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Chapter 1 .
Nine years ago---
"mommy ,daddy are we there yet? " i asked my parents as we were driving as it seemed like centuries . "almost sweetie" my mom said with her soft voice and candid smile while my dad said to "she so restless " while chuckling. We were moving to Virginia because of my dad's construction business. we were from L.A. so my hopes and dreams were shattered as I often dreamed about the Hollywood life and now that was all over cause Virginia is straight country and boring . When mommy explained to me why we were moving i didnt understand at first because i loved my school,house,and friends ! mommy was a housewife so its not like i would be alone. i had to leave my kitty Mr.Whiskers behind too. I was happy that i got to move far away from uncle joe , i knew that we couldnt play games anymore that he always made me play with him ...
"WE'RE HERE BABYGIRL!" daddy exclaimed as we arrived at a big white house with, tall brown doors ,pillars,and a pool . i darted out of the car into the house where the movermen were . "Chyna wait baby girl be careful!" i couldnt hear a word my mother said as i stood in the middle of the house and stared up at the glass chandiler hanging above and a staircase on each side of the house it was beautiful . "DADDY THE HOUSE IS SO BIG AND PRETTY!CAN I PICK OUT MY ROOM?" i said excited.
"Come Chyna ,downstairs the neighbors four houses down are coming over so that we can meet them i think their son is the same age as you and goes to the school you will be attending" ,I heard my mom say as i was just putting clothes into my dresser and making up my bed. I put on a baby blue dress and sandals with my favorite . "is daddy meeting the new neighbors with us mommy?" "no sweetie. he's too busy".I nodded sadly and understood. "babygirl dont look like that. whats our saying?" "daddys busy right now. he wont be later and he still loves me ." we said in unison . "but, why does he have to be so busy all the time doesnt he love us right?" "yes baby. daddy loves us very ,very much hes just busy with work thats all." she said smiling down at me . then the doorbell rings taking me out of my thoughts . my mom then answers the door." hello ,i'm Faith and this is my daughter Chyna . i'm sorry my husband couldnt join us .he's probably getting his rest for tomorrow" my mom says as i stood behind her. "Hi,Faith i'm Joyce Hawkins. i'm sorry to hear that but this is my son Chris-- boy if you dont come from behind me hiding!" just as she said that a boy that was a little taller than me with, black curls,pink lips,freckles,and wearing basketball clothes came from behind her . he stared at me for awhile then stared down at his j's . My mom and his's were just talking about how beautiful the house was , where we were from,and other stuff , when i noticed chris was looking at me again and i caught him and he was red in the cheeks and just looked away again. I noticed how pretty his mom was with her dimples and pretty smile so i blurted a little above a whisper ,"youre very pretty" "aww why thank you sweetheart youre beautiful yourself. Oh before i forget i brought these brownies for your family and the pan is disposable so when you are done you can just trash it ." "why thank you Ms.Hawkins how very sweet of you ." "please call me Joyce" "will do . Chyna sweetie can you take Chris into the kitchen to show him around while i talk to Ms.Joyce?" "mhm" i nodded as i began to walk to the kitchen when i heard Ms.Joyce "boy if you dont follow her into that kitchen!" i heard him dragging his feet behind him. once we were in the kitchen i asked him "um do you want me to cut you a piece of brownie while i'm getting mine?" he just stared at me and finally replied "uh ,sure"."okay" i cut both slices and slid him a piece ."thanks" he mumbled while choking it down. "mmhph" i giggled . he darted his head and now on his third slice ."what?" he answered with a mouthful. "you have chocolate all over your mouth.. are they that good?" the chocolate looked like a beard and mustache . he went over to the microwave and looked at it while wiping it all off ."so, youre going to the same school as me ?" "yes" "oh, well we can be friends and i can introduce you to mines if you like.." "um, okay but i never had a boy as a friend before" "its going to be okay, i'll ptotect you if anyone tries to hurt you" i just nodded and smiled . "well i see you two are getting alone just finee " my mom said entering the kitchen with ms.joyce behind her. "lets go chris we have to let her get ready for school in the morning" he nodded and walked towards the door ."you will be riding the bus with chris in the morning it picks you guys up right in front of their house" my mom told me as Ms.Joyce and chris left. "bye christopher ,bye ms.joyce" i said with a small wave "bye chy" he said as i realized he gave me a nickname . i just blushed "well lets get your bath and tucked in you have a big day tomorrow" she said as we walked up the stairs hand in hand.
***Next Morning
"come on chyna youre going to be late now !" my mom screamed as i tried to look for my favorite headband and i saw it under my bed with my Hello Kitty backpack . i could barely sllep last night because daddy and her had a fight last night as usual and i was scared as usual . "your lunch is on the table now go before you miss your bus!" her back was turned towards me but i just ignored it. "bye mommy .i love you" i yelled as i grabbed my lunch and saw my bus as i headed down the street . i got on , "you must be Chyna Evans, Ms.Hawkins was telling me about youre new here?" "yes ma'am" "okay, find you a seat missy" she said smiling as she began to drive off . i couldnt find me a seat the bus was so full so i walked to the back when i see christopher talking to a chubby boy in the seat across from him."oh, um Chy i saved you a seat!" he said moving his backpack out of the way as he scooted over. "this is my cousin Barry " he said pointing to the chubby boy he was talking to earlier. "hi" i whispered . "sup" he said while nodding his head .
**At School
We were now having lunch and i was sitting between chris and barry . then on the other side of the table was Chris other cousins Austin,and marquis. the bell rung for recess as everyone swarmed out the area. i walked up the stairs getting ready to slide down the stairs when this fat boy pushed me down and slid down before me . "move out of my way ugly! " he said and I fell. I got up and dusted my clothes off. When I see Chris "are you okay? " "um,yea I guess " I said with tears in my eyes. "who pushed you ?what happened? " "the boy down there" ,I said pointing at him.. and Chris glared at him "he pushed me..I fell and called me ugly while sliding down the slide before me! " "it's okay don't cry I said that I would protect you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! " I didn't want him getting in trouble for me. "no Chris! you can't! " I said grabbing him by the tail of his shirt. "watch me. " by now everyone was in a circle around Chris and Billy the fat boy. Billy pushed Chris and he fell and Chris charged at him screaming and punching him. the teacher came and escorted both of them to the principal office.... I thought it was all my fault that chris was in trouble.


Sorry loves for not updating i'm typing now !
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She's getting what she wanted....Kevin. I agree the beatings are wrong but when chris tried to explain she wanna kick him out. What is he suppose to do kiss her ass? Naaaah I don't think so. He's doing him like she was doing her. But I hope nothing bad happens to her. She needs to get out that situation pronto.
Run it

Damn chy how did u gt yoself in that smh chris pay attention save her before its to late he mite take it to far if u dnt man i fill for her bt she pushed chris away he was tryn to tell her his true fillns bt she didnt want to listen run it

wth!? chris she still is ur best friend! u promised to protect her
and how can her friends not notice the signs of an abusive relationship? especially chris cuz his mom went thru it
and the make up i knew it was cuz he putting hands on her
save her chris!
i bet they will become closer with the tutoring
and kae u need to go.
run it

When he said she was wearing make-up I knew Kevin was beating her ass.

When he said she was wearing make-up I knew Kevin was beating her ass.


this is a good story
run it

Chapter 8 Part II
WTF WHY DID MR.NORMAN JUST MOVE CHRIS NEXT TO ME? TO THINK I WAS GOING TO LIKE THIS CLASS! the rung and everyone scurried out as i closed the book we were working out of Mr.Norman spoke, "chyna and chris i would like to speak to you two after class for a few seconds" i nodded and chris opened his mouth to speakwhen Kae annoying ass started "um, chris baby can i talk to you for a minute?" Mr.Norman nodded his head giving them approval , i couldnt help but to hear their conversation which i think she wanted me too. "um, chris baby do you know how long youre gonna be?" kae asked him . "he said for a few seconds. youre gonna wait for me outside?" chris stated what i knew kae had heard when the bell rung. "nope, i'll just go to the cafeteria i guess. and you need to talk to him about moving you seat cause i'm lonely back there and i know you dont like it either considering the fact that you guys arent friends anymore" after kae said that i swooped my head around as i glared at her and she smirked,if this chick only knew how chris really feels about her. chris back was facing me so i couldnt tell what his face read. "mr.brown" mr.norman said letting him know their time was up. "bye, baby i'm just going to go to the lunch now" was the last thing kae told him then i heard them kiss and for some reason i felt some type of way.. i just shook it off as chris walked back to where mr.norman and i were. "so mr.brown as you may know already you grades arent up to par and ms.evans here is from the advanced class so i'm going to have her to tutor you?" i took in everything mr.norman said about chris until he got to the tutoring part. "WHAT?" both chris and i yelled at mr.norman in unison. this was a no go , "but i cant" i whined hoping it would get me off the hook. "oh, but you will. cause it will not only affect mr.brown's grade but also yours" "no" i said dramatically . "oh,yes" i looked up to look at chris when he was already looking down on me and i stormed out. "have a nice thanksgiving break ms.evans" i heard mr.norman say. THIS s*** WAS ABOVE UNBELIEVABLE!
i couldnt believe what my ears had just heard chy had to tutor me! we havent talked in three months , but she didnt have a choice since it would put her grades at risk at well. while mr.norman spoke to us i noticed chy was wearing make up i mean she usually does but this was like base or something it was pretty on her but i liked her better without it. wtf am i say? i have kae now. i sighed as i walked into the cafteria as i sat next to kae, mijo,and teyana. teyana wasnt cool with kae but she tolerated her after all chy is her bestfriend. chy doesnt even sit with us anymore, the only person who matters in her world is Kevinnnn . speaking of the devil chy walked towards our table "hi you guys!" she greeted towards teyana and mijo. "whats good chyna?" mijo said dabbing her up while chy just stood there with a stank look on her face. "i am not with that!" chy said giggling. "i miss you chica!" teyana said standing up to hug her. "i know i miss you guys too! how has everything been?" she asked ."you would know if you still talked to them on the regular" i said stating the obvious she just rolled her eyes and faced me. "i dont think i as addressing my question towrds you christopher!" chy said ,its been along time since she she said my name and let alone look in my direction. at school this is how it is: she with her nigga all day and i'm forced with kae. when she passes me up and i'm with kae i'll kiss kae or something flashy but she just giggles and smirks and pass me up and that hurts like hell that she doesnt even notice me or give a f*** anymore.teyana told me that she was a little hurt that i didnt show up to her birthday dinner and that kevin had brought her a promise ring. 1 i could care less about that damn promise ring cause when we were younger i brought her a necklace with my allowance that she still wears to this very day and 2 she caused that upon herself to be hurt when she told me to leave her house the last night we spoke. teyana and chy were just laughing it up and chatting when i heard someone clear their throat and everyone head turned in that direction. "kevin!" teyana squealed as mijo looked pissed "teyana yo chill with all of that!" mijo said . teyana just pulled out her phone and began to occupy herself with something. i just smirked thats my nigga! chy turned around like she had just seen a ghost and began to stutter "h-hey kevin" he just stared at her with no expression "where you been?" "uh, just over her catching up with teayan" "catching up? aint what you have her number for?" "yea but some things you cant discuss over the phone and plus you know we dont have any classes together. kevin just glared at her and clenched his jaw " i was looking for you and you over here laughing and s***" "uh, sorry teyana um.. i'll call you tonight see you guys later!" chy said walking away fast . "looks like someone is in trouble" kae said in a sing song voice. why do i keep forgetting this girl even exists? i watched chy and kevin from across the room as he lead her out and she jerked away and he grabbed her again by the wrist forcefully this time. i just looked in that direction until kae was tapping me on the shoulder "come on chris, you cant be late for class anymore.' i got up still hoping to chy walk through the door...

updating today.. sorry for the prolong time :/

i sense somehow they are gonna go to the dance together
and cmon why they acting, they know they miss each other
run it


i'm glad you guys are loving the story so far.
@luvCBreezy4va , thanks love for the support and you'll just have to keep reading to find out more about Kevin ... :)

Lol now they gt to talk to each other run it

New Reader
Im loving this story happy I finally found one I look forward to reading I think chris and chyna need to work it out and what she mean by kevin has anger problems run it

Chapter 8 3 months later*** Part I
it was the last day til thanksgiving break. me and kevin's relationship had its times, he was a great guy but he had a anger problem... me and chris havent talked since that night he kissed me which means i ride to and from school with kevin and well me and chris just simply pass each up in hallway. my mom said that we should talk out our differences but this is the way it has to be...
Chris been three months since me amd chy talked and that night i went over to kae's and decided to give her and i a chance. its not the best relationship but atleast i get to f*** when i wanted and she didnt mind if i had other girls on the side as long as it wasnt chy. all in all kae was a good friend but sooner or later i'm going to have tell her i'm not feeling her like that. the winterball is next month and usually me and chy go every year but this year i'll probabkly roll solo.. as i think about it we attended all of our school dance together and it isnt not one photo of us not together in either of our albums.
"chris" i forgot kae was sitting on the of me. "mr.brown could you come up here and solve this equation?" my pre-cal teacher Mr.Norman asked. "damn" i mumbled as i eased my way up to the front. i was not doing well in this class at all! matter of a fact none of us were, we were making it by on a little grace and prayer. as i approched the board he handed me a marker and i seen some nerd looking kids and chy walk in the class as they stood at the board our counceler begin to speak "these students are from across the hall from Mr.Kingsly class and if you must know he isnt doing well and they will be giving them their grades for the remainder of the year". mr.norman just nodded before speaking "very well then.come in and take a seat". he said to chy's class and started up again"do any of you know how to solve this equation?" they all looked at each other then at chy. "dont all answer at once" mr.norman said with slight sarcasm. "i guess i'll do it" i heard chy mumble as she stood next to me. its been awhile since she was this close to me and let alone breathing the same air as i did. "may i have the marker please?" chy asked me as i handed it over to her and stepped aside. chy's class was the same subject as mine but advanced so i knew she could ace the problem. she began scibbling and writing as i just studied her she had on some knee length boots , some cream colored tights and a sweater with a scarf tied around her neck and her hair in its curly state which i loved. she finished the problem and caught me staring at her and i just looked down at my red chucks. "spectacular. and your name is?" mr.norman asked chy. "CHYNA" I Blurted out loud as everyone heads turned in my direction. "chyna evans" chy answred with that beautiful smile i almost forgot she wore so well. "very pleased to meet you ms.evans and the rest of your class. i know that they are all as gifted as you are" mr.norman said chuckling. chy just giggled lightly before responding "yes sir. we are" "i would like you to sit in the front for now on" chy just noded as she walked to the other side of the classroom to the front and took her seat. i walked to the back of the classroom towards my seat when mr.norman stopped me in my tracks "mr.brown" i turned on my heels "yes sir?" "if you dont mind i would like you to sit next to ms.evans for the remainder of the year maybe she could teach you a few things" i looked at chy's pricless expression towards mr.norman, and i was in shoock mode so i needed to be clear on what he just said,"huh?" "i think you heard me well and clear. either that or i'll be sure to see you next fall" i kissed my teeth as i got my things from my previous seat and made my way to the front as i sat next to chy. this was going to be a long hard year...

what?! no cmon he aint even get to explain herself and well Chris u waited out hella long and u wanna tell her when she actually feelin a n*gga so u just confused tf outta her especially by sayin that the kiss was only to shut her up -__-
chris u running off to kae aint gonna do u better
i just hope they can still be friends'
run it

well dang, like that huh...smh. run it

Awwww man I hope this dont mess up their friendship.
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Aw man run it


chapter 8 in a few hopefully ...

Chapter 7 Part 2
i was so heated right now when i walked up to chy's room and she opened the door her expression read pissed. she had every right to but when she put her hand up to my face and started talking rude af i brushed past her not giving a f*** at this point i mean i did come over here to apologize but she was making me second guess myself, i looked her up and down she had on some black legggings and a white sports bra and bare footed i was use to seeing her like this but everytime i did i could never focus on the conversation. when she walked up to me yelling, i cut her off with a kiss but she didnt bulge at first then i tongues started to dance in each others mouth and i began to feel a little horny and gripped her perfect ass in her tights she pulled away. 'Would you just shut up for a second and hear me out?" i asked her as she sat on her bed with an unreadable look on her face. the kiss should have been my explanation for how i've been acting lately but i felt i owed her a legit reason i sighed as i began to speak while scractching the back of my head, "uh, look i'm sorry but um.. s***!" i said frustrated i couldnt even think straight. "what was that for?" i heard chy ask a little bit above a whisper. "i dont know , i just wanted you to stop talking and listen to me" "you couldve just told me to instead of kissing me chris. dont you think?" "yea, but kissing was way more easier" i said truthfully. "i think you should leave chris." i was confused. "what?why?" she stood up looking up to my six-foot and one inch frame as i looked down on her, "because ,i said so" "thats still not giving me a reason" "you know me and kevin are dating and you pull a stunt like this!" eygsfhsfydyfjefhud "WTF CHYNA? WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT KEVIN? WHY DO CARE ABOUT ANY OF THOSE OTHER NIGGAS?" I yelled getting more heated, my love for her was a red flashing light and she couldnt even see it. "chris why do you even care? i'm not dating you!so you shouldnt have a problem with who i'm with!" i couldnt believe my ears but more Chy. how could she satnd here and defend that nigga i took that s*** as my que and i left. i walked in my house as i saw my mama had plates set out "i'm not hungry ma" i stated simply as i jogged up the stairs and my phone blinked a couple times when i checked it i saw i had a call from Kae as i redialed her number i grabbed my keys. she picked up on the first ring like usual ,"i was just thinking about you baby. i'm on my way over now"...

Run it

run it!!

i know chapter 7 was short but Part 2 tomorrow.. thank you guys for all of your comments it really helps my writing and creative process :)

Chapter 7
my parents had went to dinner or somewhere i didnt really care i was ready to leave first chance i got! first chris now my parents! my mom kept bugging and nagging me to talk to her, i was just listening to music silently petting my cat sunshine she was so old now.. chris found her in the rain and brought her to me she was just a kitten then we got her fixed and checked out that was when i was ten and now i'm sixteen soo.. yea shes pretty old. i love sunshine so much and chris knew i wanted a cat cause i told him about a cat my had when i moved from new york. i was moved from my thoughts when i heard a knock on my door, who the hell coulod it be? i thought my parents left. i opened the door with an annoyed look on my face when i saw it was chris with his hands in his pockets of his sweats and i took a second glance at his face and it was red mama j mustve waxed that ass! "uh, chy look i'm--" he started but i quickly cut him off, raising my hand to his face"your apology isnt needed nor wanted here" chris just clenched his jaw i didnt care if he was pissed thats exactly how i felt every time he was on that bs! this is so like chris to do some bs then come crawling and pleading, if you hadnt messed up you wouldnt have to ask for forgiveness. "move tf out of the way!" chris growled as he bumped my shoulder walking in my room and sunshine meowed and went downstairs. i walked up to him pissed "chris i dont know wtf your problem is but--" chris cut me off as his lips crashed into mine... i hesitated at first then i kised chim back as he rubbed his hands over my ass in my tights i pulled away thinking about Kevin... "would you just shut-up for a second and hear me out?" chris said breathing hard as i just sat down on the bed.
Cliffhanger ;)

At least hear Chris out and consider his feelings cause she know she got a few feelings deep .down in there.

Run it

Runs it!
I'm still reading
Chris is a bum!
How he gon do that?
You aint tell homegirl you like her
You get mad at her happiness?
Negro fix up!
Run ittt

I hope he jus tel her run it