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Safe House Preview

Preview of the 1st Chapter
Safe House

There's a place that I feel more comfortable than anywhere. A place where nothing in the world bothers me, a place where paradise is only in comparison. I can walk into the gates of my safe house than feel welcomed by the peace and quiet. This place that I call my safe house is only in my dreams. I can only visit this harmless, adventageous place when I am asleep. Once I drift into a deep sleep where not even an Earthquake can awake me, I am gone. This safe house that I love is a friend dear to my soul. It allows me to release many great problems from the outside world, the walls are my ears and the wooden floors are my support. I can scream at the top of my lungs and no one will ever hear me. I can cry so hard that tears don't escape the lids of my eyes. This place is my home and when something isn't right I just don't want to leave. This safe house, my paradise is calm and forgiving. I adore this place because when life gets hectic and I have nothing. I always have this place.

We all have this place in our mind that we go to when we're upset. We all have this hidden tunnel somewhere constructed into our minds that only we have the route to. Let me take you the journey of my many visits to this Paradise. Come with me and understand what abuse really feels like because in reality you'll never feel what I've felt.

When you've loved and you've lost. You'll be blind to what's in the palm of your hands. But remember that we all have a Safe House and my safe house is always ready for my everyday visit. . .

Are you?


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Chapter 1

Whenever I woke up this morning I felt heat as if the sun was scorching right before my cheeks, the sheets stuck to me real sweaty and hot. I didn't understand why I was so hot, so I got up took the sheets off my bed and turned down the A/C. As I looked out of the window the city of Houston seemed so dull at 1:14pm, there we're fewer cars on the freeway as usual. The sun wasn't even bright like normal Texas weather, the buildings that scraped the skyline seemed so small and distant. Far from admiration today, I didn't stare unto the city streets as usual and the boring afternoon gave me a chill of disappointment and gloom. I would normally stand at the window drinking my Sunny D and eating my toast with a happiness that brightened my entire day just because others past my window paine we're out enjoying the day's cheerful glee.

As I turned the nobs to the water in the tub, they felt stuck in gear and took much more effort this time more than any other time. It didn't dawn on me that maybe I should get the exact temperature I would like to bathe in that way I didn't have to keep turning the nobs back and forth. Once the temperature of the water approached normality, I opened the shower curtain completely leaving enough of it closed for whenever I get in.
I went and grabbed the fresh linen towels out of the closet just outside the bathroom entrance. The towels gave me a sudden cheer, for they we're extremely clean and fresh. As I gripped the towels the aroma of Lavender drying sheets flew to my face.
While showering, I imagined what work would bring, I wondered if today would be just as good as yesterday. I thought maybe Chris will call before I leave for work, or maybe he feels bad about lastnight & will send me roses to the office. But then again. . he probably won't. Chris is nearly immune to my temper tantrums so whenever I am upset, he simply gives me the space that I ask without worrying if I will ever cheat. Now that can be a good thing, or it can be a very bad thing. Seeing how next week is our 5 year anniversary you'd think he'd go out of his way this arguement and just say sorry for what he said. *exhales.... This body wash seems to cling to my skin just long enough to erase my thoughts.

While rinsing my body off one last time, I closed my eyes and fantasized of the last time we made love. I remember it was after a romantic candle light dinner, at my absolute favorite restaraunt. The mood was set so beautifully, earlier that night I had just won the case against Charles Goodings and the firm granted me a raise of 600$ plus more bonuses. I remember the way he looked me in my eyes as if it we're the last time, the candles flickered and before I knew it those eyes that we're 3 ft across the table we're now 4 inches from my ears as he made love to me. I felt so inseperable from him, bound to him and endlessly loving each and every stroke. The way he breathed into my ear and caressed my body so tender and slow made my heart melt. It was so perfect, you know? that "Love and Basketball" first time ever type of love making! He began to lick every inch of my body so slow and so gentle, squeezing my skin and allowing me no motion at all. I could feel the sensation between us. Chris gripped hold of my hips and raised me up so that he could taste my every drop, he thrusted his tongue inside of me. .*phone rings..

As I turned the nobs to the water off and slung the shower curtain open rushing to my cell, I forgot all about the picture I had painted inside of my head. I wrapped my robe around me tight and ended up missing the phone but, luckily it wasn't him and it was only his mother. You see me and chris's mom are very very close, she calls when he doesn't, loves me like my own mother, I support her and she supports me. That lady is my rock when me and her son are going thru it. I didn't call her back immediately because I was dripping wet still and by then my mind wondered off to the sex that I miss so much.

You see.. My safe house allows me to roam off of topic, it isn't just a place for my sad emotions. It is a place for my sexual thoughts. When I imagine a time that the sex was so great my body weakens and of course I am awake, and not sleep. The way my mind travels. . . I will never understand. I just know I call this place of imagination, Safe House. Simply because no one is allowed there but me, no one ever knows what I am thinking. .& I love that!

After calling Chris's mother back, she only wanted to know if he had been a man and apologized for what happened. I told her he didn't but it's fine, I don't mind owning up to what I am wrong about and I told her that I will call him before work. Which I did call, he was at the studio and couldn't talk long but said he had something all planned out for tonight.

Of course after hearing what he said, I couldn't be any more excited for our lovely evening..
The office was calm and my associates gave me an easy day today. I only had to break down a few folders and set the team up for a new case conserning an abused 7 year old girl. The things I deal with. . . Ahhhhhh, but by the time I had realized it was already 8:27pm and time to get out of these heels and out of this suit. My driver was already outside and unknowingly when he opened the car door there was a white rose with a letter attatched to it. Once I got inside the car and the door was shut I was able to smell his cologne on the card, he must've sprayed some on the letter. I taught him that, haha he thinks that it is more formal to have a scent on the letter you send. Such a copy catter haha. As the car smoothly jerked away from the sideway I began reading what he wrote. . .

"Dear Baby,
Tonight is a night of adventure. Go home and get freshened up, there is some sexy underwear and a bra layed out on your bed along with Red Bottom pumps with further instruction attatched on a card the same at this one..
XoXo Chris"

End of Chapter 1

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