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Without You *Chris Brown and Kayla Anderson

Chapter 1
Chris: Baby come her( in the studio)

Kayla: what( wobbling in the studio)

Chris: check this beat out

Kayla: Chris did i really come all the way down here to listen to a beat(putting her hands on her hip)

Chris: well actually i wanted MY SON to hear it(rubbing her stomach)

Kayla: well actually i was about to feed ME and YOUR what now(laughing)

Chris Pov: OKAY PAUSE so i know yall wondering who Kayla is well she is my girlfriend who makes me happy point blank period. she is the reason i breathe if it wasnt for i wouldnt be where i am now. she keeps me in place. honestly if anything ever happen between us i would be f*cked up. i mean i can live without money and fame i just cant live without her. i no idea things would go down the way its about to but imma make sure i make sure she know i love her and aint trying to lose her honestly. i just pray we can hold it down and that i can be the man she wants and needs me to be.

Chris: well i can feed you something(looking down)

Kayla: umm no thats how we got this one(laughing ) bae im bout to go upstaiirs

Chris: wait let me help you(coming up behind her)

Kayla:well thanks boo

Chris: have you talked to your mom

Kayla: nope

Chris: why

Kayla: she keep ignoring my calls

Chris: oh bae it will be okay

Kayla: she is mad because i didnt wait to get pregnant and its your dad said he was coming over to help to fix the room ( upstairs now and going to the kitchen)

Chris: aww well maybe he can help me play some ball you know

Kayla: okay big kid, ouchh

Chris: what

Kayla: your son just kicked me hard

Chris: he dont like you talking bout his daddy(laughing)

Kayla: shut up

Chris: you know im right

Kayla: whatever(baby kicking again) ugh he did it again(laughing)

Chris: what you making daddy to eat

Kayla" umm im not making nothing for daddy but as for mommy and baby we eating some pancakes, eggs, and bacon with some orange juice

Chris: oh okay well i guess daddy just gonna have to make himself useful

Kayla: of course, i was thinking about going to church this Sunday

Chris: okay well ill go with you

Kayla: okay great bae

Chris: i think your mom is going to be shocked to see us together

Kayla: i know(laughing and someone phones ringing) ummm Chris i think thats you

Chris: yea hold on imma be back(walking to the studio) hello..what you want..soo what that got to do with aint mines...look ill meet you somewhere tonight....i guess your house is fine.....whatever bye(going back upstairs)

Kayla: so who was that

Chris: one of the producer well he new and wanted to know how to work the music

Kayla: oh okay well im tired soo imma take a nap and would love for you to come( wrapping her arms around his neck and kisiing him) so please

Chris: okay and i have to go to the studio at 6 pm

Kayla: can i come

Chris: not this time i got a surprise for you so no

Kayla: okay fine im sleepy so come on

Chris: you aint even cook

Kayla: oh well

Chris: come on baby(helping her upstairs)

Kayla: i love you bae

Chris:i love you too( climbing in the bed next to her)bae.....(no answeer)Kayla Taniah Anderson

Kayla: WHAT(looking at him)

Chris:im sorry(closing his eyes)

Kayla: for(looking confused)

Chris: for everything i ever did or happened

Kayla: well i forgive you pumpkin(kissing his nose) i love you and i love your freckles it makes you ONE sexy boyfriend(half sleep)

Chris: night girl

Kayla: night




run it


Run It !


yasssss! i love me / autumn already! she is me i am her lol but reasy for the next update! hope nothing goes wrong or chris stupid self mess it up... run it !

That was so good, i can't wait for your next update. am so happy Kayla said yes,am just tripping on me and autumn i was lmfao.

Run it

Lls , we some crazy friends & smh not w/ Autumn coming at Elise man thoughhh ! But awww their engaged now !
Run It !

Chris: cause(getting on one knee) what happen 2 months ago made me realize it shouldnt have happend.we need to start talking cause im not about to lose my family for some sh*t i did so i will do whatever to make it right. i love you and i never felt this way about anyone before. you make me the man i am and im not trying to have another man taking my place(taking the ring out) Kayla Jhene Aiko Anderson will you marry me cause i need you and im nothing without you and honestly if you say no i will break down and show you how serious i am and i will keep asking until you say yes. i want to make this right..(Kayla crying)

Kayla: i..........

Chris: bae what you gonna say
Kayla: ummm hold on(going upstairs and calling Autumn, Elise, and Brionna)yall Chris Just asked me to marry him and now i dont know what tot say im soooooooo confuse.
Elise: girl if you dont say yes already man yall love eachother
Brionna: she got a point but girl me and Michael is kind of busy if you know what i mean but foreal Kay say yes pleaseeeee but bye lol(hanging up)
Autumn: that girl is crazy but honestly do what your heart tells you to do. if you love him then marry his fine ass okay but i know how you feel and if it makes you feel any better Kidred he in the same boat as Chris. but girl you pregnant you dont wanna be a baby mama by choice yoou want that title of being the wife
Elise: omg for the first time she makes sense
Autumn: oh shut up at least my man has a career while yours trying to get his back from 15 years ago....Kay why you friends with her all she do is hate
Kayla: yall shut up this is about me right know what imma call yall later bye(hanging up and walking back downstairs) CHRIS
Chris: yea bae
Kayla: ask me again
Chris: Kayla Jhene Aiko Anderson will you be Mrs. Christopher Maurice Brown???
Kayla: Hell yes(hugging him as tight as she can and kissing him) sorry i cant jump on you cause im pregnant sorry
Chris: naw its okay bae i just wanna sit up all night and watch romantic movies with my fiancee.


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good luck, and RUN IT

okay so readers i know i told yall i was gonna write tonight but im studying so tomorrow but if not then most definitely Friday and i will have the characters in place so they people who asked to be in the story you will have a part in the story :)

hey girl .. lol i want to be in your story too ! i've been reading and wow! its interesting so much drama ... i like how you show my fics love and when i'm not wriring i'll show you some love on here .

i want to be with kid red
i choose sevyn but i want to be called (Autumn) lol but frfr
i am a drama queen, crazy,sensitive,boujee,smart, 5'2, thick in all the right places and my motto is : keep calm and no phucks given!

Autty ;)

oh yeah RUN IT GIRL am ready for your next update

i want to be in your story Liah
my name is Elise i want to look like Jessica Lucas or Cassie (before the hair cut lol)
i want to be with Lil Fizz or Patrick Breeding (which ever you choose)
My character loves to protect her protect her friends and family, and my bite is bigger than my bark lol. i like to give advice and help my people. i also love to dance and sing when am not hanging wit my friends. i love tattoos (lol). am 21, and am puerto rican and black. am 5'2 and my motto is keep clam and take a shot of tequila.
you can do whatever personality you want for my boyfriend.

Your Welcome :)

Name: Brionna (Bri)
Man: Michael Stevenson (Tyga)
Picture: Heather Sanders
Character Persona:
I am a lovable person who enjoys making people laugh & having a good time . Although I don't have a lot of enemies, I don't have a problem speaking my mind & standing up for my friends and family . When I love, I love hard and can be very protective at times & I admit to having a jealous streak . I'm stubborn & don't like to admit when I'm wrong . I'm open minded and not afraid to experience new things & meet new people .

Thank you to my new readers that i have the ones that commented and the ones that didnt. i plan to update later tonight or tomorrow but this story is going to be something good and interesting if you want to be in the story just let me know who you want to be OR who you want to be with:

Who you want to be with:
1.Flex Anderson
2.Michael Stevenson(Tyga)
3.Kid Red

Who you want to be:
1.Black Chyna
2.Erin Hayweather

If its someone you dont see on here that you want to to be or be with let me know and tell me. Make sure to tell me about your character. And also you dont have to look like any of the females you can decide how you wanna.

thanks chica.

Run it

run it!!

Aye ! Thass my song ! But uhm okay see Chris & Kayla was cute but then he wanna f*** s*** up w/ that Krystal chick like why can't ur girl juss do that for you ? & the strip club would've been nice , hopefully see Chyna workinn , Chris dn't f*** this upp if she give you another chance forreal .
Run It !


i love it ready. Chris and Kayla are so cute. i hope Kae and Rhianna stay out he picture forever lol

Chapter 5
2 Months Later

In the Studio

It's the wanting you, never getting you
Keeps me wanting you, missing you
Just to picture you is what gets me through
Fit for you, I was meant for you
What I was sent to do, meant to do
Wasn't meant for you
Hope I said that s*** right

Cos' if I never have you
Then I could never lose you
Do you know what might happen,
If I decide to choose you

Then the world may just stop spinning
It may just well be the ending
Talking all about existence
Who knows
But I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow
Uh oh

I'm tryna save the world
How can I when
You belong to me, I belong to them
Who do I give me to, who do I let win
You or the world
You or the world

Your light shines so bright it's like two stars colliding

We'll only survive if we fight it, don't fight it
Your light shines so bright it's like two stars colliding
We'll only survive if we fight it don't fight it

Cos' if I really have to
You know I would choose you
Do you know what would happen,
If I ever lose you
Then my heart would just stop beating
And my mind would just stop thinking
And my strengths would turn to weakness
You know
That I cannot see tomorrow
If you're not in my tomorrow
Uh oh

I've gotta save the world
How can I when
You belong to me but I belong to them
Who do I give me to, who do I let win
You or the world
You are my world

Engineer: wow Kayla that was good for you to be pregnant

Kayla: thank u(coming out the booth)

Engineer: this the only song you doing right

Kayla: yea it is...but thank you

Engineer: anytime(hugging her)

Kayla: okay bye(hugging back)

Chris House

Kayla: CHRIS im home

Chris: hey(coming from the kitchen) how was work

Kayla: it was good and everything finish the song

Chris: thats good(staring at her)

Kayla: so what you do today

Chris: nothing just played the game i was gonna go to the studio later but idk(sitting on the couch)

Kayla: why(sitting beside him)

Chris: nothing just dont feel complete thats it im taking some time from singing to support you and take care of the baby

Kayla: really

Chris: yea(putting his head back on the couch) look i know we not together but i love you

Kayla: i know and i love you too and i was thinkin we can give us a try again but if you not ready then i dont want u to rush it

Chris: no i want to trust me

Kayla: okay now give me some kisses(poking out her lips)

Chris: here(kissing her passionate)

Kayla: OUCH

Chris: what

Kayla: your son(Chris saying it with her)

Chris: well we going on a date tonight soo get ready

Kayla: really(standing up)

Chris: yes now go(hitting her ass)

Kayla: u not gonna help me up the stairs

Chris: oh yeah come on(helping her up the stairs)

9 pm-"Date Time"

Kayla: Chris come on(trying to put her shoes on)

Chris: girl im ready im waiting on u(walking in the living room)do i need to help

Kayla: naw (standing up)

Chris: yes u do

Kayla: i got on heels

Chris: i know thats why u need help(helping her to the door and car)

Kayla: thanks bae

Chris: welcome

Kayla: so where we going

Chris: to the strip club

Kayla: umm no

Chris: im playing

Kayla: oh okay

Chris: somewhere

Kayla: okay

Beach Port

Chris: we here

Kayla: the beach

Chris: bae how u not see that big ole boat

Kayla: ohhhh(laughing )

Chris: come on

Kayla: kk(getting out the car) what made you do this

Chris: gotta show my baby some love(kissing her cheek)

Kayla: okay whatever(getting on the boat)

Chris: so where you see us in the future

Kayla: married hopefully with maybe 3 kids your career blowing up and mine blowing up as well having a clothing company something like that

Chris: okay cool i see that

Kayla: why

Chris: cause(getting on one knee) what happen 2 months ago made me realize it shouldnt have happend.we need to start talking cause im not about to lose my family for some sh*t i did so i will do whatever to make it right. i love you and i never felt this way about anyone before. you make me the man i am and im not trying to have another man taking my place(taking the ring out) Kayla Jhene Aiko Anderson will you marry me cause i need you and im nothing without you and honestly if you say no i will break down and show you how serious i am and i will keep asking until you say yes. i want to make this right..(Kayla crying)

Kayla: i..........

Chapter 4
Chris: bae(following her) bae stop acting like that(putting his hands in the air)

Kayla: like what( rolling her eyes at him and yelling now)

Chris: i was just playing(raising his voice)

Kayla: you know what just take me to the studio and you can leave(getting in the car and slamming the door)

Chris: DONT BE SLAMMING MY DAMN DOOR(getting in too) AND IM STAYING AT THE STUDIO WITH YOU PERIOD( backing out the drive way)

Kayla: yea okay i guess(looking out the window) Chris

Chris: what( low cause he still upset)

Kayla: i love you okay

Chris: i love you too...i know its your hormones but you was really starting to get on my nerve i was about to get back in the bed

Kayla: why

Chris: cause you was getting mad over something so stupid

Kayla: dang i feel horrible

Chris: its cool

Kayla: no im serious

Chris: well thanks for saying sorry even tho you aint have too

Kayla: OMG

Chris: what

Kayla: thanks for being a good ass boyfriend even tho you do some stupid sh*t

Chris: really

Kayla: yes kiss me(poking out her lips)

Chris: okay(kissing her)

Kayla: mhmm stop

Chris: nae(continue kissing her)

Kayla: why(looking at him and pulling away)

Chris: cause i love you(kissing her again)

Kayla: well you might wanna stop cause your son over here very mad with him keep kicking me nonstop

Chris: i dont know why cause if it wasnt for me he would be here(waiting for the light to turn green)

Kayla: okay well i dont think he realize that

Chris: well he better realize that

Kayla: boy hush(laughing)

Chris: just saying

Kayla: so you talked to Keeis, Red, and Hood

Chris: yea they coming on tour with me

Kayla: when

Chris: idk havnt gotten the info(looking at his phone)

Kayla: aww

Chris: i know

Kayla: hopefully its a couple months after the baby born

Chris: i dont think soo(driving now)

Kayla: ugh

Chris: it will be okay maybe you can travel with me

Kayla: really

Chris: no

Kayla: why(lookin at him)

Chris: cause the baby

Kayla: your mom can watch him

Chris: you right and his mom can watch him

Kayla: no fair

Chris: how

Kayla: cause you not

Chris: wow okay baby

Kayla: what

Chris: look you are going to be a mom

Kayla: you need to spend time with the baby too if thats what you trying to say

Chris: no im not...i just want you to be safe

Kayla: wow Chris

Chris: im serious

Kayla: if you say so(turning her head) i bet Rihanna going maybe Kae

Chris: what

Kayla: nothing

Chris: bae

Kayla: ...


Kayla: ...

Chris: baby

Kayla: ...

Chris: Kayla Jhene Aiko Anderson

Kayla: WHAT

Chris: look if you wanna come you can(lookin at her)

Kayla: naw

Chris: you sure

Kayla: yea

Chris: i love you(phone ringing) hello...yea..i guess...i mean i can try to make it problem

Kayla: who was that

Chris: a friend

Kayla: you dont have to lie

Chris: im not(pulling up at the studio)

Kayla: yea okay(getting out the car and leaving Chris there)

Chris Pov: Something told me to just tell her and i knew she was right this girl is perfect in every way even tho she got pregnant by me, a preacher kid, and was trying to make her career possible. that didnt stop her love for me and i mean u love her for that. i think its time to start being honest with her caus eshe might just leave me. let me go in here and talk to her so we can work this out before tonight....its something my mom always told me because she thinks i got me an angel and that she would be pissed if me and her ever broke up.DAMN hopefully she not to upset.

Walking in the Studio

Girl: hey Chris you ready

Chris: yea

Girl: come on(getting up from behind the desk and walks infront of Chris)

Chris: look the baby mama here soo control yourself

Girl: i know(opening the door)come on(Chris following her) you want the 30 minute or hour(standing infront of him)

Chris: 30 minute

Girl: okay(drop to her knees and undoing his pants and going to work)

Chris: damn Krystal(moving her head up and down)sh*t(Kayln calling Chris phone and Chris ignoring it and putting his phone in his pocket) F*CK

30 Minutes Later

Krystal: wow Chris you had soo much cum this time you must not be getting none from your lil miss perfect(wipping her mouth)

Chris: whatever this the last time..bye(pulling upp his pants and leaving)

In the Room With Kayla

Kayla: If im your reflection then baby you must be an angel cause when the light hits you just right one could mistake you for a star, that is exactly what you are better to consider all of the good things a glimpse in the mirror, to make sure you are still there, yeah but then the night takes over and you are nowhere to be found your face in broken pieces dont you look down dont you look down a shame i couldnt see this coming around you're my reflection so tell me why cant you be more clear? whats up with all these tears? dont be regretting all that youve done, and havent done that s*** dont matter here... whats up with all your fears? you better consider all of the good times a glimpse from the mirror, to tell me youre just fine, alright but then the night takes over and there is no one else around your face in broken pieces dont you look down(after the beat goes off she leaves the booth and sits on the couch and starts crying)

Chris: why you crying

Kayla: nothing(wipping her tears)

Chris: bae stop crying

Kayla: for what you obviously dont care. i seen you a couple of minutes ago with that get in a disagreement with me and you go out there and let some girl give you head wow you know what im leaving(Chris shaking his head) because you dont care about me enough to even say damn let me go and make this right but instead you go and say f*ck Kayla i dont want to make it right because clearly i dont need her(getting up to leave) its over im done yeah ill still live in the house for the baby but US never happening again( breaking down and walking out the room leaving) hey Chyna can you come get me

Chyna: yeah wats wrong

Kayla: ill tell you when you come(Chris coming out)

Chris: BAE DONT LEAVE ME PLEASE....I NEED YOU PLEASE(Chyna pulling up) Kayla dont leave(getting on his knees)please baby(Kayla looking at him and getting in the car leaving)

Chapter 3
Kayla: Chris wake up( tappin his shoulder)

Chris: yes bae(waking up too)

Kayla: im sorry about flipping out on you ealier

Chris: naw i should have told you where i was going. i mean you are pregnant with my baby i should tell you when something like that but i shouldnt hide stuff like that from you(breaking down)

Kayla: bay stop...i understand why you aint tell me but we gotta start being honest with eachother tho.

Chris: Kayla....i love you

Kayla: i love you too baby...oww

Chris: what

Kayla: your son(laughing)

Chris: he(kissing)happy(kissing)his(kissing)mommy(kissing)and(kissing)daddy(kissing)made(kissing)up(kissing passionate and climbing on top of her)

Kayla: Chris stop(smiling)

Chris: naw(feeling on her)

Kayla: stop(phone ringing) hello...hey daddy

Mr.Anderson: hey what you doing(Chris keep kissing her)

Kayla: laying down with Chris

Mr.Anderson: tell my son in-law that u said wassup and we need to play some ball this week

Kayla: okay(talking to Chris now) my dad said yall need to get together so yall can play some ball this week

Chris: okay.....tell him tomorrow im free

Kayla: dad he said tomorrow he free

Mr.Anderson: okay ill be other maybe with your mother(Chris kissing her again on her neck) how my grandson

Kayla: okay and he good he always kicking and everything(pushing Chris)

Mr.Anderson: okay sooo im guessing me and Chris putting the rest of the stuff of the baby stuff up tomorrow huh

Kayla: yes that would be nice(Chris pulling on her shorts) umm so hows mom

Mr.Anderson: she good...imma try to bring her so we can sit down and talk about this like we are adults(Chris slipping his hand in her shorts)

Kayla: okay dad(slapping Chris hand)

Mr.Anderson: yea and tell Chris he better stop i hear ya trying not to moan(laughing)

Kayla: OMG dad stop(laughing)

Mr.Anderson: im foreal but imma call you later enjoy the rest of your night if you know what i mean

Kayla: okay..see you tomorrow

Mr.Anderson:okay(hanging up)

Kayla: what time is it

Chris: like 11

Kayla: dang we slept all day

Chris: yes bae(smiling)


Chris: what

Kayla: the baby...imma need him to chill

Chris: he excited he got some sexy parents

Kayla: Chris stop


Kayla: cause you need to(smiling)

Chris: okay

Kayla: and dont try no BS like that again saw me on the fone with my dad

Chris: okay im sorry i was tryin spice things up

Kayla: okay watever u say just dont do it again(serious face)

Chris: okay...i really love you like foreal

Kayla: i believe you..i love you too

Chris: you better so when you wanna finish that song

Kayla: whenever bae

Chris: well we can go early in the morning before your dad comes

Kayla: yea thats fine with me

Chris: good

Kayla: what time is it

Chris: 3:30 am

Kayla: why do we do this

Chris: what

Kayla: lay here and can talk for hours and it feels like we only been talkin for a couple of minutes

Chris: cuz we too people in love now go to sleep

Kayla: you wanna go to the stupid now

Chris: naw we can go at 6

Kayla: okay(lookin at the ceiling)

Chris: yes now go to sleep

5 Minutes Later

Kayla: Chris(tapping him)

Chris: huh...(half sleep) the baby here

Kayla: umm no(laughing) lets go to the studio

Chris: bayy

Kayla: what

Chris: lets go to sleep

Kayla: no come on

Chris: why

Kayla: fine dont come but dont expect to get any no time soon

Chris: lets go(humping out the bed)

Kayla: you still aint getting none

Chris: why

Kayla: you betta wait 6 weeks

Chris: i can do that

Kayla: i bet(walking down the stairs)

Chris: bae slow down

Kayla: Chris how fast can i really go

Chris: idk you sneaky

Kayla: no im not

Chris: yes you are

Kayla: yeah okay whatever( laughing)

Chris: im foreal you is(laughing too)

Kayla: you wanna cook or get Mickey D's

Chris: umm you know i dont cook

Kayla: okay well i guess i'll cook

Chris: no i never said you could cook

Kayla: really

Chris:yeah(serious face)

Kayla: ugh okay(pouting and walking out the door)


Chris: bae im bout to go

Kayla: okay(turning the other way)

Chris: love you(kissing her head)

Kayla: you too(Chris leaving the house)

Chris: hello(driving and calling Tyga)

Tyga:wassup man

Chris: nothing man(guess who called me)

Tyga: Rihanna, Kae, Ashley, Megean, Trina

Chris: man Rihanna and Kae

Tyga: for???

Chris: Rihanna wanna rekindle what we use to have and Kae talking about she prego

Tyga: naw man

Chris: i know(S.H.H) im bout to meet her now so if the bae call tell her you just left the studio and everything

Tyga: cool man, aye i got to go my bae calling me

Chris: true...imma pullin in Kae house right now

Tyga: one

Chris: one(hanging up and walking to there front door)

Kae: hey Chris(opening the door)

Chris: hey so wassup with you being pregnant

Kae: well im pregnant 1 month actually

Chris: noo Kayla 6 months pregnant i havnt slept with you since we was in a naw

Kae: umm no when you had your album release party for Fame

Chris: naw

Kae: yea we both had a lot of drinks and it happen once we got back to your hotel and you said i love you...Kayla was out of town your little ghetto wifey didnt mean anything to you that night...

Chris: stop

Kae: you know you had something for me which is cool.and you might still do


Kae: wait here goes the test(sticking it in his pants pocket/Chris walking out0

Chris: bae(calling Kayla)

Kayla: yes

Chris: i love you...where you at

Kayla: having ice cream with Erin

Chris: oh word well hurry back im home how(Kayla and Erin leaving)

Kayla: that was fast(waving bye to Erin)

Chris: i told him i wasnt staying all night

Kayla: well im on my way home(getting in the car and starting it then drives off)

Chris: take your time bae

Kayla: we was waiting for our ice creams im on my way now and in the car driving)

Chris: okay well drive safe bay

Kayla: okay mwauhhhh

Chris: mwauhhh(hanging up)

30 Minutes Later- Kayla walking in the house

Kayla: bae

Chris: upstairs

Kayla: coming

Chris: okay

Kayla: sooo i was thin....(looking at the room decorated with candles)

Chris: i wanted to treat you to a special night

Kayla: okay

Chris: so you stay right her(kissing her) be back(Kayla starts picking up Chris clothes and something falls out)

Kayla Pov:So im sitting her picking up Chris clothes and a pregnancy test falls out....oh sorry im Kayla Anderson but as i was saying a pregnancy test fell out. Wait i know it ant mine cuz im clearly 6 months pregnant. i know he going to sit and lie to me because he Chris Brown and Christopher aint gonna come out. All i need him to do is be honest and we wont have any problems. im sorry that yall had to meet me like this.ANYWAYZ it clicked in my head he aint go to no studio he went to some girl house who wanted to tell him that she is pregnant. i really dont need this stress right trying to decide if imma leave tonight or try to work this out. F*cked Dat here he come now.

Kayla: so what the hell is this

Chris: ummm i think its yours

Kayla: dont play with me Chris im 6 months and you can tell im pregnant..whose it(yelling)

Chris: Kae(really low)

Kayla: who(upset and loud)

Chris: Kae( a little louder)

Kayla: Christopher Maurice Brown who test is this!!(in his face)

Chris: Kae damn(looking away)

Kayla: i thought you was over her

Chris: i am

Kayla: so why is her test in your pants you didnt go to the studio you went to her house and you knew if you came home and did all this sh*t it was gonna make it better but you the dumbass because you forgot to throw away the damn test....(Chris cutting her off)

Chris: Kayla bae stop(grabbing her hands)

Kayla: no i hope your baby with her is spoiled cause you wont be seeing this one(letting go of his hands)

Chris: bae let me explain

Kayla: why soo u can keep lying to me

Chris: no

Kayla:fine you got 4 minutes

Chris: okay well you remmeber the Fame album well she came to the after party and we was drinking and got drunk and had sex but i dont remember us having sex but thats what she told me

Kayla: so its a chance you not the daddy

Chris; yes(walking over to Kayla)

Kayla: imma stay with Chyna for a while(packing some stuff)

Chris: bae come on...stay ill sleep in the other room just dont leave please(on his knees)

Kayla: fine

Chris: thank you( grabbing some stuff to take to the other room and bathroom) i love you(leaving the room)

Calling Chyna

Chyna: Chyna Doll speaking

Kayla: hey girl this Kayla

Chyna: wassup girl

Kayla: Chris cheated(starts to cry)

Chyna: what nooo.....with who???

Kayla: Kae

Chyna: the ex

Kayla: yes and then again it might not be his

Chyna: well just make it work i see how happy he be. dont leave that man im being serious Kayla...he just have on slip up

Kayla: thank you girl bye

Chyna: bye girl(hanging up)

Kayla: Christopher, Chris, bae come to bed please(getting back in the bed)

Chris: i love you Kayla(getting in the bed/holding her and falling asleep)