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Chris Brown Fan Contest

I want to make a fan-created Chris Brown fan contest. First you have to win the Chris Brown Trivia and then make a video on why you want to win this contest.If you win the contest I will buy you his new album and pay for up to $80 worth of merchindise from Chris Brown's online store. This is not an offical CB contest, this is my own personal contest. The reason I'm doing this contest is to get closer to Chris Brown fans everywhere. The contest ends Thrusday, Aug 1st 2013.
1.There cant be more than two people who win
2.You have to be a die-hard Chris Brown fan
3.You can't be under 13years of age

To enter this contest you can
Tweet @IwasHere_CMIT
add me on facebook and message me @ She SoConceited Jones
or email me @

This is only for fun , this is not an official Chris Brown contest. You should try to do this contest if you love Chris Brown. This is my contest and I do promise to come through with everything if you win.


The contest has already started sorry for the last response but all the information is sill the same and the next trivia part will start on the 15th of June ..... email me and I will email you the trvia within the contest ... hurry and email me if you want to be apart of the second round of trivia .......thanks for your interest :-)

Is The Emal Address Still The Same

where can i find the trivia at?

Can't wait until the contest starts. By the way, thank you for answering my email. I really appreciate it!