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Age Isnt Anything More But A Number

Chapter 1**
it was Sunday night the beginning f the week which meant another boring 5 days of pure torture and irrelevant lectures Im never here for. I just finished my studying for my college prep tests I'll be entering hopefully Julliard in N.Y. for dance cause UCLA is not for me I have nothing against them I just don't feel it would be the right fit. I get a call from non other than the drama queen Teyana. Although we are 4 yrs apart we relate to each other on different levels. She's one of the first people I met when I got to L.A. we met at a dance studio and she questioned my style asking where I was from I said queens learning quickly it was a huge mistake taking she's from the all and "powerful Harlem. ""Watsup shortie? " "hey girlie! " I said trying to sound perky instead of exhausted. "B don't get all in mushy on me " "I'm sorry I'm just tired I've been studying since Friday evening! " "girl tests not even until may chill ,matter of fact come chill with me and my trill niggas at Grey Stone!" "I ca--" "Be ready in a hour, (rae she called me for short,) a hour "she didn't even give me time to put in my input. Its not like i havent been to clubs with her before cause
i have . They always fail to check my I.d. cause they would Be too busy flirting I just laugh and go along as long as I get in this club we can get our flirt on. I put my iPhone on the charger as I began to get ready my daddy was gone til Tuesday so I had no problem going out.
I get a call from my nigga mijo just as i was watching reruns of criminal minds saying to meet him at greystone I sigh and said okay I mean I missed chilling with my niggas especially Teyana, she was like us but still classy. I've been busy working to get my multi plaza off the ground that includes a art,music,recording, dance,and photography studio. I got a call telling me I'll have to sub a Eng course I can't complain the money will help for sure I would have been appreciated more if it was art or music .I started to get ready while thinking tonight was gonna be a short night as I thought about them youngsters I'll be subbing tomorrow.

Ria*-(RAE-YUH )
I exited the shower putting on Victoria secrets pure seduction all over and then some red spandex shorts,a black fitted long sleeve top that showed my belly button as well as my butterfly that complimented it along was my milky way skin tone. I put on some sparkle red bottoms and red lipstick i took a pic on instagram and closed it before the swarm of likes ,and just as I walked downstairs my daddy called me."I know you're not a little girl anymore but you're still my little girl, I'm just calling to say if you need any thing call me or Candice" it's been 4yrs and I still don't trust her it's just that something feeling "sure ill call you"making sure to put emphasis on You. "Babygirl " my name ever since diapers. "Daddyyy she's irrelevant I don't associate with irrelevants you know that" he just chuckled "alright I'll check on you in the morning " "Kay daddy love you " "love you too daddy " by now Teyana was blowing her loud horn.
"Uh why do you have to bring the Hood with you everywhere you go?" "Hello to you too beautiful " she said smiling while examining me head to toe.
We arrived at greystone and got up to the bouncer he was new but didnt flirt like the others I think his name was pat he was scary looking. As we walked in Dance for you was playing and everyone was slowing down and we made our way to v.I.p. where her friends i have seen but never introduced to were. "Wassam!" "Teyana!" The group screamed. "Hello, my name is keesis but you can call Me your husband" he said while kissing my hand. 'Boy, stop!' "Everyone this is my down chick Ria!" They all looked at me and waved or nodded. "Don't be shy beautiful " a Asian but black looking fine one said while licking his lips.he was cute but not my type. "I'm ty but you can call me Michael " "Ty friendly then a mudda! " "I'm mijo " "nigga but you call me friendly! " ty said walking away, "um do you have a birthname I can call you by? " I asked rhetorical but serious. He licked his lips before he answered me."yea barry " "oh okay barry fits you" "one more question?" "Shoot" "did that piercing hurt?"( I said referring to the one that looks like what bulls wear. He chuckled "nope not at all I I'm a painfreak" he said while licking his lips. I just turned the other way. He was too darn cute with his chubby self. I was introduced later to trell, Hood was crazy we could hang,Austin this Chris person cousin just then Teyana comes out of no where screaming and jumping she saw "Chris" my daddy called so I stepped outside. I guess I won't be meeting Chris tonight , I texted Teyana telling her to not to forget i had class in the morning . I especially hate my eng class i can never deal .



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Chapter 7 **
Later that evening at practice ***
I walked into the gym where practice was held I saw Blake and just smiled. Basketball was truly his thing, I wouldn't be surprised if made it pro. I saw Mr.Brown and the head coach just standing on the side of the court reviewing plays I guess. Just as I was about to walk over to the side where we practiced when the coach waved me over... "Ms.Isley. it's good to see you, I see you have been training your team hard for the halftime performance at the championship game I presume? " "it's good to see you too coach and yes we have to be nothing less than our best we are hosting the game but we couldnt have gotten where we are now without you of course and your great players " I said truthfully. "You are an exceptionally intelligent young lady I'm very certain your father is proud of you " I nodded before I spoke "yes sir he is " "have you met my assistant coach Chris oh, Mr.Brown. but I'm sure you already have he is Lances permanent sub " "yes sir I have " while smiling at the coach I couldn't look at him not after what he done with sha'ane. "did you know I coached him in high-school? " I just shook my head left to right. "He was one of my best players " he said while patting Chris's shoulder ."Well Ms.Ria I'll let you get to your team I know you all have alot of hardworking to accomplish " . I just nodded and proceeded to our side of the gym. Chris was looking like he was undressing me with his eyes it was weird I didn't want him giving me a side glance after what happened with $2 whore.Dance and College was the only thing important to me now and a guy does not fitted into that equation...
"ONE,TWO,THREE, FOUR,FIVE,SIX,SEVEN,EIGHT!" I head Ria count aloud as her and her dance instructor watched the other team members do the routine with ease. I noticed how when Ria was talking to coach green she gave me no recognition and while she was standing next to me and coach I couldn't help but to notice her little shorts the whole team practiced in and seeing her in them sent me over the edge I also i inhaled her Heat fragrance she wore by Beyonce flared up in my nostrils. I noticed that Traci wasn't at practice this evening and that was her only way home I hope she catched a ride with one of her teammates cause these streets are not a friendly place. I noticed our player player didn't stay the whole time his dad was in the hospital so he left to check on him. I noticed that after practice Ria was arguing with someone on the phone then hung up in their face and stormed our of the gym. Although I haven't known her long I know this wasn't like her.
I was just driving 10minutes from the school when I seen HER walking . I know it was her because her wild curly hair was untamed in the wind that was blowing strong and it began to drizzle a bit and I saw her try to find something to cover her head in her dance bag but was unsuccessful. I Contemplated on whether I should give her a ride or not but I mean she was one of my students and I could tell she lived no where near here. So I sucked up my pride and drove up slowly behind her and she stopped and looked to try and see who it was but there wasnt any luck there cause my windows were tinted. Can't have the cops peeping my game with Mary Jane. I got out and called out her name and she still didn't bulge so I walked up to her and she walked backwards, "look I don't what you're doing out here but could you just please get into the car? " I said through clenched teeth it was cold than a mutha out here! "No, I'm fine. Really
I just need to find my intersection but try it's dark so it's kinda hard. Do you happen to have a flashlight? " "okay so why you just get into the car ? Because a flashlight isn't going to benefit you at this time " she looked at the car then down the street. "I promise it's warm" I said smiling. "I guess it couldn't hurt.. " she said trailing off walking towards the passenger side. "Thanks. " she said a little bit above a whisper as i opened and closed the door and gave her my jacket i was wearing . . "So, um where to?" "9106 PLEASANT Oaks Lane " "um,isn't that a gated community? " "nope. A private property" she said with her arms crossed. I was concerned with what was going on with her I wasn't used to the crossed legs and arms but the Angelic smile, sexy giggle,and twinkle in her beautiful hazel eyes. I decided to shoot, "um why were you walking? You know the streets isn't a place for someone as beau-- I mean of your um group " damn I messed up twice in one setting!"what do you actually mean by my group?no why do people always to have to assume that I'm stuck up or not normal just cause I live in a big house on a property my daddy owns? I guess that because I'm a daddy's girl and people think I'm easy or just pretty but dumb? Stereotypes in America! I'm just like everyone else and deserve the same very respect as anyone else! " damn Chris you just have to open your big ole mouth, just have to be nose or captain save a huh? "look I'm sorry, I know I was wrong and very out of line and was hoping you could forgive me? " she just glared and nodded. That's better than nothing. She looks adorable when she's mad and sexy at the same time. We came to her gate and she told me punch in 2014 . We arrived to the actually house and my eyes almost popped out of my head ..a pond,a stable with a horse, built in bar-be-que ,a pool ,a driveway the size of a hotel's. This girl had it all. "Thanks for the the ride I guess.. " "uh, yea you're more than welcome " I said smiling but she just glared at me then exited the car. I didn't really want her walking home again like she did tonight so exchanging numbers wouldn't be wrong right?"um Ria wait a second! " I called out to her she while getting out of the car she was already at the door. She turned around like a killer of some sort, "um would it be okay if we exchanged numbers you know so that if you need a ride from practice again? " I asked hoping that she would agree everyone second with her counts and is valuable "nope. I don't think that's a good idea. " she said with a hard face. "Well maybe you could just take down my number" I just rubbed my hands over my face. It was the least she could do cause her house was a mile long walk away from the school. "Look Mr.Brown I appreciate the ride home I really do and I already thanked you so you can just leave now because that all you're going to get is a thank you I'm not like Sha'ane if that's what you were assuming " Wth was she talking about I didn't think she was like Sha'ane and didn't want anything from her like that. "what made you assume that I though You were like Sha'ane? I may not know you that well but but what do know is that you're not that type of girl and I sorry if I came on that way. " I said sincerely. While walking back to my car . She had ran up to me saying. "wait Mr.B um.. i-i'm sorry I um just saw her come out your class late and smiling fixing her clothes so I just assum-- " I cut her off before she could say anymore. Was this the reason why she was acting hostel towards me? "you thought we had sex? " I asked slightly chuckling. She just stared down at her shoes. I lifted her head up with my index finger bringing her gaze up to mine ."i prefer to be the one doing the chasing " I said and her face was unreadable, then she spoke ,"i guess its too late to exchange numbers huh?" She asked while laughing. That's the Ria I know and she she was wearing that angelic smile. "Nope not at all!" I said excited while handing her my phone and was taking back when she handed me hers. It took all of three seconds. "Really Chris, with a heart ?" She said giggling. "I know you're not talking "Ria from Eng class"!" "Just in case your girlfriend goes through your phone I didn't want any problems " "oh, it wouldn't be I don't have one" I said looking in her eyes and she just looked away. "Um, your daughter is adorable how old is she? " she asked changing the subject. "Five going on twentyfive " "she's really that much huh?" "yeap More than enough !" It was just quiet and the only thing you could hear was the wind's cry. while watching her silently in my Letterman jacket and only her shorts. "Well I should let you go inside taking it cold and wouldn't want you to get sick" "here " she said trying to give me my jacket back. "Keep it I have a dozen of them " I said smiling and she smiled too and waved goodbye and went our different directions.
After I got home and took a long hot shower I saw HER post a picture on instagram and decided to send her a text,
To Ria<3: You should really go to bed isnt it pass your bedtime lol ? From Ria<3:No I don't have one don't you have papers to grade instead of stalking me? To Ria<3 :Nope! I'm chilling. Ain't nobody worried about you! From Ria <3 : Smh wasn't you the first to text me though? Oh. To Ria<3: Mhm,smart ass mouth! From Ria<3 : Rightttt. To Ria<3: u seem like a down to earth person why don't you have a boyfriend? From Ria <3: Lol isn't that a little inappropriate for a teacher to be asking a student? To Ria<3 : yea, but you still didn't answer my question and I'm a sub fyi it doesn't count .From Ria<3: same reason why you don't have a girl...To Ria<3:we shouldn't really be texting right now... From Ria<3 : but like I said you're the one who initiated the relationship though... To Ria<3 : that mouth... From Ria<3 : ain't nobody gone touch me or change it! To Ria<3: oh yea? And why is that? From Ria<3 : cause I'm grown duh! To Ria <3: grown my ass! From Ria<3 : F U! To Ria<3: I thought you wasn't like Sha'ane I'm getting second thoughts.. From Ria<3: you don't want to go there.. To Ria<3: I think I do lol.and I'll show you grown... this time it took her a while to respond I thought I scared her off when my phone buzzed, From Ria<3: Whatever, goodnight I don't want to have bags underneath my eyes like a raccoon and if I do ima beat u up! To Ria<3: goodnight;)don't forget to tell yur daddy to read you a bedtime story. With that I dosed off with a smile on my face thinking how lucky I was tonight.

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Chapter 6 **
Later That Evening ***
"Mijo i'm telling you the truth yo , man she was like a younger version of Draya !" i said laughing but serious telling him about Sha'ane coming on to me ."Bro you need to check up on that she probably has something as bold as she is ""i know, she has a baby though""Anyways have heard anything from Teyana's friend?" i know he wasnt talking about Ria, i had to be sure." uh..Ria?""mhm," " i htought you was digging her friend though you be giving her mad love on insta?" " i never met her friend and probably never will so.." "Teyana said you wanted to hollow at her " i said in attempt to change his mind."It doesnt matter though besides that Sha'ane girl how has subbing been?" "Its been good,real good" i said thinking about HER . "Mmm, what you found you a younger sub or something?" "Naw man them females teachers thirsty af and ratchet!" he chuckled "you aint never lied!" " i started coaching today so that was interesting them dudes have mad skills but need to polished just a bit " " i feel ya, it was fun when we use to play.. parties, endless punany, it was the time of our lives!" he said taking me back. " Ah, yea i remember but bro ima holla at you later cant be having long nights like i use to " "aight ,one!"
Two Weeks Later ***
I'm just not checking these these essays i gave about Romeo & Juliet the other day . some had a few mistakes others had more than others one person that sure did have a perfect essay was Ria . I wasnt surprised at all about the way she expressed her views , she could have written a novel considering the way she wrote. today was just like any other day i had 5 classed so it wasnt too ,too tiring ... i left home towards the school i would have to stay at basketball practice late cause we had the championship game coming up and it was going to be BIG ,cheerleaders at half-time which i only know because Sha'ane couldnt stop talking about it and the dancers would perform because its traditional . The dancers practiced in the gym where we practiced which gave me a whole different perspective on Ria . she was very talented as well as her team . that reminds me i'm looking for dancers for my studio but.. i dont know if i should run the idea by them considering the fact that they are starting college next fall . Coach said we was getting a new player named Blake today from Houston . i seen him a couple time he has mad skills too .
LunchTime ***
Lunch was the highlight of my day we had a chick-fil-a,Taco Bell,Of course McDonalds,and Subway . so many options to choose from i didnt know where to start . Ms.A makes us eat salads ,water,and fruits the devil is a liar ! i need an cherish my curves ! I just work it off later . today like was really not my day my car stopped on me two weeks ago and still wasnt fixed i been telling my dady to get it looked at but all he told me was to get one of the cars he has at home.. nope! i want my own that way he cant question me and i can decorate it . Traci has been taking me to and from school but she has to leave early again cause her daddy is home and its a celebration , i'm not really cool with the rest of my teammates i think its because i'm captain and you know how that goes.. "Ria come girl guess whos hers?!" "um, i dont know?who?" i said wondering why the hell was she all up in my ear pulling me out of line at chick-fil-a . "B-blake !ehh!" she said while now we were weaving through the crowd " did you say b-blake?" i had to comprehend. "yes" we came to a stop at the basketball table where he was seated of course. "if it isnt little ole Rae my favorite girl !" he said flashing me a smile and speaking in that husky voice . " Blake OMG WHEN DID YOU GET HERE ?" i asked pulling him into a hug he was so tall i had to tip-toe."AND YOU DIDNT THINK TO TELL ME BEFORE HAND?" I asked facing traci .she shrugged" i didnt know till i walked in the cafeteria" " i got here like 2nd period when my dad got me all registered in" "oh, so you just live with your dad now?" "nope, my mom Real Esate company moved down here and she was asked to be the supervisor and didnt have the time to wait for the process" " oh, okay i'm glad you came!" " i am too i see youre still a Bulls fan " he said looking down at my jersey that i was wearing with black tights . "you already know" i said popping my imaginenary collar while giggling. "lakers dont have nothing on us !" "how can you be from L.A. and not like the Lakers " " just like i have always done and i'm not from L.A. i'm from Houston to Queens N.Y. BABY !" "you are truly something else" "oh , i know always been, always will be !" "so conceited!" "no , boo just confident!" i said while exiting with Traci as the bell chimed .
I just shook my head while watching her walk away . she was still the same but more beautiful i cant believe she hasnt took the hints i have always gave her. i've never met a girl so down to earth one day i'm going to make her mine i thought to myself as i made my way to my next class one of these days ...

Calm down chick. RunIt!!!!!!

Calm down chick. RunIt!!!!!!

Girl he aint even do nun run it

Chapter 5 **
I'm pretty sure they probably hate me by now i just gave them homework and a essay at that . Donovan and some girl that looked like she belonged on someones corner were arguing and he was really airing her dirty laundry and she wasnt denying it either . Traci and Ria were just talking as usual and i would glance at her cause i'll hear that sexy giggle of hers and when she did it she'd just smile that beautiful smile and i'll look away when she'd catch me man what was she doing to me ? i felt like a little school boy again. i was happy as hell when she accepted my request . Teyana told me she tried to me but she hung up . Mijo called me after school yesterday saying Seiko called him with BS about Kae i dismissed it . I spent time with Cammilliyah and enjoyed every minute of it . Sometimes i wish i could trust and feel different about women again cause i dont want to be single my whole life . Dont get me wrong the love i receive from my daughter is everything but i need and want to cherish a stronger one like in a relationship . Aaliyah done effed up my whole outlook on women which sucks . When i saw Ria for the first time for some reason i got that same feeling i had had butterflies in my stomach,sweaty palms, everything . like i was nervous around her , . i found out that my coach from highschool coached here and wanted me to co-sign and they paid me extra so i hurried up and agreeed . i miss playing high school ball then in college till my baby girl came into the world and everything changed . when that happened i relied back on art like i did when i was younger to get through my problems . i took up art in college which helped me and this white dude named Ron English who i co-own my studio with helped me with my technique and his ish is tight ! i plan to get to where he is one day... it would be a miracle if God sent me someone who loves art and vaule it the same exact way i do or better . where alot of people go wrong is when you value art you dont necessarily have to be a artist . Aaliyah never did truly appreciate my work , i would show her and she would be like oh,um thats nice while tilting her head to the side . like tell me my mistakes and areas where i can approve any feedback is greater than none . i was interrupted in my thoughts when i heard someone clear there throat . i thought i was just along on my phone likinga few of Ria's and other people pictures on instagram mostly hers--haha. "So Mr.B how are you ?" the prostitute looking girl asked while smirking and licking her lips . i had to cough why was she still in here ? " what are you still doing in here?""um i dont know i guess to talk to you " she said now between my legs with her hand rested on my thigh . i slapped her hand away and stood up . she reminds me of my ex Draya in a way shes too young to be this thirsty ."um i was hoping that we could get to now each other a little better " i looked at her a little taken back by her comment .No Ma'am . " i dont appreciate the way youre coming on to me " "oh really i think you do" she said giggling this B . i dont really like calling chicks out of their names but she was forcing me to . "look little girl i'm going to ask you to leave" i said while opening the door ,"okay daddy " she said giggling while adjusting her clothes leaving out . i'll be sure to ask for her a transfer out of my class . i noticed how during class she would mug Ria occasionally i shook my head females love to hate .
why wasnt he giving in? i know i'm not getting fat and i know i still have it cause dudes up here are still thirsty for me . one way or another i was going to have him! i walked out the classroom with a smile on my face i wasnt giving up that easily i adjusted my clothes with my girls up high .
i grew suspicion when sha'ane didnt come out class. i was at my locker wth was she still doing in there? Mr.B couldnt have fooled me , come on for christ sakes he MAY be older than us but he is still a guy. Welp, i've lost all respect for him that i did seem to have . when Sha'ane came out fixing her clothes and smiling i just shook my head and closed my locker walking away . MEN ....

Run it

Chapter 4**
i slept like a baby last night well every night except sunday considering the fact i have practice till 4 . i was surprised my daddy was home , that was a first ! we ate dinner well i ate my own dinner cause i dont eat what the witch cooks ! "how was school today babygirl?" my daddy asked while smiling "nice daddy" i said finishing up my grilled chicken salad and fruit ." i'm going to go up stairs to get some rest good night" i said while kissing his cheek , i feel as though hes not here for me always gone on some business trip. people at school said if their daddy game them that much he could leave for a year . i dont care about the money , i dont love the money , i love my daddy ! i went to bed with bed with tears in my eyes last i gt ready to get reat to drive to school my car didnt bulge wth i said outloud and raced back into the house my daddy was gone as usually and Candice was there ugh ! i called Traci she agreed to pick me up but i would have to find my own ride home cause she would be leaving early having dinner with her grandparents . as i was in the car teyan called "goodmorning chica!" i answered ," someones in a good mood ""i have no choice but to be !" traci whispered a greeting to her "Traci said heyy !" "tell that trick i said watsup!" "girl you are really a trip but watsup with you?" "i see that you follow my brother chrisss on insta how did you find him?" i smirked at traci "actually he found me" " he told me he sub at at highschool and its yours" "well i have never seen him" i said lying "you sure he has blonde hair , tattoos and he's ugly if you ask me and--" i cut her short lying once again ,"look we are at school love i'll talk to you later bye !" i hung up iknew exactly who he was i just wanted to play the role of a blonde .
she texted me cussing me out but at the end of the text saying to tell Traci Mijo wanted to holla at her , i showed her the text and she blushed , i love my bestfriends ...
we walked into the class smiling and signed in Mr.B smiled at me and we took our seats . i seen SHA'ANE out my periphal and just smiled again shes the reason ehy i live life to the fullest and also the reason why me and Aubrey wasnt together . she not only slept with him but had a baby as well i tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and not drop her like everybody else and ignore that something about her but i never listen to my mind. how i found out is when Aubrey came to my house on his knees pleading,and begging for me to forgive him and i told him that i'm sure he wasnt crying when his pole was in her mouth or in her whole she calls a vagina . i will not and can not be seen and walking aroung with a person who has a hole that Tiatanic can easily slide perfectly through .
seeing this b Ria walk up in here like shes on the red carpet or some ish made me me think my little plan was all vain . i didnt plan on getting pregnant by Aubrey i just wanted to teach her a lesson that if you dont take care of whats yours then someone else would and i was that someone .. she acted like a virgin all uptight and stuck up but guys would always go for her . she would just have on some sweats and a t-shirt and get 100 numbers while i got 0 with some trampy clothes on i just didnt understand . why go through trouble and chase something you probably never get if you have someone throwing it out for free in your face? i noticed our sub and licked my lips hed was sexy and red . i wasnt sure if i should make a pass at him . one thing i was sure of was the fact that every now and then he would look at Ria and when she would catch him he would look away . Yea trying never hurted so i'll do just that , i forgot to sign in and walked up to the desk where he was sitting on top of "excuse me where is the sign in sheey?" i said looking at his face he never looked up focused on his phone "over there " he said pointing at the desk i walked over and found my name . "still trying to be a 304 huh?" i heard Donaovan ask while i sat ." oh wait i forgot you are!" whe he said that the whole class erupted ,"boy i"l-" "aye chill out !" i grew quiet along with the class i love a man with demand . "um i see you guys been working on Shakesphere works i would like a essay on Romeo and Juliet " he said and the whole class groaned and the bell rung . "yall mad?" everyone chimed "yes!" "too bad ! get glad !" he said while smiling . "see you tomorrow with that essay " everyone was out of sight and i remained at my seat in the desk . this should be easy i thought as i got and walked up to him clearing my throat ...

sorry for the long point of views i just want you guys to get a feel for the characters .. tell me what you think so far ? :) autty <3

Chapter 3 **
what could i possibly say about eng class today ? one thing for sure it was a whole lot interesting today that it has been all year since i was in this class. athough i didnt learn as much as i wanted to about my sub i secretly wanted too... his blonde hair with curls tucked underneath his v-neck was all sexy to me . i was snapped out of my thoughts when my dance instructor Ms. A counted off the routine . i looked in the full length mirrors around the studio and smiled at Traci we were finally coming back on good terms. we were in the front as usual she has been the only person i know to love dance as much as i did . since we met about 12yrs ago when we were 5, at ballet school we always knew we would be the best of friends and dancers at any studio. i came here my junior year cause my school in N.Y. only focused on performing arts more than studies which my dad wasnt very fond of . i was put in this class cause Traci and the teacher asked me to dance and i looked at Traci for support and she smiled ... i nailed it and although they had the team for the year i was made co-captain and Traci Lt. this year i'm capt. and Traci Co i give all my thanks truly to her . she was the only person that i knew when i came here and introduced me to her friend who when i think about her makes me ready to plex ! she's the reason why i keep my circle tigh less friends, less drama! Teyana,Traci,and how could i forget Blakey ? (Blake Griffin) . HES number 5 in highschool basketball and defintetly pro material . i met him in Houston my hometown and we see each other through the year on holidays he says he is coming here .. lets see how trye that is . When Traci and Teyana met him they automatically loved him and Teyana being the person she is commented looking him up and down " yep , yall fckin!" i have idea what she is talking about i vaule our freindship too much to think about dating i dont want any extra feelings involved . we got a 15min break and i was grateful i grabbed my water bottle and headed to the restroom .
Throughout the dance i would look at Ria that B know she can dance her a off 1 she caught me and just smirked . i'm glad shes learning to smilr again Aubrey really hurted her but Sha'ane considering that was her friend . i thought it was my fault knowing the type of female Sha'ane was but i gave everyone the benefit of the doubt . since 9th grade she was a pro at whatever the guys wanted . but you know me always trying to find the light in a dark situation . speaking of the devil shes coming back tomorrow i wonder how shes going to react to Mr.B taking that he is alot sexier than and Aubrey. Ria knows hes a goddess too deep down inside . she was telling me about the club last night i wasnt mad at all my mom doesnt ever let me out.. my daddy isnt never home so he could care less about home life . she told me about mijo cause i love me chubby guys ! "hey b!" she said scaring me to death."wth girl you almost got a beating!"she just rolled her eyes"who are you over here daydreaming about?""mijooo" i said sounding thirsty, at least i can admit it . " but you dont even know how he looks" "i know but you said he was chubby and thats a pointer!" "girl come on him and his friends followed me on instagram" she said walking over to her bag next to mine pulling out her phone. "ooh look i have 15 new insta buddies" she said giggling annoyingly. "oh and at the top look he looks sexy oh wait that looks like Mr.B ..." i grabbed her phone more like snatched so fast ! but she snatched it back "i thought you didnt like him" " i dont " she said as she kept scorlling ." mhm, sure the way you were biting your lip at him when he came up to you told me how unattractive he was" "what " i exclaimed her face was unreadable . I w-wonder if this is c-chris ?" she said stuttering while looking at a picture of him and teyana "who is chris" " i dont know we were at the club and she wanted me to meet her bestfriend/brother chris but i never got a chance to cause my dad called and i went outsideee" she said fast while i could here her creole accent passed from her grandmother ."text her to be sure " " B to be sure whats to be sure of this is him Chris,Mr.B, f***yopictures,Mr.SEXY " she ws too pressed right now but she accepted mijo request and mr.b's we took a picture and she walked away .he had on the same clothes from this morning and got major likes . "Traci!" Ms.A loud and clear like a sergant yelled "yes?" "time to begin! we have to do halftime at the championship game in a couple weeks so i want you prepared!" duh b i been praticing every waking minute i walked to the front and took my position.. this b sometime...
i have my phone set up where i can receive notification from instagram when i see Ria accepted my request and posted a picture . i was just laying in bed since today was my off day . i had seen she had follwed chris too and i was like wtf? ... i dont remember them ever meeting i just shrugged. she posted a pic when im guessin her best friend that teyana was telling me about i followed her as well . teyana said she barely goes out , they both dance and chris was looking for dancers for his studio i'll mention them. i get a call from seiko kae's best friend "tell chris to stop acting stupid for kae do something he'll regret!" "i dont have to tell chris ish he is a grown man!" she kissed her teeth "anyways where is he?""at work like she should be oh, wait she doesnt!" i hung up they were too pressed for no reason . i laughed cause they aint together she would have known that by now if she opened her squinted eyes and saw the big picture...

I love the teacher/student affiar you kniw it's going to be hot. i can't wait for me. heck im already reading chapter 2.

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thank you guys so much ! i'm getting the hang of it .

Chapter 2 ** Continued ...
soon as i walked in class all eyes were on me and i rolled mine , i noticed old man Lance wasnt at his thorn in front of the board. instead i see in bold letters on the board Mr.BROWN and this high yellow dude with freckles,a nose ring ( i smiled at the fact that mijo had a piercing in the area of his nose as well), he also had these enticing brown orbs. i tried to look without staring but he looked my way as i took my seat . he was no ordinary sub . he was cute i guess. i pulled out my journal and sat down next to my best friend. "girl our sub is fionneee aint he?" i rolled my eyes at the fact that she was sounding a litle too thirsty. "why you acting like its not true?" "like the same reason you acting like its not true youre thirsty" she kissed her teeth before speaking "why are you so stuck up?" "i'm stuck up now cause i'm stating facts? so be it , but i'm not i just got accustomed to the bull" "YOU LIE YOU AND AUBREY HAVE BEEN BROKEN UP FOR 3 MTHS AND I SWEAR YOU STILL ACT LIKE YALL BROKE UP YESTERDAY!" i was fed up , always talking ish "TRACI STHU PLEASE ! WHY YOU BRINGING AUBREY IN THIS ?WHERE IS HE RELEVANT IN THIS CONVERSATION?" we had a stare down before she finally spoke up "i'm sorry its just that y-you been different since then i miss and want my best friend back " she smiled which caused me to the same .she was right every since me and aubrey broke up i didnt let hardly anyone in , i was so in love with him 9mths of my time and life .everytime i think of how he hurt me my eyes start to sting. traci and teyana were the only ones there for me . i'm still recovering .well thats the past and shouldnt be resurfaced.
me and traci bi polar buts were just laughing and talking when i heard someone clear there throat , i looked up and almost died "and you are ?" "R-Ria isley " i said stuttering i never stuttered and was never nervous what was this man doing to me? "find and sign your name for me right here sweetheart" he said while handing me a paper and flashing me a killer smile with gorgeous dimples . i was biting my lips which i didnt notice and stopped. i found and signed my name , while thinking i can do alot for you SNAP OUT IT RAE I TOLD MYSELF AS HE WALKED AWAY .this was definetly going to be a hard few mths .
i was just sitting on the front of the teachers desk on instagram but it was dry then i seen a pic of teyana with some bad chick she had on these red shorts and a black long sleeve she had wild curly natural hair with blonde brownish highlights i clicked on the tagged name and her name was something french like , i wonder is this the girl mijo was talking about, ty said she was bad but me and him had two totally different definitions of bad so i asked my bro/cousin he never sterred me wrong.. i forgot her name but she was bad though i wasted no time sending her a request. just as i exited the app this girl walked in for a moment i thought my eyes were playin tricks on me everything was in slow motion and then i remember it was the girl i sent a request to... she still looked the same but better .i'll remember that face forever. she had to be about 5'4 or 5'5 dark caremel , big wild curly hair,she looked as if she could be exotic. she was simply beautiful!she was thick in all the right places i could tell she work out cause she was a little toned and she had a dance bag on her shoulder. i thought to myself dance huh? she has to be flexible ... wth am i saying shes just a child 17..? or 18 then youre legal right? stop man i'll be in a cell for the rest of my days . i just cant believe shes in highschool she past all the women my age. when she came in that dude who been joking all morning said "my juliet, nice of you to grace of with your beauty love" everyone went wild . she just looked at him mumbled something then smiled at me i almost thought she was a angel in flesh cause everything on her was perfect . as she took her seat i heard her friend that has been staring at me like i was her age ask if i was fine but she just glared. i heard them get into a a little argument by now they were giggling when i came over i asked her name and she looked at me biting her bottom lip she must have notice she was cause she stopped . it was cute how she stutterd when i asked her name, i noticed that her eyes were like a hazel color all i could do was smile while handing her the attendance sheet . i walked away afterwards the bell rung and everyone exited, was i wrong for looking at ria's backside? . i just shook my head, how was i going to possibly do try to keep cj down with her these next few mths ? this was definetly going to be hard!


I like it so far run it

Chapter 2 ** Preview
my alarm was now on his third snooze , i sleepily glanced at my M.J. Off the wall clock when it read 7:50 . i hopped out the bed so fast hurrdling over the covers to the bathroom as if i were a ninja . i'm glad my daddy wasnt home he would have threw a fit he is serios about my education i think way more than i am you see school took in at 8:20 and when it comes to getting ready for any occasion if we were in a race a turtle would have won. i wasnt new to the late nights and early mornings but teyana knew that i had school the next day,i'll be sure to note her about partying on sunday nights. i didnt have a hangover my body was just tensed... i quickly hopped in the shower grabbing my neccessites and payed attention to the important areas when i exited i did my daily routine and grABBED my high waist shorts,dorthy red shoes,red mk purse and white button down with red lipstick. i left my hair in its curly state quickly grabbing my dance bag while heading out the door to my car .
it was 8:10 when i pulled in the school parking lot i wasnt the only one late not surprising me ,i didnt like being late cause of the fact you couldnt find a parking spot and when school is over its major traffic . it was now 8:15 then the walk to my eng class that i grew to so hate was a mile down the hall and up the creek (hall). i sighed while walking let me prepare myself for le irrelevants .
I had came in late spite the fact that kae wanted to argue me down why she wasnt invited to the club last night i mean we are not together so i dont see the argument . talking bout trell was there with heather , B duh trell and heather are a couple she is really starting to get annoying and she began the guilt trip and started crying . my 5 year old doesnt even cry . yea i have a daughter cammilliyah her mother was what i thought the love of my life ,Aaliyah .( sighs ) to think i was gonna purpose to her stupid i must have been . when my daughter was born she told me she cheated with some nigga name aubrey i didnt sweat it i just broke it off and continue to raise my daughter.i dont think i could ever love again i think all women are out to get you shrugs kae is just a you know when i'm feelin down call girl. you know aaliyah mom never liked me ? saying i changed her for the worst . little did she know her sweet little ang was a wild one . we were highschool sweethearts well juniors to seniors i took her virginity our prom night and she found out her pregnancy freshman year of college . her mom blamed me but like my mom always told me take care of your responsibility now than later. i didnt put much thought into my outfit just grabbing a sweater,white v-neck,beanie,nerd glasses,jeans,and fresh pair of j's . as i had my hand on the knob of the class door i sighed and prepared myself mentally and physically , when i walked in the class all eyes fell on me and it was silent .

i know probably too short but more later :/ just a sneak peak :)

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thank you ., this is my first story and lol maybe they may get 'involved' we shall see .

Run it! Liking this so far and I know damn well Chris finna be her sub lol can't wait! Ooooo she is about to be "involved" with her teacher lol