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Forbidden Love

Hi im Rachel, im new to the forum and i wanted to post this story i wrote awhile back so i hope you guys like it

chapter 1 coming soon.

Forbidden love…

His touch, his smell, he was something that I couldn’t have. Every night he left my bed leaving me wanting a little bit more of him. You maybe wondering who “He” is well he’s my step-brother….he’s my FORBIDDEN LOVE..


run it.!!

run it


chris needs to get it it!!

Run it

more coming later


<strong>I ran after harmony but it was to late she had already left damn I f***ed up again.

<strong>I wasn’t really tryna get the girl number I just did it cause she wouldn’t leave me alone but harmony won’t believe that.

<strong>I walked back to the room thinking about how ima find her and explain to her what really happened. I heard somebody laughing outside my window and it sounded like harmony.

<strong>I got up and I looked out an there she was laughing with drake. Seeing that really pissed me off I gotta do something to win her back. I sat on the bed an thought about what I can do and then the perfect thing came to mind ima plan the perfect date.
I had planned everything I was just sitting in the room waiting for harmony to come in.

<strong>i laid back on the bed and closed my eyes hoping to get a little nap in. all that was interrupted by harmony slamming the door. I sat up and looked at her she looked pissed.

<strong>“what’s wrong harmz” I asked.

<strong>She looked at me with tears falling down her eyes I got up and hugged her

<strong>“babe im so sorry it was nothing I swear” I said whispering in her ear.

<strong>She looked at me “you promise chris” she said while dropping her head.

<strong>I lifted her head up and looked her in the eyes “I promise baby” I said leaning down kissing her.

updating later!!!

this is so different yet so amusing lol
harmz just needs to forget about chris
because obviously his feelings aint that
deep if he got a girl and is willing to flirt
with every girl he comes across...just
move on with drake and call it a day...
anywho run it.!!!

smh run it!



run it

Damn run it smh

So like he has to blow off all the girls in the world to be w/ her ? . . But they can't even be together cause of their "situation" so like *shrugs , idk man lol .
Run It !


<strong> Chris

<strong>“yo did you know that nigga was gonna be here” I asked harmony.

<strong>She slammed the door and looked at me “no chris I didn’t, is that the only thing you worried about what if he saw us kissing” she said.

<strong>I really didn’t think about that f*** what if he did see us. “I highly doubt he saw us, he would have said something if he did right” I said.

<strong>“yea you right” she said.

<strong>“come here” I told her.

<strong>She walked over to me an sat on my lap I started kissing her neck she moaned as I started sucking on it.

<strong>I laid her back on the bed and started taking off her shirt and kissing down her body.

<strong>I sat up getting ready to take off her shorts but she stopped me. “chris im still not ready” she said while looking at me kinda sad, she probably thought I was gonna get mad at her again.

<strong> “ok babe” I said while getting off her.

<strong> “you’re not mad at me” she said. “naw im not mad I wanna wait until you ready” I said.

<strong> She smiled and hugged me “thanks baby” she said.

<strong> “you welcome” I gave her a kiss. She got up and headed for the bathroom.

<strong> “you wanna come take a shower with me” she asked.

<strong> “hell yea” I said while walking in the bathroom.

<strong> Harmony

<strong> I woke up to the sun shining in my face I looked over at chris spot but he wasn’t there.

<strong> I got up and picked out an outfit for today I headed to the bathroom to get dress.

<strong> After 20 mins of messing with my hair I was finally done I walked in to the room and still no chris I wonder where he went.

<strong> I grabbed my bag and room key and left.

<strong> I walked outta the elevator into the lobby looking around to see if chris was down here.

<strong> I walked past the gift shop but I stopped when I seen chris flirting with some b****.

<strong> I stood there and watched as he smiled and touched on her. I felt like crying but I didn’t I headed into the store he was too busy to even notice I was standing there.

<strong> I cleared my throat and they both turned around by the look on chris face he knew I was pissed.

<strong> “chris what are you doing” I asked him.

<strong> “umm I was just uhh” he couldn’t even form a god damn sentence.

<strong> “he was just getting my number” the girl said.

<strong> I looked at her like she was stupid.

<strong> “oh really is that right chris you was getting her number” I asked him.

<strong> He looked at me and put his head down.

<strong> “yea I was” he said.

<strong> I smiled at both of them even tho I was hurting I couldn’t let him see it.

<strong> “well I hope you guys have a great day” I said. I walked away letting the tears fall.

update coming later!!!!

Run It....

run it


Now he see how she be feeling and he jealous and shiid! lol I wanna know wat happened
Run It


update ! i wanna know whats about to go down when they get back into the room ....

Autty ;)

lol definitely almost got caught..RUN IT

Run it

Lmao , damn if Drake would've caught them smh . . they need to stay low key w/ that lovey dovey s*** . Tryna get caught .
Run It !


<strong>The walk to the beach was silent all u could hear is the wind blowing and the waves crashing. I looked at harmony I wanted to same something but I didn’t want her to snap on me. We finally got to the beach we sat down on the sand we both gazed out into the water everything here was beautiful.

<strong>I placed my hand on top of hers she looked up at me. “chris what are you doing” she asked.

<strong>“look harmz im sorry ok I didn’t mean to say the s*** I said to you I was just angry and hurt you know how I feel about you baby you mean the world to me no other b**** in this whole world could compare to you” I told her.

<strong>“but chris you really hurt called me a sideline hoe” she said looking at me.

<strong>“I know babe and im sorry I should have never said that you’re the only girl for me harmony” I said.

<strong>“what about your girlfriend” she asked.

<strong>“what girlfriend..when we get home ima tell her its tired of hurting you harmony” she got up and just looked at me.

<strong>“chris I don’t wanna forgive you and then you pull the same s***” she said with an attitude.

<strong>I stood up and grabbed her waist.

<strong>baby I promise I won’t hurt you” I said looking dead in her eyes. She smiled and kissed me.

<strong>The moment we kissed it started raining, I deepened the kiss I slid my tounge in her mouth her lips felt so good against mine.

<strong>She pulled back and looked at me and smiled

<strong>“maybe we should go back to the room and get some dry clothes” she said.

<strong>I looked down and we we’re both soaked “yea we should go” I said smiling back at her.

<strong>I grabbed her hand and started walking back to the room.

<strong>“Harmony” we both turned around to see who called her name.

<strong>“Drake” harmony said kinda surprised.

<strong>Harmony P.O.V

<strong>I couldn’t believe he was here I wonder if he was watching me and Chris this whole time.

<strong>“I can’t get a hug” he asked.

<strong>I walked over to him and gave him a hug I looked over at chris who wasn’t to happy.

<strong>“what are you doing here” I asked him.

<strong>“its my mom and dad anniversary they decide to come here it was a last minute thing” he said.

<strong>“oh” I said. We stood there for a minute nobody was saying anything.

<strong>“umm harmony we gotta go” chris said.

<strong>Drake looked at chris. “do you really have to go ma” drake asked.

<strong>“yes she do now bye nigga” chris said with an attitude.

<strong>“is this nigga yo bf or something” drake asked.

<strong>“no he’s my step brother but he’s right we do have to go, maybe I’ll see you around” I said.

<strong>“alright ma” he said while giving me a hug and a kiss on my cheek.

<strong>chris grabbed my arm and we headed back to the hotel room.

Run It !

Updating Later!!! Keep The Comments Coming :)