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BASKETBALL WIVES ~Love Vs. Spalding~


Nalanie Pov

My Birthday Party

The glass pitcher on the long table was thrown in Anastasia direction "b**** I'll f*** yo ass up talk some more s*** about my man come on im muf***ing daring you b****." I held on to Isis as she struggled to get to Ana and snatch her bald; "b**** whatsup we can square the f*** up right now." Ana screamed as she slipped off her shoes, Matt grabbed her around her waist begging her to leave it alone. "Nah this hoe talking s*** about you boo Im not gone let her ass continue being slick at the mouth." And with that one quick move Isis was on top of Ana delivering her combo punches while ana pulled hair and scratched. As security came to break up the fight I sat down picked up my drink and gave a toast to my self. "Happy birthday to me"..........

PAUSE Lets back track to how we got to this fight REWIND.......

Run it Girls
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run it

Hurry up gua!

intros coming soon :)

Oh snap iight use Lauren London

okay I got everyone

TinaDaBreezyBanger- no he dont but I think you and someone else in the story have the same picture

Name: Christina Freeman
Basketball Player: Lance Gross (he doesn't have to be a real basket ball player right?)

Basketball team: LA Lakers
Personality: ride or die chick, I don't take s*** from anybody and I just like to have fun.
Kids: no kids, thinking about it though.
I do want to live in the city my man plays in.
Pic: tae heckard
Job: bar tender at a club in LA called Greystone Manor

How we met: he and his team came to the club to.celevrate a win and he came to the bar to buy a drink and the moment he saw me he wanted to take me.home but the one night stand actually turned into a full blown relationship. Lol

Name:Lauren Santana


Basketball player: J.R Smith

Basketball team Name:New York Knicks

Personality:crazy sexy cool atheletic smart a ball of laughs but dont mistake my silliness for weakness i will bust that ass im loving compassionate and loyal to the ones i keep close i.e man family and friends great advice giver ..if you dont like me you're a hater lol

Extras:no kids yet

Do you want to live in the city that your man plays in or do you want to be away from him?: Live in NYC with him!

Picture: <a href="">Tae Heckard</a>

Job:Sports Managment/Training and Part-Time model

and How did yall meet:we met at the all-star game after party while i was net working looking for potential clients and he fell in love even though i blew him off he was persistent and eventually i gave in lol!

damn you did add stuff

uhmm we meet at a club, got up to V.I.P
and made my moves

<a href="">Trenton Davis</a>

<a href="">Cali Winters</a>

spelled my man own name wrong smh, Dwayne

Age: 23
Basketball player: Dewayne Wade
Basketball team Name: Heat
Personality: goofy, stubborn, opinionated, wise, dirty minded, caring, realistic, nurturing, friendly, social butterfly umm i think that's enough lol
Extras: kids or no kids<--- doesn't matter
Do you want to live in the city that your man plays in or do you want to be away from him?<-- doesn't matter
Picture: <a href="">Corderica</a>
Job: Head Trauma Nurse
and How did yall meet: you can be creative with it

<a href="">Isabella</a>

Name: Cali Winters

Age: 23

Basketball player: Trenton Davis (Trey Songz)

Basketball team Name: Lakers

Personality: optimistic, trusting, loving, easy going, fun, crazy with friends, intimate, emotional, etc hell you know how I am lol

Extras: no but thinking about having them

Do you want to live in the city that your man plays in or do you want to be away from him? same city

Picture: gonna pull Jasmine Sanders out of retirement lol

Job: stylist/makeup artist

and How did yall meet: he saw me shopping on Rodeo Drive and had to stop me. I made it hard for him but eventually gave in and took his number only to call him 2 weeks later and ever since then we've been inseparable.

I'll post the pics later

Name: Isabella
Basketball player: <a href="">Chris</a>
Basketball team Name:Chicago Bulls
Personality: Hot Tempered, Know It All, Too Too Caring, Sensitive, Honest, Fashionista!
Extras: No
Be Away From Him.
Picture: <a href=">Isabella</a>
Job: Athletic Therapist
and How did yall meet: Childhood sweetheart, Havnt seen eachother in a while.

The goof troop who loves to crack jokes and have fun, highly sexual and loves talking about it can be very serious when it comes to my job but when its down time, I party it out.



Matt Barnes

L.A. Clippers

no kids



<a href="">Gloria Govan</a>

Stop adding stuff !!

We met through my broham

Changing my job::; Make Up Artist
(Damn edit button come bck)

<a href="">Zoe Kravitz</a>

Basketball player: <a href="">Laith</a>
Basketball team Name:Miami Heat or Celtics
Personality: outgoing, very sociable, outspoken, can be 'ghetto' at times, not one to take mess from anyone, love shopping, hard on the outside but marshmallow middle (very humble&&giving)
Extras: kids (1 girl)
Do you want to live in the city that your man plays in or do you want to be away from him? doesn't matter
Picture: <a href="">Shelly</a>
Job: photographer
and How did yall meet: college

Tf spring gotta do with this??


Hmmm ... What name shall I choose ... Hmmmm
I'm in my BP ish so

Dwight Howard (yaas lord)
LA Lakers
No kids yet
I would like to reside in Cali along with him
Hmmm ... My job shall be .... Eeer ... You pick Fashion Designer, Party Coordinator or Interior Designer

Brb with the pic