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Sucka For Love

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ciara woke up the next morning to her alarm clock and reached over to turn it off. When she grabbed her phone she seen a text from an unknown number and opened it.

<em>Hey this is Chris i didn't get a chance to give my number so i decided to just text so here i am</em>

she laughed at the awkwardness he showed even through a text messaged. She saved him name and number in his phone and texted him back before getting up.

<em>Got it!</em>

She got up from the bed slowly so she wouldn't wake david up. She walked over to her dresser and started to pull out some clothes and put her outfit together. She heard the beep on the phone indicating she had another message. She grabbed her phone to see it was from the guy she met last night.

<em>Chris: about 14 hours later</em>

she looked over at david to see if he was still sleep and texted him back.

<em>Ciara: you wanna get me in trouble don't you?</em>
<em>Chris: my bad ttyl :p</em>

she tossed the phone on to the bed and continued to figure out what she wanted to wear. When she finally had her out she turned back around to face the bed to see david with her phone in his hand.

"why is your phone locked?" he asked."you hiding somthing from me?" he asked.
"what? no its just so other people won't be all up in my business not you though" she said.
"so unlock it" he said handing the phone to her.
"bae i really have to get ready for work" she said trying to walk out the room but he ran to the door and blocked her way.

"unlock the phone ciara, i heard your phone going off i just wanna know who you were talking to" he said.
"it was nobody really" she tried to plea with him.
"then unlock it and show me" he said.

She took the phone out his hand and unlocked the phone. Unfortunately for her she left her phone right on the small conversation she had with the guy she met last night.

"who's chris?" david asked with a face full of anger.
"a friend" she said.
"i never met him before, i know all your friends" he said."you think i'm stupid don't you?" he asked his hand around her neck and choking her up against the door."all i'm tryna do is love you and you keep playing me" he said pushing her and making her fall down to the floor.

"i swear he's just a friend, i just met him" she said from the floor
"if i find out you even look at another man i will kill you and him" he said threw his teeth as he picked her up from the floor and squeezed her arms tight to the point where she was already starting to bruise under his hands.
"you hurting me" she told him.
"i can do worse" he said but let her go when he seen the tears drop from her eyes.

She looked at her arms and seen bruises in the form for his hands and knew today she would be wearing long sleeves. She looked up at him to him with his head in his hands as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"i love you ciara, i'm just not understanding why you don't love me" he said looking up at her.
"i..i you" she said hesitantly walking towards him.
"if i lose you i would be nothing" he said wrapping his arms around her waist and putting his head on his stomach.
"i have to go to work" she said as he let his arms drop to the floor.

Chris picked out a long sleeve shirt and put her other one back. She then grabbed her towel and went to the bathroom to take a shower. She got int he shower and washed her body and hair. After she rinsed her hair and felt a pair of hands grab her waist and realized David had joined her in the shower.

"what are you doing?" she asked turning to face him.
"i want you to have my babies" he said as he lifted her up and put her back up against the wall as he entered her.

She let him have his way with her body, she would rather have that then get hit. She leaned her head against the shower wall and kept her eyes closed as david groaned in her ear. When he reached his climax he put her down and stepped away.

"how was that?" he asked.
"great" she said with a fake smile.
"good now get out i need to shower" he said as she did just that.

She wrapped her towel around her body and left out the bathroom. Before getting dressed she opened up one of the draws on her night stand and searched through i until she found what she was looking for, her plan B pill. She pop one and began to get ready for work.

When she was ready to leave David was coming out the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist.

"you're gonna be home before me tonight right?" he asked.
"yes, i will" she nodded.
"you better be" he said walking pass her.

She made her way out her apartment and to the bus. When she got to work about 25 minutes late she seen amy giving her the eye.

"i'm sorry i'm late david was tripping" ciara said as she put her bag down behind the counter.
"david always tripping" amy said.

"come on, what you need?" ciara asked her first cilent.
"i was relaxer and a press" the woman said as ciara nodded.
"alright, give me a minute" ciara said as the went to the back and started to mix together the relaxer and came back out.

She began to part the girls hair in sections and apply the relaxer. She felt herself getting hot and rolled up her sleeves a little bit. Amy noticed part of her bruise and then looked at ciara threw the mirror.

"let me know if it starts to tingle, we have to let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes" ciara told the woman as she walked to the back.
"jay can you watch the desk real quick?" amy asked another co-worker.
"sure" jay said as amy followed ciara into the back.

"would you like to explain your arm?" amy asked as ciara turned around to face her.
"it's nothing i fell you know them stairs in my building are slippery as f***" ciara lied.
"david was tripping?" amy asked.
"you think he did this?" ciara asked."nah" she said trying to walk back out but amy grabbed her arm and pushed her sleeve all the way up.

"that looks like a hand to me ciara" amy said with a woried expression.
"don't worry about me amy i'm good" she said."alright?" she asked.
"alright" amy nodded watching her friend walk away.

Ciara walked back into the front and seen the guy from lat night walk in.

"what are you doing here?" she asked him.
"the sign outside said yall do men's cuts and i'm in need" he said.
"uh iight sit here" she told him as he did what he was told."amy can you wash out her relaxer, please?" she asked.
"i got you" amy said motioning for the woman to come over to her.

Ciara pulled out the clippers and pulled them in. She pulled out a apron and put it around chris and picked them up.

"hold up!" he said stopping her before she did anything.
"what?" she asked.
"where the dude at, i only let dudes cut my hair" he said.
"well you're s*** outta luck cause only chick work here" she told him."no shut up and let me cut your hair" she said turning the clippers on.

"you better know what your doing or you aint getting no tip" he told her.
"keep talking s*** and imma leave you here looking like the major from whovill" she said.
"jokes" he said with a smirk as ciara looked at him through the mirror.

She finished cutting his hair, pulled the apron off of him and have him a smaller mirror so he could put it behind his head and check out the whole cut.

"nice!" he said nodding."definitely coming her more often" he said as ciara knew that would be trouble.
"theres a barber shop down the street with dudes, you should go there" she told him.
"nah i think i like it here, i'm cool with you anyway" he said as he went to the desk and paid for his cut.

"your tip" his said putting it in her hand and walking out the door. She looked at the tip he gave her to see it was a 20 dollar bill.


this seems pretty good
run it

Ok so im liken it ok david need sum help cus frm the looks of it he be beaten her and now she then met another guy thays prob her age n gav up the number to o he bout to try n gt on n she mit end up wit him

This one sounds good!!!! Lol


@.Banana. i don't mind at all
and i'll check out your stories :)


<a href="">Ciara</a> Stood at her job working in Sundays Salon located in Brooklyn, New York she was working on one of her regular clients hair as her alarm went off on her phone telling her it was 4pm. She turned it off and continued to blow out her clients hair.

"you tryna be late for class again?" her friend and co-worker asked.
"they know i have a job during the day, i only have one long ass class today anyway" ciara said.
"but you know in order to get up outta her and become a correctional officer you need to be in class now beat it" amy said taking over her spot."i got this" she said.

"is that okay with you jay?" ciara asked her client.
"its fine, go to class" jay said."my tip is still going to you" she added as amy sucked her teeth.
"girl i will leave you here with half you hand done" she joked.
"yall crazy, bye" ciara said as she grabbed her bag and rushed towards the bus stop. She hopped on the bus and sat down.

When she finally got to her class she sat down and when the teacher stopped teaching she knew what was coming.

"nice of you to join us Ms Freeman" Mr levin said.
"i'm sorry, i'm only 10 minutes late today" she said with a fake smile trying to lighten the mood.
"1 minute is to late, be on time" he said as she nodded her head and he went on with the lesson.

She took out her note book and began to take down the notes that were written on the board. When class was over everybody began to gather their things and leave the room.

"Ciara Freeman i would like to speak with you" Mr levin said.
"as much as i would love that i have to get home, it won't be pretty if i'm late" she said.
"so its more important for you to be home on time then to be here on time?" he asked.
"no sir" she answered but thinking yes.

"you are one of my best students but you miss out on alot when you come in 20 to 30 minutes late" he spoke.
"i will try my best to make it on time for now on" she said.
"you told me this before ciara, i'm warning you that i will be forced to drop you from my class if you don't take this more seriously" he said.
"i got it sir" she said trying to get out of there.
"okay you can go" he said as she turned around and rushed out the door.

She rushed outside to get to bus and seen a bus had just pulled up but by the time she got to the bus stop the bus was pulling off.

"f***, f***, f***, f***, f***" she said looking around. She knew the next bus wouldn't come for another 30 minutes so she had a better chance of walking home and getting there faster so that's exactly what she did.

By the time she got home her feet where killing her. She lived on the 5th floor of an apartment building with an elevator that had been out of service for a year. When she got up to her floor and walked to her apartment door and heard the TV on inside her apartment and knew he got there before her. She breathed heavily before using her key to open the door.

"hey baby" she said walking in and closing the door behind her."sorry i'm late" she said to <a href="">him</a>.

David was her boyfriend of 5 years, while he is 35 years only she is only 25 but they never cared about the age difference between them.

"you were supposed to be here before me" he said turning off the TV and standing up.
"i know but my professor wanted to talk to me after class" she told him.
"does it look like i give a f*** about your professor?" he asked with a serious tone and face.
"no" she answered.
"good, did you at least get my beer?" he asked.

"s***, i forgot" she said as he looked down and clenched his jaw.
"you just like pissing me off don't you?" he ask stepping towards her as she stepped back."don't be scared of me baby" he said noticing the fear in her face."i promised i wouldn't do it again i love you" he said leaning down and pecking her lips.

" you want me to go get you beer now?" she asked.
"that would be nice" he said stepping away from her and letting her walk pass him. She grabbed her purse and made her way towards the door.

"love you" he said with a smile as she opened up the door.
"love you too" she smiled back as she closed the door and went towards the stair well.

When she got outside she rushed down the block and turned the corner without looking and bumped into someone.

"s*** i am sooo sory" ciara said looking up at <a href="">him</a>.
"its cool ma" he said picking up her phone and handing it to him.
"thanks" she said grabbing her phone and continued to walk.

"hold up!" the guy called out and she turned around.
"i'm taken" she told him.
"woah i was just wondering if you could point me to a store or something, i'm new around here" he said.
"oh i'm sorry" she said.
"it's understandable" he said putting his hands in his pockets.
"i'm headed to a liquor store and theres a store next to it if you want me to take you" she said.
"thats cool" he said as he began to walk with her.

"my name is ciara by the way" she said.
"i'm chris" he introduced himself.
"you said your new, where are you from?" she asked.
"Virgina" he answered.
"that explains it" she smiled to herself.
"explains what?" he asked.
"your ascent, its so country" she said as they both laughed."there goes the store" she said pointing.

"thanks" he said.
"no problem" she said.
"so uh can i get your number or something, you're actually the nicest person i met so far" he said.
"umm i guess so" she said as he took out his phone and put her number in it.

A few seconds later she got a text on her phone and from David and looked at it.

<em>What's taking you so long, i'm giving you 15 minutes</em>

"i uh, i gotta go, see you around" ciara said as she rushed of towards the liquor store got what she needed and made her way back home quickly.

"thats was 17 minutes" david said looking at ciara asked she walked in.
"its only 2 minutes over" she said.
"i told you 15" he said grabbing her arm tightly."were you with someone else?" he asked.
"no david, your hurting me" he said.
"please i can do worse" he said letting her arm go and pushing her away.

He grabbed his beer and sat down on the couch to watch TV. She tried to walk pass him to get to their room but he grabbed her and sat her on his lap.

"you know i love you right?" he asked.
"i know" she said as he kissed her on her neck.

I'll be waiting! I love your stories! Kinda used some of your writing style in one of my stories. hope you dont mind. No one reads mine anymore anyway...:(