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Tales of a Black Diamond

Kayla's Pov
I sighed as I went into work, I was a bartender at nights at a popular nightclub. I hated working here but it paid my bill and tuition; I was an upcoming senior majoring in communications and graphic design. I was proud to say that I am a young educated female with a force to be reckoned with but working here I had to become this bimbo interested in drunken males' conversations.

"Hey sugar tits..can you give me some time?" This college student told me. I rolled my eyes as I ignored his calls. "YO! CAN I GET A f***ING DRINK!" he yelled. I turned around to see this drunken college student..."Hey angel face can I get a drink?" he asked.

"Can I see your id?" I asked. The guy sighed and pulled his id out; his birthday was today so I had to give him a drink on the house; it was policy rules..."Well happy birthday, here's your drink its on the house" I said. I rolled my eyes as the male left the counter to go off to his friends. I hated this f***ing job so much it the money was excellent.

"You okay" my friend Lana asked. I shook my head and continued restocking the bar waiting for another customer come up. "What time you get off?" she asked. I looked at the clock which read 2:45 am.

"In about fifteen minutes" I said. The bar didn't closed until 6 am but majority of the crowd left around 4:30; Lana's duty was mainly calling taxi's for the drunken folks. Fifteen minutes later I grabbed my keys and jacket and rushed out the building but I felt a pair of hands grabbed my elbow. I turned around to see he college student from earlier..."You look familiar" he said. I tried snatching my arm way from him but he grabbed me tighter. "Tell me where I know you from" the male demanded. I saw his college tags on his car as he pressed me up against it. "You go to my school" he said. I shook my head and the guy came closer but he was thrown off of me.

"Leave her alone" <a href="">he</a> said.

"Who are you.....I'm sorry" the student said. The male who saved me turned around to me asking numerous questions. "Where's your car" he asked. I pointed him towards my piece of s*** and I unlocked the door as he waited for me to start my car up. By the grace of god my car wouldn't start; "You got to be f***ing kidding me?" I asked myself.

"I can take you home" he said.

"No I can go back inside and wait for my friend to get off" I said.

"Please I insist...just let me take you home" he said.

"Sir I don't even know who you might be a murderer for all I know" I said to him while folding my arms. He male laughed and pulled out his id..."Okay well my name is Richard but you can call me Rick for short..." he said. I questioned his name until he pulled out his id and showed me; "See I'm not no crazy guy just a good samaritan" he said.

"Okay but just because I'm tired" I said. He laughed and we went inside his car; "What's your name?" he asked. I replied by telling him my name; the drive was pretty long as I lived near campus but my campus was in the hood.

"Are you a student at Northern?" he asked.

"Yeah..upcoming senior" I said. "Just bartend to pay bills and survive" I said.

"Do you like it?" Rick asked.

"I mean at first it was fun but I got tired of being harassed by drunken fools.....the money is really great" I said.

"I completely understand....I almost became a male stripper but decided to work at UPS" he said. "How old are you?" he questioned.

"21 going on 22 in March" I said. "What about you?" I replied.

"Haha...I'm 35" he said. Richard look down and smiled...I thought he was in his late twenties but I guess wrong..."I own a few buildings around town" he continued.

"Oh okay...well thanks for the ride" I said.

" don't mind if I ask for your number? I mean you're a cute girl and I'm interested in getting to know you better" he said. I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and handed to him...there I went up to my apartment to see another party going on.

"You got to be kidding me" I said to myself. I had to pushed numerous people out of my way because I was extremely tired from work. SUddenly I felt another pair of hands around my waist; I turned around to see <a href="!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/alg-chris-brown-bow-wow-jpg.jpg">Chris and Shad</a> behind me.

"Look I can explain" Chris said..."Ashley and Shad were having a kickback then I wasn't listening properly and thought it's a party but at least its popping" he said.

"Chris...I just left work and I have to get my car tomorrow" I said. Chris tried saying something else but I brushed him off in order to reach my room. I locked the door and placed a chair against it as I placed my headphones on and ignored the rachetness going on outside.


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Kayla's Pov contd.
I rushed home to tell Lana and Ashley what happen; I couldn't believe this man wanted me to be his sugar baby. I slammed the door shut as everyone turned around to see me mad; however <a href="">Ty and Kyi were there as he was visiting everyone.

"Damn you nearly scared my child" Ty said. Kyi started pouting as the door slammed; I came up to him to console him.

"I'm sorry baby" I said to Kyi. He started smiling as I was holding him; Ty handed me the bottle in order to feed him.

"What is grinding your gears?" Chris asked.

"Ugh...I just had lunch with this older guy and he's really attractive and all but he wants me to be his girlfriend" I said. Lana was confused at the scene I caused earlier; "So you nearly scared my child because a man wants you as his girlfriend?" she asked.

"No there's more...he basically said he'll pay for anything I want if I become his girlfriend" I said. "Like a sugar daddy?" Ashley asked. "Yeah what should I do?" I asked.

"I mean if I was you...I would just do it" Chris said. "I mean its really not a big deal but just play along with it...he could pay for your education, rent, car payments, phone and everything.

"I might as well move in with I'm".."I don't see anything wrong with it...just considered it Chris is right" she said. Ashley could tell something was wrong with me; she saw me staring at Chris with hurt and regret..."Can we speak in private?" Ashley asked.

"Sure" I sighed; We went into my room as I placed Kyi in Lana's hands. "I can't stand him...How could you cuddle with me one minute but show no emotions as another man wants me" I said.

"Kayla he's just a man...he doesn't know how you truly feel; look just listen to everyone and give the other guy a might like the guy" she said.

Kayla's Pov
I was getting ready for our weekly Sunday dinner as everyone was going to meet Richard for the very first time. I prepare the lasagna and salad before Richard and everyone came over; I heard someone knocking on the door, only to see Ty, Lana and Kyi. Kyi held his hands at me so I started to hold him. "You want to help aunty Kayla cook?" I asked; Kyi was reaching for the food as I continued cooking as Chris and everyone came in to get their plates ready.

"Is your man coming?" Ashley asked.

"He said he's on the way" I replied. Then another knock on the door was heard, I heard my heart beat as I open the door to see Richard. "Hey...everyone this is Richard" I said; Kyi was frighten by the sudden loud noise.

"Aww little man has some competition" Ty said. "I'm Ty that's my son Kyi and my fiancé Lana" he said. Everyone introduced themselves to Richard and we all sat down; I tried placing Kyi in his high chair but he didn't want me to let go..."See my child has a crush on Kayla" he said. Everyone laughed and awed at Kyi, I decided to place him in the high chair near me and his parents; he was happy as he had me on one side and his parents on the other. "How old is he?" RIchard asked.

"He's 4 months" Lana said..."How did you guys meet?" Chris asked. RIchard told him the story and Chris rolled his eyes; I could tell he became a little jealous but I could really cared less. I took a sip from my wine and held onto Richard's hand. "How old are you?" Chris continued to asked.

"I'm 35" he said.

"You're a little old for Kayla aren't you?" Chris asked.

"No he's not.." Ty said. After Chris little outburst, everything became a little uncomfortable and I continued looking at Richard making sure he was good but after that I became a little tired; I asked Richard if he wanted to head towards my room and he agreed.

Richard's Pov
I wanted to smack that guy who was near Ty. He was probably jealous that I was in a relationship with Kayla so he couldn't handle it. I got up and followed Kayla into her <a href="">bedroom</a>. It was nice but pretty small compared to mines; but the view was nice her college was in the background so everything was nice. She wrapped her arms around me and continued kissing my neck.

"Don't get me started" he said. Kayla started biting her lip and got up to lock the door; she pushed me down and started bouncing on my d***. I felt my manhood rising between her legs but I didn't feel like having sex with her friends in the place

Chris' Pov
It was almost 5 when I felt my body getting tired, I didn't want to go drive home drunk so I decided to sleep in Kayla's bed. I knocked on the door but no one answered, so I decided to unlock her door by using a credit card; finally the door was open after moments of struggling, I saw the chair against it and removed it by placing my arm through.

"Move over" I said. Kayla was moving around and look up at me as I stared at her. She sucked her teeth and moved over as I removed my jeans and shirt and got into her bed. I turned to the other side so she wouldn't be uncomfortable and passed out asleep. Later that morning I woke up with my arms wrapped around her as she laid there sleep. I laid back down as the clock read 7 am; I sighed and went back to sleep only to hold her tighter. I was later woken up by Kayla's phone ringing; she got up only to receive a text message.

"Chris" she said. I open my eyes and she turned around to talk to me. "I have to get my car now so you don't mind helping me start it up?" she asked. I pulled the covers over my head and grunted loudly.

"Fine" I said. I got up and grabbed my jacket as Kayla grabbed her also; we went to her work-spot and I checked on her car; "There's nothing wrong with's starts up fine" he said. She rolled her eyes and got into her car; "I'm going to sleep..I'll text you when I wake up" I said to her.

Kayla's Pov
I checked my phone as I got home to see a message from Richard. He was making sure I had a good sleep and if everything is okay.

"Yeah I just got my car so everything is good" I text.

"That's don't mind if I take you out to breakfast...brunch or lunch its my treat" he said. "You don't need to dress up; I know a nice spot near my neighborhood and I would love for you to join my in it" he said. After a few minutes of decided..I took him up on his offer; "Just send me the address and I'll meet you at 2" I said. The clock read 8:15 so I had enough time to catch up on my sleep before meeting Richard.

Richard's Pov
I went downstairs to my <a href="">living room</a> to start my morning ahead of me. I grabbed a piece of fruit and the news paper as I sat down on the couch watching tv and reading the paper. I was single and I became tired of it so I decided to give the whole dating scene a chance and that's when I met Kayla. She seem real and didn't care about the money I had. I was one of the richest guys in this town and every girl I met was usually either a gold digger or tried becoming one; but this girl's vibe was different. I look down to see it was almost 1 so I decided to go ahead and get dressed.

Kayla's Pov
I woke up rushing to get dressed before meeting Rick. I knew this was going to happen but I forgot to set an alarm; I ran into the shower to at least calm my hormones because that man was fine as hell. I lotion up and changed into this <a href="">outfit</a>. I rushed over to the restaurant only to be there fifteen minutes early so I decided to go ahead and get a table outside. As I removed my jacket, I was stopped by Rick who came to the table also.

"I see you're a little early" he said.

"Yeah I basically rushed to get over here...I only applied eyeliner and mascara" I said. Rick held onto my hand; "Well you look beautiful" he said. I thanked him and enjoyed my lunch. Suddenly the waiter came with the check; "Oh I forgot to tell him to spilt it" I said.

"No let me pay for it" he said. I let Rick pay for the lunch and I truly didn't feel like going back home; "well I guess I see you later" I said.

"I mean we can chill at this park or see a movie it's up to you" he said. I told him I would rather go to the park; "Well me put my jacket in the car" I said. I went towards my car to place my jacket inside only to see Rick behind me; "Oh you scared me" I said.

"You're too beautiful to work" Rick said. "I have a proposition"; I became a little uncomfortable and confused..."I'll pay for all of your bills on one become my girlfriend" he said. I started choking on my spit as I heard his exact words. I got into my car because I just met the guy...."I'll let you consider it but trust me you won't regret it" he said.