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Welcome To Hell: Prison Break

Chapter One: Dear Mama

It’s been long, long years in this hell hole you call Pleasant Valley State Prison, located in Coalinga, Fresno County, California. I’ve been in here for 4 years. How did I get here? Well let me feel you in on a little something. It was 5 years ago when I made the worst decision I could have ever made…..


It was a cold, November night. Me and my older brothers were all waiting outside in a dark alley. We were planning to rob this jewelry store and take all the money in the register. I was so nervous. I was literally shaking in my torn up shoes. I was standing quietly beside my big brother Bishop,20. Me and my brothers were so close. We were all a year apart. Except for me and Fresno, he is four years older than me. Everyone loved us. Some even feared us. Why? I never knew. I guess it had something to do with my brothers being gang members. They were in a gang called BloodGang. I never knew what it meant so whenever I would ask Bishop he’d just tell me to stay in a child’s place. And he’d say “You’re not ready for that kind of world Juice.” That was my nickname he’d given me when I was born. Anyways, I have three other brothers. One, named Roscoe, he’s the second oldest, 19, he was a chubby little boy. Kids used to pick on him about his weight. Until one day he beat this kid up so beat, he gave him a broken nose AND jaw. Kids defiantly stopped f*cking with him since then. He loves to eat candy and chips. That’s all that boy talks about is eating. Everytime we get up in the morning he’s eating a bag of Tom Tom’s(chips) and sipping on Root Beer.

I try to convince him to stop eating so much because he has asthma but he doesn’t want to listen to me, so he keeps eating. I’m really starting to get worried about him. Two, I have a brother named Day Day, 18,sorry to say it, but he’s the Hoe of the group. He has so many chickenheads walking in and out of Mama’s house it’s ridiculous! He’d had one hoe in his bed and the next he’s have a school teacher. I remember one time when I accidentally walked in on him and my History teacher. It was so embarrassing! No wonder Mrs. Thomas had given me an A+ on my report about Christopher Columbus. Hahaha anyway on to the next. Fresno, he’s the 3rd oldest, 17, he’s the funny, laid back one. He’s more like me. He’s book smart and street smart. But mostly book smart. I’d say I look up to him the most because we’re the youngest of the brothers. He’s always taking up for me and vice versa. He’s also a ladies man, but he’s only been with one girl ever since elementary school. Her name is Keyshia. She’s a sweet girl. I met her once and fell in love with her. I think she’s defiantly the one for my brother.

“Come on Juice, let’s go!” my big brother <a href="">Bishop</a> said as he put on his ski mask.

I sighed heavily not really sure of what to do.

“I-I don’t want to do this Bishop. This just doesn’t seem right.” I said hesitantly at my big brother.

Hell I was only <a href="">13</a> . I had goals in life. I didn’t want to end down this road. No, not this way.
He firmly grabbed my shoulders as my other <a href="">brothers</a> Roscoe, Day Day, and Fresno put on their masks as well.
“Listen here, Juice. You can do this. Just think. This is for mama. Think about all the hell she’s been through having to struggle to pay the bills. Having to beg for money just to scrap up some change to buy us some food. Come on man. Don’t back down now.” He said looking me straight in the eyes.

I sighed heavily as my body shook with nervousness. It was a long silence before I finally shook my head and agreed. He smiled and gave me what he called a “thug hug”.

“Now put this on.” He said handing me a ski mask as I reluctantly put it on.

I looked at Fresno and he walked over to me and bent down on one knee and took me by the shoulders.

“It’s gonna be okay man. Just hang in there Juice.” He said sincerely as he looked me deep in the eyes.

“O-okay.” I said quietly looking down.

“I love you man.” He said giving me a firm hug. I hugged him back.
“Alright yall now this is what’s going down. We’re gonna go in there. Hold up our guns and demand the cash okay.” Bishop said as Fresno got up off his knees and put his arm around my shoulder.

“Guns?! But why? I thought we weren’t gonna have to kill anyone Bishop!” Roscoe said looking alarmed.

“Listen here man, don’t be no f*cking p*ssy. If we have to we have to. There’s no turning back iite.” Bishop said looking at all of us with a warning look.

“M-man I just don’t think this is right. What if innocent people get hurt? That’s not fair.” I said sadly.

“The world ain’t fair. And if you don’t learn that, you never will. Now come on let’s go.” Bishop handed everybody a gun except me.

“Where’s mine?” I asked curiously.

“No man. You ain’t getting no gun.” Fresno said disapprovingly.

He was such an overprotective person.

“Why not?” I frowned.

“Because I said so Chris.” Fresno said now giving me the warning look.

“Hahaha you think you can handle it lil homie?” Bishop said reaching behind his back pocket.

“Of course, I’m a grown man.” I said frowning that he was treating me like a p*ssy boy.

“Hell nawh Bishop! Don’t give him that! That’s dangerous! Are you serious right now?!” Fresno argued as Bishop pulled out a small black pistol out of his pocket.

“Here you go. Try it out.” He smirked.

I smiled happily as if I were receiving a fresh pair of shoes.

“Chris put that gun down now! Wtf Bishop?!” Fresno said pushing Bishop.

“Ay ay! Stop that sh*t yo!” Day Day yelled pushing between the two as they were about to fight.

“Calm down yall damn! He wanna be stupid and shoot his d*ck off. Let him be stupid!” Roscoe said holding Bishop back.

“Man I can’t believe you! Up there giving him a f*cking gun!” Fresno yelled somehow getting loose of the grip Day Day had on him and tackling Bishop.

All hell broke loose. Day Day was trying his hardest to get Hop and Fresno off each other.

“Stop!” I yelled angrily.

I hated to see my brothers fight. It was so stupid. They always got out of control when they fought each other. It would get so bad they would tear the house up if they were to fight at home. It was scary seeing them get so angry with each other they’d do anything. I didn’t know what to do so I took the gun and pointed it up in the air. Next thing you know I heard a loud pop and it got quiet as hell. I got scared and dropped the gun as a tiny cloud of smoke came from the tip of the gun. Had I just fired a shot?

“Chris! Wtf are you doing?!” Fresno screamed as he was pulled off Bishop.

“Why are you guys fighting?” I said lowly as I looked down as the ground, feeling my eyes water.

“I’m so sorry Juice. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again.” Fresno said walking up to me and hugging me tight.

Bishop got up off the ground smirking.

“I taught you right boi.” He said to me with those devilish brown eyes.

Fresno rolled his eyes angrily.

“Now can yall calm the f8ck down so we can take care of business?!” Day Day yelled.

Bishop shook his head.

“You’re right. We ain’t come for all this. Now let’s get down to business, now.”

And the next thing you know we were breaking into a <a href="">jewelry store</a>. We had broken the back window and surprisingly it seemed as if no one on the block had heard us. We carefully made our way through the broken glass. The whole time I was shaking like I was having a seizure.

“Okay. Juice, you and Fresno go make sure the coast is clear. Day Day you stand guard at the window and keep up informed if somebody is coming. Roscoe, your fat a** gone help me get the jewelry. Okay, got it?” bishop whispered.

“Yes.” We all whispered back.

Me and Fresno checked all the corners to make sure everything was alright to proceed with our plans. When they were we went to the cash register and tried to open it up with screw drivers. A code was needed to open the register so it was very difficult to open. I heard glass shatter and hit the floor. I looked up quickly.

“Hahaha baby! We mothaf*ckin rich b*tch!” Bishop cheered as he grabbed handfuls of jewelry.

“Yeeah baby we gone be f*cking b*tches on top of b*tches when they see us in this bling!” Roscoe laughed as he was making “angels” in piles of necklaces and bracelets.

I chuckled a little. But then something caught my eye. It was a beautiful, diamond heart necklace that said (looked like this) <a href="">Dear Mama</a>. It contained my mother’s favorite color, sapphire. I smiled widely. Fresno looked at me and then at what I was looking at, then back at me. He smiled.

“You want that?” he questioned.

I shook my head slowly.

It was Mama’s birthday tomorrow and I really wanted to get her something special. A necklace would really put the icing on the cake. She never wore fine jewelry before. She would be ecstatic if I were to get her a diamond necklace!

“Yeah.” I said looking up at him.

“Let’s go get it then.” He said as we walked over to the jewelry shelf, forgetting to get the money.

“I need to break this glass.” Fresno said as he held his gun in his hand.

“Be careful. It would be wired.” I said cautiously.

“Haha, I got this bro.” Fresno said.

As soon as he broke the glass an alarm went off.

“Damnit!” I heard Day Day yell.

“Ay let’s go!” Roscoe yelled.

“Wait! I wanna get this necklace for mama!” I yelled as I tried reaching for the necklace, it was on the top shelf.

“No Juice come on let’s go!” Fresno yelled as he was picking up jewelry off the floor.

“NO!” I yelled.

I really wanted to get this necklace for Mama. I couldn’t just leave it there.

“Come on let’s go!!! The cops are coming!” Roscoe panicked.

“Wait just let me get the necklace!” I cried as Fresno scooped me up and threw me over his shoulders, running towards the exit.

I could now hear police sirens blaring loudly coming down the street. I was so scared. But I really wanted that necklace.

“Come on let’s go man!” Day Day yelled as we were running down the street towards the alley.

When we got there Fresno put me down and looked at Day Day and Roscoe nervously.

“Where’s Bishop?!” he yelled.

“Oh shhhh*t! He’s still at the jewelry sto’ man! F*CK!” Roscoe yelled out of breath.

“Ahhhh sh*t! I have to go get him!” Day Day yelled as he was about to run back.

“No! I’ll get him!” Fresno said.

“What?! No!” I cried.

“We have to man! He’s our brother man!” Fresno said.

Just as he said that we’d heard gun shots fired. Multiple ones. My eyes got wide. I ran to the corner to look and see what had happened. My heart literally dropped. In front of the jewelry store was my big brother, Bishop. He was lying down on the ground in a pool of blood. The cops had their guns pointing at him, still shooting.

“Nooooo!!!!” I screamed angrily as I ran in the direction to save my brother.

“STOP JUICE! STOP!” I heard Fresno yell, but I didn’t care.

I couldn’t just sit there and let my brother die like this!

“BISHOOOOP!” I yelled as I felt angry tears fall down my face.

When I got to him he was a bloody mess. He was coughing up blood. The cops held their fire looking at me confused as I kneeled down to him.

“Wtf are you doing kid?!” one cop yelled but I ignored him.

“B-Bishop?” I whimpered.

He looked up at me with dark eyes and blood pouring from his mouth.

“J-Juice? Is that….you man?” he whispered.

“Yes it’s me. It’s me. Please don’t die.” I cried as he held onto my hand, shakily.

“G-guess what?” he said smiling his million dollar smile.


“I-I-I g-got….the…necklace.” he whispered as he slowly opened up his right hand revealing the necklace I wanted to get Mama.

I felt my heart crumble. He’d stopped to get the necklace I wanted. This was all my fault! F*CK!

“I…I…want…you….to…give…this…to…Mom…o-okay?” Bishop stammered as his eyes started fluttering.

“O-okay.” I said as I begin to cry on his chest.

“D-don’t cry Juice.” He whispered.

“I-I love you.” I cried.

“I….I…….love….you….to. R-Remember one thing…enjoy the little things in life…because o-one day you’ll look back and realize how important they were…..” and before he could finish his sentence his hand released mine and his eyes closed slowly.

*Flashback Ends*

Ever since that day I can never forget the words Bishop told me. When I went on trial, along with my brothers for theft. I got 10 years in jail without probation. But the good thing was, I was able to secretly give my Mom that necklace. She loved it. But that’s all just a long ago memory. It’s been years since I’ve seen my mom. And I even wonder does she still think of me anymore? I sighed heavily as I continued to write a little song I'd wrote for my mom with the pencil and pad I had. It's called "Dear Mama".....

To Be Continued……

How’d you ladies like that?! :-D It’s just a little something, something I came up with. <3 I need just ONE main girl. So one of yall let me know what your character name is gonna be, age, celebrity, personality, and nationality because I just need one girl for the next chapter!


thanks for all the lovely comments! im gonna update some more today! :-D

that's messed up who you gonna do your sister like that smh
run it!!!!!!!

Too good. It's so sad how bishop died, he really cared for his brothers. I wonder what happened tithe others. Naomi is the definition of a b****, she wrong for what she did. I wonder how they are now, its gonna be a crazy family reunion.
Run it sis like today!!!

Chapter Two: A Great Prison Break

“Wake up! You have a visitor.” The guard said opening up my cell door. I sighed heavily as I got up and stood up straight.

“Hands up.” He said so he could check me.

<a href=" ">I</a> raised up my hands as he proceeded to start checking me for any weapons. I was a little uncomfortable because he was feeling all on my breasts and a**. The whole time he was smirking. I rolled my eyes.

“Are you done?” I questioned.

He stopped searching me and looking at me.

“Don’t you question me inmate.” He growled.

“Well I wouldn’t have to question you if you weren’t touching all on me like that.” I said with a feisty attitude.

“Hahaha you better watch it girl.” He said gripping my arm and shoving out the door.

I was about to say something to him but I didn’t. I followed behind Officer Benjamin as he led me to where the inmates can speak to their family and friends. I instantly smiled as I saw my boyfriend of three years <a href=" ">Harley</a> sitting there on the other side of the phone booth. I walked over towards him and sat down in the chair. Officer Benjamin unlocked my hands cuffs so I could grab the phone. I grabbed it and looked at Harley.

“Hey babe.” He said sweetly.

“Hey Lee.” I giggled.

“How you doing?” he asked putting his hand on the glass.

I sighed deeply.

“I’m okay. I would be even more okay if I were with you.” I said sadly putting my hand on the glass as well.

“I know and I miss you so much. I miss that accent of yours.” He said referring to my Jamaican accent.

I giggled and looked down blushing. Lee always knew how to make me smile.

“I especially miss that smile.” He sighed.

“I don’t like it here babe.” I said looking back up at his cocoa brown eyes.

“I don’t like you being here either. I can’t stand all the lonely nights. Not waking up to your face in the morning. It’s torture…..I still can’t believe what Naomi did.” He argued.

I nodded my head in agreement.

In case you don’t know, Naomi is my older sister. I’m in prison because of her stupid a** in the first place. I can remember what happened as if it were yesterday. I was eighteen years old….


We were sitting outside across the street from a bank in an all-black car.

“Alright ladies yall ready?” my big sister Naomi said putting on her ski mask.

“Hell yeah let’s do this!” I exclaimed thinking this was the best, most exciting thing I’d ever done in my life.

My sisters Nikkya, Natalie, Nigeria, Nanette, and Nani all put on their ski masks as well. We were planning to rob this bank for months now. And when we finally came up with the perfect plan we decided to take action. Why you might ask would we do such a thing? Well like me inform you, we’re from Kingston, Jamaica and we’ve always wanted to come to the Americas. It’s a hard life living in Jamaica. It’s a beautiful island country, but it’s very poor in some parts. Unfortunately, we grew up in the poorest village. We were homeschooled by our Mama. She taught us everyting we know today since she was a teacher at a tiny school. She would always have to grow little crops like pineapple and stinking toe, which are Jamaican fruits just to get some food on the table. We lived in a <a href=" ">torn up home</a> . It was a two bedroom. So my Mama had one room and I and my sisters shared one tiny room together. We didn’t have beds so we slept on the floor. And we didn’t have covers so we slept without them, just the clothes on our backs. Speaking of clothes we’d were the same traditional dresses all the time. It was very hard growing up.
Anyway, how we got to the Americas is a whole different story. We basically snuck onto a plane that was at the little airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We’d gotten there hitch hiking a ride there. That wasn’t easy either. Anyway, once we got to the Americas we had to steal for the rest of our lives. And now look at us, about to rob a national bank. I can’t believe it! Naomi started up the car engine as we got our guns ready. Naomi drove the car, which was stolen by the way, to the back of the bank. It was night time so the car couldn’t be seen from far away. She parked the car and we all got out looking around to make sure no one was looking. When we were sure the coast was clear we walking to the back entrance of the bank.

“Okay here’s what we’re going to do..” Natalie said pulling out a blueprint map.

“We’re going to come in through this door and look everywhere for that safe.” She said.

“Sh*t. This place is a damn maze. We’re gonna have to split up to find that safe.” Nani said putting her hands on her hips.

“I think so to. This place is way too big to just searched one place at a time.” Nikkya agreed.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll go this way. Nigeria you go that way. Nikkya you go this way. Etc…” Naomi said directing us.

When we all knew where to go, we got our walkie-talkies and held onto our backpacks that contained bombs and other high tech devices. When we broke through the door carefully and then split apart from there. It took almost 2 hours just to find that damn safe.

“Hey…Nico, where are you?” I heard Naomi on the walkie-talkie.

“I think I’m near the safe.” I smiled as my detector gadget started blinking green, signaling I was very close.

“Good, good. Stay where you are, we’re coming.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied and put the walkie-talkie back on my hip.

I looked around the big hallway I was on and looked at all the fancy paintings hanging on the wall. This one particular painting caught my eye. I walked over to it and observed it. It looked so delicate. It was a painting of a beautiful island. I smiled to myself and got so observed in it. I didn’t recognize Naomi creep up behind me.

“Boo!” she yelled poking my sides making me jump instantly. I was very ticklish.

“AHHH! OHH MY GOD! DON DO DAT!” I yelled holding my chest.

“Hahahaha my apologies sister. Hahahaha I just had to get you.” She chuckled as my other sisters joined in.

“Whateva Naomi. Can we go ahead and proceed with the mission.” I said pushing her aside and walking closer to our destination.
When I finally got to the door I put down my backpack and looked at the fingerprint identifier on the door. Damn this wasn’t going to be easy.

“How are we going to do this without the damn alarm going off?” Nani asked.

“I don know, but we have to figure it out fast. We don’t have enough time to chat.” Nanette said.

“Wait, how bout we use one of the bombs. It’ll be way easier.” I said.

“Are you crazy Nico? That will set the alarm off for sure!” Nigeria argued.

“So what?! We’re fast enough to run outta here before the cops get here.” I said as I searched my bag and found a grenade.

“F*ck! This is crazy mon!” Naomi said.

“Be quiet. We can do this gals.” I said as I set the grenade by the door and we ran for cover.

Next thing you know BOMB! The grenade blew up the entire door setting the alarm off quickly. We ran through the debris fallen cement and into the room full of money.

“Ahhh! This is incredible!” we all exclaimed as we started stuffing our bags with money and diamonds.

“Ah my God! I’m gonna make a necklace outta dees!” Nanette smirked holding up diamonds and pearls.

“Come on gals we have to hurry up. Those other bombs will go off in (looks at watch) 10 minutes!” Naomi yelled nervously.

We all started rushing to fill up our bags.

“5 minutes gals!” Naomi warned.

“Okay. I tink we have enough.” I said as we hurried out of the room and down the hall.

“Sh*t! We not going to make it!” Nanette screamed as we were running down the halls.

“Yes we are just run fastah!” I yelled.

“2 minutes!” Naomi informed us.

“F*ck!” I heard Nikkya behind me.

I could then hear police sirens blaring outside. I suddenly got nervous. Had we made a big mistake? As we were running closing to the hall leading to the back exit where our car was, Naomi slipped and fell, hurting her leg.

“Ahhhh!” she screamed in pain holding her leg.

We immediately stopped and ran towards her.

“Are you okay? Are you okay?” I questioned as she whined.

“No I tink I broke my leg.” She whimpered.

“Ah my God we have to go! The cops are here! The cops are here!” Nani said nervously.

“Hey, you gals go without me.” Naomi said throwing the keys to the car in Nani’s hands.

“What are you crazy?! No! No way!” I said I helped her up with all my strength.

“Nani get her bag. We have to keep going.” I urged as Naomi hopped on one leg.

“We can’t make it with her dragging along! We’re gonna get caught!” Nanette said.

“Just go without us! We’ll be there okay!” I demanded as they looked at me like I was crazy.

“Please.” Naomi said and they sighed and gave us both a hug and ran off with the bags.

“Come on we can make it.” I said to Naomi as we tried to hurry towards the exit.

“Wait! We can’t go that way. The cops will follow us. And if they follow us they will find our sisters. We have to let them go.” Naomi said looking over at me in pain.

I gulped knowing she was right. I couldn’t risk all of us getting caught.

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Turn left. There’s another exist there.” Naomi said.

By then cops were storming the building. Even the swat team was there to. I took out a small gun I had in my pocket as we approached an office door. I opened it and closed the door behind us, locking it. I sat Naomi down on a chair.

“F*ck! What are we gonna do?!” I said taking off my ski mask and pacing back and forth.

“We have to find a way out of here.” Naomi said.

I looked around the room hesitantly and saw an air vent in the wall. I smiled.

“Hey check it out. An air vent. I tink we can fit through it.” I said as I walked over to it and opened it up.

“We’ll have to go in there one by one.” I said as I quickly walked over to Naomi and helped her limp her way over to the vent.

“Only one of us can fit in there.” She said.

“What do you mean?” I frowned as I could hear cops just outside the door.

“We know you’re in there! Come out with your hands up high!” one of the cops yelled banging on the door, making me jump a little.

“Only one of us can fit in there. We both can fit in there. It’s too small.” She said.

“Wtf Naomi?!” I questioned but she smirked and punched me in the jaw, making me fall back.

“Sorry but, I can’t get caught.” She said as she quickly crawled into the vent and somehow locking it behind here.

“Naomi! Naomi! You b*tch!” I yelled at her as she disappeared into the vent.

I couldn’t believe this! My thoughts were cut off shortly when cops came busting through the room.

“Hands up! Hands up!” they screamed at me pointing their guns.

I quickly reached behind my back and pulled out two guns and started shooting and hitting some cops. But it wasn’t enough to stop them. I tried to run but they tackled me and the next thing you know I heard Click! Click! The handcuffs were on me and I was being read my rights. I couldn’t believe this sh*t. my own sister betrayed me. I was so hurt, angry, pissed, all at the same time.

*Flashback Ends*

“Baby? Baby? Nico?” I heard Harley say waving his hand in my face.

I came back to earth.

“I’m sorry? What?” I said confused.

“I said since your birthday is tomorrow I asked the judge could I spend just one day with you. Unfortunately, he said no. but he did say I could come visit you and at least give you a birthday cake.” Harley said .

I sighed almost forgetting my birthday was tomorrow. I didn’t care though. Who in their right mind would want to celebrate their 23rd birthday in prison? Not me.

“Yay. I get to celebrate in a f*cking jail cell. That sounds so exciting.” I said sarcastically.

“Chill babe. At least he’s letting me see you right?” he said trying to make me feel better.

“Yeah….I guess you’re right.” I smiled.

We talked some more and then finally my time was up and it was time for lunch. My handcuffs were placed back on me as I was led to the cafeteria.

“Ay Nico! What up girl?!” my friend <a href=" ">Onika</a> yelled as she sat at the table with my other friends. Onika was from Jamaica as well, so she had an accent to.

“Wats up?” I said sitting down next to Onika.

“Nothing girl but I heard a little rumor from the mens side of the facility that they were planning an escape.” She whispered.

‘What? An escape? How?” I questioned as I started playing with the food in my tray.

“I don’t know, but some guy named Juice planned it. So the men and women are supposed to be teaming up. I think this is actually gonna work.” My friend Mia said.

“Just think girl we’ll finally be free. I know I’m not the only ne tired of this nasty a** food and the way these guards treat us. It’s inhuman. I would love to see the world outside these bars man.” My friend Georgia said.

“And just think Nico, you’ll finally get to spend time with Harley again.” Onika smiled.

I giggled as the thought of escaping this place sounded amazing. I don’t know how, but I know this is defiantly going to be a great Prison Break.

To Be Continued.......

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