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I have been at a few crossroads.
Made a few wrong turns.
But something has got to give.

I have to start FRESH..

<em> Now it is the time for me to make my wrong right... If I have the strength.</em>

<a href="">I</a> shut my journal and placed it backup in my <a href="">closet</a>

"Here goes nothing..." I said to myself like I do every morning.


run it

Run it

I love Cam :) I still want to know more about everyone's back story

run it

Hours had past and she was more than half way done when her she heard the doorbell.

She ran down to get it to see Keke, her fiancee and another couple.

"Hey lady I bought one of Maxxie's friends and the only girl I can stand from the little bunch of heffa's" Keke spoke. Yvette stepped aside to let them in.

"I thought you didn't like any of them." Yvette stated.

"I did say that but I forgot about my little ming lee." Keke said.

"Okay well I need names." Yvette said waiting for a proper introduction.

"This is <a href="">Harvey</a> and <a href="">Cam.</a> You already know <a href="">Maxwell.</a>"

"Hey Yvette long time no see." Maxwell said holding his arms open for her to accept the hug. Yvette looked up at him with a mug before she dove into the hug.

"I guess this our truce for all the rude s*** back in the day." Yvette said with humor in her voice.

"Yeah basically." He said as they released the hug.

"You think she can hang with us Maxxie?" Yvette asked looking at Cam.

"She is tougher than you think. Don't let the size fool you." Maxwell responded. Keke giggled knowing exactly what she was about to do.

"Hmmm, So Harvey is it?" She asked stepping closer to him. He nodded as his eyes quickly shifted towards Cam. "Nice to meet you." She said going to place her hand on his shoulder and toss him a flirty glance.

She was stopped as she felt her arm being twist behind her back.

"I don't want to disrespect you in your own house but I advise you not to do that."

"Damn ma chill. It was a joke." Keke said laughing.

"Ohh I am soooooo sorry" Cam said innocently.

"It's cool. Don't go all innocent on me know. I respect that you don't take no s***." Yvette replied.

"Harvey you quiet over there man." Maxwell said.

"Because man I thought I was bout to put up bail again for lil miss set it off over here." Harvey said smirking.

Maxwell laughed. "Ohh yeah still mad you got us banned from that restaurant."

"Well the b**** thought she was slick trying to spit game at my dude and then be rude to me. She tried it but that just ain't going to get it with me."

"I see why you like this one." Yvette said and Keke nodded. "Okay gang let's get this done and I treat everyone to dinner."

"You cooking?" The guys asked in sync.

"Uhhh no! I was going to take y'all niggas to mcdonald!!"

"Damn that's f***ed up. Moving all yo s*** and we just get the dollar menu." Harvey shook his head. "Come on bae we going home." He grabbed her hand and headed for the door.

"Whoa! Don't go! I was joking." She said. They turned around laughing.

"Gotcha!!" Cam said laughing.

"Cute and they come with jokes too!! Really happy you bought these too."

They all snickered as Yvette led them upstairs. Once they reached her room they all were in all awe.

"Okay the boxes on the bed are ready to go I have like eight more to be packed. So Harv and Max can take those to my new place and by time y'all come we will be done here."

"Cool." Max shrugged.

"Key to the place." Harv asked. Yvette went in her back pocket and handed it to him. They grabbed a few boxes and began loading up.

"Okay girlies to my closet."

They dove in and finished in no time.

"Okay so because your new place is so small imma need like all of your heels." Cam joked.

"She joking but i'm dead ass and we the same size. Just hand them over."

"uhh maybe.... HELL f***IN NO!!" They all busted out laughing lounging on the couch in her bedroom.

"If you don't mind me asking where are you leaving such a beautiful place?" Cam said.

"It is a place I have outgrown."

"I can understand that. Before Harvey I was in a abusive household and just built up the strength to just leave. I took nothing and never looked back. I started over fresh no distractions." Cam said with a hint of sadness in here voice.

<em> So little but a big heart.</em>

run it

Run it

Once Yvette got home she had <a href="">tears on my pillow</a> on repeat. She walked into the closet she shared with her husband and thought back to their first year of marriage.

<em>They had been together for about six months and they were getting ready to attend their first business bouquet as a married couple.</em>

<em>Yvette was thrilled. She was sitting at her vanity placing rollers in her head.</em>

<em>"Baby I can't wait to show you off." Timothy said walking into the room wrapped in a towel.</em>

<em>Yvette giggled. " They have all seen me before."</em>

<em>"I know but not as my young hot wife." He said kissing her earlobe.</em>

<em>"Well I am pretty hot..." She said checking herself out in the mirror.</em>

<em>"Really woman ..." He said shaking his head at his silly wife.</em>

Although they had made this agreement to be together, they would have never thought love would actually grow in their hearts for one another.

<em>Yvette finished up rolling her hair and was about to start her make-up.</em>

<em>"Babe look at me.." Timothy asked sitting on the bed. Yvette twirled around to see him.</em>

<em>"Yes Hun!"</em>

<em>"I love you.." Yvette eyes almost rolled out her head.</em>

<em>"Excuse me."</em>

<em>"You heard me.."</em>

<em>Yvette looked at sincere Timothy and slowly smirked.</em>

<em>"Good I thought I was the only one." She said as she made her way to him.</em>

<em>"Well let's really stay true to our vows and each other. Let's get to known one another."</em>

<em>"Soo you married me so we can date." Yvette asked.</em>

<em>Timothy thought for a second as he pulled her into his lap "Sounds weird ... But yeah it works for us."</em>

<em>Yvette leaned in and kissed him ever so passionately.</em>

Yvette snapped out of her thoughts realizing her face was wet from tears.

After that things were great for a year until like all relationship they hit there first bump in the road and they have yet to bounce back.

She took a deep breath and wipes her faces and started taking things off the hangers, folding them and placing them in a box.

all caught up!!

she needs to keep it moving

run it


Run it

Nooo she needs to keep moving foward and leave timothy where he's at...he doesnt deserve it!!!!!

run it!

I hope she doesn't go back to him because he is not good for her. She has come so far and is pushing forward that she doesn't need to look in the past.

Run it!

Saturday Morning Yvette woke up with a slight headache as the sunlight started peeking through her curtains.

She got u slowly making her way to the bathroom and did her quick morning routine. She walked back to her bedroom in her robe to check her phone. She had a text from Keke saying she had a great time and can't wait to hang again.

She also has a text from Timothy saying he missed her but she ignored that and went downstairs to make some breakfast.

When she got down to the kitchen she saw a note with her new house key on top along with a smaller piece of paper.

<em> Tye :) 244-655-1324</em>

Yvette smirked. She read the bigger piece of paper.

<em> There is your key and a potential man toy. I mean you are looking to be legally separated, right? Have fun with your new freedom!!</em>

Yvette chuckled and went on to make a Belgian waffle, eggs and some sliced fruits. She clicked on her new favorite talk show 'The Real'.

She texted Keke back asking her to come help her back and bring help.

They agreed on meeting up around 4. Yvette didn't want to take more than her clothing and other knick knacks. She was going to buy all new furniture.

She finished up and throw on some sweats, half shirt, and new balance. After finishing her breakfast she went to buy some moving boxes and tape. As she was leaving the storage place her husband called.

"Yes Timothy!" She answered pulling out of the parking lot and heading home.

"Hi Baby!!" He said cheerfully.

"How may I help you this fine afternoon?" She asked.

"Missing my baby. On my lunch break and decided to call my beautiful lady." He replied as Rebecca bought him his lunch. She rolled her eyes at him and he mugged her. She sat back reluctantly wanting to ruin his little moment.

"Ha, oh really now."

"Yeah I can't wait to get home. Are you going to pick me up from the airport on friday?" He asked. Yvette rolled her eyes and thought of a quick lie.

"I thought I told you I had a surprise for you when you got home.. I want you to drive yourself."

"Ohh yeah! Well I can't wait. I hope it is you in something sexy.

"It will blow your mind trust and believe."

"Okay baby, my lunch is almost over. I will try to call you later tonight. I need to eat."

"Okay, later."

"Love you Beautiful."

"Yup..." She said and hung up as she pulled up to a stop sign. She sat there for way longer than she was supposed to. Yvette felt some kind of way hearing Timothy say he loved her. She knew not to feed into it but hearing that almost made her want to rethink everything she was getting ready to do.

Run it!!

I like this story

Thanks!! :)

Run it

They started walking the park as the smoked their second blunt.

"I am sorry for ditching you with all that bulls*** but I had to get out." Yvette finally spoke up.

"We were in some deep business and you saw your way out before me. We got back together in the end and that's how it was suppose to go."

"We really shouldn't have stepped into the escort/stripper life to begin with." Keke continued.

"We were young and looking for fast money man." Yvette said.

"Yeah. Man we had to be the skinniest strippers in Stadium." Keke said blowing O's. They chuckled. "but between that and bar tending we made the most money in that dump."

"Hell yeah. But I lived behind the bar. That was the place to be." Yvette took a long drag on the jay. "I couldn't get you off the pole." Keke laughed and started twerking.

"b**** you know I was always about that twerk life. Join me my fellow twerkster." Keke said shaking her ass on Yvette.

She giggled and joined her. Keke started singing.

"Don't drop that thun thun,Ayee!! Don't drop that thun thun!"

<a href="">Tye</a> was running around the path but came to a quick stop when he saw two girls under the light dancing and singing. He looked closer and recognize Yvette.

"Well what do we have here Ms. Yvette?" Tye asked as she straightened up her stance and tried to hide her jay.

"I already seen it." He said. Keke looked lost between the two so she spoke up.

"Umm. excuse me but do we know you?" Keke asked with a bit of attitude feeling the effects of the weed.

"We do Ke. Chill. He cuts my meat." Yvette said softly avoiding eye contact with Tye.

"He cut yo meat?? what the hell??" She said thinking something wrong.

"Naw not like that ma. I am a butcher." He said chuckling. Keke made the O face. "So you just not going to look at me?" He asked taking the jay from Yvette. She looked up with red eyes.

"Damn girl!! I never knew you had fun like this." He said earning a smirk from her as he inhaled.

"Only with friends." She replied.

"I will be that soon enough." He inhaled again and exhaled the smoke in her face and passed the jay to Keke.

"Nice meeting you.." She nodded to agree. "Call me." He spoke to Yvette. He jogged off into the dark.

"Uhh.. Who is Mr. Tall, Dark, and Chocolate??" Keke asked.
Yvette watched him run off biting her bottom lip.

"My new best friend.." She said with a look full of lust.

"Uhoh I know that look." Keke said.

"Things may be getting a little interesting around here."

"Let me get yo ass home."

"No. I wanna see Martin." Yvette said.

"We have many more days for that." She said laughing at her friend. They walked to Keke car and saw Tye getting into his. He winked at Yvette once he got in and drove off.

"Now I see how my husband cheated. Fighting the temptation is hard as hell." She said and they laughed both getting in the car and driving off.

Just as Yvette finished up on the grill her doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" She yelled out walking down the hall towards the door.

"b**** you know who it is!!" Keke said laughing. Yvette giggled.

"I'm sorry but b**** does not reside here. You may have the wrong house." She said and looked out her peephole to see her friends reaction.

"Ohh s***!" Keke said looking embarrassed, took a step back and went through her phone. Yvette was holding her laugh in until her cell phone started ringing and Keke heard it through the door.

"Heffa let me in!!! You always on games!!" Keke yelled. Yvette opened the door cracking up.

"Hahahaha .... NO!" Keke said giving her the face. Yvette tried to stop laughing.

"You have to admit that was a little funny!" She looked at her friend waiting for her to break. Keke smirked.

"Okay maybe a little but whatever! Where the food at?"

"Out by the pool. Follow." Vette said.

"Your house is beautiful! Why are you leaving again??" Keke said walking behind her through the patio doors.

"Love doesn't live here..." She replied in a flat tone.

Keke sat on a lawn chair grabbing a strawberry.

"Okay talk to me girl. What is going on?" Vette sat down and took a deep breath.

"Well you know after everything with Maxwell I vowed to never love with my heart again."

"Yeah you had this whole golddigger thing going on." Keke filled in the rest of her friends statement.

"And we picked up that job at the club, worked a few hustles but that gold-digger mentality got me this house and this marriage full of lies with no friends to confide in."

Keke was listening closely waiting for the rest of the story.

"So basically I married for the money .... But now that guilt is eating me alive. Along with the fact that at some point I did indeed love my husband a little but I didn't realize it until another woman came into the picture."

"Wow ... If you love him why leave?"

"We don't have anything to keep us together honestly. Clearly our "love" isn't strong."

"I see what you are saying but why not try to work it out talk about. Just because a marriage didn't start the right way doesn't mean it can't be fixed." Keke said. Yvette nodded taking in what she said.

"Maybe ... But I still can't stay in the same house with him. We just may have to start all over." Keke smiled at her friend and patted her shoulder.

"Is that an engagement ring I see?" Yvette asked. Keke laughed.

"Yup and you wouldn't believe to who!!"

"Who b****!?!" Yvette begged as she poured more wine.


"Girl I don't know.. Lil wayne"

"No dummie!! the one and only Martin" Keke said grinning.

"Martin who? Not Martin Brooks!!!"

"Yup Martin Brooks! We were dating for about a year and some. He asked for my hand last night."

"Noo!!! You are lying to me!!!" Yvette yelled. Keke shook her head. "All that s*** he put you through in high school!! I would not have guessed it."

"Me and you both! When he approached me after one of my classes it was different."

"Do tell catch me up!!" Yvette begged hanging on to her every word.

"He was just different Vette! Everything about him had become more appealing. I can't put it into words, you have to meet him." She said picking a piece of steak off her stick.

"Awww!! I am so happy for you!! Can I still be the maid of honor?"

"Girl yes because the b****es Martin friends hang with aren't bout s***. I haven't found a friend worth more than a lunch date and shopping once a week." Keke said sending Yvette in a laughing fit.

"They can't be that bad!"

"Don't get me started.. And this one chick ..... Ohhhh she make me sick!"

"What makes her so horrible?"

"Her legs don't know what closed means? I even caught her pushing up on Martin and the heffa got a man."

Yvette made a twisted face. " Oh she has got to go!!"

Before they realized it the Sun was setting and they started taking the food they hadn't eaten and empty wine bottles inside. They fell onto the couch starting to feel the effects.

"Aye Vette!" Keke said slowly.

"Aye Kee!" Yvette replied in the same tone.

"You still smoke?"

"Ha last time I smoked was the night I met Timothy."

"Well let's restart your bad habit."

Yvette shrugged. "s*** i'm with it."

Cast List:

<a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Yvette</a>
<a href="">Timothy</a> Yvette's Husband
<a href="">Rebecca</a> Side Piece and Co-worker.

<a href="">Keke</a> Yvette's Best Friend.
<a href="">Martin</a> Keke's Boyfriend.

<a href="">Tye</a> The Meat Man

More will be added as the story continues.

run it!!!

who is timothy the link isn't working

run it!!

run it

Run it

run it!!

Yvette deserves some one better

Later that day Yvette woke up and continued to pack the last of her things.

She got a text from Keke asking where she wanted to meet for lunch. Yvette gave her the address to timothy house and what time to come over. They decided to just hang out for the rest of the day.

She ran to the grocery store. She planned to make kabob's for lunch and chicken breast, stuffing, greens and, mac-n-cheese.

She hurried over to the butcher.

"Long time no see ma'am." Tye said to her. She chuckled pulling out her phone.

"Hey stranger!" She said. "I need some beef tips. Oh and can you put some of that special Tye seasoning."

He looked at with a bit of confusion but more desire for her.

"Well what is the special occasion?" He asked cleaning off his knife and cutting station again.

"Bonding with a friend." She said as he walked away to grab a slab of beef.

Her phone rang and it was Timothy. She ignored it.

"So how long do we have to be friends before I can get an invite to hang with you and your husband?"

"My husband is out of town. It is a friend from my younger days."

"Ohhh! That is why you are so kind now. Husband is away and the wife will play." He said. That statement pissed Yvette off.

"Just give me my meat please!" She said full of attitude.

"Whoa! Why the mood change? It was all jokes."

"Who said that was funny?" She passed him her credit card.

"Why did that upset you?" He asked writing something on the back of her receipt again. She rolled her eyes in response to his question making her think about her unfaithful ass spouse.

"No reason.." He handed her everything and went on her way sending out a quick thanks.

Yvette got in her car and started to put her card in her purse until she saw writing on the back of the receipt.

She smirked reading it and looked back in the building to see him watching her read it. He smiled and waved goodbye as she waved back.

Tye had watched her come in and out of his workplace for a long time but never with her husband. He always wondered how a man can have a beautiful wife inside and out but never be seen with her. Tye figured much love didn't live in his heart for her but love grew day by day in his.

In LA...

Timothy laid in his hotel room with his mistress.

She was asleep so he decided to finally give his wife a call. He was beginning to miss her. The last time they talked is when he told her he wasn't coming home and that isn't like her.

It rang five times then went to voicemail. He tried back and she picked up on the third ring.

"What the f***? Who is this?" Yvette said.

"Uhh your husband..." Tim said chuckling at how much she hated being bothered in her sleep.

"Ohh hi sweetie.." She said rolling her eyes.

"Hi baby. I miss you! What you been up to?"

"Nothing much, making a few changes around the house."

"Ohh, like what?" He asked.

"You will have to wait and find out." She said in teasing tone. Timothy smirked thinking about how much he actually grew to care for Yvette over the past two years.

He had been cheating for one of those years with another lawyer at his firm. Timothy was slowing growing tired of it and wasn't sure why he started this affair in the first place.

"Well how is this case coming?" Vette asked.

"It is going nowhere. Some big company involved with fraud. So it is a great mess." He said.

"Well baby I let the maid have the time off while you are gone since it is just me. I am still paying her though."

Timothy huffed. "Pay her for what if she isn't working!"

"Timmy do not start! She works hard any other time. She can have a paid vacation."

"I have to go and get some rest baby. Just wanted to hear your voice." He said as he saw the bathroom light come on.

"That's fi.." Was all Yvette got out before he hung up on her.

"Selfish f***ing prick!" She screamed.

Timothy threw his head back running his hand down his face. He had to get his life back on track before he lost it all. He watched his co-worker come out the bathroom and shook his head.

"So when are you leaving her again?" <a href="">She</a> asked.

"It will happen in due time Rebecca."
He said kissing her neck wanting Yvette in her place.

run it

The Club??? Was she a stripper ???
and omg dude from the game
is sooo f*cking sexxyy!! Woo! *fans Self*
Runn itt!!