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Domestic violence

I am sure that this site is viewing by moderators employed by the Chris Brown team; and this message is unlikely to be read by Chris, however I hope that maybe if enough people ask genuine questions that are not intended as an attack, those close to the artist will consider the topic important enough to pass on to mr brown.

I have been interested and intrigued by the stance chris has taken following the DV incidence with his girlfriend. My interest comes, having been a victim of DV myself in the past; I therefore understand the complexities of such a relationship and how violence can evolve from a loving relationship. Please do not mistake my comment for my condoning violence of any form. I, myself was able to leave my violent relationship and was supported enough to go through a lengthy prosecution of my partner.

My question is, about the tattoo. It's bold statement and I was initially shocked. However, I then started to wonder why someone would keep a constant reminder of what they had done. My experience was that my ex was so keen to not not address his behaviour that it was almost as if he would convince himself that he had not done it. So why would someone give them self a constant reminder?

The cynic in me would say that Chris Brown's "people" , would have suggested that he form allegiances with DV organisations to improve his public image. Or was there a way that chris was able to understand his behaviour and make change. If this is the case please help people to understand.

I am one of lucky ones. I had love and support to help me to break away from abuse; but thousands do not. And many thousands of man and women who perpetrate domestic violence need help to change the negative cycle of control and domination they inflict on their families and partners. Much work has been done to support victims which is of course excellent, but if there is more work and support for perps them we can help stop serial offenders from continuing to inflict pai of others.

Chris, if you have found a positive way forward, I am asking for an honest answer to my question. You are in such a influential position because of your skill and fame and many young men and women respect and listen to you; please use it to help people to have happy and healthy relationships as I hope you and your partner now do.

Thank you for listening