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Stevenson and Roses Part One

Okay this is the first first part of it series this is what happened in the wayyyy beginning before mike and derrik and babies lol

Gabbys Pov
I threw a pillow at my sister Gigi telling her to get up or she was going to be late for class Im not finna have this girl living with me and she flunk out of her classes. "Come on sis just 10 more mins? I shouted from the kitchen "Hell nah b**** get the f*** up" I turned up the radio some more and began to dance to Neyo one in a million. oh look at me not introducing myself im Gabrielle im 19 and I live in Downtown chicago in the Trump tower with my sister Gigi and we stay all the way at the top thanks to our parents who live in the depts of the surban hells. im single, trust I been looking s*** just dont seem to work out cuz these chicago guys are straight asses *rolls eyes* oh s*** im burning my damn bagel as I ran over to the toaster I threw it in the air and just my luck my dog coco caught it and took off running "come back here you little mut your lucky I have on heels right now or it would be your little ass. Just as I was about to run after her my cell phone rang "hello" hey girl where you at? my bestfriend evangelina gotta love my mexi. "im on my way I have to drop G off at school and I will be out there soon" "okay hoe just be ready for that test in anatomy today" "s*** I forgot bout that test but okay bye" I hung up grabbed my bookbag and knocked on G door telling her that if she isnt out of her room in 30 seconds shes getting left, as I stood there counting she opened the door and lord and behold a dressed Gigi "Alright im ready lets go" I said bye to coco as I put her behind her gate in the kitchen"

We made it out the house at 8:30 with time to grab something to eat on the way as we walked down the hall to the elevators me being the clumsy one not watching where I was going bumped into someone tall. ouch I said as I landed on my well padded booty(also thanks mama) "my bad ma you okay?" he walked over to me and grabbed my hand to help me up "yeah im good" I said as I grabbed his hand once I was stable back on the ground I fixed my jeans and pulled them up and fixed my hair. I looked up to see G laughing her ass off. "Hey you look familar" As I moved the hair out of my face I soon became silent I tried to form my words but they werent working. "Ummmmh well see ummmh you went to simeon right? I finally managed to get out "yeah he said he smiled at my nervousness what class were you? I was just staring at him when I realized he asked me a question and I told him 2010 and he laughed and said ohhh okay so you were a freshman okay ummh well I just got in from paractice and im tired as s*** ma." oh okay me and my laughing sister over there were just headed out. I heard G sigh, I looked at her sideways with my eye cut low. "ummh you wanna go to the car?" I threw her the keys to my truck. Fine she said as she got on the elevator. It was an awkward silence when he finally broke it, so what you doing tonight? uhhh nothing why? well since were neighbors why dont I just come down the hall to chill with you. I smiled and blushed while looking down at my pumps. Uhh sure he pulled out his blackberry and I programed my number in it. Alright ma imma text you later he said as he walked backwards to his place, alright later I walked to the elevator thinking "God dont let him be staring at my booty" I turned back around and saw him still staring "oh god" I got on the elevator and screamed and did a little tap dance. "imma get me a man today b****es" I sang happily as I walked to the truck.