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<strong> Bad </strong> <em> Prologue </em>
"Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it
But I sure know how to f***
I'll be your bad girl, I'll prove it to you
I can't promise that I'll be good to you
Cause I had some issues, I won't commit
No, not having it
But at least I can admit that I'll be bad noooooo to you (to you)
Yeah, I'll be good in bed but I'll be bad to you"

As <a href="">I</a> drove to my <a href="">best friend</a> 's house I listened to the words that blared through my speakers. It was like this song was written for me smh. So many females out here claiming to be "bad" when they are broke af, have no job, car, or home, don't pay any bills, no education, no dreams besides being a wife of an athlete or musician and all that other ratchet-ness lol. The true definition of bad is a woman who has her own! She is successful because she works hard. She has a good paying job, always pays her bills on time, payed her car off, keeps herself well groomed, and is independent. Not a feminist but definitely doesn't need a man to feel complete. Graduated on time hell maybe even a little bit early. You get my drift right? Independent, successful, with GROWN WOMEN dreams and aspirations. Having a pretty face and fat ass doesn't make you bad..with your basic self. Anyways, my name is Liyah and I'm what you would consider "bad" in every sense or definition of the word. I'm known not only for my success and strong personality, but for breaking hearts as well. Now, in my defense I let these niggas know from the gate that I wasn't about that relationship life. Sure we can date and have a good time but I refuse to commit. If you try to pressure me about it or catch're out. I'm not conceited don't get me wrong. I just know what I want and what I don't want. I'm a humble person but cross me the wrong way and I won't hesitate to make you regret it. As I pull up I'm pulled out of my thoughts as I see Trey waving off one of his many groupies smh these broads just don't ever learn.

<a href="">Liyah</a>: Nothing much to say about me that you don't already know
<a href="">Trey</a>: My best friend and the reason I am the way I am. Even though he did me wrong in the past, I knew what I was getting myself into with him so I'll take credit too. He is very flirtatious, sweet, brutally honest, and is such a man whore smh. But he has been the only man I've cared for.
<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Christina(Chrissy)</a>: My older sister and is most definitely a ride or die chick, not afraid to speak her mind. Laid back chill but loves a good party and likes to have fun. Can be very impatient and stubborn as hell. She's starting to get into writing ad is extremely talented.
<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Lance</a>: Christina's boyfriend since high school and he's one of the sweetest guys I know. He does have a jealous side tho which is what causes so many fights between them.
<a href="">Teek</a>: She's sweet honest smart silly a lil aggressive, a lil flirty, faithful and doesn't take any bulls***. She's been my best friend since middle school and all throughout high school and college. She's now one of the top lawyers in LA and has work on many celebrity cases.
<a href="">Drake</a>: Teek went to one of Drake's concerts a few months ago and the two have been inseparable ever since. It's sickening how lovey dovey they are lol. He is so soft spoken but when there's a good fight he loves to watch and instigate things for his own entertainment. Very honest and is crazy about Teek.
<a href="">Coco</a>: she is outspoken, opinionated but not judgemental. Is very nurturing, brutally honest but yet extremely caring and down for whatever. And last but not least..has the dirtiest mind ever smh she's an aspiring actress.
<a href="">Jesse</a>: He is just as dirty minded as Coco and is just as brutally honest although sometimes he really doesn't think things through before he says anything. He's been crushing on Coco since middle school and has finally been givin the chance. He is a rising Model and loves to spoil Coco.


Whoa, RUN IT!!!!!!

Ahh thought that was real for a sec lol you had me going . I LOVE this , and the song
Run it
Run it
Run it

Damn just a dream lol

That dream was crazy and OMG what I do to my sister for her to act like that? Whatever it is I hope it gets fixed and awww Chris brought her flowers

Run it

DAMN IT that was a dream lol
Who the hell threw the bottle was it drakes sugar cookie ass? Lol
teek and coco always bickering lmao

Its cute how chris came with the flowers and how they bonded real quick.
I sense a cute friendship developing, hopefully a relationship as well

oh and wassup with Nicole, what's the story?

Run It!!!

<a href="">Nicole aka Nic</a> : Christie and Liyah's older sister. Very loving, book smart, and street smart. She's really feisty and won't back down. She loves her sisters and misses them so much. She is very guarded because she's afraid of being hurt but isn't afraid to's the falling part that has her scared to death because of reasons that will come to light later.

<strong> Chapter 2 Part 2</strong>
Liyah's POV
As we reach his bedroom he throws me on the bed and starts to take off the rest of his clothes. He leaves a trail of kisses from my ankle to my inner thighs. He licks my pearl one last time before he grabs a condom outta his night stand drawer. Now I'm no virgin but it has definitely been awhile and his size has me wondering if I can handle this right now. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear him say <strong>"don't run from it now baby"</strong> and chills ran down my spine. He positioned himself between my legs and asked if I was ready for it. I can feel the tip pushing through when---
*beep beep beep beep*
f/v: OMG she's waking up
f/v: thank God go call the doctor
Liyah: (groggy voice)where am I??
Teek: you're in the hospital sweetie
Coco: there was a huge fight and some lunatic threw a bottle across the room and hit Chris in the chin and you in the head
Christie: knocked you out and Chris brought you here and called us right away
Liyah: Chris??
Coco: yea remember you were on the dance floor with him?
Liyah: *omg that was a dream?! Wtf am I doin dreaming of him?!* yea..yea I remember now.
Christie: b****! You had me so worried the doctors were talkin bout how you might be in a coma smh don't scare me like that (hugs Liyah)
Liyah: like I had control over a flying bottle lol I'm not goin anywhere hoe. I see ya'll stank selves are still in ya club clothes so do me a favor and go home to shower lol I'm fine
Teek: trufflin ass smh we'll be back to come get sure you're ok??
Liyah: yes boo I'm fine thank you guys for stayin by my side.
*knock knock*
We all look up to see Chris holding a beautiful <a href="">vase of flowers</a>
Christie: (turns to face Liyah and winks) be good
Teek: awww!
Coco: (rolls her eyes) corny ass
Teek: shut up I'm tired of you're ratchet ass
Coco: hahaha I'm just playin you know you my bestie (hugs Teek)
Teek: yea whatever lol
*the girls leave as Chris walks up to the bed looking awkward lol*
Chris: (scratching the back of his head) h-how you feelin?
Liyah: I have a headache but..I'm alright for the most part. What about you..ya chin lookin kinda ruff
Chris: *chuckles* it's nothin ma I'm aight.
*awkward silence*
Liyah: I'm really sorry..for..the way I treated you at first
Chris: naa it's all good I shoulda came at you right. I mean I was drinkin and I'm so used to females flockin to me and not respecting themselves. Then here you come all "(in a high pitch voice) I'm strong and independent and don't need no man"
Liyah: (crackin up) yoooo on the real don't do that voice no more lol
Chris: haha naa but I'm sorry too..friends?
Liyah: friends
Female doctor: (comes in reading chart) glad to hear you're finally awake my name is Dr. ...
Liyah: Nic?!?!
<a href=""> </a>Nic: OMG...Lili?!?!
Liyah: (in tears) wha--wher--omg..GET OUT!!!
Nic: Li please let me--
Liyah: please..I just can't do this right now. Not without Christie.
*Chris follows Nic out and stops her*
Chris: look idk what just happened in there but is she gonna be ok? I know they said something about trauma or something earlier when I brought her in
Nic: she'll be fine I just took a look at her CT scans.
Chris: ok coo..sorry I'm--
Nic: Chris Brown, nice to meet you. I'm Nic..Liyah's oldest sister


Lol o she was mad yet wnt home wit that nigga smh she new she wnted him lol run it

Yea girl you can still be in it. Sorry just saw your comment.
Lol but yea she knows what she wants and she gets it.
Thanks for th feedback ill try to post part two tomorrow!

So can I still be in the story?
Also I can't believe after all that attitude she gave it up like that and they better use protection because otherwise she will end up pregnant and that was funny when they kept cutting her off but I bet after she get the good D she not gone try and tell them off for cutting her off

Damn chris!! Boutta put in work on liyahs ass
Hell yeah you better give us part 2 lol

Run it

RUNN IIIT !!!!! she bout to get the D

<strong>Chapter 2: Part 1</strong>
"Got a thing for a queen who know when to leave. I'm not bout to judge you, don't judge me"

<strong>Chris POV</strong>
<em>I can't believe this hoe really think she's special enough for me to come down there smh I'm CHRIS BROWN..they come to me. i really need some tonight and she the baddest one here so I might as well put some effort in. I'll make her pay for it later ;) </em>

Me: excuse me..would you mind joining me and my crew ladies?
<em>her girls seemed excited about it but the look on her face just screamed she wasn't phased about my offer</em>
Liyah: actually we're fine down--
Teek: we'd love to thank you Chris
Me: no problem ma. Drake should be here soon so you guys go ahead and enjoy ya selves up there. (Turns to Liyah) think you can keep up with me on the dance floor...?
Liyah: (with attitude) boy please I--
Coco: (nudges her) she'd love to show you..right Liyah?!
Liyah: I swear if you b****es don't stop cuttin--
Chrissy: stfu and dance with the man
Liyah: (rolls her eyes) fine

<strong>Liyah's POV</strong>
<em>the girls head to the VIP section to drink the night away as I head over to dance with this nigga smh I swear they gon hear it from me later for cuttin me off..b****es. I know he ain't feelin my attitude but ima work his ass on this dance floor..he won't know what to do wit himself [smirk]</em>
*as the music plays she starts to twerk on him and although he's shocked at first, he keeps up with her every move. After the third song their bodies are so in-sync that a crowd has formed around them just staring. The two don't notice the crowd but can feel their sudden animosity for each other slowly disappear as their eyes fill with lust and their bodies yearn for the other. Now nothing turns Liyah on more than a man who can keep up with her dancing. She can feel Chris begin to "rise" and it's been so long since she's had any so as soon as she feels it she bites down on her lips and grinds into him harder. She can hear Chris suck in air as he grabs her hips tighter. Chris reaches his hand up to the back of her hair and pulls her head back gently to whisper in her ear*

Chris: you know what you doin girl
Liyah: (hisses from his action and faces him) I'm grown baby, I know exactly (grinds her hips into him) what I'm doin
Chris: [smirks]where'd all that attitude go?
Liyah: look I don't have time for games..either we f****n or I'm out

*Chris is a lil taken back by her response but recovers quickly and grabs her hand. As they pass by BigPat he looks at Chris in confusion. <strong>"We Out"</strong> was all he said and like that they were out the back door and in his Lamborghini. The ride to his house was silent but they could feel the pure lustful heat radiating from their bodies. From the moment Chris opened his door they were all over each other. Chris guide her towards his kitchen as their lips never parted once. He put her on the counter and yanked her skirt off and got on his knees. He licked her other set of lips once before deciding to tease her by blowing on it. Liyah's eyes began to roll back as she felt his cool breath on her pearl. Suddenly he stopped which caused Liyah to look down at Chris, which was exactly what he wanted. All he said was <strong>"That's right baby..look at daddy while he drives you crazy"</strong> and dove in without warning. Liyah couldn't help but think how amazing the sex would be if she was moaning and screaming from his tongue alone. He went as deep as his tongue would allow while sucking on her clot every now and then. Her clit swelled as she felt her release rising near. She looked into his eyes the whole time not breaking eye contact once and as soon as he stuck his tongue back in, he gripped her thighs as she pushed his head further into her and she threw her head back in blissful ecstasy as she came on his tongue. After licking all her sweet juice up he tore off her shirt and bra while she ripped his shirt off. He palmed her ass and picked her up by it while carrying her up to his bedroom..

<em>run it for part 2</em>

Sorry for the wait ladies. I'm gonna try to add tomorrow..I'm taking care of my niece right now. Stay tuned for chapter 2

Never mind I will take Lola Monroe or India westbrook whichever u want me to have

I know I'm late and I'm so sorry for that can I still be one of the ride or die girls in the story
Name Nicole aka nic
Pic:Katerina graham
Man shad moss
Personality honest whether u like it or not goofy I like to play and crack jokes fighter and feisty I fight alot because people in this world think they can be disrespectful and get away with it I'm caring loving and stick up for the people I love I love to eat and I'm scared to fall in love because I could get hurt I am street smart as most would say I am book smart too but I barely show t because I use to get teased for being smart I am ambitious and all about getting what I want and making money

bahahahahaha that sound just like me too..Im just saying Christina mann is FIIIIINNNNEEE lol...anyway i hope he don't say on that jealous stuff cuz ain't nobody got time for that. Teek ass probably was limping to club since Drake put it down lol...&& Chris oh gosh can't wait to find out wat happens....RUN IT

Lol she was goin off on lance ass lol me n drake sum freaks lol nigga jus came n town n i forgt thats crazy chris new he betta had came n gt her run it

Umm lance need to cut that jealous s*** out
That is the most unattractive trait ever lol
Michael is fine tho.....

Drake and teek on some freak s*** I see yall
Lol at coco saying they better not have f***ed on the table
btw wassup with them? They really don't like each other or are they just playing?

And I fell ly on that body guard s*** Chris should have come to her directly
What his fine ass want anyway? Lol

Run it.

<strong>Chapter 1 cont. </strong>
<strong><em>Liyah's POV</em> </strong>
<em> I got to Christina's house about 10 minutes later. As I grab the spare key I can already hear her and her boyfriend <a href=""> Lance </a> arguing again. They are the most complicated couple I have ever known but they're good for each other and I can see the love they have for each other. I walk in to find lance sitting on the couch, head in his knees as he listens to Chrissy scream. Somedays I feel bad for him for having to deal with her lol I need to save this poor man</em>

Chrissy: the f*ck you think this is Lance?!
Lance: look I'm sorry ok?!
Chrissy: naa you wanna come up in here suspecting sh*t and--
Lance: (standing up facing her) baby I'm sorry ok?! Please calm down I don't know what I was thinking (grabbing her hands)
Chrissy: (snatching away from him) no we need some time apart right now (turning towards the door) Ly let's go!
Me: we can reschedule girl jus--
<em>see the thing about Christie don't mess with her point blank period. Especially when she's in a bad mood. Don't argue or disagree just wait till she's calm and then try and talk to her. When we get in the car it's silent for the most part aside from her mumbling things. We head out to meet up with the rest of the girls at Teek's house so we can get ready for the club tonight</em>

Me: sooo..what's going on?
Chrissy: this nigga had the audacity to come up to me after work asking if I cheated on him like wtf?!?!
Me: why the hell would he ask that??
Chrissy: (smacks her lips) because one of his boys saw me at the club last week dancin with <a href="">Michael</a>
Me: the new gay bartender???
Chrissy: ugh girl yes and I tried to explain that to his jealous ass but noooo he wasn't havin it so you know I blew up
Me: well good thing we're going out tonight you need to get your mind off this and just be with your girls!
Chrissy: speaking of, you think Teek will be up for it? You know drake is in town and is puttin it down hahaha
Me: smh that girl better be up for it..she has no choice!
<em>We pull up to Teek's to see Drake's car in the driveway. I pull my key out and we walk in to find Drake in the kitchen shirtless standing behind Teek in nothing but his shirt. As soon as she saw us she started blushing and rushed Drake upstairs.</em>

Teek: you hoes couldn't at lease give me a heads up?!
Chrissy: ohh no trick don't start with me
Me: smh I told you a few days ago we were goin to come her to get ready before we head out tonight!
Teek: ....I completely forgot!
<em>as we're talking Coco walks in and of course needs to add in her two sense</em>
Coco: Drake been in town a day and already has this girl forgetting s*** what a shame. Now go up stairs and get ready we goin out tonight and I swear if y'all f***ed on this damn kitchen table..smh nasty heifer
Teek: why you guys always gotta invite her ass?! Ya'll know we can't take her nowhere!
Chrissy: can you hoes just go get ready please!!!
<em>A few hours later we pull up to Super club and I gotta say..we the baddest ones in here!
<a href="">Christie</a>
<a href="">Teek</a>
<a href="">Coco</a>
<a href="">me</a>
I let the girls know I'm going to grab me a drink while they all head to the dance floor. After grabbing my drink I'm approached by <a href="">him</a> </em>
Man: excuse me, Chris Brown is asking for you to join him in his VIP section
Me: thanks but no thanks, I'm here with my girls. Have a good night.
<em>I roll my eyes at the fact that this nigga really thought that I'd come up there if he sent his bodyguard to come get me! Idgaf who you are, come at me correct or keep it pushin!</em>
Coco: girl why the hell was big pat talkin to you?
Me: Chris wanted me up there with him in VIP
Chrissy: who tf he think he is sending someone to get you?!
Teek: umm..Chris mothaf***in Brown!!
Me: ohh please smh. If he wanted to talk to me that bad he'd be down here himself he has all kinds of thirsty females up there who would be glad to--
M/v: (clears throat) excuse me..would you mind joining me and my crew ladies?
<em>we all turn towards the voice to find <a href="">him</a> biting his lip waiting for our answer

Run it n o i aint read it before i made my last post so i guess drake is my guy

Runnn It .

its one more important trait then im finished...i am extremely dirty minded lol

almost forgot my man : Jesse Williams


okay pic (Jurnee Smollett)

Personality: I am outspoken, opinionated but not judgemental, nurturing, brutally honest but yet extremely caring and down for whatever...and if i gotta be another trait feel free to add or alter anything..

Personality: Im sweet honest smart silly a lil aggressive a lil flirty faithful dnt take no bs
Man: drake or trey

N u cn pick the pic

This is good!!! Curious to see where it's going :) Trey is a mess *even though I do love him* that is his character he's so flirtatious. It's messed up how he did her in the past smh
Loving it so far Run it!!

I'm seriously loving this story already
And trey really did create a monster
But you gotta understand where liyah is coming from
She's just protecting herself from being hurt
But we everyone has a soft spot can't wait to see hers.
run it

thanks for putting me in the story!!

Personality: ride it die chick, not afraid to speak my mind. Laid back chill but loves a good party and likes to have. (if you wanna add anything else you can)

Man: lance gross