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Stevenson and Roses Part One

Okay this is the first first part of it series this is what happened in the wayyyy beginning before mike and derrik and babies lol

Gabbys Pov
I threw a pillow at my sister Gigi telling her to get up or she was going to be late for class Im not finna have this girl living with me and she flunk out of her classes. "Come on sis just 10 more mins? I shouted from the kitchen "Hell nah b**** get the f*** up" I turned up the radio some more and began to dance to Neyo one in a million. oh look at me not introducing myself im Gabrielle im 19 and I live in Downtown chicago in the Trump tower with my sister Gigi and we stay all the way at the top thanks to our parents who live in the depts of the surban hells. im single, trust I been looking s*** just dont seem to work out cuz these chicago guys are straight asses *rolls eyes* oh s*** im burning my damn bagel as I ran over to the toaster I threw it in the air and just my luck my dog coco caught it and took off running "come back here you little mut your lucky I have on heels right now or it would be your little ass. Just as I was about to run after her my cell phone rang "hello" hey girl where you at? my bestfriend evangelina gotta love my mexi. "im on my way I have to drop G off at school and I will be out there soon" "okay hoe just be ready for that test in anatomy today" "s*** I forgot bout that test but okay bye" I hung up grabbed my bookbag and knocked on G door telling her that if she isnt out of her room in 30 seconds shes getting left, as I stood there counting she opened the door and lord and behold a dressed Gigi "Alright im ready lets go" I said bye to coco as I put her behind her gate in the kitchen"

We made it out the house at 8:30 with time to grab something to eat on the way as we walked down the hall to the elevators me being the clumsy one not watching where I was going bumped into someone tall. ouch I said as I landed on my well padded booty(also thanks mama) "my bad ma you okay?" he walked over to me and grabbed my hand to help me up "yeah im good" I said as I grabbed his hand once I was stable back on the ground I fixed my jeans and pulled them up and fixed my hair. I looked up to see G laughing her ass off. "Hey you look familar" As I moved the hair out of my face I soon became silent I tried to form my words but they werent working. "Ummmmh well see ummmh you went to simeon right? I finally managed to get out "yeah he said he smiled at my nervousness what class were you? I was just staring at him when I realized he asked me a question and I told him 2010 and he laughed and said ohhh okay so you were a freshman okay ummh well I just got in from paractice and im tired as s*** ma." oh okay me and my laughing sister over there were just headed out. I heard G sigh, I looked at her sideways with my eye cut low. "ummh you wanna go to the car?" I threw her the keys to my truck. Fine she said as she got on the elevator. It was an awkward silence when he finally broke it, so what you doing tonight? uhhh nothing why? well since were neighbors why dont I just come down the hall to chill with you. I smiled and blushed while looking down at my pumps. Uhh sure he pulled out his blackberry and I programed my number in it. Alright ma imma text you later he said as he walked backwards to his place, alright later I walked to the elevator thinking "God dont let him be staring at my booty" I turned back around and saw him still staring "oh god" I got on the elevator and screamed and did a little tap dance. "imma get me a man today b****es" I sang happily as I walked to the truck.


GiGi’s POV

Chris and I had made it to Oak Street. “All the times I’ve been to Chicago, I’ve never known about this street.” Chris said as we walked down looking at the shops. “That’s because when you Google Oak Street, the beach the only think popped up.” I said. “Aw, it’s cold as hell yo.” Chris said putting on his hood. “Duh, it’s Chicago and its November. You can’t be wearing just a hoodie. Don’t you see my pea coat and scarf?!” I laughed at him for not being prepared. He looked down at his Last Kings hoodie and then at me, “Well let’s buy me a coat then!” I smiled and led him into Moncler. “Oh snap, I heard of these jackets.” Chris said as he walked around the small boutique like store. “I’m thinking about getting Mike one. He’s gonna be out here from like thanksgiving to Christmas so he’s gonna need a coat.” I said going over to the guys coats. Chris looked at the hefty price tag on one of the coats, “Damn he lettin you get access to the account already?” I looked at him like he was crazy, “No b*tch, I got my own money.” We both laughed, “Why I gotta be a b*tch though?” I laughed, “Force of habit. But yeah, I got money sir.” He nodded, “Word?” I smiled, “Black card certified.” His eyes widen, “Damn sis! Welcome to the fam.” He pulled me into a hug that lasted a little bit too long. “Chris?” He looked down at me, “Yes?” “This is creepy.” He laughed and let me go. I found a nice thousand coat for Mike and Chris found one for himself. He wore it out of the store and we continued to walk down the street. “So where you wanna go?” I asked. “Let’s go to Barney’s.” He shrugged. I smiled, “Yes!” He looked at me, “What you do happy for?” I laughed, “I love Barney’s. Plus they got these new Louboutins that I wanna wear for Mike’s birthday.” He smiled, “I’ll get ‘em for you sis. Think of it as an early birthday present.” I looked at him sideways, “Uhhhh I wanna gift on my birthday! Not before or after.” He threw his head back and laughed, “Okay, how about one before and then on your birthday.” I thought about it, “I guess that’s fine.” He laughed again, “You guess? I don’t do this much for Karruche!” I shrugged as we reached Barney’s, “I’m not Karruche.” He opened the door for me and watched me walk in, “I know that’s right.”

Gabbys Pov

I was sitting at the kitchen counter eating a bagel n drinking some coffee thinking of the best way to tell my family that I passed my test I have been holding this secret for like a good week now idk maybe I should just think about it a little less then just maybe the answer will come to me. I was soon taken out of my thought by someone knocking at the door. I got up and walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole to see that it was Chris and D I tied my robe tighter and opened the door. "hey what are y'all doing here so early" Chris hugged me and walked in lookin around. And D spoke "we just wanted to see if you and Gi were up" as he kissed me I walked back into the kitchen and grabbed my mug "y'all want anything?" nah we good. I walked back into the living room to see Chris scratching behind coco's ears as she laid next to him falling back to sleep.

"so you know mike and Gi birthdays are comin up" Chris said yeah I know so what did y'all have in mind for their bdays? I sipped from my mug as I listened to what those two fools came up with. Then Chris spoke "okay I was thinking that I keep Gi occupied while you and D go shopping for her gifts" me and D nodded our heads in agreement "okay cool so bae go get ready and Chris wen she wakeup just tell her that we went out to breakfast or something. I got up to go get dressed seeing that I already took a shower and brushed my teeth, I threw on my black terri cloth sweatsuit n my shape ups. "I'm good at keeping people occupied" I heard Chris say from the living room, I just shook my head and grabbed my purse and me and D were out the door. We decided to hit the Coach store first "I don't know what to get her bae" I said as I looked through some blouses "don't worry baby you will find something" "yeah I know... Hey bae I'm bout to tell you something and I dont want you telling anybody okay?" "okay watsup" I breathed in deep and said "I passed my nursing exams" he put down the scarf he was holding and looked at me and hugged me tight "that's great bae I'm so proud of you my baby is gonna be a nurse. I smiled and said thank you baby but you can't tell anyone not even Chris cuz you know he got a big ass mouth and he will tell mike and mike will tell Gi and I already got it planned out in my head when I'm going to tell my whole family. "when" I looked at the collection of matching sister necklaces and said "thanksgiving".

GiGi's POV

I loved my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays off. Today was a Wednesday. I woke up and rolled over only to find Chris wide awake and smiling. "Good Morning." I screamed and jumped out of my bed. "What the fck are you doing?!" I then looked down and saw I only had on a tshirt and boyshorts on. I grabbed my robe and put it on. He got up and laughed, "Chill Gi damn." I backed away from him, "Why are you in here? How did you get in here?" He laughed and held up a room key, "D took Gabby out for breakfast. I was bored and I saw this on the kitchen counter so I came in here. I thought you were up but you weren't so I laid down." I sat on the back of the couch, "You fckn scared me. Next time, just wake me up." He chuckled, "Will do sis, now give me a hug." I hugged him and he kissed my cheek. I shook my head and went in my bathroom, locking the door and did my hygeine thing. When I came out Chris was sitting on the couch with the remote in his hand. "So what do y'all do for fun? I'm dying here." Chris said looking pathetic. I laughed and sat on the couch, "We can go out if you want. On Michigan Ave or Oak Street." He looked over at me, "What's on Oak Street?" "All the high end stores." I answered now getting up to go to my closet. "Hermes, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Harry Winston, Barney's, stores like that." I listed a few. I then saw him appear in the door of my closet, "What the hell we waiting for? Hurry up!" He smacked my ass and I mugged him. "Really? Let's not do that again okay?" He nodded his head. I patted his shoulder, "Good boy." I walked out of my closet and into my bathroom to shower and get ready.

Gabby's Pov

We dropped my god daughter off at her grannys house. And then we were off to the prince Royce concert. We were so excited to meet him before the show. I fixed my makeup before we got out of the truck and made sure I was looking cute. As we walked into the arena I asked eva wat was all of the tension about between them. "oh it's nothing you know how us women do she said. I just shook my head and said alright as soon as we got into the place it was packed. Then this big black security guy came up to us asking if we were the radio contest winners I nodded my head and he then told us to follow him. Me and Eva began jumping up and down but we controlled ourselves and calmed down.

We walked into this back room and the security guard told us to stay there while we waited we decided to take pics while sittin on the couch. And then it happened prince Royce walked through the double doors smiling and looking fine as f*** god I just want to dunk him in some milk like an Oreo. Hey ladies he said with that sexy Latino accent of his omgg I reached out my hand and said hi but he pulled me into a hug and then did the same to Eva. He asked us what are names were and as god is my witness I swear I almost forgot "ummmmh gabby yeah that's my name" he laughed and said well hello gco he looked at my outfit and was like damnnnn mami wait turn around for me. I turned around slowly and he just stared. "wow do you have a boyfriend? I laughed and said yeah I do he shook his head and said damn he is one lucky man. I just stood there blushing, so after the. Silence we talked about everything and the concert was amazing after the concert he gave me his number and signed an autograph for Gi. Me and eva got into the truck and blasted Von comigo by prince Royce n daddy Yankee. I dropped Eva off at her moms house and drove back to the towers. I got up to my floor and took off my glittery heels by the elevator and walked to my door in just m stockings and dress. I was tired and needed sleep. I unlocked the door and coco met me at the door with her head turned to the side. I rubbed behind her ears when I heard laughing comin from Gi's room. I walked in and saw D I smiled and said hey and asked I'd D would meet me in my room he know wat time it is... Yeah it's makin babies time jk or am I...???

GiGi’s POV

It was around 12 pm on Monday, and neither me nor Gabby had class. I laid in my bed still sleepy and trying to drift back off until Gabby burst into my room. “Damn b*tch, don’t you knock?” I said turning over away from the door. She jumped on the bed on top of me. “Wake up!” She said happily. “Get off me!” I screamed trying to shake her off. She laughed, “Come on! We have to go shopping!” I laid there with my eyes closed still, “For what? I went shopping before the trip.” She finally got off of me, “Because, we goin to the Prince Royce concert tonight.” I totally forgot about that concert. To be honest I never wanted to go, but she asked me and I said yes. “Is that tonight?” I asked still laying there. “Yeah, what you don’t wanna go?” She asked now standing up. “No not really. Can’t Eva go?” I responded. She smacked her lips, “You and me were supposed to go though!” I switched positions in the bed, “Well, I don’t want to now, so take her. Who has a concert on a Monday anyway?” I said. “Is this because of Mike?” She asked. I completely sat up, “Why is everything about Michael?” She did this a lot now, and we’ve only been back for not even two days. “Because, you make everything about him.” She answered. I screwed my face up, “I didn’t say sh*t about him! I said I don’t wanna fckn go!” I was upset now. She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “Whatever, let me call Eva.” She then stormed out of my room slamming my door. I went to the door and yelled down the hallway, “And quit slammin my daaaammmmnnnn door! Don’t nobody care if you got a fckn attitude!” “Shut the fck up!” She yelled back. “Gabby I’ll beat yo ass!” I yelled back and slammed my door. I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face.


“I miss you so much!” Mike said. I smiled at the camera, “I miss you too babe.” We had been on Skype for over an hour. I then heard a knock on my door. “Come in.” I said without looking at the door. It was Gabby, “Hey sis, how I look?” I was still a little pissed from what happened earlier. I turned and look and turned back to my computer, “You look nice.” She smacked her lips, “Hey Gabby.” Mike said. “Hey Mike.” She said back. “Gi, Eva’s here.” I shrugged, “Okay.” She sighed, “She brought her daughter.” I turned to face her, “Okay?” “Don’t worry you ain’t gotta babysit.” She said still in my doorway. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t worried.” I responded and turned back to my laptop. Gabby sighed, “You don’t wanna meet her daughter?” I rolled my eyes and turned to her, “I’ve been avoiding her for two years. What you think?” “Bae, what you got against Eva and her kid?” Mike asked. I looked back at the screen, “Shut up Mike.” “No, I’m thinkin the same thing. You have no reason to not like Eva.” Gabby added. “I do, and she knows why.” I said. “Well what is it?” They both asked. “As long as she knows, I don’t have to say.” I answered. “Well, what about the girl?” Mike asked. “Mike didn’t I say shut up? Damn.” I said frustrated. He shook his head. “Can you just come see her please?” Gabby said. I sighed, “Fine. Mike I’ll talk to you later.” “Aiight love.” I hung up without saying anything back. I walked out of my room following Gabby into the living room. “Hey Eva.” I said plainly. “Hey Gi.” She responded. I rolled my eyes, only friends and loved ones called me that. She was neither. “That’s her?” I asked talking about the girl. “Yeah, her name is Jaelen.” Gabby said happily. “Pretty.” I simply said. Eva cracked a slight smile, “Thanks Gi.” I smiled, “Yeah, she reminds me of someone. I can’t remember who though.” I looked at Eva knowing she knew exactly who I was talking about. She looked uncomfortable. Gabby was looking at Jaelen, “I don’t see it.” I shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.” Gabby shrugged too, “Well I wanna show her to D. I’ll be right back. Please play nice.” I laughed, “Chill Gabbz.” She walked out with little Jaelen. I shook my head a scoffed at Eva. “Why you bring her here? What are you trying to prove?” I asked. Eva narrowed her eyes, “Is that what this is about? You think this is about you?” I threw my hands up, “Is it not? You could’ve dropped her off before you got here!” I said. “Gi, you gotta get over it really. It was two years ago.” Eva said. I shook my head, “You don’t get it.” I turned to walk to my room but she was right behind me. “What is it I’m supposed to be getting?!” She asked. I turned around with tears in my eyes, “He was mine! You know, I knew you didn’t like me. But that just took the fckn cake. Did you know, that I was pregnant too? But he said I was too young so he made me get rid of it. Only for me to find out that he let you keep her! Do you know what that did to me back then?!” She looked at me and then started laughing, “Giovani really, to think that he would actually wanna be with you is crazy! He didn’t even love you, he love me!” I looked her in her eyes, “He loved you? So that’s why he left you and the baby at the hospital that day in the cold. And who was there? Me and Gabby. You’re fckn pathetic.” Tears were forming in her eyes now, “Don’t cry now. You were just laughing.” She was still silent. I chuckled and shook my head. I then turned and went back into my room closing the door.


Gabby and Eva were gone. I was in my room watching a movie when I heard a knock on my room door. “Who is it?” I called out. “D.” Derrick yelled back. When she give this nigga a key? I opened the door to see D holding all types of junk food. “What is all this?” I asked giggling taking some out of his arms and taking it into the kitchen. “I figured this is as good as time as any to bond.” He said smiling. I laughed, “Oh really?” He shook his head, “Yeah, I figured we haven’t had much time to talk just me and you.” I smiled, “Okay, let’s bond.” We went into my room and sat on the couch. We talked for hours about everything. “You really like my sister huh?” I asked. “I love her.” He said. “Whoa, love? Already?” I asked. “Yeah, love doesn’t know time. I can tell you and Mike love each other, even though y’all don’t wanna admit it.” All I could was smile. “Ahhhh, see! I’m right.” D said smiling. “I’m not gonna say it first though.” I said. “Why does it matter who says it first?” He asked looking confused. “Because, I’m not gonna put myself out there first for him not to feel the same way.” I said taking a bite out of a Twizzler. It was my favorite candy. “I see what you sayin, but believe me…he feels the same way.” He said drinking out a can of Coke. “How do you know though?” I asked. He laughed, “Well for one thing, that necklace around your neck. And then he invited you out to Vegas for his birthday. Do you know what goes down in Vegas for a celebrity birthday weekend? He loves you. If he didn’t, you wouldn’t even be knowing where he was gonna be for his birthday.” I thought about what he was saying. “I guess man.” We both started laughing. Then gabby appeared in the doorway. “Hey guys.” She said smiling. “Heey!” We both said in unison. “D, you wanna join me in the bedroom baby?” She asked seductively. I rolled my eyes. D looked at me, “Well I’m glad we had this time sis.” I smiled, “Me too. Thanks.” He hugged me which took me by surprise but I hugged him back. He left out and then I got a txt from Mike, You up? I smiled, Yes. Almost immediately my phone rang. D was right, I loved this man. “Hey bae.” I answered smiling from ear to ear.

Gabbys Pov

We pulled up to mcdonalds and I got out and walked in. I had texted Gi asking her what she wanted and she texted back "I want a number 5 grilled with a large fry and a lemonade" I just shook my head at her text and ordered D a mcrib, and me chicken selects with extra bbq sauce. I waited for the orders and got a text from chris saying "Cant wait to see you wen I come up there (winky face) im like wow okay this guy is getting weirder and weirder by the min. I texted back okay. my order was called and I walked over to pick it up. The guy behind the counter smiled and winked at me and i just grabbed the food and walked back to th car where I saw coco licking D's face I smiled and handed D the food so that I could get in. We got back to the towers and I headed to my place while D said he would be right back he had to get some clothes so that he could stay over. I walked in and left the door open and I went to gi's room and knocked on her door. "Come in" I walked in with her on her skype talking to mike. "Hey mike I said as I handed gi her food. "Hey gabby" "bye mike" he laughed and said "bye gabby. I walked out of the room and saw the mail on the counter. I walked over to it and shuffled through it. I saw that my test scores from my nursing exam had came in I ripped the envelope open and I saw that I passed I screamed sooo loud D ran to the door and gi came out of her room and asked wats wrong. I said nothing and walked to my room and closed the door.

Gabbys Pov

After I unpacked my clothes I instantly felt like something was off and I looked over at coco's bed and forgot that I had to pick her up from eva's I asked D who was half sleep on my bed if he could take me to pick up coco. He sat up and gave me that really bae look and I gave him my sad face okay fine he said he grabbed his keys off of my dresser and followed me out the door I yelled and told Gi that I was going to get coco and she replied "Oh goodie" and I yelled back dont be sarcastic b**** and headed to the elevator.We got down to the parking lot and a couple people asked D for his autograph and to take a pic with him. I thought that "If imma be with him imma have to get use to that s*** oh well as long as he aint signing no boobs or ass cheeks were good" He got into his truck and asked if I was ready, I smiled and we were off to get my wittle boo. The whole way there he asked me how big coco was and would she like him. I just had to laugh this boy just want any and everybody associated with me to like him. "Yes bae she will love you I said inbetween laughter.

we pulled up and I got out the truck and walked up to the door, eva saw me through the window and opened the door and screamed and hugged eachother I then showed her my braclet and we both screamed again D got out the truck and walked up behind me and eva stopped and said omg its you... come in you guys and girl coco missed you. we sat down on her couch and my wittle boo came running from the back room and jumped in my arms and licked my face and then she jumped over into derricks lap and began sniffing him.

I hugged eva and thanked her for keeping my baby. I told her I would call her later to talk about our trip. me and D got back into the truck and with coco and went to pick up some mcdonalds.

GiGi’s POV

We made it home and I was super sad. Mike’s flight wouldn’t be landing for another hour so I had to wait to talk to him. Soon as Gabby unlocked our door, I went straight to my room and locked the door. I could hear her and D talking. “Where’s Gi?” He asked. “She’s locked up in her room, actin like a lil brat.” I heard Gabby say. If I wasn’t so upset about Mike, I would come out and tell her about herself. Then I heard D, “Come on now, if you were in her same position you would be the same way.” I nodded my head in agreement. “I guess you’re right, but she needs to get over it.” I shook my head and plopped down on my bed. All of a sudden, my phone rang. It was Chris, “Hello?” I answered. “What’s up lil sis.” He sounded super happy. “Nothing, just got home.” I answered. “Aw, me too.” He said. The line was quiet for a while. “So when you comin out here?” I asked. “Ummm like Wednesday.” He said. I nodded my head, “Cool, where you stayin?” “With you.” I laughed, “Bullsh*t!” He laughed too, “Naw, but D lettin me stay wit him so I don’t have to pay for a hotel. I told him it don’t matter to me but he insisted.” I shook my head, “That’s cool.” The line fell silent again. This was officially weird. “Well I can tell you don’t wanna talk to me, so I’ll let you go.” Chris said out of nowhere sounding a bit disappointed. I giggled, “If I didn’t wanna talk to you, I wouldn’t have answered.” “Oh really?” He asked. “Yup.” I answered. “Well I’ll remember that next time when you let my call go to voicemail.” We both shared a laugh. “Whatever you say.” “I can tell you feelin a little better now.” He said. “Yeah I kinda am. Thanks.” “You’re welcome.” He said. The line was quiet again, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, it was just silence. “Well, I’ll let you go. Holla at you later lil sis!” He damn near shouted. “Aiight Chrissy!” I joked. “Whoa, pineapples. Chrissy?” He asked. I laughed, “Yup!” I then hung up. Then I received a txt from him, You will not call me that! Lol I laughed and txtd back, Don’t worry Chrissy, you’ll get used to it! Lmao! Almost immediately he txtd back, NEVER!!! I laughed hard but didn’t txt back. Soon my phone rang, it was Mike. “BAAAAABBBBBBYYYYY!” I answered. He chuckled, “Hey love.”

GiGi’s POV

Mike rode on the elevator with me. His flight left an hour after ours but he said that he would come to the airport with us. I was still moping in the elevator and he looked over at me. “Babe, stop that.” He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “Stop it.” I gently pushed him off. “What’s wrong?” He asked looking confused. “I wanna get used to not being in your arms.” I said looking at the ground. He chuckled, “You’re really takin this too far.” I smiled, “I know. But the reason I pushed you away is because I really really wanna fck you but I can’t.” We both looked at each other and laugh. “Why you just ain’t say that in the room?” He asked. “Because you don’t know what a quickie means.” I joked. We shared a laugh and then the elevator doors opened and we stepped off. “What if we rode in our own limo? We can fck on the way to the airport.” He whispered in my ear. A smile spread across my face. “I thought we had our own limo anyway.” I said as I noticed him txtn on his phone. “We do now.” He said as we approached Gabby and D.

Gabbys Pov

I packed up the rest of my clothes and shoes. "hey bae did you pack my axes spray and roll on?" yes bae I said from the bedroom. Okay wat about gco "yess baby your toothbrush and paste are all in your bag" I continued to fold clothes. I felt him come up behind me I smiled and leaned back on to him as he kissed my neck and said " see that's why I love you girl my life is sooo unorganized but with you in it I'm good" I smiled I began to think about the holidays coming up. "hey baby wat were you doing for thanksgiving?" ummh he sat down on the bed and thought. Idk why watsup "well I want you to come to my parents house with me and Gi I'm pretty sure she's gonna bring mike with her." uhhhh bae I don't think your mom is a fan of mine. I shook my head no and sat on his lap "she just to meet you bae I know she will like you once she meets you okay I leaned in and kissed him n he grabbed me and held on to me I giggled as he kissed me then my phone started vibrating which ment that it was time to head to the airport. I texted Gi to see if she was ready to leave. Me and D walked to the elevator and we saw Chris come out of Gi's room he smiled and walked up to me and hugged me. "see you in Chicago next week" he finally let me go and smiled and winked he then walked over to D texting and gave him dap. I shook off the weird feeling and got on the elevator. All three of us rode down together. I saw the guy from yesterday but wen he saw me grab D hand he looked a little upset n walked away oh well we sat in the lobby waiting for Gi to come down.

GiGi's POV

"I DON'T WANNA GOOO!" I screamed for the thrid time laying in bed fully dressed. Mike came out the bathroom, "Baby chill, you gotta go to school and I gotta work on this mixtape." I sat up and looked at him get dressed, "But I don't wanna leave you." He stopped wht he was doing and sat next to me on the bed. "You'll see me in two weeks. You still comin out for my birthday right?" He asked. I whined and fell back on the bed. "Of course I'm coming but two weeks is a long ime." I said in somewhat of a baby voice. He chuckled and laid ontop of me. "Please don't do that." I said looking at the ceiling. "Why?" He said planting a kiss on my neck. "Because we're both gonna miss our flights." I answered. He looked at me and we laughed. "I'm gonna miss you baby." He said in the sweetest tone. I smiled and gave him a passionate kiss. "I'm gonna miss you too." I said. He then got up and started to get dressed again, "But we'll skype every night, txt all day, I'll randomly call you. It'll be like we're not even apart." He tried to reassure me. I shook my head, "No it won't." Then a knock at the door caused him from saying more. He went and opened it, then Chris appeared in the room door. "Cheer up lil sis!" I said hitting my foot as he sat at the end of the bed. "I can't." He looked at me, "Chill, I'll be in the Chi next week, we can party!" I smiled, "Sounds good." "Aw so now its just fck me huh?" Mike joked. I laughed, "No baby, but it'll take my mind off it." I said. "Great! Now give me a hug before I leave!" Chris said pulling me up. I sat up and he pulled me into his arms. "You can always txt or call and talk to me. I'm like an extension of Mike." He said. I nodded my head. "Alright man." He said dappin Mike. "Aiight nigga see you in Miami." Mike said. Then with that Chris was gon. I then got a txt from Gabby, Ready to go sis?

Gabbys Pov

After having a long day and then having to hear my mother yell at me ughh I was drained. so I went back to the room and literally fell in the bed next to a sleeping D, I curled myself up in his arms and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to find D not next to me But I did find a note sayin "Hey baby had to go to practice early coaches orders love you and see you at the game. I smiled and looked over at cordero and chris looking through my suitcase for some clothes. "Anything you have taken out of my bag that I havent worn yet and you steal it imma hunt you down and kill you" I said stretching and getting out of bed. "Well its about time you woke up little miss sleeping beauty" cordero said while crossing his arms and rolling his neck at me. "well excuse the hell out of me for being on vacation" I said back while laughing me and him know we are some hot messes. Gi then appeared in the door wearing her cut up/designed lakers jersey. I rolled my eyes and said really? she looked down at her outfit and said what? nothing b**** I said I grabbed my bulls jersey with some black skinny jeans and my black 4 in sandals along with my other items and walked into the bathroom.

45 mins later my hair was in a high pony tail, smelling and looking good. "Well damn b**** we almost missed the kick off" everybody turned and looked at chris like the f*** when cordero spoke "Boy its basketball not football they dont have kick offs in basketball oh child I cant believe you said that just oooh" cordero shook his head. I grabbed my purse and my custom made Mrs.Rose jacket and put on my big black and red hoop earrings. "Ooooh dont you look cute sis" Gi said from the kitchen. I laughed and said "Thanks hun you do too". Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and it was of course chris and mike. CB instantly said something about my outfit. "DAMNNNNNNNNNN" I smiled and rolled my eyes and walked back into the living room "Your man and his horndog of a friend are here" I could hear cb talking to mike saying "Damn shawty got ass and hips for days swear on my life I would tap that" then mike looked at him and slapped him upside his head and said "Yeah nigga and if derrick hear yo ass talking like that you will pay with your life" he walked over to gi and wrapped his arms around her waist and stared cb down like he wasnt even joking. chris looked at him and said wat im just saying. ummmh excuse me soo yall two fine gentlemen dont see us sitting over here. "Whatsup" both mike and cb said at the same time "okay are yall ready to go? everybody answered yeah and we were off to the game. When we got there the place was packed we all sat court side as they introduced the players. When the announcer started to anounce the west coast players of course mike,cb,and gi screamed super loud almost busting out my eardrums. cordero and chris just cheered if anybody cute came out smh. and then it was time for them to introduce the east coast players I got my pom pom that I brought from one of the stands and got ready When they announced my baby I jumped up and down and cheered and screamed and so did everybody I came with did the same. Gi actually cheered D on and said "Go Brother".

Half Time
Me,gi and Cordero went to get a refill on our pops and look at some other stands that were saleing stuff. "Hurry up yall rihanna is about to perform I dont want to miss it" cordero said to us, me and gi both looked at him like so nigga wait. gi then asked dero why he was crying last night. and he said that "the reason why I was crying was because I have been doing yall hair for 5 years now and yall have grown up into beautiful young ladys and lastnight just brought out my emotions". dero then started to fan back his tears "oh lawd look at me crying and s*** over yall hoes" me and gi laughed and said "awwwwwwe dero boo we love your crazy ass to" and we hugged him. "Yeah what would yall b****es do without me and my magical hands" I looked up at him and said "b**** we would be doing our own hair instead of paying yo ass to". We laughed and walked back to our seats with our drinks and enjoyed the game. soon mike was walking back to the long food line getting gi another pink lemonade icey because he drank all of hers I wish we can have fun times like this all the time I thought But you know good things always have to come to an end right??

GiGi’s POV

“Mmmmmm, yeeeessss baby!” I moaned as Mike pumped into to me hard. I heard the hard knock on the door but I ignored it because I was so close to getting off. “Baby somebody at the door.” Mike said breathlessly. “I know, don’t stop.” I begged. The knock came again, “Babe…what if it’s your sister?” Mike said. I sighed and pushed him off of me. “Don’t think we finishing this either.” I said while putting on my robe and walking out the bedroom. I went to the door and opened it with an attitude. “What is it?” I asked Gabby standing there. “It’s mom and dad.” She said coming in. I took the phone, “Hello?” “Hey honey.” I heard my father say. “Hey daddy!” I answered excitedly. “Enough of that, what are you doing to where you can’t answer when anyone calls you lady?” I heard my mom’s voice. I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Mom, it’s all-star weekend. Nobody has their phone.” I answered nonchalantly. “Well, you could at least answer Laz’s calls.” She pleaded. “I’m not talking to Laz.” I answered truthfully. “Really Gi? You still mad over that?” I heard his voice come through the phone. “See, now I’m bout to give the phone back to Gabby.” I said and handed her the phone. “What’s wrong?” She asked before answering. “Nothing.” I said. She put it on speaker. “I put the phone on speaker, we can both hear you.” She spoke through the receiver. “Well, I don’t like his not talking to each other business.” I heard my father’s booming voice. I didn’t say anything, I was over this whole conversation. “Is she still there?” Our mother asked. “Yup.” I answered. “Well? Do you two wanna reconcile?” She asked I guess talking to me and Laz. “Not Really.” “Yes.” Me and Laz answered at the same time. “Listen, you two need to be right again.” Mom said. I sighed, “Mom, it’s too early in the morning for this sh*t. It’s 4 in the morning. We were at the club, I’m dr---” Gabby cut me off, “Mom, can we call you back when we fully wake up?” There was a silence on the other end. “I guess so.” She said. “Tell Derrick we’ll be watching the game.” Dad said. “Bye girls.” Laz said. I didn’t say anything but Gabby said bye. “Bye mom and daddy.” I said. “Bye honey.” Mom said. “Bye sweetheart.” My dad said. Gabby hung up.

“You petty for actin like that towards Laz still.” I looked at her, “Well I’m a petty muhfcka then.” She then burst into laughter, “B*tch, I’m not sayin nothin wrong. I would probably be the same if he said that about D. I know where you’re coming from. But yeah it is too early for all that, that mom was on. Like we drunk, you drunk and high.” We both laughed. “What you bout to do?” I asked. “Girl, do you see a b*tch hair?” She said. To be honest, I never noticed it until now. I laughed so hard, “OMG! I’m just seeing it! That’s what you get for fckn in the shower b*tch!” I joked. “Damn hoe, how you know?!” She exclaimed. “I ain’t new to this…I’m true to this sh*t!” I said and we both burst into loud laughs.

“GIGI!” Mike whined from the bedroom. “Mike don’t start!” I said sternly. He was quiet and Gabby looked at me, “Damn b*tch, you must really be puttin it down.” I laughed, “And ya know that.” We shared another laugh. “Well, let me get back to D.” She finally said. “Alright girl, see you later.” I said opening the door for her. “Okay.” She walked out and then went into her room. I walked into the bedroom and saw Mike laying on the bed in his underwear. “You were serious about not finishing?” He asked without lifting his head. “Yup.” I said as I went into the bathroom. “BAAABBBBEEEE!” I heard him whine. I giggled to myself, “Okay, just wait bae.”

Gabbys Pov
We got back to our suite I was feeling drunk off my ass n was horny as f*** i walked into me and D's room n started taking off my clothes. I got down to my skinny jeans and bra n heels I began taking the hair clips out of my hair when I felt some strong arms wrap around me. D began kissing and sucking on my neck I was on cloud muthaf***in 10 right now. I then broke out of the kiss n walked over n stood infront of the bathroom door I gave him that look that he already know too well n i then motioned for him to come take a shower with me. He walked over to his duffle bag reaching for a condom. I then spoke out and said nah baby your good I want to thank you properly for the gift. I giggled a little as I bit my lip. He turned around n walked over to me rubbing his hands. He walked into the bathroom and i was all over him we didn't care if everybody heard what we were doing one thing I did forget was that with me taking my birth control and drinking that the liquor canceled out the pill... So after a good hour in this hot shower my hair was ruined but I didn't care I can flat iron it wen i get out. We got out of the shower and I threw on a big tee shirt and went to do my hair. D walked into the bed room I heard my cell phone ringing but who ever it was I would call them back but suddenly I heard it stop I put the flat iron down n walked back into the room with my phone up to D's ear. He moved the phone away from his ear and said it's your mom n dad. My eye got wide and I ran across the room and jumped on the bed and took the phone from him. "hey mama hey daddy" I said into the phone hey baby girl my dad said sweetly oh but here goes my mom "what was that boy doing answering your phone, are you sharing a room with him you know me and your father n brother have been trying to get in touch with you and your sister little fast asses y'all could be doing lords know what out there where is your sister put her on the phone now. "ummmmh I knew that Gi and mike were prolly f***in so I had to think of an excuse "ma Gi is ummh sleep. "I don't care go wake her up". I swear Gi and my mom are so much alike with the attitude. I'm sorry about this honey your mother is just worried. My dad said "I know daddy I know" I threw on my robe n told D I would be right back he was getting ready for his game tomorrow he nodded his head and blew me a kiss ugh he is such a corn ball I walked next door n banged on Gi's door hard.

GiGi's POV

Dinner was over and I was feeling the buzz from the champagne. "So can we go party now?" I asked. "Now that's the Gi I know!" Chris said smiling wide. Mike looked at him, "Fck you mean?" Everybody got quiet and waited for Chris's answer. "Well, I'm jus sayin the first night I met her and got to know her, we were partying. She gon be my club buddy I can already tell." Chris said puttin his fist up so I could bump it. I did and smiled, "Heeellll yeah!" Mike looked at me, "So I hope y'all not partying without me." Me and Chris looked at him, "Hell naw man, you know we set the club up." Chris said. Gabby rolled her eyes, "What about me?" I sighed, "B*tch, you barely go out and when you do you don't get live like you should." "Maybe I will tonight." She argued. "We'll see nigga." I said. We were back on the Sunset Strip but we went to the Saddle Ranch this time. We walked in and people was live as hell. We went up to VIP and got our own section. We immediately ordered some Ciroc bottles and some Patron. When we got settled and was drinking, Chris sat down by me. He looked over at Mike, "Aye nigga, light that sh*t up." Mike shook his head, "Naw man, my girl here." Chris smacked his lips, "Man nigga light that sh*t!" I looked at Mike, "Babe what he talkin bout?" I knew what he was talkin bout obviously, but I wanted to play the clueless roll. "Nothing baby." Mike said as he shook his head. I shrugged and poured me another glass of Ciroc. This sh*t was so smooth.

I got up and walked over to Gabby and D. "Gabby are you gonna dance wit me b*tch?" I asked her, a little more tipsy since the dinner. She giggled, "Yeah." We started to walk out on the floor until I felt someone grab my arm. I looked back and it was Mike. "Where you goin?" He asked. I looked at him, "I'm goin to dance wit my sister." I had some attitude in my voice, but it was mostly the liquor talking now. He let me go, "Aiight, but no ass contests." He said sternly. I laughed, "Okay babe." We then went down on the dance floor and started dancing. We were getting drinks at the bar and putting them on the guys tab, getting fuuuucked up. "You said you can hang, b*tch we gon find out tonight!" I said as I gave my sister another shot. "Yo we gotta go back up, I miss my man!" She said after she took the shot. I laughed, "Fine b*tch, just don't fck him here!" We both laughed and walked back up the stairs to VIP. She found her way to D and I went over to Mike and Chris sitting on the couch. Their eyes were low and red. I hit Mike's leg, "Are you fckn high right now?" He looked at me with a silly smile, "Maybe." I rolled my eyes and looked over at Chris who was staring off in space laughin at nothing.

Mike pulled out another blunt and lit it. I snatched it out his mouth and put it in mine. "Babe, don't fckn play." He said lowkey mad. I giggled, "I don't play." I took two long drags and gave it back to him. They both looked at me, "You smoke?" They both asked. I laughed, "Something like that." Next thing I know, we were having a smoking session. The weed plus the liquor had me way past feeling myself. Chris had invited some girls up there to chill with him because he was tired of the whole couple sh*t. I was high and drunk off my ass. I was giving Mike lap dances and he was throwing money. One of the girls that Chris brought up was lookin at me. "What the fck you lookin at?" I asked full of attitude. She scrunched up her face and smacked her lips, "B*tch!" Chris grabbed her, "Hold on, you can't be disrespecting my lil sis like that. Yo, get her outta here!" Chris yelled to his body guard who swiftly led the girl out. I laughed, "Damn Chris!" He laughed too, "Sh*t, she wasn't all that anyway." He then turned his attention to the girl who was left. She was mad cool and more our speed anyway. She was on the same sh*t we were, havin a good ass time. "What's your name sweetie." I said pouring myself another glass. She smiled, "Tonya. And you?" "I'm Giovani, you can call me GiGi or Gi." I said. She smiled, "Okay cool."

I then turned my attention back to Mike and whispered in his ear, "I'm sooooo horny right now." He smiled goofy as hell, "You wanna get outta here?" He asked. I shook my head, "No." I straddled him and his eyes got big. "Right here?" He asked halfway happy. "No silly. Try to see how long you can go without gettin hard." I said. He chuckled, "Really?" I nodded, "Yeah, you win we can leave right now. I win, we stay til everybody ready to go." "I'm bout to win so you should just say bye right now." He said puttin his hands on my ass and squeezin. I laughed and got up. "Where you goin?" He asked confused. "To the DJ booth." I said. I went to the DJ and told him to play Beg For It by Chris. He said he would after the song he was playin went off. I sat down next to Mike and he was lookin at me. "So...?" He asked like a lil ass boy. I laughed, "After this song." I poured another drink. "Don't you think you've had enough hoe?" Gabby said. I laughed, "No, you haven't either!" We laughed and then the song came on. "Ayyyye that's my sh*t!" Chris said coming up for air from tonguin Tonya down. I laughed and got up, downing my drink. I started dancing on Mike all sexy like. "Get it biiiitttccchhh!" Gabby yelled. I was in the zone doin all my lil tricks. He was tryin his hardest not to get hard, but I knew he would soon be getting there. I turned around and straddled him and grinded all over his d*ck. Soon I felt a lil hump and I smiled, "I won." He sighed, "Yeah, you did." I kissed him deeply and broke it by biting his bottom lip. "Mmmm damn bae. You sure you not tryna get outta here?" He had a firm grip on my waist. "I'm sure." I giggled and got up.

I went over to the balcony and then he came up behind me and turned me around. He kissed me sloppily and then picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. "Lemme pull them panties to the side." I heard him in my ear. I threw my head back as he kissed on my neck, "Not here." I spoke above a whisper. "Huh? I can't hear you." He smiled while he put his fingers in me. I moaned in ecstasy, "Mmmmmmm I" I pushed him back a bit and he put me down. He smirked and put his fingers in his mouth and then kissed me. "Yo I think we ready to go." We heard D say. We turned to look at him and noticed that everybody in our section was lookin at us. I laughed, "Let's go then!" We all walked out to the limo and Tonya ended up coming with us. We made it to the hotel and we all barely made it to our rooms. Once me and Mike fell through the door we were alllll over that suite, fckn sh*t up.

Gabbys Pov

I had to admit this comedy show was funny as s***. I looked over at D n he looked nervous about something. I reached over and grabbed his hand n held it this was our own special way of asking eachother if everything was okay. He smiled and kissed my hand. After the show was over we all headed to dinner. In the limo Gi and Ty couldnt keep their hands off of eachother. "aye could y'all please get a room" Chris said obviously disgusted. "well who told yo ass to ride with us anyways" Gi snapped back I knew Chris was not bout to let it go so I stopped it before it even started "aye come on guys were having s really good time let's not ruin the moment please. Ty then said "yeah man gabbys right let's not argue at all tonight n just have a good time okay? Gi gave in and laid her head on Ty.

We then pulled up to the restaurant and got out. The guys had a reserved section on the roof/balcony of the building there were candles everywhere n flowers. It gave a beautiful view of the city being up here. We all sat down and were having a good time laughing and talking I have never seen Gi laugh soo much I'm glad she found someone who really loves her. We were sitting there waiting on our food when Chris slipped D something under the table he then turned to me and spoke. "bae i know that me and you are just starting out together and one thing that I didn't do right wen you stayed over my crib the second night was ask you properly I began to turn red as Gi,Ty, and Chris were sitting over there smiling. He then Pulled out a small box with the words Kay jewlers on it. I became overwhelmed n started to cry "would you be my girl? He just looked soo cute asking I couldn't speak and nodded my head yes he then opened the box n saw a charming memorys charmebraclet he then slide the braclet on my wrist and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him over and over "thank you baby" I said. Then Ty stood up n said that he had something to say to. He cleared his throat and started. "Gi baby I know we started off rocky as s***, and the reason why I stay on you about certain s*** is because I want to be the one to take care of you. I know your on your lil miss independent tip but, he paused cuz he looked like he was about to cry. "Gi gave him this weird look n sipped her drink n looked at him with wide eyes. He then started again " I guess what I'm trying to say is that Gi if you let me I wanna give you the world, now with that out the way I need you to sign something. We all sat there looking confused he pulled out a piece of paper n handed it to her. She told the paper and pen and opens the paper n read it out loud "do you like me circle yes or no me n Gi giggled as she circled yes then he said flip it over. She turned the paper over and read the second question out loud "would you be my babygirl?" Gi gasped and looked at Ty who was holding a medium sized box which revealed a stunning diamond necklace. Gi grabbed the bottle of champagne n tried to pour her some more but it wasn't coming out fast enough so she drank from the bottle. "well wat do you say" yes mike I will be your babygirl. We all clapped and cheered. Chris then said something so random and left field. "well damn y'all getting gifts I just brought myself this watch. That broke the silence n we all started laughing at his sillyness. I turned towards D and put my hand on the side of his face n looked at him n said "I'm so glad I came with you baby" he smiled and kissed the inside of my hand and said me to baby.

GiGi’s POV

“Is that that niggas number?” I asked snatching the paper. “Yeah, give it back.” She said reaching for it. I looked at her like she was crazy, “B*tch is you stupid or just dumb as fck?” She was quiet and sat back in her seat. I looked at the number and then threw it out the window. “Why you do that?” She asked. “Why didn’t you do it?” I asked. “You’re with D! Fck another nigga.” I said with an attitude. She just smacked her lips and looked out the window. “What’s the matter, I thought you liked D.” I asked. She didn’t look at me, “I do. I really really like him.” I was confused, “Well why you mad I threw out dude’s number?” “I’m not mad. I don’t even know why I reacted.” She said now looking at me. I didn’t get to even answer her because we had reached our destination. It was The Forum in Inglewood. “Why we here?” Gabby asked. “This is where Shaq’s comedy show is.” The driver said before he got out to open the door. “Oh sh*t! I can’t wait to see the comedians this year!” I said laughing already. Gabby looked confused, “What are you talking about?" I looked at her, “Remember when I was tryna get you to watch those comedy shows with me and you ain’t want to?” “Ohhhhh!” She said finally realizing. “Yeeeeaaaaah!” I laughed as the driver opened the door.

Only it wasn’t the driver, it was D. “Hey ladies!” He was smiling holding out his hand to help Gabby out of the car. They were greeted by cameras flashing. Then Mike came to the door and helped me out. “Damn baby, are you always this damn beautiful?” He asked as he gave me a kiss. I smiled, “I don’t know, you tell me.” He laughed and he wrapped his arm around my waist while we posed for some pictures. He then took me by the hand as we followed D and Gabby into the building. “Where’s Chris?” I asked as we walked towards the stage. “Aw he already sitting down. We were here a little bit before y’all.” He answered as we found our seats. We were in the third row in the middle, a perfect view. Chris stood up as we approached, “Damn ma.” He said looking at me. I smiled, “Hey to you too Chris!” He was checking me out the same way he did the night we met. “Aye nigga watch them eyes.” Mike said from behind me. We all sat down and got comfortable. It was D, Gabby, Chris, Me and then Mike. Some people who were on our row or behind us were whispering about the guys. I nudged Chris, “Where’s your girl?” He smiled, “Who’s my girl?” I shrugged, “That model chick.” “Karruche?” He asked. “Yeah, where she at?” I asked again. “Sh*t if I know. I’m single this weekend.” He simply said. I laughed, “And that’s fine.” We both laughed together and then the show started.

Gabbys Pov

After Gi got off the phone with Ty we got dressed I was looking in the mirror at how cute I looked. I slipped in my special order made contacts and asked Gi if she was ready. "yeah she walked out if the bathroom and looked at me while putting her earrings on. Ooh you look cute sis I said I finally got my contacts in. Chris and Cordero waited in the living room for us. We walked out of my room and Chris and Cordero gasped when they saw us. "awwwwe y'all are looking good. Chris came up to me n spun me around "omg look at her ass Chris spun me around to show dero "uhuh that's them mixed genes of y'alls running through y'all body's" Cordero said. Then Chris just had to be a flirt "girl if I wasn't gay and your hair stylist I would tear that ass up" I turned red and hit Chris on his arm and laughed. Cordero looked at Chris and said "boy I almost lost my religion up in here for a quick second Jesus just saved your life" he walked over to Gi and spun her around as well. Cordero got teary eyed n took Chris scarf that is still tied around his neck n started blowing his nose n crying into the scarf. Gi applied a little more lip gloss n we were ready to go we would find out why Cordero was so emotional tomorrow at the game. We said our goodbyes and got on the elevator. As we got off the elevator we saw a group of guys sitting down in the lobby singing when one of the guys made eye contact with me and slyly walked over and introduced himself "hey ma im theron" I smiled and shook his hand n said hi. I saw you walk through here earlier with your girls n I just had to tell youhow good you looked n I wanted to get your name. "come on gabby let's go time is ticking b****" Gi said standing by the door of the hotel waiting impatiently. "so your name is gabby" look I gotta go I said he said alright and slid a piece of paper in my hand and walked away. Me n Gi walked outside to the limo n got in. I knew she was gonna ask me "so b**** wat was that about? "idk " I simply stated n I looked down at the folded paper which had dudes number on it"

GiGi’s POV

I laughed at Cordero as I opened the bag with my name on it. I wanted to cry when I saw what was in there. “B*tch is that Alexander McQueen?!” Chris said snatching the dress out my hand to get a better look. “Where’s the shoes?” Cordero said snatching the bag out my hand. I was just standing there in shock. “You okay sis?” I heard Gabby laughing. I shook my head my facial expression never changed. “Ahhhhh! These are the new Christian Louboutins!” Cordero said right before he fainted. Chris and Gabby rushed to him. Chris fanned him and Gabby was tryna get him to wake up. “B*tch wake up! You need to finish my makeup!” Gabby yelled. I focused my attention back to everything that Mike had got for me. These pieces were hella expensive. We’ve only known each other for a week and he’s doin all this. I grabbed my phone and went into Gabby bedroom. I heard them ask where I was goin but I didn’t answer. I was pacing back and forth, I couldn’t take these things. Like literally, it’s been a week!

I dialed Mike’s number, “Hey babe, like your gifts?” I sighed, “Mike, I can’t accept that.” The line was silent for a long time. “Hello?” I asked. “Yeah. Yeah baby I’m here. But what you mean you can’t accept it?” He asked a little disappointed. “Don’t you like it?” He asked before I could even answer his first question. “Yeah, I love it. But it’s too expensive, like you spent a looooot of money that I just can’t even believe. Like we’ve only been together a week and---” He cut me off, “Whoa whoa whoa, you not accepting my gift because it’s only been a week? Giovani, I mean really…” He seemed frustrated now. “It’s just that I don’t want you to think that this is what I expect from you. I don’t need you to do sh*t like this, I can do this on my own. I just want you.” I spoke truthfully. He sighed, “Babe, I don’t think that it’s what you expect from me. I just wanted to do something special for the special woman in my life. You my girl, so I’m gonna take care of you. And I’m proud of the fact that you can do it on your own, but sometimes I wanna be the one to do it.” He made me smile, no guy I’ve been with could come close to how Mike was making me feel right now. “Really?” Was all I could really say after all that. He chuckled, “Yeah, you my baby.” I smiled even wider, “Thank you Michael.” I said sincerely. “You’re welcome Giovani.” With that I hung up and went to walk out the door. Soon as I opened it Gabby, Chris, and Cordero fell in. I shook my head and laughed, “Really guys?”

Gabbys Pov

Wow I can't believe these fools are here. " soo what have y'all been doing up in these big ass rooms?"cordero just had to ask. Ummmh Gi said Chris then looked at the both of us. "omg y'all got it in didn't y'all little whores" we laughed at his comment. "how Are we lil whores and these are our men?" Cordero was curling my hair and he said because y'all just are. Then It got quiet and Chris spoke "so how was it" Gi pushed my shoulder n I looked at her like really you want me to go first? I breathed in deep and sighed and said "it was amazing" ooooh get it b**** cordero said as he finished up my hair and began on my makeup. Chris was still doing Gi's hair wen the doorbell rang I got up with my robe tied and opened the door to see Christopher stand there holding wat looks like two dress bags and smiling."awwe you look pretty mama" I smiled and laughed at him being silly as he handed me the bags."what is this" "oh ty and D wanted me to bring this to y'all" oh okay I said as I sat the bag down on the couch. Alright see you later on tonight Chris said as he walked out of the suite. I walked back into the bathroom.

Who was that? Everybody asked at the same time. That was Chris he brought by some designer outfits that the guys picked out for us. Cordero got excited and started to clap and jump up and down well wat the f*** are we waiting for let's go see what they got yall. Chris was tryin to rush and finish Gi's hair but me and Cordero couldn't even hold our selves back. We heard Chris and Gi in the bathroom talking about her night and morning with Ty those two are soo silly. I unzipped the bag wit my name on it. "omfg" I said I pulled the top and jeans out of the bag and picked up the shoe box that had had sexy knee high tan colored boots to match the top and jacket. I got a little emotional I picked up the bag and ran to show Gi. Her eyes got wide and said omg that is cuteeee I wonder what Ty got me she got out of her chair and walked into the livingroom. Chris disappeared into the kitchen and brought out some champagne. We need to celebrate this s***. Come on Gi open your bag hoe Cordero said getting excited.

GiGi’s POV

“Do you hear that?” Gabby asked me as we got closer to her and D’s room. I listened, “Yeah, sounds like…” “Chris and Cordero!” We screamed in unison when we opened the door. “Ohmigosh b*tch look at yo hair!” Chris said to my ponytail. “And girl yo edges…oh child.” Cordero said to Gabby. We just looked at each other like really. “Well are y’all hoes gon fix our sh*t!” I said in an attitude. They both stepped back and put their hands over their mouths, “No this trollop didn’t.” Cordero said to Chris. “Where is Mike and D?” Gabby spoke up. “Oh honey they left with young sexy Christopher.” Chris said smiling. “Where’d they go?” I asked taking out my iPhone to call Mike. “Girl, we can’t tell y’all. Anyway, we just s’posed to do y’all hair and makeup.” Cordero said. “Now come on and bring y’all asses on!” Chris added as they pulled us into the massive bathroom.

Gabby's Pov

We got on the elevator and went all the way to the bottom floor where the spa and stuff were. We walked up to the gyms entrance and saw Gloria and Khloe sitting there. Hey girls they said and hugged both me and Gi. The first machine we all went to where the treadmills Gi got on it and put it on a slow speed. "hey Gi where did you learn to shake your ass like that cuz lastnight was wow. We all laughed " hey why wasn't I invited"? Cuz b**** you had to go home to your family. "true" gloria said. where's monica I said she had a family emergency. Oooh is everything okay? Yeah I guess Khloe spoke okay so back to you who taught you how to shake your ass like that. Gi laughed n said " I got it from my mama look at my sisters ass we both have big round jiggly highclass bootys. Nah that's from eating all that Chicago food the deep dish pizza and Harolds Khloe said. So after the gym we all went to jabba smoothies I got a strawberry/lime smoothie and Gi got a blended berry smoothie. We sat down at the table and gloria spoke."I just wanted to apologize for vanessa's actions she was rude and was totally out of line. "it's cool I said I deal with ignorant people in chicago all the time so it's wateva. Swear b****es head was two seconds away from being busted open. Gi said. With that the conversation got funnier n funnier . We said bye to the girls and went back up to our rooms we then heard familiar loud ghetto crazy voices in my room. I wonder who the hell is that...

GiGi’s POV

Gabby opened the door, “Finally b*tch!” I rolled my eyes as me and Mike walked in. “Whatever hoe, everything took 20 minutes, I timed it.” I informed her as I took a piece of toast out D’s hand and ate it. “What’s up y’all.” Mike said huggin Gabby and dappin up D. “So you goin to the gym in that?” D asked me. I looked at my sports bra and black spandex shorts. “Yeah, why what’s wrong?” I asked as I sat next to him and ate off his plate. “Mike, you cool with this?” He looked at Mike concerned and so did I. Mike shrugged, “You see those hickies on her neck bro? She good.” Me and Gabby laughed as D looked dumbfounded. “Niggas don’t care about that sh*t in LA!” He protested. “Niggas will get shot in LA.” Mike said nonchalant. I smiled, “Babe I didn’t know you felt so strongly.” I teased him. He looked at me, “You’re mine.” And then he winked. “OMG can we go now?” Gabby said annoyed. I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Have you noticed that you the only muhfcka pressed to go some damn where?” She rolled her eyes and shook her head as she walked out of the suite. I hugged D and kissed Mike and left out, following Gabby down the hallway. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked when we got on the elevator. “Nothing, I just got a hangover.” She answered. I gave her the stale face, “Well, fck you tryna work out for hoe!” Then a small smile crept across her face, “I don’t even know. Gloria invited us so I wanted to go.” I shook my head, “You need to be resting with that hangover.” I informed her knowingly. “But I wanna work out.” She slightly whined. “Fine, but I’m not.” I said as I put on my Ray Bans. She looked at me, “So what are you gonna do?” I smiled, “Just stand by the equipment and talk. Pretend like I’m gonna work out but never do. I do this this every time we go.” I let her in on my secret. “B*tch this whole time I thought you were actually workin out with me!” She exclaimed as we reached the lobby. I giggled and walked off the elevator with her following me.

I waited and waited uggh my sister knows how impatient I am I walked out of my sisters room and walked back to me n D's room. I closed the door but I then heard him on the phone "yeah I want you to go to Kay jewlers for me n pick up the bracelet for me, nah I can't if she sees me out going into a jewlery store she will suspect something but go and do that and call me back. I then heard him getting out of bed so I hurried up and ran back outside and walk back in. "hey bae" I said as I walked back in "hey wat you doing back so early?" he looked soo suprised. "I'm waiting on Gi to get out of the shower with Ty I shook my head "oh okay you hungry?" "nah not really" I grabbed a banana n sat on the counter. "so wat are you doing today bae" I swung my legs back and forth he looked like a deer in headlights " ummh nothing much I gotta do some stuff before the game tomorrow. Awe okay bae I then heard a knock at the door I thought it was Gi but it was just Chris. "hey Chris" he looked at me the same way D had looked at me earlier. "ummmh nothing just came over to see my bro wat you up to" they sounded like they were up to something "I'm bout to go work out im just waiting on Gi to finish up wat she's doing. Chris laughed and shook his head. D walked out of the bed room and gave Chris dap I saw his credit card in his hand as he dapped Chris he handed him his card. Chris looked down and nodded his head. "okay well I'll be back later ummh yeah stay up." okay bye Chris I said I walked back over to D and kissed him. "what was that for baby" I looked up at him and said "for lastnight and how amazing you were and because im glad you brought me with you." awwe bae you know I had to bring you wit me your my girl." we then heard a knock at the door finally it was Gi.

GiGi’s POV

Me and Mike were laying in the bed discussing whether we should go for another round or not when there was a knock at the door. “Ignore it.” Mike said smiling as he kissed my neck. “What if it’s my sister or Chris or something?” I asked while I enjoyed his kisses. “I don’t care.” He said as he grabbed another condom. I giggled and then I heard Gabby’s voice. “GIIII! Come on! They’re waiting at the gym!” She yelled from the other side of the door. “Sh*t! I forgot!” I jumped up just as Mike had got on the condom. His smiled faded, “Babe, I’m not wasting this condom.” I put on a robe and went to the door without a word. I opened it and Gabby looked at me not dressed. “Really Gi?” She said annoyed. “Whoa, calm down. Who works out this fckn early anyway? I barely wanna go to my late classes!” I said as she walked in. “Whatever, just hurry up and get dressed. When does Mike get here?” She asked. I looked around the room, “Ummm he’s already here.” I said. She looked at me with her eyes wide. Then at my messed up hair, then she noticed the hickeys. “B*tch y’all fckd?!” She exclaimed. She looked like she was upset or some sh*t, like ain’t nobody notice all those hickeys on her last week. “You should be the last one to talk.” Was all I said as I disappeared back into the bedroom and closed the door. Mike was layin in the bed. “Is she gone?” He asked smiling seductively. “No, we gotta work out with the girls.” I said as I dug through my suitcase for some clothes. He sighed and hit the bed, “Are you serious! Baby, we gotta use this condom.” He said pointin to his d*ck. I looked at him and smiled, “Can you keep it hard till I get back?” I laughed as soon as I said it. “Hell naw!!” He whined getting up walking towards me. “Come onnnn!” He whined again. I sighed, “Fine, but we have to do it in the shower so it kills two birds. A please try to not get my hair wet.” I said. He smacked his lips, “What does it matter? You gon sweat it out at the gym.” I rolled my eyes, “Damn, you right! Fuuuuck!” I spent too much money just for my sh*t to last a week! He kissed me, “Don’t worry about it, I’ll get you hair done for you babe.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck, “Thank you baby.” He didn’t say anything, just kissed me deeply and picked me up, taking me into the bathroom.

Gabby's Pov

We said goodnight to both Gi and Chris. We walked into our room n instantly D was all over me he picked me up n threw me over his shoulder and smacked me on my ass. I started singing "I'm gonna get some booty I'm gonna get some booty" he stood in front if the bed and threw me on it I landed on my back but my hair was in my face I laughed at how silly he was acting. He then got on the bed n clothes started flying off. He flipped us over so that I was on top we f***ed like that for a good 3 hours. We I woke up i got up n looked out of sliding doors over looking the pool. I then felt horribly sick n ran to the bathroom and everything I ate the day before came back up. D must have heard me n came to check on me. I told him that I was okay. We didn't use a condom lastnight because I'm on the pill n I guess we forgot. I got up off of the floor and flushed the toilet n walked over to the sink and splashed some water on my face. And brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom and I saw D ordering room service. I went to my suitcase and grabbed a pair of black leggings, a tanktop and my black and pink shape ups. I took a shower wen I got out I threw on my clothes and was ready to go work out wit my sister and new friends gloria, monica, and khloe. Damn D I said as I saw all the food he ordered "what bae I'm hungry" I shook m head at him and said yeah your love handles are starting to show. I kissed him n tasted waffles I grabbed two of his strawberries n walked out of our room n next door to see if Gi was ready.

GiGi’s POV

That b*tch Vanessa blew the whole fckn dinner, we didn’t even eat. Me and Gabby got in the limo and went to fckn Taco Bell. We hooked back up with Monica and Khloe and went clubbing on Sunset Boulevard. We were in The Viper Room, one of the most livest clubs on the strip. Needless to say, we were fuuuuuuccckkkked up! D and Chris had met us there so we were hanging with them majority of the time. We still had on our dresses from the dinner, there was really no need to change because they weren’t really seen. After I had turned Chris down for dances all night, I finally danced with him. One dance turned into 5. It really wasn’t my intension to dance with him that long, but the DJ was just comin with the hits! Plus the bartender kept getting me with the shots. Talking bout some, “WHOOOOO’S REEEAAADDDYYY????!!!!!” Me and Gabby were doing shots after shots. Gabby wasn’t really used to hard liquor, she be drinkin wine and sh*t like that. She had stopped way before me.

Then I heard the DJ announce an Ass Contest. “Yo b*tch we gotta go up there!” I yelled in excitement to Gabby. She laughed and shook her head, “No b*tch, that’s all you!” I shrugged and walked up to the stage. “Alright looks like we got our last contestant, what’s your name Miss?” The DJ asked me. “Giovani.” I simply stated. He smiled, “Alright Giovani, ready to shake some ass?” “Hell yeah!” I exclaimed. “Alright, we’ll be playing nothing but ass shaking songs and eliminating one by one. The last one standing wins 100 thousand dollars!” The DJ said as the crowd cheered. I saw Gabby, D, and Chris now upfront smiling and clapping. I smiled and waved. “Alright ladies, turn around. Ass to the crowd!” He instructed us. The four of us turned around. I knew I had this in the bag. I could shake my ass for hours and never get tired. He dropped the beat to Rack City by my baby. I honestly don’t know how that’s considered ass shaking music but I danced to it anyway. Then he played Round of Applause by Flocka and Drake. That’s when the first girl was eliminated. I was still getting off when he played Bring it Back next. Another girl was eliminated half way through the song. Then they played my song Ass by Big Sean. I really got off on that one. “Alright its two girls left! Which one will win it? Which one?” I heard the DJ yell. “No Tasha don’t get tired!” I heard him yell. “Damn look at Giovani goooo!” He cheered and the crowd cheered with him. Just when it got to Nicki Minaj verse, Tasha gave up. “Keep going Giovani! To the end of the song.” The DJ instructed me. I then moved to the middle of the stage and gave it all I had. The song was done and the DJ gave me my check.

After I got off the stage me and the group went back to VIP. “Damn Gi, I ain’t know you could shake yo ass like that!” D said putting his arm around me. I smiled, “Thanks, Gabby can do it too.” I said winkin at her as she blushed. The Chris came up behind me, “You sholl got a rise outta me!” I pushed him off of me, “Ewwww Chris!!” I exclaimed while he laughed. Then D looked at him and Chris put his hands up. “Damn man I’m sorry! Don’t hit me again!” He said. We all laughed. “I’m ready to go, I’m tired. Plus I wanna be fully rested when Mike gets here.” I said laying my head on my sister’s shoulder. “Okay, let’s dip!” D said. Me and Gabby said goodbye to Monica and Khloe and we left. We got back to the hotel and Chris went to his room which was down the hall from ours. “Aiight sis, wear him out.” I said to Gabby as I gave her a hug. She laughed, “Don’t worry!” I knew she was drunk. Normally she would hit me or something. I watched them go into their room and then I entered mine.

Soon as I opened the door to the bedroom, I saw Mike there. My eyes widened as a huge smile crept across my face. “MIKEY BABY!!!” I screamed walkin to him with my arms open but he stopped me. “What’s wrong?” I asked with a confused look on my face. He sighed and shook his head, “I saw you.” I stepped back, “You saw me?” I was obviously still drunk. “You’re drunk Gi, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.” He said as he moved to the side of the bed. “No, let’s talk about it now! What did you see?” I said grabbing his arm. He scrunched his face up at me and snatched my hand away, “I saw you shakin yo ass for everyone to see! I ain’t even seen you shake yo ass like that!” He was definitely mad but I was too drunk to really care. I smiled and pulled out the check, “It got me a hunned thou.” He snatched the check and ripped it up. I pushed him, “Mike what the fck?!” He then grabbed my arms and pushed me up against the wall, “Gi snap the fck out of it! You don’t need to do sh*t like that! I got you, a hunned thou ain’t sh*t! You come to me if you need anything, not go up on a stage and degrade yourself shakin yo ass for money! You hear me?!” I was scared, I had never seen him this angry. I shook my head yes. He looked at me and then let me go.

“You looked beautiful tonight.” He said as he walked back over to the bed. I wiped a few tears away, “I don’t feel beautiful anymore.” I uttered. He looked back at me, “Don’t say that sh*t.” I walked over to him and he turned and face me. “Make me feel beautiful again.” I whispered. He looked at me for a while and then kissed me deeply. He then laid me down and made love to me. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. When we were done it was the morning. He rolled off and went to the bathroom. While he was gone I figured I’d get rid of the condom, only thing is…I couldn’t find any evidence that there was one. Mike came out the bathroom and I looked at him, “Babe, did you use a condom?” The look on his face answered my question. “Damn bae, I’m sorry.” He said. I got mad instantly, “Mike what the fck!” He sat down, “Babe, it’s good. If you get pregnant, we’ll be the best parents.” He said smiling. I looked at him in astonishment, “Nigga are you serious? We’ve only been together for a fckn week and you talkin about being parents?! No, we need to get some Plan B pills runnin up in here.” I said shaking my head. He put his arm around me, “Okay, I’ll txt my body guard and tell him to get it. Let’s just go to sleep.” He said laying me down in his arms. I sighed and got comfortable. “Wanna go again?” Mike asked. I looked up at him, “You gotta be kidding.” I said. He then laughed, “Babe, I was just kidding. I used a condom look.” He held up an open box of Trojan Magnums. I hit him, “Don’t ever do that to me again.” I smiled as he laughed, “I just wanted to see how real you were. Any other girl wouldn’t have been mad like that.” He said. “When are you gonna stop comparing and just see that I’m different.” I said. “I know you different baby, now lay on yo back so I can sample that different pussy again.” He said pulling a condom out the box. I laughed and did as he said.

I paced the bedroom floor in nothing but my black and white lace bra and pantie set with my hair in big rollers. D laid on the bed and watched me not saying anything. I was going over and over in my mind why in the f*** did I agree to go to this dinner. "Bae your making me dizzy whats wrong" I stopped pacing and looked at him "Im nervous the other girls arent gonna like me" he got up and walked over to me and put his arms around my waist. "Bae it dont matter if they dont like you me,gi and ty like you, and besides I think your gonna do fine I mean your already looking good and smell sooo good. I rolled my eyes at his comment. I whispered in his ear "Just wait until tonight" and with that I walked into the bathroom to put on my form fitting curves hugging blue dress with my black belt to match. I took the rollers out of my head and shook my big beautiful curls and they fell into place. I applied some eyeliner and foundation,lipgloss and eye shadow n greased my hands and feet dont want to be going to dinner with ashy feet lol.D was laid back on the bed watching my every move but just then there was a knock on the door. And just as I was slipping on my shoes I saw my sister walk into the room dressed. I guess she could tell I was nervous and said They’ll love you. And if not, we’ll fight all those b*tches!” I just had to laugh my sister is great at cheering me up when ever im down.

We walked out of the bedroom and the first persons mouth I heard was big mouth chris "DAMMMMMMMMN thats yo girl?" Yeah man thats my baby I smiled "Damn she got a fat ass" D slapped chris upside the head and laughed "Dude see you play to much" chris then looked at both of us winking. I rolled my eyes and went to grab my phone off the charger in the kitchen and I heard chris yet again "and her sister got a fat ass too" D slapped him again "nigga what did I say this time?" "Thats for saying that s*** bout Ty girl and since he aint here to slap you I did it for him." "Okay guys were leaving I said as I walked back into the living room. D got up and walked over to me "You look beautiful baby" I smiled and said "see I think we need to leave now before you try and get something started up in here." I pecked his lips and chris stood up and said can I get a kiss he then closed his eyes and poked his lips out. me and Gi both blew him a kiss and walked to the door. There was a limo parked out front for me and gi we got in it and road to the resturant gi was texting ty and smiling I have to admit they are cute together.

We arrived at the resturant I got out first and walked up to the host "Hi im meeting some people here" okay name "Jones" okay mrs.Jones your party is here. we then followed him over to the table and I see Gloria (Matt barnes girlfriend), Monica(Shannon browns wife), Khloe (Lamar Odoms wife), Vanessa (Kobe bryants wife), and Gabrielle(Dwades girl) I guess Keyshia hadent arrived in town yet. I walked up to the girls and waved. A mixture of Heys, and Hello were said I can tell Gi was not feeling this at all but plastured a smile on her face. They began with a toast to me being the new girl and welcome to the basketball wives/girlfriends club. I said thanks and the convos went smoothly until Vanessa asked me where did I get my surgery done at. Khloe rolled her eyes and gloria tried to interven and say something to vanessa when my sister spoke for me "Excuse me" vanessa looked like he had an attitude already because she had to repeat herself. "Im just simply asking your sister where did she get her fake ass,boobs, and flat tummy from hun. Monica downed the rest of her wine. Gabrielle then said "now hold on vanessa that is soo uncalled for please dont start." I could tell gi was about to snap on this hoe when I said something "So if I tell you where I got my work done at will you please not tell me where you got your horrible nose job at. and smiled after I said it. "Look here you dumb young b****" gco "Oh are you mad because Im younger then you? I said "You wont last a min in this club with us if you keep talking like that missy. "omg vanessa will you shut the f*** up khloe said. Gi rolled her eyes and began texting when vanessa just had to go after her to "who are you rolling your eyes at I bet you cant even get a baller" she started laughing but nobody joined her. gi simply stood up and drank some of her Zombie crushed ice drink and threw it on vanessa "Now see that s*** b****" and walked over to the bar to order her another drink I also got up and walked over to the bar while vanessa started to scream and cry about her dress. "Dumb hoe I said as I ordered me a drink as well. Well sis I told you they would love you Gi said and we both busted out laughing. ooo what a night...

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