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"Let me catch you looking at me man again and I'm beat your ass." <a href="">she</a> said approaching me. <a href="">I</a> didn't know her let alone know what the hell she was talking about. I looked behind me to see if I missed something. "No b**** I'm talking to you!" She said coming with in a feet of me. " I don't know what you're talking about." I said raising my eyebrow. "You sitting over here starring my man down. Don't think just cuz you new ain't nobody gone say s*** about yo yellow ass try to steal somebody's man!" She said rolling her neck. "Yellow? Man? You are crazy I'm over her minding my business and you gone accuse me of looking at your man? b**** bye. Take yo insecure ass back where you came from cause you don't want it with me. Trust." I said putting on some lip gloss. I didn't have time for girls. Especially the "wanna be gangsta girl." I seemed to always be caught in the middle of some girl and her boyfriend. The problem with that was that I was always innocent. I'd never talk to a "taken" guy, but his girl friend would always seem to think other wise. "Insecure?" She asked taking off her earrings. "I got yo insecure." She said taking off her heels. "If you gone swing do it already." I said laughing at her. She c**ked her hand back but <a href="">he</a> grabbed her arm. He was cute but not my type. "Kalina what's going on?" He asked kissing her. "She was over here all googley eyed over you and s*** so you know I had to squash that." Kalina said sizing me. I laughed and he looked at me and smiled. The bell rang signaling the end if second period. I grabbed my things and exited the gym. I walked to my locker and played with the combination multiple times before it finally unlocked. I put my things inside and headed to the lunch room. When I got there the place was packed, students everywhere. I turned on my heels and headed to the parking lot to spend my lunch period in my car. I walked at a normal pace until I got to my car until <a href="">he</a> grabbed my wrist. "Hey I'm sorry about my girl friend back there she gets a little crazy." "A little?" I asked pulling my arm back from him. He laughed. "Yeh I know that's way understated but I'm sorry." I looked at him and nodded. "I'm Bryan by the way." He said sticking out his hand. "I'm Dior." I said shaking his hand. "Where r u from?" "New York." He nodded "maybe you should hit up my pool party tonight. You'll meet a lot of people." He said handing me a flyer. I looked at it and shook my head. "I'm not that type of chick, but it was nice meeting you tho." I said as I proceeded to my car. When I got inside I locked the doors and put my head on the steering wheel as tears fell from my eyes. I hated being here but I had to be here. My mother kicked my out when she thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend. That nigga was trying to rape me. She saw me crying with him forcing his self onto me and she still took his word over mine. Now I live with my father. He don't really care about me. Every night he's f***ing a different chick like I'm not even there. He's 33 and keep male company. I've been here for 2 weeks and he just enrolled me into school yesterday. 1 more year and in done with this. He has a nice house, cars and I could basically have whatever I wanted but he sold drugs. He thought I was stupid. He "works" 3 days a week at a car shop but has stacks shoe boxes full of money. I hated to live with someone like that. The bell rang signaling the end of our lunch block. I looked in the mirror at my face and my red nose. I fixed myself as best as I could and opened the car door. I walked to my locker, got my books and looked down at my schedule to see where my next class was when I bumped in to <a href="">them</a>. "Oh hell nah. Not this b**** again" Kalina yelled. "You know her?" The taller one asked. "Yeh this the b**** that was looking at my man." "Oh God" they all groaned on unison. "Don't nobody want Bryan" the one with the bangs said. "He's fine but ain't nobody f***ing with him." The one with the lighter hair added. "Your the new girl right?" The taller one asked as Kalina sucked her teeth and walked off. "Yeh." "I'm Samantha, this is La'Shonte and that's Nijah" she said pointing at the one with the bangs and then the lighter haired one as they waved. "Don't mind her she thinks everyone wants my brother" she laughed. "What's your name?" I wasn't really interested on talking to her but if she could show me my classes why not? "I'm Dior" she nodded. "You need help?" "Yeh I got Mrs. Lorenz for chemistry. "I got her this block so I'll take her." Nijah said. "If you need anything you can talk to us...We'll work on Lina." I gave her a friendly smile as we all went in the directions of our classes. "Where you here from?" Nijah asked. "New York" I answered entering the class. "Wow that brings you here?" She asked taking her seat. "I'm living with my dad now." I said not wanting to go into detail... I didn't know her like that. "That's what's up. You should come to Samantha's brothers party tonight." I shook my head no. "I don't think. That'd be a good idea." She wrote her number on a piece of paper. "Call me if you change your mind." The class slowly filled up before the tarty bell rang and we began our lesson....
By the end of the day I was so happy to be leaving. I put my things in my locker and headed to the parking lot. "Dior!" I heard a squeaky voice call out. I turned to see La'Shonte. "What's up?" I asked slowing my pace. "Nijah said you didn't want to party with us." I laughed. These b****es didn't give up. "No I'm not coming." "We'll were all going to Sam's house tomorrow she asked me to ask you to come." I nodded "if I can get out ill stop by." She smiled and gave me her phone. "Lock your number in." I put my number in and gave her the phone back. I waved her off as I got into my car.
When I got home I parked in the garage and went in through the kitchen. The sounds of loud moans echoed through out our house. "I hate this f***ing house." I said to my self as I turned to leave. Then the sound of some one drumming on the door made me turn to go to the front door. The drumming got louder and I snatched the door open "WHAT?" I yelled at <a href="">him</a>. "My bad shorty I was just looking for Derrick." I rolled my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair. "Come in, sit on the couch and don't say nothing." I said opening the door for the guy. He laughed and came in. "What's your name?" I asked. He sat in the couch and kept quiet. "What's your name?" I asked again becoming frustrated. He looked around the house ignoring me. "Stupid ass. Derrick!" I yelled up the stairs. "You have company!" I said walking into the kitchen. <a href="">He</a> came downstairs and gave the boy dap "Whats good baby?" He asked. "Nothing man chillin, haven't see you in a few so you know I had to stop by." The guy answered. "True." My dad said sitting down. "Your girlfriend is rude." The guy said sitting across from him. "Who you talking about? You know I don't keep no b****." My father answered confused. He has a daughter and he still referred to females as b****es. I shook my head and opened the kitchen door. "DIOR!" My father yelled. I walked to the living room with my arms crossed. "Her." He guy said. "That ain't my b****, that's my daughter. What the f*** I tell you boy being rude to company?" He asked. "Nothing." "You right... But don't be rude to my niggas tho. Where the f*** you going?" He asked lighting a blunt. "The park probably" " well stay away from niggas you don't know. Niggas see you leaving here they'd know not to f*** with you tho. Chris what grade you in?" "12th" the guy answered. "Well look after her in school and s***. Her momma said she's hott in the pants. Make sure aint nobody f***ing with her. That's your job." The guy licked his lips at me and nodded. I was embarrassed. I'm still a virgin, so for him to tell this random ass nigga that I'm fast hurt. My eyes glossed as I turned around to leave. "Dior be back before sun rise." My father shouted as I left. Some kind of parent he is.


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dam i wonder if kevin had something to do with it
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Runnnnnn Itttttttttttt pleaseeee

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Yay you added and dang her mom was on drugs.
hope she be ok thats sad run it i want to know what's going to happen between her and shannon.

The sound of my ringing phone woke me up. My hair was all over my face and I quickly answered. "Hello." "Where are you?" Shannon asked. I sucked my teeth. "In my bed." I replied smartly remembering last night. "I think we need to talk." He cooed. "Yeh I know." "Well I'll come get you at 5." I said ok before I hung up. I sat up and moved my hair out of my face, I felt terrible. I walked downstairs to find Chris cooking. I raised my eyebrow and grabbed a water. "Morning" he smiled. I looked at him weird "morning" I said as I walked away. I went back upstairs and got dressed. I grabbed my overnight bag and my phone before I made my way back downstairs. "Where are you going?" Chris asked. "Home." I said as I turned to open the door. "You need a ride?" He asked. I shook my head no and left. The walk to my house was pretty quiet. When I got home only cars in my garage were mine and my fathers. I walked in and he was sitting on the couch. "The f*** you been Dior? I've been calling you all damn night." He asked. "You must don't have my number because I didn't get a call." I said in a normal tone. "Well I don't know how to tell you this but--" he sighed. "Your mother died." My heart sank "WHAT?" I asked. "Yeh, she over dosed they found her yesterday." He said wiping a tear from his eye. I looked and him and walked away. "Dior!" He called after me but I was gone. I power walked to the park and sat in the same spot I sat when Jasmine told me about Jessie. I there starring at no particular thing as my eyes filled with tears. My mother and I were like best friends until a year ago when she started dating Kevin. I batted my eyes as I refused to let my tears fall. I turned my phone off and sat there until night fell. I turned my phone back on to check the time when my phone rang. I didn't know the number so I answered. "Hello" "Dion where are you?" "How'd you get my number?" I asked. "That doesn't matter where are you." He asked. "I'm in the park." "The same park I told you not to go to?" He asked. "Yeh" I sniffed. "I'll be there in 5." He said hanging up. My phone rang again but this time it was Shannon. I answered but I didn't say anything. "Baby are you ok?" He asked. I sniffed and shook my head no. "Dior talk to me." He begged. "I don't want to talk because I'm going to cry." I said on the verge of tears. "What's wrong?" "My mom died" I said a little above a whisper. "Do you need me to come get you?" He asked. I shook my head no "I'll call you later." I said hanging up. I saw headlights shining behind me. I didn't even want to look. I heard the car door close and then the bench creaked. I looked over and saw Chris holding a brown bag. He handed me the bag. I opened it and chuckled, it was ice cream. "Your father is going crazy looking for you." He said looking at nothing. "I don't want to see him. He want to talk and I don't want to. I just want to sit here and look at nothing." I said putting the ice cream on the bench between us. I saw him look at me out of the corner of my eye. "This must be serious, you're not eating. You want to talk?" He asked. I shook my head no as my phone buzzed. A picture of my grandmother popped up and I lost it. She looks just like my mom. I know she lost her daughter and I couldn't answer crying the way I was. I turned my phone off and got up and started walking away. "Dior wait." Chris said grabbing my arm. "Talk to me." He said sympathetically. I wiped my tears and snatched my arm away and I started walking again. "Dior wait." Chris said grabbing my arm again. I looked at him through my tears. "Talk to me." He said again searching my face. I wanted so badly to tell him but I couldn't. I shook my head no as more tears fell. "Ok. Do you want me to take you home?" He asked still holding my arm. I shook my head no. "Lets go to my house. Whatever it is you'll sleep it off." He said. "I can't sleep off my dead mother if I wanted to." I cooed. I don't know what happened but he hugged me. This wasn't no half ass hug this was just the hug I needed. The hug lasted for a good minute before I broke it. "Can we go to your house... Please." I asked. He simply nodded and to his house we went. When we got inside I went to my room and cried myself to sleep.

1 hour later
I was drunk. I thought I was sipping in kool aid but I guess I was wrong. We were at La'Shonte's house and everyone was either drunk, high or both. "Dior come dance with us." Nijah said said as she held Sam with one hand and reached for mine with her other. I grabbed her hand and the 3 of us made our way to the living room. We had a good time dancing well I was so intoxicated that I was laughing at everything. I looked over and saw Dre dancing with La'Shonte and when I looked back Sam was gone. Regge music came on and by the look on Nijah's face she wanted to dance. "So you want to wine it up." She asked. I started at her and blinked my eyes 3 times. She smiled and disappeared. I started rocking my hips to the music as I threw my hands in the air. This being drunk thing wasn't so bad. I opened my eyes and I saw Shannon walking in with a girl on his arms. My happy drunk moment turned in to pure rage as I charged towards him. Before I got to him I felt some one grab my waist. "Don't do it." I heard a males voice say. I looked back and it was Shad. "The f*** you mean don't do it he supposed to be home but he's here with another chick." I yelled. Shad shook his head "I know but trust me you causing a scene isn't worth it. You just found out he's cheating on you, congratulations. That's the least if your worries." Shad said as I watched Shannon and this chick kiss and walk hand and hand to the back. I batted my eyes because I felt angry tears threatening to leave my eyes. I walked to the back where Chris and 2 other guys were and he smiled. His eyes were low and red so I already knew he was high. "Can we go?" I asked. "No." He said starring at me. "Ok." I said simply before I stormed back into the house. I was about to leave when I bumped in to someone when I looked up it was Shannon. He didn't look surprised to see me. "Dior what are you doing here?" He asked over the music. "I'm leaving." I said trying to walk past him but he grabbed my arm. "You can dance with your man?" He asked licking his lips as his eyes roamed my body. "No." "Come on babe." He smiled while placing both of his hands on my hips. "Shannon no. I don't feel like it. How about you go ask that b**** you brought here with you." I said pointing at the girl he came with. Shannon looked at me like I was stupid. "Nobody asked you who I came with, I asked you to come dance with me." He gritted. "And I said no, good night." I said as I turned and stormed out of the house. I walked over to Chris car and I sat on it. A few minutes later it started to raining bad and I just sat there. The rain was calming to me. 5 police cars came rushing Down the block as everyone scattered. Chris came walking out with the two guys he was with. When he saw me he stopped at starred. The liquor made me laugh and for the first time he looked cute to me. "I'll question you later, get in the car and lets ride." He said as we all got in the car. The last thing I remembered was the heat being turned on and I was out.
I woke up with a terrible head ache. I sat up slowly and looked around, I was on the island. I got down and stumbled up the stairs. "Chris!" I yelled holding my head. "I need medication!" I said walking to his room. I knocked on the door twice and then I walked in. He was in the bed sleeping. He looked so peaceful and not all mean like he normally is. "Chris." I said tapping him. He jumped up and looked at me like I lost my mind. "I need medication and why did you leave me down there?" I asked. "Because you came in threw up,took a shower, and the island is where you wanted to be. What time is it?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. He looked at his phone and sighed. "It's 5 o'clock." He got out of the bed and went somewhere. I got in his bed and got comfortable. When he came back he shook his head. "Hell No." "I don't want to be alone." "No Dion! You're not sleeping in here." "Why not? You think I want to have sex with you?" I asked. That question threw him off and I could tell. "Do you want to have sex with me?" I asked. He still looked puzzled. "Good. I just don't want to be alone." I said looking at him with my puppy eyes. "Dion I'm not this dude ok. I don't let chicks sleep over. And I don't do late night cuddles, that s*** is whack." He said handing me some pills and a bottle of water. After taking the pills I sat up because he still didn't get in the bed. "Chris" "No Dior." He said firmly and I gasped. "You called me Dior." I said smiling. "Yeh because I'm not comfortable with you being in here." He said scratching the back if his head. I nodded and got up. "Goodnight." I said as I exited his room. I went down the hall into "my room" and plopped back on the bed and fell asleep.

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they want her to find out the hard way thats so bogus
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umm why aint her "girls" tell her that her bf is bad news??? and dam i would of took that as a warning like maybe its a mistake?
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Oh please run it!!!

Oh please run it!!!

Oh please run it!!!

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Lol " ok ima meet u at the car" didnt his ass jus tel u no lol hard headed run it

4 months later
Shannon and I are dating. We've been together for 3 months now. Every chance I get I go to his house to get away from my abusive dad. Kalina calmed down a lot after I started dating Shannon, I guess she didn't see me as a threat anymore. Chris doesn't really say much to me anymore. He still looks out for me but as far as talking his words are very limited. Today is Friday and Shannon and I were just leaving the movies. "Babe when are you going to let me meet ya pops?" He asked as my eyes widened. "No time soon, he doesn't even like me so there's no way I'm bringing a guy around." I laughed. Shannon nodded as we pulled up to my house. As usual there were cars everywhere. "Do you need me to stay?" Shannon asked. I shook my head no "I'll call you if I need you." I said as he kissed my cheek. I kissed his cheek back and he sighed. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I understand your not ready for sex but you won't even kiss me on the lips Di." I looked down and bit my bottom lip because he was right. I know your thinking she got this fine man and she won't even kiss him on the lips!! But truth be told I'm scared of what kissing leads to. "I'm not ready yet Shannon." I said not even looking at him. "It's ok. I'll wait. Ok?" He said grabbing my hand. I looked at our hands and nodded. "Call me later?" He asked. I nodded and exited the car. Seconds later he was pulling off. I slowly walked to the door and walked in. There were boobs and weed everywhere. I rolled my eyes and walked to my room. When I got to the hall Chris and some topless girl were standing there arguing. "The f*** you want me to do Chris?" She wined. "Put back in your f***ing shirt! You walking around here like one of D's hoes you're better than that Carmen." "Oh yeh, and how the f*** would you know?" She asked. He sucked his teeth and looked over at me. I excused myself and locked myself in my room. I turned on some slow jams and took a shower. When I got out I towel blotted my hair and put on some orange striped shorts and whit a tank and some white air forces. I packed an overnight bag there was no way I was staying here. I pushed my dresser behind my door and I threw my bag out of the window. Next I shimmied out of the window and closed it back. I picked up my bag and started walking. I didn't know where I was going but I couldn't drive because I was blocked in. When I got to the stop sign at the end of my block a car pulled next to me. I didn't even bother looking. "Dion where are you going?" I heard a voice ask. I already knew it was Chris because he's the only one that calls me Dion. I looked over and shrugged my shoulders. "You need a place to crash?" He asked. I looked down the street and shrugged my shoulders again. "Get in. Somebody's going to try to pick you up with those bright ass shorts on." He said unlocking his car door. I got in and we rode in silence to his house. I liked that he never had company, no family, no girls, no no one well except me. Went we got there he took my bag and we went in. I went in the kitchen and looked through his freezer and found a small carton on ice cream. I got a spoon and sat on the counter top Indian style and ate the ice cream. Chris came in moments later and shook his head. He grabbed a spoon and sat next to me as he ate out of the same ice cream carton I was eating out of. "You wanna talk about it?" He asked not looking at me. "How did you get to live on your own?" I asked. "I'm an emancipated minor." "Well how do I sign up because I can't live with him. He doesn't care about me. I'm so tired of seeing titties and ass. That's not a safe environment for me." I said licking my spoon. "Yea I know. You need a good lawyer on your side and you need money. It's not a quick process but its doable." He said eating his ice cream. "If you keep eating ice cream when something's bothering you you're going to get fat." He said. My eyes darted to him. "I only eat ice cream when I'm here and you're always in stock so what does that say about you?" I asked. He chuckled. "It says that I have a chick that comes to my house and eats all of my ice cream because she had daddy issues." I laughed a little because he was right. Every time I tried to run away he'd catch me and I'd end up eating ice cream on his island, but this is the first time he came and ate it with me. "Yeh, daddy issues are only the beginning you should read my book." I said as I threw the spoon in the sink. "How do you know Shannon?" I asked. He clutched his jaw. He looked like he was trying to find the right words. "We grew up together." "Yeh he told me that." I said trying to get more out of him. "Your boyfriend is not who he's making him self out to be. Everyone around here knows him. We all know what he's into but you don't." He said putting his spoon in the trash. "So you going to tell me?" I asked. "Not my place. You'll find out sooner or later." He said putting back on his sneakers. "Well where are you going?" I asked not wanting to stay in his house alone. "Out." He simply replied putting on his hat. "So you expect me to stay here alone?" I asked. "You can do what you want." He said walking to the door. "Well I'm coming with you." I said fixing my hair. "No you're not Dion" he said looking at me. "Yes I am." "No you're not" he argued. "Ok I'll meet you at the car." I said trying to walk past him but he grabbed my arm. "Dion I just want to chill tonight I don't want to have to worry about you." "You won't I'll be like a ghost." I smiled...

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In school at lunch
Nijah has been following me carrying my books and everything. I hope she doesn't think I play for her team. I sat down next to Sam. The seat in front of me was empty so Shad, this guy that's in my English class, sat there. "So you chill with Sam's crew?" Shad asked. "You see her over here right?" Sam asked annoyed. "Nobody was talking to you Samantha." Shad spat. "Oh, but Im talking to you Shad." Samantha spat back. "What's the problem?" I asked. "Shad is my ex we broke up because he cheated on me with every girl in this school. So for him to be in your face only means he wants to add you to his list if hoes." Samantha spat. "Ok I see you're upset so Ima just go. Dior Ill see you around." Shad said getting up and Nijah took his seat. "The f*** did he want?" She asked eating a salad. "He tried to talk to Di." Samantha said drinking water. "I'll cut him! He already know what I'm trying to do." Nijah said. "Nij she's not like that." Samantha laughed. "None of the girls I talk to are "like that". Nijah smiled. "Are you talking about me?" I asked. "Hell yeh." Samantha laughed. "Nijah I don't like girls." I said and she smiled. "Neither did I but I promise I'm worth it." She winked. My eyes grew big. A girl has never openly hit on me. "Nij you seem cool but I'm not in to girls." I said again. "Have you ever been with one?" Nijah asked. I looked at Sam and she shook her head. "Have you ever been with a guy?" Nijah asked and then continued before I could answer "then how do you know what you like?" She asked. "I don't question you about what you do so please don't question me. I told you I'm not in to that s*** so respect me and leave it alone." I said aggravated. "She's feisty." Nijah blushed. "The f*** y'all talkin bout?" Chris said sitting next to Nijah. "She likes Di." Samantha blurted. Chris smiled and turned his hat backwards "Dion I didn't know you played on my team."Chris said starring at me. I flared my nose and crossed my arms "I don't." "She will when I get done with her." Nijah said as her and Chris dapped each other up. I ignored her and finished eating my food. "Dior, I'm kidding. I'd never do that to anyone." Nijah said sympathetically. "Em hum" I said looking at my phone. "So we still cool even though I have a crush on you." Nijah asked. "If you keep your feeling to your self I think I can pretend this last 5 minutes didn't just happen." I said throwing my stuff in the trash. The bell rang "alright time for class."
When school was over I started walking home. I know it was about a 15 minute walk but I didn't care. Chris and India skipped last period and there was no way I was asking anyone else for a ride home. After 5 minutes into my walk a guy smiled at me. He was cute but he looked to old for me. "Hi beautiful, you must be new around here." The guy said. I looked around to make sure he wasn't talking to someone behind me and he laughed. "I'm talking to you, what's your name." "I'm Dior." He nodded and smiled. "I'm Shannon. Are you spoken for." He asked smiling. He had a beautiful smile. "No, I'm--" before I could finish my sentence a white rover pulled up and Chris got out. "Dion lets go." He looked angry. "Baby brother haven't seen you in a while." Shannon smiled. The look on Chris face scared me. "I'm not your f***ing brother, don't talk to me. Dion lets go."Chris said breaking me out of my stare and I got in the car. "Oh so you still tripping over old s***? It's all good tho. Give baby girl my number." Shannon said waving at me. Chris ignored him, got in the car and sped off. I wasn't up for getting cursed out so I didn't say anything. When we pulled up to my house I thanked him for the ride and I got out. I sighed as I walked in the house. "Dior where you been?" My father asked. "School Derrick." I said as a chick that looked around my age walked out. "Your Dior right?" The girl asked. I looked at her weird and nodded. "I Daria, I'm in your English class." My eyes widened and I walked away. I got my keys and I went for a drive. I ended up at the Waffle House hours later. I sat in the parking lot venting to my grandmother for another 20 minutes before I got hungry. I went inside and saw that it was full of people and their friends talking and laughing so I sat towards the back facing the window. After the waitress took my order I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and it was Shannon. "Hey do you mind if I sit with you?" He asked. I shrugged my shoulders and he sat down. "Why is a beautiful girl like Ty here alone?" He asked. "Because I want to be. How old are you?" I asked curious. "I'm 19, you?" He asked. "I'll be 17 next month." I replied as the waitress brought me my drink. "How do you know Chris?" He asked. "Family friend, how do you know him?" I asked. "We grew up together, but enough about him I wanna get to know you." He smiled. "Ok." I blushed looking down at my fingers and everything else was history.

smdh run it!

kalina tho why they even cool with her?? ugh gettin on my nerves
im glad chris is there to save her
and dam she aint throwin no compliments bout his car?
but you know he was starin a lil too long at her ;)
her dad a trip like how u gona call her a b**** than put hands on her?
i feel for her she wanna be in ny with gram and jessie
run it!

The next day
I swear I didn't want to go to school. I woke up took a shower and looked at my self in the mirror. The bruises on my neck weren't as obvious so I put a little concealer on my neck. I brushed my hair in to a neat high bun and walked in to the room to get dressed. I put on some black jeans with a white comic book cropped top and with some black and white J's. I put studs in my ears and applied a little lip gloss before I grabbed my hoodie and my books and headed down stairs. Chris walked out of the kitchen on the phone. "No I can't take her too, India I don't care after the way you acted this weekend I shouldn't even be talking to you." He looked over at me and starred for a second to long. "I'll be there when I get there." He said before hanging up. "You hungry?" He asked. I nodded. "Alright lets go." He said as I followed him. He opened the garage and there was a white on white Range Rover with tinted windows she was beautiful. "Dion" Chris said snapping his fingers in my face. "My name is Dior." I said looking at him. He squinted "I know but I like Dion better, we gotta go get India and then meet Bryan, Kalina, Sam and Nijah" He said as we got in. I nodded as I admired his car.
When we got India I got in the back seat and put my earphones in as I listened to my own music. We pulled up to Denny's and we all went in to meet up with the rest of them. As soon as we walked in Kalina rolled her eyes and Nijah got up and hugged me. "Oh my God you look so cute." She squealed. "Thanks, I guess." I said taking a seat as I waved to to Bryan and Sam. "Wow Chris you're coming to school today?" Kalina asked. "Wow Kalina you're not sucking d*** today?" Chris asked. "No, I am just not yet." I looked back and forth between them, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "They always talk like that." Nijah said as she sat next to me. "And this is why I don't like new people." Kalina stressed. "No you don't like new people because you think they want Bryan." Sam said as she gave Nijah a five. "What ever Samantha. So India you're ok that Chris allows the new girl to his house and you don't even know where he lives?" Kalina smiled devilishly. "Wait what? She's been to your house?" India asked shocked. "Yeh." Chris replied looking over the menu. "How could you?" She asked on the verge of tears. Chris dropped his menu and looked at her. "India who I allow to my house is my business you are not my girl friend we just f*** and I don't trust you." He said picking up his menu. "So you trust her?" India asked pointing at me. "He obviously do he let her ride in the all white, they probably f***ing." Kalina added. "I'm not f***ing nobody." I stated to clear my name. "Yea right and I'm a Virgin. Any body with eyes could see all of that concealer you have piled on your neck and Chris usually f***s the girls that Nijah likes." Kalina pointed out. So there it was Nijah was a lesbian it all made sense. "Chill out I didn't f*** her." Chris said. "Yet" Kalina replied laughing as India stormed out. "Kalina you need to chill with that s***." Bryan said. "Yeh I know everybody didnt need to hear that." Samantha added. Kalina smiled "whatever. she's to sensitive." "Or maybe you're just a b****." I added. "Maybe I am but I'm good at it." I shook my head and got up. "Where are you going?" Nijah asked. "Away from this b****." I said making my way to the bar table and taking a seat.
After I ate my food I paid and went outside to wait for Chris. I wanted to walk but I didn't even know where I was. India walked over to me looking upset. I hope she wasn't trying to start no s***. "I don't want any drama I just wanted to know if you are sleeping with him." She asked. "No, I don't even know him like that. The only reason why I'm with him is because he knows my father and that's it. Don't trip." I said putting on lip gloss. "Ok. It's just Kalina's so good at getting me worked up she knows my insecurities." I nodded and looked at her. "Well maybe you need to choose better friends." I replied. "Yeh I know." She said looking down. Chris walked out. "Y'all ready?" He asked. We both nodded before we got in his car and went to school.

When I got home my drive way was full so I parked at the end of the block and walked to my house. I didn't feel like shimmying through my window so I stood at the door for a minute before it opened. Damn I should've just shimmed through the window. "Where you been? Your father was worried sick." I looked up and saw that it was Chris. I looked behind him and saw a bunch of dudes and topless girls running around and I shook my head. "I can't tell." I said about to walk in the house but Chris put his arm across the door. "If I was you I wouldn't go in there. Ya pops been up all night smoking and drinking so he's not in a good mood." "Yea well I'm not in a good mood either so he better not f*** with me." I said as I walked in with Chris following me. "Time to take those panties off" my father said as the guys cheered. "Derrick." Chris called my father looked over and at me and clapped his hands. "Take the party downstairs I got business to handle." My father said as everyone except me and Chris exited to the basement. "Dior where the f*** you been?" My father gritted. "Minding my f***ing business--" I said as he took a step towards me "So you got balls b****?" My father asked. "b****? f*** you!" I yelled out of anger. "b**** Do you know who the f*** your talking to?" He asked taking a step closer to me but this time Chris stood in front of me. "Yo D chill out, I'll take her with me for tonight so you can clear your mind." He said. "That's a good idea that ungrateful b**** bout to make me catch a case. Damn don't let her out of your sight." Derrick said to Chris. "You better thank him because your ass was grass. If she don't than you take it." My father said walking down stairs. "Thanks but no thanks I'm not sleeping with you or giving you blow jobs I'll sleep in my car." "I don't want to sleep with you I just didn't want him hitting you." Chris said simply. I looked and raised my eyebrows "why are you being nice to me?" I asked. He shrugged his shoulders "Go get some clothes so we can go." I nodded and did as he said.

I woke up the next morning because of my ringing phone. I felt all in the back seat for it but found it on the floor. "Hello." I answered with out looking. "Hey Di." I sat up fast. "Jessie?" I said as tears poured down my cheeks. "Yes, why you didn't tell me what he did?" He asked. "Because I didn't want you doing what you just did." I replied. "How are you though?" "I'm alive Jess. I miss you." "Yeh I miss you too, I want to come see you but I can't leave the state." "I can come see you." I said moving my hair out of my face. "Nah don't do that." He huffed. "Why not? It's not like I'd be missing anything here." I said thinking about my father. "No. And that's it." "I'll see you in a few hours." "Dior!" He yelled. "Jessie why don't you want me to come see you? You're the only thing besides my grams that i have left and I miss you." I cried. "Di I miss you too this is the longest we've been away from each other in years but you coming all the way to New York isn't smart." "Jessie he choked me!" "Who??" "My dad. He keeps embarrassing me and I just can't with him like I can't." I sniffed. "Tell me what you want me to do?" He asked. "I want you to say Dior come home, I'll leave the window open like i used to." I said breaking down. "But you know it don't work like that, you're hundreds of miles away Di." I wiped my face and nodded. "I'll speak with you later." I said a little upset because he didn't want me in New York. "Di I love you." Jessie cooed. I smirked and hung up. I crawled up the front of my car and started the engine before I cruised home.

dang, her life is sad, full of drama, and depressing run it

Run it

Run it!

dam i know chris done heard her story
i hope they can become cool
i wonder why she thought nia was off?
as for her father like really u need to know what ishh u say infront of ppl smh
run it

i need her to find some happiness asap...her life totally sux ass right now

run it!!