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Chapter 1 .
Nine years ago---
"mommy ,daddy are we there yet? " i asked my parents as we were driving as it seemed like centuries . "almost sweetie" my mom said with her soft voice and candid smile while my dad said to "she so restless " while chuckling. We were moving to Virginia because of my dad's construction business. we were from L.A. so my hopes and dreams were shattered as I often dreamed about the Hollywood life and now that was all over cause Virginia is straight country and boring . When mommy explained to me why we were moving i didnt understand at first because i loved my school,house,and friends ! mommy was a housewife so its not like i would be alone. i had to leave my kitty Mr.Whiskers behind too. I was happy that i got to move far away from uncle joe , i knew that we couldnt play games anymore that he always made me play with him ...
"WE'RE HERE BABYGIRL!" daddy exclaimed as we arrived at a big white house with, tall brown doors ,pillars,and a pool . i darted out of the car into the house where the movermen were . "Chyna wait baby girl be careful!" i couldnt hear a word my mother said as i stood in the middle of the house and stared up at the glass chandiler hanging above and a staircase on each side of the house it was beautiful . "DADDY THE HOUSE IS SO BIG AND PRETTY!CAN I PICK OUT MY ROOM?" i said excited.
"Come Chyna ,downstairs the neighbors four houses down are coming over so that we can meet them i think their son is the same age as you and goes to the school you will be attending" ,I heard my mom say as i was just putting clothes into my dresser and making up my bed. I put on a baby blue dress and sandals with my favorite . "is daddy meeting the new neighbors with us mommy?" "no sweetie. he's too busy".I nodded sadly and understood. "babygirl dont look like that. whats our saying?" "daddys busy right now. he wont be later and he still loves me ." we said in unison . "but, why does he have to be so busy all the time doesnt he love us right?" "yes baby. daddy loves us very ,very much hes just busy with work thats all." she said smiling down at me . then the doorbell rings taking me out of my thoughts . my mom then answers the door." hello ,i'm Faith and this is my daughter Chyna . i'm sorry my husband couldnt join us .he's probably getting his rest for tomorrow" my mom says as i stood behind her. "Hi,Faith i'm Joyce Hawkins. i'm sorry to hear that but this is my son Chris-- boy if you dont come from behind me hiding!" just as she said that a boy that was a little taller than me with, black curls,pink lips,freckles,and wearing basketball clothes came from behind her . he stared at me for awhile then stared down at his j's . My mom and his's were just talking about how beautiful the house was , where we were from,and other stuff , when i noticed chris was looking at me again and i caught him and he was red in the cheeks and just looked away again. I noticed how pretty his mom was with her dimples and pretty smile so i blurted a little above a whisper ,"youre very pretty" "aww why thank you sweetheart youre beautiful yourself. Oh before i forget i brought these brownies for your family and the pan is disposable so when you are done you can just trash it ." "why thank you Ms.Hawkins how very sweet of you ." "please call me Joyce" "will do . Chyna sweetie can you take Chris into the kitchen to show him around while i talk to Ms.Joyce?" "mhm" i nodded as i began to walk to the kitchen when i heard Ms.Joyce "boy if you dont follow her into that kitchen!" i heard him dragging his feet behind him. once we were in the kitchen i asked him "um do you want me to cut you a piece of brownie while i'm getting mine?" he just stared at me and finally replied "uh ,sure"."okay" i cut both slices and slid him a piece ."thanks" he mumbled while choking it down. "mmhph" i giggled . he darted his head and now on his third slice ."what?" he answered with a mouthful. "you have chocolate all over your mouth.. are they that good?" the chocolate looked like a beard and mustache . he went over to the microwave and looked at it while wiping it all off ."so, youre going to the same school as me ?" "yes" "oh, well we can be friends and i can introduce you to mines if you like.." "um, okay but i never had a boy as a friend before" "its going to be okay, i'll ptotect you if anyone tries to hurt you" i just nodded and smiled . "well i see you two are getting alone just finee " my mom said entering the kitchen with ms.joyce behind her. "lets go chris we have to let her get ready for school in the morning" he nodded and walked towards the door ."you will be riding the bus with chris in the morning it picks you guys up right in front of their house" my mom told me as Ms.Joyce and chris left. "bye christopher ,bye ms.joyce" i said with a small wave "bye chy" he said as i realized he gave me a nickname . i just blushed "well lets get your bath and tucked in you have a big day tomorrow" she said as we walked up the stairs hand in hand.
***Next Morning
"come on chyna youre going to be late now !" my mom screamed as i tried to look for my favorite headband and i saw it under my bed with my Hello Kitty backpack . i could barely sllep last night because daddy and her had a fight last night as usual and i was scared as usual . "your lunch is on the table now go before you miss your bus!" her back was turned towards me but i just ignored it. "bye mommy .i love you" i yelled as i grabbed my lunch and saw my bus as i headed down the street . i got on , "you must be Chyna Evans, Ms.Hawkins was telling me about youre new here?" "yes ma'am" "okay, find you a seat missy" she said smiling as she began to drive off . i couldnt find me a seat the bus was so full so i walked to the back when i see christopher talking to a chubby boy in the seat across from him."oh, um Chy i saved you a seat!" he said moving his backpack out of the way as he scooted over. "this is my cousin Barry " he said pointing to the chubby boy he was talking to earlier. "hi" i whispered . "sup" he said while nodding his head .
**At School
We were now having lunch and i was sitting between chris and barry . then on the other side of the table was Chris other cousins Austin,and marquis. the bell rung for recess as everyone swarmed out the area. i walked up the stairs getting ready to slide down the stairs when this fat boy pushed me down and slid down before me . "move out of my way ugly! " he said and I fell. I got up and dusted my clothes off. When I see Chris "are you okay? " "um,yea I guess " I said with tears in my eyes. "who pushed you ?what happened? " "the boy down there" ,I said pointing at him.. and Chris glared at him "he pushed me..I fell and called me ugly while sliding down the slide before me! " "it's okay don't cry I said that I would protect you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! " I didn't want him getting in trouble for me. "no Chris! you can't! " I said grabbing him by the tail of his shirt. "watch me. " by now everyone was in a circle around Chris and Billy the fat boy. Billy pushed Chris and he fell and Chris charged at him screaming and punching him. the teacher came and escorted both of them to the principal office.... I thought it was all my fault that chris was in trouble.


Chapter 2 .
Chris **
Age Nine /Nine years ago--
I was just sitting in the principal office with Billy. Yea i beat him up because he pushed Chyna down and called her ugly. She was no where compared to ugly she was an angel if anything. I knew my mom was going to give me a beat down after or before my step dad did the same to her. I just could never understand why they would always argue and fight all the time I was always scared and afraid to tell anybody I didn't even tell Barry and I tell him everything. When I saw Billy push Chy all my frustrations were released and I actually feel good now. Just as I was thinking about what happened at recess my mom along with Billy's walked in, "OMG Billy baby what happened to your face are you okay?" His mom just like him a fat pig like him asked. He just nodded and she looked at me and I said my prayers cause I thought she was about to eat me . "You little bastard, no good for n--!" "Hold the hell up lady I don't know who you are but don't come for my son like that ever again! "my mom said interrupting I just smirked. "I guess she told you! " I said sticking my
tongue out at Ms.piggy while she sat down and I felt a slap at the back of my head. "Ow! Ma that hurted!" I said loud. She whispered in my ear "that's not going to be the only thing hurting " I swallowed hard and sat back while the principal cleared his throat. "MS.Hawkins and Ms.Gilbert I have decided on the consequences and they are as following, Billy will be in a retained class since he cannot do well with others and has a pass of bullying whereas Chris will be suspended for three days. " "Mr.Nelson Billy doesn't bully anyone he gets picked on If anything " Ms.piggy Gilbert whined. "Ms.Hawkins any questions?" "No,sir this will be the last and first time you will see Chris's face for this type of situation " "yes ma'am I hope youre right he is a very respectful and smart young man " "thank
you so much Mr.Nelson it means alot " my mom said.
"i Don't know what has gotten into you boy but it better come out soon on its own , cause If have to get it out its not going to be pretty " she scowled at me as were now at home . I then see the bus arrive and when Chy got off her hair was blowing in the wind and her curls we bouncing as she ran to her mother outside. I noticed her mother had on shades it wasn't that sunny out I just shrugged and sighe'd let me prepare myself for possibly last day on earth thinking about the beating to come ahead...
I saw Chris in the car with his mom sad he must have got in trouble from that fight today u thought as I seen my mom outside with shades on. That only meant one thing... I smiled and ran to her hugging her tight not wanting to let her go one day I'll be old enough to date and I'll make sure he doesn't hit me...

NINE Years Later **--
"Seniors '13 !" Chy screamed loud in my ear. It was too early for all that plus I had a hangover from the last party of the summer the night before. SHE is so proper and white "Why aren't you excited Christopher? WE'RE seniors! " she's the only person that can call me that anyone else gets the biz! I just glared at her through my ray bans. "Oh,wait I know why. You wasted all your excitement at that party last night. I'm surprised mama j still doesnt know anything
. " "and I want it to stay that way " I said slow but stern my head was pounding. We were now in the parking lot of our school I'm glad it's our last year these teachers do the most!She got out of the car slamming the door but leaving a bottle of water and two pack advil God I love her what would I do without her? it was still kinda early when we arrived so the jocks and different cliques were at their prime .Ever since jr.high dudes have tried to get with Chy but she's different from all these other girls first off she's a virgin,doesn't party much,studies,top of her class. . So on so you see when she walks through the crowd females whisper and niggas admire. I just laugh even though she's my bestfriend the idea of something more always have slipped my mind but I don't think she'll go for a dude like me. She loves dudes who play basketball. I'm starter on the team and this dude she met during the summer Kevin. He must be something really special because her Time is valuable and like she always say, "you're not worthy of this " while rubbing her hands over her perfect physique taking she is a dancer,volleyball capt, tennis,golf,and softball champ. I need to stop thinking about something that would probably never happen. But it's hard cause we see each other every day and hour and dudes be thirty tryna be cool with me to get to her only making them selves look stupid af!"Hey Chriss! " kae screeched while coming up to me as I was leaning on the Hood of my camaro. "Why tf are you so loud? " "I'm sorry I'm just so happy to see you...and not with her " Wtf she mean happy to see me she practically invited herself to my party last night. By HER I know she meant Chy she didn't like her for probably the same reasons other females did they couldn't be like her. Chy warned me about Kae but no I just wanted to get my d*** wet. "I done told your asx about talking about my bestfriend! " "ooh, Im so sorry Chrissy won't happen again! anyways I was thinking for lunch we can go to my house my parents aren't coming back till tomorrow "..just as I was about to give my answer I got a message from Chy, From: My Chy Doll<3: where are you 1St class is about to begin this is our last year Christopher it means everything! you want that basketball scholarship you're going to have to work hard for it! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have made it this far. "Not today " I told Kae and left her standing by my car while i sent Chy a message, To: My Chy Doll<3: I'm right behind you sweetheart; ) and jogged through the main entrance down the hall.

Hi, you guys again . this is the same story i just added more parts, and took out some parts . i hope you guys enjoy ! i'm starting off fresh!