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ok so this was a dream a friend of my told me if you like it I may extend it so please give me some details about what yall think.....

she got all dressed up wearing a long sleeved black Armani formed fitting dress with a gold chain around her waist and her black gold bottom Armani 5inch heels. she was excited that she won tickets to the BET Awards tonight her friend ended up canceling on her at the last minute and she wasn't gonna miss this so she decided to go without her.
when she got there they messed up her seating arrangement so she was seated in the second row right in between lil wayne and nicki minaj. she was beyond excited and nervous. it was almost time for the show to start and out the corner of her eye she noticed wayne has yet to take his eyes off her. she was really into lil twist sexy ass and maybe if she played her cards right she could get a piece of that and maybe more. hell she'll do anything to get with him and if that means using weezy's thirsty ways to get it then so be it.
"aye who are you.?" weezy asked interrupting her thoughts.
"uh im the contest winner. they gave my seats away and this was the only other open one left."
"oh that's whats up. whats yo name baby.?"
"well miss Carmen you are a very beautiful woman."
"I thought you only liked red bones." she said tryna see where he was going with this.
"aw girl that's just the media blowing my words out of proportion. I love my chocolate sistas too."
"yea ok." just then the show began and kevin hart was out there stepping with them kids looking hilarious.
"aye can we go somewhere real quick.?" wayne asked.
"but the show just started."
"girl he don't care. he got you in his sights so just go with it." nicki spoke up saying.
"but i actually wanna see the show."
"chill baby your still gonna be able to see the show. just come on." he took her hand and lead her out and they went to his trailer. immediately he tried to kiss her but she stopped him.
"whoa now.! i hope your not about to get the idea that im some groupie cause im not and if you think imma have sex with you and all yo homies at this award show you got another thing coming because i don't get down like that." she said ready to walk back to her seat but he stopped her.
"relax baby it aint even that type of party, plus do you think i would be out here with you right now if i thought you were just another groupie that got lucky and seated next to me.? i know your different i can tell my your ora and that's why i wanna enjoy you in my presence while i can."
"look that's all cool and everything but i actually have a crush on twist and i would rather be doing this with him."
"oh really.? how about this let me do something and after im done if you still feel the same way i will personally hook yall up."
"im not fuxking you dude."
"i don't want you to just relax and let me do me." she knew she shouldnt do this but shyt she aint got nothing to lose and its not like anybody would find out about this.
she agreed and allowed hom to feast on her from head to toe and when he began to eat her out it seemed like he never wanted to come up. and he was doing it right and when she tried to moved cuz she couldn't take no more his grip on her thighs got tighter. he sucked and played with her clit with his tongue like no other sending shock waves up her spin and when she climaxed it was actually the first time she had ever squirted.
"damn baby you taste delicious." he said licking every bit of her juices and kissing her inner thigh.
she couldn't even speak she was trying to catch her breath. while she was out of it he slid himself in her and began hitting it from the back. surprised she tried to push him off but as he got deeper she began moaning its like he knew her body and how it should be done. after about 20 minutes he busted inside her and she squirted again even harder and collapsed on her back.
"so do you still feel the same way you did when you walked in.?" he said. all she could do was shake her head.
"yea i thought so." wayne noticed it was almost time for his performance so they hurried and washed up and he changed his outfit and picked her out a new outfit as well. they got back in just in time for him to enter on his part of 'Miss Me'.
"i want you to stand right here imma have a surprise for you in a minute." he said with a kiss then went on stage. after the song was over he gave a little speech.
"iight so i heard i won two awards tonight that i missed accepting well truth be told i was in my trailer eating and fuxking the best puccy i have ever had. this girl might jus become the new mrs. dewayne michael carter, jr. come here baby." he said as the crowd began to laugh and clap. for a while she was frozen in place so wayne walked over to her and pulled her out on stage so everybody could see her and she put a fake smile on her face and began to feel her phone vibrating against her left titty. he kissed he ran dshe walked back off stage and he finished his performance.
he got off stage and they went back to his trailer so he could change again.
"that was a great performance." she told him.
"aw thanks baby it was crazy hype."
"im talking about all that shyt you said about me."
"that was real shyt."
"yea ok."
"real talk Carmen everything i said out there about you was true."
"yea whatever im gonna head on home. thanks for the ass and head. deuces." without another word she left. she knew she enjoyed every moment of what took place here tonight but she at the same time she knew nothing could come of this and she was ok with that.
as she left she checked her phone and noticed all the tweets and text messages from her friends about what wayne said it was a real surreal night and although she didnt want it to end she knew it had to.

tell me what yall think...


She been sleep hella long lol
Aww I apologized I'm proud of myself
and nicki is lonely awww she can have a threesome with me and drake lol

Aww Nicki lonely, it's okay you got me ! & it was very mature of Heather to apologize , she get points for that . Haha Meek ready to get it in though NO GAMES .
Run It !

*nicki's pov*
aint nothing like being back home. we all went straight to Wayne's house after we got back. these girls are relentless with they men though. coco and wale have been all over each other all day and that plane ride, oh wow. rissa and bow have to be my favorite though. they are so cute and silly together its almost like they were meant for one another. I miss my girl Carmen though like fareal. she was really the only one that I actually liked out of all the girls these guys met over the weekend. I just hope her and wayne keep in touch and maybe he can even persuade her to move down here with us. like that would be bananas.!

wayne's chef made a banging ass dinner for us, baked tilapia, butter and herb mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and to top it off fresh dinner rolls. I swear I wanna steal her from him at times cuz this bytch can burn.! after dinner I went outside to try and call Carmen again but I was joined by heather.
"hey nicki do you have a minute.?" she asked.
"sure whats up.?"
"I just wanna apologize for the way I acted back in cali. I was out of line and im sorry."
"its fine heather. if I was you I woulda acted the same way. but if you ever try that shyt again I might have to fuxk you up." I replied and she laughed.
"I promise nicki It wont happen again. me and drake are cool. he apologized for what he did and everything."
"iight heather." she turned around and went back inside and I went on to calling Carmen. after three rings she answered the phone.
"hello.?" she said sounding asleep.
"I like how you called me back." I said.
"I know nicki im sorry. I been sleep forever."
"you called O though."
"only for my sis. they were on the phone all night."
"aw snap.! so when you making this trip to Miami.?"
"I don't know nic. I gotta business here I gotta run. I cant keep leaving it."
"aw well you could always relocate here."
"I don't know about that." she replied laughing.
"I think it would be a good move."
"okay." we talked a little longer then she told me she had to go and we hung up and I went back inside.
"aye nicki where you been.?" meeks girl asked.
"outside talking to Carmen."
"oh how is she.?"
"she good. how are you and meek.?"
"girl she funny as hell e bout to head out though."
"aw really why.?"
"to fuxk. we horny as hell and he don't wanna be rude and fuxk here."
"aw alright."
"next time you talk to Carmen give her my number." she said putting her number in my phone.
"I got you." she walked away grabbed meek and they left.
the rest of the night I sat back and watched as everybody mingled with each other all lovey dovey. it kinda made me wish I had somebody here too.

kinda boring I know but any how

run it.!!!

Dang nick still calling us hoes lol but glad her and wayne made up and baby really need to chill out forreal..

Run it

Yes , good . Wayne got w/ the program !
Run It .

Run it

these next few runs will be all about the other girls im just doing like a background thing so it all works together right.

continue to run :)

Awww i'm glad her and Wayne fixed everything. Birdman is still a BA nigga dude, I don't like him at all. Camren and Omarion is cute...question thou..wen are the other girls really gone be in the story? RUN IT

*Carmen's pov*
once we got back to the hotel nicki and I went to my room so that I can get my suitcases then she walked me to Wayne's room. the whole way there I was praying and trying to get my words together so that this could go as smoothly as possible.
"ok boo it was great meeting you and I hope you and wayne can work everything out." she once we got to his door.
"thanks nicki. I never in a million years thought this would happen to me but im glad we got cool and I hope we can stay in touch." we hugged and she went on to her room.
I took a deep breath and knocked on his door. after a few minutes birdman opened it up.
"what are you doing her shawty.?" he asked.
"I came to talk to wayne."
"he don't wanna see you so step."
"why do you hate me so much you don't even know me.?"
"I don't have to know you to know your kind."
"im not like any of these other hoes yall have come across and clearly that's why wayne chose me. I didn't step to him and I didn't have to do shyt for him to fall for me. now if you don't mind I need to talk to Dwayne so get out my way." I said getting pissed. he finally moved and when I walked in to find people cleaning up I knew wayne must have had a fit when I left with nicki. I walked through the room to find wayne on the balcony staring off into space. I walked out and stood next to him.
"hey." I said but he did not reply or look my way. "listen I didn't take the pill. I wanted to talk to you about it before I did it. im tired of arguing and bickering with you wayne. I want us to leave here happy and not stressed."
"so now you wanna talk.?"
"yes please sit down with me." I grabbed his hand and sat him down then sat on his lap.
"here's your chance, so talk." he said. I pulled the pack out that had the pill in it and held it up so he could see it.
"we don't know each other and I feel like what we shared last night was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don't want us to end. but all at the same time we were very careless and irresponsible and I don't want to bring a child into this world because of a one night stand. I wanna know your in this for the long hold and baby after we've been together for a minute then we can have kids. wayne baby I don't want you to have any regrets about last night and I damn sure don't want birdman to keep looking at me like a hoe trying to get paid off your success. please don't hate me for wanting to be completely stable in my life before I bring a baby in this world."
"look baby girl I can never hate you and I know I was wrong for blowing up the way I did so I apologize. but don't sit here and act like you don't know me well enough to know me and baby don't think of you the same way. now if this is really what you wanna do than fine I gotta respect your decision."
"seriously.?" I asked with a smile.
"yes baby girl." I kissed him and we walked back inside. he got me a bottle of juice and as I was opening the box birdman walked over to us.
"what yall doing.?" he asked.
"im taking a plan b pill, clearly." I said rolling my eyes and popping the pill in my mouth and drinking my orange juice.
"wayne you better check her mouth she could be faking that."
"baby leave her alone." wayne said turning and getting in his face.
"wayne I got this." I said moving him to the side and getting in birdman's face. "do you wanna check ya self.?" I said opening my mouth to show him I swallowed the pill. "I don't know how many times I gotta tell you I aint like these other bytches you be around but one day you'll see cuz I aint going no where."
"iight shawty you got me. you good but don't think for one second that your fooling me."
"I been 100 from jump you just tryna judge me before you even know me but im good dude. babe can you walk me out I cant miss my flight."
"sure baby lets go."
we walked out and wayne carried my luggage to the door. I checked out at the front desk and we waited outside until the valet drove my car around. we exchanged numbers and he gave me the longest and most passionate kiss and helped me in the car.
"have a safe trip back and I will see you soon."
"you do the same wayne. it was a pleasure spending this time with you."
"this is only the beginning." he kissed me again and I drove away. who woulda thought that by just winning a little contest I would actually meet and fall for lil wayne. its kinda funny.
the whole flight home to ohio I kept replaying our encounters. that man is so different than what I expected and so much more. I was met at the airport by camren and we went straight to her house and stayed up all night talking and laughing about everything.
"so you really took that plan b pill.?" she asked.
"hell yea girl we both know wayne is fertile as fuxk and I aint ready to be baby mama number five." I said and we laughed. "oh before I forget I got something for you." I said pulling out my phone.
"yo mean to tell me you were in a hotel room with the hottest niggas in the game right now and all I get is a punk ass picture.?" she asked all hostile.
"no stupid.! I got you omarion's number." I said handing her the phone so she can see.
"aw see that's why I love you.!" she said after screaming my ear off.
"call him."
"are you sure.?"
"im scared." she said giggling.
"puccy." I said snatching my phone back and calling him. after five rings he picked up.
"what up who dis.?" he picked up saying.
"now that is n way to answering a phone." I said laughing.
"my bad. hello may I asked who is calling." he replied.
"better but anyway this is Carmen, Wayne's little boo thang."
"oh whats up sweetie. oh nothing im here with my sister and she wanted to talk to you."
"lil mama from the pic.? oh yea put her on the phone." he said causing me to giggle. I stretched my arm out to hand her the phone but she pushed it away.
"what are you doing.?" I whispered.
"im nervous." she said
"get on this phone." I said trying to hand it to her again but she pushed it away. "camren michelle hudson get your ass on this phone." she reluctantly grabbed the phone and said hello. they were talking for a while so I decided to take a nap by the time I woke up three hours later not only were they still talking she killed my battery and switched to her phone. she was too geeked up and it was kinda nice to see her happy for a change.
I walked over to my phone and noticed three missed calls from wayne and a text from nicki.
I read nicki's text which stated <strong>hey mama hope you got home safe and sound. I miss you already and these hoes really flew back to Miami with us.! I wish you did too :( anyways call me later</strong>
I couldn't help but smile. looks like they all are getting what they came for but me and mines had to be apart. I laid back down and fell back to sleep and decided to call wayne in the morning.

run it.!!!

I woud just take the pill..

Run it

<strong>AUTHOR'S SIDE NOTE</strong>
this is set in june of 2011 so yes all Wayne's kids are born and actually I think the youngest ones are going on two years old

Run it

Damn , okay . . like the way they met up & all that . . this relationship isn't ready for a baby . Mayb later down the road . & if he gettin upset & want her out his life cause she want to take matters in her own hands then whatevah , he not built for it . Bye Wayne . Ppl got lives to live .
Run It ! this before or after all his damn babies he got now? Because if it's after he damn near crazy for wanting some more..he pop a baby in like every other month. I don't understand why he mad thou? Most rappers would be happy, but Nicki's both of their fault because Carmen could have said "No Glove, No Love" but they didn't so now they in this situation. I don't know how to feel. I think they should just talk and not argue. Team Nicki lol...she so wise in this. RUN IT

i think she is making a good compromise, but i think she should take the pill she doesn't know him that well and he does have other baby mommas and the relationship didn't turn out so great. but i gotta know if she will take the pill so RUN IT

Carmen got off the elevator and just stood there for a moment. she knew wayne read the messages but didn't think he would go with her to make sure she got the pill. maybe he really didn't want her in his life.
"so your going too.?" she asked.
"no im stopping you." wayne said.
"what.? why.?"
"because I don't want you to get it."
"why not.?"
"because Carmen I don't believe in this shyt. if your meant to get pregnant then just do it. you know I got you so fuxk that pill shyt. your my girl."
"I thought I was too young for you.?"
"how old are you.?" nicki asked.
"im 19."
"oh wow. how are you affording your room.?" she asked
"I graduated high school at 16, finished hair school last year and my parents helped me get a shop and I've been doing pretty damn good for the past year ranking in cake."
"oh." she stated. "baby girl I thought you were 22."
"naw im just a very mature young lady and im not ready to be a mom wayne so im going."
"your being selfish Carmen and you know it." wayne said as she grabbed nicki's arm about to head out and Carmen just went off on him.
"look im not the one being selfish here you are. if im saying I don't want to be a mom you should respect that and let me do this for me. its not like we even live in the same state so how did you think this thing was gonna work.? im so sick of people trying to make me feel bad because im looking after myself. I don't have the time or the energy to keep going back and forth with you wayne."
"you know what fine. if you walk out that door with nicki and get that pill I will never speak to you ever again and I promise you that Carmen." he said hoping that by saying these words she will change her mind.
"im sorry you feel that way. nice knowing you wayne." and with that Carmen turned around and walked on out the door and they got in her retail and left to the pharmacy. wayne on the other hand went up to his room and trashed the place. he couldn't believe Carmen is willig to just walk away just like that. they may have only shared one long romantic night together but within that time wayne thought she could maybe be someone he could spend the rest of his life with but too much has been said and done now neither of them wants to the first to really and truly try to fix this one. How Can You.???

*Carmen's pov*
"nicki do you think im making a mistake.?" I asked once we got to the pharmacy.
"honey I don't know. I mean in a way you have a point but also in a way wayne has one too. if yall woulda just wrapped it up in the first place none of these arguments yall been having woulda took place. yea I think wayne was doing this on purpose but you coulda said no. it takes two and yall both fuxked up. but if this is really what you wanna do then just do it."
"I just don't want him to hate me for looking out for me. I've lost friends in the past because they were too selfish to realize everything I do is to better myself."
"I understand that Carmen believe me I do but you gotta look at it from his point because he's been hurt in the past too. but if you feel like you will regret this later on down the line then don't do it."
"I do but at the same time I feel like if I do get pregnant by him I may also regret it. I would rather get to know him more and see where a relationship with him can go and then maybe later on we can have a baby. not now after one night of bad choices and bad situations."
"ok then come on and lets get this pill and when we get back to the hotel explain this to wayne and im sure he will understand."
we got out the car and headed in. no sooner as we got what I needed we were surrounded by fans and nicki had to do like 50 million autographs and take God knows how many pictures and we left. I didn't take the pill yet though I decided to talk to wayne first and take it in front of him. I just hope he accepts my decision and we can maybe move past this and work on us.

run it.!!!
with details don't just say 'run it' I want
to know how yall feeling about this situation.!!!

He really tryna trap her like wtf???

O snap run it

Sorry Wayne but this Carmen's body so it's her decision like you just poppin up in her life , you can't be making decisions like that for her . It's a baby we talkin abouuut !
Run It !

*nicki's pov*
I sat there for a minute looking at the text again. wayne has never asked about these pills before so what the hell does he want with them now.? wanting more details I texted back 'why.?' and waited for the response
W: because I really don't want a baby right now and wayne act like he don't know what the word condom is.
N: oh Carmen its you. I was abt to freak out if this was wayne texting me.
W: yea girl he right here sleep. so do you know like the nearest pharmacy so I can get this Plan B pill.?
N: yea don't worry I got you boo. it opens at nine so be ready and don't forget you have to check out by noon.
W: girl I plan on leaving as soon as I get this pill.
N: so wayne's going with us to see you off.?
W: not exactly
N: Carmen whats going on.?
W: I told wayne in the morning I was going to get this morning after pill and be out of his life and I meant it. yea we had sex afterwards again but I meant every word I said. I don't feel wanted around him and im not gonna make things in his life hard so I think leaving is for the best.
N: but Carmen you cant just take these pills without telling him. how do you know he's not trying to get you pregnant.? wayne keeps hella condoms everywhere yet both times yall have fuxked he hasn't used one yea I think he's the one tryna trap you.
W: idk nicki because when he came down here he was talking like baby asking if im tryna trap him and I be damned if I have a baby and his dad really thought I had him to trap him. my first baby will be a product of true love and both parents will be excited for its birth
N: i cant believe him but I feel you baby girl so imma wake you up in the morning and we gonna head over ok.?
W: thanks nic...FOR EVERYTHING
N: no problem Carmen I got you (:
W: =)
I put my phone down and began to fall asleep. im glad Carmen came into our lives because so much has changed already in one night and I think this is only the beginning. she may think wayne is just gonna let her go this easy she really has another thing coming.
the next morning I woke up and got <a href="">dressed</a> and waited in the lobby for Carmen to come down so we can go but the first person I see is wayne.
"where you going this early.?" he asked.
"somewhere with Carmen as soon as she gets down here."
"Carmen is still sleeping."
"you've got to be kidding me." I said about to get on the elevator to go get her.
"nicki don't take her." wayne said.
"what are you talking about.?" I questioned.
"Carmen didn't delete the messages fast enough so I know where yall headed and im asking you not to take her."
"why not this is a free ticket out of possible fatherhood."
"that's just it, I don't want out."
"from what I heard you said last night I think you do."
"what did I say last night."
"when you asked her is she played you to become your babymomma. wayne your toying with this girl's mind and it aint cool."
"what I do.? I thought you would be happy that I don't want her to take this Plan B shyt."
"I am but all at the same time less than five hours ago you were accusing this same girl of trying to trap you with a baby. boy you need to make up your mind before its too late."
"my mind is made up she's not taking it period point blank and what ever happens was meant to be." just as he finished his statement Carmen came out of the elevator looking shocked to see wayne down here with me.

just something real quick before I head in to work...RUN IT.!!!

lol dude they f*cked again and without a condom
and have the nerve to ask where to get morning after pills
and dang Nick why yu gotta steal my shine tho lol

Oh Fxxks No !
So they think its okay to freak w/ out a condom now . . a little too comfortable with this thing going on . Aint no morning pill boo ya'll should've wrapped it upp . But lol Nicki stealin ppl shine , not her fault though .
Run It !

Wayne put it down on Carmen, but they need to stop fuxxing without a condom on because thats sketchy...Shoutout to my boo Wale :) lol and Nicki and Heather beef????? *shrugs* RUN IT

Run it

*Carmen's pov*
we just couldn't find the words to say to one another. I mean I was still hurt by the whole situation and im not sure if he even knows about what happened with birdman. I just don't know what to do right now.
"so was he right.?" wayne asked breaking the silence.
"what.?" I questioned.
"baby, was he right about you.?"
"what are you talking about.?"
"did you play me so I can fuxk you raw and you can be my babymomma.?"
"how can you even ask me something like that.? I didn't even wanna go there with you at first but you pursued me and changed my mind. I don't wanna be a mom im only 19."
"your what.?! how could you not tell me your age.?" he asked now looking very upset.
"you didn't ask. why are you mad its not like im illegal or something."
"that's not the point your still too young for me."
"wayne please don't go there with me. but if it will make you feel better in the morning I will go get the morning after pill and walk out of your life forever. it will be as if you never met me." I said with teas forming in my eyes. "you know whats sad, I really thought you were different but I guess what everybody says about you is true."
"what are you talking about.?"
"if I was a lightskinned bytch you wouldn't be saying any of this to me, hell you said you will never love another dark skin besides your mom and daughter and now you don't have to." I said walking towards the door. "get out."
"Carmen that's not what im saying here and you know it. im just trying to understand."
"what is there to understand.? you believe baby over what we both know is the truth. he wasn't even there yet you allowed him the replace the truth in your head with his own assumptions of what happened tonight. I refuse to be played like a hoe out to find a babydaddy and if that's what you think im doing then we are not mean to be together."
"but Carmen."
"no im sick of your games and lies just go please." he began to walk out the door but instead of leaving he shut the door and pinned me up against it and began kissing me. I tried to fight the urge to kiss him or even touch him back but I failed and he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to the bed. he laid me down and began taking my dress off finding that I had nothing on underneath and slowing kissed down my neck and with his tongue he began playing with my nipples while slipping his middle finger inside my puccy. i found my way inside his pants and began rubbing and massage his shaft causing him to slightly moan on my titties. as his pace with in me increased so did i massaging him. feeling like he was about to cum he flipped me over so now i was on top of him.
"do you have a condom.?" i asked.
"fuxk that." he said lifting me up and easing me down on his dicc.
"no baby please get on." i said through moans.
"its in now just go with it." he grabbed ahold of me so i couldn't move and began pump in and out of me hitting my spot with each and every thrust. my legs were shaking like never before, my moans were stuck in my throat. he just knew how to do me and it was wonderful.
"baby im bout to cum." i screamed out.
"then cum for me baby." he said increasing he pace then three minutes later i squirted all over his lap and collapsed.
"oh no baby we aint done. imam show you that my feelings for you are real." wayne said as he bent me over and began hitting it from the back. i immediately sat up as he was hitting it and kissed him as he held on to me by mu chest and began to play with my nipples.
after and hour we both came one last time and fell out in the bed cuddled in each others arms.
"baby i will never doubt you again." he said kissing me on my forehead.
"and neither will i." i said looking up at him.

*nicki's pov*
we got back upstairs and the girls went with their boos. rissa found bow on the patio and kissed him as soon as she got to him, shelly went over to meek and sat on his lap, coco spotting wale next to omarion slowly and seductively walked over to him as he eye fuxked her and eased up in his arms as his hands fell on her ass and kissed him on his neck then licked his ear lobe. but what was the funniest to see was when heather went over to drake and hugged up on him and as he was about to kiss her he saw me and changed his mind and made her move. it was fuxked up but at the same time hilarious. she noticed him looking at me and walked back over to me obviously upset.
"so the rumors are true." she said as she reached me.
"what are you talking about.?"
"you and drake."
"girl no i don't look at him like that he's all yours."
"i know you just saw that so clearly that's not the case."
"well what do you expect me to do heather.?"
"help me like you did Carmen."
"i didn't really have to do anything for Carmen. wayne was feeling her already."
"ok well im feeling drake so help me out."
"heather i cant do anything for you."
"then just leave."
"excuse you.?"
"if your not here i will have his attention so go away."
"uh i aint going no where have fun heather." i said walking away towards baby. i had to give him a piece of my mind because he was out of line with Carmen.
"baby man you fuxked up." i said as i got to him.
"aw man what i do now.? if its about that hoe then i really don't care."
"she's not a hoe and you don't even know her to be disrespectful to her."
"nick you just met her tonight how can you say i don't know her when clearly you don't either."
"i know wayne pursued her. she was about to leave the show and wayne stopped her. she wasn't interested in wayne but he didn't give up on getting her and what you said to her tonight was beyond low."
"man i aint tryna here these lies she fed you."
"she didn't feed me anything i was there. look at how happy wayne was tonight. how can you not see the good she is bringing in his life."
"she aint for my boy so i don't care."
"she's not your real son so stay out of it." with that i walked away got my coat and left. this party was too drama filled for me. i was about to go up to Carmen's room but as i got closer to the door i could hear her moaning which in a way made me smile because that meant they fixed it so instead i went to my room and called it a night. then an hour later i got a text from wayne asking about where to find morning after pills. what the fuxk.?

run it.!!!

R U N I T!!

Thanks Nick Nick , cause ppl trippin for no reason . Mm , damn he aint strap upp , not suprising comin from Wayne . Now whassup w/ him & Carmen ? Oh I know . . SEX !
Run It !

Oh yes run it! I need to see what he gon say