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Forbidden Love

Hi im Rachel, im new to the forum and i wanted to post this story i wrote awhile back so i hope you guys like it

chapter 1 coming soon.

Forbidden love…

His touch, his smell, he was something that I couldn’t have. Every night he left my bed leaving me wanting a little bit more of him. You maybe wondering who “He” is well he’s my step-brother….he’s my FORBIDDEN LOVE..


Aww Poor Thing...
Run It...

run it!!!

run it

Damn Damn Damn !
Smh , I juss can't believe protection wasn't the first thing on their mind & damn now Drake scheming . Thass crazy , he a meanie forreal . Blackmailing & all that stuff . She should've snatched that phone and smashed all fxcks out of it .
Run It!


i am speechless, i am gonna beat drake up lol
run it

wtf drake!!? ugh run it

wow run it!!

Run it



2 months earlier

We had finally gotten back from our family vacation I honestly didn’t want to leave, me and Chris was enjoying every minute we was spending together.

He kept his promise when we got home he broke up with amber which made me so happy but my happiness was about to end little did I know.

We had returned to school that Monday I was so excited to see my friends I had so much to tell them. Me and Chris agreed that I should tell them about us so that’s what I was headed to do. “Omg!! Harmony we missed you so much” they both said. I hugged both of them “I missed you guys too” I said.

“so how was your trip” Raquel asked. “that’s what I wanted to talk to you guys about” I said. We walked over to a table and sat down. “what’s up London” asked. I took a deep breathe not knowing how they was gonna take what I was about to tell them. “well I been keeping this secret from you guys and I’ve been wanting to tell y’all so bad” I said.

They both looked at me wanting me to finish. “harmz whatever it is you can tell us you know we here for you” London said. I smiled and grabbed both they hands.

“ok here goes nothing, me and chris have been seeing each other” I said. They both looked at me and started laughing. I didn’t understand. “why are you guys laughing I just admitted to dating my step brother” I asked. I was now confused. “harmony we been knew y’all was messing around we was just waiting for you to confirm it” Raquel said. “ how did you guys know” I asked.

“well remember when we was 13 and we had that sleepover at your house” London said. “yea” I said. “we saw y’all kissing in his room” Raquel said. “this whole time you b****es knew” I said while laughing. I told them everything that happened in fiji they couldn’t believe I lost my virginity to him but they was happy for me and promised that they wouldn’t tell anybody.

The day went by fast and I couldn’t wait to get home to see chris I hadn’t seen him all day I missed him so much. i was finishing putting my stuff in my locker when I saw drake coming down the hall. We hadn’t talk since I seen him in fiji he walked up to me an gave me a hug and smiled at me. “I know” was all he said before walking out the school.

I shoved everything in my locker and ran after him by time I reached the parking lot he was gone.

I walked home wondering what he meant. Apart of me knew exactly what he meant. When I got home I didn’t see chris car in the driveway I needed to talk to him. I called his phone but there was no answer I text him telling him we need to talk. I layed down on my bed hoping he would call me back.

I was slowly drifting off to sleep when my phone vibrated, I picked it up seeing if it was chris but to my disappointment it was drake.

Why is he texting me I asked myself I opened the message and read it. he wanted to meet up an talk, I text him back and put my shoes on then left. 10 mins later I seen his car pull up at the park down the street from my house he got out the car smiling like he had a hidden agenda. He came and sat down beside me. “so what did you wanna talk about” I asked him.

He looked at him and laughed. “ what’s so funny” I asked him.

I was getting irritated just by looking at him. “I know everything harmony” he said. My heart dropped I didn’t know if he was playing with me or not. “what are you talking about” I asked him. His smiled dropped. “harmony don’t sit here an insult my intelligents we both know what im talking about so cut the bulls***” he said with so much anger in his voice.

At this point I didn’t know what to do or say I felt tears trying to escape my eyes but I wouldn’t let them fall. “I seen you kissing him that night” he said. “you can’t tell anybody” I said. He looked at me and smiled. “what’s in it for me” he asked while rubbing my leg. I slapped his hand away I was disgusted with what he just said.

“nothing is in it for you” I said. “well I guess I’ll go break the news to everybody” he said getting up walking to his car. I ran after him. “nobody will believe you” I yelled at him. “yea you’re right, but everybody will believe this” he said.

He took out his phone and showed me a video of me an Chris having sex. “how did you get this” I said. “I followed y’all that night you got off the boat” he said. Tears was now streaming down my face how could he do this I thought we was friends. “so like I said what’s in it for me” he asked.

I wiped my face “what do you want drake” I asked. He smiled. “you” he said.

I walked home letting my tears hit the pavement drake told me he wouldn’t tell anybody long as I kept up the end of our deal.

He wanted to be with me and I had to go along with it this was gonna hurt chris so much an what makes it even worse I couldn’t tell him anything this sucked so much.

I dried my face before I walked into the house. I walked in and seen chris sitting on the couch. “hey babe” he said. “hey” I said back.

I walked over to the couch and laid down he put his arms around me. I let my tears hit the floor knowing that this relationship we had was soon coming to an end.

Weeks went by and I’ve been trying to keep my distance from chris, when he’s in the house im usually at Raquel and London house. I know he’s noticing that im avoiding him but I can’t be around him, I can’t risk drake finding out.

The next week I was at Raquel house when I had the urge to throw up. I ran to the bathroom and out came my breakfast I just had. Raquel ran in after me.

“OMG are you okay” she asked with this worried look on her face. I got up and cleaned my face off and rinsed my mouth out. I walked back into her room and sat on her bed.

“Raquel I think im pregnant” I said. We both looked at each other. “by chris” she asked. I honestly didn’t know how to answer that I knew it was chris baby but I couldn’t tell her that.

I sighed I needed to tell her the truth so I told her to call London over so I could explain everything.

When London got there I told them everything about drake they couldn’t believe it.

End of flash back.

Run it

O dumb ass tell chris the truth n drake is a a**hole chris need to beat his ass smh


2 months later….

Everything between me and harmony has been going good but lately she’s been distant like she doesn’t wanna be bothered with me. I bet its that nigga drake his been hanging around her ever since we got back from fiji.

I told her to stay away from that nigga but her ass don’t wanna listen but its cool if she wanna hang around that nigga ima start hanging around different b****es.

I was in my room getting ready to go out when harmony walked in my room. “where you going” she asked.

“out, where you going” I asked her.

“im going out with drake” she said.

“you going out with another nigga when yo bf didn’t approve of that s*** harmony that’s mad disrespectful” I said.

“chris I don’t need you to approve s*** he’s just my friend” she said.

I looked at her like she was stupid.

“ok harmony” I said while grabbing my hat and leaving out the room I don’t know what’s gotten into her but that s*** ain’t cool I hopped in my car and sped off making my way to amber house.

Harmony P.O.V

After Chris left I went to my room an locked the door I sat on my bed an started crying its hurting me that I can’t tell Chris what’s going on with me.

I don’t like keeping these secrets I love him so much I don’t wanna lose him but im doing this for us everything is going to work out I hope.

I had started drifting off to sleep but somebody had knocked on my door I walked to the door and opened it.

“what are you doing here, who let you in” I asked.

Drake just smiled. “your mom let me in before she left” he said
walking in an closing the door.

He walked over to the bed and got on top of me he started kissing my neck I moved tryna dodge his kisses until he grabbed my face.

“harmony don’t play with me you know the deal” he said looking me in the eyes.

I try to move his hand but he was too strong.

“stop your hurting me” I said getting ready to cry.

He let my face go and started rubbing my stomach.

“im gonna be a good daddy” he said.

I pushed his hand off my stomach “you’ll never be the father of my baby” I said.

He got mad and grabbed me by my neck “wtf was the agreement huh b****, you and that baby is mine right” he said. I nodded my head he let me go

“people won’t find out about you, Chris and his baby as long as you keep yo mouth shut about our deal” he said.

“ok” I said. He got up and kissed me then left out the room. I laid face down on my pillow and cried f*** what am I going to do.

updating now

Aw that was so sweet and cute

Yess Chris fxck it uppp !
But yeah about that condomn though ??
Run It !

Um wat happn to protection like that wasnt even on they mind n he came in her i fill a baby is on the way how they bout to explain that

run it!!!

how old are they?
run it

Run It...


RUn It! i guess she aint mad no more lol

run it!!!


We pulled up to this beautiful waterfall it honestly took my breath away I didn’t know chris was this romantic.
I looked over at chris and he was taking his clothes and putting on his swim trunks.

I already had my swimsuit on so I took off my dress an put it in the bag chris was caring.

“babe what are we doing here” I asked him.

He grabbed my hand and led me off the boat.

He walked me over this bridge and stopped at the waterfall.

“harmz you don’t mind getting wet” he asked me.
“no I don’t mind but chris tell me where we going” I said.

He gave me a kiss and took me through the waterfall that damn water was cold as f***. I looked around everything was beautiful he had everything setup.

There was a bed with rose petals on it, chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of white and red roses.
i turnt around and hugged him.

“baby how did you do all this” I asked with tears coming down my face.

“don’t worry about all that yo man got connections, do you like it” he asked.

“like it…baby I love it” I said while kissing him.

We walked over to the bed and put our stuff down I climbed on to the the bed and laid back.

Nobody has ever did anything like this for me. My thoughts were interrupted by chris kissing on my neck he grabbed a strawberry and traced it all over my body the coldness of it was turning me on. He brought it up to my lips and I bit it I leaned up an kissed him.

“chris Im ready” I said.

He looked at me “you sure baby” he asked.

I nodded my head yes he then kissed me with so much passion I thought my heart was gonna explode. He kissed his way down to my neck then my stomach leaving me passion marks everywhere. He got down to my inner thighs any slowly kissed his way up to my pussy he took off my bottoms.

He looked up at me and smiled.

“relax baby I got you” he said before devouring me.

I arched my back as he licked and sucked on my pussy I moaned as his tongue went deeper in my pussy, he swirled his tongue around and around while adding his 2 fingers inside me making me moan louder.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum, I moaned as his fingers went deeper “Mmmm chris im cumin” I said.

He started working his tongue faster and faster I was ready to explode and I did. After licking all of it up he crawled to me an gave me a kiss “you ready” he asked.

“yes baby” I said.

He took his swim trunks off and my top, he opened my legs and positioned his self I felt him putting the head in.

I closed my eyes as I felt him pushing his self inside me nothing could describe the pain I felt right now. I could feel him looking at me, “harmony open yo eyes” he said. I opened them he smiled at me making me feel a little better. I notice I wasn't feeling any pain as he went faster. I moaned as his paced quickened it was feeling amazing.

“baby deeper” I told him.

He smiled and went deeper.

I moaned his name as he went deeper and faster I couldn’t take it I was ready to cum but before I could he pulled out.

“what are you doing” I asked him.

“ I want you to get on top” he said.

We switched positions, I sat there for a minute cause I didn’t know what to do. “babe you want me to help” he asked.

I nodded he grabbed my waist and started moving me up n down.
By the look on his face he was liking it, I moved his hands and started going faster he started moaning my name.

“s*** harmony that feels good” he said.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum “im cuming baby” I said. He moaned “im cuming too” he said.

I started going more faster I couldn’t take it I came.

“ahhh s***” he said before cuming.

I rolled off of him an closed my eyes thinking about this beautiful night.

“I love you harmony” he said while wrapping his arms around me.

“I love you too Chris” I said while slowly drifting off to sleep.


Me and chris had just got back to the room he had planned a perfect day for us. first we went scuba diving then we had lunch on this beautiful big boat. He told me there’s another surprise later tonight I couldn’t wait I guess he really is changing. “babe what are you wearing tonight” I asked him. “I was thinking maybe I could take u shopping for tonight” he said while smiling at me. “ok lets go” I grabbed his hand a ran out the door.

2 Hours Later…

We finally got back from shopping we had to rush an get dress so we wouldn’t be late for our dinner reservation.

“chris are u ready yet” I asked.

“yea I been ready, is u ready” he asked.

I walked in the bedroom to see him sitting on the bed looking sexy as f*** it took everything in me not to jump on him.

“you like what u see” he asked while walking up to me.

“no not really I’ve seen better” I said while smirking at him. “yea yea w.e lets go eat” he said while laughing.

We was finally done eating after chris had order the whole damn menu. I was looking around the restaurant when I spotted drake coming in with his family I didn’t want him to see me so I turned my head. “what are u doing” chris asked.

“nothing just admiring these lovely flowers” I said giving him this fake smile.

He turnt around and seen drake.“don’t worry about him ok tonight is our night nobody can f*** it up” he said grabbing my hand,

“ok." I said smiling at him.

“alright now lets go I got one more surprise for u” he said smiling at me.


Harmony didn’t know what I had in store for her she questioned me the whole time we was walking to the dock.

“baby why are we here” she asked sounding a lil scared.

i ignored her and continued to unwrap the boat I stepped in the boat and reached out my hand for she can grab it.

“chris im not getting in that boat are you tryna secretly kill me” she asked.

I laughed cause she was serious “baby no just trust me ok get in the boat” I said.

She looked at my hand then back at me she finally grabbed my hand an got in the boat.

We sat down and the driver took off.

“baby its to dark out here its not safe I think we should go back” she said.

“harmony calm down everything is gonna be ok” I said giving her a kiss.

She laid her head on me and relaxed the whole ride there.

updating later on today!!!

Run it!


Get to making up then bud lol
Run It!!!

Yup Chris , you got some making up to do !
Run It .