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i hope he dont think its bc of his mom thing that she cant go out
i wonder what she meant by caiden getting used by his mom?
ohh they going on a date :D
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"Why didn't you wake me up when you left?" I asked Caiden over the phone. He usually doesn't just disappear like that. He either wakes me to let me know he's leaving, or leaves a note. This morning I woke up to neither along with his absence.

He sighed, "I'm sorry babe, it's just my mom called me crying this morning saying she didn't have enough to make her rent. So I had to get to the bank and put it in her account."

"Caiden..." I paused as I sighed. He knew what was coming. I definitely had something to say about the situation.

He sighed hard once more, "Don't start Roe."

"But I can't sit back n let you get used Cai." I countered.

"Kill it Monroe!" He spoke sternly.

I sighed, letting it go for now. But I would definitely bring it up again. "Wanna do lunch? I'm mad hungry." I rubbed my grumbling stomach.

"Naw, I'm bout to be busy with the bruhs. I'll pick you up for dinner though. Wear something nice." He responded.

I rolled my eyes, "Fine."

"I love you." He sung to lighten up the sour mood.

I smiled, not resisting. "I love you too."

I hung up and threw my phone on the bed. I looked around and threw myself back into the pillows. I hated being home alone. Cleo should've been called me back by now. I sighed and got ready to shower and get dressed.

After I got myself together, I went out to catch the shuttle to campus. I hated sharing a car with Caiden. Especially when he was "busy with the bruhs". He got on my nerves with that.

When I got to campus, I walked to my favorite dining hall. I had no problem with eating alone, I did my best thinking that way. As long as I wasn't in the house by myself, I could handle my own company anywhere.

I got my food and sat at a table for two towards the back. Halfway through my meal, a girl I’ve always been cool with came over to my table. She wore a pink and green outfit that bore her Greek letters of AKA and her line name on the arms of her jacket.

“Hey Roe! What’s up?” she asked with too much enthusiasm as she stole one of my fries.

I smiled as I sipped my lemonade, “Hey <a href="">Sam</a>, how’s rush week going?” Rush Week was a staple in Greek society. That whole week, all frats and sororities had several activities to bring in new pledges.

“Um, it’s just getting started but it’s going great. It’s actually what I came over to talk to you about.” She wore a mischievous smile on her face. I simply sighed because I knew where this was going. She had been trying to get me to pledge since she pledged our freshman year. “Please Roe! For me at least?” she pouted her bottom lip and looked at me with pleading eyes.

I rolled my eyes and said nothing. I wasn’t gonna tell her anything, but I had already been thinking about pledging this year. I finally had my classes, grades, and GPA under control so I figured why not? I was a legacy on top of that, so I owed it to my family. This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was little. “Mmmm, I don’t know.” I toyed with her. I didn’t want to make it easy.

“Roe I swear, if you don’t pledge this year I’m gonna kick your ass! I refuse to choose another pledge.” She tried to have a serious face but after I stared at her she broke into laughter.

I laughed along with her, “Fine, I’ll pledge.”

“Ahhhhhh!” she screamed and clapped causing the entire dining hall to look our way. “What?” she said to them with and attitude. After everyone minded to their business, she turned back to me. She then began to tell me how everything would work from this point out. And before she got up to leave, she left me with a bit of advice. “Discretion is key, so you can’t tell anyone. Not even Caiden, I don’t care how good he d*cks you down.” We both shared a laughed and then she got up and left.

I got up to throw away my food. As I walked out, I looked at the invitation she had given me. It was for a party scheduled for tonight that was for pledges only. My attendance was required and on time. That meant I had to cancel dinner with Caiden. I sighed as I tried to think of a reason to tell him. I put the invitation back into my purse and kept walking towards the shuttle stop. When I got there, Cleo was there waiting on the shuttle.

“Um, so you can’t call nobody back?” I asked as I sat next to her.

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<a href=""> I</a> Got ready to go to the library and study, I popped in to talk to Monroe since I didn't get a chance to last night I see that she was still sleep. So I backed out of the room slowly grabbed my bag and was out the door. I walked the campus minding my own business when all of a sudden I feel some hands planted firmly on my hips I turn around to see Tristan standing there smiling..

"Hey ma" I smiled at him and "Hey you what are you doing up this early?" OI started walking again as he reached to hold my hand. "I had to run some errands why you up sexy lady?" "Needed to get some studying done." "I'll study with you then." "We don't even have the same classes." "So I want to know what you know." I laughed and shook my head and walked ahead of him when I heard him talking about my round plump ass. So after getting settled I opened my books only to see Tristan staring at me; I flipped the page skimming over the words "Why are you staring at me?" I looked up from the page as he smiled and simply replied "Because your gorgeous baby." I smiled but was then interrupted by the librarian "Shhhhhh". I mouthed the words sorry and then turned my attention back to Tristan and wrote down the words thank you. I went back to studying and when a piece of paper was put in front of me saying "Can I get a kiss" I shook my head no and he says Why not while laughing which got us shushed again. "Because were out in public and im trying to study honey." he nodded and said okay.
30 Mins later
He was quiet for a while but then he was back at it. he started tapping his pencil and making a beat. I stared at him and was about to say something but was cut off by being asked to leave. I packed up all my stuff and walked out ahead of him. "Hey Cleo wait up" he jogged up behind me and touched my arm. "What do you want from me Tristan?" He looked down at his feet and then looked back at me " Look that place was stuffy anyways why don't we go to Starbucks and talk some deal?" I looked around trying to find an excuse to not go but couldn't. "Okay fine lets go." he smiled and grabbed my hand.

We get in and get a seat by the window and stared at one another. "Look im just going to ask this to break the silence, why are you interested in me is it because of Monroe talking to you or what because if you think im that type of female that f***s any and everyone you have me sadly mistaken." "Wow Nah baby I want to get to know who you are if I just wanted sex I would have been approached you at the party." I nodded and took a sip of my water. and the conversation went from there we talked about everything from school to dreams and goals. But then the conversation shifted. "I don't want to come off as that type of guy to you and im sorry about earlier." I smiled and shook my head "Its okay" "Its not ma hold on I'll be right back." he got up and walked out of Starbucks so I looked down at my phone and saw that I had a text from Monroe saying to call her when I got the chance, Just as I was about to call her back I see Tristan walk back in with something behind his back. "I want to make it up to you so this is part one of me doing that." he handed me a big bouquet of assorted flowers and my heart melted as I accepted the flowers from him and stood up and hugged him tight. "Why don't we go out to dinner tonight." I stated with a smile. "Yeah we can def do that baby." "Okay well I have to go but see you later." he hugged me one last time and we walked out of the café going our separate ways.....

Run it!

New Add coming Monday

Run it

yes lawrd ! run it and dont stop! monroe gone get her little self pregnant and tristan seems sweet .

run it!

Yasss honey...they some freaks!!!! Couldn't even get all the way up the stairs before he was ready. Caiden my type of dude. On a calmer note..I'm glad Tristan is really feeling's cute that he stressing about her call already. Now that's funny that Cleo was interrupting that little session..i was cracking up..that's something that I would do lol...but I wonder what she gotta talk to Monroe about??? Hmmmm///Run It

run it

Run it

I'm too fckn drunk for this lmao

here it is gosh!

<a href="">Tristan</a>

I need the edit button back in my life!



"b**** I will break your fckn arm, get the fck away from my man!" I yanked a Kappa groupie back from Caiden. "And you! What the fck is your problem?" I pushed him a little.

He put his arms around me and pulled me into him, "Baby chill on me, ain't nobody checkin for none of these hoes up in here."

"Well you need to let muhfckas know who you checkin for then." I looked him in his eye.

He chuckled, "What you want me to do? Stiff arm these b****es?"

"Yeah so I don't have to! I'm too pretty to get my hands dirty." I smirked.

He laughed and kissed my cheek, "You too much."

"I'll be that. But next time I see a b**** all over you and in your face I'm beating <em>yo</em> ass!" I playfully pushed him.

He smiled, "Yeah aiight. How bout backin that ass up for a nigga tho." He gripped a handful of my ass.

"Ewww." I playfully pushed him away.

He laughed and turned me around pulling me to him, "Dance for daddy." He whispered in my ear.

I started to grind on him to the end of a slow song. Then Do My Dance came on and almost all the girls lost it, including me. I started to show out. Grindin, poppin, n twerkin. Oh, I was gettin off! Caiden had to back up to a wall, just to keep his balance.

"Damn." Was what most of his frat brothers were mumbling. I had a small sized ass, but it was definitely efficient enough to do my job.

The song ended and I got off of him, "That's what you wanted daddy?"

"You gon get it later." He spoke in my ear.

I rolled my eyes and went to go get some more Kappa Punch. After filling my cup, I scanned the crowd for Cleo and Tristan.

After a while, I spotted href="">Tristan</a> talking to some of his line brothers. I tapped his shoulder, "Where's Cleo?"

"She took a cab home. She tried to find you but couldn't." He informed me.

I looked at the clock on my phone, "Damn, she wasn't even here but a few hours. What you do?"

"I didn't do anything!" He chuckled in defense mode, "She was just ready to go. I think she was kinda drunk, she stumbled a bit."

I nodded, "Okay, so what you think?"

"She's real cool. I like her. She's beautiful." He gushed.

I smiled hard, "Damn right! Cuz that's my roommate. I wouldn't do you wrong Trist."

"Glad to hear it. Make sure she hits my line though!" He gave me a serious look.

I laughed, "She'll get at you when she wants to, chill out."

"What y'all talkin bout over here?" Caiden came up behind me wreaking of alcohol.

"Cleo." We both answered.

"Yo, shorty ass was fat in them tights tho!" He dapped Tristan. "I'm sorry baby, but your roommate looked good tonight. I wasn't ready."

I looked at him, "But you just gon talk about her ass tho, and in front of me?" I asked.

"Yup, the same way you drooled over Tristan earlier in front of me." He stated matter of factly.

"Wait what?" Tristan smiled big.

I smacked my lips, "Oh calm yourselves. I was only trying to sell a product. And from what I gather, successfully."

They both smacked their lips and waved me off, "Gone somewhere with that major bull!" Caiden stated.

"Don't nobody care you a marketing major!" Tristan nudged me.

"Whatever." Was all I said as we all laughed.

"Stroll!" One of Caiden's big brothers, that graduated last year and is now working on his master's, yelled.

"Here we go." Caiden rolled his eyes.

I looked at him, "Stop it, you love it."

"You right!" He cheesed as he did a roll call of his line. They all fell into order and then Tristan did a roll call of his line of the newly crossed pledges.

I watched my man stroll through the party, leading the entire line of Kappas. He looked so good especially when they got in the middle of the floor and started stepping.

Afterwards, he came over to me. "Hey baby, you seen yo man fckn sh*t up on the floor?" He kissed my neck.

"Yup! You looked real good out there." I smiled back as I finished my drink.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, "Oh yeah? How good?"

"I'm not about to stroke your ego Caiden." I smirked.

His grip got tighter, "I love you too."

"I bet." I leaned into him.

He nibbled on my neck, "Wanna get outta here?"

"And do what?" I looked at him.

We barely made it up the stairs as he was carrying me. He laid me down halfway up and ripped my panties off. He pushed up my dress and buried his face in my pussy.

"Awww fuuuuck." I moaned.

"Roe, is that you?" Cleo asked.

I laughed and pushed him from between my legs. "Come on." I whispered.

We ran upstairs and burst through my room door. Caiden wouldn't let me breathe, he was all over me. He snatched his shirt up over his head and threw it down. I laid on the bed and he stood between my legs giving me the most intense stare. I knew he was about to fck some s*** up.

"Take that fckn dress off. " he moaned aggressively.

I smiled, "Mmm yes daddy." I did as he said.

Caiden yanked me to the edge of the bed by my ankles and pushed his way into me. It was bliss. I knew he was about to tear my little ass up. He spread my legs, holding them down by the knee. He plowed into me, making sure I felt every pump. He was beatin it up and hard.

"Oh my...oh my god. I can't breathe...I can't breathe." I gasped as I trembled and ran my fingers through my hair.

We weren't making love, we were fckn and with Caiden there was a big difference. He made sure I felt every stroke in my guts. Cuz oh, he was workin with a MONSTA! (Lol) But anyways, while we were goin hard like that Wacka Flocka paint sh*t Cleo comes knocking on the door.

"Hey, Roe? I need to talk to you!" She said through the door.

Caiden rolled his eyes, "Talk to her later Cle she's busy right now!"

"Oh, okay." She stammered, I guess realizing what she was interrupting, and walked away.

He then pushed us up more on the bed and laid on top of me still holding my legs as far apart as they could go. He drilled into me and all I kept thinking was how much I wanted to have this niggas kids. He was the epitome of being d*cked down proper. He quickened his pace and that's when the loud noises began. No matter how quiet I wanted to be because of Cleo, it wasn't working. This sh*t was too good to be quiet. I had to scream.

Soon we were flipped and I slowed it down a bit but not too much to wreck the groove. He put his thumb right under me so every time I'd rock forward he would be rubbing my clit. Oh, this nigga was good. Soon I began to shake, I knew my time as coming and he did too. I anchored myself to his chest and started bouncing up and down.

“Yeah girl, sh*t ride daddy’s d*ck girl!” he gripped my ass as hard as he could, slamming me down on his d*ck even harder.

“Mmmm fck fck fck fck fck!!!” I threw my head back as I climaxed. I slowed down the pace a little and then completely stopped after he got his too.

He smiled up at me, “Come here.”

I leaned down and kissed his lips passionately and then climbed off of him to lay next to him. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. “I love you so much.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” I smiled and pecked his lips.

run it

OOOOOO i like Tristan...i do wanna see what he look like thou...i hope this goes good :) RUN IT

Awww run it

<a href="">Cleondra Pov</a>

I listened to what Monroe was saying but I don’t know, it has been a while since I talked to a guy but oh well everything is meant to change right? So I agreed to go she hugged me and pushed me into the bathroom. “You get all clean and smelling good while I pick you out an outfit.” So I did as I was told; “What did you get yourself into cleo?” I spoke to myself as I walked back to my room in a towel. “Don’t worry cleo my guy is a good guy no worries alright.” I didn’t even notice caiden still sitting on the floor with the remote in his hand. “Yeah I guess.” I walked back to my room and saw Monroe throwing clothes out of my closet on to my bed. “What the hell are you doing crazy?” I picked up some shirts and other items that were on the floor. “Im trying to put together a dress to impress outfit for you what do you think of the things that I picked out so far?” I stared at her for a second shook my head and walked over to my bed and looked at the clothes. “Ummm I like the tan shorts and off the shoulder blouse with a pair of wedges.” She walked out of the closet with a pair of ripped up leggings and smiled “What about this match this with the top and a pair of bedazzled heels.” I nodded my head and said okay while pushing her out of my room so that I could get dressed. I sat at my vanity and curled my hair and out on some make up, I prayed that everything would go great but you never know with blind dates.

Hour Later
I was dressed and ready to go, I opened the door and walked out to see Monroe putting her earrings on. She then stopped and looked at me. “You look good mamas” I smiled shyly and sat down. “Hey take a shot before we go it will loosen you up a little.” I got up and grabbed the bottle and poured me a shot and downed it quick. “God that burns” I screamed which made her laugh “Its suppose to its vodka.” “I don’t usually do shots but im nervous as hell I needed that.” She grabbed her purse and pushed me out the door. “Alright party time b****..”
We make it to the frat house and you see people outside acting drunk and crazy and that is when the butterflies kicked in “I don’t know about this roe.” “Come on its gonna be fun” she linked her arm with mine as we walked in; All eyes were on us but then we hear a familiar voice “Hey baby” caiden walked over and hugged us both but stepped back and looked at my outfit. “Let me go find Tristan.” He then disappeared into the crowd of people but then came back with this tall sexy thing of a man. “This my brother tristan, trist this is cleondra.” Caiden introduced us over the loud music. Tristan pulled me into a hugged and talked in my ear “Nice to meet you cleondra.” I smiled simply and nodded my head and said “The same to you, you can call me cleo though.” He pulled back and smiled at me “want something to drink?” I nodded my head and smiled as he motioned for me to follow him to the kitchen. I looked back at roe and caiden smiling and giving me thumbs up. We talked for a while and got to know a lot about each other; we stood up against the wall I stared at him as he made me laugh at his corny jokes. “You wanna dance ma?” I sat my cup down as the song f***in Problems came on; he then got behind me as I started grinding on him as he threw his arms in the air and moved to the beat. After dancing for a couple more songs but I then got hot and tired. “Wooh that was wow.” I said simply out of breath. “Lets go outside” I nodded and looked around to see If I could find roe but she was with caiden somewhere probably doing something nasty. “So what are you doing single?” I looked down at my heels “I just haven’t found the right guy most of them were jerks.” “Well if it mean anything to you I wouldn’t be a jerk to a beautiful woman like yourself.” I smiled up at him and accidently stepped back wrong but he caught me just before I could touch the ground. “Can I have your number?” I shook my head and moved closer to him “why don’t you give me your number honey.” He smiled wide as he programed his number, “you gonna call me ma” “Yes I will call you it might be tonight or next week you never know.” I winked at him as he bit his lip. “So how you getting home?” “I’m calling me a cab.” “I wish I could take you ma if I wasn’t tipsy right now.” “Yeah true.” He then looked a little offended but then laughed “you got jokes but I like that ma.” I bowed “Why thank you.” And just like that my cab showed up. “This you” I nodded my head “Yeah this is me I had a great time tonight we should def do it again.” “Oh yeah mos def ma I got you in my sight now im not letting go even if you push me away im here.” He stood on the side walk with his arms out I walked up and hugged him it took me a minute to pull away which made him laugh. “see im still here.” I pushed his chest and walked to the cab gave him my directions and waved at tristan…. “Get her home safe” he paid the driver in advance.. in my mind im thinking that this could be the start of something good..

my add coming tonight

Run it



Ayeee ! Frat parties be poppin . Woo looks like Caiden know just what to do . Yesss get you a Kappa boy Cleo & let them shimmy on youu , can't go wrong.
Run It !

runnnnnnn ittttt . i wanna see where this can go .

RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT RUN IT i LOVE it already..yes! lol


<em>Temperatures rising, and your body's yearning for me....</em>

"Mmmmm fck! Ohmigoodness mmmmm!" <a href="">I</a> moaned as my <a href="">boyfriend</a> licked and sucked my sweetness like it was the last time. But if he knew like I knew, it would be a long time before the last time.

<em>Girl lay it on me. I place no one above thee. Ohhh, take me to ecstasy!</em>

"Mmmhmmm right there! Ahhh fuuuuck!" I screamed against the sweet crooning of R. Kelly's throwback bedroom banger.

<em>Seems like ya ready! Girl, are you ready, for me?</em>

At this point, I was gasping for air. He was sucking my clit like he was cleaning a chicken bone. I <em>must</em> remember to thank him later. Pleasurable sensations ran all throughout my body. I knew it, I just knew that I was....I was...I

<em>Your body is my playground. Let me lick you up and down!</em>

"I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm, I'm, I'm.....AHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!" I tried to push him away but he kept at it. Tears were falling from my eyes and my body was convulsing. He knew just what to do to turn me out. That's why I've kept him around for so long. Well, that and the fact that I'm in love with the guy.

He rose up on his knees between my legs, smiling. His middle finger still flicking my swollen clit. Here I was trying to calm myself from the first climax and on the verge of another one.

"Cum again for me baby." He bit his bottom lip as he stroked his throbbing hardon with his free hand.

My legs shook and soon he was making me climax once more. Damn him for this. Damn him for making me cum like this. Damn him for knowing my body the way he does. And damn him for knowing just what to do to take me there.

<em>Hey girl, I like what you got on. How bout you take it off? It's just you and me don't be shy.</em>

The song changed to Lloyd. And that's when he did it. That's when he plunged into me, taking my breath away. He began to long stroke, making sure I felt every bit of his inches.

"Damn you feel so good baby." He moaned in my ear as he pushed deeper.

I gripped his ass, pulling him into me even further. My eyes closed shut, I wrapped my legs around him. I was close to my third but he was barely on his first.

<em>Take alllll of me! Alllll of me! Girl, I just wanna give you my all. So can you take allllll of me? Alllll of me? Your body's tellin me what you want, so I'ma give it all.</em>

I was on top now, moving my hips in sync with the music. His perfectly sculpted abs rested under my palms, while his palms gripped firmly onto my ample ass.

"Ride daddy's d*ck girl, ride this sh*t." He mustered through clenched teeth.

Smirking, I closed my eyes and threw my head back. I ran my hand through my long wavy locks. He sat up and attacked my pert nipples. He loved my perfect D cups and I loved the way he touched and tasted them.

The way we made love was unlike anything else. Neither of us ever wanted it to end. You could tell by the way we held each other that if we were to stay that way forever, we wouldn't be mad.

That's when my prude of a roommate busted in, "Hey Monroe I-- Ohhhhhh my gaaawwwddd!" She covered her eyes and ran out.

We laughed as she ran out of the door. "Why was the door open?" She yelled from her room.

"Cuz you're supposed to be in class!" I yelled back as he laid me on my back.

"We got a free period." She explained to her being so early back home.

He went deeper making me grip his waist. "Still, you know what time it is!" This was the only time we had in the house alone. She had a two and a half hour class and we had a two and a half hour love session.

"Ugggghhh! I'm going to the library!" She stated as she walked pass again, shielding her eyes, to go down the stairs.

"Go get a boyfriend!" I laughed and focused back on my lover.

<em>My body is your party baby. Nobody's invited but you baby. We can take it slow now, tell me what you want?</em>

This was it, I was coming and he wasn't too far behind. "Turn over." He groaned as he pulled out reluctantly.

I did as he said, tooting my ass up in the air. Archin it for daddy is what I like to call it. He thrust into me while firmly gripping my hips. He was hitting every bit of my G Spot n I couldn't do anything but scream and moan.

<em>Can't keep your hands off me. Touch me right there, rock my body! Can't keep my hands off you.Your body, is my party!</em>

He sped up, our skin slapping now. Our breathing erratic and shortened. My love was loving me with all he had; just as I, him.

He leaned over me now, making his pumps shorter but still deep. He kissed my shoulder, "I love you so much Monroe."

He was working me too good to even respond. But he stopped pumping and gripped me from underneath, "Tell me, tell me baby."

"I...I...I love you Caiden. Oh my gawd, I love you." I was able to get out while catching my breath.

He turned me over and entered me, his forehead on mine. We breathed the same air as he stroked slower now. Preserving what little pleasure we had left before we climaxed. I attacked his lips, tasting his sweet tongue. The taste of me still lingered there.

I could feel it, this was it for the both of us. I threw my head back and pulled him into me. His face rested in the crook of my neck and mine in his.

"FUUUUUCK! Mmmmm." I moaned right before.

He held me tighter now, "Shiiiit." I loved the way he moaned. It was so fckn sexy.

That's when it hit me. Waves of pleasure ran through my body and I screamed and moaned like I was crazy. He shouted out and told me how much he loved me and how good my pussy was. This was my baby, I swear this man could get anything he wanted. All he had to do was ask.

"Fck." He let out, still on top and inside of me.

I laid there, feeling his full weight. "It's it gets better." I stated more to myself than to him.

"It never ceases to amaze me how tight you are every time." He smirked as he rolled off of me.

I rolled into his arms, "I love you Caiden Anthony Smith."

"I love you more Monroe Madison Parker." He kissed my forehead.

I traced the tattoos on his chest, "Will you love me in 10 years?"

"Baby I will love you in 20." He stroked my hair.

I looked up at him, "50?"

"100." He pulled me up and kissed my lips. "Now lets shower and start studying for this Calc test."

I jumped up, "Yes! I need another A!"

"Me too sh*t." He laughed as he followed me to my bathroom.

I shut my book, "Babe, Cleo needs a man in her life."

"Why?" He chuckled, still working on a problem.

<a href="">I</a> looked at him sitting on the floor working on the coffee table, "Because! When she has a free period she's not interrupting our sh*t." I laughed.

"Sh*t, I wasn't bothered. She ain't stop nothing." <a href="">he</a> chuckled. "Babe, what equation do I use for this problem right here?"

I looked at the problem, "Pert, that's an investing problem."

"True!" He took the paper back and started working on it.

I laid back on the couch, "Babe, focus!"

"I am focused on what I'm supposed to be!" He looked up at me, "Your roommate's love life has nothing to do with you. So, lets study please?"

I put my book on the table, "I'm done. What about Tristan? He's hella fine."

"Really? I'm right here." He looked at me with the stake face.

I waved him off, "Whatever, so you think you can hook it up? I mean, he is your frat brother."

"That means nothing." He stated while focused on his work.

I sat up, "You're his mentor baby. Hook it up, please? Isn't there a Kappa party tonight?"

"How do you find out about our functions like that? You haven't been out all day and we just started promoting today." He looked at me baffled.

I handed him his phone, "You really need a new password." I laughed, "And I just txtd Tristan. He said he's up for it."

"You are something else!" He pocketed his phone.

I smiled, "Isn't that why you love me like you do?" I slid down into his lap.

"One of the many many reasons why." He smiled.

I couldn't resist, I had to kiss his lips. It turned into a full on make out session.

"Really? The living room? Is nothing sacred?" My roommate stood in the front door.

I looked up at her, "Oh shut it up! Guess what?"

"What?" She sat down.

I got off of Caiden's lap and sat next to him while he got back to his studying. "I got you a hot date tonight." I smiled.

"What?" She asked again.

I rolled my eyes, "Really honey, please try to keep up. His name is Tristan Cole, he's a junior, and he just hit 21 and crossed 1st on his line with Kappa. He's fckn beautiful."

"Beautiful?" She asked, now very interested.

I nodded, "Girl yes, the most gorgeous smile ever. And his eyes sparkle like diamonds. The nigga is legit fine as fck!"

"Again, right here!" Caiden interjected.

I smiled at him and hugged him, "Come on baby, you know I love you. You ain't gotta worry about nobody."

"I better not." He voiced and continued his work.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at her, "So...? You're going?"

"Where is all this supposed to happen?" She asked.

I looked away, "At the Kappa party tonight."

"Umm excuse me?" She persisted.

I looked at her, "The Kappa party."

"A party? I'm good." She stated.

I got up, "b**** you're going and that's final."