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Stuck On Stupid

<em>Stuck On Stupid</em>
<a href="">I</a> just put Tristan down for his daily nap. I figure I would just catch up on some ESPN highlights. I went to the kitchen and grabbed me a platinum and sat down and watched the t.v. I'm a man so you know how I was chilling....hands in my <a href="">pants</a> . I heard the door open "Hey babe"

She looked over with disgust "Lawrence" Why she giving me that look? "I really hope you wash yo stank ass hands"

I started laughing my ass off. She hates when I do that. Its a habit "how was work?"

She ignored the question and took her shoes off and went into the kitchen. I heard the frig door slam and she stormed back in the living room "Tf you slamming doors for?"

"I thought I told you to go grocery shopping" she said staring me down

"I did go grocery shopping" I said turning the t.v. off.

"You can't ever do anything right" She rolled her eyes and went upstairs and went into Tristan's room

"Come on bae, I just put him down" I said following her upstairs

She shot her eyes to me ," and you can just put him down again" she said about to pick the baby up

"Please babe. He is really tired" She glared at me

"Whatever." She said brushing past me. "I'm going to take a bath" I smirked at her

"Can I join you?" I asked. She burst into a continuous stream of laughter. My smirk quickly faded.

"Why are you acting like you don't wanna be around me?"I asked as her laughter finally stopped. Her face turned into a stone. She had the coldest stare.

"Because I don't" she spat as she turned to her already ran bath water "Oh look you can do something right." She undressed and got into the tub.

My <a href="">face</a> read pure hurt, "I've been nothing but a good and loving husband to you"

Her laughing spell returned. A tear escaped my eye. She stopped laughing and smiled, "look at you , you're pathetic. Now can you leave so I can bathe in peace" She closed her eyes and hummed.

I walked out and sat on our king size bed. The one she rarely sleeps in. I try so hard to be the man she wants me to be. I give her all of me. I changed for her. Since day one I have tried. I don't know why I'm so in love with this i stupid?

Cast (in no particular order)
<a href="">Lawrence</a>
<a href="">Derrick</a>
<a href="">Bryan</a>
<a href="">Rissa</a>
<a href="">Keia</a>
<a href="">Shelly</a>
<a href="">Nick</a>
<a href="">Denzel</a>
<a href="">Lisa</a>
<a href="">Nicole</a>
<a href="">Jessica</a>
<a href="">Desiree</a>


Run It!!!

I'm SOOOOO glad that Nick isn't cheating on Rissa but Jessica is getting on my last LAWRENCE LEAVE HER!!! Then I'm like why does she not want to work on her marriage/talk about her relationship with her parents?? What is it about him that makes her be so hateful??

You always putting a song on something lol

Hey Calvin! You sexy af!!! Lol, aww Nicky-Pooh. I'm glad we made up cause in reality I would've hit the door on that nigga! OH MY f***ING GOSH! WHY ARE YOU SUCH A f***ING b**** JESS! I would've smacked the hell out of her, man or not! You don't just disrespect your husband ,let alone anyone, like that. Especially in front of a stranger. Lawrence please leave this b**** hangin' high and dry. Just take care of your son. You are only setting yourself up for more betrayal by staying. Smh, I'm just saying you can d better.
Run it

Aww that was so cute Nick is willing to do better. Calvin is something serious lol. Jessica is just down right rude and evil to Lawrence poor man just want his marriage to work and she act like she don't care.
Run It!!

from chapter 15:

<a href="">Nick's little girl</a>

<a href="">Calvin</a>

Rissa's hair doesn't really matter.

CHapter 16:

<a href="">Dr. Vaughn</a>

<a href="">Tristan</a>

sorry they're kinda short. Just wanted to give you something

Chapter 16

As everyday Lawrence woke up and tended to the house and <a href=“”>Tristan</a>. Lawrence was really tired of this daily routine. He missed work and being productive. His heart had been aching since he found out about Jessica’s affair, but he loved her and Tristan too much to leave his family. He had an idea and hoped Jessica would adhere to it. Jessica walked in the house and went straight into Tristan and hugged and kissed all over him. “Mama missed her baby.” Tristan laughed and giggled while rubbing his mama’s face.

Lawrence smiled at the sight. He knew Jessica was a sweet woman and had the capability to love. He refused to give up on her. “Hey babe?” He asked nervously.

Shockingly Jessica was friendly, “Yeah?”

Lawrence saw a glimpse of hope as his nerves started melting away. “Well I was wondering…well hoping you would agree to going to marriage counseling with me?”

As quick as it came, her friendly demeanor changed. “Why would I go to marriage counseling with you?” She scoffed at him.

Lawrence’s heart sank a bit as her words stung his soul. “To fix our marriage bae. I know somewhere you still love me like I love you.” He pleaded with not only his words but his heart too.

Jessica looked at him for a moment. It almost seemed as though she was considering it. Then she scoffed and laughed. “No thanks. I’ll pass on that.” She chuckled slightly.

“Jess, come on. If you won’t do it for us then do it for our son.” Lawrence pleaded with her knowing her soft spot.

She looked at Tristan who was reaching for Lawrence. Lawrence took him and kissed and rocked him waiting for Jessica. Finally Jessica agreed. “Fine. I’ll go, but for Tristan.” She said as she walked upstairs and into the bathroom for her bubble bath.

Lawrence smiled when he heard the door close. Then he looked at a sleepy Tristan, “Mama said yes.” He kissed his forehead and went upstairs and placed him down to sleep. Lawrence walked into his room and slept with much hope in his heart.

The next weekend was their appointment. Lawrence woke up with his mood overflowing with cheerfulness. Jessica on the other hand woke up with much irritation. They dropped Tristan off with Uncle Bryan and headed off to the appointment. When they arrived, the office wait was silent. Finally they were called back to the therapist’s office. “Sorry about your wait, as session went a little bit longer than expected. My apologizes. Your first session is on me. Please have a seat.” Everyone sat down. “I’m <a href=“”>Dr. Sebastian Vaughn</a>, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He stuck his hand out.

Lawrence took his hand and firmly shook it. “Nice to meet you Dr. Vaughn. I’m Lawrence and this is my wife Jessica.” Jessica smiled at him.

He smiled back. “Again pleasure to meet you both. So clearly I know why you’re here but I would like know why you’re here out of your mouths.” They both looked around. Dr. Vaughn laughed a little. “Okay, Lawrence how about you start.”

Lawrence sighed and nodded. “Well I feel like we’ve lost ourselves somewhere in our marriage. And I would like to find us before its too late and we can’t be found.”

Dr. Vaughn nodded. “Okay and Jessica, why are you here?”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “Look I’m only here for my son.”

Dr. Vaughn raised his hand. “I respect your honesty.” He laid his pen on the table. “Today I just wanna get to know you guys. Lawrence tell me about you guys.”

“Okay. Well we’ve been married for about 6 years now. We have an 18-month-old son named Tristan. We’ve been together for about 8 years since high school. I really don’t what else to tell you.” Lawrence laughed a little.

“6 years? You guys seem fairly young to be married that long.” Dr. Vaughn questioned.

“We are young. She’s 25 and I’m 26” Lawrence stated.

“Wow. Yall got married when you were 20 Lawrence. Do you think you were really ready to get married?” He asked.

Lawrence nodded. “Yeah. I knew I wanted to marry Jessica. We were always such an odd; out of nowhere couple and I love that about us.”

Dr. Vaughn smiled and nodded. “Jessica, tell me about your son and how you feel about him.”

Jessica’s face lit up. “Oh, I love my son more than anything. He is just the highlight of my day every day. I rush home just to see him. He is such a ball of energy. When you’re around him you can’t help but be happy because he’s just that contagious.”

Dr. Vaughn smiled at her passion, “Now tell me what you like about Lawrence.”

In a split second Jessica’s happy mood switched into a cold one. “Umm…I don’t know, he’s still handsome…Do I have to do this?” Jessica huffed.

Dr. Vaughn smiled, “No, we can move on.” Dr. Vaughn crossed his hands on his lap. “Tell me about yall’s relationship with you guys’ parents.”

“Well me and my mom are extremely close.” Lawrence told him. “My dad? I don’t remember, but my step dad and I are pretty close too.”

Dr. Vaughn nodded. “And how about you Jessica?” He waited for her answer.

Jessica rolled her eyes. “I don’t see why this even matters.”

Dr. Vaughn slightly chuckled. “It’s actually very important. I’ll tell you what, let’s gone ahead and wrap up today’s session. This is how I operate: after each session I will give a week assignment for the following week. When you meet with me the next week we will discuss the assignment. At the end of our time together you will be able to know whether you wanna continue with the marriage or dissolve it. This week’s assignments, Jessica every day for the following week you must compliment Lawrence on something different. You can’t repeat compliments and no ‘you look good today’.” Dr. Vaughn paused. “You know what scratch that. Every day you have to tell Lawrence something different that you like about him.” Jessica reluctantly nodded. “And Lawrence, your assignment is to think about the greatest moment in your life, and think about how that feeling as changed from then and now and what was the cause of the change.” Dr. Vaughn rose from his chair, “Thank you guys for coming in and I will see you in 2 weeks.”

Lawrence and Jessica got up from the couch. “No thank you for helping us.” Lawrence said as he shook Dr. Vaughn’s hand. Lawrence walked out.

Jessica smiled and shook Dr. Vaughn’s hand as well. Jessica turned to walk out the door. “Hey Jessica” Jessica turned to face Dr. Vaughn. “Sooner or later, I’m going to break that well you have up.” Dr. Vaughn smiled at Jessica as he turned to get things ready for his next clients.

Jessica walked out the office and into the car waiting on her. The car ride was silent as both Lawrence and Jessica were deep in thought. Once they reached home the only sounds that were heard was that of their normal routine

Chapter 15
<em>Present Day</em>

Rissa was sitting down watching her patient do his exercise. He had been a regular. He looked up at her. “You don’t seem like yourself today.” He noted.

Rissa looked up and weakly smiled at him. “I’m fine. Just a little tired that’s all.” She rubbed her belly.

<a href=“”>He</a> just looked at her. “You’ve been my physical therapist for around 7 months now. I think I know you by now.” He laughed.

Rissa laughed. “You think you know me huh?” He nodded. “Okay. It’s just relationship problems that’s all.” She shrugged.

He stopped doing his exercises and limped over to a chair and sat his tired body down. “Let me hear about it. You help me all the time. Let me help you.”

Rissa just looked at him and sighed in defeat. She realized he was not going to let it go until she spilled her troubles to him. “Okay, fine. It’s just his baby mama is causing major issues AND problems for us.”

“Ain’t you his baby mama though?” He contorted his face in confusion

Rissa laughed a little. “I am but, I’m his girlfriend. Nick has another baby besides this one” She signaled to her protruding bump.

“How old is the baby if you don’t mind me asking you?” He asked.

“She is two. A precious little thing <a href=”>she</a> is. She is nothing like her mother.” Rissa laughed.

“I thought yall been together for a while?”

“We have” She looked at him to answer his unasked question.

He nodded his head slowly understanding the underlined message. “I see. So what exactly is she doing?”

Rissa sighed. “That’s the problem. I don’t know. She wants him back and will and is doing everything in her power to get him back.”

“They were dating?” He inquisitively asked.

“They have always messed around before me and Nick got together.” She sat up. “The question is, are they now.” She ran her hand through her <a href=“”>curls</a>.

“Well now call me old fashioned but if you don’t have trust then you ain’t really got a relationship. Here you are pregnant with this guy’s child and you mean to tell me he got you here worrying about whether or not he is being faithful to you? Listen. If he is cheating he is one stupid man.” It was time for Rissa to close up. Calvin, her patient, grabbed his crutches and headed for the door. “Look, if I had a woman like you, trust and believe me, the last thought on my mind would be to cheat on you. You are entirely too beautiful and too good of a person to deal with that.”

Rissa smiled at him. “Thank you Calvin. I will see you next Tuesday.” He wobbled out and Rissa locked up. As she drove home she thought about everything her and Calvin talked about. She walked in the house to see a shirtless Nick watching TV. Lately the strain on their relationship has caused a disconnect between the two. Without saying a word to him, Rissa walked upstairs and showered. After washing her day off Rissa came back down and turned off the TV. “Nick we need to talk.”

Nick sighed, “I don’t wanna talk” Nick got up from the couch and started towards the stairs.

“If you care anything about this relationship you will sit your ass on this damn couch.” Rissa said angrily as she turned to look at his back. Nick sighed and turned back around and sat back down.

“I don’t feel like arguing with you Rissa. I’ve had a long day and got another one tomorrow.” Nick rubbed his hands down his face.

“I don’t wanna argue either Nick. I just wanna talk like I said.” Rissa calmly stated.

“Okay. The moment I sense an argument, I’m walking away.” Nick warned her.

“That’s fine.” Rissa told him. “Nick, I’m tired all the time. I work everyday. On top of that, I’m 6 months [[aside: I forgot how long I said she was it was either 5 or 6]] pregnant with your baby. I would like to come home and be able to relax with my boyfriend, but I can’t do that because most of the time we are not even speaking and if we are we’re fighting about everything.” A tear fell from Rissa’s eyes. “And I’m tired Nick. All we do is fight and have sex, and I don’t wanna live like that anymore.”

Nick sat quiet, taking in everything Rissa said. He took a deep breath, “Ris, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m tired too Rissa. This restaurant is taking all my energy. Then I come home and have to fight with you?” He looked at her. “I just wanna come home and relax too.”

“Yeah and why didn’t you tell me about the restaurant Nick? I had to hear that from Lisa.” Rissa asked as she wiped a tear.

Nick shrugged. “I don’t know, I just didn’t”

Rissa sighed in frustration. “Why are you always so nonchalant about everything. You see. We have NO communication Nick. We can never have a civil conversation anymore. I’m your girlfriend and I looked like a fool because I didn’t even know what you had going on. Honestly, I still don’t know what you have going on at all.” Rissa grabbed Nick’s hand. “I just want you to talk to me and be honest with me.” She rubbed his cheek.

Nick looked at her in the eyes and nodded. “Okay. I can do that.”

Rissa searched his eyes. “Okay. Right now I’m going to ask you. Please don’t lie to me Nick. I will drop it and never bring it up again. No matter what the answer is. I just want to bring our child into a peaceful environment. No more fights and arguments. Okay? Now are you sleeping with Giselle?” Rissa waited for Nick to answer.

Nick looked at Rissa. He grabbed both sides of her face. “No. I’m not sleeping with Giselle. Everthing she has been saying is a lie. I don’t want her nor do I or will I ever have the desire to be with her over you and our family.” Rissa’s eyes flooded with tears as she carefully listened to Nick’s words. “I’m sorry for not telling you about the restaurant. I should have. I promise from now on to be better at communication on my part, okay?”

Rissa nodded as she violently blinked the tears still clouding her eyes. Nick placed a soft kiss on her lips. Rissa smiled. “Okay starting today, we’re going to be better at EVERYTHING.”

Nick devilishly smiled at Rissa. “We can start on one thing right now.”

Rissa laughed. “Well now that depends.”

“On what?” Nick asked as Rissa stood up off the couch and pulled her shirt over her head.

“What exactly are you trying to be better at.” Rissa slowly walked up the stairs as she dropped her pants at the bottom of the steps.

“Well since we trying to get better at communication I probably should tell you, but I think in this case I’d better show you.” They went inside their bedroom. Nick laid Rissa on the bed and that night he showed her what improvement truly felt like.

Bryan is a horny ass motherf***a. Lol, Lawrence momma got a date! -Gets up and starts grinding on the wall- Lawrence jealous cause he ain' get non from Jess! Aye we undefeated b****es!! Aww Nicky-Pooh and Nicole! Came down just to see me and Bryan. Oh s***! Get Dessie! Go Dennie!! Damn, he got her biting on pillows and s***. Dennie put it down Dessie fell in love!
Run it

Wow they gt down lol run it

Yay!! I knew Desiree and Denzel was fwb back in the day lol. They need to gon head and get together. Lawrence is silly volunteering Bryan's place for the party lol Bryan and Nicole was too cute
Run It!!

I have 15 and 16 written already. I am going to TRY to have them up tomorrow.

<a href="">coach</a>

Chapter 14

The following day was Saturday. Mostly everybody had jobs to go to or something to do. Keia was volunteering at the hospital; Jessica had ballet; Nicole had to work; Bryan, Denzel, Rissa, and Lawrence had away basketball games; and Desiree had to work. This was a slow Saturday for everyone. The basketball teams both had victories. They were on their way back to school. “Hell yeah we still undefeated” Lawrence bragged.

All his basketball boys dapped him up. “Okay yall settle down.” The <a href=“”>coach</a> laughed. “I am really proud of you guys and girls. We are ranked number 1 right now. Let’s keep this up. I am going to be nice and call off our Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday practice, so consider yourself lucky. Wednesday, however, you better come ready to work” The whole bus cheered. The coach laughed and sat down.

“We still in the b***h” Lawrence yelled as the whole bus laughed. “Aye we need to get turned up tonight to celebrate. Party at Bryan house.” Lawrence laughed.

Bryan looked at him, “TF? How you gone announce a party at my house?” Lawrence shrugged. “Hell naw if yall show at my house, you will get turned away” Bryan yelled. “My grandparents are in town, ain’t no way in hell I’m throwing a party” Bryan told Lawrence.

“Mann why you didn’t tell me that in the first place?” Lawrence smacked his lips at Bryan.

“I didn’t think yo ass would try and throw a party at MY house” Bryan rolled his eyes. Lawrence just laughed it off. “Why don’t you throw a party at YOUR house?” Bryan asked slightly annoyed.

“I can’t my dude, my mama got a date again” Lawrence rolled his eyes.

“Well my grandparents can wait then, if yo mama got a date, because you know what that means” Bryan laughed as he jumped on top of the bus seats and humped it.

“Why are you always humping something?” Rissa asked laughing. Bryan laughed and shrugged. “Yo horny ass needs some then.” Rissa joked.

“I can get some, no worries. I am choosing to wait on Nicole.” Bryan waved his head around like a little kid. They finally arrived at the school and of course a crowd of people was there to celebrate with the team. To Rissa’s surprise Nick was there waiting on her when she got off the bus. And to Bryan surprise Nicole was waiting with a present in her hands. “Nic?” He hugged her. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here” He laughed.

“I wanted to congratulate you on your game.” She smiled and pecked his lips.

“I’m not use to this side of you” Bryan laughed as they walked to his car.

“Well maybe you should” Nicole smiled and bit her lip.

Bryan nervously shifted his weight, “Nicole I wanna ask you something.” Nicole looked up at him. “My grandparents are in town and I was wondering if you would come eat with us?”

Nicole smiled up at him. “You want me to meet your grandparents?”

Bryan smiled. “Yeah I do.”

Nicole contemplated for a while, “Okay sure. When?”

Bryan laughed, “Tonight, in like a couple of hours?” Bryan winced waiting for an answer.

“In a couple of hours!” Nicole’s eyes got big. “Bryan!” Bryan smiled at her. She moaned in disapproval. “You better be glad I like you.” She laughed.

He pecked her lips once more before turning to open his car door. “See you in a couple of hours.”

Everybody found something to do at the moment. Rissa and Nick went out. Chris, Nicole and Bryan ate out with Bryan’s family. Jessica of course was doing something to further her education aspirations. Shelly and Derrick were out enjoying each other’s company and Keia and Lisa was also doing their thing. The only ones left were Denzel and Desiree. They were chilling at Desiree’s house. “It is nothing to do. Everybody is coupled up, but us.” Desiree laughed. Denzel joined in with the laughter. “What we gone dude?”

Denzel laughed and shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m hungry let’s go eat at least” Denzel looked over a Desiree.

“Dennie, I done told you about them eyes” Denzel laughed as she got up from the couch they were both resting on. “Where we eating, and you treating.” She laughed.

“Man why I gotta always treat.” Denzel asked as he closed and locked Desiree’s door. Desiree just continued to walk toward Denzel’s car. “You hear me talking to you Dessie”

“Stop calling me that” Desiree laughed as Denzel put the car in drive and drove off to too their destination. They walked in and have the Chinese waitress great them. “2 please” They were escorted to their booth immediately and got their drink orders taken. They got up and headed to buffet and got all that they could eat. As they sat back down their drinks were waiting on them. They said their quick prayers and proceeded to dig into their food. “So how was your game?” Desiree asked as she sipped her drink.

“Both teams won. You know we still undefeated” Denzel bragged as he popped his non-existent collar.

Desiree laughed. “c**ky much?” Denzel laughed. “Why didn’t you go out on a date?” Desiree asked. “I know yall got like fifty thousand groupies waiting for yall.” Desiree laughed.

“You not jealous are you?” Denzel teased Desiree.

“Oh honey not in the least bit. I’m your best friend I already know that I come before any female” Desiree placed her hand on her chest as she recited the words.

Denzel laughed. “True that. But I don’t know I really ain’t feeling no groupie love. They just be trying to get it in and s**t”

“Ain’t that what you want though? No relationship and just sex?” Desiree inquired.

“No not necessarily. Desiree you know me. I ain’t them other guys that’s only about sex. I’m actually a guy with emotions and I don’t hide them emotions.” Denzel rested back in the booth.

“Yes I know this, but I also know that you’re a guy. Which means you are constantly horny” Desiree laughed. “So I know you gotta wanna just have sex sometime without the emotions”

“I mean I guess if you put it that way, but I don’t wanna do that and the girl develop feelings and s**t. Like if it’s gonna be just sex then that’s what it just needs to be.” Desiree nodded in agreement.

“Yeah I agree with you. Sometimes that’s what everybody needs though. Someone to just clean the pipes out a couple of times.” Desiree laughed a little.

“What about you Dessie? I mean do you just have meaningless sex?” Denzel looked across the table and Desiree.

“Sometimes. I mean as you know they have been my boyfriends or someone I f**k with, but yeah me and ole dude f**k around occasionally.” Desiree nonchalantly shrugged as she spoke without hesitation.

“And you don’t catch feelings?” Denzel asked genuinely puzzled.

“At one point I did catch feelings for him, but eventually I got over those feelings. Now I can separate them. He still be calling me now, blowing up my phone wanting some, but I’m tired of that. I need new d**k” Desiree laughed as she got her drink refilled.

“You a G ain’t you Dessie?” Denzel laughed at the way Desiree spoke her words. After they wrapped at the restaurant, they went back to Desiree’s house. “I’m not letting you drive my car no more” Denzel laughed as he closed the door behind him.

“Boy boo, I can drive.” Desiree said as she went in her rooms and took off her shoes.

“Yeah you can drive your car.” He went in her room and sat down on the bed. She looked over at him and smiled. Denzel laid back on her bed and rested against her head board. “I think it’s time for you to redecorate your room” Denzel joked as he picked up her bear and tossed it up in the air.

“I think you need to stop hating on my room.” She pushed him over as she laid right beside him. They once again carried on an everlasting conversation.

“No dude that was you who did that not me” Denzel started coughing from the laughter that overflowed from him. “Mann what time is your mama coming home?”

Desiree looked around. “I don’t know actually. I guess she had to work later than normal. I mean I don’t care I like being by myself.”

“Yeah so you can sneak ole dude in the house.” Denzel joked.

“Now who sounds like their jealous?” Desiree shoved him slightly.

“Jealous for what? I done had it before and I can get it again.” Denzel smiled at Desiree

“You sure about that?” Desiree challenged Denzel’s claim.

“Yeah I’m pretty sure about that.” Denzel said as he leaned in a kissed Desiree. Desiree laughed and nodded. She grabbed the side of Denzel’s face and pulled him into another kiss. Desiree’s lips parted making way for Denzel’s tongue that was looking for a companion to wrestle with. It found Desiree’s tongue and they battled back for the strongest tongue. Breaking the kiss for air Denzel removed his shirt and tossed it. Desiree laughed as she admired his athletically built physique. She brought her hand up and traced each pack down to the lining of his boxers. She popped his button with one hand while the other admired his body again. In sync, Denzel and Desiree pulled his pants off. Desiree got up on her knees and pulled down Denzel’s boxers. She smiled as DJ revealed himself to her. He was happy to see her. She cradled DJ in her hands. She began making long and slow strokes. Denzel tilted his head back in pleasure. Desiree lubricated DJ with her tongue. She traced along the side of it with her tongue. Desiree gently pulled Denzel closer to her as she lowered herself so she was face to face with DJ. She took the head in between her lips. She kissed the tip. She opened her mouth wider as she began to take more in at a time. Desiree kept an even, slow pace. “S**t D” Denzel moaned as his eyes rolled behind his eye lids. Desiree began to speed up as her head bopped up and down on Denzel’s manhood. Denzel played with Desiree’s hair. Desiree let a small moan out enjoying every minute of the taste of Denzel. Denzel’s hands found their selves pushing down on Desiree’s head making her take in more of him by the second. “Damn girl, s**t” Denzel growled loudly. Denzel started thrusting his hips matching Desiree suck for suck. “F**k” Denzel moaned as Desiree’s head bobbed faster and deeper as her lips touch the outskirts of his balls. Desiree took her free had and massaged the lonely set. Denzel’s body twitched as she worked every sensitive spot on him. Desiree felt Denzel throb inside of her lubricated jaws. “AHHH S**T” He shouted as he squirted his seed inside Desiree’s throat as she swallowed. Denzel rocked back a little trying to regain his composure. He leaned down and kissed Desiree again. He pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. He pushed her body down as she took her pants off. As Denzel wen to his pants to get a condom, Desiree pulled her panties off and waited impatiently for Denzel. “Hurry up Denzel” Desiree moaned. Denzel turned around and smirked at her. “I’m coming girl” Denzel laughed as he put the condom on and walked over to where Desiree’s body lay waiting to be taken. Denzel positioned himself in between Desiree’s curves. He grabbed DJ and entered inside Desiree’s sweet center. Desiree’s back immediately arched up. “Fuuuck” She moaned as she gripped the sheets. Denzel pumped slowly in and out of her. “Dessie, s**t” He moaned her name as he gripped her thighs. “F**k me, oh Gosh” Desiree cried out louder as she heard her and Denzel’s bodies slapping against each other signally he was going deep and hard. Denzel shifted Desiree up has her legs lay dangling in the air. He grabbed onto her head board and rammed himself deeper inside her. “F**k” They both screamed in unison. Desiree grabbed the pillow and bit on it to contain her screams. “Hell no don’t hold them screams” Denzel commanded as pulled all the way out of Desiree and rammed all the way back in. “OH F**K” Desiree screamed as she spit the pillow out. Desiree was reaching her peak, but tried to hold on to it. Denzel slapped her thighs. “What did I just say?” Denzel growled at her as he repeatedly rammed inside her. “OH F**K, F**K, FUUUUUUCKK” Desiree whimper as she still tried to hold on to every second. “Okay” Denzel said as he took his hand and furiously rubbed her pearl. “Yeah” Denzel moaned. “Stop holding that cum for me” Desiree began twisted and withering. “Shiiiiiitttt” She shook as she finally released her orgasm. All her liquid flowed out of her. She laid lifelessly on the bed as she waited for Denzel to finish. Right on cue Denzel’s pace quicken as he heaved out his juices. He fell on top of Desiree breathing for dear life. They both laid in quiet, listening to the music of their in sync breathing.

After catching his breath Denzel removed himself from Desiree and got up. “Damn D” He laughed.

Desiree laughed. “Shut up Dennie.” She got up and walked to her bathroom.

“Well I better go before my mama be looking for me.” He said as Desiree ran her shower water. “I will see you tomorrow, iight?” Denzel said as he walked into the bathroom to see Desiree on the toilet.

“Okay” She waved at him as she concentrated on what she was doing.

“You nasty” Denzel laughed as he walked out the door and locked it. He pulled out of Desiree’s driveway and into the street. Denzel’s thoughts came to same conclusion. He hopes through all this he stills has his best friend.

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<a href="">Shelly's house</a>

<a href="">Shelly's dad</a>

<a href="">Shelly's hair</a>

<a href="">Derrick</a>

<a href="">Set up</a>

Chapter 13

That next day at school Rissa had the biggest grin on her face. She strolled in the class with a slight bounce. “Good morning Bryan and Lawrence. Aww Lawrence” She hugged Lawrence. Lawrence smiled and rolled his eyes.

“I take that you and Nick had a good night” Lawrence asked as gave Bryan that look.

Rissa dreamily sighed, “Hell yeah…we had a GREAT night” Rissa laughed.

Lawrence and Bryan laughed. “I bet yall did” Bryan said turning back around in his seat. Rissa threw some paper at him.

“Shut up, as soon as you and Nicole have sex you gone be just as happy” Rissa joked as she stuck her tongue out at Bryan.

“Nah. Nicole gone be the one bebopping around like yo over chipper ass.” Bryan laughed as he threw the paper back at Rissa.

Rissa laughed. “But Lawrence really thank you for that” Rissa reached up and hugged his neck.

“No need to thank me, but you’re welcome. I told you I felt sort of responsible for it in the first place. Now there are two things you can do for me to repay me.” Lawrence stared her.

“I’m not having sex with you” Rissa blankly stared at Lawrence.

Lawrence smacked his lips. “I wasn’t about to ask you too” Bryan laughed. Rissa stared at him waiting for his two favors. “One, you gotta kill it tonite at your volleyball game.” Rissa nodded. “And second, I need for you to make Jessica agree to go on a date with me” Rissa just looked at him. “Come on Ris this is the only favor that I really need.”

“How do you expect me to get her to go out with you?” Rissa’s voice turned into a high pitched voice “Hell we barely got her to come to the club. You know how super strict her parents are. They know you’re not the smartest nor the best kid here, and you think they are going to let her go anywhere with you?” Rissa laughed. “Good luck with that, but since you did this for me I will try for you”

“Thank you that’s all I ask for.” After the majority of school was over, the crew met up at their usual lunch table.

All the boys went into the gym to play a little ball so it was just the girls. “So yall guess what?” She smiled as she looked across the table. Everybody sat quiet and stared at her. “I said guess damn.” She laughed. Everybody still just stared at her. “Fine you whores, me and Derrick are going on our first date tonite.” All the girls smiled at her.

“Do you know what you’re going to where?” Nicole asked her.

Shelly looked at her and thought, “No actually. I haven’t even thought about that.” She looked a little panicked. “Yall what am I going to wear?” Everybody laughed at her. “I’m serious”.

“You got like a million and one clothes in your closet, I’m sure you can find some to wear.” Rissa said as she popped a fry in her mouth.

“You wanna come over and help me?” She asked Rissa.

“Nope, I gotta a volleyball game tonight. Ask Desiree. You know she got a sense for style” Rissa said throwing a fry toward Desiree.

“What is with you and throwing stuff, hell?” Desiree said as she threw the fry back. “I will come help you Shelly”

Shelly shot her a thank you look. “So umm Jess, did you have fun?” Rissa asked Jessica who was quiet. Jessica nodded. “First time you were drunk too” Jessica looked around the cafeteria.

“Don’t say that out loud…I could lose a lot of my credibility if someone knew” Jessica whispered.

Rissa rolled her eyes, “Jessica its high school everybody f**king drinks” Rissa sat back in her chair. “Anyway I saw how you and Lawrence hit it off” Rissa pried.

“It was the alcohol. I can’t stand him” Jessica corrected.

Rissa looked at her, “No sweetie alcohol brings out the real you. Have you not heard the phrase a drunken man tells no lies?”

Jessica rolled her eyes, “What’s your point Rissa?” Jessica asked impatiently.

“I think you and him should go out on a date” Rissa shrugged nonchalantly.

“What? Me and Lawrence? On a date? I don’t think so.” Jessica shook her head.

“What’s the worst that could happen? You figure out that you actually like him more than you can’t stand him?” Rissa questioned.

“How do you even know he would be up for that?” Rissa smiled at her.

“Just let me handle that” Jessica rolled her eyes in defeat.

At the end of the date everybody wished Rissa luck as she loaded on the bus to head off to her volleyball game. Everybody went their separate ways as Desiree and Shelly headed to Shelly’s <a href=”>house</a>. They walked in to find Shelly’s <a href=“”>dad</a> sitting on the couch watching TV. “Hey daddy.”

Mr. Williams looked up, “Hey Sea.” {Sea was the nickname he always called Shelly since her mother passed. It came from their family’s love for beaches. Shelly was named after “Sea Shells.” She was conceived on a beach.} “Hey Dessie”

“Hey Mr. Williams, how are you?” Desiree asked as she closed the door behind her.

“Oh you know, Old” He laughed. “How are you?” He asked back.

“I’m good.” She smiled.

“What brings you by?” He turned off the TV.

“Helping Shelly pick out an outfit” She told him.

He looked at Shelly. “An outfit for what?”

Shelly smiled at her daddy, “Oh I didn’t tell, Derrick and I are finally going out on our first date”

Her daddy smiled at her, “Well it’s about damn time. I thought I was going to have to get my gun out and make him ask you” Desiree and Shelly laughed. “What time you leaving?”

Shelly looked at the clock, “Soon if I don’t go and get ready” She kissed her daddy’s cheek and ran upstairs.

“Well Sea take a picture of how you look. I’m going to meet up with Rich, we gotta solve this case soon” He called out to Shelly. He heard her okay and walked out the door.

“Do you know where you going?” Desiree asked as she plopped on the bed watching Shelly go through her closet of a million clothes.

“Kinda, I know we are going out to eat. I also think we’re going to somewhere else, but he won’t tell me where” She said as she started pulling clothes out, “What about this?” Shelly asked.

Desiree shook her head, “No I don’t like that.” Shelly sighed and tried again, “No not going work, how about this you go get in the shower and let me pick out some choices and then you can choose when you get out?” Shelly nodded and went and got in the shower. 30 minutes later she came out wrapped in a towel. “Damn, I thought you fell asleep in there” Desiree laughed.

“No it just felt so good, plus I wet my hair so it would <a href=“”>curl</a> up” She looked around the bed, “Okay, what you go for me to choose from?” After about another 30 minutes of deliberation, Shelly finally chose an outfit. Just then there was a knock on her door. “Will you go get that, it’s probably Derrick.”

Desiree nodded and went and got the door, “Hey Derrick” She smiled and hugged <a href=“”>him</a> “Well don’t you look handsome” Derrick laughed. “She should be right down.”

Derrick took a seat on the couch. “How are you Desiree?” He asked. Desiree shrugged. He laughed. “I feel you. I ain’t gone lie to you I’m a little nervous.” Desiree laughed. “I’m serious, I don’t date much. So I ain’t done this in a while, I might be a little rusty.”
Desiree smiled at him, “You shouldn’t be nervous because Shelly likes you and you like her. Just use that to fuel you. I know she will love the date anyway”.

Just as she said that <a href=“”>Shelly</a> [[aside: ignore the hair, I didn’t make this one]] walked down the steps and smiled at him, “You ready Derrick” Derrick smiled and her and nodded. She hugged him and Desiree, “Thank you again for helping me, Dessie I owe you one” Desiree smiled and left.

Derrick stared her, “Not that you don’t always, but you look extremely beautiful” Shelly blushed. “I think you are so cute when you blush at me” Shelly did a little giggle. Derrick held open her door and let her close and lock it. He held out his arm and walked her to his car and opened it for her. He closed it and went and got in on his side. “I hope you hungry” Derrick laughed. They pulled up to the Vibrato Grill and Jazz. Derrick got out and opened Shelly’s door and held out his arm again. They walked into the club and were immediately seated.

Derrick pulled out her chair and went a sat down. Shelly smiled, “Well aren’t you just a gentlemen.” Derrick smiled at her.

“I got something for you” Shelly looked shocked. Derrick got up and returned with his hand behind his back. “It’s not much” From behind his back in present a single red rose for Shelly. She smiled as she took it.

She sniffed and exhaled. “Thank you Derrick” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. Derrick blushed. Shelly laughed, “Finally, I get to see you blush” Derrick smiled at her. “How did you find this place.”

“I come here sometimes, when I need to clear my head. I bring my art in here too.” Shelly nodded.

“Can you draw me a picture?” Shelly looked up from her eyelashes.

Derrick blushed again and nodded, “Yeah sure”. Shelly smiled. The waitress came and took their drink orders. “So Shelly, next year, what are you going to school for?”

“Interior design” She smiled, “What was it that you were majoring in?”

Derrick laughed, “Architecture”

Shelly laughed, “Hey you can build the houses, and I can decorate them”

Derrick winked at her, “Hopefully I will build our house and you will decorate it” Shelly blushed and looked down. “Look Shelly, I live by the present…and presently I know I want you. So excuse me for being so forward, but I know what I want.” He reached across the table and lifted her head up, “And that’s you.” He leaned in and kissed Shelly. Shelly smiled with her eyes closed. “Damn you got some soft lips” Derrick laughed. Shelly laughed too. Just then waitress came back with their drinks and took their food order. After a while they had good conversation and great jazz music playing around them. They ate their food and just enjoyed each other’s company. They wrapped up their dinner and head back in the car. Shelly was looking out the window, sniffing her rose. She smiled. Derrick looked over at her, “Why are you smiling” He laughed.

She looked over at him and smiled, “No reason, I’m just happy” Derrick grabbed her hand and kissed it. She blushed. They pulled up to this dark area. Derrick parked the car. Shelly shot him a look.

Derrick laughed, “Trust me okay”. Shelly nodded and got out the car. They walked for a minute and came to a stopping place. There sat a romantic <a href=“”>set up</a> waiting for them. Shelly looked at Derrick and smiled. “I thought we could have dessert under the stars”

Shelly hugged and kissed Derrick, “Oh my goodness Derrick, this is beautiful” Shelly walked over to the set up. Derrick helped her sit down. Then he joined her. In the basket there was cheesecake {Shelly’s favorite} and strawberries and since they were in public some apple cider and wine glasses. Shelly’s eyes began to gloss over. “Derrick nobody has ever done anything like this for me” A tear fell.

Derrick wiped it away and the next one before it could fall, “You deserve it Shelly. And never let anyone ever tell you otherwise” Derrick stared into Shelly’s eyes. He pulled her face in for a kiss. “Shelly, I want you to be my girl, right now” Derrick said as he pulled away from the kiss.

Shelly looked at him and smiled. She pulled his face back into hers and kissed him softly. Then searched his eyes to see if he got the confirmation he need. For the rest of the date Shelly lay in between his legs with her back on his chest and they watch the stars. Shelly was sure that she never wanted this moment to end.