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Sucka For Love

First Chapter coming soon
It won't let me post it right now :(


That was nice of Chris



Ciara rushed into work dropped her bag and told one of her clients to sit in her chair as she looked in the mirror and covered her eye with her bang. Amy watched her as she braided another girls hair and knew something was up.

"where have you been, we've been trying to call you?" amy asked ciara.
"i was home busy" ciara said as she took her cients hair out her pony tail and ran her fingers through it."what do you want to do with your hair?" she asked the girl.
"straight with layers" the girl answered at ciara nodded her head and began to part the girls hair.

A few minutes later they heard the door open and in walked chris. He walked in slowly and looked in ciara's direction as she was focused on her clients hair.

"ciara!" he called getting her attention as she looked up and double took to see chris.
"why are you here, don't you have a place to be?" she asked.
"i do but i just wanted to make sure you were okay" he spoke.
"i don't need you looking after me, i'm a grown ass woman and you're not my father or my man" she shot out.
"i'm just tryna help you" he said.
"well i don't need your help, can you leave?" she asked as everyone stood silent for a minute including them.

Chris nodded his head as he backed up slowly and walked out the door.

As the day progressed ciara and amy both knocked out all their clients and had time to sit down and relax. Amy looked over a jay and nodding letting jay know to take a early lunch. The moment jay walked out the door amy looked over at ciara and began to sleep.

"so wassup?" amy asked.
"nothing" ciara said swerving back and forth in her chair.
"so why is there a bruise on your eye cici?" amy asked as ciara looked over at her quickly.
" you can see it?" she asked standing up and miving closer to the mirror.
"no but you never wore bangs a day in your life and all of a sudden you got them" amy spoke as ciara looked down.

"what am i supposed to do?" ciara asked.
"get out while you still have a chance" amy told her.
"he can change, i just have to talk to him" ciara said defending david."it's just a phase" she added.
"what if its not, what if he doesn't change?" amy asked."alot of women don't make it out these relationship alive" she spoke to her.

"when did you become oprah all over a sudden and why is everyone so wrapped up in my relationship?" she asked.
"because your relationship is a toxic one your blinded by love and he doesn't know how to express his feelings without his hands" amy spoke.
"i told you i'll talk to him, he loves me, he'll listen" ciara assured amy.

Later that night after they closed the shop, ciara went home to see david laying across the couch watching a football game on TV.

"who's winning?" ciara asked as she walked to the kitchen.
"you already know the Giants taking the game" he said with and excited tone.

She leaned over the couch and watched him watch TV. She tried to figure out how she would start the conversation and exactly what she would say.

"david, we need to talk" ciara spoke walking into the living room and sitting on one of the single sofas.
"about?" he asked still looking at the screen.
"us, you" she spoke.
"go ahead speak" he said.
"you have a problem" she started."and i know you're going through some things but i don't think taking it out on me will help anything" she told him.

"i told you i was sorry, i don't mean to hurt you" he told her sitting up now.
"i know, but you say that all the time but you continue to do it" she said moving her bang from in front of her eye.
"baby i love you, i know i have a problem but i can change, just don't hate me" he said as he knelt down in front of her and layed his head on her lap.

She rubbed the back of his head as she felt herself get emotional. She was relieved that he knew he had a problem and that he agreed to fix it.

"i don't hate you but if you don't change i'll be forced to leave" ciara said as she felt david tense up. He picked his head up quickly and looked up at her.
"you're gonna leave me?" he asked with a face of frustration.
"no" she answered with fear.
"you said you were going to leave, where are you going to go?" he asked.
"i said if you don't change i would, but you said you would change right?" she asked as he now stood up towering over her.

"maybe it's not me that needs to change, maybe it's you" he spoke.
"David you need to relax" she said standing up.
"d..don't tell me what to do" he said hitting his fist against his palm making ciara jump.
"i'm just saying" she spoke as she felt his hand connect with her said making her fall to the ground.
"don't say s***" he said.

Ciara stood back up from the ground holding her face as she watched david continuously hit his fist against his palm and pace the floor back and forth. She rushed over to get her stuff the counter and get to the door but why the time she got it open david slammed it back shut and locked it.

He hit her in the face again and slammed her up against the door with his hand on her neck and choked her.

"please" she cried.
"please what?" he asked slamming her head back.
"let me go" she spoke.
"for what? so you can leave?" he asked putting more force on her neck making it harder for her to speak. Her sight began to get blurry as she began to fall unconscious. With the last little bit of strength she had left she lifted her knee she kneed his in his crotch making him let her go.

She gasped for air as she held onto her neck. As David balled up on the floor in pain ciara grabbed her phone off the floor and ran out the door. She got down to the first floor and just kept running. She ran to the closet place possible, the one place she wouldn't have thought to be running to. She got up the steps and knocked on the door.

"who is it?" chris asked from the other side of the door.
"it's me" she spoke as she could hear his unlocking the door and open it.
"what are you doing here?" he asked her as she looked down.
"i'm sorry" she spoke."i do need your help" she said.
"come in" he said opening the door wider and letting her walk in."what happened?" he asked.

"i think you know the answer to that" she said turning to face him and letting him see her bruised eye and bleeding busted lip."i don't know what to do" she cried as chris walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her trying to console her. As she cried chris couldn't help but feel a bit of anger towards the man who did this.

"you're gonna stay here tonight" he told her."you can sleep in my bed, i'll sleep on the couch" he told her.
"no, i can't take your bed away from you" she sniffed and rubbed her eyes.
"you can and you will, its fine" he told her.
"why are you being so nice? do you wanted something from me?" she asked,
"no" he answered."its just for some reason i feel really protective over you and i want to know you're okay" he told her honestly.

Chris walked ciara to his <a href="">room</a> and let her in.

"if you want to take a shower or whatever, theres an extra towel in the bathroom which is the last door all the way down, and i have some t-shirts and shorts in here" chris said tapping one of the draws in his dresser.
"okay" ciara spoke."thank you" she added.
"no problem" he said walking out the door and closing the door behind him.


run it

run it

I already know David beat her ass, smh. I hope Chris follow her ass back to the salon so they can talk and she can let him know what happend.They need to get her away from David's ass cause he aint no good. I reeaaaalllllyyyyyyy want Chris to beat tht ass though!!! Run it!!! :)))

Run it

Uh Oh!!..he probably messed her up..poor thing



David spent the rest of the day in bed as Ciara spent her cleaning up the house. Ciaras phone rang as she wept the floor. she leaned the broom up against the wall and grabbed her phone to see chris's name. She had a instant flashback of last nights as she slid her finger across her screen and answered the phone.

"hello" she answered.
"hey, uh we should talk" he spoke as she sat up on the table and began to swing her.
"about?" she asked trying to play stupid.
"last night" he said as she looked over towards her bedroom to make sure david was still in he bed asleep.
"i'm sorry about that" she spoke.

"i'm not" he spoke quickly.
"what?" she asked confused.
"you were right when you said i liked you" he told her."i was respecting the fact that you were taken but we both know he's know good for you" he added.
"you don't know anything about him" she shot out.
"you're right, i'm sorry" he said.

"i have to go, gotta be at work soon" she said hanging up the phone quickly and putting it back down on the table. as she began to walk away from the table her phone vibrated indicating she had a text. she looked at it to see it was from chris and opened it.

Chris: you're to good for him

Ciara locked her phone and put it back down as she looked up to see david walked out the room.

"where you talking to someone?" he asked looking inside the fridge.
"no" she answered.
"i heard you though, you were talking to someone" he said pulling a beer out the fridge and turning to face her.
"oh, i was talking to amy, don't you think its to early to be drinking, its only 11am" she told him
"you tryna tell me what to do?" he asked.

"no, no not at all" she spoke.
"good" he said sipping from his can."do you work today?" he asked her as he sat on the couch.
"yeah i actually have to leave in a few" she told in.
"nah i want you to stay home" he said.
"i can't" she said as she walked into her bedroom and sat down on her bed to put on her sneakers.

"i didn't ask you if you could" he said getting up and walking back into the room and closing the door behind him.
"i don't have time for games i have to go" she said standing up and walking to the door only to be pushed back down.
"you will do as i say" he said smacking her across her face.

"have you called cici?" amy asked jay.
"yeah about 30 times, she's not picking" jay spoke.
"god, i hope she's okay" amy said to herself as she continued to do her clients hair.

The door to the salon opened as chris walked in. Amy looked over at him and double took.

"she's not here" amy told him.
"she said she was going to be here" he said.
"she's supposed to but she never showed up, we've been trying to call her but she.." she was cut off as he walked back out the salon.

He walked down the street and bumped right in to ciara as she turned the corner knocking her to the ground.

"my bad" he said as he helped her up.
"it's fine" she said looking down as she speed walked away from him.
"ciara wait!" he called out as she didn't slow down at all.

(sorry for the short chapter, i will have more tomorrow along with and update to my other stories)

this is so good i cant wait to read more. run it

Run it


Just seeing this story but I'm loving it!!! David is a b**** ass nigka!!! I would've had to beat his ass by now if I was Ciara. But her and Chris need to get together like YESTERDAY!!! Their chemistry was hella fire. I see a serious talk coming in the near future between the two of them. And Chris better beat the living s*** outta David once he find out!!! Look at me thinking ahead, smh. Let me slow down lol. RUN IT!!!

uh uh
so i hope nothing awkward with chris and ciara
i cant believe shes only been with david
no wonder its harder for her to leave him
hopefully chris will continue to be good to her
listen to amy! david aint good !
david got issues hes needs to work on for himself before he can commit to a relationship
he sounds a bit needy with him always asking her if she loves him for reassurance
run it


Chris sat back drunk as hell laughing as he watched to no music at all. She spun in a circle and wiped her hair back and forth. They were both on their 5th cup and were on another level.

"come dance with me" she said grinding her hips a little bit.
"nah, i don't dance" he told her.
"come on don't be a party pooper" she said grabbing his free hand with hers and tried to pull him up but failed.
"i think, its time you sat down" he said with a small laugh.
"fine, I'll sit" she said straddling his lap."better?" she asked.

Chris stood silent as this beautiful woman was on him lap. He didn't speak knowing when he opened up his mouth nothing but jibber jabber would come out.

"hello?" ciara said snapping her fingers.
"uh, i think we're done drinking for the night" he said taking her cup and sitting both his and hers on the little table next to the couch.
"what? why?" she asked.
"do you see where you are right now?" he asked her.
"yeah, but you like it" she spoke."cause you like me" she added with a smirk.
"your drunk" he said standing up and making her stand up as well."i'm gonna get you some water" he said walking into the kitchen and coming back out with two water bottles.
"thank you" she said opening it and drinking some.

They both sat back on the couch in silence after the awkward situation that just occurred. Ciara put the cap on her bottle and looked over at chris. She felt herself being pulled towards him. He looked over at her and with out hesitation she leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

"ummm, maybe i should go" she said as she pulled away and stood up feeling herself sober up completely.
"wait" chris said as ciara rushed towards the door."ciara!" he called out as he ran up after her.
"i am really so.." he cut her off as he put his hands on ether side of her face and kissed her again, this time longer.
"i do, like you" he said pulling away.
"i gotta go" she said turning around and walking away towards her house.

When she got into her apartment she closed the door and locked it behind her and putting her back up against it. She breathed heavy as she kept thinking about the kiss. She kicked off her shoes and walked into her room to go to bed.

The next day she woke up to her room door opening. She looked up to see david walking in.

"good morning baby" he said walking over to her side and kissing her.
"morning" she said sitting up."how was your patrol?" she asked wiping her eyes.
"tiring" he complained as he took off his uniform."i just want to curl up in the bed with my baby" he added as he kicked off his shoes, took off his pants and got under the sheets with ciara and wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him.

"you missed me?" he asked.
"you know i can never sleep alone" she answered without actually answering.
"well i'm here now" he said pecking her all over her face making her giggle.
"wait stop" she laughed as he kissed on her neck.

These were the moments she loved and he same moments that made her forget about everything else. This was how they use to be, she missed those days so when they came back every no and then she took advantage of them.

"i love you, you love me?" he asked laying her on her back and getting on top of her.
"yeah" she answered as he stripped both he and her out their clothes and went straight to it without hesitation.

Ciara's thoughts were clear until some how she thought about the events of last night. She closed her eyes and felt herself get closer to her climax as she thought back on the kiss she shared with chris.

"OH f***!" she screamed as she reached her highest point. David rolled off her and wrapped his arms back around her. He kissed her on her shoulder and closed his eyes as ciara looked up at he ceiling feeling a bit confused.

(sorry its short)

Aw snap lol run it

Uh oh lol..this outta be good :)


ahhh shidd I knew she couldn't resist chris fine self but dang I just hope she dnt get it


Ciara walked out the shower with her towel wrapped around her body and walked to her room. She picked up her phone to see she had a missed call and text message from David.

<em>Dav: John put me on over night patrol, ill see you in the morning.</em>

Ciara sighed as she put her phone back on the bed and sat down on the edge. She knew David being a cop meant that sometimes he had to do over night patrols but the one this she hated the most was sleeping alone.

She sang lowly as she put lotion on her body and combed through her wet hair. As she pulled some clothes out of her dresser her phone wet off letting her know she had another text message. She picked up her phone to see this one was from chris.

<em>Chris: hey what you up to?</em>
<em>Ciara: nothing, bored and alone</em>
<em>Chris: that must suck</em>
<em>Ciara: oh jee thanks, its does suck, what are you doing?</em>
<em>Chris: same as you, thinking about sitting outside</em>
<em>Ciara: have fun with that lol</em>
<em>Chris: -_- come chill with me</em>

Ciara read the message multiply times and thought about what david might think or do if he found out she was with another guy. She read the message one more time before replying to it.

<em>Ciara: nah, i think i'll stay in</em>
<em>Chris: alright, but if you change your mind i'll be on my porch, 327 Varick Ave</em>

Ciara placed her phone on her bed as her thoughts ran wild. She debated with herself whether or not she wanted to go meet up with him. She threw on Some black sweat pants, a white t-shirt, sneakers and a sweater and tied her hair into a wet bun.

She grabbed her phone and keys and decided she would go out since she didn't want to be alone in the house. As she walked out her building her dialed Amy's number and called her.

"hello?" amy picked up.
"remember that guy that came in the shop and gave me that big tip?" she asked.
"yeah, why?" she asked.
"i'm on my way to go meet up with him, you think i should?" she asked.
"hell yeah he's sexy" amy spoke.

"but what about davi.." amy cut her off.
"screw him, do you, have fun" amy spoke."i already told you, you need to let him go he's no good" she added.

Ciara listened to amy's speech as she began to approach the address chris gave to her.

"amy i'll call you back later, i'm here" ciara spoke.
"alright, have fun" she said."bye" she added as they both hung up.

"hey" ciara said once she got up to his stoop and seen <a href="">chris</a>
"aye, i see you changed your mind" she said scooting over so she could sit next to him.
"yeah, i didn't feel like staying in the house alone" she told him.
"understandable" he spoke."i knew you were going to come" he added.

"oh really? how?" she asked.
"alright, i lied, i was hoping you would come" he said truthfully.
"aww how cute" she said as he laughed embarrassingly."hold up! are you blushing?" she asked joking.
"stop tryna play me" he said with a smirk.

"just jokes" she said with a smile as she looked over at him to him staring out into the street.
"so this boyfriend of yours, how long have you guys been together?" chris asked.
"5 years" she told him.
"wow" he said.
"what?" she asked him.

"nothing, thats just a really long time" he told her.
"what was your longest relationship?" she asked him.
"a year" he answered."i haven't found the right girl to make me want to stay longer then that" he told her.
"how many girls have you been with?" she asked.
"why you wanna know?" he asked with a smirk making is dimples pop.

"i'm just curious" she said."tell me" she insisted.
"uhh i would have to say, about 20" he said.
"20? you a player huh?" ciara said laughing.
"i'm not a player i just crush alot" he said as they both laughed."what about you, how many guys you been with?" he asked.
"1" she answered quickly.
"1?" he asked
"yuup just 1" she stated.

"you never been with anybody else?" he asked.
"no, i don't feel the need to, what i have is good" she told him.
"how do you know whats good if you never been with anybody else?" he asked as she stood silent.

"uh, ummm, uh" she stumbled on her words."i forgot what i was going to say" she spoke as he laughed.
"lets change the topic" he said.
"thats a great idea" she said nodding."do you work or go to school?" she asked.
"graduated class of 2012" he spoke.
"congratulations" she said.
"thank you" he responded."now i'm a chef i'm working at The Flame but i want to open up my own restaurant" he told her.

"you can cook?" she asked.
"i'm a master when it come to the kitchen" he bragged.
"you should cook for me sometime" she spoke.
"sound like a plan" he said.

There was a moment of silence as they both looked out in different directions. Ciara played with her fingers as chris bit on his bottom lip. She tucked her hands in her sleeves and folded her arms across her chest.

"you cold? you wanna come inside?" he asked as she looked up at his door and back at him."i'm not tryna anything, i swear" he said holding up his hands.
"alright" she said standing up as he did the same.

He lead her into his apartment and locked the door behind them. She looked around excepting it to be a big mess but it was the complete opposite.

"your place is nice" she said looking around.
"thanks, i tried" he told her as he lead her into the living and they both sat down on his couch.
"aww is that your mom?" ciara said looking at a picture on the table.
"yeah" he said with a smile.
"she pretty" she said as she looked to the other side of the room to see he had a shelve full of liquor bottles."woah, what do we have here?" she asked as she stood up and walked towards it.

"i'm a drinker" he said following her."you want one?" he asked as she looked at him and smiled.
"only if you have Amsterdam red berry vodka" she told him.
"i got you" he said winking at her as he pulled the bottle of the shelf and took it to the kitchen.

Ciara bit down on her bottom lip with a smirk on her face as he walked out the room. She finaly felt like she was having fun.

"you want ice!?!" he called out.
"yes please" she responded.

Moments later he came back into the living room with 2 small glass cups and handed one to her. He put the vodka bottle back on the shelf and took a sip from his cup as he watched ciara sip her.

"this is weak" she said.
"i wasn't sure if you wanted it strong" he said.
"whats the point of drinking if its not strong" she said as he pulled the bottle back off the shelve and put more in her cup.
"looks like i got a new drinking partner" he said with a smile.
"fa sho" she said as they tapped their cups together.

Run it Boo! I'm ready for more!! I hope she leaves David.

She needs to leave him,she needs to listen to amy because it will get worst if do stay
Run it!!!

Run it

I bet Davids punkass is cheating on her. Aww Chris is sweet. He offering rides and ish. And Lisa is is right David aint gone change jerk. She know she wants Chris lol. Run It.

listen to Amy! dont stay it will get worse :(
aww she know she has some interest in chris
at least she wants to get to know him more but David stands in the way
run it
p.s good luck on the dress!


"you know that guy?" amy asked.
"not really he's new to town and i walked him to the store" ciara explained.
"he's cute" she said.
"he aint all that" ciara said as amy gave her that 'b**** please look'."alright he's cute but i'm not checking for him you know i'm with david" ciara said.
"yeah that nigga" amy said rolling her eyes.

"he's really not a bad guy amy he just has a angry problem, he loves me" ciara told him.
"if this is what you call love then i don't want it" amy said pointing at her bruises.
"don't don't tell anybody, please?" she asked.
"somebody needs to say something" amy said.

"you have to let me figure that out, i can handle this" ciara said to her.
"the longer you stay there the worse it's going to get, trust me, i know" amy looked her in her eyes and told her.
"i have to finish my clients" ciara said walking away and going back to her chair and called the next person up.

she finished up her clients hair just in time to head to class. It was Friday so she was excited to just get done with class for the week. She got into class early and the teacher smiled at her. She sat down and got her note book ready for when the lesson began.

"okay class settle down it time to begin, first pass your homework up and we will start" the professor spoke.

After class when the bell rang ciara packed up her thing and stood up. She walked outside and caught the bus just in time. When she got off at her stop her phone rang. She looked at it to see it was david and picked up.

"hey baby, i'm on my way home" she said.
"okay, i just wanted to tell you imma be coming home late tonight" he told her.
"oh, okay" she said.
"see you later" he said.
"bye" she said has he hung up.

"hey!" she heard someone say as she looked over to see chris in a car along side the side walk.
"hi" she said stopping and looking around.
"you need a ride?" he asked.
"nope, i live right there in the big brown building i'm sure i can make it" she said.
"you okay?" he asked.
"yeah why?" she asked.

"i don't know you got this big ass bruise on your arm" he said as she looked down as her arm and pushed her sleeve down.
"i'm fine" she said."i'm gonna go home now" she added.
"alright" he said as she still stood in the same place."is there something you wanna say?" he asked.
"no" she said.
"then why are you still standing here?" he asked.
"oh, sorry" she said as she continued to walk.

Chris looked back a few times before walking into her building. When she got up to her apartment she dropped her bag on the couch and ran her hand through her hair. She looked out the window to see if she could see chris in his car but couldn't.

"why does it even matter?" she asked herself as she sat down on her couch and threw herself back."ughhh" she let out a groan.

She stood up from the couch and started to strip of her clothes to take a warm shower and get her mind off of things.

(short but more tomorrow, i got a dress to sew for my final exam)

Run It boo!

I like this. Very different. Poor Ciara. Davids a jerk. I hate his abusive ass. Hope someone kicks his as.Chris seems very cool and Im hoping he can make her life better....

Tina! you are good! i love all your stories!
dam i just feel bad :/
i hope her man dont be snooping around and cause trouble
chris seems like a great dude he gona be a good friend to her and she sure need one right now to open up her eyes and give her strength to leave her bf.
run it

Awwwww!!! I love it!! I always love your stories. You're amazing, this one is a little different from The Background Dancer but it's still you. I love it so much! I can actually relate to this story heavy. Been in a violent relationship before. It's tough, but God heals all wounds! Run It!!!

Man she need to leave him wtf run it