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Insanity ch 2

<em>Do you know what it's like to be insane? Some people sympathize with me. Others just wanna lock me away like I'm some kind of animal. I'm not an animal. I'm a person dammit. I should be treated like one. I didn't mean to kill her. It just happened. Yea her little brother tried to stop me, but he too died. I'm not sure why I do what I do. I've had this problem all my life. Even when I was little. I just can't help but hurt people.</em>

<em>I didn't mean to sneak into her house. But when her ass brushed up against my crotch in the subway, I just couldn't help myself. I had to touch her. My parents think I'm sick but they just don't understand. Only my twin undertsands me. She gets me more than anybody else. She goes through the same things. I'm not some kind of pedophile. I don't run little old ladies in an alley way and make them do things.I don't have sexual contact with family members. Well except that one time but I was 4, I was just repeating what I saw. I swear I'm not so bad. I just can't help do the things. I do. I've even lost my job behind this before.</em>

I got this idea while in psychology today. I hope y'all like it. I just wanted to try something new. Run or dump and btw there won't be hella inappropriate sh*t like incest I swear.


Run it


short but I wanted to add

Growing up as a young girl, things for me were a little different. I’m the second oldest out of 7 children. My older sister was a preemie , she could never gain weight properly so she was wheelchair-bound. But that was then and now she’s taking a nap. <em>Forever</em> Here’s what happened:

<em> “Alright Bonnie, mommy and daddy are leaving and we need you to watch your siblings. I know that you’re only 8 years old, but you’re a big girl and you can do it.” “Ok mommy”, I said with a cute smile. Her and daddy walked out the door leaving us behind. My sister Pink and I were in the living room watching tv. Our brother Carlos (at the time there were only 3)was in the game room playing his leapster game. “Bon can you get me some juice?” “You’re ten. You get it!” I said making a sour face. I really wanted to watch the powerpuff girls put she was trying to make me get up. “Mom said you ha to take care of me and Carlos and you’re not doing it. Im telling mom,” Pink said. “Fine!” I stormed into the kitchen and poured her some juice. I saw this blue stuff called Ajax (bathroom cleaner), and I picked it up to look at it. Daddy says his stuff can hurt you. I poured the powder into Pink’s cup and stirred it in with a cup. It’s just like making crystal lights. I took the cup of juice and brought it in the living room to Pink. “Give it to me!” “You can move your own arms!” “So? Give it to me.” I shoved the cup to her mouth, making it smash into her top lip. “Ouch! Stop stupid!” “I’m not stupid!” I shouted in her face. I finished giving her the juice and sat down to watch the powerpuff girls. After it was over, I noticed that Pink threw up and there was this nasty foamy stuff coming out of her mouth. “Eww! I’m calling mom!” I ran over to the house-phone and called her number. “Hello?” “Mommy! Pink threw up and nasty foam stuff is coming from her mouth!” “Holy s***! I’ll be home soon.” She and my dad came home and rushed to Pink. “Sweetie what happened?” she asked turning to me. “I’m not sure.” “Where is Los?” my dad asked. “He’s in the game room.” “I’m going to call the ambulance!” my mom said rushing to her cell phone. After about 20 minutes, my sister was unconscious and the ambulance was here. They loaded my sister into the car and raced her down the street. My next door neighbor Nosy Rosy drove me and Carlos to the hospital. “Oh Bonnie I’m so sorry this happened to you,” Rosy said. “Thank you Miss. Rosy” “Bon what happened to Pink?” “I’m not sure what happened Los.” we were silent the rest of the drive to the hospital. We went inside and saw my mother waiting in the lobby with my dad, my aunt, my grandma, my uncle, and a bunch of other people. “Oh Bonnie we’re sorry for you. Do you know what happened?” my grandma asked. “No I don’t know. Something yucky just started coming from her mouth Nana.” I replied. The whole night, people were telling me how sorry they were about all that has happened. Pink was fine lying in the hospital bed but she had to stay the night. Rosy dropped me, Los, and my Nana off back at the house. So many people paid attention to me and not Pink. I like that. Maybe I’ll do it again some day. </em>

run it !!!!! please ! i want to see where this can go and whats going to happen next and what transpired this kind of anger ...

.Autty ;)

run it!!

run this story...i like this

Run It!

im liking it RUN IT!!!!!