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I wanted to fly into his arms, but I knew it wasn’t my place so I remained firmly in my seat. If only he knew what he did to me, he wouldn’t have gone that far with me. Our relationship had now taken its toll on my and I was silently screaming hoping that he would notice me. We had this unspoken unseen relationship for a while now and it’s only now that my emotions started to creep up. I looked at him as he approached stopping and saying hey to some folks before making his way over to me. His posture said he wanted to deal with our situation but he didn’t know how to. His eyes said they were in pain because of us. His hug, having pulled me out of my seat said he missed me. But his lips, they said nothing more than hello.

We pulled apart and smiled at each other for no more than five seconds. As we tried to formulate the right words to say, we stopped as if we were thinking whether the time was right. He sat down and I stood there looking down at him. His eyes roamed my body then met my gaze. I wanted to be his and I wanted it badly, but I couldn’t read him. He was that physics book I refused to read because everything was way over my head. He was that abstract art which I would interpret one way though he was and is about something else. That man before me was mysterious and I don’t know what it is about him that captivated me.

My train of thoughts were ruined when I heard her voice. She just had to ruin it. She is my girl, but right now wasn’t the time for intrusions. I wanted to get this off my chest. I wanted to talk to him. Get things right. We needed to sort out a lot of things. I wanted him to hear me out. I wanted to hear him out. I wanted to know where we went wrong. I wanted to apologise for I feel I led him on.

<I was thinking of possibly running this story... Don't know if I should. I want to know if y'all would support it. I can only write for those willing to read. I don't mind silent readers as long as you pop up once in a while to say hi, then I'm good. But what y'all thinking? Should I push this?>


I have started to slowly pull chap 1 together

lol Rose my dear I wont
Melissa, thank you very much.

this is very good, your really talented!! keep up the good work! :)

don't forget about us and leave us confused lol

Thanks my dear :)

I have started this story at the worst time yet
I have performances coming up over the nxt four weeks
One every week
AND assignments due AND exam coming up!!!

Sadly, this has to be postponed unless I make time to write
I will check yall stories
When I get the chance

God bless.

yaaay my toya added a new story.!!! lol
Im liking this.! im very curious about how they started off and how deep they're relationship goes.! please run soon (:
ps:check out my new story How Could You Do This To Me.? you know I love you opinions lol

ill be the first to read when you update... :)


I'm slowly reading, trying to get a huge assignment done.
Will also add to this (well try) over the weekend
Or one day I can take 15 mins and whip up something :)

lol it will make sense clue 1: X = Chris... thanks ill be waiting.. :)

thanks girls

p.s Angie why the algebra? My mind automatically wanted to try solve that lol
will check it

I like the story so far.. very interesting. Run It.

I have a new story on here too.. please read and review thanks :) its called X + 2 - 1

i like it! im curious about this mysterious "couple"
run it!

anyone else?
maybe so?
forget it?
no good?
something! please

Thanks girl =]
Appreciate it
I'll see what others say and think of running it

I like this!!! Its good, very poetic and visual!! Run it!!