares up at him. “Tell me what,” Jamie looks between the two. “I’m going back to school,” Anya announces. “Isn’t that exciting, right? We can go to college together, me and you?” Anya smiles. “And we can have an apartment together, split rent and everything. I can watch the baby!” Ashley rolls his eyes and starts for the entrance of the restaurant as his mother discusses that with Jamie. “Sounds like a good plan,” Jamie agrees to it as they enter through the doors. Ashley was already talking to a server who now lead them all to a corner booth.

“Don’t be mad at me,” Anya stares at Jamie. “But I got you and the baby a bunch of stuff and presents!” “Aw, c’mon YaYa! I told you…” Jamie says. “Don’t be stubborn, girl! Better be glad somebody bought you some stuff, at least! You can’t get everything on your own!” “I know, but…I told you!” “Whatever,” Anya smiles. “You’re gonna love it and take it cause I have all the receipts and took all the tags off of everything so you’re gonna appreciate my generosity.” “Okay,” Jamie pouts, half-smiling. “And I got you mostly clothes for after the pregnancy. I know you don’t have a lot of regular clothes so…” “Thanks YaYa,” Jamie hugs her. “No problem, honey.” Anya glances over at Ashley. “Boy I moved out here so we can be closer, not so you can be on your phone all the damn time.” “I’m just looking up something,” Ashley glances up from his phone at his mother. “Mmhm,” Anya smirks. The waiter comes to take their order and then leaves. “I’m so sorry,” Jamie excuses herself and answers her phone. “Hello?” “Yo, it’s Kam.” “Whassup?” “Um…Isaiah wants your number. He seriously wants to talk to you, real talk. He says if the baby is his then he’ll take care of it. Just give him a chance.” “Okay,” Jamie rolls her eyes. “Bye,” she hangs up. “You okay,” Ashley asks. “Yeah, I’m good. So where are we attending,” Jamie asks, smiling. “Well, I was thinking about maybe going to New York or something. Get out of Chicago, you know?” Anya says in excitement. “Just leave me,” Ashley folds his hands over his stomach and pouts. “Aweee,” Anya laughs. “You can come too and leave that damn motel! Build your own business or something, you know!” “Nah, I’m good here. And weren’t you planning on going to a community college,” Ashley stares at Jamie. “I thought about it,” she nods and looks down at her phone. “But I’m still thinking and I’m not too sure. New York sounds good though.” It was a text message: [ we need to talk asap – Isaiah ] Jamie sighs hard and jumps back into the conversation with Ashley and Anya.

Ashley pulls up in front of Jamie’s motel room and helps her bring all the stuff Anya bought her and the baby inside. “You talked to that girl, Nani?” Ashley asks, sitting down on the edge of her bed. “Yeah, she’s okay.” Jamie shrugs, lying back on the bed. “Why?” “Cause she’s real cute.” “And you’re 28/29 messing with a 18 year old, why?” “She should 19 in a month,” Ashley adds. “Matter of fact, she still got my damn sunglasses. I’m a go see if she’s there. You wanna come?” “No, my baby daddy is on his way right now,” Jamie sighs. “I’ll stay here and take a shower, get ready to go to sleep before he gets her.” “Alright,” Ashley walks out and heads over to Nani’s room three doors down and knocks. Nani comes to the door and opens it widely. “Yes?” “My sunglasses,” he smiles. “Oh, right…” Nani reaches over to pick up his sunglasses off the table, “I snatched better ones!” she hands them over, grinning. Ashley puts them on, “Bet you did,” he glances at Kamren. “Man, that’s nobody. He’s just my friend,” Nani rolled her eyes. Ashley leans on the doorframe, “would you mind going out on a date with me then, since he’s just a friend?” “Yeah, I’ll go out with you. I don’t mind.” “Cool.” “What time,” she asks. “Well it’s only 7 pm. If you’d like to go out at 9-” “9 o’clock is good,” Nani decides. “Okay. See you then,” he smiles and walks to his car. Nani smiles and lets the door close on its own. “I’m about to go,” Kamren announces. “Bye,” Nani says as she begins to search for something to wear. “Bye,” Kamren walks out. Ashley is pulling off when Isaiah is pulling up into a parking space. “Hey cuz!” Kamren grins as he opens the door to his own car. “You are not welcomed nigga!” Isaiah hops out of the car and gives Kamren the middle finger before walking up to Jamie’s door. He knocks once before Jamie opens it and walks away only wearing a t-shirt and boy shorts. Isaiah smiles and walks in, remembering their past.

Ash tho >>>>>
I'm feeling him
He seems nice but like I'm not gng to stay with Kam
All them ppl in that house hell no I'm good

Damn Jamie got put out too && on top of that izzy her bd
Damn ... Ugh
So like since we friends and junk I can't fck with this nigga
Fck ... But like when he find out he is going to be more than
upset I suppose

Hmmm ... Going to smoke with him...
Maybe nothing will happen
And maybe i won't let it slip ... Hopefully

Runs sneak

<strong><ol>Chapter One</ol></strong>


A girl stands in the living room crying. "You wanna go out and have sex and get pregnant! Fine," her father yells. "Daddy-," she gets cut off. "No Jamie!" Her mother yells. "After everything we've...we've given you! You go out and do this? My daughter is a SLUT!" "I AM NOT A SLUT!" Jamie yells, "I'm not a hoe," she sobs. "It was ONE guy! ONE!" she holds up on finger -specifically her index finger - "But Fredrick (she mentions her older brother) can go out and smash all the girls in the world and not get one death glare yet I have sex with one guy who I've been dating and really like and he likes me, I'm the one getting yelled at?" "You're a young woman, Jamie," her mother states, "17 to be exact and you-" "Oh don't you lecture me!" Jamie interrupts, "HYPOCRITES!" she screams. "Mom you were 16 when you met dad!" "And we didn't have sex until she was legal and married," her father clarifies. "Yeah, but I bet you did other things," Jamie raises her eyebrows. "How dare you," her mother stands up. "Whatever," Jamie shrugs, shaking her head. "I'm done," she heads to room. Jamie slams her door and then leans back against it, still able to hear her parents talking. "She can make the decision to lay down and open her legs, then she can grow up and take responsibilities!" her father yells, "I don't want some bastard baby in my house!" "JARED!" "LISA," her father yells back at his wife, "Let her go! Fck outta my house with that bullsht! She's 17 and still in high school and still living under my roof! I taught her to be better and smart not stupid and in love!" Jamie closes her eyes, sighing.


<a href=>Jamie</a> opens her eyes and walks out her motel room heading to the front. There was a girl waiting at the counter already and no employees around. "Excuse me," Jamie says. The girl turns around. It's Nani. "What?" "Are you waiting for someone to come back or-" "No," Nani cuts her off. "Nobody is here," she sighs. "And I'm about to leave because I don't have time to wait! I'm tired and I wanna fckn smoke, shid! Niggas is taking all damn day! I can be somewhere right now lying on a couch!" "Wait. Hold on. Let me call the manager. He probably just went to McDonalds," Jamie says pulling out her phone. "Please do," Nani smirks and leans back on the counter agitated. "Tell him to hurry the fck up, please. I am not in the mood to be waiting all night." Jamie glances up at Nani and turns away as she puts the phone to her ear just as the line rings. "Hello? ...Yeah, where are you? Someone's tryna get a room and I have my rent money. ...Okay. ...iight." she hangs up and turns back to Nani who had her head thrown back. "He's on his way. Just went to get some cleaning supplies." "Right," Nani rolls her head around and then stops to look at Jamie who faced the door showing a pregnant belly. "How far along are you," Nani asks. "7 months," Jamie half-smiles. "You look young as fck girl! How old are you?" Jamie answers, "Well I just turned 18 today and I graduate high school in May." "Happy birthday! I'm Nani," she holds out her hand. Jamie reaches out to shake it, "Thanks and I'm Jamie." "You live here?" Nani probes. "Yeah.... Parents kicked me out." "Damn, what is it the year of parents-kicking-they-kids-out or sum sht? Goddamn!" Nani laughs. Jamie smiles and then looks up as she sees the manager approaching the motel with some grocery bags. "Baby daddy support?" Nani questions. "No," Jamie shakes her head, "I never told him." "What! Why not? Ooh, I'm sorry. I'm all nosy!"

The <a href=>manager</a> walks in. "My bad shawty," he says to Nani and then looks at Jamie winking at her. "Sup baby? How you doing tonight?" "Hey Ash," Jamie answers, "I'm okay. The baby is killing me though." "Fa real?" "Yeah. Back and feet hurting and he's moving like crazy," Jamie smiles as she rubs her huge belly. "Aw sht," Ashley smiles, "when she drop you gone name her after me right?" "Boy gone!" Jamie laughs, "You silly." she watches Ashley disappear through a door. "Give me a second, sweetheart!" he yells from the back. "Lawd, you having a girl?!" Nani giggles, "Good luck with all that attitude!" "I'm not even the one with the attitude problem," Jamie shakes her head. "Damn," Nani snickers as she turns to the counter just as Ashley comes back out. "Bout time! I was about to leave..." "Sorry about that," Ashley sighs and stands at the counter gently knocking his knuckles on the counter, "What can I get you, a single bed for the night?" "Uh..." Nani thinks, "Can I get the same deal she has?" "Depends. What's your sitch?" "Parents kicked me out." "Seriously," Ashley smirks. "Dead ass," Nani stares at him, "all my sht is in my friends car right now. Everything I own. You wanna go see?" "Nah...I saw yo whole bedroom in the back of that Nissa, right?" "Yeah," Nani smiles. Ashley clears his throat and turns towards a computer, "ID?" "Yeah," Nani reaches in her purse grabbing her ID and handing it over to Ashley. "Got a job," He asks. "No, but I'm going to get one." "Alright well, here's the deal. You'll pay regular price for five days," he explains. "After that I'm gonna charge you extra to stay in that room. How long are you planning on staying?"

"Yo," Kamren says as he walks in, "I gotta go to work man. What's the hold up? ...J? Whassup girl?!" "Heyyy," Jamie stares at Kamren. "Whassup Kam." "Droppin that thang off," he nods at Nani. "I don't know Kam," Nani says, "I'm thinking about kicking it at yo crib for a lil minute now!" "My sister already taking up the couch and we only got a recliner in which is broke," Kamren says. "Only one bedroom and unless you wanna sleep on the floor then I suggest you stay here for a couple of days till I can get like a cheap mattress or something. "Nah, I'm...I'm good," she turns back to Ashley. "So can we like talk about this deal in the morning. I'm really tired and he has to get to work. So a single bed. Lemme get that two nights deal." "iight," Ashley agrees and hands back the ID. "Baby girl you got what I need," Ashley asks Jamie. "Yeah," she walks up to the counter and hands him an envelope. He takes it and then tells Nani the price for the room and she pays, handing off the key card. Nani stuffs the key card in her back pocket. Jamie walks out behind Kamren followed by Nani. They walk to his car. "So you just like...disappeared from the neighborhood man," Kamren mentions. "This is where you've been living at huh?" "Yeah," Jamie nods. "Isaiah man...he not gonna say it, but that nigga worried bout you J." "Yeah right," Jamie rolls her eyes. "I'm sure he doesn't want the baby so don't you dare tell him that I'm here. You never saw me okay?" Kamren sighs, "Fine." "You got pregnant by THAT nigga?!" Nani laughs, "Wow! Don't tell me you loved his ass too!" "What room number," Kamren asks Nani while opening the driver side door. "uh...239," Nani remembers. "That's a few doors down from mine," Jamie blurts out. "It's around back though." "Well c'mon," Kamren offers popping the trunk open.

Nani closes her door and opens the back door to clear some space for a seat. Everybody gets in the car and Kamren drives around back, parking in a space in front of Nani's room. Jamie departs to her room. Pretty soon Kamren and Nani are done bringing all of Nani's stuff into her room. "That's everything," Nani sighs as she closes Kamren's trunk. "Thanks again Kam. I preciate it," she hugs him. "No prob." "Oh and give Izzy my damn number! I'm a play the fck outta his line," she laughs. "Better not fck around on his sht," he sends Isaiah's number to Nani's phone. "I'm a give him yo number too." "iight then," nani shrugs. "iight," he walks towards the driver side of the car, "i'm outta here. Make sure yo ass start filling out applications for a job," he hops in the car. "If a store nearby ain't hiring then I ain't working," Nani giggles as she walks up to her door, "Bye!" "See you man, I'm a call you tomorrow." Kamren closes his door and pulls out of the parking space soon speeding off around the corner. Instead of Nani going to her room she checks for her room key that's in her back pocket and closes her door heading over to Jamie's room. She knocks on the door "Just a minute," Jamie calls, walking out of the bathroom after using it and washing her hands. She walks over to the door and looks through the peephole, shortly opening it. "Yeah?" "Um..." Nani giggles, "Can we talk since we're like...basically in the same situation? Plus i might be sticking around for awhile." "Sure," Jamie nods and lets Nani in closing the door afterwards.

Two hours later, Nani and Jamie have gotten to know each other. "I have an older brother too," Nani says. "But he's like waaay older. He's 28! I'm just 18, you know so we ain't got sht in common!" "My brother is two years older than me," Jamie admits. "19. Me and him barely talk." "Seriously? I mean, me and my brother don't have anything in common but we talk all the time and he has my back like...except for now though. He's busy working and traveling, enjoying his life. We may be different, but we uh...we talk. He's the favorite, too." "Same here. Cause he's a boy...he can do whatever. And I'm the girl," Jamie rambles, "I can't do sht. Can't even have a boyfriend until I'm 18. Can't have sex or anything. I mess up once and I get all kinds of hell!" "Yeah I said fck the rules a long ass time ago," Nani smiles, "couldn't deal, you know. And you know what my daddy said to me! Has always said to me! He said: why can't you be like your brother?" "What?" "Yup! That's what made me lash out! It hurt me SO much like... They steady tried to tell me about how perfect my brother is and stayed throwing him in my face! That sht pissed me off so I went out and did me! Cause I'm not my brother," she looks down fumbling with her fingers, "I'm Nani and not Derrick." "Misunderstood to the fullest, I feel you." "Extremely. So i made some friends, started partying and smoking. I started selling cause of my ex boyfriend and...I got lost. But now I gotta find myself and, I don't know. Get a job and live my life for real now. Live on my own in this world. Really make something of myself...if i even try."

"I can get you a job where I work at," Jamie says. "Fa real?" Nani looks up. "Girl I been working at the White Castles down the street for like 6 months and now i'm the manager!" "Then hook me up please cause I don't feel like filling out any applications! Well as long as I don't have to fill out a million like I use to going to every place I could find. Fckng bullsht. They want experience, but how am i supposed to get experience if they not hiring people?! Call a bish back, you know?" "Girl, just fill out the White Castles, McDonalds next door and the Best Buy and K-Mart down the street. One of them will hire you, but I can for sure get you into White Castles if nobody else takes you." "Thanks JJ." "No problem. Well I gotta get up in the morning for this doctor's appointment," Jamie yawns. "Okay. I'm a see what my resume looks like," Nani says getting up. "Probably blank!" she laughs. "Well if it is I can help you out with it," Jamie laughs. "I'm great at typing." "iight then, see you later." Nani walk towards the door, opening it and walking out. "See you," Jamie walks to the door and closes it. Nani gets back to her room and finds a text message from Isaiah: <strong>smoke wit a nigga tonight</strong>. Nani checks the jewelry box where she keeps her stash of weed and finds an empty bag. "Damn," she sighs and goes to take a shower before deciding if she was gonna text him back instantly remembering that Jamie told her she was pregnant by him and did ultimately love Isaiah but couldn't deal with any more rejection, especially after the whole ordeal with her parents. "We're just gonna smoke," Nani says putting on a sports bra and basketball shorts, then text messaging him back. "That's it," she smiles and sits and waits while watching television.

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