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~Unlikely Love~

ok so this was a dream a friend of my told me if you like it I may extend it so please give me some details about what yall think.....

she got all dressed up wearing a long sleeved black Armani formed fitting dress with a gold chain around her waist and her black gold bottom Armani 5inch heels. she was excited that she won tickets to the BET Awards tonight her friend ended up canceling on her at the last minute and she wasn't gonna miss this so she decided to go without her.
when she got there they messed up her seating arrangement so she was seated in the second row right in between lil wayne and nicki minaj. she was beyond excited and nervous. it was almost time for the show to start and out the corner of her eye she noticed wayne has yet to take his eyes off her. she was really into lil twist sexy ass and maybe if she played her cards right she could get a piece of that and maybe more. hell she'll do anything to get with him and if that means using weezy's thirsty ways to get it then so be it.
"aye who are you.?" weezy asked interrupting her thoughts.
"uh im the contest winner. they gave my seats away and this was the only other open one left."
"oh that's whats up. whats yo name baby.?"
"well miss Carmen you are a very beautiful woman."
"I thought you only liked red bones." she said tryna see where he was going with this.
"aw girl that's just the media blowing my words out of proportion. I love my chocolate sistas too."
"yea ok." just then the show began and kevin hart was out there stepping with them kids looking hilarious.
"aye can we go somewhere real quick.?" wayne asked.
"but the show just started."
"girl he don't care. he got you in his sights so just go with it." nicki spoke up saying.
"but i actually wanna see the show."
"chill baby your still gonna be able to see the show. just come on." he took her hand and lead her out and they went to his trailer. immediately he tried to kiss her but she stopped him.
"whoa now.! i hope your not about to get the idea that im some groupie cause im not and if you think imma have sex with you and all yo homies at this award show you got another thing coming because i don't get down like that." she said ready to walk back to her seat but he stopped her.
"relax baby it aint even that type of party, plus do you think i would be out here with you right now if i thought you were just another groupie that got lucky and seated next to me.? i know your different i can tell my your ora and that's why i wanna enjoy you in my presence while i can."
"look that's all cool and everything but i actually have a crush on twist and i would rather be doing this with him."
"oh really.? how about this let me do something and after im done if you still feel the same way i will personally hook yall up."
"im not fuxking you dude."
"i don't want you to just relax and let me do me." she knew she shouldnt do this but shyt she aint got nothing to lose and its not like anybody would find out about this.
she agreed and allowed hom to feast on her from head to toe and when he began to eat her out it seemed like he never wanted to come up. and he was doing it right and when she tried to moved cuz she couldn't take no more his grip on her thighs got tighter. he sucked and played with her clit with his tongue like no other sending shock waves up her spin and when she climaxed it was actually the first time she had ever squirted.
"damn baby you taste delicious." he said licking every bit of her juices and kissing her inner thigh.
she couldn't even speak she was trying to catch her breath. while she was out of it he slid himself in her and began hitting it from the back. surprised she tried to push him off but as he got deeper she began moaning its like he knew her body and how it should be done. after about 20 minutes he busted inside her and she squirted again even harder and collapsed on her back.
"so do you still feel the same way you did when you walked in.?" he said. all she could do was shake her head.
"yea i thought so." wayne noticed it was almost time for his performance so they hurried and washed up and he changed his outfit and picked her out a new outfit as well. they got back in just in time for him to enter on his part of 'Miss Me'.
"i want you to stand right here imma have a surprise for you in a minute." he said with a kiss then went on stage. after the song was over he gave a little speech.
"iight so i heard i won two awards tonight that i missed accepting well truth be told i was in my trailer eating and fuxking the best puccy i have ever had. this girl might jus become the new mrs. dewayne michael carter, jr. come here baby." he said as the crowd began to laugh and clap. for a while she was frozen in place so wayne walked over to her and pulled her out on stage so everybody could see her and she put a fake smile on her face and began to feel her phone vibrating against her left titty. he kissed he ran dshe walked back off stage and he finished his performance.
he got off stage and they went back to his trailer so he could change again.
"that was a great performance." she told him.
"aw thanks baby it was crazy hype."
"im talking about all that shyt you said about me."
"that was real shyt."
"yea ok."
"real talk Carmen everything i said out there about you was true."
"yea whatever im gonna head on home. thanks for the ass and head. deuces." without another word she left. she knew she enjoyed every moment of what took place here tonight but she at the same time she knew nothing could come of this and she was ok with that.
as she left she checked her phone and noticed all the tweets and text messages from her friends about what wayne said it was a real surreal night and although she didnt want it to end she knew it had to.

tell me what yall think...


*Carmen's pov*
the more I thought about it the more it hurt. how could they do this to me. after everything that has happened I just needed to get away and now to make matters worst it starts to rain.
"UGH.!!! what else can happen.!!!" I yelled aloud to no one in particular. just then I got splashed by this car driving by. "FUXKING JERK.!" I yelled at them and they stopped and slowly began to reverse back towards me. once they got to me and rolled down the window I noticed it was chris brown.
"aint you wayne's girl from the bet awards.?" he asked looking at me.
"I am that girl but im not his anymore."
"all that's too bad. where are you going in this rain.?"
"honestly I don't know."
"look im headed to the studio do you wanna go with me.?"
"I don't know." I said backing away.
"come on I feel bad for splashing you and I cant have you in this weather knowing I could have got you out of it." I looked around hoping someone else would come around but they didn't so I agreed and got in the car with him.
"if you look in the back I think I might have a towel back there." he said to me while pulling off. I looked in his back seat and found the towel and began drying my arms and hair.
"thanks for the lift chris." I said with a half smile.
"no problem shawty. its the least I can do. but um can I ask you a question.?"
"yea sure."
"what happened that had you in this weather anyway."
"some bullshyt that I really am not ready to handle just yet." I said then looked down and noticed nicki and wayne had been blowing my phone up so I simply turned it off. I couldn't and refused to deal with either of them but then I remembered cam so I cut the phone back on and texted her letting her know I was with chris and then I turned it back off. then looked over at chris and noticed he was staring at me.
"what.?" I asked.
"im just curious about you."
"what do you mean.?"
"how in the hell did wayne get you.?" he asked laughing.
"its complicated."
"well come on we got a little ways to go so spill." he replied then cut off his radio.
I smiled and then told him the whole story from how we met and got together all the way to where we are today. for a minute he just sat there shaking his head.
"well.? what are you thinking.?"
"umm first off you forgot something."
"you forgot that at the award show I told you to come holla at me when you were done with wayne. do you remember that.?"
"kinda." I said with a smirk.
"ok so let me ask you then," he said pulling to the side of the road, "are you done with him.?" he finished while leaning towards me. our lips inches apart. to say I was surprised and thrown off would be an understatement.
"chris I don't think this is the right time for this."
"shhhh baby girl I think this is the perfect time." he said then lean in and kissed me nice and slow. I felt a slight chill go up my spine. his lips were so soft and as he used his tongue to part my lips I just melted. I have never been kissed with such passion and romance it was mindblowing. he pulled back but my lips still searched for more. I opened my eyes to him smiling at me and instantly I was embarrassed. I turned my head quickly and began looking out the window.
"naw don't be shy now. after a kiss like that umm. you cant be doing me like this." he said shaking his head pulling off.
we finally reached the studio and when we walked inside there was tyga, seyvn, big sean, tpain, and kevin mccall. chris greeted them all and istood in the corner tryna stay out the way.
"aye yo chris who is this.?" seyvn asked.
"oh that my friend Carmen." chris replied.
"wait you mean wayne's Carmen.?" tyga asked.
"I don't belong to anyone." spoke up saying.
"well alright now. she's a feisty one." tpain said smiling.
"but you are tunchei's girl aint you.?" tyga asked.
"I was but that ended today."
"well damn." big sean said walking out the booth.
we all sat around and people did different songs then chris ad I headed back to wayne's house so I can find camren.
I walked in to find that everyone was gone including cam. I walked through the house to see wayne in his den smoking a blunt.
"where's my sister.?" was all I asked him.
"she left with omarion a few hours ago. Carmen please hear me out."
"I really don't want to talk about this right now."
"please just let me explain."
"fine explain yourself. explain how you could talk to me everyday and never once even tell me. explain how when I got here you and nicki could lie to my face and play me like a fool. I was more than hurt today I was embarrassed and I feel like a fool."
"Carmen I never menat for any of this to happen. I was gonna tell you. that conversation you walked in on was me telling nicki that im telling you tonight."
"how could yall even do me like that though.?"
"baby I don't know how it happened. but it did and I wanna move past it so we can grow and build something together. I love you Carmen and I haven't felt this way for any female in a very long time. hell to be honest I felt for no woman like I feel for you since toya.. I love you ma." by now wayne is in my face with his arms wrapped around my waist and I hear and believe every word he is saying but I cant get the thoughts of the kiss I shared with chris out of my mind. am I as bad as him if I don't tell him.?

ok here we go I am having major writer's block on this story, mainly because it really wasn't meant to go this far but I need help form my readers for this next add...tell me EXACTLY how yall feel about her and wayne and her and chris.
do you think she should forgive wayne or move on with chris.
I have an ending that im thinking of but I need yall to help me take the story there.

so please don't just say 'run it'

Run it

The more Camren pops up in the story the less i like her..why did she beat up Rissa without even hearing the whole story?? I don't blame Carmen for not listening to Nicki or Wayne they did some majorly fuxed up ish..all i know is they better make it right

*Carmen's pov*
"Carmen i have something to tell you but i don't know how your gonna take this." rissa began.
"whats up rissa.? you know you can tell me anything." I replied smiling at her shyness.
"two months ago wayne and nicki slept together." as soon as the words escaped her lips my mind went blank.
"naw they wouldn't do that to me. wayne just told me he loved me and nicki been my girl since day one rooting for me and wayne to work out."
"im so sorry Carmen but its true. it was after one of the many parties at bridman's house and I was there with bow. I saw them with my own two eyes." she said going through her phone ad showing me a <a href="">picture</a> she took of the two of them that night. how could they do me like this and play with my feelings. as I was about to say something else I saw nicki walk up to us.
"hey mamma.! wayne told me the news. im so happy for yall." she said to me but I continued to look at rissa as tears began to form in my eyes.
"rissa can you give us a minute.?" I managed to say.
"sure Carmen no problem." she said stroking my arm and walking away. as soon as she was out of sight I turned to nicki and pushed the shyt outta her causing her to hit the floor hard.
"Carmen it wasn't like that I swear." she said.
"no just please hear me out." she asked getting up and trying to grabbed my hands.
"NO FUXK THAT AND FUXK YOU NICKI.!" just then wayne strolled around the corner.
"baby whats going on.?" he asked as if he didn't know.
"im not your baby wayne and I hope you and nicki have a great life together." I said through clenched teeth about to walk past him but he stopped me.
"whoa Carmen what are you talking about.? I love you girl and I want this with you and nobody else." he said.
"you should have thought about that before you fuxked her. good bye wayne." without another word I ran out the door and up the street not know where in the hell I was going. I just knew I had to get away from there.

*nicki's pov*
rissa had to open her damn mouth.! she just couldn't leave well enough alone. iwent to the bathroom too ashamed to stay out there after that. looking in the mirror I noticed a bruise forming under my right eye. as I was applying make up rissa and heather walked in.
"damn nicki I thought that was your bestie how could you do her like that.?" heather asked with her hands on her hips.
"this aint none of your business heather so leave it alone."
"if you woulda left wayne alone you wouldn't be in the mess your in now." she spat back with a smirk on her face.
"you don't know what your talking about so stay out of it." I replied to her then looked over at rissa. "how could you do that.?" I asked her.
"she had a right to know nicki. you all up in her face like you aint just do her dirty."
"we were drunk.!"
"you know what they say, a drunk mind speaks sober thoughts and clearly yall were enjoying every bit of doing Carmen dirty." rissa said back.
"fuxk you rissa."
"naw nicki fuxk you." she replied and they walked back out. I sat in there a little longer and eventually tried to call Carmen and explain the situation but she didn't answer the phone. then I heard a lot of arguing outside. once I got out the door I noticed it was camren's voice.

*camren's pov*
I was enjoying my time with omarion. it felt nice to touch on him as we walked inside of imagining what his skin felt like. oh and them lips MMMHM.! to die for. Carmen just don't know how much I love her for winning that contest and getting me my boo bookins. the way we click is like it was meant to be and im loving it.
while we were outside by the pool I just so happened to look up and noticed Carmen running up the street. now we aint from here so I know something was wrong so I excused myself from my babe and went in the house. the first person I saw was coco and even though I was a real b**** to her I knew she was my way of finding out wat was wrong with my sister."
"aye coco can I holla a you please."
"what do you want.?" she said with an attitude.
"rest ya balls babygirl ok. I saw that my sister ran up out this house and I wanna know why.?"
"well I aint got no answers for you so go away." she said before walking away.
I went on through the house and found wayne.
"aye big head where did Carmen just run off to.?"
"I don't know." he said with his head down in defeat.
"what happened in here.?"
"rissa did some fuxked up shyt and now Carmen may be going home." he said then walked away. I knew these bytches was gonna be trouble. I tried my hair up ready to go to war. that is one girl I will kill over in a heartbeat. I began to search the house for this rissa chick and I found her laughing with heather and without any words I walked up and began beating her ass.
"YOU PICKED THE WRONG SISTER TO FUXK WITH BYTCH.!" I said in between hits. all I could hear was people in the background yelling and cheering, singing out <cite>WORLDSTAR BAAABBBYYY</CITE> it aint do nothing but make me go harder.
"camren stop you don't know what your doing." heather yealled.
"bullshyt this bytch is the reason my baby girl is upset so she gonna take this ass whooping and if you want it too then come get." I paused from being rissa's ass to say.
"but it aint her fault its wayne and nicki's fault." rissa cried out spitting blood out her mouth.
"fuxk you talking about.?"
"wayna and nicki fuxked around two mnths ago. rissa told Carmen." heather explained.
"oh well my bad then, shyt think of it as a why the fuxk you wait two months to tell her what happened kind of ass whooping." I said letting rissa go. I left out the house and began to search for Carmen. this was truly a fuxked up situation but I cant have her out in these streets alone. if I don't do it at home I damn sure aint bout to do it here.

run it.!!!

lol thanks for the feedback update coming soon
keep running

awww ish..Rissa gone tell it...I DON'T LIKE CAMREN!!!! I don't understand why she being a bit thou??? Nobody done anything to her??? So why you mad??? Pregnant???? Oh why Rissa agree with her thou??? I don't know I sense some shadyness going on..and i don't like it...RUN IT

What tf Camren , first I thought she was "real" but now she just plain disrespectful ! Mmm I don't like her . But oooohh did Rissa tell Carmen ?
Run It !

oh dam she told her
she bouta to bounce
run it

*Carmen's pov*
i swear i really think wayne is tryna get me pregnant but after him admitting that he loves me im not as concerned as i was before. as we walked out i noticed nicki and instantly ran over to her.
"hey momma i didn't know you were coming over." i said once i reached her.
"oh nicki is the only person you see." i hear someone say and when i turned i saw rissa and coco walking to me.
"hey cuties.!" i said hugging them both.
"well hello beautiful." rissa said stepping back and looking at me.
"well its about time you brought your happy ass down here." coco said with a smile.
"i know but business comes first and i needed to get my paper right first before coming for my dicc." i let it be known.
"yall aint waste no time did yall.?" rissa asked giggling.
"we aint known for that. we all grown here and we know what we want so its whatever." i replied.
"heather told me your sister is here. i would love to meet her." rissa said changing the subject.
we walked through the house and found her in the game room playing pool with omarion.
"aye cam i got some people that want to meet you." i said causing omarion to scratch.
"aww camren i see you got your sister helping you win now." he said smiling.
"she was here the first two games i won though." camren shot back while walking to me. "who am i meeting.?"
"cam this is rissa and coco. they were two of the girls that i met that weekend."
"oh yall were the other groupies they picked up leaving the award show.?" cam said obviously trying to be rude.
"pretty much but shyt we aint that no more." coco shot back.
"what are yall now then.?" cam asked.
"bow and i are actually dating now." rissa spoke up saying.
"that's nice. what about you.? coco right.?"
"cam cool it." i said to her.
"what im just trying to get to know your little friends Carmen. its not like im being like heather and just ignoring them im actually trying to be nice. so is coco your stripper name.?"
"excuse you camren you don't know me so don't disrespect me."
"baby girl i know more than you think. and i know your a stripper and from one stripper to another you should really pick a new name. mines is teardrop."
"why do they call you that.?"
"because after everyone of my shows i have collected so much money from these niggas they leave crying cuz they know they wife is about to beat the fuxk outta them."
"damn baby i cant wait to see one of them dancing." omarion spoke up saying.
"look camren im not a stripper and if i wasn't pregnant i would beat the fuxk outta you right here and now."
"aww coco your pregnant im so happy for you." rissa said smiling.
"baby girl, pregnant or not you would never beat me ass. now if yall don't mind me and my boo want to finish our game."
"you just met him today and he already yo boo. seems like your more than just a stripper." coco said tryna insult cam.
"actually sweetie i been rocking with omarion since my sister came home and gave me his number. unlike yall he has yet to fuxk me and still we have been dating for three months. so yea i am more than just a stripper. im a real fuxking woman with morals and values. i just want easy money so i shake my ass a few nights a week. you could learn something from me." with that camren walked away. i just couldn't say anything at this moment and by the look on rissa's face she was feeling the same way i was so we slowly walked away from this situation.
"so Carmen you and camren are complete opposites." she said smiling.
"yea we are but once you get use to her she really is nice."
"i don't think there will be a nice moment between her and coco."
"yea i know."
"but shyt compared to the way coco speaks to people im glad camren put her in her place." rissa admitted.
"are you serious.?"
"yea i wish i had the heart to speak to her, hell anyone like that."
"aww rissa whats going on.?"
"Carmen i have something to tell you but i don't know how your gonna take this.

*nicki's pov*
as soon as they took Carmen away i went on the hunt to find wayne. he couldn't ruin things with Carmen and run his mouth about us. i found him with birdman and without saying a word to anyone i grabbed him up and took him to the other room.
"i didn't say anything if that's what you want to know."
"you better not have wayne or i swear i will hurt you."
"chill out nicki. i love Carmen so you don't have to worry about me saying shyt."
"you what.?" i asked as if i didn't hear him.
"i said i love her and she loves me."
"how do you know.?"
"she told me. but i told her first."
"oh my god wayne your really in love.?"
"i didn't say that. i said i love her im not in love yet."
"what the hell wayne."
"what nicki i cant go that far with this shyt on my chest."
"well forget it and everything will be good."
"its not that simple."
"why aint it. you already said she was better than me so why does it matter what happened between us.?"
"because it happened and i cant forget it."
"well you better or----, aw shyt."
"Carmen is with rissa."
"yea that's her girl so what."
"nigga rissa knows about us."
"what how.?"
"she was there that night with bow."
"aw fuxk.! do you think she will say anything.?"
"i hope not but all i know is we gotta get her away from Carmen and keep it like that."
with that we went our separate ways and i went to go find Carmen. and i found her alone with rissa. just as i got close i saw Carmen with this blank stare on her face.

run it.!!!!

Run it

Dang,,wayne put on her huh???? WAIT PAUSE THOU..he smashed Nicki...Damn ish bout to hit the fan and it ain't gone be pretty...what's going on in the other girls relationships thou...we don't really get any insight into's just vague...&& i still like Nicki but that's foul thou...&& Wayne slick trying get her pregnant...i'm convinced..RUN IT

*Wayne's pov*
could I do it.? could I really tell Carmen one night of outrageous drinking caused me and nicki to have sex.? this might just kill her. this girl means everything to me I don't think I could do it. just standing here looking in her eyes is making me feel so guilty.
I placed my hands around her waist still staring in her eyes. the eyes I have already made shed too many tears. this is crazy, I talked all that shyt on the phone to nicki just now but looking at my girl I don't care about shyt that has happened in the past, the fact that she is here now is all I care about.
"wayne.!" I heard her say breaking my train of thought.
"yes baby girl.?"
"what do you have to tell me.?"
"you just told nicki she should want me to know too. what do I need to know.?"
"oh its nothing major babe."
"wayne im not stupid and im not fragile so if there is something you need to tell me then please just say it."
"ok fine, im cancelling this tour I was about to go on."
"because I was suppose to be leaving out at 5:30 in the morning and now I just wanna stay here with you."
"could you get in trouble by the label.?"
"I could but I don't care. I wanna spend as much time with you I can."
"I hope you wont regret this."
"I never regret anything I do for you." with that I leaned down and kissed her passionately slowly backing her up so I could shut and lock the door. I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her over to the desk and sat her on it and began taking off her clothes.
"wait stop babe." she paused me saying.
"what is it.?"
"can they hear us.?"
"naw I got my office soundproofed."
"ok." she said going back to kissing and taking off my clothes. "wayne wait." she stop me again."
"what girl.?"
"do you have a condom.?"
"girl what.? since when we were condoms.?"
"since I said so."
"is that right.?" I said as I began to play with her clit. slowly going in a circular motion. I could tell by her silence she was enjoying this and it knew this condom thing was out the window.
I climbed up to kiss her down her neck and leased my way to her lovely nipples and them in my mouth one at a time.
"umm go faster babe." Carmen moaned and I willingly obliged. going faster and faster until I felt her warm juices coming out of her and all over my hand.
"damn baby I see you aint been having no type of fun with the kitty."
"naw she just missed her daddy so stop playing and give it to her." she demanded grabbing ahold of my hands tryna pull me on top of her.
I climbed up and slid inside her she was beyond tight. I don't remember it being this tight last time we had sex but this shyt feels so good.
we went at it for a good thirty minutes but I had to stop myself because if I didn't we would be in here her whole visit down here. we went in the bathroom attached to my den and freshened up.
"how you feel.?" I asked grinding up behind her.
"like im in the clouds. what do you be doing to me.?"
"loving you the way you should be loved." aw shyt did i just admit that.?
"wait what." she asked shocked. well I guess there's no taking it back now.
"you heard me babe, I said I love you."
"oh my word.!"
"that's all you have to say.?"
"ofcourse not. I love you too babe. I just cant believe you said it first."
"well believe it." we kissed one more good time then we headed back out with everybody. by now nicki was her and as soon as I saw her my heart skipped a beat out of nervousness. I wonder why she could be here.

run it

run it

Now Heather had no damn reason to act like that! If I was Camren I would've f***ed some s*** up and told her, ”Trell can pay for your plastic surgery you gon need b****!” Lol. What? What's the secret? Why is Nicki acting like that? OMFG, all these questions swimming in my head! Oh my gosh!
Run it!

Wait, Whats the secret??????

OH MY GOODNESS,what's the secret???? Are him and Nicki sleeping together???? Like I gotta know..RUN IT

Yeah Heather was rude to the sis though , she lost them brownie points I gave her a few updates ago . & supp w/ Wayne doeeee , he prolly got another chick on the side .
Run It !


Awww s*** run it

they get to Wayne's house and both camren and Carmen noticed a little white car hurry and leave. Carmen just hoped wayne aint been doing what she had a feeling in her stomach he was. they walked in the house and ofcourse everybody and they momma was there. the first person that Carmen noticed was heather and as soon as she called her name heather came running too fast.
"ayyyyeeee Carmen where the fuxk have you been.?" she asked while hugging her.
"back in Columbus stacking my money up." she responded.
"I feel it girl."
"so are the other girls here too.?"
"coco is on her way, rissa is somewhere around here with bow and shell and meek don't fuxk with each other no more."
"get outta here why not.?"
"shell was treating like a booty call and he was getting salty so he cut her off."
"aw hell naw meek a bytch for that." camren spoke up saying.
"uh who are you.?" heather asked kinda rude.
"uh im her sister."
"oh this is camren.?" she asked Carmen.
"YESSS I AM." camren answered.
"well imma head back over to my boo. imma talk to you later suga."
"iight heather." Carmen replied as heather began to walk away.
"nice meeting you heather." camren said sarcastically.
"cam you are so rude." Carmen said trying not to laugh.
"who me.? that bytch the one tryna get smart like I don't know she a jump off."
"girl looks to me like he tryna wife her." Carmen said looking over at heather all in drake's arms.
"aye where did wayne and o go.?" camren asked.
"girl I don't know but im bout to go find out."
they started walking further in the house then they found omarion in the living room so camren ended her walk and went with him and Carmen kept going. she began to hear him talking and assumed he was on the phone so she planned to go in and sit with him but as she got closer she noticed this conversation aint one he should have been having.

*Wayne's pov*
im happy Carmen came down but she just came down at the wrong time. she's gonna be a distraction. I got this thanksgiving bash to do, these videos, and im suppose to go on tour. babe is fuxking me up fareal.
as soon as I got home I headed to the room to call nicki. her ass shoulda told me Carmen was here. after three rings she answered.
"waddup.?" she said.
"you fuxking up miss lady."
"what I do wayne.?"
"when you called me why the hell you aint say Carmen was here.?"
"she asked me not to. I thought you would be happy she came to see you all you been doing since she went home was bugging about when she was gonna come down here and chill with you. now she's here so chill."
"nicki things have changed a little now."
"no they haven't so you better enjoy the time you have with Carmen. talk to her and get to know her like she wants and who knows maybe by the time she leave her you might have planted your seed in her."
"yeah and she can have you take her to get another pill."
"shut up wayne you know why she did that so stop bringing that up."
"im just saying I love all my kids and I really thought I could do it with her but she just proved my point of why darker girls don't get my love."
"what are you talking about.
"them are the only bytches that are stubborn and don't do what I say."
"so because she strong minded and has goals you don't wanna fuxk with her no more."
"nooo that's not what im saying. don't get me wrong I think I may be falling in love with Carmen but this secret may destroy us."
"there is no secret wayne and if you tell her otherwise then I will hurt you."
"shyt you should want to tell her too nicki."
"TELL ME WHAT.!" I heard Carmen asked causing me to turn around fast.
"dont say nothing wayne im serious." nicki said to me. I hung up the phone and walked over to Carmen.

run it.!!!!


Lol , aww Nick still lonely . & aww maybe Wayne & Carmen will work out after all .
Run It !

aww I think that was sweet of them surprising their men. I wonder if Nicki has someone???
Run It

i wonder what wayne was goona say...
mhm his ass better not have been cheating
run it

Camren just a lil horny something lol RUN IT

Lol run it

*carmen's pov*
its been five months since the award show and me and wayne have been talking every night and falling asleep on the phone together. even though this is a long distance relationship its actually been nice and I can tell he really is feeling me for me. camren and omarion have even been looking like they maybe trying to make something out of there thing.
I finally was able to talk my mom into covering the shop for a few weeks so me and cam can go down to Miami and surprise our men. i didn't even tell nicki i was coming so this should really be a adventurous day when we get there.
after a long two and a half hour flight we finally made it and i called nicki and lied and asked her what her address was so i can write her a letter. i gave the cab driver the address and we were on our way.
once we got there i called her again and told her to come outside and as soon as she saw me she was so geeked and she ran over and hugged me.
"oh my god i cant believe your here.!" she said.
"girl i wanted to surprise you guys.!"
"girl you aint tell wayne you was coming.?"
"you a mess."
"i know. oh where are my manners. nicki this is my sister camren." i said introducing them.
"aw hey miss camren i have heard a lot about you." nicki said hugging her.
"i am just so starstruck right now im sorry." cam said too geeked.
"aw man don't embarrass me cam." i said giggling at her.
"shut up Carmen i wont."
so where are yall staying.?" nicki asked.
"hopefully with our boos." i said as we grabbed our bags and headed in her house, which was really beautiful.
"ok so let me give him a call and make him come over." nicki suggested. i agreed and after she made the call to wayne she called omarion too and we just sat back and waited for them to show up. after twenty plus minutes omarion showed up first. as soon as he seen camren his mouth just dropped and he slowly walked to her and pulled her in his arms.
"well hello baby girl."
"hey baby. surprise."
"i love your surprises." he said smiling.
"how much.?" camren replied seductfully as he began kissing her.
"ew get a room.!" i said laughing.
"just not in here." nicki added laughing herself.
"aw its like that now nic.?" omarion asked laughing.
"naw you know im fuxking with yall. just stay out my room and don't mess up my sheets."
"i cant promise you that nicki. i am known to mess up a few sheets." camren giggled.
"aw shyt nicki i will but you a whole new bed and bed spread." omarion said laughing.
"really.?" nicki said just as wayne walked in the door.
"nicki what was so urgent that i had to--," he began to say until he saw me.
"hey babe." i said.
"Carmen.?" was all he said as i walked over and kissed him passionately.
"boy have i missed these lips." i said holding around his neck.
"i feel the same way baby. why didn't you tell me you were coming.?"
"i wanted to surprise you."
"well im glad your here. how long are you staying.?"
"three weeks."
"that's whats up. you got your bags here.?"
"yea ofcourse."
"good grab them and lets head to my house. nicki you coming too.?"
"naw imma let yall have sometime alone. take the horny monsters with yall." she replied talking about omarion and cam.
"iight nicki we will see you later." wayne said as he and omarion grabbed our bags and we headed out.
"call me later Carmen so we can do something." nicki yelled out to me.
"i so will sweetie."

run it.!!!

run it

Run it

aww thats mad dope how they act like bestfriends and all. Nick I can be there for you if you need someone lol I think it would be weird to just relocate so soon...
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