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Love & Hip Hop *revamp* (5/28/13)


Run it:)

Somebody need to whip her ass like seriously. Jut cause he got good d*** dont mean to ass have to be with him. He bout to have a baby so you honestly think he gon choose you over that baby, I think NOT! Suspect! Somebody exposé this b**** please.
Run it

Run it

She know she fake as f*** smh

Run it


"guess who i just ran into" eden said walking into her house seeing trey already there.
"who?" he asked.
"your girl" she said with a smirk.
"what? where? what happened?" trey asked.
"relax she's still as clueless as ever" eden said calming him down.

<em>Eden- i don't know why he so worried about his girl finding out through me when she gonna be sitting behind the TV finding out he doing her dirty the same time as the rest of the world, i think thats f***ed up</em>

"where'd you see here at?" trey asked.
"remember how you said your baby momma was going out to eat with a few of her friends?" she asked as he nodded."well one of her friends happens to be my best friend nicole" she explained."i saw nicole, went over to say hi and se introduced me to her friends and there you go one of them wasd your fat ass baby momma" she spoke.

"chill eden she aint fat, she's pregnant" he corrected her.
"the b**** is fat" eden spoke.

<em>Trey- i know what ya'll think "thats messed up why you cheating on shelly?" but it's not even like that shelly knew what she was getting into from the jump.</em>

Eden's phone rang as she got a texted message form nicole inviting her out later that night with her and her girls.

"guess you just got invited to go out with your girls crew tonight" eden said giving trye her phone to read he message,

<em>Nic: i want you to meet all my girls the right way tonight so meet me at greystone at 9</em>

"you ain't going" trey said giving her the phone.
"like hell i'm not" eden."you maybe be able to control shelly but i'm eden baby and you aint my daddy" she said with her hands on her hips.

<em>Trey- f***!</em>

-Later that night-

<em>Nicole- so i'm getting my girls together so they can meet eden and see shes a real cool chick. i know she has this tough b**** look to her but she's nothing like that.</em>

"so who's with who?" eden asked nicole as they sat up in a VIP section waiting for the rest of the girls.
"well you know i'm with shad, nalanie is with kirko bangz, shelly is with trey songz and karima is with chris brown" she told her as eden made a face."what?" she asked her.
"i don't see why any woman would want to be with a nigga like chris brown, he has issues" she spoke.

<em>Eden- what? that nigga a issues look on TMZ</em>

"you don't really know him personally" nicole told her.
"yeah cause i'm not tryna get in the way of his fist" she said laughing as nicole just shook her head.
"please don;t say none of this infront og the girls" nicole said.
"my lips are sealed but i know you know where i'm getting at" eden laughed.

<em>Nicole- i'm starting to feel like maybe this wasn't a good idea, hopeful she doesn't say any of this in front of karima</em>

"hello ladies" shelly spoke walking up and hugging nicole as eden looked her up and down."hey, i'm shelly" she said shaking eden hands.
"i remember" eden said with a fake smile."you are glowing, how far along are you?" she asked as shelly sat down
"7 months" shelly answered."which means i should not be in a club right now" she said to nicole.
"i'm pregnant too and i'm here" nicole defended.

"being pregnant in the club is kinda rachet nic" eden said.
"right!" shelly shelly said laughing
" do the other girls have kids?" eden asked.
"nalanie and karima both have newborns and this is my first" shelly said touching her stomach.
"this is my second" nicole spoke."you already know about shai" she told eden.
"yes, she is just the cutiest" eden saif with a smile.

<em>Shelly- eden seems cool, lets get some drinks in her and see who she really is</em>

"the party has arrived!" nalanie yelled as she walked up and greeting the girls and minutes later karima showed up and it wasn't long before all the girls except nicole and shelly started drinking champagne.

"karima you got some bomb ass legs" eden said.
"really?" karma asked sticking them out.
"yes girl i wish i had legs like yours" she said.
"thank you" karima said laughing.

<em>Eden- these girls are really cool especially shelly, i kinda feel bad abut messing with her man but not that bad the d*** is too good.</em>

"where'd you get that chair it's mad cute?" karima asked eden.
"tr...someone gave it to me" eden responded.
"its cute" karima said.
"thank you" eden said with a smile.

Karima smiled as she walked away and met up with nalanie as he sat down in the back. Nalanie looked over at the way karima had her eyes squinted and they way she was biting there corner of her lip, she knew karima was thinking about something hard.

"spill it" nalanie spoke."what's on your mind?" she asked.
"you remember that angel chain shelly got trey a while back" karima asked.
"yeah, why?" she asked.
"i think eden is wearing" karima told her.
"girl you're tripping you know how many people have that chain" nalanie said.
"when i asked her where she got it from she sound like she was about to say trey" karima pointed out.
"you just don't like her, give her the benfit of the doubt" nalanie said patting karimas leg and getting up.

<em>Karima- okay maybe i don't really know but i got a feeling, and almost of the time i'm always right.</em>

"you in a relationship?" shelly asked edne.
"uh no, not really" eden answered.
"not really?" shelly asked.
"i mean i'm seeing people nothing really serious" eden told her as shelly looked at the chains around edens neck but she turned before she could get a good looked.

<em>Nicole- this night seems to be going well, no drama at all so maybe this was a good idea</em>

"what you doing boo" nicole asked eden
"tweeting" she asnwered as she pressed send and put her phone away.
"how you feeling about everyone so far?" she asked.
"they all see pretty cool to me" she spoke."i have nothing bad to say about any of them" eden said with a smile.
"good i hope they feel the same about you" nicole spoke.
"me too eden said

damn Eden is bold AF!!! Imma cut Trey I swear!! I wonder why Chrs is so insecure!!

Eden just going for it huh? she slick friends and f***ing her friend man. Damn. That's a shame but sometimes it be like that. Chris is either cheating himself or just really jealous and worried or paranoid. Nalanie aint even give him time to get situated before she started in with the insinuations. She know he give into damn can you shave a little faith and trust in your man? That's also a shame. Seven years? You don't need a ring. In most states you're technically married anyway. Lol. But I think she will get her ring. Run it.

Hard to be on other side of this argument but hey get it how you living!

Nicole don't be to worried I'm not tryna keep him.

smh lol eden is just ugggh smh glad she aint touch my man she would have been in the hospital in a body cast just saying lol

run it

Damn dats messed up trey aint rite smh chris up to sumn n it mite hav sumn to do wit riri nic girl u betta open yo eyes to the true yo home girl aint rite she slpn wit yo man n u mind as well gt ready to drop trey cus he gn keep cheatn betta teach him a lessn listn to yo girl rima u already think he cheatn which is true lol shelly silly nt she rite no new friends lol run it

There's a reason chris gave in so easily
Shelly your right about trey
Nicole and yeah Eden gettin to a man alright YOUR man
Run it!


<em>Shelly- So its a beautiful sunny day in LA and i decided to hit up all my girls Nalanie, Nicole, and Karima to come have brunch with since i haven't seen them in forever.</em>

"b****!" shelly heard a voice as she turned around to see Nicole walking up with a huge baby bump.
"chica you are huge!" shelly said standing up to hug her.
"so are you, look at you" nicole said putting her hands on shellys stomach and sitting down.
"where's shai?" shelly asked.
"with her daddy, their having a daughter daddy day" she said with a smile."oh Karima said she's gonna be late she's waiting for chris to get home so he can stay with Chris Jr" she added.

"how are they by the way? still arguing?" shelly asked.
"girl, your know one minute they hate each other and the next their loving each other, thats normal for them" nicole spoke.

<em>Nicole- Basically everyone knows chris and karima are a dramatic mess but their love is real. it's crazy but true</em>


"did you tell him you had plans?" nalanie asked Karima.
"yeah, he was supposed to be here by now" karima said."he's doing this s*** on purpose because he's mad at me for talking to KMac" she added.
"KMac? his artist KMac?" nalanie asked.
"yeah!" karima said."like is i was gonna cheat it would not be with KMac" she added.

<em>Karima- me and chris go through this s*** all the time. I'm used to it. it's a everyday thing.</em>

"look who finally decided to show up" nalanie said as chris walked in the door.
"hello to you to" he said to her.
"i need you to stay with CJ i'm going out with the girls" karima spoke.
"the girls?" chris asked with a confused expression."where yall going?" he asked.
"to eat, is there a problem?" karima asked."nalanie can you wait for me outside?" she asked as nalanie nodded her head and walked out quickly.

<em>Nalanie- i never get in between a couples arguments. its not my place so when karima said wait for me outside i did exactly what she said.</em>

"i told you before i was going out with the girls, i showed you shelly's text messages" karima told him half yelling.
"i'm sorry" he said.
"what?" karima asked not believe he gave up so easily.
"i'm sorry, i really just don't want you to fall for some other lame nigga" he said wrapping his arms around her waist.
"i told you before, i love you and only you" she said looking into his eyes.
"i know, i love you too" he said pecking her lips as he put her on the table.

<em>Karima- why is he so worried about me leaving? i don't know. but he needs to get it through his head that i'm not going anywhere. we have a son together so i'm here to the end.</em>

"i have to go meet the girls" she said with a giggle as he kissed on her neck.
"can't they wait?" he asked.
"no, i kept them waiting long enough" she said.
"fine" he said stepping back."but tonight you better be ready, cause it's going down" he said slapping her ass as she walked out the door.

"yo i swear i'm about to call these b****es and curse them out" nicole said.
"you ain't cursing nobody out" karima said as she and nalanie walked up.
"where the hell yall been?" shelly asked.
"i had to wait for her and chris to stop arguing" nalanie spoke.
"again?" nicole asked.
"yeah but we made up" she said with a smile."and i'm getting the D tonight!" she said bouncing in her seat.

"uh hun your nasty ass" shelly said laughing and then stopped suddenly.
"whats on your mind?" nalanie asked.
"trey" shelly spoke.
"whats going on with yall?" nicole asked.
"i think he's cheating again" she told them.
"did you ask him?" karima asked.
"no, i'm not sure, i don't really have proof" she spoke.

"NICOLE!!" she heard her name being called as she looked over to see Eden walking up to their outside table.
"oh hey wassup?" she asked her.
"just passing through, you?" eden asked.
"having lunch with my girls" nicole said."this is karima, shelly and nalanie" she introduced. them as they said hi to each other.

<em>Karima- i feel like i seen this girl somewhere but i don't remember. but what i do know is that i'm not feeling her ora cause you know i can read a persons ora</em>

"alright well imma let yall get back to your girls day, i got a man to get to" eden said.
"you putting it down?" nicole asked.
"you know it" eden said laughing as she began to walk away."bye" she added.

"how do you know here?" karima asked.
"i knew her since college" nicole spoke.
"hmmm" karima said sipping her drink.
"hmmm what?" nicole asked.
"no offensive but it's something about that girl i don't like" karima said.
"she's cool people" she said.

"maybe we should all get together" nalanie spoke as karima shot a look at her."i think it would be a good idea to get to know her" she added.
"yeah when you get to know her you'll see how cool she is" nicole spoke.
"i'm with karima, i don't really like meeting knew people" shelly spoke."like drake said i ride with my day ones, no new friends" she added.

Whoa it crazy being on the other side. Being the one to ruin the relationship but hey these heaux for everybody! smh.

Sorry Shelly!

Chris better get his shxt right for he get dropped!

Shad better learn how to say no same goes for Kirko!

Run It!


Trey and Shelly- I see why shelly has trust issues with him. Sooner or later that s*** he doing gonna catch up to him and it won't be pretty.

Chris and Karima- Chris tryng to confront Rima when he f***in Rihanna boy please. If I was rima I would leave his ass

Nalanie and Kirko- I think Nalanie needs to trust him even though he may be surrounded by groupies but through it all he still only see's that no one compares to her. However even though he is a rapper it comes with certain things such as groupies too.

Nicole and Bow- they have a good relationship to be 7 years strong and Nicole shouldn't worry too much about getting a ring on her finger because he will marry her. But if she starts to pressure him about it then he may feel like he have to do it rather than wanting to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves.

Eden- smh that's all I can do

Nalanie and Kirk are so cute!! awww girl you got you a good one unlike the rest of the characters (besides Shad)

Chris I know you did not just call Rima out her name and confronting her about a friend when you with Rih?? Child please!!

Shad and Nicole are so cute!! but damn Shad imma need for you to gone ahead and put a ring on it it's been 7 years

Trey wtf???????? How you get up from feeling your baby kicks with me to go fck with Eden?? That's foul!! He gone get his balls chopped because I don't play about that sssshhh if I forgive you once and let you have another chance and you fck up again..I'm ready to fight!!


*Nalanie and Kirko are soooo cute. Girl you got a good man dont let them goes get to you:)
*Chris you got serious issues disrespecting the one that gave you your children dude. BETTA straighten yo ass up!
*nicole & shad seem like they doing good, he's a good man
*Trey you dirty ass mothaf***a! You wrong leaving her home by herself with a baby.

Run it

Awwe me and kirk so cute :) until i have to kill him and bury the body lol jk

shad need to stop jumping when people call and hang wit his girl and baby smh

chris is smdh forreal do yo insecure ass
trey tf nigga you got two good hands that God has given you use them.

Run IT Girly


<a href="">Nalanie Alexander</a>
Girlfriend of rapper <a href="|%20Rap%20Artist.jpg">Kirko Bangz</a>

<em>My name is Nalanie and me and Kirko have been together for 2 years. We have a newborn daughter named Karina, she is my heart and soul. Kirk is a great man and father, the only thing i have a problem with is since he's a rapper where ever he goes, the groupie b****es follow</em>

"hey baby" kirko said coming in through the door. He dropped his bag on the table and pecked nalanie on her lips.
"hey, how was your weekend?" she asked as she sat on the couch and watched their daughter sleep in her swing.
"crazy" he said sitting next to her."we literally got cashed for blocks" he added.
"hmmmm" she said nodding."anybody in your room?" she asked.

"come on nalanie i don't wanna go through this again" he spoke.
"i just know how easily you fall into temptation" she said.
"babe look at me" he said as she did just that."i told you from the jump that i'm riding with you, if you're riding with me, are you riding with me?" he asked.
"of course" she answered.
"then i'm riding with you all the way" he spoke."now can a nigga get a kiss?" he asked as she climbed on his lap and kissed him.

"you need to stop worrying about these females, they don't have s*** on my baby" he said grabbing her ass making her giggle.

<a href="">Karima Jones</a>
Girlfriend of R&B singer <a href="">Chris Brown</a>

<em>i'm karima and me and chris have been together for 3 years now. We have a beautiful newborn son together who is named after his daddy. what can i say about chris? he's an awesome father to his son. there's 1 main problem in our relationship...her name is rihanna.</em>

"Rima!" chris called out from downstairs.
"shhh i just got CJ to sleep, why are you yelling?" she asked coming down the steps..
"you been talking to KMac on twitter?" he asked.
"yeah, so?" she asked.
"what yall been talking about?" he asked.
"things, music, whatever's on TV" she answered.

"you messing with him?" he asked her.
"what? no" she said looking at him like he was crazy.
"i just don't see why you would be talking to another man so much" he pointed out.
"he's a friend, you need to chill" she told him.
"nah, this need to be put to an end" he said clenching his jaw.

"boy bye you are crazy" she said."nothing is going on between me and KMac but even if there was something i don't call you out on you and your hoes" she shot back.
"this isn't about me, imma a man" he said.
"so because you're a man that gives you the right to disrespect me and our family?" she asked.

"don't act like you didn't know what you were getting your self into when i brought you back to my crib the night we met i mean why do you have to be such an insecure b****" he shot out shocking karima.
"did you just call me a b****?" she asked."i may be a b**** but your a self absorbed cheating piece of s*** who can't keep his d*** in his pants" she shot out.
"whatever man i don't need this s***" he said waving her off as she charged out the door and slammed it behind him.

<a href="">Nicole Moss</a>
Girlfriend Of Rapper <a href="">Bow Wow</a>(shad Moss)

<em>I'm Nicole and shad and i have been together for 7 years. Yes 7 years and no ring. But thats okay because at the end of the day i will have it. On another note we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter together named Shai and a little boy on the way who we agreed to name after shad.</em>

"baby, i gotta go" shad said to nicole who was cooking in the kitchen.
"what? why? you just got here" she said.
"i know but chris just hit me up he and rima went at it again and i need calm him down" she explained.
"should i call rima?" she asked.
"yeah maybe you can calm her down" he said."i'll see you later" he said pecking her lips.

"bye baby" she said as he kissed her baby bump.
"shai, give daddy a goodbye kiss" he said was his daughter wobbled over to him and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek as he bent down."love you baby" he said to nicole as he walked out the door.

Nicole turned back to the stove but before going back to what she was doing, she took out her phone, called karima and put it on speaker.

"hello?" she answered with attitude.
"hold on with all that sass boo boo" nicole said.
"i'm sorry chris just pissed me off" she asked.
"i know he called shad and shad went to go calm him down, yall need to chill cause i'm tryna spend time with my man" nicole said,
"i'm sorry boo" rima spoke.

<a href="">Shelly Mendoza</a>
Girlfriend of R&B singer <a href="">Ttey Songz</a>

<em>i'm shelly or shell and me and trey have been together for 3 years long and we have a baby girl gril on the way who will be named Khylee Marie Neverson. Truthfully speaking my man in an R&B singer and R&B singers are the biggest man hoes of them all but trey is slowly changing now that we've starting our family.</em>

"she's kicking" shelly said as a huge grin spread across treys face as he put his hand on her stomach and felt his daughter kick.
"oh she gonna be a soccer player" he said laughing."kicking the hell outta those ball" he said as he laughed ever harder at the way that came out.
"pause" shelly said laughing.

"you know what i meant" she said with a smirk showing his dimples. Treys phone started vibrating on the coffe tables and he reached for it to see who it was. He picked it up and stood up.
"who is it?' shelly asked as he put his finger up towards her telling her to hold on.

"alright i'll be there soon" he said hanging up the phone."i gotta head over to the studio really quick" trey said turning to face shelly.
"what for?" she asked.
"wayne wants me on this track and they need to have it cut and edited by tomorrow" he said."so i might be in the studio all night" he added as he pecked her lips, grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

Shelly sighed as she laided back on the couch and closed her eyes to get some rest.

<a href="">Eden Renee Kola</a>
"Friend" Of R&B Singer Trey Songz

"Eden!" trey called out as he walked straight into her house. He closed the door behind him and seen her walking down the steps with just a robe on.
"i was getting lonly" he said with a pout.
"you do know i was with my baby momma right?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around her and rested his hands on her ass.
"so, she can't have sex for a few more months somebody needs to give you some" she said.

"let me guess that somebody is you?" he asked.
"you know i'm the best that ever did it" she said with a smirk making hims laugh.
"whatever you say" he responded."you gonna come up with me to the room or you stay down here and s*** talk?" he asked as he took off his shirt and started to walk up the stairs.
"i'll follow you where ever" she said following him up to her bedroom.


Ooooo Me I wanna be in it too can you do 1 more girl PLEASE???? I'll be a mistress if needed!

Name:Eden Renee Kola
Picture: <a href="">Vashtie</a>
Man: Asap Rocky (Rakim)or Trey's Mistress
Kids: 1 lil boy Josiah Rakim Mayers
How Long all been together: 3 years
Problems: I cheated on him, He cheated on me, and we can't find a common ground about the baby and marriage.
Personality: Wild card. What you see is what you get. I apologize for nothing, I'm lovable and caring. I'm Me!

Daughter name Rhylee Marie Neverson

My occupation is registered nurse

Picture: Lauren London
Man: Trey Songz
Kids: pregnant with little girl
How Long all been together: 3 years
Problems: his cheater past and my trust issues
Personality: outgoing outspoken goofy very emotional good listener often loud extremely SEXUAL!!

Baby boy: Christopher Maurice Brown

baby boy: Devin Moss or a Jr.

damn woman lol nah jk

kid name: Karina

one more thing I know I keep added s*** lol

but I need names for your kids.

Occupation: Own a bouquet and do small modeling jobs on the side

@Always_amazing i need an occupation from you

Name: Nicole Moss
Picture: Tahiry
Man:Shad Moss
Kids:Shai Moss and one on the way (Boy)
Relationship: 7yrs
Problem: Shad's not ready for commitment
Personality: I'm fun,caring,feisty,sweet,good listener,and willing to fight for what is MINES!!!

Occupation:Fashion Designer