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The Fame and Life

All <a href="">he</a> wanted was to have his dreams come true but all dreams come with a price.

In the end someone always ends up hurt......


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Awww s*** so jason stil cheatn n this b**** riri tryn to start sum s*** givn stank faces that hoe betta gt rite

Chapter 9:Party and Bulls***

Jason and Justice decided to go out and party with their friends at the club LUX tonight so they were getting ready. All their friends were downstairs waiting.

"Aye Yo Jason hurry up man"<a href="">Shad</a> said

"Yeah what the hell is taking ya'll so long"<a href="">Trey</a> added

"It takes time for a woman to be looking right "<a href="">Kelly</a> stated

"So what's Jason excuse" Shad asked looking at her

"Don't know" Kelly said as she shrugged

Just then <a href="">Jason</a> walked down the stairs with <a href="">Justice</a> not to far behind him.

"What the hell was you two b****es complaining about"

"You taking as long as a girl to get ready" Shad said

Trey, Justice and Kelly laughed

"Man whatever ya'll ready"

"Yeah" Everyone said

Everyone got into the truck as Jason sat in the front as the driver drove off to the club. They arrived at the club and paparazzi was everywhere. they all entered the club ignoring the paparazzi as they headed to V.I.P.

Justice was the last one to enter behind Jason and saw that someone else was also in V.I.P. with them. Trey and Kelly gave each other a look fearing what was going to happen next. Justice had not seen the persons face yet and was not paying attention to who it was in V.I.P. because she was ready to party.

"Aye let's turn up ya'll" Shad said holding to bottles in his hand

"Turn up" Jason said laughing but it soon faded when he saw who else was in V.I.P with them.

"You alright man" Shad said eyeing him suspiciously

"Yeah...Yeah I'm good let's party" Jason said ignoring the person that was staring at him

Justice was standing by the balcony enjoying her drink and swaying her hips to the music. Jason came behind her and was swaying back with her. She felt that someone was staring at her so she turned around and saw none other than Rihanna looking over at her giving her a stank look. Justice ignored her and continued to enjoy her self.

Trey, Kelly and Shad were partying and having a good time but still aware of the tension in the V.I.P. area. Trey walked over towards Justice as Jason walked back over towards where Shad and Kelly were.

Trey glanced at Justice knowing instantly that something was bothering her and he knew what it was.

"Don't let her get to you" Trey said into her ear over the loud music

"I'm not but the b**** keep looking over here at me with that stank face of hers like she smelled a got damn onion or something"
Justice said as she sipped her drink

Justice was faded and Trey knew at this point s*** could pop off once Justice gets enough drinks into her system. When she drinks she turns into a person that does not give a f*** at all and is more brutally honest while she is drank than sober.

"You sure I dont want to have to bail you out of jail like the last time before" Trey advised her

"I know I will behave Trey don't worry but if she starts some s*** tonight I'm going to finish it" Justice said back

"Just don't stoop to her level Ju"

"You mean the side chick level, don't worry I will never get on that level of hers." Justice said as she laughed finishing her drink

"Okay Ju but I'm warning you no fighting" Trey said eyeing her

"Scouts honor" she replied "Tell Jason I'm going to the ladies room and I'll be back" Justice told Trey

"Wait have Kelly go with you" Trey said as he waved over to get Kelly's attention as she walked towards them.

"What's up" Kelly said into Trey's ear

"Go to the restroom with her" He replied

"Okay" Kelly replied making her way to the ladies room with security

Once they reached the ladies room and did their business they walked out the stalls and washed their hands. When suddenly another bath stall opening relieving none other than <a href="">RihannaandMelissa</a>

Chapter 8:Too Good To Be True

Justice had returned back from her trip overseas of promoting her new album a week early so she decided to surprise Jason with her return.

<a href="">She</a> reached their house and exited the back seat of her maybach as the driver unloaded her bags. Justice went to open the door and the driver brought them in for her. She thanked him then closed the door. Walking up the stairs and entering their room she saw that <a href="">he</a> was sleeping.

Justice walked over climbing on top of him giving him a kiss on the lips and then leans down towards his ear saying "Hey love" seductively as his eyes opened suddenly

"Hey baby" Jason said sleepily

"Miss me" She said still sitting on him

"Of course I did" he said rubbing his eyes and smiling at her

"I finished early so I decided to come home. I missed you so much" she said as she smiled

Jason looked up at her memorized by her smile like the first time they met his breathe was taking away. He knew that he was dumb to almost lose her and he wouldn't let that happen again no matter what their love was more important than the fame and fortune.

"What are you looking at is their something on my face "Justice said scrunching her nose

"Yeah, your beauty" he replied as he flipped over and now was on top

"I love you Justice Nina Love" he said looking into her eyes

"I love you too" she said leaning in to kiss him

Right then and there they made love like it was the first time again cherishing every moment like it was the last time.

(3:00 Am)

Justice was sleeping while Jason went downstairs out by the pool to talk on the phone with someone.

"No I can't come see you now...Maybe later alright...Love you too" he said before hanging up and walking back in the house.

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in chapter 6 I used chris instead of the characters name Jason by mistake but I hope you enjoy the new adds

Chapter 7:Who Are You

Over the next year Justice and Jason worked out their issues and were back to being happy with one another. Justice album was due out soon so she was away prompting for it overseas while Jason was back home working in the studio on more music. Justice had returned to her hotel changed her clothes and soon collapsed on the bed falling asleep. Later on she woke up around 6 to see she had two phone calls missed from Jason.

Justice grabbed her phone off the night stand and called Jason on face time which he answered.

"Hey beautiful" Jason said smiling at the sight of her

"Hey handsome" Justice replied smiling while sitting up against her headboard

"I love how you look when you wake up

"You always say that"

"Cause it's true and I want to remind you of that every chance you get"

"Don't you always"

"So how was your day"

"Just promo and interviews you know. How is the new music coming along"

"I'm just playing around a bit trying to find my sound for the next album babe nothing serious though my real inspiration is away." Jason said eyeing her seductively

"Don't worry I'll be home soon to help with that" Justice replied

"Hurry up I miss you and not just that but waking up beside you"

"I know I do too"

"I love you" Jason said

"I love you too" Justice said blowing him a kiss before exiting out

She layed down in her bed falling asleep thinking about Jason as he did the same.

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Chapter 6:Right And Wrong

Justice was in the studio laying down some tracks for her next album that was due out next year. Just as she was in the middle of writing in walked Chris and telling from his facial expression he was not happy at all.

"What's wrong now" Justice said as she looked up from her seat

"Is there something you want to tell me" Chris said


"Then what is this "Chris said handing the magazine to her

On the front cover was her and Trey as he kissed her on the cheek while hugging her. Inside the magazine showed them having lunch laughing and them holding hands while walking from the paparazzi.

"Okay and" Justice said sliding the magazine back to him and continue writing

"Okay is that the only thing you can say Jusitce!"

"Don't raise your voice" Justice said looking up at him

"Well then explain this s*** cause you was on my case about Rihanna and me last week but when it come to you, you just brush it off"

"Excatly because me and Trey are actually friends unlike you and her ass"

"So you saying I'm messing around with her"

"I aint say it you did and for your information I went over to Trey's house last week to talk about your ass. He was the one that saw both sides of the situation which allowed me to forgive you for that s*** you pulled in Paris."

Chris couldn't say anything because he knew she was right and he knew that Trey would never disrespect their relationship at all.

"Look I'm sorry but this was all over the gossip sites and my family and friends were calling me asking was everything okay with us. I just paniced and I thought you were-"

"I was what cheating on you. Why would I cheat if I could just break up and I wouldn't break up with you because I love you too much to just throw away our relationship like it was nothing."

"I'm sorry Ju" Chris said grabbing her hand

"Chris you need to stop worrying about small things okay and you know of all people I would never cheat on you with someone who is both our friend okay. Trust baby you gotta trust me"

"I know and I do I just got a ahead of myself that's all" He said kissing her

"You're forgiving okay" Justice said smiling at him


"Now get out of here you're messing with my flow you know I need to write in silence and you being here will distract me"

"Fine see you later at home love you" he said as he left the studio

"Love you too" Justice said as she continued to write

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Chapter 5: The Truth and Nothing But It

Justice still had not heard from Jason and he would be coming home today. She knew that she had to handle this situation because he was trying to avoid it seems. More pictures of the two of them while he was in Paris were on the web and the gossip started to happen even more.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed in their bedroom waiting patiently as she heard the front door open and close. Knowing instantly that it was <a href="">Jason</a> as he made his way upstairs into their bed room sitting his suit case and bag on the bed. When he saw Justice he was a bit taken back.

"Hey baby" Jason said walking over to Justice trying to kiss her but she moved

"Explain" Justice said looking directly at him

"Nothing happened baby we just friends that's all"

"So you hug up on all your friends like that right"

"Yes I mean no"

"Then what is it Jason"

"No baby of course not I love you"

"You got a funny way of showing it. Don't try and make an excuse by saying you just friends with her ass. If you don't want to be with me then say so but don't have me going around looking like a fool because I will leave your ass in a minute"

"So you saying you would break up with me over some bulls*** ass picture the media got of us"

"Aint s*** bulls*** about it the picture speak for itself no f***ing caption needed Jay!" Justice yelled at him now standing up

"Their lies cant you see that!"

"Lies my eyes if I catch you in any sort of way messing of flirting with her ass it's gonna be me and you!" Justice said giving him the look

Jason knew s*** was serious now because he has seen Justice fight once and she knocked the girl right into the coma just by disrespecting her. But he still felt like he did nothing wrong and they were just chilling.

"Justice it aint even that serious we just friends"

"Friends my ass motherf***er next time I see you hugged up with a b**** Ima f*** you up on sight don't let this fame and money fool you I will f*** you andher ass up and then take my ass to the studio and knock out a whole f***ing album in that day. Only thing changed about me is my address understand" Justice said calmly looking him dead in his eye

"I understand you just need to calm down Ju" Jason said

"Whatever" Justice said grabbing her purse and walking out

"Where you going" Jason yelled after her

"Out I'll be back when I get back" Justice said slamming the door on her way out "Motherf***er got my blood pressure up and s***" she said walking to her car

Jason stood in the middle of the room and begin to sit down as he exhaled a breath that he felt like he was holding forever

"Damn" Jason said feeling the pressure was off him

<a href="">Justice</a> drove to one person she could call on anytime she needed them besides Kelly that would not judge her and see both sides. She made her way up to the front door and knocked on it waiting. Until finally <a href="">he</a> opened the door smiling at her.

"Wassup Ju looking beautiful as always" He said smiling even more at her

"Hey Trey can I come in I need to talk to you" Justice said

Trey hugged and kissed her on the cheek and stepped aside allowing her in as he closed the door. As the two unknowingly have no clue that a flash just went off catching them both.

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Chapter 4: Who Is She To You

Jason and Justice reached the studio and got out as the papprazzi started questioning them as they snapped pictures of the two.

"Hey Justice will you and Jason get married soon?"

"Jason is Rihanna your "best friend" or lover?

"Justice do you trust Jason"

Jason and Justice continued walking ignoring them as they made there way inside with security. They reached the studio and saw <a href="">Kevin</a> already there messing with the sound board.

"Wassup K Mac?" Jason said dapping him up

"Nothing much ready to make some hits" Kevin replied

"Hey K" Justice said hugging him

"Hey Ju aint seen you in a minute you need to come out with us one night the crew missing you" K said hugging her back

"I will I just had to do interviews and promo for my new perfume but I will I promise" Justice said sitting down next to him

"Iight Im holding you to that.. J you ready man" Kevin said going back to the sound board

"Yeah" Jason said

The music begin to play and Justice started bobbing her head to the song and smiled. Once he was done he came out of the booth smiling at Justice.

"How was it"

"I love it"

"I got a little surprise for you" Jason said siting down in a chair next to Justice

"K Mac can you play that song I made last night"

"Already on it" Kevin said as he hit play on the computer as the <a href="">song</a> began to play through the speakers loudly

Justice sat back and let the words take her away. Jason was always a good artist and amazed her even more with the song he wrote for her. Jason mouthed the words looking into her eyes and she couldn't do anything but smile.

"You wrote this for me" Justice said after the song was done playing

"Of course you're my everything"

"Thank you baby" Justice said giving him a kiss

After hearing that song Justice let the doubts she had about Jason cheating leave her mind because she knew that he loved her too much to lose her.

(Two Weeks Later)

Justice was in the living room watching television since Jason was away doing promo for his new song in Paris. Her phoned started to ring next to her and she saw it was her friend Kelly and picked it up after the second ring.

"Hey girly whats going on"

"Nothing much but I wanted to see if you were okay?"

"What you mean of course Im okay"

"You didn't see the pictures did you"

"What pictures Kelly" Justice said as she had a gut feeling this would not be good

"Of Jason in Paris"

"Kelly it's gossip as always"

"Not this time J pictures don't lie Im gonna send them to you okay"

"Sure" Justice said as she hung up

Justice knew Kelly didn't give into the gossip so if she was telling her it had to be the truth. As she began to think more she realized that Jason was acting weird on the phone ever since he reached Paris but thought maybe it was nothing.She waited patiently as her phone began to buzz saying she had a message. Justice didn't know what to expect but she hoped that they were not as bad as she was thinking in her mind. Picking up he IPhone and going to her new message from Kelly she clicked on the <a href="">picture</a> and her heart broke with what she saw.

<strong>A picture is worth a thousand words</strong>

Chapter 3:Change

(A Year Later)

Justice and Jason were doing doing good after a year together and still going strong but over the next few months there were changes in Jason. Justice thought she was overacting but soon Jason would stay out late and sometime would not come in until the next morning. Justice didn't want to believe he was cheating but she still had doubts that he was like any women would.

<a href="">Justice</a> had woken up and saw that <a href="">Jason</a> was actually sleeping next to her. She got up and went downstairs to go make breakfast for him and her. Well she was almost done making breakfast Jason came down the stairs following the smell into the kitchen.

"Morning beautiful" Jason said walking over to Justice giving her a kiss

"Morning love how did you sleep" Justice asked putting the last pancake on his plate and sitting down across from him to eat

"Great because I was next to you" Jason said as he ate

"What time did you get in yesterday" Justice asked causally not trying to be nosey

"I got in at midnight I know I have been coming in late but I promise that it will stop once I'm finish up my album"

"I know I just don't want you to overwork yourself that's all" Justice said biting a piece of her bacon

"I know that's why I schedule my recording sessions early and today is my last one so if you don't have anything to do today I would like for you to come with me" Jason said looking at her

"Of curse baby I would love too"

"Okay because I have surprise for you too"

"What is it" Justice said smiling

"You will see when we get to the studio" he said as he smirked at her

Once they were finish eating breakfast they got dressed and Justice was taking a little longer while <a href="">Chris</a> sat on the couch waiting on her.

"J hurry up babe we gotta go" Chris yelled upstairs

"I'm coming boy" <a href="">Justice</a> said walking down the stairs

"Damn" Jason said as he stepped back to admire her beauty


"You look beautiful as always"

"Aww thank you baby" Justice said giving him a kiss

Jason and Justice got into his <a href="">car</a> as the exited their private gate as paparazzi was standing out front waiting trying to snap a picture in front of the car. Jason honked the horn careful not to hit anyone and speed of down the street.

Chapter 2:New Beginnings

(Six months later)

After that met in the park that day Jason saw Justice again and decided to ask her out. Ever since their first date they decided to become official because they felt a connection like no other.

<a href="">Justice</a> was sitting on the couch writing in her notebook Jason's <a href="">apartment</a> while <a href="">he</a> was on the phone with a label.

"Yeah..Really...Are you serious..Yes I will accept you wont regret this I promise" Jason hung up the phone and walked back over to Justice

"What's going on baby" Justice said sating down her pen

"You wont believe it baby"

"What is it"

"That was Lil Wayne on the phone with me. He offered me a deal to sign with his label!"

"Oh my god baby that is so good! I m proud of you. You deserve it!" Justice said as she hugged Jason

"I know but I couldn't have done it without you baby. Even when I felt like giving up these past two months you kept me going and I love you for that"

"I love you baby and I wasn't gonna let you give up on your dream you deserve everything my king"

"And you do too my queen" Jason said as he kissed her

"I also have some news I want to share with you"

"What is it" Jason said looking into her eyes

"Umm..I got a call yesterday from Jay-Z and he wants to sign me to RocNation"

"Oh you f***ing serious! Baby Im so proud of you" Jason said picking her up off the couch and spinning her around

"Oh I know I couldn't believe it my self but I haven't accepted the offer first I wanted to get your opinion on it before anything"

"Baby I glad you wanted to wait to tell me but you need to call him and tell him you are signing with him now no excuses"

"Really" Justice said as she smiled

"Of course I want nothing but the best for you no matter what"

"I know I was just nervous since you hadn't heard from any labels yet and I didn't want to bring you down with my news"

"J you could have told me I wouldn't be sad about hearing that. I don't want you to hold back your dreams because of me I want you to succeed no matter what"

"Aww thanks baby"

"Now go call the man and tell him you gonna be the next big superstar okay"

"Alright" Justice said as she pulled out her phone to call Jay-Z

Jason sat down next to her as she waited for him to pick up. He was happy to have the love of his life succeeding in making her dreams come true.

"Hello is this Mr.Carter....Hi this is Justice I would like to accept your offer if it still stands...Okay thank you so much you wont regret it" Justice said and then hung up

"So" Jason said waiting her answer

"Im signing to RocNation!" she said jumping into his lap and giving him a kiss

Jason and Justice felt that nothing could change their love and through it all they would not let the music industry tear them apart. So they promised each other that no matter what happens they would be there for one another because they're love was more important than the fame and mony....or so they thought

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@shane101 The unthinkable

@pardonmybeauty which one I have two The Unthinkable and Socialite Stalker

<a href="">Jason</a> sat in his big <a href="">house</a> which was once full was now empty, staring out the window into the night with the lights off in his bedroom, he walked over to his night stand and picked up the picture of <a href="">them</a>. Staring at the picture of what he used to have and thinking of the memories with her, a tear rolled down his cheek like rain hitting a window on a stormy day. Even though a year had past he was still madly in love with her and wish he could have her back.

His phone started to buzz on the night stand and he saw that it was his friend Michael so he picked up.

"Yo" Jason replied into the phone

"Aye man you coming out tonight?" <a href="">Michael</a> asked

"Naw Im staying in tonight I don't feel like partying"

"Man come on its a lot of women here man"

"Naw Im good Im just gonna go to bed got some s*** to do in the morning"

"Alright man"

"Ight" Jasin replied as he hung up the phone

He placed his phone back down after turning it off because he did not want to be disturbed anymore tonight. Jason laid down on his <a href="">bed</a> with the picture and stared at it

"Damn I wish I could come back and stop the pain I put you through" Jason said as he laid down on his bed looking into the darkness

(Two years earlier)

<a href="">Jason</a> was in the park walking around trying to find some inspiration to write about anything since he had writers block. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks after seeing this girl. She instantly took his breathe away her beauty was stunning. To him she was a goddess and he wanted her.

<a href="">She</a> walked right past Jason giving him a shy smile and continued to walk. He soon ran right after her to talk to her because he felt like he needed to know her.

"Ummm...Excuse me miss but I wanted to ask you why would such a beautiful girl such as yourself be walking in the park alone. Jason said as he held her hand

"Well I like walking by myself gives me time to get my thoughts together to write"

"So are you a writer"


"So am I, do you sing too"

"Only in the shower" she replied while laughing

"That's cool too I but you sound beautiful in the shower as you look"

"Does those lines always work on girls you talk to"

"I don't know you're the first one I tried it on" Jason said with a smirk

"That's nice to know but I have to get going now so Ill see you around" she said

"Wait you leaving already?"

"Yeah but it was nice meeting you-"

"Jason" he said cutting her off

"Yeah Jason" she said with a smile then turning around to walk

"Wait I didn't get your name" Jason called out to her

the girl stopped and turned around and said "It's Justice" and then continued walking as Jason watched until he could no longer see her

Jason felt that he had to get to know her and all he had was her name. There was feeling in his gut that told him there was more to her and he wanted to know.

He turned in the opposite direction heading back to his apartment since he soon had inspiration to write again all because of her.

@Shane101 no problem :) and yaay, im reading your other story now its really good!

@pardonmybeauty thanks I needed you help :)

a new add will be up in like ten mintues or so

@Shane101 oh wow! lol well glad i could help!!

@pardonmybeauty those are good suggestions the only ones I thought of were cassie and beyonce

@Shane101 okay, well you could do lauren london, india westbrooks, karruche (lol), rita ora, jasmine sanders, uhh i cant think of anybody else right now