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•Highschool™• upd. -05.01.13-

For this story, I took my ideas from an old story and put it into something new, so it's a little from an old story that didnt do too well. I hope you like it.


<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="karrueche face" />I</a> stretch out in my bed, thinking I had a great night’s sleep and was surprised I woke up before my alarm went off. I sit up in bed and look over at my alarm clock. It read 8:03. Holy s***! I jumped up out of bed and stubbed my big toe against the night stand. “Damn it” I hop over to the foot of the bed and step on a Lego. I huffed. I picked up the Lego and threw it across the room. I grab my outfit from the closet and head to the bathroom. I pull on my panty hose, then my skirt. I put on my undershirt and start to brush my teeth. I turn on the faucet and water sprays me on my shirt. “It’s just water it will dry.” I grab my blouse and heels and go to my daughter’s room to wake her up. “Adrianne, sweetheart time to wake up.” She didn’t answer. “Baby, come on mommy’s running late.” I pull the covers off her bed and her stuffed animals fall to the ground. I sniff wth? Is something burning? I run down stars to see the kitchen a mess. Cereal all over the floor, juice on the counter. The pantry was practically emptied. Two burnt waffles, pop out of the toaster. “Good Morning Mommy. I made breakfast.” My daughter smiled her beautiful smile at me and I couldn’t hold in the tears any longer. She looks so much like her father. “Mommy, don’t cry.” My baby walked over to me and hugged me. The timing couldn’t be any more perfect. My best friend <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="christina milian karrueche tran1" />Tina</a> walked in with breakfast, which included coffee. She also had my niece Violet with her. “Oh, my” She put the bag down and came over to me. “I’m running late, I have to go! I have a meeting with the board of advisors in 20 minutes.” Tina smiled at me. “Go get ready Trese. I’ll take care of Dri and the mess.” “Thanks love” “Uh huh, you have a run in your panty hose boo.” I shook my head while Erina laughed and I ran up stairs to change. I came back down ready to roll. I kissed Adrianne, Violet and Tina. “I love you guys I’m off to work. I have 10 minutes, I called and they are waiting for me.” The kids were giggling and Tina smiled. “What?” She pointed to my hair. I ran to the mirror. Rollers. I laughed; Tina helped me with the rollers. I held my head down and combed my fingers through the curls. I whipped my hair back. Perfect. I added some chap stick. “Okay, now am I good to go?” I twirled around. “Good to go, don’t forget your breakfast.” I grabbed breakfast and high-tailed it out of there.

I made it to the parking garage with a minute to spare. I hurried up to my office. I got to my desk and gathered my report. I walked into the meeting ready to impress.

The meeting went great; they loved my idea to start a summer hire program for high school students, which would guarantee them a spot for internship once they became college students.

“Great Approach in there Gado.” I smiled at the reference to my late husband. I miss him dearly, but being reminded of him and all the good times keep me smiling.

“Thanks Ronnie.”
“You got a couple calls this morning; I referred them all to your voice box.”
“Thanks Ron, you are a heaven sent.”

Ronnie smiled and walked away.

I checked my messages.

“Hey, T.T. It’s Jerome. I know things got off on the wrong foot. It’s not that I don’t like kids—“

I hit the delete button. SMH I can’t believe this dude is still bugging. My daughter and I are a package deal, I told him to step now he wants to come around. Boy please. I checked my next few messages. They were all from my girl <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="rt img 0598 284x426 0" />Draya Michele</a>. My bad girl, she’s trying to get me to go out with her tonight. She even called Tina already and Tina practically told Draya she would have me ready by 9. TGIF! I picked up the phone and dialed Draya’s number.

“Wassup Mama?”
“s***, I take it you got my messages?”
“Yeah, where you trying to go tonight?”
“Well, I have a date and I need you to double with me.”

She laughed

“I got you boo, don’t worry. We’ll have a good time. And if not at least we’ll get free dinner and drinks out of it. Right?”

I shook my head this girl is something else, that’s why I love her.

“You need to get out love, I know you miss Gado, but he’d want you to be happy.”


I heard Draya squeal.

“You owe me!”
“We’ll pick you up at 9:30”

“Sit still, I’m almost done.”

I hate getting my hair done by Tina. She takes forever. She’s such a perfectionist.

“There I’m done; get your ungrateful tail out of my chair.”

I rolled my eyes. I went upstairs and threw on a wrap dress with my red jimmy choo heels. <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="Karrueche Trans The Kill Launch Party HM x Margi" />I</a> put on a little make up, some perfume and grabbed my clutch. I walked back downstairs just in time for the bell. I opened the door and tried to keep my face from showing my disappointment. Dude wasn’t bad looking I could just tell what he was about by looking at him. He’s got on all this bling, trying to impress me, when he has no clue about me.

“You must be Trese?”
“Yes, I am.”

I stuck out my hand.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Dedric, Are you ready to go?”
“Just a second I’ll be right back.”

I turned around and made a face at Tina, she covered her mouth and I gave my babies a kiss.

“Have Fun!”

Dinner was great, the food was amazing, but as far as conversation goes it was awkward. Draya and her date hit it off great; I was ready to go home. Dedric seemed nice, but I was tired of him talking all about himself. Draya excused us to go to the ladies room. When we got inside she pouted.

“Trese, I know you aren’t having a good time. We’re about to go to some house party, Tremaine said it’s jumping.”

I put on some lip-gloss; Draya opened my dress a little showing some cleavage, so I was pulling it back close when she looked at me. I stopped.

“Fine Draya, you so owe me!”

She swatted my butt and scooted me out of the restroom.

“Change of plans ladies, we’re going to drop Dedric off at home, then head out.”

We got to Dedric’s place and I wasn’t hiding the fact that I wasn’t impressed any more and gave him a casual wave good bye and an “It was nice to meet you.”

“Trese you are a mess.”
“So where is this party?”
“It’s in West Hollywood at my boys crib.”

Draya looked at me at the mention of West Hollywood. I brushed it off. It’s been a while since I’ve been out that way. I’ve just been working and being with my babygirl.

“Sounds interesting.”

We pull up to this housing complex of condominiums. I could never forget it. Had too many memories here, most that I had tried to put behind me. I wish she would have told me we were coming here. The party seems pretty live, when we walked in Draya and I started dancing. We got it even more live. I hit my dougie one time, everyone was wildin’ but I had to stop. I didn’t want to hurt feelings. Damn, I need a drink.

I walked into the kitchen and poured me some pineapple Malibu and cranberry, as I was turning around this girl bumped into me.. “Excuse you.” She looked at me, giving me the once over and I just rolled my eyes and walked away. “Show Out” came on Draya called me out and yelled “South Dallas Swag”. I started to hit it then I felt someone burning a hole through me but I didn’t stop dancing. Once the song was over Draya and Tremaine came over to me.

“T.T., we’re going to mingle are you coming?”
“Nah, go ahead. I’m good.”

Instead of walking around and mingling I just kept drinking. I stopped when I felt a buzz and tried to get away from the crowd. I walked into the closest room and shut the door. It was nice, not too masculine but definitely not feminine. It smelled amazing. I leaned against the door and closed my eyes. I heard another door shut and I opened my eyes. Oh my gosh, he looked so gorgeous. Just as good as I remember but, so much better. Why did I walk in here? He still didn’t notice I was there and he had sat down on the edge of the bed. I know it isn’t me. I cleared my throat and he hopped up and grabbed his towel tighter around his waist.

“Holy s***! You scared the f*** out of me.”

I smiled.
He smiled.

“I’m going by Tientrese now, but yeah. It’s me.”

He ran a hand down his face.

“How have you been?”
“I had been meaning to look you up.”

I nodded. I had my hand on the door knob, when he walked up to me. He smelled so good. I inhaled his scent and let my head fall back against the door. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. Why did I come here? Chris grabbed my face in his hands. I kept my eyes closed. I could feel his breath against my lips, then he kissed me. It was a slow aching kiss. Like he was familiarizing himself with my lips. I sighed into his mouth. He grabbed my waist and lifted my right leg up and wrapped it around him. What am I doing? I cant do this. Not with him. Not again. He pressed into me and I moaned. I have to go. I brought my leg down and hurried out of the room.

“Hey Draya, I’m going to go home. I had fun love.”
“Trese, don’t go. Stop being anti social.”
“I have to get ready for work.”
“It’s Friday T.T.”
“Well, I’m tired okay, I love you. It was nice meeting you Tremaine.”
“You too Trese.”

I hugged Draya and Tremaine and headed home.


so rih did him dirty and now he going back to kae?
run it

run it!

Run it


Happy Birthday? Wow did I really forget my birthday? “Happy Birthday?” Chris laughed. “I know I’m early, but it will be May 17th in a few hours.” I shook my head. I cannot believe I got so wrapped up in life that I forgot my birthday. Chris and I were in my bed when his phone rang. He didn’t move to answer it. It’s not like it would have been the first time he’s answered the phone when another b**** called. I looked over at him. “You can answer the phone, I’m not gonna trip.” It’s not like he’s my man anyway. This was a one time thing so I’m not even about to give in to my b**** ass emotions and react. Chris sighed and answered the phone. “Whaddup Maya?” Chris smacked his teeth. “You know I don’t give a f*** about what she thinks anymore.” I just sat back and waited patiently. “I’m with Karrueche right now so I’ll hit you up later.” Chris smiled and I got sick to my stomach at the thought of him smiling at someone else. Get a grip girl! “Shut up girl, Yeah we might roll through. I don’t want no drama though.” I looked at Chris with raised eyebrows, but waited for him to speak. “Aight ma.” He hung up the phone and I bit my lip while waiting. “That was Amaya; she said that Robyn came down to the shop caring on with Draya, looking for me and acting stupid.” I nodded. “She said she got some gifts for you and that she misses you.” I rolled my eyes. Maya and I were cool, but I knew she still wanted to f*** my nigga so when the dust settled I just let everyone go but my real niggas. I smirked, “What?” I laughed. “I was just thinking about a certain song that a certain someone sang and it’s real s***. I only got time for my day one niggas.” Chris rolled his eyes. “Let’s not talk about that nigga right now; I can’t even deal with that right now.” I sobered up. I reached out to touch his arm. “Sorry, boo.” He took my hand and brought it to his lips.

“Look Robyn I know you two have history and we never really saw eye to eye but you need to get the f*** out of my shop.” I rolled my eyes and walked out of the shop. I could never stand that b**** anyway. She was so damn thirsty. I got in my car and headed down to Chris’ Condo. I walked up to the door and put my key in the lock. I turned it, but it didn’t open. What de f***! I knocked on the door. Keeis answered it. He rolled his eyes when he saw me. “What do you want Robyn?” “You know wha I wan! Where de f*** is Chris?” “He’s doing him now, you aint even got no need to be concerned with him, go do you and leave him the f*** alone.” My eyes started to tear up, this cant really be happening. “Don’t even start with the waterworks because I know you and I know your ass aint even the least bit sorry.” “So it’s like that Keeis?” “Yeah b**** you did my nigga dirty, get the f*** outta here.” “Yo, Keeis who is it?” I heard Bighood walking over to the door. He smacked his teeth. “Robyn, just f***ing leave we don’t have time for your s***.” He slammed the door. I know dis nigga did not just slam de door in my face. Fine f*** dem niggas den. I stormed off to my car and got in. Not knowing where I was going or what I was doing.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been out; let alone clubbing or being with the crew. Tina got her sitter Julissa to watch the girls so we could go out. Draya and T.T. came over to the crib. They got me <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="teyana taylor karrueche tran new years eve" />all dolled up</a> then the boys came through. “Happy Birthday K.T.!” I shook my head, boy hush.” I loved Keeis. Most people think he’s a douche bag, but he just is on some real nigga s***. “K.T. this my girl Kita, Kita this is K.T.” “Keeis, where the hell did you find her? She’s hot. Might have to give her a gig with the line fa sho.” “Yeah, I know my boo bad.” “He’s silly ignore him, but it was nice to finally meet you. And for the record I was always Team Chrae. Just Saying.” We all laugh and the boys come and welcome me home like I had never left. It was an awesome feeling. “Well, I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m ready to Turn Up” <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="chris brown 300" />Chris</a> walked in with two bottles of the panty dropper. Tequila. Patron Silver to be exact. “Shots!” We downed almost both bottles and we were feeling nice. “You know I had to do it big for my girl since the crew is back together.” We walked <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="th" />outside</a>. “Tina, you didn’t have to do all of this.” “We all pitched in, but Big Money over here took care of most of it. I looked at Chris. He knows I hate it when he spends his money on me. “Your <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="limo" />chariot</a> awaits you.”

Ahhh! Surgery for what?? Whatever it is I hope you get better soon! Take as much time as you need.
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hey ladies i had minor surgery yesterday so I have been recovering. I will update more soon!!

run it

I love the story so far. its like the opposite of my story but I like how descriptive you are as well. RUN IT! and please read mine I updated it X + 2 - 1 :)

Awww s*** girl gt it in birth day sex lol run it

Oh s***! They bought to get FREAKY-Big Sean voice- Lol! Get it T! Awww Chris was so sweet. I'm absolutely speechless right now.
Run it!!

"You did what?!", Tina stopped the elliptical. "Please tell me you didn't?" I blushed, "I said a little too much and I was crying like a girl who just lost her puppy. It was embarrassing. I just got caught up, i didn't drink that much wine, but I guess it was enough." "So, what did he say?" I blew out a breath. "I really didn't give him a chance to say much." "So, are you going to see him again?" I shook my head. "No, I don't think so." Tina grabbed her towel and got off the elliptical, I followed suit and we headed to the locker room. "Damn girl that's crazy. I think you should give him another chance." I smacked my teeth, "f*** outta here. What I look like going back to that nigga?" Tina sighed. "He may not have hurt me physically T, but he embarrassed me worldwide! He didn't have to do me like that. I never did anything to embarrass that nigga. He made it a point to show everyone how weak I was, how much I loved him and how little I meant to him. I was stupid to think that just being his "homie" or the girl he spent money on would be enough. I wanted more. I thought he did too. He didn't have to play with my heart like that. All the love I had for him was real." I shook my head and wiped my eyes. "I'm through talking about this s***." I grabbed my duffel and went to shower.

The rest of my day was a wreck because I couldn't stop thinking about Chris. I had to call back two potential clients, I wasn't thinking when I told Aimee to handle it. She's got more than a few screws loose upstairs, but I love her. I sighed, my desk is a mess. I've got portfolios all over the place. Once Chris and I finally got "The Kill" out to the public, things for me got busy. I was already signed with Major Models in New York at the time, but that didn't stop me. Once I got pregnant with Adrianne, I just did a lot of styling and working on new items for the line. Originally, "The Kill" was going to be the female line of "Black Pyramid", but things didn't go according to plan, so when we launched it was unisex. The feedback we received was bananas. Everyone was loving the tees, socks, beanies, etc. but we needed more. Since most of our customers were the ladies we decided to step it up and come out with a "Ladies Only" collection for both "Black Pyramid & The Kill". So I've been swamped ever since, but I enjoy every minute of it.

"Ms. Tran?" I looked up from my desk and saw Aimee, my assistant. She wrung her hands nervously. "Your two o'clock is here." My two o'clock? "Aimee, I didn't have any more meetings scheduled for today." Aimee moved back and forth on her heels. "I sent you an email and left a note saying the boss man was coming." I checked my email and looked around my junky desk. I sighed. Well I'll be.. I got up and straightened my skirt. I checked my makeup. "Okay, send him in." Aimee walked out and brought in "The Boss Man" Chris Brown. Aimee couldn't stop blushing, "Would you like anything Mr. Brown? Coffee or Water?" Chris shook his head. "No Thank you Ms. Fontaine." I smiled. "Thanks Aimee." Aimee hurried out the room. "So, I've got the denim jacket design finalized, I also got the yoga pants design sent out and I--" Chris cut me off. "I've always loved your initiative, the passion that you have for our business, but I didn't come to talk about work." My mouth went dry. What does he want with me? "Come on Kae, I know you're exhausted. I called Tina, she’s got Adrianne. You always did run yourself into the ground.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m not running myself into the ground, I just simply love what I do.” I sat down at my desk and straightened up my portfolios. I sighed. “Karrueche, just let me take you out.” “Chris, I have a lot of work to finish tonight.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Well at least let me take you home.” I stopped organizing my desk to look at Chris. “I’ll be her for at least another hour.” He clapped his hands together, “Okay, Bet. I’ll come back in an hour.” I shook my head. “Whatever Chris.” Chris smiled and left, as soon as he did I unbuttoned the top button of my shirt and let my hair down from my bun. I took off my heels and put my feet under me and leaned back in my seat with some portfolios. I am in the process of choosing models for our upcoming show. We have a lot of new things in store for our supporters.

“Karrueche, baby wake up.” Baby? Wake Up? I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Come on let me take you home.” I sat up in my seat. Damn, I didn't realize I was asleep. I stood up and almost fell but Chris grabbed me, my leg had fallen asleep. He steadied me. I grabbed my shoes and a few more of the portfolios off the desk. Chris gave me a look and my stomach jumped. “Put them down Kae, Save it for another time.” I smacked my teeth and put them back on my desk and Chris led me out of my office after turning off the lights. “Would you like me to carry your shoes?” I shook my head. “I’m fine thank you.” The elevator ride was silent. Oh what have I gotten myself into. The elevator stopped on the garage level and we got out. I saw the red Lamborghini . Chris helped me into the car and then went to his side and got in. I sighed and laid my head back. “When’s the last time you were able to relax?” I frowned and looked at Chris. “I’m relaxed.” He laughed and shook his head. We pulled up to the <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="KB Ridge View 2702 Exterior 2807 11x8" />house</a>, the lights were on but dim, Tina must be up with the girls. Chris turned off the car and looked at me. “What? Why are you looking at me all crazy?” “What? I can’t look at you?” I smiled “Nope, especially not like that.” Chris licked his lips and I groaned inwardly. “Stop doing that boy.” Ugh, I can never really stay mad at him and he knows it. He unbuckled his seat and got out of the car. He opened my door and walked me up the drive way. “Well, thanks for the ride Chris.” He just stood there. “I’m going to see you in and make sure everything’s okay.” Weird? But okay. “Fine.”

I hope everything goes as well as I hoped it would tonight. I know she needs this and I need it too.

I opened the door and the first thing I noticed was the feel of something delicately soft under my feet. I then noticed the lighting and the heady aroma. I followed the trail of petals into the dining room. There was a <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="romantic dinner setting by mikewade" />table</a> set for two by candlelight. I looked back at Chris. He nodded towards the table. He pulled out my seat and I sat down. What the hell. Dinner was amazing. I didn't really say much because I was still speechless and didn’t know what to say. Once we finished eating I was beyond stuffed. “Wow, that was amazing. I haven’t eaten like that in a while.” Chris stood up, “Don't get to full, there’s more.” I frowned. “More what?” He held his hand out to me and I followed him upstairs into my sanctuary. <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="2587692539 7985d8fe04" />My room</a>. The lights were dim and there were candles everywhere, different shapes and sizes, and they smelled heavenly. I breathed in a deep breath sighed. Oh, gosh why did he have to go and get all romantic. He picked me up and sat me on the bed. He pulled my pencil skirt down and slipped it right off of me. I looked down at my body and back at Chris. I gained a bit of weight after I had Adrianne. My breast stayed fuller, my hips spread and my ass and thighs got bigger. My stomach went right back down but I kinda like my extra weight. I look healthy and I’m voluptuous now ya’ll. I laughed at my self then looked at Chris. His eyes darkened and it made my heart flutter. He lifted my shirt and it was over my head. He unclasped my bra and licked his lips. “Damn, you are so beautiful. I love you with curves.” I blushed and Chris stood me up. “Follow me.” He led the way to the <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="valentines 6 day home decorations" />bathroom</a> and I almost cried. Chris helped me into the tub and I slid down into the water. “Ahh, this feels so good.” I slid under and came back up to wash away the tears that were in my eyes. When I came back up Chris was shirtless. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I know I wasn't suppose to give in so easily but I haven't been with a man since my late husband passed away almost two years ago. I watched as his hands went to the button on his slacks, “Do you want me to stop?”
I bit my lip. YESS PLEASE STOP!, I shook my head. “No, don't stop.” Was that my voice I just heard sounding all flustered. Oh boy. Chris took his time taking off his pants sliding down his briefs down with them. He bent down to take off his socks. When he stood back up I couldn't stop myself from zeroing in on his hard, throbbing member. I closed my legs together under the water. He sat down on the side of the tub and grabbed the body wash. “You know what I want. Can I get in with you?” Oh hell. Don’t do it Kae! “Yes.” I slid up so Chris could get in behind me. I could feel his arousal against my back. I was tingling from the sensation. Oh I missed this, missed him. He started to wash my body, but he didn’t touch my breast, my stomach or my hotspot. He washed me up so efficiently but skipped those parts. I groaned and I heard him chuckle. He grabbed a pitcher from the side of the tub, it had rose petals in it and smelled amazing. He dipped my head back and let my hair fall into it. He saturated my hair in the water then massaged my scalp. It felt amazing. “Ohhh, mmm.” I couldn't stop moaning. I don’t know what he’s doing to me. He kept massaging me slower and deeper and I felt it in my bones. Oh My God, what is he doing. “Oh..oh my, Chris, what the..” I had the sweetest orgasm of my life, I felt it all the way to my toes and all he did was massage my head. I shook my head back and forth and buried my face in my hands. “I can’t believe I just did that.” “Karrueche, just for this one night will you let go?” I turned toward him. “Let Go?” He nodded and ran his fingers through my hair. “Just let go of everything for the night. Let go and Let me love you.” I could feel the tears coming and all of our history come back to the surface. <em>You love him, just let go for tonight.</em> I sighed, okay conscience please don’t steer me wrong. <em>Who said anything about a conscience? Follow your heart.</em> I straddled his lap and looked into his eyes as tears streamed down my face. Chris washed them away and I laughed at my emotional awkwardness. “Okay, okay. I’ll let go, but only for tonight.” Chris let out a deep sigh and I could see his eyes watering. “Thank you.” Then he whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday My Love.”

Aww! Thanks for the love

Just finished!! About to post now!

I like this. it's endearing, makes me miss my booskie wooskie!

I like this. it's endearing, makes me miss my booskie wooskie!

Thanks guys!! I love the feedback! I'll have more for you tonight!!

Chris u did this to yoself smh run it

i like this so far
run it

Damn, how she just gon turn on him like that. I mean what about Addy, that's what I will call Adrianne from this point on, you know she had fun with Chris and all of a sudden you just kick him out Tee...damn that's cold af. Aww man! Chris that's why! You pushed her heart to the side and let ROBYN! In the way! Mmm mmm mmm, you better make this right.
Run it


The kids had a blast at the beach. We stayed all day to tire them out. Chris was a natural with them, I know they enjoyed playing with him. They built sand castles, buried him in the sand, they even all ganged up on me in a water gun fight, so you know my hair is a mess. All in all it was a great day as far as the kids are concerned. I had a pretty good time, when I'm with Chris we always have a great time. I mean he was once one of my best friends and we have the business together so things with us just flow. I sighed. Chris just went to tuck in Adrianne and Violet. We dropped Billy off at home on the way back. I was in the kitchen putting away left overs and cleaning out the cooler.

"You need any help?"
"No, thanks. You've done enough today, thank you."

I pulled a wine bottle out the wine cooler on the counter and grabbed a glass. I sighed, its been so long since I've been in the company of a man, let alone this man. I have to make sure I keep my cool. I didn't realize I had closed my eyes til I had opened them and saw Chris looking at me.


I moved to get a corkscrew so I could open the wine.

"You're beautiful."

I had just got the cork out of the bottle and took a huge swig. Chris laughed.

"You aren't using the glass?"

I shook my head.

"I took it out for you."
"You never really did use glasses. I'll share with you."

I held out the bottle to him and he took a swig. I hopped up on the counter.

"Thanks for running around with the rugrats today. They had a really great time and I don't know why but I think my daughter has a thing for you."

Chris laughed.

"I had a wonderful time with them. They bring out my inner kid, which isn't too far away. Maybe next time we can go out and do some painting."

I was silent, next time? I jumped off the counter and walked around to the other side away from Chris. I took another long swig and sighed.

"I don't know about a next time."

Chris looked hurt but didn't say anything so I continued.

"I don't want Adrianne getting any ideas and I'm still not too sure how I feel about us being in such close proximity with one another."

I quickly swiped away a few tears threatening to surface.

"Karrueche, I meant what I said about making it up to you. I want to make things right again."

"It's not always as easy as buying someone a Porsche. The things you said in that video still haunt me till this day. I knew you were in love with Robyn, but I thought we had something special. After the incident you were not the man you are today. We went through so much s*** and overcame a lot. To hear you on interviews saying how much you love her and how I would always be a homie, really hurt me."

I started wiping away my tears and Chris came near me.

"No Chris don't."

He stopped where he was and sighed.

"I knew I was just the rebound, but it didn't always feel like that. When we weren't home surrounded by all the negativity and when we were overseas during the FAME tour. It felt like you loved me."

I laughed sadly.

"I guess I was just a poor man's Robyn."

"Karrueche don't say that."

"It's the truth, everybody knew it. I knew it. I just thought that with a new light on life things would be better for you. I thought our love was real."

"Damnit Kae"

I wiped my face quickly.

"Oh Lord, what am I doing? I said I wasn't going to do this. It's getting late you should probably go."
"But K-"
"Please Chris, just go."

Chris looked so defeated.

"Just know, this discussion isn't over."

And with that he walked out of the kitchen and out of my life once again. I went to lock the front door. Then headed upstairs to my room. Once i made it to my room I locked the door, then slid down to the floor and cried.

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<_< I got my eyes on Chris
He being to nice
maybe that's who he is but
I feel she let him in to.easy

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Yay!!!! She gave him a chance. Oh Adrianne, how I wish i was your age, then it would look cute if I jumped on Chris Motherf***ing Brown. Now it would look like I'm so sex addict and tried to rape him. Lol
Run it

Run it

Run it


“Alright, who’s ready to go to the beach?”

Adrianne, Violet, and my nephew Billy were jumping up and down. I laughed at them.

“Go watch Yo Gabba Gabba while I finish packing your lunches.”

They run into the living room. As I am putting the sandwiches into the cooler the doorbell rings.

“Don’t you run to the door, sit down.”

I wiped my hands on the kitchen towel and head to the door. I get to the door and look out the peephole. All I see are a bouquet of lilies and red roses. My favorite, but I’m done with Jerome. I rolled my eyes. I started talking while opening the door,

“Jerome, I meant it—

I froze, his smile was so beautiful. His eyes had me mesmerized, but I wasn’t about to let him know that. I leaned against the door jamb and crossed my arms.

“Hello K-- Tientrese.”
“Hello Christopher, how did you get my address?”
“Draya gave it to me.”

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Remind me to kill her later.”

He laughed and it sent chills down my spine.

“I will, I brought these for you.”

I took the flowers.

“Well, I’m on my way out so I guess I’ll see you around.”

"Kae, I came to apologize about the way I acted last night.”

“I’m listening.”

“You have every right to be short with me; I shouldn't have jumped all over you the way I did. I'm just going through a lot .”

“We all go through a lot Christopher, it isn't just you that goes through things."

He sighed.

“I know, can I make it up to you? How about lunch?”

“Lunch? Its gonna take a helluva lot more than lunch for you to make it up to me. Hell you don’t even know me anymore. I'm not the same passive girl you used to date. Besides I’m on my way out and I will be having lunch while I'm out.”

“Come on, give me a chance.”

“Bet you never thought you’d be saying that huh?”

I felt like his eyes were looking into my soul, he was staring with so much intensity.

“Why Now? Why Me?”

“Because, you were always different. You didn’t jump all over me, you called me out on my s***. You were very sweet to me and I don’t really get to see that side of women often. It’s either they’re throwing themselves at me or I’m a douche bag. You bring out another side to me.”

Wow, I forgot how good his mouth piece was. He always was a smooth talker. I’m really not into playing games anymore. I left that s*** behind me. I am trying to settle down. I’ve done all the playing I want to do.

“I'm not in the mood for games Christopher, I'm still getting over my late husband and you have left some scars on my heart that never went away .”

He stepped closer to me.

"Karrueche, I am sorry about how everything went down between us. Please just give me the chance to show you I'm sincere. You were the best thing that happened to me. I was just too blind to see it."

I looked at him warily and he just stared at me searching my eyes for a sign of hope.

"Okay, one chance."

He smiled that beautiful smile that always gave me butterflies.

“Well we’re going out. You look very …nice but, you need to change..”

“Unh uh, don’t play me. You know I look good.”

I rolled my eyes with a smile.

“Do you have some shorts in that car of yours?”
“I think so.”
“Well go get them so you can change.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

I went back in the kitchen and started making sandwiches for Christopher. I packed chips, cookies, juice, water, sandwiches, fruits and veggies. Okay that should do it. I was closing the cooler when I heard Chris struggling with the door and a scream.

“Mommy, it’s Chris Brown! And he brought toys!”

I ran into the foyer to see my daughter in Chris’ arms and different beach toys all over the floor. Water noodles, water guns, shovels, pails, floating tubes, goggles.

I looked at Chris and he didn’t look terrified.

“Let me guess, Draya?”
“Actually it was Tina, she told me. Did I get too much?”

The kids yelled


I just smiled and watched my baby girl make googly eyes at Chris.

“Adrianne, get down. Let Mr. Brown go.”

She held on tighter and Chris winked at me.

“Billy, sweetheart do you think you can carry some toys to the truck?”

“Yes Auntie, I’m strong enough.”

I laughed and watched as Billy helped with the toys. Chris, Adrianne, Violet and Billy walked out of the house. I went back into the kitchen. I grabbed some napkins and hand sanitizer and put it in my tote. I was on my way to the car when Chris came back in the house.

“I can take the cooler and your bag. The kids are all ready to go.”

I just eyed him. I just don’t understand this at all. Chris, being “fatherly” is surreal. I handed him the cooler and the bag. I grabbed my keys and walked to the car. He put the things in the trunk and ran over to open my door. He’s earned more brownie points in five minutes than most guys do with me in months, but he's not in the clear yet. Not by a long shot..

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Damn chris sexy ass lol
How he just gonna go straight to kissing and touching
I wanna know more about there history though
I like this and I am hooked

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