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Unexplainable Feelings


Main character, Shamari is experiencing her own set of unexplainable feeling when she finally gets to meet her celebrity crush Tyra B. The thing is Shamari is not a lesbian, but she has had her heart stolen by the very attractive Virginia native, RnB singer Tyra B, who is a lesbian. Unlike other girls, her fantasy becomes a quick reality for her. Fortunately, her best friend Jassiel has been in a very long on again, off again relationship with Virginia RnB singer Trey Song. Trey and Tyra are good friends with each other and have come home to Virginia to do some promotions for their new song they have together. While they are there, Tyra and Shamari link up with each other, despite the fact that Tyra has a girlfriend named Lex. As for Jassiel and Trey's situation, Trey tries to win back the heart of the one women who really loved him, even though she is fed up with his past actions that left her heartbroken and bitter. Although the plan seems simple for everyone, all four will experience their trial and tribulations and...... Unexplainable feelings


<em>Trey's POV</em>

Even though I had not said what I wanted to say to Jassiel yet, I still planned on doing so. My own doubtfulness kept causing me to put off talking to her. I didn’t know what type of approach to take. Should I just pop off and come at her hard or should I just be calm about it? My objective was to assertively let her know how I feel and make her realize that I am serious. I had been really thinking about what Tyra was saying to me last night and I do need to put my foot down with Jassiel. Ever since I came back from the store she hasn’t said a word to me. She didn’t even say anything when she handed me the meat to put on the grill. I knew all hell was going to break loose when I decided to confront her. So I guess after we ate would be an appropriate time. Quite frankly I was tired of doing this. I always had to be the bigger person and do the confronting. I was starting to feel like this was getting a little too repetitive and annoying. I didn’t understand why she just couldn’t keep it real with a nigga.
I had finally gotten done cooking the food on the grill. I went upstairs to go clean myself up a little before eating. As I was walking through the hall to get to the bathroom I just so happened to run into Jassiel. She smacked her lips and rolled her eyes at me. “Go head and talk cause I know that’s what you came up here for.” She said. “Actually I didn’t but since you brought it up I guess I will.” I had so much stuff I wanted to say to her that I didn’t even know where to start. “Why Jassiel?” I said. “Why what?” She snapped back at me. “Everything you did last night. Why?” “I don’t know, I just did what I felt like doing. I was doing me while you was doing you.” She said. “What you mean by that?” I said confused. She sighed. “Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I saw you messing with them hoes last night and don’t even get me started with that girl on stage with you.” “So that’s what this is about? You let a bunch of random girls that I have no interest in make you jealous? Then you had the nerve to be blatantly disrespectful in front of me, and think nothing of it?” I said starting to get mad. “Oh I guess you see what I felt like when you was touching all up on that girl stage. I definitely felt like you disrespected me, so I did it right back.” She said as she went in her room and slammed the door. “The f***?” I said to myself. I went right towards her room and swung the door open. This girl had me pissed.
“You childish as hell Jassiel.” I said to her. “Umm, excuse me but aint nobody tell you to be busting all up in my room like that and me being childish? Never.” She said tryin to walk away from me. “You are childish cause if you wanted to handle the situation the correct way, you would have just came to me as a woman, and kept it real and told me how you felt about everything. What you did last night didn’t even make sense. You call yourself trying to get back at me but really you the one that’s looking dumb as hell. I feel like as of right now I should be the only one out of the two of us that should be mad. I do one thing that makes you feel some type of way, and then I have to watch you hooking up with another nigga?” “Nobody forced you to do anything. You could have came over there and stopped it, but you didn’t, so who’s fault is that?” She said. “You sound ridiculous right now.” I said to her. “I thought we was movin forward and tryna fix our relationship, but you caught up in worrying about other s***. I got people telling me that you and Jermaine messing with each other, and that he poppin off at the mouth about me and all this crazy bulls***. Like where the f*** did that s*** come from? Why did you even allow him to be a part of what we have? You supposed to be my girl!” I said putting emphasis on “my girl.” “You know what’s funny? I felt the same way when you was cheating on me so I don’t feel sorry for you.” She said very nonchalantly. “Seeking revenge is not going to solve anything and I bet you don’t feel any more better about yourself than you did last night. You aint accomplish s***. If anything, you back pedaling.” I must have struck a nerve with Jassiel when I said that cause next thing I knew she was coming at me in full charge. “Trey f*** you!” she said pushing me. “You just mad cause he doesn’t have to work for my attention like you do.”
I had to stop and think about what she said for a second and then I just chuckled. “Really? I have to work for your attention? I already have your attention. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be acting out like you are now. You just want someone to keep playing this little ‘hard to get’ game with you and I’m not gonna do it anymore. I’m a grown ass man and I aint got time for it. You a grown ass woman. Grow the f*** up! If you wanna play games, save it for that nigga Jermaine. I already made my intentions with you very clear on numerous occasions. Either you with it or you not. ” I said. She looked at me and was quiet for a second. “I don’t want be with you Trey.” She said. This was exactly what I was talking about. She still want to play hard to get. “Since when?” I asked her not surprised by her response. “I just feel like I don’t I have feelings for you.” She said. I just shook my head and smiled. “Yo don’t make me laugh. You sound like a little ass girl right now. How did you decide within a 12 hour period that you didn’t have feelings for me anymore? After everything we’ve been through and all the progress we made, you’re gonna stand here and tell me that, and expect me to believe it?” I studied her face as I waited for her response, and she was so nervous. “You mean to tell me you have zero feelings for me?” I asked her. “I definitely said that Trey.” She said sounding irritated. “So you’re not in love with me?” I asked. “No.” She said quickly.” Tell me you’re not in love with me. Look me in my eyes and tell me you’re not in love with me.” I made sure to look deep into her eyes when I said it. “I’m not.” Jassiel said. “You’re not what?” ‘Trey I don’t love you.” “I didn’t ask you if you loved me, I want to hear you say you’re not in love with me. There’s a huge difference. I dare you to say it and I promise on everything that I’ll show you a liar.” My words were strong and made an impact on her. She knew she wouldn’t say it because she knew that I would prove her wrong. “Just get out.” She said. She had lost all the anger in her voice and it became soft. It reflected the way she felt on the inside, defeated. Although this didn’t go the way I had planned, I was glad I was able to make her think about her actions. Now I just had to wait and see what would happen next.

Thanks but you can call me Keia lol no problem I know the feeling school been killin me lately with all these papers. Jay and Mari are silly. I think Tyra should gon and stop playin and get with Mari.
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<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. Also I realized I wasn’t alone in my bed, Chris was there. I smiled to myself then realized we both were naked. I sat up in panic mode. “Omg did I f*** him last night?!” I asked myself. I got up off the bed and went into my bathroom. “s***!” I said as I peed. I sat there confused for a minute tryna put all the pieces to this puzzle together. Then it hit me. Everything that happened last night came rushing back at once. I shook my head in disappointment. I couldn’t believe that I had f***ed Chris Brown. I mean yeah I was happy but at the same time I was kinda upset that I didn’t wait a little longer. Haha long just like Chris’s- whoa there Shamari chill out! Anyways, I finished up in the bathroom, and threw on some shorts and a tank top and went to find Jay.

I knocked lightly and when no one answered I opened it to find a sleeping Trey. “The f***?!” I said going in the room and walking in her bathroom to find it empty. I came back out confused as hell. I thought for a moment and figured she was in the kitchen. I walked back out her room shutting the door lightly and walked down the hallway to the stairs but was stopped when I saw Jay coming out of the guest room. “s***! Shamari you scared me!” She said grabbing her chest. “My bad, but uh why were you in there? I mean why you aint make Trey sleep in there instead of you?” “Trey?” She said looking confused. “Yeah you know Tremaine Neverson, he’s sleep in your room.” Jay’s eyes got real big and a look of horror formed on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked, “Wait! Don’t tell me you ain’t know he was here?” “Hell nah b****! You think I would’ve let Jermaine stay?!” I felt my own eyes get big, “Jermaine is here!” “Yes girl, he’s in there sleep!” “Oh f***! You’re in trouble! Haha” I said laughing.

“b**** this isn’t funny!” “To hell it aint! See you gotta get like me hoe!” I said. “And by that you mean?” She said crossing her arms. “Well Chris is sleep in my room and you see Tyra is nowhere in sight!” I said smiling, which quickly faded when Tyra walked out the guest room down the hall beside my room. Jassiel saw my face and turned around and then looked back at me. I put my hand up before she could say anything, “Don’t go there hoe!” I warned. She just laughed and walked into her room shutting the door. I just looked at Tyra then turned around to head downstairs. I walked in the kitchen and got some water and some advil. My headache seemed to have gotten worse in the last two minutes. I heard the kitchen door open and then someone sat down. I turned around slowly and looked at them and they just looked at me.

The tension in the room was so thick. They spoke first, “So, you gonna keep playin these little kid games and not speak to me and ignore me or are you gonna be a grown woman and talk?” I bit my lip then spoke, “Tyra, no one is playing games with you! If anything you’re the one playing these little kid games. Not knowing who the hell you wanna be with. First it’s me then it’s Lex! First you’re here than your there. Wait a minute, why are you here anyways?” I asked. “That doesn’t matter, but I tell you what does matter the fact that once again I’ve witnessed you f***ing another nigga!” She said putting emphases on another. I looked at her confused, “I’m sorry and you care because? Tyra I am not your girlfriend! I can do whatever I do so please!” I said getting a little pissed. “You right about that, you do, do whoever you please.” She said then smirked. I was so pissed I threw my water right in her face, “b****!” I yelled at her and started out the kitchen until she grabbed me by my arm, pinning me up against the wall, and kissing me.

Me and Tyra felt like we were kissing for an eternity until she broke away. She smiled, bit her lip, and shook her head. “Damn girl! I swear your ass be having me on some other s***!” She said letting me go and sitting back down. “And you don’t think I feel the same?” I said crossing my arms. “Oh I know it! I just gotta figure this s*** out!” She said covering her face with her hands. I took a deep breath, “I’ll be back okay?” She shook her head and I flew out the kitchen to find Jassiel. I found her coming down the stairs rushing like me. “b****! I have a problem!” She said grabbing my arm and pulling me into one of the rooms. “You?! Tyra and I just had a full blown spit swapping session in the kitchen, when I just f***ed Chris last night!” “Yeah but Tr- Pause! You f***ed Chris!” She screamed. “Shhh! Yes I did, but I was drunk and you know how I get, but that’s another story for later, what are we going to do about now?” I said tryna get her to focus. “s*** idk! You’re usually the one with the plan!” “You’re right!” I said pacing. “Wait, I got it! You get Tyra and Trey up here and I’ll get Chris and J out the house!” She said. “Uh b**** no! Let’s both get them out!” I said. “And how we gonna do that?” “Just go get Jermaine I’ll think of something.

I went back downstairs and found Tyra searching through the fridge. “Hungry ass!” I said making her jump. She laughed, “You know it! I love to eat…and I don’t mean just food.” She said licking her lips. I felt the wetness starting to form between my legs. Uggh why does she do this s*** to me. Focus Mari. “You silly, but umm can you and Trey do me a favor?” “Uh yeah, what’s up?” “Well uhh I wanted to cookout on the grill and have a little party for y'all before y'all left, but I didn’t make it to the store yesterday, can yall go for me?” I said making the cutest pouting face I could. She narrowed her eyes at me putting a piece of pineapple in her mouth, “Mhmm, now is this the truth or are you just tryna get rid of me and Trey, so your other guest can leave?” My mouth dropped opened and she started laughing. “You lucky I like you girl! What you need?” I gave her the list and her and Trey left. I went upstairs and found Jay and me and her said our goodbyes to Chris and J and they left.

After Chris and J left I figured I should tell Jay how I got Trey and Tyra out the house.“You did what?!” She said jumping up. “I told Tyra that me and you were giving her and Trey a going away cookout.” I said smiling. “b**** don’t smile at me!” She said shaking her head, “So they’re at the store?” “Yup!” “And you’re cooking right?” She asked. “I guess I have too.” I said sighing. “Alright well you better get the grilled fired up because I’m hungry b****!” She said then walked upstairs. I sighed then got up to prepare for this “party.” I went to the kitchen and started preparing everything and then went upstairs to change. I was right in the middle of changing when Tyra came busting in my room. “What the hell?” I yelled tryna cover myself up. Tyra laughed and covered her eyes, “Oh my bad!” She said and then peeking through her hand. “I see you peeking!” I said laughing. She stop peeking, “I am not!” “You are, but I’m done now you can look.”

She uncovered her eyes and bit her lip. “What?” I asked. “Nothing, umm the groceries are downstairs. Imma take a nap.” She started to lay on my bed then stopped. “What’s wrong now?” I asked. “Are your sheets clean?” I looked at her confused for a second then realized why she said it. “Yes Tyra, I’m not nasty like that!” I said balling my face up. “I’m playing boo, calm down! But wake me up when the food ready!” She kissed my forehead and then laid down. I shook my head and went downstairs to cook. When I got downstairs I saw Trey already at the grill. “Uhhh nigga, what the hell you think you doing?” He laughed, “Damn sis, I can’t help?” I thought about it for a minute then shook my head yes. I mean hell Jassiel ain’t helping so the extra hands would definitely be needed. I gave Trey instructions on what to do with the meat, and headed inside to work on the sides and desserts.

Heeyyy teek and kdizzle!!!! im about to put an add up!! it's not as long as i want it to be but school is no joke for my ass this year lol but imma try to stay as consistent as possible thanks again you guys for reading and commenting we really appreciate it!!!!

Chris I am your fa because you left me many positive thoughts and memories good and bad but the bad saw good, you don't know me and I know if you need a friend to help partner you can count on me ... and I hope to meet you too and you also know me ...

Aww thanks and I will :))


@KDizzle we're glad you like it and we hope you continue to read. @Teek I like the new profile pic girl!

There should be an add up tomorrow!!

I'm sorry i've been busy with school!

Where yall at??? I just started reading this and it is great!!
Run It!!!

Jass need to get it together she cnt keep leadn these guys on she need to choice one if trey aint the one she need to let him go so he can move on and stop being selfish trey did sum f***ed up s*** to her he no that he said his srrys n he liven wit them mistakes every day smh if she gone keep bringn up old s*** n not for give him she mines as wel let him go cus two wrongs dnt make a rite i hope trey dnt find out wat she did tonite cus he gn be crushed i hope j aint f*** her jus to hav her under his belt smh she gn fill real stupit if he did cus trey tryed to tel her as for mari she finally got chris thang is he really filln her she betta stop plyn wit him to and pick who she want my thang is ty gt a girl and as mari see she not letn her go ty may really like mari but she taken and she not choicen mari so mari need to leave her alone on that level and see wer her and chris go but im mad at jass smh i thought she would hav used her head guess not but love the adds the wait was worth it run it yall

We apologize for the long wait, we aint forget a bout yall. Hope yall enjoy the update <3

<strong>Trey's pov</strong>

I knew for a fact that what I did at the concert was not that bad. I had no idea that it would effect Jassiel in such a way that it made her not want to be around me. We were finally on good terms and s*** was about to go down hill again. It seemed like every time I was making progress with her, something would always happen to set me back. She thought she was really funny over there with that nigga Jermaine. I didn't feel like dealing with that s*** right now. I didn't want anything to get too out of control. There were too many socialites and industry people around for me to address the issue right now. It could wait till tomorrow when it could be me and her. Speaking of addressing issues I needed to find out what the hell was going on with Shamari. Shamari was like a sister to me and I had seen her throw down twice in 1 month with the same person. I was some what concerned. I'm just glad it was at her house and not mine again.

Tyra came over to me and she looked stressed, frustrated and some. "You don't have one but two crazy girls fighting over you. What happened?" I said laughing at her. "Shut up. Me and Shamari just kissed at the wrong time and then s*** just got real after that. This is too much for me right now. You know Im a chill ass nigga and I ain't even bout all this drama and s***. These damn girls done worked my last nerve tonight and I'm on my period." "Nigga what? Hold on hold on. Flag on the play nigga!!! Tyra you my nigga and all but I don't want to know that s***. Nigga I thought you was doing them damn testosterone shots as deep as your voice is." I couldn't believe she just said that. "Naw Trey! I can't help my voice is just naturally deep, but that's beside the point All Im saying is that tonight is just not a good night for me. I just got done talking to Shamari. I tried to talk some sense into her but that aint work and now she's mad at a nigga like i did something wrong. Its whatever though, but enough about my problems, lets talk about yours." She said looking at me. "What you talking bout? I ain't got no problems." Tyra just looked at me with that "nigga please" face. "You standing over here while your girl is over there hugged up on another man." She said. I just rolled my eyes. "T, no disrespect but I ain't tryna even get into that right now. She's just in a really sensitive place right now in here life and I understand that our relationship is a really touchy subject for her."

I tried to avoid talking about the situation I hope that what I said would just end any conversation about that topic from going any further, but that backfired. Tyra busted out in laughter and was weak as f***. "Damn Trey you must be sprung as f***. You sounded like a real b**** when you just said that." She said laughing hella hard. "T that s***s not funny." I said dully. " Damn i needed that laugh. Ok my bad. I ain't mean to laugh like that at you, but if that's your girl then go get her. Put yo foot down and tell her what's up." "I get what you saying but really I'm not trying to go there." At that point my mood had shifted. Tyra did have a point. I just stared at Jassiel and Jermaine. I had already brought it to her attention that I was aware of her actions and that was enough. I was just gonna let her have her fun. Tyra looked at my face. "Trey you look heated. I ain't mean to kill yo vibe like that." Tyra said. "Naw you good I just got a lot of thinking to do. I guess you're right." "Yo! Your ex boo jank Kelly headed over here. You still talk to her?" Tyra asked. "Man, f*** no I don't talk to her."

"Hey Tyra, hey Trey! Did you get my note I left you?" "Yeah Kelly. What do you want?" I said not really paying her much attention. "Wow somebody's grumpy all of a sudden. What happen to you between now and the concert?" She asked holding my hand. I quickly snatched it back from her. "Non of your f***ing business Kelly. Look just cause I was being cordial and friendly with you at the concert don't mean s***. I don't want anything to do with you and I've told you that a million times. Can't you just move the f*** on?!"
When I said that I swear I saw the devil in that girls eyes. I know everybody thought Jassiel was overly sensitive, but nobody was as bad as Kelly. A lot of people didn't know this but Kelly was crazy as hell. She was one of those people that if she couldn't have a man to herself then nobody could have him. Nobody believes me but I swear this b**** tried to kill me one night when we were arguing on my balcony over a picture I took with a fan. She backed me into a corner and my back was leant up against the railing and then she tried to push me off. After that I was like hell naw and I ain't f***ed whit that b**** since then. Now she keep trying to keep in contact with me and this that and a third, but I ain't giving in to that s***.

"Trey quit trying to embarrass me in front of all these people." She said between her teeth, while getting in my face. "Get over it and move on. We're never gonna be together you crazy ass b****." Next thing I knew, I felt Kelly's hand slap me across the face. There were sporadic gasp coming from people who witnessed the action. My blood was boiling inside, I couldn't believe this b**** just slapped me in my face in front of all these people. It took everything in me not to choke this ho after all she had put me through. All I could do was just stare at her and we stared at each other for a while. It took Tyra pushing me away to finally break my eye contact with her. "Damn that was f***ed up how she hit you like that, but I saw that you grew some balls on her. Why you can't do that to Jassiel?" Tyra said joking around. "You play too much. I'm done for the night, I'm pissed off as f***." I walked away from Tyra and headed upstairs. I went straight into Jassiel's room and decided I would kick it there until she got done acting like a hoe with Jermaine. I knew she would be coming in to go to sleep sooner or later, so I figured whenever she got in we could have a talk ASAP.

<em>Jassiel's pov</em>

Again I had my eyes fixed on Trey's every move. I had no intentions on having any contact with him at all during this party. He had already pissed me off with that little stunt he pulled tonight and I didn't want him to push me to the edge anymore than he had already. As of right now I was in a happy place. I had some alcohol in my system, I just saw my b**** whoop Lex's ass again, and me and Jermaine were vibing.

I stood next to him as we posted on the wall trying to keep a low profile. I don't know why but I caught myself staring at him and he looked back at me. "What you looking at me like that for, you got beef?" He said only joking. "No." I said laughing at him. By then I realized I was a little tipsy and was looking for him to show me some "attention." "I just appreciate you keeping me company tonight. That's all." I said to him. He smiled. "Anything for you ma. I just want you to enjoy yourself." He extended his arm out to me and drew me in closer. He started kissing me on my neck and slowly started to work his way down. It felt so good when he was doing it but I had to stop him. "Not right now." I said smiling and biting my lip. "Trey ain't nowhere in sight." He said. "Stop it, why you keep bringing him up? I'm not worried about him. I think your jealous." I said. "Jealous of what? If anything Trey is jealous of me cause I got you and he don't. He think he got you, but foreal foreal he don't. Next time you talk to that nigga tell him to f*** off cause I got you."

I was so turned on by Jermaine's aggressiveness. Lord knows that was a weakness of mine. I could just imagine him tearing my s*** up in bed. "Ok you got it." I said wrapping my arm around him, as i stuck my other hand up his shirt, feeling on his abs. "Look at you tryna make moves on me. Tell me what you want." There's was so many things I could have said at that moment but instead I decided to just play it cool, I didn't want to give him the impression that I was pissy drunk. "You." I said. "How you want me? Matter of fact don't answer that, I got you. Take me to your room." He said. I grabbed him by his belt buckle and lead him. As soon as I was about to head to my room I decided not to use my room. I wouldn't dare have Jermaine in the same bedroom me and Trey were just laying in. Luckily for me this house had a lot of rooms, so it wasn't a big deal for me to just choose another one.

I took him to one if the bigger guest rooms and sat on the edge of the bed still holding him by the belt. I slid back on the bed and then he followed. I was horny as hell and this alcohol had me wanting to be lazy as f***. I wasn't sure if I was even in the condition to have sex, but I knew I was gonna get something before this night ended. "I already know what you want. You told me the other night. Tell me what you said and I'll do it" he said. I felt kind of embarrassed. I was I never one to outwardly speak out my sexual demands. "Put your face between my legs." I said. " That's not what you said on the phone. Say it to me like how you said it on the phone." He said assertively. "Stop teasing me. Can't you just do it?" I said whining. "I'm not teasing you, I just like a woman to tell me what she wants. Say it." He put his hand up my dress and started playing with the lining of my panties. He hadn't even done anything yet and I felt like I was already about to bust. "Fine, ok Jermaine. I want you to eat me til I come." I said quickly. "Jassiel you better stop f***ing playing with me and say it like your mean it." I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and said it. "I want you to eat me til I come!"

As soon as I said that I watched as he snatched my panties off without hesitation. He ran his finger on the outer parts of my lips. I could tell that I must have been wet as hell cause his fingers slid up and down with no friction. I felt him put a finger on my clit and it made me gasp. It was so sensitive already. J smirked at my reaction and started to rub it in a circular motion. He was killing me inside. "Just do it. No preps." I said. "Damn that's how you feeling, huh? You cute as hell when you get on some alcohol. He said about to kiss me. I pushed his face away and pushed his head down. "Boy shut up and eat my s***." "Why you never let me kiss you on the lips?"

Right then I felt my buzz start to fade away. I knew exactly why I wouldn't let him kiss me on the lips. I knew I would only think about Trey if I let him. I was about to let my inner b**** show if this nigga didn't get to work and stop talking. I just wanted to have an orgasm so bad and he was wasting time. "J! I ain't come up here to be kissing you. You said you knew what I wanted and you ain't did s*** yet. You scared?" I was heated. "Oh aight you wanna talk s***. Imma f*** your s*** up." He said. He grabbed my thighs and then pulled me towards him. All I felt was tongue and lips all over my pussy. This is exactly what I needed to get my mind off of Trey.

<em>Shamari's pov</em>

I immediately had to go get a drink after that little talk I had with Tyra. I don’t know what got into her talking to me like that. I was the one that got attacked first when Lex called me a ho. She should have saved that little talk for Lex and not me. She always do that s***. I can’t wait until she finally get big on her. I must have looked really pissed cause Chris stopped me in my tracks and pulled me off to the side. “Yo what happened to you beautiful? I saw you throwing down on over there.” He said with the most concerned look on his face. “Yeah, cause niggas don’t know how to control their b****es and be letting they b****es pop off at the mouth to anybody.” I said furious as all hell. “Whoa, whoa! Calm down Shamari. I’m not sure what happened, but you look way too pretty to be in here fighting ratchets like that. Now that I think about, that is pretty s***ty that somebody disrespecting you in yo own house. I would have grabbed that b**** by her ratchet ass donkey weave and kicked her the hell out. End of that problem.” He said snapping his fingers, rolling his eye, and then started laughing. After hearing Chris say that I just couldn’t be mad anymore. I had to bust out laughing. “Really Chris? Donkey weave?” I said not even trying to keep a straight face. “s***, you know what I’m talkin about. I seen a couple of b****es in here looking like they got that stale ass weave.” He said. By then I was dying. “Chris I can’t with you! You are a f***ing mess.” I could honestly say that I felt better after that little laugh. We both were laughing for a while and then we just looked at each other. “I’m just happy I was able to change your mood. I couldn’t have you out here being mad.” He said running his fingers through my hair. “Thank you.” I said and kissed him on the cheek.

Time had flown by and before I had knew it, it was 3:00am. I was good and I had seen no signs of Lex or Tyra which made me happy. I was getting tired and it was definitely time to shut this damn party down. I hurried my ass over to where the DJ had set up and told him to start getting these people out. He made his little announcement and I watched as the crowd of people headed towards the door. “I’m f***ing done for the night.” I said to Chris. “I feel you, but you can’t lay down yet. We gotta clean this mess up.” “Oh no, that’s what I hired those people downstairs for, they cleanin. I aint doing s***, but heading to my room.” I said to him. “Well call me tomorrow whenever you get yourself together.” He put his arm around my waist and softly kissed me on the lips and we hugged each other. For some reason I found myself not wanting to let go of him, but I did. A sudden sadness came across me and I let it show in my face. Chris had made my night so much better and I was having so much fun with him. “Uh oh. I see a poked out lip and puppy eyes. What’s wrong Shamari.”

“Can’t you just stay a little while longer?” I said to him giving him the saddest face I could possibly make. “Look I understand you don’t want me to leave but I’m tired ass hell boo.” “Stay here… with me.” I caressed the side of his arm. “Hmm I guess I could do that.” He said putting his arms around me and kissing me once more. The kissing continued for a while and I almost forgot that we were in an open area. I had to break away. “Damn that was intense.” He said biting his lip. “We can take this to my room?” I said to him. “Yeah Iet’s do that.” We had gotten in my room and I just had a feeling that tonight would be the night I would have sex with Chris Brown and I was ok with that. After that kiss I knew that he was pretty much thinking the same thing that I was thinking. I started taking off my clothes in a real sexy manner, making sure I had his attention. He came up behind me and all I could feel was his bare chest on mine and his d*** hard on my lower back. I could tell he was working with some length in that area. I turned around and saw that my guess was right. He was all length and girth.

I felt instant wetness between my legs as a stared at it. I walked over and sat on my bed and watched as he came over and got on top of me. We started kissing each other and the feeling of his d*** laying on top of my pussy had my body heavily anticipating what he was about to give me. I didn’t want to rush him though. I wanted him to take his time and I wanted to enjoy all of him. He kissed his way down my body and my skin tingled each time. He worked his way up and paid special attention to my breast. I moaned as he sucked on them. Once he had gotten me good and wet he stuck it in but only halfway and then quickly took it out. At first I thought something was wrong, but then I realized that he was teasing me. I laughed at him. “Stop teasing me.” I moaned to him. “You don’t like that do you? You want the whole thing?” He said looking at me. “Yes Chris.” He thrusted his d*** inside of me and I moaned so loud. “Is that what you wanted?” He asked me. “Mmmm, yes Chris. f*** me.” “Say what?” he said shoving his d*** inside of me again. “f*** me!” I moaned again. He started thrusting at a steady pace. I made sure I looked him right in the eyes. I wanted him to watch me take it and see my reaction.

Chris started to speed it up. I had to brace myself, so I held on to his arms as he continued to go in and out. “Oh my God Chris!,” I moaned, “your d*** feels so good.” He went even faster when I said that. I was starting to lose my breath. The whole time in my head I was thinking that I couldn’t believe that I was actually experiencing this. This was a fantasy that I had always thought about, and never thought that I would be experiencing. I was in such a daze from the way Chris was d***ing me that it threw me off when he flipped me over and told me to ride him. I had to make sure that this was a ride that Chris would remember. I turned around in a reverse cowgirl position and started riding. “You like what you see?” I asked looking back at him. “Hell yeah.” He smacked my ass and that just made me ride him harder. I made sure that I gave him something to look at.

He then put his hands on my waist and started slamming me down on his d***. All that bouncing was starting to make my clitoris tingle. I knew I was about to have an orgasm. My moans got louder as I felt the sensation starting to build up in my body. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. My peak was coming. “Chris! Chris! I’m about to-to- Ahhhh ahhh!!” My orgasm was so strong I started feel my eyes tear up. My body had started to go limp after I had peaked but Chris didn’t stop pounding me down. I managed to turn around. Now that I had gotten mine, I knew his time was next, and this was one thing I wanted to witness. He flipped me around again and then told me to get on my knees. He started hitting if from the back and he was going in me so deep. He started with just his hand gripping my shoulder, but he ended up having his whole arm around my neck and his other hand on my clit. I had never gotten f***ed like this before and I was loving it. It didn’t take much longer for him to start reaching his climax. He had started making grunting noises and I knew it was coming. “Ah f***!” He said. He had came and I could tell he was completely out of it. He immediately plopped down on the other side of the bed and fell asleep. I laid there for a minute and tried to catch my breath. I was going to get up and go to my bathroom, but my body wouldn’t move from the bed. I was so tired. My eyes had started to close and before I knew it I was knocked out.

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

Jassiel and I had just gotten back to the house and I was pissed that she wanted to leave before it was over. I knew exactly why too! Just because Trey pulled some little groupie hoe on stage she wanted to be all b****y. I mean damn if she would just admit to him that she wanted to be with him and stop f***ing playing around, she wouldn’t have to worry about the s***, but then again he is a performer and he has to perform. All I know is this little insecurity and attitude s*** better be gone before the party or imma have to beat her ass along with Lex, but only if needed. I was finishing up the last of my make-up when Jay walked in.

“So you know Lex is coming right?” “And you are surprised because?” I asked looking over at her. “That you’re this calm about it!” I laughed, “Yeah, I am pretty calm, but anyways what you think? I said standing up and twirling around so she could see my <a href=>outfit</a>. Jay’s mouth dropped open. “Damn b**** I just turned gay for like 3 seconds!” She said and then laughed. I laughed at her and then examined her <a href=>outfit</a> making my eyes get big. “What’s wrong?” She asked looking concerned. “What you mean what’s wrong? You look f***ing amazing! Trey and J bout to be busting nuts all night!” I said making her and me laugh. “I swear something is wrong with your ass!” I pouted and then the doorbell rang. We looked at each other and smiled. “It’s go time b****es!” I said twerking then walking downstairs, with jassiel behind me.

<strong>Tyra’s pov</strong>

After the show, I looked everywhere for Shamari and couldn’t find her. I think Lex knew it too because she followed me everywhere I went. Anyways I was in the room talking to my manager when Trey came knocking. “What’s up man?” “Nothing, you seen Jassiel and Shamari?” He said coming in and sitting down. “Man, I was about to ask you the same thing!” I said to him shaking my head. “Are y’all talking about those two girls that was with Chris Brown and that other guy?” My manager asked. Me and Trey looked at each other and then back at her, “Yeah, why?” I asked her confused. “Oh they left in the middle of Trey’s performance; it was right after you pulled that girl on stage. I saw the brown skin one storm off and the light skin one tryna stop her.” I looked at Trey and shook my head. “This all your fault nigga!” I said then laughed. “Man no it’s not! Jassiel shouldn’t act like that! She know it don’t mean anything!” “Yeah that’s true!” I said shrugging. “Yeah, well I’ll see you at the party, I gotta get ready.” He said dapping me up then leaving.

When I got to the party that s*** was packed,niggas was everywhere, and I was back to my normal <a href=>self</a>. I walked in with Lex right on my heels. “Omg! I love this house! Who owns this?” Lex asked amazed. “Ummm, idk babe, I think it’s one of Trey’s mom’s friend!” I lied. “Oh, well I’m gonna go get a drink and find Dondria!” She said kissing me then walking off. I smiled, and then turned my attention back to the crowd to start my hunt for Shamari. I was moving through the crowd when someone yanked my ponytail. I turned around about to swing, when I realized it was Shamari. “Damn boo calm down!” She said laughing. She looked so beautiful, I was speechless. “So you just gonna stand there or are you gonna say something?” She asked smiling. “Oh, um, my bad.” I said laughing. “Your bad? Oh tyra are you speechless?” She said smirking. “Honestly, I am, you look f***ing amazing.” I told her truthfully. She bit her lip and blushed, “Thanks!” Before I could say anything else “Freaks” by French Montana and Nicki came on and Shamari’s eyes lit up! “f*** me! This is my f***ing song! I gotta go find Jay! I’ll talk to you later Ty!” She kissed my cheek and ran off into the crowd towards Jay.

“There you are!” Lex said walking up to me with Dondria. “Hey Ty!” “Sup D!” I said hugging her, then looking at Lex who looked pissed off. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked her, afraid she had seen me and Shamari little interaction. “I thought you ain’t know who’s house this was!” “I don’t!” She crossed her arms, “Oh really? You didn’t know this was that b**** Shamari’s house? I looked as surprised as I could, “Whaaat?!” Lex narrowed her eyes at me and shook her head, “Tyra, you knew damn well this was her house! But that’s cool, because I’m not letting your ass out of my sight!” She grabbed my arm and led me in the same direction as Shamari. I looked over at Shamari who was over there dancing with Jay, Chris, and Jermaine and she just looked at me, shook her head, smiled, and then went back to dancing on Chris. I smacked my lips and took one to the head.

Lex had gone off with Dondria dancing but I had a feeling she was still watching me. I was on my fifth or sixth drink I don’t know, but I was starting to feel some type of way. I looked over where Shamari was and she was gone. “Looking for me?” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around and there she was. “Uh nah, just scoping the crowd.” I said taking a sip. “You’re such a bad liar Tyra.” She said sitting down beside me giggling. From the way she plopped I could tell she was tipsy. “So how’d I do?” She asked. “What you mean?” I asked confused as to what she was referring to. She laughed, “The party, do you like it?” “Ohhh, hell yeah! It’s dope as hell Mari!” I said putting my arm around her. She smiled, “Good.” It got really quiet between us as we just stared at each other and even though it was a hundreds of people around us it felt like we were the only two there. I don’t know what happened or how it happened but before I knew it my lips were meeting hers. We were locked in a deep kiss when someone yanked my ponytail causing the kiss to break.

“What the f***?!” I yelled turning around to an angry Lex. “Yes Tyra! What the f*** is right!” She yelled, catching the attention of some of the people near us. “Look Lex just calm down.” I said getting up. “Calm down?! You want me to calm down after you were over kissing this hoe!” “Hoe?! b**** swerve!” Shamari said jumping up and getting in Lex’s face. “Whoa! Wait a minute.” I said tryna step between them but both of them pushed me out the way. “Yes, Hoe. H.O.E!” I saw Shamari’s face become confused, “So I’m a gardening tool now?” She asked, then smirked. I laughed at Shamari’s sarcasm. “Oh you think you funny huh?” “Nope, but I think you’re funny looking.” Shamari said then laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh, but stopped when Lex looked over at me. She turned her attention back to Shamari, “I may be funny looking, but at least I’m not a no name b**** tryna make it to the top by-“ Lex was cut off my Shamari punching her straight in the face, and before I knew it they were fighting and I was left to break it up.

<em>Jassiel pov</em>

<a href=>Jermaine</a>, <a href=>Chris</a> and I were laughing and talking until we heard an uproar of commotion coming from the other side of the room. “Aye what’s going on?” Chris said looking in that direction. “Oh s***! They fighting!” We heard someone yell. I immediately thought of Shamari, she went off to the bathroom like 20 minutes ago she should’ve been back by now. I stood on top of a chair so I could see, but that didn’t work. “Damn, I can’t see s***!” I yelled to Chris. “Aight, hold on.” Chris stood on top of another chair and started looking, “Oh s***! It’s Shamari!” he said looking over at me. “f***!” I yelled then hopped off the chair and went pushing through the crowd. I heard Jermaine calling my name asking me where I was going, but I didn’t have time to answer, my b**** was f***ing s*** up and I had to be there to help.

I finally got through the crowd, and saw that Shamari was fighting Lex once again and Tyra and <a href=>Trey</a> were tryna break it up. “Hell naw, let me go Trey! I ain’t done with her skittles taste the rainbow, no talent having ass!” Shamari yelled tryna break free. “No Shamari, I’m not letting you go until you calm down!” He said gripping her tighter. “Nah, let her go Trey!” Lex yelled tryna break free from Tyra. “Lex calm down, and I don’t think you want that she was just beating your ass again!” This must’ve pissed Lex off because she broke free of Tyra and went at Shamari again, but before she could reach her Tyra caught her and slung her towards the door threw the crowd. “Trey let me go! She’s gone okay!” Shamari yelled still tryna get out of Trey’s grip. Trey let her go, and Shamari started fixing herself up. “Damn Mari! You f***ed her up again.” I said walking over to her. “I had to my nigga!” She said laughing. “What the f*** happened?” I said as we walked over to get a drink. “Long version or short version?” She asked taking a sip. “Hmmm, medium!” I said. “b**** that wasn’t a choice haha, but okay I went to the bathroom and I saw Tyra searching the crowd hella hard, so I went up to her talking, and then all of sudden we were kissing and then Lex came up popping off at the mouth as usual, and then some words were exchange and then boom I was beating that ass!” Shamari said then laughed. “Mann that’s what her ass gets! She learned today!” We both laughed and then Shamari got real serious all of sudden. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did Chris see anything?” She asked nervously. “Well, he saw you fighting but not who.” She sighed in relief. “Good, but anyway…” She paused to finish off her drink “Let’s get back to partying b****!” She grabbed my hand and we walked back over to J and Chris.

“Damn, imma have to start calling you Mike Tyson Jr.!” Chris said to Shamari as we walked up. She just giggled and hit him on the arm. We danced for a bit then we all sat down and started talking. Jermaine was all over me and I liked it but some of it I felt was on purpose just to piss Trey off who was no more than 2 feet away from us and in clear view. A few times I saw Trey look over at us and shake his head. I just ignored him, which was going great until my phone rang letting me know I had a message. I looked at my phone and of course it read Tremaine Neverson it read: So last night you were laid up with me now you all over this nigga real cute Jassiel. “No this nigga didn’t!” I said to myself. “You good?” Jermaine asked. “Uh yeah, I’m fine. I’ll be back, I’m going to get a drink.” I got up and went and got a drink. I can’t believe Trey and his a**holeness. That’s cool though, if he wanted to play this game, I was all for it.

I grabbed another drink and went back to our little section we had. “Where’s Shamari?” I asked when I got back. “Tyra came over and asked to speak to her.” Chris replied. “And you’re cool with that?” “Yeah, I like Shamari and I trust her, although I didn’t know she got down like that.” He said looking a little worried. “Oh she doesn’t, no need to worry she loves you haha.” I said tryna save Shamari. “Oh I know.” Chris said smirking. I laughed then sat back down beside J. He put his arm around me, “I meant to tell you, that you look so beautiful tonight! I’m loving them curls on you.” He said pulling at one. “Thank you!” I said blushing and taking another sip. I felt my phone vibrate again, I started to ignore it, but I looked at it anyways. It was a text from Shamari. The text read: “b****, why the f*** is Tyra over here chewing my ass out about beating Lex’s fugazi ass again!” with a bunch of straight faced emojis. I laughed and texted her back, “Forreal?!?, What she saying?” She texted back that she would tell me later I sent back okay and then turned my attention back to J. “Wanna dance?” I asked biting my lip. “Sure!” He said then led me to the dance floor.

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“What’s up Trey?” was what people were saying to me from left to right. I tried my best not to miss anyone and greet as many people as I could. I got so caught up in being social with people I didn’t even check up on Shamari and Jassiel to see if they was ok. I looked at my phone and I didn’t have any missed notifications, so they must have been fine. I knew they had to be with Chris and Jermaine, which Jassiel being with Jermaine was something I didn’t like. I tried so hard not to sweat it, but that s*** wont sitting right with me. Jassiel just had me so confused right now, and she wasn’t really doing anything to make it better. I didn’t really know how to react to be honest. There was something definitely there but she was holding back. I honestly felt like the problem was Jermaine. I knew this nigga had to be plotting against me. Jassiel’s grown and I know I just cant be telling her what to do, but I just wanted her to listen to me. She keeps saying that they are just friends, but I see more than “just friends.” I had to know what was going on with them. Hopefully sometime soon I can talk to Shamari and she can tell me what it is. Whatever it was though I needed to know asap before I left VA. My time here was running out and I would be in Atlanta again before I knew it.

I had just about talked to everyone in the VIP, so I took a minute to stand to the side and scan the section for Jassiel and Shamari. “What are you still doing out here? You need to be backstage in the dressing room right now! Everybody’s been looking for you, cause the show is starting!” My manager said to me. “I got a lot of time before I go on stage.” I said hoping that would buy me some time to try and find Jassiel. “I know that already but we need you back stage, now! You weren’t even supposed to be out here anyways. Come on.” I take a last look and I still don’t see Jassiel. I followed behind my manager to my dressing room and just as I was about to head out of the VIP I see Jassiel and Shamari with Chris and Jermaine. Jermaine had his arm around Jassiel and they were both laughing. Just seeing that set me over the edge. If I didn’t have to get backstage I most likely would have went over there and been an a**hole.

I get in the dressing room and there were was a gift basket and a folded piece of paper on the table. I was so used to getting gift baskets as a form of appreciation for preforming. I knew it was probably from the club, but I always took time to read the little cards that came attached. It read:


-The Lounge

“That was a dry ass thank you.” I said. I opened the folded piece of paper next and then read it.

I know your performance will be great tonight. I’ll be watching. Hit me up some time my number is on the back side. I hope to see you at the after party.

- Kelly

I just shook my head and then balled the paper up in my fist. I didn’t want anything to do with Kelly. She was too in love to realize that we had nothing in common and she didn’t understand me. I had been over her.

I put all my anger about Jassiel and Jermaine into throwing the balled up piece of paper at the wall. I needed a different out let cause that didn’t help at all. I had a really bad temper that took me years to control. The only thing that would calm me down was to write. I started to send Jassiel a text but then I changed my mind. I could address this at a later time. I didn’t need the site of her and Jermaine to bother me while I was preforming, so I just wrote until I had let it all out.

I was so mesmerized by Tyra on the stage. Even though there were crowds of people around us I just left like she was sing only to me. Chris kept talking to me and I couldn’t even focus enough to even comprehend what he was saying. My mind was so set on Tyra. While she was in performance mode, she was so amazing. I was getting a little turned on and seeing her with that straight hair wasn’t making it any better. I felt like I could watch her preform like this every day.

I had gotten a text message from Jassiel and she had sent me a message with different drinks that said, “You thirsty?” I gave her a look and then just shook my head and laughed. I texted her back, “I might be thirsty right now, but best believe I’m gonna quench my thirst tonight b****.” She sent me a message back with clapping hands and a thumbs up, “That’s my girl,” the message read. I was sending her message and before I could send it I heard Tyra sing, “From beyond this bed of mine I see…” I got so excited and gasped so loud. I forgot all about texting Jassiel and put my attention to Tyra again.

As she was singing Greatest Sex I thought back to the night when we had our little date and she sung it to me in person. I wouldn’t mind her doing it again. The whole time she was sing I could see her look in my direction from time to time. I knew she was doing it on purpose cause she knew that I loved that song. Every time I listened to that song I could imagine her and I just kissing all over each other in my bed with my skin up against hers. I know she kept saying she wanted to hold off on this sex thing, but my mind was just so curious and wanted her to take it there with me. I knew sooner or later she would have to give in because what she was saying was totally different from what she was thinking in her head. She wanted it just as much as I did.

From time to time when I thought about the situation I would think, “Would it mean I’m a lesbian if I tried it and liked it?” I thought to myself. “Who cares?!” A second thought suggested. I guess it didn’t matter I knew how she felt about me and she knew how I felt about her. Love was love and there was no way to stop what we had for each other.


The performances had been good so far and I was really enjoying myself. I was having a good time with Jermaine, Chris and Shamari. We were all vibing to the music. It was only a matter of time before Trey went on and I had to admit I was somewhat excited. Even though me and Tremaine had our issues there was no denying that he was very talented and knew how to put on a good performance. I am a fan of Trey Songz and I had been since the very beginning. “You tryna watch this?” Jermaine said to me. “Umm, yes I’m trying to watch this. Do you need to leave or something?” I asked him. “Naw.” He said very flatly and sat back in his seat.

Tremaine came out singing and people was going crazy. He had everyone paying attention to him while he was preforming. He was about 2 songs into his performance and then started to sing Forever Yours. This was when girls really started to get crazy. I prepared myself for him to pull a girl on stage, it was something he always did when he preformed, and he did it. He started singing to the girl. The girl wasn't shy at all. She had her hands anywhere she could place them. Well I guess she better feel him up while she could cause that would be her last time doing that. Then I started to hear Jermaine talking s*** again. He really hated Trey, but at the same time acted as though he liked him when Trey as around.

At first, Trey wasn't doing much reciprocating of actions but then he was touching her just like she was touching him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and let his hands travel down her body and then grabbed her ass. I was trying not to let this thing bother me, but it slowly was starting to make me feel some type of way. I started getting a little antsy and squeamish. I guess I was moving so much that Shamari looked over my way and came closer to me. "b**** you ok?" She asked me. "Yeah." I said really fast. "It's just an act Jassiel." "What do you mean?" I said pretending not to know what she was talking about. "I'm talking about Trey. You don't have to get all up in yo feelings over this act he's putting on. That's just his job. He's pretending." She said to me. "Umm I don't think he's pretending." I said back. "You can't be serious right now?" "I'm very serious. Can we just leave now, since we planned on leaving early anyways to make sure everything was good for the after party?" I said hoping she would say yes. "Jassiel you tripping." she said to me. "I don't even know why you put so much emotion towards him, everyone knows he a hoe" Jermaine said. "Um excuse me, but Imma need you not to be talking about my bro like that Jermaine and Jassiel just calm down. Look if you want to leave we'll leave if it's making you that uncomfortable."

I immediately got to walking, not even caring that I was bumping into people. I had gotten outside and was relived to know I wasn't in the club anymore. Shamari just looked at me and shook her head. "I can't believe this s***." I said nothing to her remark. As soon as our ride pulled up I hopped right in the car. I really needed this break before the after party.


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Day of the Concert


At this point, everything going on in my life was in my favor. Firstly, me and Ryan don't talk any more after that little incident we had. He was hella pissed though, everyday he posts a new subtweet about me. Second, things between me and Tyra had been great lately. We weren't getting into any fights. Third, I hadn't had any recent run ins with Lex, but I knew tonight that I probably would. I wasn't really looking forward to seeing T-Rex, but it was whatever. Tonight she was gonna be in my domain because the after party was at my house since its big enough. The decision was unanimous amongst me, Tyra, Trey, and Jay. I was excited to be hosting something so exclusive, that I told my mom and she and my dad paid for catering and bar tending. The fourth thing was this thing I got going on with Chris. I wasn't really sure what we had going on, but it was definitely something. Even Jassiel and Jermaine had something, but that s*** she had was a f***ing mess. In front of Tyra and Trey, me and Jassiel both down played our relationships we had with Chris and Jermaine. We did the same thing in front of Chris and Jermaine, down play Tyra and Trey. Our excuse was, "We're just friends," we said that to all four of them even though Jassiel and I knew what was really up. Now that she moved in with me, that's all we talked about. Trey, Tyra, Chris, and Jermaine and sometimes Lex when I felt like being a b**** LOL.

Me and Jassiel were getting dressed for this concert and we were ready to shut s*** down. I couldn't wait for Tyra to see my transformation from black to <a href="http://www.">honey blonde</a>, and the best thing was that it was all my hair. I knew she would love it. I was primping myself in the mirror and Jassiel came over to me "Mmm I like. That green goes so perfect with your new hair color." She said looking at my <a href="http://www.">outfit</a>. "Thanks I like it too, but look at you Ms. Thang. I see you got your ponytail ready for Trey." I said checking her <a href="http://www.">outfit</a> out. She rolled her eyes. "Lets go." She said. We went down stairs and got to the front door, but I forgot that I had all these strangers that would be in my house while I was gone. I needed to make a quick announcement so i cleared my throat. "Eh hum- Look I'm leaving my house in yalls care. I will be back in a couple of hours. Let me tell yall something, I better not find s*** missing in my doggon house cause if I do I'm refunding all the money that was put into yall working here. And if I find that yall broke something I'm gonna kick somebodys ass t-" Jassiel pulled me out the door before I could finish giving them my warning. "Um I think they got the picture." She said as she was pulling me towards the car Tyra and Trey had arranged for us to get picked up in. The whole ride to the club I was texting Chris. I didn't bother Tyra too much cause I knew she was with Lex and I was looking too good to be getting in drama with that piece of ratchetness. "Send me a picture" Chris text. I blushed and then bit my lip. "No I want you to wait and see it in person. I want you to be surprised." I replied back to him. "Can't wait. You never fail to surprise me. You always look stunning." I replied back,"Thanks," with a blushing emoji and a kissy face.No sooner than I had sent that text message we had arrived at our destination.

I was throughly enjoying this celebrity status treatment we were receiving. Tyra and Trey hooked us up. First the ride, then we got to skip the line and now we in VIP with all the celebrities. Me and Jassiel were bout to lose it. "OMG I can't believe this is happening to us.!" I said to Jassiel. "I know right. I'm in VIP with all my favorite celebs. Oh s*** I just saw Pharelle, hold me back." "Girl tighten up! We gotta look like we fit in. We cant act like thirsty fans, we gotta act like celebs." I said sternly. "True you right." We took a second to get our self together and proceeded to walk through the crowd of celebrities. I was fine until I saw Colin Kapernick. I damn near fainted. All I could think about as them <a href="http://www.">pictures</a> of him naked I sent Jassiel some time ago.Good thing Jassiel was there holding on to me cause I would have embarrassed myself. "Oh hell naw b**** you already in a love triangle. We don't need to make it a square." Jassiel said. "Jassiel f*** you with no f***ing Vaseline. Can't a b**** dream?" Just then Chris and J spotted us and came over. "Mari you good ma? I saw you kind of stumble a little bit." Chris said. "Oh I'm good love. Thanks for asking." "Lets's get some drinks flowing over here. What you want?" Chris asked. "Well I personally like Hypnotic-" "Hypnotic?" He asked cutting me off, "Dont nobody drink that old s*** no more. You need to get up on this Ciroc." "Oh. well excuse me Chris," I said, "I guess I'll be drinking Ciroc tonight then." My phone goes off and it's Tyra. I read her text: "I see you over there looking sexy." I look up and I see her starring dead in my face standing next to Lex. I texted her back. "I thought yo were getting ready." She responded," I was, I just wanted to come say hey to some people first, meet me back stage?" "Just let me know when" I texted her back and she responded with a drooling emoji and a winking emoji.

We followed Chris to a sitting area and got comfortable. "So tell me about this new style you got going on?" He asked. "Do you not like it?" I asked uncertainly. "Naw I love it. I'm digging the new color and the new cut. What made you do it?" "You" I said in my head. The truth was that I had never really been around someone like Chris. He was such a free soul and was very creative. The more I hung around him the more chances I wanted to take doing different things, but I didn't tell him that. "I just wanted to experiment." I said. He shook his head in agreement. "I know all about experimenting." he said. "Um what do you mean by that?" "Like my tattoos, my drawings, my graffiti and stuff. What did you think I meant?" "Sexual experimenting." I said. He laughed at me. "Naw but I'm very experienced in that too. You tryna find out?" I giggled. "Stop it." I said all cute like. Chris was such a good flirt and I loved it. You know I designed these tattoos right?" As a huge Chris Brown fan of course I knew he did, but I didn't mind playing dumb just to listen to him talk. "No I didn't know that. Maybe you can show me and tell me about each one." He laughed. "I could but I would have to take my clothes off." he said. "Oh I don't mind." I said smiling. "I bet you don't. You got any tattoos you wanna show me, or do you have to take your clothes off as well?" He asked looking at my arms. "Mine are in places you cant see with my clothes on." I said. "Mmm that sounds real sexy." he replied. I laughed at Chris and then I saw my phone light up. It was Tyra. "Tell that nigga to back the f*** up." The text read. I shot her a look from across the room. "Um don't be worrying about me, worry bout that little miss skittles, taste the f***ing rainbow <a href="">girlfriend</a> of yours." I texted her. I saw her laugh at my message. "So you got jokes?" She said. "When it comes to Lex, I got plenty of jokes. But foreal, watch out for ya girl before she embarrass you in front of all these people. She gon punch you in yo s*** if she finds out you texting me." I sent to her. Tyra just looked at her phone and laughed. She didnt respond and just kept socializing with people and I went back to socializing with Chris. A couple of minutes late my phone went off. It was Tyra. "Leaving." the message said. "Um I'm going to use the bathroom." I said to Chris. "Aight." Chris said.


I had been really excited for tonight for the longest time, but when I got here I started to feel a little uncomfortable. It was cool being up here in the VIP section, but what wasn't cool was that I was surrounded by a lot of women that I heard Trey used to mess with. They all could have been rumors for all I knew, but just the thought of Trey and all these women was not something I didn't want to even think about. "There's your boy." Jermaine said pointing to Trey. "I already saw him." I said. I pretended to be not interested, but my eyes couldn't stop following him around. I watched him as he interacted with different women. Hugging them, kissing them on the cheek, smiling at them, touching them. I didn't know how to react. Should I be mad, or understanding? I mean he was Trey Songz. I guess he has to play the role of a "lady killer" I guess. I don't know, my head was so confused. I had finally gotten to a point where I was willing to give him a second chance. I really did love Trey but Lord knows I was scared as hell of being heart broken again, which is why I kept Jermaine around. I needed something to fall back on if Trey started cutting up again. I trusted him but at the same time I didn't. I refused to give him all of me at once, but I at least let him know that I was interested. As far me pouring out my love for Trey like he does for me, that was a no go. I was determined not to be fooled again.

"Hello?" Jermaine said waving his hand in my face. "I bet you didn't even hear a word I said." He said to me. "I did." I said looking at him. "What I say?" He asked. I honestly didn't know what he was saying. Between the loud music and Trey catching my attention, I was hella distracted. "Ok, you got me." I said to him. Jermaine followed the direction my eyes were facing. "Oh, I must not be as interesting as Trey. Do you think I'm stupid or something." I whipped my head around at him. "What made you say that?" I asked. "Cause I wish you would stop lying to me. You like him? Yall secretly dating?" "It's not even like that." I was starting to get kind of frustrated. "Then what is it like?" I looked at him I could tell he was a little upset. I wasn't even sure what me and Trey were. I guess we were together but it wasn't really set in stone, so maybe not. "We're just friends." I said as usual. I hated saying that about him.

I looked over at Trey once again and he was giving <a href="">Kelly Rowland</a> a hug, one of his ex's. Now that was one relationship I was sure about. They had a very public relationship. When they were together, it seemed like everywhere I turned there was a new picture of <a href="http://www.">them</a> looking happy. I thought they were cute when they were together, but I had no idea what their relationship was like now. I really felt like he might have loved her. I couldn't even be jealous because Kelly was such a beautiful girl and she seemed like a real sweetheart. I was more insecure than anything. How the hell could I compete with someone like Kelly Rowland? I started getting a little fidgety the more I looked at them. I just tried to focus my attention on something else. I was trying to calm down but I could feel my palms getting sweaty. "It's all in my head." I thought to myself. "Calm the f*** down b****! Trey wouldn't do that." I looked at them again. "He's touching her! His hands are a little too low on her backside."

"Jassiel?" "What?" The sound of Jermaine's voice startled me a bit. I must have been really deep in thought. He got real close to me and looked me in my eyes. "Don't worry about him. If he wanna act like a hoe, let him act like a hoe. He missing out on the best looking girl in here though." "He's just doing his job, Jermaine." I said softly. "Jassiel you don't have to defend him and how is him acting like a hoe doing his job? You gotta realize that he's not gonna change. He over there flirting with all them other girls and aint come over here and acknowledge you." He pulled me closer to him and then put his arm around me. His embrace gave me some comfort and calmed me down. I wasn't worried about it. I was just gonna let Trey do his thing, whether he was just playing his role or actually flirting with girls. I felt Jermaine's lips on my neck. "You gon let him ruin a good time or you gon turn up with me?" "Turn up." I said with a smile. "That's what I like to hear, let's get it then."


I worked my way through the large amount of people and finally caught up with Tyra. I knew not to get too close to her yet until we were in a safe place. I followed behind her until she got to her room. She looked back to see if i was still there and then she let me in. As soon as she closed the door I immediately jumped on her and gave her a hug. "My, don't you look cute tonight.' She said. "Umm you mean every night." I corrected her. "Mmm look at you Tyra you got your hair all <a href="">straight</a> and stuff "Uh yeah but I don't really want to talk about it. I don't like wearing my hair like this. I just do it for the ladies." She said with a big cheesy smile. "Uh what you mean ladies with a an I-E-S at the end? Who you tryna impress?" I said. She laughed. "I'm just playing, but foreal doe. I like your hair too. That's real sexy." I did a hair flip. "Thanks boo." "Yeah you welcome." she said kissing my lips. "Tyra you messing up my new lipstick!" I said. "So, I know you got some more in yo purse Shamari." "No I don't Tyra!" "Stop lying!" I gasped. "Where's Lex?" Tyra looked at me confused. "Don't worry about her, lets worry about us." She said backing me into the wall. "Mmm ok, you got my attention." "I would hope so since it's just me and you in here." I smiled at her then kissed her. "You do this before all your shows?" "Hell no! Most of the time I be trying to get some time to myself, so I can get a break from Lex. Why you talking so much? You must be nervous." I wasn't really nervous. It was just that Tyra was coming on to me really strong and I wasn't prepared, but if she was gonna give it to me right now I wasn't gonna refuse. "Oh damn. I'll be quiet then."

She proceeded to kiss me. She started to get a little rough and started putting her hands in my hair. "Damn this your hair?" She sounded surprised. "Um duh Tyra. Too bad I can't say the same cause I know you and Lex be using that Bella Dream." I said pulling on her hair. She laughed at me. "Yeah you right." the way she was looking at me had me going crazy on the inside, and that smile was everything to me. "I don't think we should do this right now." I said playing with her. "Of course we should do this right now. We're just kissing." "I mean I don't want it to turn into anything...... unless you want it to?" I said putting her hand on my chest. "Whoa! That's how you feeling huh?" She asked. "Isn't that how you feeling?" Tyra didn't say anything she just smiled raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. "I mean we could get down like that, but uh...." She paused "But what?" I asked her. "But... I might get to sweating up in here I need to keep my hair this way for my performance. Maybe when we get to your house -." "Oh whatever! That little excuse you made up about your hair was bulls***. You probably scared that Lex gon bust up in here and catch yo ass." She laughed. "You real funny Shamari. You always think I'mma let Lex punk me, but you wrong." She said. "Oh I don't think, I know that s***." I said back to her. "Yeah whatever, I got yo lil smart ass when we get to the party." There was a knock on the door and a woman came in. "Showtime." She said. "Aight." She said. She closed the door and left. " I guess I'll see you when I'm done?" She said to me. "Yeah. Good luck." I said to her and kissed her on the cheek. "Really? Quit playing girl!" She said grabbing me. She kissed me on the lips and then left. I walked back to the table and Jay damn near attacked my ass. "b**** where you been, you was bout to miss the show!" "I wasn't trust!" Right after I said that the crowd went wild and I heard Tyra's voice come through the speakers

aww so sweet...runnn it!