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Chapter 1 .
Nine years ago---
"mommy ,daddy are we there yet? " i asked my parents as we were driving as it seemed like centuries . "almost sweetie" my mom said with her soft voice and candid smile while my dad said to "she so restless " while chuckling. We were moving to Virginia because of my dad's construction business. we were from L.A. so my hopes and dreams were shattered as I often dreamed about the Hollywood life and now that was all over cause Virginia is straight country and boring . When mommy explained to me why we were moving i didnt understand at first because i loved my school,house,and friends ! mommy was a housewife so its not like i would be alone. i had to leave my kitty Mr.Whiskers behind too. I was happy that i got to move far away from uncle joe , i knew that we couldnt play games anymore that he always made me play with him ...
"WE'RE HERE BABYGIRL!" daddy exclaimed as we arrived at a big white house with, tall brown doors ,pillars,and a pool . i darted out of the car into the house where the movermen were . "Chyna wait baby girl be careful!" i couldnt hear a word my mother said as i stood in the middle of the house and stared up at the glass chandiler hanging above and a staircase on each side of the house it was beautiful . "DADDY THE HOUSE IS SO BIG AND PRETTY!CAN I PICK OUT MY ROOM?" i said excited.
"Come Chyna ,downstairs the neighbors four houses down are coming over so that we can meet them i think their son is the same age as you and goes to the school you will be attending" ,I heard my mom say as i was just putting clothes into my dresser and making up my bed. I put on a baby blue dress and sandals with my favorite . "is daddy meeting the new neighbors with us mommy?" "no sweetie. he's too busy".I nodded sadly and understood. "babygirl dont look like that. whats our saying?" "daddys busy right now. he wont be later and he still loves me ." we said in unison . "but, why does he have to be so busy all the time doesnt he love us right?" "yes baby. daddy loves us very ,very much hes just busy with work thats all." she said smiling down at me . then the doorbell rings taking me out of my thoughts . my mom then answers the door." hello ,i'm Faith and this is my daughter Chyna . i'm sorry my husband couldnt join us .he's probably getting his rest for tomorrow" my mom says as i stood behind her. "Hi,Faith i'm Joyce Hawkins. i'm sorry to hear that but this is my son Chris-- boy if you dont come from behind me hiding!" just as she said that a boy that was a little taller than me with, black curls,pink lips,freckles,and wearing basketball clothes came from behind her . he stared at me for awhile then stared down at his j's . My mom and his's were just talking about how beautiful the house was , where we were from,and other stuff , when i noticed chris was looking at me again and i caught him and he was red in the cheeks and just looked away again. I noticed how pretty his mom was with her dimples and pretty smile so i blurted a little above a whisper ,"youre very pretty" "aww why thank you sweetheart youre beautiful yourself. Oh before i forget i brought these brownies for your family and the pan is disposable so when you are done you can just trash it ." "why thank you Ms.Hawkins how very sweet of you ." "please call me Joyce" "will do . Chyna sweetie can you take Chris into the kitchen to show him around while i talk to Ms.Joyce?" "mhm" i nodded as i began to walk to the kitchen when i heard Ms.Joyce "boy if you dont follow her into that kitchen!" i heard him dragging his feet behind him. once we were in the kitchen i asked him "um do you want me to cut you a piece of brownie while i'm getting mine?" he just stared at me and finally replied "uh ,sure"."okay" i cut both slices and slid him a piece ."thanks" he mumbled while choking it down. "mmhph" i giggled . he darted his head and now on his third slice ."what?" he answered with a mouthful. "you have chocolate all over your mouth.. are they that good?" the chocolate looked like a beard and mustache . he went over to the microwave and looked at it while wiping it all off ."so, youre going to the same school as me ?" "yes" "oh, well we can be friends and i can introduce you to mines if you like.." "um, okay but i never had a boy as a friend before" "its going to be okay, i'll ptotect you if anyone tries to hurt you" i just nodded and smiled . "well i see you two are getting alone just finee " my mom said entering the kitchen with ms.joyce behind her. "lets go chris we have to let her get ready for school in the morning" he nodded and walked towards the door ."you will be riding the bus with chris in the morning it picks you guys up right in front of their house" my mom told me as Ms.Joyce and chris left. "bye christopher ,bye ms.joyce" i said with a small wave "bye chy" he said as i realized he gave me a nickname . i just blushed "well lets get your bath and tucked in you have a big day tomorrow" she said as we walked up the stairs hand in hand.
***Next Morning
"come on chyna youre going to be late now !" my mom screamed as i tried to look for my favorite headband and i saw it under my bed with my Hello Kitty backpack . i could barely sllep last night because daddy and her had a fight last night as usual and i was scared as usual . "your lunch is on the table now go before you miss your bus!" her back was turned towards me but i just ignored it. "bye mommy .i love you" i yelled as i grabbed my lunch and saw my bus as i headed down the street . i got on , "you must be Chyna Evans, Ms.Hawkins was telling me about youre new here?" "yes ma'am" "okay, find you a seat missy" she said smiling as she began to drive off . i couldnt find me a seat the bus was so full so i walked to the back when i see christopher talking to a chubby boy in the seat across from him."oh, um Chy i saved you a seat!" he said moving his backpack out of the way as he scooted over. "this is my cousin Barry " he said pointing to the chubby boy he was talking to earlier. "hi" i whispered . "sup" he said while nodding his head .
**At School
We were now having lunch and i was sitting between chris and barry . then on the other side of the table was Chris other cousins Austin,and marquis. the bell rung for recess as everyone swarmed out the area. i walked up the stairs getting ready to slide down the stairs when this fat boy pushed me down and slid down before me . "move out of my way ugly! " he said and I fell. I got up and dusted my clothes off. When I see Chris "are you okay? " "um,yea I guess " I said with tears in my eyes. "who pushed you ?what happened? " "the boy down there" ,I said pointing at him.. and Chris glared at him "he pushed me..I fell and called me ugly while sliding down the slide before me! " "it's okay don't cry I said that I would protect you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! " I didn't want him getting in trouble for me. "no Chris! you can't! " I said grabbing him by the tail of his shirt. "watch me. " by now everyone was in a circle around Chris and Billy the fat boy. Billy pushed Chris and he fell and Chris charged at him screaming and punching him. the teacher came and escorted both of them to the principal office.... I thought it was all my fault that chris was in trouble.


Chapter 11
"chris fine if you want to stay with that b**** you can! but when she drops you for kevin again dont come running back to me!" "i wont" i finally made my way over to chy lip syncing in the corner "may i have this dance?" "you may." this wasnt my fist time slopw dancing with chy but tonight when i had my arms around her small waist and she snaked hers around my neck as she rested her head on my shoulder as we danced to the rhythm of the ballad it ended. "chy i have so-" i was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. i turned around and saw mijo and teyana smirking as they whispered something into each other ears. "care to share?" chy asked what i was thinking.
i couldnt help but to notice how beautiful chyna looked tonight. i now she was teyana best friend but lately i've been feeling some type of way around her.. chris never mentoned he liked her but you know what they say about bestfriends but, i never wanted to intervene. teyana said we should go over there with them because as the song ended the winterball ended. "looks lke we were interrupting sommething." i whispered in tey's ear. "care to share?" chyna asked looked back and forth between us. "well, we were just wondering whee yall was eating?" "we have our own plans." chris answered."we do?" chyna asked unware of the plans i suppose. "oh,well exuse the hell out of me." "chris dont be meanlets go eat with them besides i'm starved!" chyna budded in "ight"
we arrived at the waffe house and everybody had the famous chicken and waffles ofcourse. "damn slow down chy." chris told chy as she attacked her food. "hell you acting like you pregnant" i added in. "boy, please aint no body pregnant over here." she said pointing to herself before starting back up. "if anyone is pregnant at this table its teyana." i just smirked cause we do f*** like rabbits. "mijo if you dont wipe that smirk off of your face for i do." teyana said grilling me "babyyy i'm kidding. calm down." i told her kissing her on the cheek. "mhm" "aye look its gettin late and i gotta get chy home. i'll see yall on christmas." "nigga ima be over there tomorrow. we gotta go looking for trees remember." "oh,s*** i forgot . but yeah" "chris you better be lucky i'm full, cause i dont have no curfew." chyna said getting out of the booth. "even though your parents aint home dont mean ima have you out all night." chris said helping her up as she waved him off."bye tey!" chyna said bending over kissing teyana across the table and i caught chris looking at her ass and he looked away. "mijo." "why you gotta say my name all dry?" "cause.. you aint s***tt!" "wateva" i dabbed chris up and watched as they left. them two how they interacted since they were young one of these days they are going to end up together....

more later i know short but yea...

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lol yes some of it was from the wood. that is my movie though! i though i was the only one who has seen that movie lol.

Runit was that the scene from the wood lol?

aww Chy is feeling him! she intoxicated with his smell
kae stop acting thirsty
Chris will be the best bf to Chy i sure hope something happens after the dance since her parents wont be home..
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Run it

AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! CHRIS and CHY are gonna dance!! <3 looking forward to read more!!! :)

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sorry you guys for any spelling errors ! i was typin super fast trying to give you guys more ! hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 10 Part II AND III

this is why chy is my favorite girl, she accepts and appreciates all of my doings. she inspires me to do more. i was surprised about about how she felt about my art, i've been working on that stuff for awhile i planned on gigving it to her on her birthday but that didnt go as planned.. "you ready?" i asked chy as she was still in awe of the paintings. "should be asking you the same exact question" chy saif walking downstairs as i opened the door as she held two of the painting which were light and left me with the heavy one as we walked to her house. "what you mean?"asked her as we approached her house. "what i said. my dress is going to s*** on suit. i'm not going to lie you white suit was fly and al but.. my dress s***s on it!" "we'll see."
"so here it is!" chy said in her high pitched voice pulling her dress neatly out of her closet with a cleaners bag over it. i watched her every move it was cold outside but warm in her room thank god cause would have seen how heavy i was breathing. she was rambling on and on about how teyana dress looked and other stuff but i could only pay attention to her run dmc pullover with tights and her tan uggs and her hair wrapped in a scarf. my breathing became slow but heavy as i kept my eyes on her. "chrisss!are you listening to me?" i snapped out of my thoughts. "yea,yea." "oh,really? what was i saying then?" she asked me with her hands on her tiny waist. "uh, something about.. some shoes i think" she squinted her eyes, "so, what should i do? i dont have any and my mom is not going to let me wear hers.? i was shocked that i was right for the first time. "uh, chy i cant help you with that one." "and why is that christopher?" "because, i wouldnt know anything about heels now would i ?" i seen her pouted face and i couldnt do anything but give in . "okay,okay. let me see the shoes you have already." once i finished my sentence chy's face lighted up like an kid on christmas. "um, well.. come to my clost chris. i know you cant possibly see from there." she said as i got up from her bed and walked inside her closet with her. i looked around when i saw a box with shoes what do they look like?'i asked pointing to that particular shoe box. "um, let me see" she answered as she struggled to reach the box on her tip-toes as i came behind her and grabbed it with eae. "i wish you would grow" "i am tall for your info! they were at the back of the rack for the record" i gave her a kevin heart look. i watched as she opened the box they were a pair of beautiful choes and i have never said that about womens shoes ever! they were blinding me with all the silver glitter. "i dont think i should wear these. they wont match the dress." she said defeated. "then what are you going to wear?" "i dont know chriss!" "okay,okay. calm down. we'll go shopping tomorrow to find you some shoes that will match." "chris youre going to take me shopping ?" she asked with slight sarcasm. "for shoes only. its not a shopping spree." she gave me a bear hug reaching up on her tip-toes as i caressed her small body. "youre the best chris" she whispered in my ear . "oh, i know" my ego responded before me and i just smirked. "just like my dress" she said walking back to her closet to hang up her dress.
2 hrs. the winterball***
"come downstairs chyna! chris is here!" "coming now!" i had a few strings of hair i had to put back into place as i slowly strutted down the stairs as my parents , mama j , and chris were talking i cleared my throat and everyone looked in my direction as if they were starstruck. i saw chris with his camera as well as mama j and my parents. i just laughed always trying to "preserve" memories. "okay chyna. dont act brand new baby" mama j said as i looked dizzy. "okay" i stated simply as i stood next to chris and started posing. "uh,hun. chris has to put your cosage on." mama started back up. i just nodded as chris stepped back and took the cosage out of the box handing the box to mama. chris was is his all white suit (you know from the grammy's. gfhdygdbgjh a sexy muthaf***a he was that night!) it was all surreal to me i watched as him as he slid my beautifully prepared cosage upon my wrist as i inhaled his mens dior colonge. it was so intoxicating, i revived myself when i heard him chuckle and say "come on. lets get this over with so we can get out of here" we positioned ourselves as we took a million photos for our mini photoshoot before all dances. i was going to truly enjoy tonight and thanks goes out to chris. what would i do without him?

chy looked so beautiful tonight like she had just stepped foot off of an Vogue set. i always thought modeling would do her justice but she wants to pursue journalism. either one i know shes going to be successful. we arrived at the dance 30 minutes late due to photos. chy parents wouldnt be home until the next morning because it was their anniversary and they went to Richmond so you there're going to be getting it in...
"now we're going to slow it down real slow for you guys so ya'll can make this moment last. its Luther vandross with 'if this world was mine' " the dj said over the speakers. this was chy's favorite song and i spotted her in a corner lip syncing the lyrics when kae walked up to me i rolled my eyes. i thought i told this chick i was done with her. i mean we can still be friends but she's seriously making me regret that choice. "chris why are you acting like this?" "like what kae?" "like i dont matter to you anymore." i just smirked as i started to walk back up to chy. "chris fine if you want to stay with that b**** you can ! but when she drops you for kevin again dont come running back to me!" "i wont."

part 2 and 3 later or tommorow depends on if i'm busy or not ..

Chapter 10
******* two weeks later
something has really been bothering chy these past few weeks that she wasnt telling me.. we talk about eveything possible so whatever it is i dont see what the big deal about it is? kae has been on my d*** nonstop nagging and buggin but i just cant push her to the side like garbage.

i've been counting down the days my uncle is coming for christmas and a week is remaining uncle joe is a living breathing and walking nightmare.. but enough about him i'm just happy chris and i are back on the right track and to be honest our relationship is stronger than it was wayyy before. this weekend at the winterball i'll be able to unwind and be free ofcourse kevin asked me and i declined swerved. hes been sending me gifts through the office and mail and i just kindly donate them someplace else where ,where they are needed. cause here they are only bulls***
"chris what are doing?" i asked him as he passed up my house. "going to my crib first cause the flyest is always presented first!" "mhm,okay flyest presented first but you know what they say, you always save the best for last! which excatly what my dress is going to be!" chris just waved me off as we got of of the car and i waiting for his slow ass to unlock the front door,"we walked upstairs when i noticed i didnt see or hear mama. "where is mama?" he just shrugged,"i dont know she said with aunt christine" "mhm,she got herself a boyfriend" "i wish she would!". ____________________________________________________
i walked into his room it has been years since i've been up here and in words it was different. "i have something to show you but first close your eyes" "okay" i stated simply . i was standing in my constant position what had seemed like eternity so i squeled out "chrisss my eyes hurttt!" "okay,okay. i got it open them" i just gasped t was a so life like a picture of me then when i was younger and now with everything so detailed. the "then " picture was me when i was ten years old on the vbeach with my hand streched out looking to the right of my "now" picture from last summer this time reaching to the left holdind my "then" hand. "chris this is really--" "crap i knowhuh" my eyes almost popped out of my head. "no,no chris! this s***, oops i mean painting is so dope like.. i dont know how to explain it" i studied the pictures again remembeing that i didnt go to the beach when i was ten. "chris , when did i go to the beach when we were ten?" "uh, you didnt. i used my artist expression to make it seem real" he said standing behind me explaining it to me as i inhaled his colonge and looked back meeting his gaze as we stared into each others eyes. "oh, um i have two more things to show you before i forget" chris said breaking our gaze . i watched as he pulled out a cartoon like painting of me when i blurted out"i do not smile like that!" "yea,yea,yea," he said waving me off. the other was a large canvas photo of me he did when i ran for last years princess and he made me look ,like a porclein doll. "chris" was all i could muster up as i continued to observe all of chris's works as i smiled and ran into his arms "you are really talented.promise me you wont let it go to waste" i whispered into his ear. "i promise."

short i know but more later ! comment for more! run its are just fine too .
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RUN IT!!! im so exited to read more, i think im addicted.... :)

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Run it

lol Kae is so slow in the head. He playing you like a bunny lol Chris and Chyna are awesome. I'm glad she dumped Kevin
Run It!!

I guess i could give you guys part 3 since i'm free so here goes... :
Chapter 9 Part 3

"you think i'm pretty chris?" i swallowed hard thinking of the right response. i nodded my head slowly like i was a little kid. "aww, thank you but pretty is an understatement dont you think? You could have told me how you really felt, i'm not your sister for christ sakes." "oh, i didnt know. i didnt want you to feel uncomfortable." i said truthfully. "and i really respect that christopher. really." she said taking off her glasses rubbing her temples i noticed she wasnt wearing her contacts so i shooted. "why you took out your contacts?" she didnt have colored contacted because her eyes were already hazel she got htem clear. "i was irritated" "oh" "mhm.." she mumbled taking her hair out of its bun letting her head full of curls bounce freely and she rubbed her faced over one last time sighing loudly and went back to checking. "well looks like you got all except one right" "thats good enough" "thats better than good chris" "could we talk" she titlted her head to the side like a little puppy. i chuckled "minus the kissing" . "okay" "um, three months ago when i came to apoligize i not only wanted to apoligize for not only that day how i acted at school and in the car but also for all the other times i blew up on you and ignored you" she just smiled before speaking, "i forgive you chris. even though youre an jackasss!" i gripped my shirt at my chest, "really chy?i'm offened!" she shrugged her shoulders "truth hurts" "i miss my chy doll and i was kinda hoping that i could get her back" i said crossing my fingers underneath her computer desk we were sitting at. "you dont have to cross your fingers chris i already said i forgave you" "true. but you didnt say you'll be my chy-chy again" she erupted in laughter, the laughter i missed hearing so much. "really,chy-chy" where did that come from?" "doesnt answer my question," "yes, i'll be your chy-chy" shge said between laughter. "good. well can i have a hug?" "a hug is all christopher." i nodded as we both stood up and embraced each other for what have seem liked eternity. i cannot put into words this feeling right now. just as i was beginning to enjoy this moment kae was calling me. "you can answer wifey call. we're done here." chy said with slight sarcasm. "nah. not when i'm with my chy doll" chy just revealed that contagious smile with a deep dimple on her left side. everything and everyone stops for her...

the fact that chris was swerving my calls while he was with HER had me pressed! these three months he hasnt bad talked her or anything but when we go out he moped around like he doesnt want to be with me... how she left and played him for kevin should have been the icing on the cake. i know they were bestfriends and left each other know everything but i'm his girlfriend and he doesnt ever let me in. not to mention how he stares at her like shes the last and only girl in the world and i was sick of it! one thing that i am sure of, is that he isnt going ANYWHERE and i'll make sure of that. i mean chyna was a virgin and chris was a f***ing porn star and i'm experinced soo.. who do you think hes going to pick and stay with? we're going to prom together in april and we are going to move-in and ofcourse a proposal can't be too far away...

my fingers are locking lol i'm done ... more monday forreal ,forreal this time!

Chapter 9 Part II Of III
Ms.Evan (Faith)
I everything is okay with my babygirl.i mean she has been acting like a new person since before thanksgiving break. her and chris wasnt sppeaking anymore and her old friends since started dating Kevin. i thought he was a nice young man when i met him till i saw chyna's lip when i came in from school one evening but i didnt want to jump to conclusions or anything cause shes quick to go off so i just left it alone and when she drove starting driving her dad's car to school i asked why and she told me kevin and her had broken up and when i bulged on she just grew quiet. i know 'those' type of dudes when i see them and i just hate that i made her suffer and watch me and her dad when she was younger fighting all the time because no child should have to watch their parent get abused mentally,phsically,or verbally. i'm just happy she left when she got the chance, even though her father attented rehab and different sessions doesnt mean he wont relaspe and although i forgave my husband i cant forget the hell he put me through and pray each day that chyna doesnt have to follow my road of despair, but she is her mother daughter and very stubborn i' just afraid she'll make that one mistake and regret it for the rest of her life and end up in a terrble situation thats greater than her all because of one mistake.
"okay so i want you try a couple practice problems by yourself without the book" chy said as she five problems she wrote down on a sheet of paper to help me with our math class. i learned a whole lot more from her than i ever did when Mr.Norman would teach. we werent really on good terms as you would say but we laughed and talked about a couple of things relating to school and classes. i was astonished today when i spoke to her and she spoke back. i finishes the problems and slid them back to her. i watched as she she checked them over counting in her head with her specs on, God she was beautiful and she caught me and you know the routine. "why do you always do that?" she asked." "do what?" i asked pretending not to know what she was talking about. "everytime i catch you staring at me you look down" "because..." i trailed off ."because what christopher?" she asked giggling. "because i think youre pretty." my heart starting beating fats not sure of what i had just gotten myself into. "you think i'm pretty chris?" i just swallowed hard thinking of the right response.

PART III monday i'm thinking ..

part 2 later and sorry i forgot to indent chyna's p.o.v. before the chapter .

Chapter 9

Two weeks later***

Chynaall i did last night was toss and turn constantly throughout the night. my mom and dad had just told me that my uncle joseph or joe for short was coming in town for Christmas. why? it has been nine years well ten now that i'm seveteen since i have seen him. when we moved to Virginia i was happy and hopeful because he could touch me anymore. he always had 'games' as he called them that hhe wanted to play when my dad would go and work at the construction site before he became supervisor and my mom would work too but a bakery before she became a stay at home wife. so my drunk,low-life,no good for nothing, sick minded uncle would "baby-sit" me. you would think if i put up a fit everytime my parents would arrive at his ddorstep it would make them reconsider, but they never did.. he made me sick to my bones and my flesh crawl i cried myself to sleep each night when i was little but one sunday when mama j took me to church with her and chris the preacher talked about forgiveness. he said not to forgive you enemy for their sake but for sake your sake. they are sleeping good in their beds each night while youre wailing over them and holding grudges. i didnt attend church at first with my parents until after that sunday with mama j and chris but evey sunday after that we have. after kevin hit me that day i cut all contact off with him i refused to suffer in that type of relationship... this evening was the first day of of his tutoring which meant he would be coming over to my house, i wont lie it felt awkard not talking to him for 3 months straight chris was like my other half or a backbone. i swallowed hard as i heard my mom laughing then heard jogging up the stairs knowing it was chris slow ass! he was the only person i have known to jog up and down stairs without falling.

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Run it

run it

omg!i cant stop thinking about this story it reminds me of my best friend that is going through the same but her bf dosent hit her...

really Joyce Hawkins.. Chris Browns mom? hahaha I like the story so far :)


i wonder how her mom dont know? i mean aint she home more than her dad? i mean i remember u saying Chy usually has the house to herself and what not but its just hella weird to me how after Chy watched her dad do it to her mom she in the same situation.. ironic
anyways i sure hope Chris can save her before it gets worse
Kevin seriously needs help, first of all u need to stop acting all insecure! she is with u she obviously choose u over all her friends including her best friend whom they were attached at hip
if u cant see that she in ur hand than u seriously have issues (i know he had to make her scared to do this by hitting her and what not... but still)
he need to be gone him and kae
run it

Chapter 8 Part III
kevin and i were in the car driving towards my house when he spoke "you know that s*** you pulled at lunch pissed me the f*** off!" i just kissed my teeth. i was tired fed up with his attitude. he pulled over on the side of the road and turned the car off as he started back up; "you wanna repeat that?" i looked at him crosseyed "all i did was kiss my teeth!" "exactly." "no. i'm not doing it again! you pissed me off thats why i did what i did! and i'm tired of you trying to tell me how to run my life and who i can be friends with i'm going to do me!" i yelled at him getting annoyed. "so what you saying is... youre going to do what you want to?" "same words." he blew his breath before speaking again "you know what? i'm sick and tired of this s*** chy! talking to other niggas flirting and s***! that s*** is mad disrespectful!" i looked at him like he was stupid because thats exactly how he was acting right now. "first of all dont raise your voice at me kevin! and second of all i dont even flirt with other dudes. how could i when youre always down my throat?" kevin reached over and back handed me as i just stared at him with wide eyes while holding my swollen lip. i removed my hand as i seen blod and a single tear escaped my eyes. "why did you__" i managed to ask him through tears and coughs but he cut me off "SHUT THE f*** UP!you know what? for now on i talk you listen and if i feel that you did something disrespectful ima punish you!" i couldnt focus on anything right now i just held my lip. "do you understand me?" i just nodded afraid to say the wrong thing. "thats not good enough. i asked if you understood me?" "y-yess" i flenched when he put his car back in driving mode he just chuckled, "thats more like it" who was this kevin?
i had came from dropping kae off and she wanted the D but i wasnt feeling it and still tripped out about what happened between Kevin and chy. i remove my thoughts when i saw kevin pull up to chy's house and she got out looking sad i couldnt but to be pissed if that nigga did anything to her i'll f*** him up! i dont if me and chy arent talking it was my duty to protect her i did make a promise to her actually we made one to each other but both of us broke it three months ago.. Mr.norman told me before lunch after chy stormed out that should would start tutoring me first thing when we came back from thanksgiving break. to be honest i was actually looking forward to it i missed my bestfriend....

Chapter 9 later ..