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"C.H.R.I.S.B.R.O.W.N." (poem)

C- Calling me to your darkness, your eyes leave me at bay.
H- Hollow as a drum I am without you, the emptiness sickens me.
R- Reigning over my soul, you reach the pit of my being.
I- Intertwined by the gentle fine of your lips, your kiss christens me.
S- sensually you dance in light of my affections, your imperfection is perfection.
T- Totally in bebted to you, lost by your melodic glory
O- Ode to you, this is a song of sweet seduction
P- Perpetuate melodies of you riff through my viens and pump through my heart
H- Hypnotized by the brick wall, you.
E- Exposed to the death sentence of your presence.
R- Restricted by my lover, awaiting my release

M- Magnetizing me to the screen, passion unseen between my lips of seduction
A- Agile are your movements that arouse me in privacy.
U- Unatainable to the common rhinestone but reachable to this gem.
R- Restrained by status quo, but undoubtly searching for me
I- Ill advised and yet you rise
C- Climactic in your performance, but oh the utterance of such is forbidden
E- ethereal your demeanor appears, your rod may bring forth my tears

B- Babbling in your presence
R- Relieved by your response
O- Owned by you
W- won, over my jealousy
N- Necessary to my existence