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Chapter 1 .
Nine years ago---
"mommy ,daddy are we there yet? " i asked my parents as we were driving as it seemed like centuries . "almost sweetie" my mom said with her soft voice and candid smile while my dad said to "she so restless " while chuckling. We were moving to Virginia because of my dad's construction business. we were from L.A. so my hopes and dreams were shattered as I often dreamed about the Hollywood life and now that was all over cause Virginia is straight country and boring . When mommy explained to me why we were moving i didnt understand at first because i loved my school,house,and friends ! mommy was a housewife so its not like i would be alone. i had to leave my kitty Mr.Whiskers behind too. I was happy that i got to move far away from uncle joe , i knew that we couldnt play games anymore that he always made me play with him ...
"WE'RE HERE BABYGIRL!" daddy exclaimed as we arrived at a big white house with, tall brown doors ,pillars,and a pool . i darted out of the car into the house where the movermen were . "Chyna wait baby girl be careful!" i couldnt hear a word my mother said as i stood in the middle of the house and stared up at the glass chandiler hanging above and a staircase on each side of the house it was beautiful . "DADDY THE HOUSE IS SO BIG AND PRETTY!CAN I PICK OUT MY ROOM?" i said excited.
"Come Chyna ,downstairs the neighbors four houses down are coming over so that we can meet them i think their son is the same age as you and goes to the school you will be attending" ,I heard my mom say as i was just putting clothes into my dresser and making up my bed. I put on a baby blue dress and sandals with my favorite . "is daddy meeting the new neighbors with us mommy?" "no sweetie. he's too busy".I nodded sadly and understood. "babygirl dont look like that. whats our saying?" "daddys busy right now. he wont be later and he still loves me ." we said in unison . "but, why does he have to be so busy all the time doesnt he love us right?" "yes baby. daddy loves us very ,very much hes just busy with work thats all." she said smiling down at me . then the doorbell rings taking me out of my thoughts . my mom then answers the door." hello ,i'm Faith and this is my daughter Chyna . i'm sorry my husband couldnt join us .he's probably getting his rest for tomorrow" my mom says as i stood behind her. "Hi,Faith i'm Joyce Hawkins. i'm sorry to hear that but this is my son Chris-- boy if you dont come from behind me hiding!" just as she said that a boy that was a little taller than me with, black curls,pink lips,freckles,and wearing basketball clothes came from behind her . he stared at me for awhile then stared down at his j's . My mom and his's were just talking about how beautiful the house was , where we were from,and other stuff , when i noticed chris was looking at me again and i caught him and he was red in the cheeks and just looked away again. I noticed how pretty his mom was with her dimples and pretty smile so i blurted a little above a whisper ,"youre very pretty" "aww why thank you sweetheart youre beautiful yourself. Oh before i forget i brought these brownies for your family and the pan is disposable so when you are done you can just trash it ." "why thank you Ms.Hawkins how very sweet of you ." "please call me Joyce" "will do . Chyna sweetie can you take Chris into the kitchen to show him around while i talk to Ms.Joyce?" "mhm" i nodded as i began to walk to the kitchen when i heard Ms.Joyce "boy if you dont follow her into that kitchen!" i heard him dragging his feet behind him. once we were in the kitchen i asked him "um do you want me to cut you a piece of brownie while i'm getting mine?" he just stared at me and finally replied "uh ,sure"."okay" i cut both slices and slid him a piece ."thanks" he mumbled while choking it down. "mmhph" i giggled . he darted his head and now on his third slice ."what?" he answered with a mouthful. "you have chocolate all over your mouth.. are they that good?" the chocolate looked like a beard and mustache . he went over to the microwave and looked at it while wiping it all off ."so, youre going to the same school as me ?" "yes" "oh, well we can be friends and i can introduce you to mines if you like.." "um, okay but i never had a boy as a friend before" "its going to be okay, i'll ptotect you if anyone tries to hurt you" i just nodded and smiled . "well i see you two are getting alone just finee " my mom said entering the kitchen with ms.joyce behind her. "lets go chris we have to let her get ready for school in the morning" he nodded and walked towards the door ."you will be riding the bus with chris in the morning it picks you guys up right in front of their house" my mom told me as Ms.Joyce and chris left. "bye christopher ,bye ms.joyce" i said with a small wave "bye chy" he said as i realized he gave me a nickname . i just blushed "well lets get your bath and tucked in you have a big day tomorrow" she said as we walked up the stairs hand in hand.
***Next Morning
"come on chyna youre going to be late now !" my mom screamed as i tried to look for my favorite headband and i saw it under my bed with my Hello Kitty backpack . i could barely sllep last night because daddy and her had a fight last night as usual and i was scared as usual . "your lunch is on the table now go before you miss your bus!" her back was turned towards me but i just ignored it. "bye mommy .i love you" i yelled as i grabbed my lunch and saw my bus as i headed down the street . i got on , "you must be Chyna Evans, Ms.Hawkins was telling me about youre new here?" "yes ma'am" "okay, find you a seat missy" she said smiling as she began to drive off . i couldnt find me a seat the bus was so full so i walked to the back when i see christopher talking to a chubby boy in the seat across from him."oh, um Chy i saved you a seat!" he said moving his backpack out of the way as he scooted over. "this is my cousin Barry " he said pointing to the chubby boy he was talking to earlier. "hi" i whispered . "sup" he said while nodding his head .
**At School
We were now having lunch and i was sitting between chris and barry . then on the other side of the table was Chris other cousins Austin,and marquis. the bell rung for recess as everyone swarmed out the area. i walked up the stairs getting ready to slide down the stairs when this fat boy pushed me down and slid down before me . "move out of my way ugly! " he said and I fell. I got up and dusted my clothes off. When I see Chris "are you okay? " "um,yea I guess " I said with tears in my eyes. "who pushed you ?what happened? " "the boy down there" ,I said pointing at him.. and Chris glared at him "he pushed me..I fell and called me ugly while sliding down the slide before me! " "it's okay don't cry I said that I would protect you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! " I didn't want him getting in trouble for me. "no Chris! you can't! " I said grabbing him by the tail of his shirt. "watch me. " by now everyone was in a circle around Chris and Billy the fat boy. Billy pushed Chris and he fell and Chris charged at him screaming and punching him. the teacher came and escorted both of them to the principal office.... I thought it was all my fault that chris was in trouble.


i hope she and him can talk things out but for some reason i dont think he 's gonna be able to tell her everything :/
run it!

Ready to see how this goes
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Chapter 6
i know i was wrong about how i acted towards chy but it was my way of showing her a lesson. i planned on talking to her about that kevin nigga but after i seen that little stunt he pulled with her after lunch i was hurt more than anything.. i know she was pissed because, she caught me smoking but it was the only way i felt calm she was pressed af going off on me on the inside i was smiling and i wanted to show it so bad. when we argue i couldnt take her serious because her her squeaky voice would be pitched even more then ever. as i dropped her off and proceeded to my house i sighed and prayed how i hoped i didnt f*** up my future with her and then again it probably wouldnt cause i always caught attitudes and s*** with her about the same situations but she'd never notice . chy just probably assumed i was ion one of my mood swings .
"CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN" i heard my mama yell from downstairs as i slowly got up from my bed and went to my bathroom to piss. "CHRISTOPHER I KNOW YOU HEARD ME!" i just kissed my teeth as i flushed the toliet and began brushing my teeth when i heard her footsteps. "YOU KNOW WHAT CHRISTOPHER I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS s***!" I just sighed heavily. "what you talking about ma? i was coming downstairs when i finished!" i said gettin irriatated. "DONT RAISE YOUR VOICE AT ME, I'LL SLAP THE TASTE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!" I stood there still cause i know she'd do it. i got a little rest i wanted to clear my mind before i go and talk to chy."ma i'm sorry im just going through something right now. sorry for taking it on you" she just held her death glare then her face began to soften,"whatever youre going through i hope it doesnt have anything to do with your cutting school today" i just looked down at my nike socks i had on. i always looked down at my shoes or feet when i was either nevous or in this case caught."uh-" "uh is not an answer chris!why wasnt you in clas?" she cut me off as she began to grow angry again. i debated on whether i should tell her about chy or not so i just stood there like a manequin thinking hen i felt a hard sting to my face. i just sat o the bed as i clencj=hed my jaw as she started n=back, "im sick and tired of you zoning out on me and ignorinf=g me christopher! let today be your last and final time!" she scowled as she walked out of my room slamming the door. i've been zoning not just her out but everyone as i try to recollect my thoughts about alot of things. i slipped on my nike air max as i jogged downsatairs and saw my mama in the kitchen "wqill you be back before dinner?" "um, i dont know i'm just going to chy house and i wont be that long." with that i left the house and walked towards chy's house .. i sighed before i got ready to knock when her mother opened the door "well hello christopher" ms.evans greeted me cheery as usual i dont think i have ever seen her upset before. i know chy was her daughter but the resemblance was uncanny. "hi,ms.evans is chyna home?" "as a matter of fact she is" "christopher" her dad said in his husky voice while nodding. "mr.evans" "oh chris since youre here maybe you could talk to your bestfriend i dont know whta has gotten into her" her ms.evans said with a worried experssion as her and mr.evans left the house like they usually did . i'm glad chy was a good girl and didnt have all different types of niggas at her house like some females i know for example.. kae.
i sighed as i knocked on chy's room door and put my hands in my sweats here goes nothing...


sorry that chap. 4& 5 are together but i was typing super fast !

Chapter 4 Part IV
Chyna p.o.v. finished...
I was still blushing from his beautiful comment from earlier we had came out the cafeteria when i felt him grab my hand and interlock it with his's."who told you you could hold my hand?" i asked Kevin ,"you" "when?" "by the way you're blushin" he said reading me like a book ."you're sweet" "i can show you how really sweet i am if you allow me". I cut him off in his tracks,"Kev I" "i know you told me you're not ready for a rellationship but, these past two months we have got close and i'm willing to do whatever to show you i'm different from the guys you see everyday" Kevin said cutting me off as i listened to the sincere tone in his voice as i loked down at my dorthy booties after he said that and i felt him kiss me gently on my forehead. "i promise" he said making me meet his gaze . i smiled and my heart just fluttered and i turned on my heels as he pulled me back pecking me on the lips . i almnost melted, although it was only a peck it was a preview what was to come. "what was that for?" i asked curiously "for being whyat you do best.. being you. i wannt to take you out this weekend for your birthday only if you let me" "sure i will" "you pick the day" "um.. saturday night that way i'll have plenty time to prep. so.. where are you taking me exactly?" i asked looking up at his tall frame as my back was on the lockers. "it a surprise" he knelt down as he whispered in my ear. "i love surprises" i whispered back. "then you'll love this one" just as i was about to reach up and peck him on his plump lips i heard someone slam their locker and looked in that direction and saw it was Chris. i wonder whats his problem? first missing from lunch. well i know that reason, then storming out of the cafeteria, now this . "chris has been hype all day and it only the first day" Kevin stated the obvious. "i know i'll talk to him later" "how? i thought i was going to get the pleasure of taking you home" "i know, i'm sorry but this isnt like him" ...
Chapter 5
tyhe last bell of the day had just rung and as i headed to chris's car i saw him with sitting on the hood smoking a blunt with his ray bans over his eyes i swear he thinks he's cool! and hes going to be cool back a senior next year if he keeps it up! i just shook my head i cant stand that s*** and he know it! and he only does it cause he knows i'm going to be presed. i walked up to him as i started "chris why tf are you doing that?you know i dont like when you do that?" he just threw the now bud on the ground which means he smoked last period unbelievable! if i didnt tell him what to and not to do he wouldnt, just like a child."chris you smoked last period, why didnt you go to class?" he had on his shades so his face was unreadable. "christopher i know you me talking to you!" i yelled getting annoyed. i just stared at him as we came to a light he turn on the radio and 'bands a make her dance' came on and he blasted it. why ws he ignoring me? i turned down the music as i started "chriistopher!" hhe turned the radio back up and resumed driving. i turned it completely off this time and he left it alone. "CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN! I knew calling his full name especially his middle name would get his attention cause his head nearly came off his shoulders. I KNEW YOU HEARD ME PRETENDING TO BE DEATH , THATS OKAY DONT SAY ANYTHING CAUSE I DONT HAVE THE TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR BS YOU HAVE TO SAY!" i walked out of the car as i slammed the door, and turned around 'OH,AND THANKS FOR THE RIDE!" thanking him for his services. hE JUST NODDED AND DROVE OFF. THIS NIGGA! HE WAS HIDING SOMETHING AND I WAS GOING TO FIND OUT SOON OR A LATER WHAT...but first i smelled myself to see if i reeked... nope, like always chris and his attitude the usual i dont know why i havent gotten immuned after all these years.

dont get your vickies(panties) in a bunch you guys !
more coming soon .. ;)

No!!! Don't fall for Kev, fall for Chris!!! -starts crying- Momma why?!!! But forreal they were throwing janks back to back. Hahaha! She said he was 30! Lol had me rolling. But forreal if you fall for Kev, I will still love this story, but I will also talk s*** about Kevin. I just got this weird vibe about him.
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Run it Kevin seems like a good guy


O girl u cnt be doin dat i need to no more now lol run it

Chapter 4 . Part III
i have so many butterflies right now and i'm on cloud nine and havent had not one blunt! Kevin is so unbelievably sweet! i met him in june at Chris's basketball practice ofcourse and i attending since i had volleyball camp .
me and kevin really havent dated we talked for the past two months and i like him alot though.. maybe a little too much! i havent felt this way about anyone before...
Part IV LATER ..

@TramiciaJay lol an attempt is what it is .

Chris is attempting to change lol
Run it

i'm leaving, but i wil be returning in a bit !

lol you guys on my last post it was Chris's p.o.v. i was typin fast and forgot to include it :/ sorry ...
but i think you guys knew that already.

Sorry, I became a silent reader after a little while, but I'm back. Chris why you so damn jealous? How do you think she felt when you picked Kae over her. You kinda deserve it, but then again I do agree with you. You would be ONE of the best for her. Lol, Chy acting all shy like that.
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Awww chris boo i fill for u bro bt man the f*** up n take wats urs s*** tel her how u fill to be honest she filln the same way she jus like him u is wat she want run it

Chapter 4 . Part II
Chyna** Continued...
i was happy the bell rung chy and that b**** made ass nigga was f***ing ridiculous! i mean she did better with me if anyone... i was at my locker getting my backpack since i left it here , when i saw THEM walking holding hands she was just cheesing like and her light hazel eyes were twinkling Kevin kissed her on the forehead Chyna blushed and walked away then he pulled her back by her waist to him and began to whisper God knows what into her ear and pecked her on the lips! Thats when i just slammed my locker and walked away not caring who saw me! this nigga had the nerve to call her beautiful and she just acted like a 8 year old school girl. this s*** is really bugging me i guess because i love her.. i mean not in that type of way.. i think ? i have all these years but the feelings have only grew stronger and i dont know what to do at times when my heart races when i see her. Damn chris snap out of it! shes out of your lead , i keep telling myself everytime i try to work up the courage to tell her how i have felt about her after all these years . she would probably just laugh in my face and with thatnigga "Kevy" in the picture theres definetly no luck! i stopped f***ing with kae so i could atleast show her i was slowly changing..
more later !

Awww s*** its about to go down i no chris aint liken dat lol run it

Chapter 4 . Preview Part I
i was at lunch at the salad bar when i noticed chris wasnt no where in site . we usually go through the lines together and eat lunch together with Barry well mijo as he calls himself now but hes still my chubby teddy and Teyana. Teyana has been my bestfriend since our junior year , she came from L.A. but she grew up in Harlem . on her first day she came i told barry she was sitting with us and he was like "with your friendly ass!" but when she came to the table and i introduced her they fell for each other immediately and have been going strong ever since. my birthday is in exactly three days and that means i'll be turning seventeen! i know i'm young T.T. ,Barry,and especially Chris always make fun of it. For my birthday i'll just probably just hang out with Kevin,Chris,Barry,and Teyana . "hey girlie!" teyana screamed from behind me i hadnt even paid attention ."hey t.t." "girl where have you been all day ? you been m.i.a.!" "girl in the library looking up stuff for julliard or ucla .hey teddy!" i said to barry as i sat on the opposite side of him and teyana ."sup chinese!" he said smirking "but you will never try to play me though! anyways teyana what were you saying?" "oh, um i need to be in the library with you looking up stuff cause i do not plan on being here anymore time after graduation that isnt needed!" I know thats right! but i'm strongly considering ucla since me and chris have always talked about moving there since we were little" "speaking of which where is chris?" "girl who knows?" " here comes your lover bot " barry said as teyana just smirked . " y'all two are so not funny! yet cute!" "mhm,so can you two!" "so can you two what?" chris asked while standing on the side of me getting a spoonful of my salad . i just glared at him and noticed that he had changed his whole wardrobe . i just shok my head. being the smart ass i was i asked "how was lunch?" "it was cool" he said looking down at his j's the only item left from his outfit from earlier . "mhm, i bet it was" just as those words slipped my mouth i felt someones hands over my face. " whoever you are ,you are messing up my make up!" i said annoyed. "oh,really? who are you trying to look cute for?" i know that sexy voice from anywhere and turned around as he grabbed me and lifted me into a hug "kevinn!" i squeaked and he just smirked .
more later i promise ! comment for more though! you guys are my muses lol :)

Chapter 4 . in a few just holddd tight loves !

Awww s*** chris aint filln that s*** he wnt her to his self lol run it

Damn Chris way if Kae get prego, you think Chy gon wanna deal with Kae crazy ass,
Run it <3

Chapter 3 . Finished .
I was in basketball well the gym they assigned the class to all basketball players this period , i was now just smiling . one because no practice today and two which never ceases Chy. i was warming up when Kevin the one Chy is "talking" to approached me ."aye, chris watsup?" this nigga asked me like were home boys. But i pretended to go along, "chilling" i stated simply while still making layups ."um, so Chy she doesnt have a boyfriend right?" this nigga . i dont even knows what she sees in him! Her and Teyana always talking about him and what it would be like if the two of them were together as a couple . it make me sick! "Rig--" he tried to ask me again as if i didnt hear the first time. "what do you think?" "i dont know thats why i'm asking you." "naw shes single but, i have to approve of the nigga' i said grilling him hoping he would change his mind . "i really do think that up to her to decide" "such a genius .how did you ever guess?" i spoke with slight sarcasm as he just walked to the other side of the gym to get his things and i was on my way to my free period and was about to send Chy a mesage when i saw her in the courtyard reading a book sitting on a bench with her legs crossed, looking breathtaking as ever . i never really told her the truth about what i really thought about her when we first met . i told her she was shy and she denied it which was true she wasnt shy i was the one who was . she was so pretty ,her hair was curly like it is now and i couldnt help but stare at her but when she would catch me i would just look down at my shoes and constantly stoles glances . she had to get glasses when we were in middle school cause she couldnt see things from far away so she got contacts when we got in highschool and from time to time like now as she reading she wears her prescribed specs . i just sighed one day i'll work up the courage to- "So, have you decided on the plan for lunch yet?" i heard kae annoying ass ask as i was interrupting in my thoughts . i just coughed as i thought about how much she was bugging me . i have to much on my mind right now. Kevin, now her ! "i really need to clear my mind.." "come on " she said as we made our we to my car outside . this is not how i want to releive stress or by using mary jane , which Chy hates. i rather talk it out with my Chy doll . but kae will have to do for these next 30minutes...
its not that i didnt enjoy f***in cause i did . but, not exactly with kae.. why couldnt she be like the other chicks i f***ed with and take the d*** and the hint to keep moving forward? i dont call the other girls unless i want to f*** they know the deal . if you want to roll you have to follow the rules but kae she just had to be different . the only reason why i tolerate it is only beacause ,her head game the s*** is nice ! but other than that she has nothing else to contribute to . i stood up and began to put back on my shirt when i heard her speak "Chris, baby dont you think we should make it official?" she asked and i whipped my head around so fast cause i just knew she had to be possessed to ask me some s*** like that! she was just smiling while sitting on the bed naked i shook my head and begin walking towards her room door . "Chris did you hear me?" now she was touching me all all my back ."Chris did you--" "yes i heard you i just chose to not respond! and another thing dont call me baby and two we will never be together, so stop bugging!" "but what about what we just shared? how can you say those things?" she asked with tears in her eyes. i guess she wanted me to break down and cry with her like this was girlfriends or some s***! The only person who ever saw me cry was my mama and Chy . i was the only person besides teyana to see her cry since that is her bestfriend . other than that i show these hoes no sympathy. 'kae why tf you crying?huh? its the truth cry a river ,build a bridge and get over it !" "so what we did from time to time meant nothing to you?" this b**** was really stupid. "duh! your s*** aint that good for me to be all sprung over and claim you .youre the one in their feelings!" " i thought we were in this together!" she squealed . "well you thoought wrong sweetheart." i said as i began opening her door hearing her sniff as i made my way downstairs i saw her still standing at the top of the staircase ."oh and i'm done f***ing your ass!" i screamed as i made my way to my car and home to take a shower . that b**** gets on my nerves all that damn screaming i know cj is big but it isnt that crucial! the only people that can calm me down is chy and mama j speaking of which shes always on my mind . to think of her with that nigga makes my blood boil but, i'll be at school for the rest of the my classes to take Chy home we need to discuss this s***!..

Chapter 3 . Continued..
Aunt Christine as i call her Chris aunt would always tell me i would be beyond beautiful and all the girls would hate on me or talk to because 1 i was pretty which they didnt like,2 i was smart which they hated and 3 the dudes they would practically throwing themselves at will be Ray Charles to the bs they would try to feed them and swerve to chase after me . I never beleived her until my last year of junior high ,thats when my curves and everything started to fill out in all the right places perfectly. i was already a 34D in the 8th grade thick in the right places but atheletic. I used to wish guys were all over me like i'd had seen on tv, but now i wish i could ay poof and they be gone! Chris just laughs everytime i tell him the stories of the "flirters" the name i have for thirsty flirters. its a difference between flirting then overboard flirting is where i gave my nickname for it.If chris is around and some guy trys to speak to me in a friendly matter he'll push them way . can you say OVERPROTECTIVE? Chris had art first period which he really loves and is talented at. He should be there like he said he would..
"hello,beautiful" chris said smirking walking out the art studio with his ray bans now on the center of his white-neck . Looks like the advil was doing its duty . I just shook my head he is truly something else! "you know me just staying fly as usual" "Chy please you dont want to go sown that route!" "Maurice shut up!" i said knowing he hated it but he knew i was fly! "man f*** you chy!" he said walking down the hall.. "wait chrissy i's so sowry!"said running after him to his locker."mhm." he said while locking his locker after outtin his backpack in there . "do you want me to walk you to basketball christopher?" "keep playing playing youre going to be walking home!" "i will not . not if mama j has anything to say about it !" "why you always gotta bring her into it? you can always walk" "i dont ned the exercise!" i said he while looked me over head to toe. i turned on my heels and begin to go to my next class . " I LOVE YOU CHY DOLL!" "I LUFF YEW TEW CHRISSY MAURICE!"

He beta take.her to prom of sumn show her how he really feel run it

Lovebirds run it :)

Girl u jus dnt no he wnt u n is inlove wit u run it

Chapter 3 .
I just laughed when i received that message from Chris. he knows he's a mess! but wgat can i say ? i love him thats for sure , from head to the soles of my feet. He had changed physically as well as verbally and mentally . he has all sorts of tattoos and he say he's no where near finished yet! The first one he got was a halo on his hand when he was thirteen and i was twelve . he was scared to go but wanted a tattoo soo bad and i agreed . i promised not to tell mama j of course but she noticed cause one it was on his hand and two if he would have tried to hide it in his pockets it would have peeled . Me and Christopher as i like to call him but he hates that name cause his step dad use to beat him and call him that . but he said every time i call him that he forgets what happened . so i call him christopher on the everyday basic and Chris when i'm annoyed or sad and Maurice when i pissed at him or just pLAying around, he knows the difference between the two . We have never gad a fall out , NEVER . and i would love if it would stay that way . we had so much fun as kids growing up . we are in every single picture together and went to every dance at school together . to think that Virginia was going to be boring and secluded . we told each other our deepest secrets and darkest fears and spit on it to never tell a soul , and i havent till this day . we both had one thing in common , our mothers were both being abused they would talk and so woud we . when my mom and dad would get into a fight i would sneak out to chris's house and sleep there to the next morning and he would do the same when his parents would fight . to this day his stepdad is in prison and my dad got counciling and is doing better than he has ever done.i didnt have many female friends growing up , they would always call me stuck up or Ms.goody-two-shoes and i would dismiss it being the person i am and sometimes they would try to be slick and become my friend just because i was best friends with chris . Hmph i though to myself Chris talks about you yes , but mnot in the way you would like . i would always dismiss those things in public saying to myself friends are not needed that badly but in private i would ask myself in the mirror what was wrong with me , i always thought i wasnt the prettiest or most liked or favorite .