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ok so this was a dream a friend of my told me if you like it I may extend it so please give me some details about what yall think.....

she got all dressed up wearing a long sleeved black Armani formed fitting dress with a gold chain around her waist and her black gold bottom Armani 5inch heels. she was excited that she won tickets to the BET Awards tonight her friend ended up canceling on her at the last minute and she wasn't gonna miss this so she decided to go without her.
when she got there they messed up her seating arrangement so she was seated in the second row right in between lil wayne and nicki minaj. she was beyond excited and nervous. it was almost time for the show to start and out the corner of her eye she noticed wayne has yet to take his eyes off her. she was really into lil twist sexy ass and maybe if she played her cards right she could get a piece of that and maybe more. hell she'll do anything to get with him and if that means using weezy's thirsty ways to get it then so be it.
"aye who are you.?" weezy asked interrupting her thoughts.
"uh im the contest winner. they gave my seats away and this was the only other open one left."
"oh that's whats up. whats yo name baby.?"
"well miss Carmen you are a very beautiful woman."
"I thought you only liked red bones." she said tryna see where he was going with this.
"aw girl that's just the media blowing my words out of proportion. I love my chocolate sistas too."
"yea ok." just then the show began and kevin hart was out there stepping with them kids looking hilarious.
"aye can we go somewhere real quick.?" wayne asked.
"but the show just started."
"girl he don't care. he got you in his sights so just go with it." nicki spoke up saying.
"but i actually wanna see the show."
"chill baby your still gonna be able to see the show. just come on." he took her hand and lead her out and they went to his trailer. immediately he tried to kiss her but she stopped him.
"whoa now.! i hope your not about to get the idea that im some groupie cause im not and if you think imma have sex with you and all yo homies at this award show you got another thing coming because i don't get down like that." she said ready to walk back to her seat but he stopped her.
"relax baby it aint even that type of party, plus do you think i would be out here with you right now if i thought you were just another groupie that got lucky and seated next to me.? i know your different i can tell my your ora and that's why i wanna enjoy you in my presence while i can."
"look that's all cool and everything but i actually have a crush on twist and i would rather be doing this with him."
"oh really.? how about this let me do something and after im done if you still feel the same way i will personally hook yall up."
"im not fuxking you dude."
"i don't want you to just relax and let me do me." she knew she shouldnt do this but shyt she aint got nothing to lose and its not like anybody would find out about this.
she agreed and allowed hom to feast on her from head to toe and when he began to eat her out it seemed like he never wanted to come up. and he was doing it right and when she tried to moved cuz she couldn't take no more his grip on her thighs got tighter. he sucked and played with her clit with his tongue like no other sending shock waves up her spin and when she climaxed it was actually the first time she had ever squirted.
"damn baby you taste delicious." he said licking every bit of her juices and kissing her inner thigh.
she couldn't even speak she was trying to catch her breath. while she was out of it he slid himself in her and began hitting it from the back. surprised she tried to push him off but as he got deeper she began moaning its like he knew her body and how it should be done. after about 20 minutes he busted inside her and she squirted again even harder and collapsed on her back.
"so do you still feel the same way you did when you walked in.?" he said. all she could do was shake her head.
"yea i thought so." wayne noticed it was almost time for his performance so they hurried and washed up and he changed his outfit and picked her out a new outfit as well. they got back in just in time for him to enter on his part of 'Miss Me'.
"i want you to stand right here imma have a surprise for you in a minute." he said with a kiss then went on stage. after the song was over he gave a little speech.
"iight so i heard i won two awards tonight that i missed accepting well truth be told i was in my trailer eating and fuxking the best puccy i have ever had. this girl might jus become the new mrs. dewayne michael carter, jr. come here baby." he said as the crowd began to laugh and clap. for a while she was frozen in place so wayne walked over to her and pulled her out on stage so everybody could see her and she put a fake smile on her face and began to feel her phone vibrating against her left titty. he kissed he ran dshe walked back off stage and he finished his performance.
he got off stage and they went back to his trailer so he could change again.
"that was a great performance." she told him.
"aw thanks baby it was crazy hype."
"im talking about all that shyt you said about me."
"that was real shyt."
"yea ok."
"real talk Carmen everything i said out there about you was true."
"yea whatever im gonna head on home. thanks for the ass and head. deuces." without another word she left. she knew she enjoyed every moment of what took place here tonight but she at the same time she knew nothing could come of this and she was ok with that.
as she left she checked her phone and noticed all the tweets and text messages from her friends about what wayne said it was a real surreal night and although she didnt want it to end she knew it had to.

tell me what yall think...


Okay the nigga had a point, she didn't stop him when he didn't have a condom on, but neither did he. She was caught up in the moment. I like us, we're cool af. Aww, don't cry Carmen, he's just a mean baby that's all. Now gone head and f*** wayne so I can find Shad.
Run it!!!

Run it

i mean i understand baby's intentions on that but he was still foul for what he did, he need to let wayne make his on mistakes if that's what he's making. I hope wayne can fix this. I love Nicki she got her back. RUN IT

*lil Wayne's pov*
I couldn't figure Carmen out for the life of me. she's just so stubborn and strong minded. I walked back over to nicki and lit my cigar back up. i was quite for a while still wrapped up in my thoughts of Carmen when chris brown and tyga walked in acting goofy as usual.
"aye wayne what up.?" chris greeted me.
"shyt chillen. what you doing here.?"
"you know just enjoying my night. where's baby girl.?"
"she left."
"aw man what done did.?" tyga asked.
"man i aint do shyt. she left on her own."
"naw there was a reason wayne just don't wanna go see what it was." nicki spoke up saying.
"what are you talking about nick.?" i asked.
"she said ask your pops and you have yet to go see what baby said to her. yall were good coming in here then outta the blue she flips if that doesn't say something went down i don't know what else would." nick said then walked over to the group of hoes.
"man you better go see about that. baby girl sweet don't give that up." chris said walking away to holla at omarion and wale.
i walked over to where baby and gudda was ready for answers.
"aye can i talk to you.?" i asked him.
"iight lets go in the hall." he said and we walked out. as soon as we got out i went in on the questions.
"what did you say to Carmen.?"
"who is Carmen.?"
"the shawty i walked in here with. the one you ran out of here tonight."
"oh her. man look i aint tell her nothing she aint already know. i was looking out for you."
"what did you say.?"
"wayne i know her kind. she just wanna be able to say she yo baby mom and you don't need that on your plate."
"she wasn't like that. i went after her."
"yea right that's what she wants you to think. look how easy it was for you to hit that and i bet you aint strap it up did you.?" i was quite. "yea she aint stop you did she or ask you for a condom.? she a trick through and through and you should be thanking me not tryna bytch at me for making her leave."
"you wrong nigga and you better hope me and her can make it past this." with that i walked off headed to Carmen's room. imam fix this at whatever cost.

*Carmen's pov*
as soon as i got in my room i laid in my bed and cried. how could i be so naïve to think things with me and wayne could go anywhere. i know he wasn't my first choice anyways but we coulda had something. just as i was about to call camren back there was a knock at my door. i walked over to find nicki, rissa, coco, shelly, and heather at the door.
"hey mommas." nicki said hugging as i let them in.
"what are yall doing here.?"
"coming to see about you. what happened up there with birdman.?" nicki asked.
"he straight dogged me out." i said beginning to cry again.
"are you serious.?" rissa, shelly, and coco said in unison.
"yea man. tryna play me like some trick only out for money. look at me if i can afford to stay in the same hotel as yall what can wayne do for me i cant do for myself.?"
"damn girl that shyt crazy. you shouldn't let that man get to you though. the only opinion that should count is wayne's." rissa said.
"my feelings are hurt doe. like i honestly did not see that coming at all." i said as heather handed me a tissue. "thanks."
"no problem."
"look i dot known weezy for a minute now and he aint looked at nobody the way he look at you since him and nivea first started back fuxking around so imma tell you like this, fuxk what baby got to say, clean yourself up and lets got get your man." nicki said standing me up and pushing me towards the bathroom.
"alright just give me a few minutes."
"you got ten cuz im ready to go find meek and get my fuxk on." shell said causing us all to laugh. i walked in the bathroom and redid my make up and as we were walking out wayne was at the door about to knock. there was an awkward silence and so the girls decided to head back up t the room.
"handle this play boy." nicki said to wayne patting him on the shoulder then leaving and closing the door. for a minute all we did was stare at each other. neither knowing what to say first.

sorry it took me so long...RUN IT.!

birdman green AF...i don't like that but aye RUN IT

Birdman really blew me on some stuff like why are yu messing with Carmen
she hasnt done anything that was even remotely groupie-ish plus she walked in on his
arm booboo that means he wants her there. But yay atleast us groupies weren't mean to her RUN IT!!

Damn Birdy Man , youu messin stuff upp ! Everybody was vibin until you wanted to run your beak . Chill . Haha look a Nicki cute ass bein nice & s*** . Atleast them groupies wasn't actin stank , all lined up for the D .
Run it !

Run it

Aww, Wayne already getting his way. Nicki seems cool af. I like Carmen, she's a bad b****. Uhh, excuse you BirdMan, but you better know your s*** before you talk it. Whew, if I would've been in that hallway, I would've smacked the hell out of him. That just got me too hype. Ugh!!
Run it!!!

as we walk all the way in nicki walks over to greet us.
"you made it." she said hugging me.
"yea I kinda didn't have a choice since mack had my car and this is the hotel im staying in too."
"aw this was just too perfect. and baby girl you look amazing."
"you sure cuz I could go change."
"no you already changed four times and did your hair three different ways." wayne said laughing.
"I just wanna look my best for you."
"awwww isn't she just too sweet." nicki giggled saying. just the birdman called wayne away and nicki decided to take me around the room to greet everybody. not only was the young money camp I this hotel room but also rick ross and MMG and boy was omarion looking nice camren would be going nuts right about now and probably would have jumped on him as soon as she seen him.
"aye O this my girl and Wayne's new woman Carmen. Carmen this is <a href="">omarion</a> with his crazy sexy self."
"nice to meet you." he said.
"and you as well. oh wow if my godsister were here you would probably be getting raped by now." I said laughing.
"why you say that.?" he questioned.
"she's been in love with you since your B2K days."
"is that right.?"
"yes she has a scrapbook of photos and things from concerts because she goes to everyone that your in and do mean every last one."
"do you have a picture of her.?"
"yea." I said pulling out my phone and showing him a <a href="">picture</a> of camren.
"whats her name.?" he asked.
"aw that's cute camren and Carmen. whose the oldest.?" nicki asked.
"cam is by three months."
"your moms must have been best friends." she states.
"the best.! they were just like cam and I are. they did everything together all the way down to losing their virginities to their high school sweethearts on the same day and actually in thee same house at the exact same time."
"wow that's deep." nicki said laughing.
"yea. cam and I would have been born on the same day but she came too early."
"oh wow. but here take my number and tell little miss camren to give me a call." omarion said while putting his number in my phone.
"oh I most certainly will." nicki finished introducing me and we were about to get drinks until I noticed she for got a group.
"aye who are the ladies over there.?" I said pointing at the group of ladies out on the balcony.
"oh those are the groupies of the night."
"yall have nightly groupies.?" I asked kinda worried. I wonder which one they picked out for wayne.
"yea but don't worried wayne aint the type to let other people pick out hoes for hm and now that he has you highly doubt he even cares they are here." nicki said obviously seeing my discomfort. I walked out to them and introduced myself.
"hello ladies why are yall out here.?"
"they don't want smoking in there." one responded.
"but their all in there smoking weed and cigars." is said seeing wayne light up a cigar.
"yea but apparently cigarettes and blacks are not wanted in there." another said.
"that's weird. so what are your names."
"my name is <a href="">heather"</a> the one I was talking to first said waving her hand.
"im <a href="">shelly</a> but you can call me shell."
"and im <a href="">rissa</a> miss lady"
"well its nice to meet yall. how did yall get up here.?
"we were picked out the crowd." shelly said.
"speak for yourself my baby boo drake begged me to come up here downstairs when I was checking in." heather said smiling.
"more like he asked you to come up and you were extra geeked and practically ran people over running behind him." another girl said walking outside with us.
"who are you.?" I asked.
"if you must know my name is CoCo" <a href="">she</a> said taking a sip of her drink.
"is that your real name.? rissa asked.
"ofcourse not its Corderica"
"that's pretty." I said.
"thanks. your Carmen right.?" she asked.
"how much did you pay wayne to call you on stage.?" she asked.
"excuse me.?"
"I mean you cant make me believe he did that on his own."
"well actually he did. all I did was sit next to him and it was all she wrote."
"yea ok."
it got real quite and awkward so I left and went back in to find wayne or nicki but birdman stopped me.
"aye shawty let me holla at you for a minute."
"ok." we walked out to the hallway and by the look on his face he did not like that I was here.
"look I don't know what type of game you playing here but if you think you can try to get something out my son you got another thing coming."
"what are you talking about.?"
"I know your type. you groupies always tryna trap famous people but you aint about to do that to my boy."
"look I aint even that type of person and I don't appreciate you tryna accuse me of this shyt. wayne pursued me tonight if you don't believe me ask nicki. and im not a groupie out for no type of money. my father is a well paid defense attorney and my mother is a real estate agent and I own my own hair salon back at home so I don't need none of his money so you can miss me with that bullshyt. if you didn't want me here that's all you had to say but you damn sure are not about to disrespect me." with that I went back inside and found wayne and nicki talking.
"hey baby I been looking for you." he said kissing me on the neck.
"yea will im bout to go so I can pack to go home tomorrow."
"but you just got here." nicki said kinda down.
"I don't belong here and its clear that im not wanted here either so imam leave. it was nice being with you wayne baby but this just wasn't meant to be." with that I began to walk away but he stopped me.
"come on Carmen don't leave. what has gotten in to you.? thought you wanted to see where this could go."
"I did and it cant go anywhere."
"why are you saying that.?"
"ask your pops." I said as I left and went back to my room. I didn't want to go but I damn sure wasn't about to sit there and be treated like that if its meant to be maybe one day it will but for now im bout to head back to reality.

run it.!!!

Run it

I wonder what the team think about Carmen . . they prolly won't care .
Run it !

after the show was over every reporter and media outlet was up in Carmen's face as she was trying to leave.
"who are you.?" a guy from tmz asked.
"how long have you been seeing wayne.? another asked.
"is this real or a cover for him because of the gay rumors.?" someone else questioned.
"ok look. I just met him tonight and he is far from gay now I would like to get back to my hotel room so leave me alone." she said as she got in the rental car. just as she was pulling away wayne and his people stopped her.
"aye are you coming to the after party.?" he asked.
"naw im going to my hotel room."
"no your coming I want to official meet my people."
"come on wayne I need a shower and im kinda tired that's you." she said smiling.
"I have a shower and clothes you can put on. please just come."
"fine. i'll follow yall."
"naw <a href="">mack</a> can drive your car and you can roll with me." he said opening her door and helping her out.
"are you sure.?"
"yea shawty you good." mack maine said with a smiling and climbing in.
they walked over to <a href="">wayne's car</a> and headed to his hotel room.
"babe this is the same hotel im staying in." Carmen said laughing.
"well now I have to worry about you playing Cinderella and leaving me.?"
"ofcourse not." she said kissing him.
they went up to her room so she could <a href="">change</a> the they headed up to his room and as soon as they walked in the room was silent and all eyes were on them.

sorry this is boring but I gotta get ready for work. the rest of the cast will be added in the next two post...RUN IT.!

Mm Mm ! Smh , so she let Wayne smash . . I thought for sec Nicki was abt to smash BUT now Chris wanna smash . Cool it boo before you be writing a book abt all these boyss !
Run Ehhht !

oooh Carmen is was just about to dip like that? smh and even thou Camren is shoulda been listening to her..she was kinda right in a way..i don't know Run IT

lmao you are silly for that.!
updating soon (:

Run it

Damn, Carmen cold. She was just about to up and leave him like that. Aww Wayne's feeling her...aww. Hey I get it Camren and Carmen, just switch the r and the m around, lol. Chris who the f*** you think you are?? She is Wayne's and if you go "holla" at Chris, I will drive up there myself beat yo ass, f*** Bow Wow while I'm there and leave. Oh and I'd take your car with me, just so you will have to walk Carmen! Okay, I'm done.
Run it!!!!

What a hell of a night she had lol I'd drop Wayne for Chris anyday tho but RUN IT!

<a href="">she</a> didn't care that the show wasn't over yet she just wanted to be as far away from this place as possible. she got back to her chair to grab her jacket and her bag and was ready to go but nicki stopped her.
"aye ma where you going the show isn't over yet and don't you have to present an award.?" niicki asked.
"I don't care I just need to get out of here."
"come on girl whatever happened cant be worth giving this up already. you earned it."
"I cant sit here next to him the rest of the night."
"why I thought yall was feeling each other."
"no I didn't want this with him and now I cant have who I really wanted."
"chill it aint even that deep. just relax, take this drink and chill until the show is over."
"I need some air."
"fine I can come with you."
"why are you even being nice to me.? im a nobody"
"aye if wayne sees something in you to leave an award show I know your something special and I cant have you wasting away a great opportunity just because of your feelings."
"yea ok imma head outside for a minute." she gave her a hug and she walked out just as wayne was coming back in.
"please don't leave like this Carmen." he said grabbing her arm.
"im not leaving im just going outside."
"do you want some company.?"
"no im fine." with that she walked out and got straight on the phone with her godsister <a href="">camren</a> because she need her right now. after three rings she answered.
"bytch I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to call me back.!!!" she said too excited.
"man cam im bugging here.!"
"for what you just pulled one of the most famous and richest niggas in the fuxking building what the hell is wrong with you."
"I didn't want him. you know I have a thing for twist."
"well now you have a thing WITH Dwayne Michael Carter so I suggest you deal with it."
"but camren I don't know how."
"see this is that shyt I be saying. grow a fuxking vagina and love the situation your in. hell you are at one of the hottest events and you have a hell of a nigga showing you off and yet your still not happy. fuxk lil twist and get with the president and love your position and who knows maybe you can get me out this fuxking strip club and into a video." she lectured.
"im just so confused. I mean everything that took place was truly amazing and wayne is the puccy monster for a reason but I just don't want to leave out of here as just another notch on his belt."
"you could never be that." she heard him saying causing her to turn around fast.
"have you been ease dropping this whole time.?" she asked.
"kinda. look if it really means that much to you I will hold up my half of the deal and hook you up with twist."
"its a little too late for that everybody thinks im your woman it would be weird for me and him to be together now. I don't wanna be famous for being a homie hopper."
"so what are you saying.? he said walking closer to her and brushing her hair behind her ear.
"im saying fuxk it lets see where this can go." with that he kissed her deeply and with a great deal of passion.
"Carmen did yo ass forget I was on the damn phone.?" they heard camren yell.
"im sorry." Carmen said getting back on the phone.
"fuxk it enjoy your night and I will see you when you get back in town. I love you."
"iight love you too." she hung up and her and wayne walked back in hand in hand and as they sat down nicki couldn't help but smile.
"glad you came back." she whispered to her.
"yea me too."
she presented the Coca-Cola viewers choice award to chris brown, lil wayne, and busta rhymes and as she handed chris the award he whispered <site>come holla at me when your through with wayne</site> in her ear and turned to give his acceptance speech. she didn't know how to feel about that but in a way she liked that she got his attention even if it was just because she was with wayne.

run it.!!!



need one more girl then i will update.!!!

Oh s***! She didn't even have to do anything, GO CARMEN!! Lol, this sounds real good.
Run it!!!!!!!

ok so this just may get continued imam open a cast call soon to go with it...keep the feedback coming.!!!

Sounds good so far!!! run it!!!


i like it so far keep going, run it