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Unexplainable Feelings


Main character, Shamari is experiencing her own set of unexplainable feeling when she finally gets to meet her celebrity crush Tyra B. The thing is Shamari is not a lesbian, but she has had her heart stolen by the very attractive Virginia native, RnB singer Tyra B, who is a lesbian. Unlike other girls, her fantasy becomes a quick reality for her. Fortunately, her best friend Jassiel has been in a very long on again, off again relationship with Virginia RnB singer Trey Song. Trey and Tyra are good friends with each other and have come home to Virginia to do some promotions for their new song they have together. While they are there, Tyra and Shamari link up with each other, despite the fact that Tyra has a girlfriend named Lex. As for Jassiel and Trey's situation, Trey tries to win back the heart of the one women who really loved him, even though she is fed up with his past actions that left her heartbroken and bitter. Although the plan seems simple for everyone, all four will experience their trial and tribulations and...... Unexplainable feelings


thought they was gon fight..lex ass got a slick mouth!

Hey yall for the next few post it's gonna be a back and forth kinda of thing, so if you're wondering why they're short that's why, but that means we'll get post up here faster but thanks to everyone that's reading it, even the silent ones, but to the silent readers we really do accept all comments, good or bad, just don't be too harsh , we do have feelings lol, but thanks again for reading!!

<em>Jassiel's pov</em>

After we spent some time at my mom house me and Mari got bored. My mother let us borrow her car so we can go to the mall since we had gotten dropped off by Trey. We get there and me and mari are just shopping as usual. All of a sudden I hear an up roar of screaming. Me and Mari both look at each other. “Tyra and Trey must be here!!!!” She said. She ran to the closest mirror and started priming herself. “Girl I have to look good.” She said applying makeup on. I just rolled my eyes at her. I texted Trey and said, “Didn’t know you and Tyra was in the mall.” I received a reply. “We aren’t there. What you mean?” I look at Shamari with a shocked look on my face. “Girl, that aint them.” She turned around fast as hell. “Umm what? My boo aint here? Lawd why?!” People started looking at Shamari cutting up in the store. I had to pull her to the side. “Girl stop acting a fool in this damn store.” I said to her. Next thing I hear is a girl scream from outside the store. “b**** it’s Chris Brown!!!” and started running like a crazy person. Once I heard that I really didnt care. I wasn’t really a Chris Brown fan. s***, if someone asked me who the Prince of VA was, I would gladly say Trey, but Shamari on the other hand was the complete opposite. She was a ride or die Chris Brown fan. The realest Chris fan I knew.

I looked at her to make sure she was ok. This b**** was damn hyperventilating again like she did when she saw Tyra. “I-love-Chris-Brown-must-see-him.” I started fanning her so she could calm down. “Oh lord. b**** stop talking and breath before you pass the hell out.” She finally caught her breath and stopped shaking. “b**** I’m being so serious when I say I have to see him. We’re getting the f*** out of this store now. No wait what am I saying? I’m bout to buy these outfits, change my clothes so I can look like a bad b****. And we gon get Chris B.

Shamari did exactly what she said she would do and took the longest time to get herself together. “Mari, now you know you doing the most. You are taking way too long and you trippin. I’m surprised he aint left the damn mall yet.” I watched as she pranced out of the dressing room with her new outfit on like she usually did when she was feeling herself. “Oh well don’t you look nice.” I said. “Don’t be a smartass Jay.” “I’m not, I’m just a little irritated because I was supoose to spend time with my bestie and it’s about to turn into the Easter egg hunt for Chris Brown.” Shamari just laughed at me. “ I think you’re acting this way because you don’t like Chris Brown, or maybe its PMS.” I just shrugged. “I don’t know, but you really do look good.” “Aww thanks Jay, now let’s go.” She grabbed my hand and we went on the hunt for Chris.

Finding Chris wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. All we had to do was follow the crowd of girls. The crowd was in front of Foot Locker and was chanting Chris Brown’s name. I looked at Shamari. “So what’s the plan?” “We could do this the easy way and have you introduce yourself as Trey’s girlfriend-“ “Ex-girlfriend” I said cutting her off. “How bout you act like Lauren London, since everyone already thinks you look like her.” “Hmm ok, no problem. I got her down to a T.” We go to Foot Locker and push our way through the crowds of people and get to the front by the security. “Hi.” Shamari said to one of the guys blocking the door. “Umm I know you guarding the door and all but I would like to go in.” “Sorry we not letting people through.” He said. “Oh obviously, you don’t know who I am.” He just stared at her. “Lauren London?” “Shhh I’m trying to keep a low profile today.” “Oh come right in.” Good think Mari was a good looking girl cause her looks got her a lot of good things in her life.

We go right in the store and as soon as we get in Chris Brown and his friend turn around and look right at us. “Oh s*** he’s looking at me, Oh God he’s coming over here!!! My dreams are coming true.” Shamari said trying to speak in a hushed tone. “Lauren?” he said looking straight at Shamari. “Oh s***, I think I’m bout to piss on myself this can’t be real.” She said. “Well it is and you better not piss on yourself in front of Chris Brown, I will never let you live it down.” We watched as he walked straight towards us.

“Lauren what you doing here, I ain’t know you was coming to VA.” Oh you’re talking to me?” Shamari asked. “ Oh I’m not Lauren London my name is Shamari. I get that a lot though, but you can call me Lauren if it entertains your fantasies.” She said flipping her hair. I couldn’t even believe this b**** right now. “Oh I’m sorry, uh Shamari. You look just like Lauren London. I’m guessing that’s how you got in here.” She blushed at his comment. “Yeah I did.” “Oh really? I like that. That’s kind of funny. You’re really cute. Well this is one of my friends J.” He said. “OMG!! That’s so cool!!! We both have our best friends with us right now and they’re both named Jay!!!” Shamari said elbowing me. I just gave a fake smile. “Well actually my name is Jassiel my friends just call me Jay for short.” Chris’s friend laughed. “Well Jermaine is my name, my friends call me J as well.” “Oh ok.” I said, not really sure what else to say. “What yall doing later on tonight? We going to a little gathering at Trey Songz house.” I just wanted to laugh out loud. This dude couldn’t be serious. Was I supposed to jump out of my skin cause he said Trey Songz? “Well actually we were already going there before you told us. I’m actually Trey’s ex-girlfriend.” Chris and Jermaine both looked at me.

“Wow, Trey mentioned you a couple of times before in past conversations. I’ve seen some old pictures of you and Trey on the internet before.” Chris said. “Wow my bad. I didn’t realize who you were.” Jermaine said. “Um yeah.” I replied. “But um anyways,” Shamari said flipping her hair, “I would love to chill with you more at Trey’s house.” She said winking at him. “Yeah beautiful. With a face like that you could chill with me any time. I’ll see you tonight though beautiful. Chris and Jermaine walk away and Shamari immediately starts acting like a fool and starts twerking. “OMG I been on a roll. Tyra B. and Breezy? I deserve a round of applause.” She said clapping for herself. “Applause for what? Celebrating the beginning of your career as an industry jumpoff?” She laughed. “Girl you stay with your little hate comments. You could be on a roll too if you weren’t so tight.”rown.” I had to correct her. “Umm you can get Chris cause I don’t really care.”

<strong>Some hours later</strong>

We get to Treys house and I text Trey and told him we were here. He came out the house so fast. He came and greeted me and Shamari and gave us hugs. He smelt so good, I almost didn’t let go of him. “Yall both look really nice.” He said. “Oh don’t I know it.” <a href=>Shamari</a> said. “Hey Mari I just wanted to give you a heads up. Chris Brown is in there.” He said. “Oh no need to worry. Me and <a href=>Jay</a> totally met him in the mall earlier today.” Shamari said. “Yeah his friend thought he was so cool today trying to invite us to your house tonight but I was like, uh we already been invited.” We all laughed. Shamari and I procede to head in but hen Trey stopped us. “Uh Shamari, I don’t think you want to go in there right now.” I shot a look at Trey. “Trey stop playing, of course she wants to go in. Chris Brown is here.” I said to him. “Yeah Trey. What you buggin about?” Shamari said backing me up. He took a deep breath. “I don’t really want to say, cause I don’t know how you’re going to react, but-” “Trey move. I don’t have time for this.” Shamari barges through the door. “Trey what’s going on?” I asked. “Tyra is with Lex.” He said. “Oh s***!!” I ran after as fast as I could in my heel but it was too late. “Oh hell no!!!” I heard Shamari say.

<strong>Tyra's pov</strong>

“Oh hell no!!” <a href=>I</a> look up and see Shamari looking straight dead in my face. “f***.” I whispered under my breath. “What did you say babe?” <a href=>Lex</a> asked me. “Nothing, I didn’t say nothing.” I kept looking in her direction and I see her and Jassiel looking over at me and talking. I tried to ignore it but Shamari kept shooting me the meanest face ever. “Babe did you hear what I was saying?” Lex asked me. “Yeah babe I heard you. Keep talking.” I was hoping that Lex talking would get my mind off of Shamari but it didn’t. She wasn’t talking about anything that was of interest to me at the time. Even though I could tell Shamari was mad at me, I couldn’t help but look at her. She looked gorgeous she was definitely the most attractive women there at the party.

Once again my thoughts got interrupted by Lex calling me. “Tyra, hello? You’re definitely not paying attention to me.” She said getting closer to me. She took my chin in her hand and brought it to face her. “Tyra, what’s wrong bae. You seem like your mind is somewhere else.” She said. “Naw… It’s right here with you love.” I said back knowing damn well I was lying. “Aww.” She said and then kissed me on my lips. I pulled back so she would n’t kiss me again and then looked over in Shamari’s direction to see if she had noticed it. I’m guessing she did cause she was still looking at me. “Tyra what is it ove there you keep looking at?” I was still looking in Shamari’s direction. “OMG babe, that’s Lauren London.” She said. “Where?” I asked. “Right there.” She said pointing to Shamari. “Oh no Lex that’s not Lauren London.” I said to her. “Obviously it is Tyra, Who else would it be?” She started standing up and walking towards her and I had to grab her real quick.

“Stop acting like that! That f***ing hurt!” She said snatching her arm back and raising her voice at me. “That’s not who you think it is, come here.” I said. “No Tyra leave me alone. You know how much I love Lauren London. Let me go over there and introduce myself to her.” Wait just come here for a second. Just chill with me boo.” “Tyra you wasn’t trying to hang out and chill a couple minutes ago while you was staring at her you f***ing dog.” She said. “Come here!” I said taking her arm again. We had a struggle for a moment but then she broke free and went straight to Shamari thinking she was about to meet Lauren London. I was afraid that Shamari was going to rat me out and some s*** would pop off between them two. My nerves couldn’t even handle this right now.

I saw shamari’s facial expression change when she realized that Lex was headed right to her, and I also saw her hand Jassiel her purse. “Oh God!” I said to myself. Lex got to Shamari before I did, “Omg, I can’t believe Trey knows you too, you are even prettier in person, I loved you in ATL, and the game, the chemistry you and blue have is amazing.” I heard Lex say to Shamari. Shamari had a confused look on her face, “Umm, I’m sorry, but what are you talking about?” she said with kind of an attitude. “Uh, I’m talking about you being Lauren London.” Lex said now confused. Shamari looked over at me and smirked. I don’t know what was going on in her head, but I was nervous as hell.

“Ohhhh, yeah girl, Im sorry but who are you?” Shamari said smiling. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Lex and this is my girlfriend Tyra, which I’m sure you already knew that.” Lex said smiling. “You’re sure I knew what?” “Who she is!” Shamari shook her head, “Nope never heard of her, but it’s nice meeting you, Tyra is it?” Shamari said holding her hand out for me to shake it. I just looked at her, tryna figure out if she was serious, when Lex nudge me. “What?” I said. “Don’t be rude Tyra, shake her hand!” I looked at Lex like really? I really believed that blonde hair was starting to affect her brain forreal. She gave me another look and I shook Shamari’s hand while she just smiled at me. “Well it was nice meeting you both, but I see Chris over there and I haven’t talked to him since This Christmas so I’ll catch you later, nice seeing you again Tyra!” and Shamari began to walk off but lex stopped her, “Um excuse me Lauren –“ Shamari cut her off by laughing. “Girl please, I am not Lauren London, but I did a pretty good job of acting didn’t I?” Shamari said trying not to laugh along with jassiel. “Wait, you’re not Lauren London?” Lex asked confused. “Uh no, but thanks for the compliment.” And Shamari began to walk off again but Lex stopped her again. “So who are you? Oh no , don’t tell me you’re one of those little groupies hoes that show up at parties hoping that some famous person will snatch you up.” Lex said with an attitude.

Aw, f*** that was the wrong thing to say, especially to Shamari, I just knew s*** was definitely about to pop off. Shamari smiled and calmly said, “Actually, my best friend here is Trey’s ex, who for your information personally invited us, and whose mother asked us to come here because we all grew up together, so you and your little drag queen, ghetto weave wearing ass, can shut the f*** up before I help you do it.” Shamari said getting real serious. “b****-“ I cut lex off before she could finish “and okay we’re gonna go now, come on babe.” I looked back at Shamari and she just laughed and walked off. I would deal with her later.

lol mari wanted some of tyra! that's good that tyra was able to resist..their dinner turned out really good..and jassiel is really running from her feelings for trey..i honestly think he has changed and made progress..but I understand why she is so cautious..this friendship they have right now is going nice and smooth I wouldn't want to complicate it either. RUN IT

Run it

<em>Shamari's pov</em>

The next morning, I woke up in someone's grip, I said a little prayer then looked up. "Thank you!" I mouthed to God and then got up, making sure not to wake them. I brushed my teeth and took a shower and came out into the room with my towel on singing some randomness that popped in my head tryna find something to put on. "Jay might as well let me move in" I said to myself, looking through the drawers filled with my clothes. "You really tryna get me in trouble huh?" My head whipped around and I saw Tyra sitting up in the bed, with raised eyebrows and a smirk. I laughed and shook my head "Nope, I thought you would still be sleep." "I was until I heard some terrible singing that woke me up." She said then laughed. "Hey! I don't sound that bad!" I said frowning.

"Haha, I'm just playing with you girl, you actually didn't sound bad at all, it was actually good." "Well I try, but I'm nothing compared to Jay!" I said walking into the bathroom so I could get dressed. "Jay can sing?" "Can she?! That girl can blow! She'll give you a run for your money." I said sticking my head out the bathroom smirking at her. "Oh forreal ? Well let's do this like Brutis!" She said jumping up and clapping her hands. I started laughing. "What's funny?" She asked "Your crazy ass, but it's an extra toothbrush in the bathroom and the washcloths are in the closet in the hallway, I'll go make us some breakfast." "Dang, dinner and breakfast? I ain't even do nothing...yet." She smirked and some negative thoughts re-surfaced, I brushed them off, smiled, and walked downstairs to find something to whip up really quick.

I made French toast, scrambled eggs, and sausage links. I looked over everything and was pleased, I poured two glasses of orange juice and set the table. By the time I was done tyra was walking in smiling. "Damn girl!" "What? What's wrong? You don't like it?" I frowned a little nervous. " She smiled "Hell yeah! It's amazing like always, I'm just saying I didn't know that this was like a regular thing !" She said stuffing her face. I giggled "Well it is my major." "Forreal?" "Yup, I've always loved cooking, since I was little, it's one of my many talents!" "One of huh? What are your other ones?" "Mmm you'll find out !" I smiled. It got kinda quiet until Tyra's phone rang. "Excuse me, I'll be back" she got up and went outside and I had a feeling it was Lex, by the way she answered but I couldn't get jealous, that was her girlfriend.

I finished up my breakfast, cleaned up, and went in the living room to watch tv. About 5 minutes later Tyra came and plopped down beside me. "What you watching?" "Umm some documentary, I'm about to watch my eyelids though, I'm sleepy!" I said yawning. "Awe, well imma get going, I got a couple of interviews and then I’m going home with Trey later on, but imma call you later." She said standing up. "Okay, I'll talk you later." She gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and left. I watched tv a little bit longer before passing out on the couch.

<strong>Trey's pov</strong>

I woke up kinda excited to go home and on top of that Jassiel was going with me, I tried calling Tyra to see if she was gonna ride with me or if she was gonna drive, but she ain't answer, I figured she was still with Shamari, haha I wonder how that went. But anyways I got up showered and called Jassiel. "Hey trey!" "Hey, what's up? You ready?" I asked. “Just about, what time are we leaving?” “After Tyra finish with her interviews, *Beep* hold up that’s her beeping in now, What’s up T?” “Nothing, what time are we leaving?” “As soon as you finish.” I said packing up some of my stuff. “Aight, well I’m about done. Is Jassiel going?” “Yeah, you know her and shamari from Petersburg too right?” “Nah,I didn’t but uh you think shamari wanna go?” I laughed, “Idk nigga, did you ask her?” “Nope, but you should get Jay to get her to go, call me when you ready, bye nigga.” And with that she hung up.

I clicked back over. “Jassiel?” I said hoping she ain’t hang up. “I’m here trey.” “Sorry bout that, but do you think mari, would wanna go?” “Umm, Idk her mom and dad are down here, so I don’t think she really has a reason to go.” “s***.” I said to myself, “Oh well, um okay.” She started laughing, “Trey, does tyra want shamari to go?” I chuckled, “Yeah.” “Well that’s all you had to say, I’m sure she would gladly come along. Imma go let her know and you call when yall on your way.” “Okay, bye Jay.” “Bye Trey!” I smiled after hanging up from Jay, man I really loved that girl and the fact that she’s coming with me, makes me feel like she feels the same.

I had just finished packing, when tyra came knocking on my door. “Is mari going?” She said walking in the room. “Haha, damn hello to you to nigga.” “Oh my bad, what’s good? Now is she going?” “Idk, jay said she’s gonna ask her.” My phone buzzed letting me know I had a text message, it was jay. “Oh this jay now.” “What she say? Is mari going?” Yeah she was, but Tyra was acting so stressed about it, I thought I would mess with her. “Uh, well..” I made the best disappointment face I could without laughing and I saw T’s face drop. “Yeah she going.” I said then laughed. “Nigga, that won’t funny man, my heart broke a little, haha.” “But okay let’s go!” I said grabbing my stuff and heading out the door. Me and T hopped in the car and headed to Jassiel’s house to pick up Jay.

When we got to Jay house, tyra got in the back and jay sat up front. “Where’s mari?” Tyra asked when she got in the car alone. “She’s at her house T calm down, we going to get her now.” Jay said laughing. “I am calm, I was just asking, haha.” Me and jay looked at each other then laughed and headed to shamari’s house. We pulled up to her <a href=>house</a> and shamari came strolling out the house with her bags. “Dayyummm! Who is rich in her family?” Tyra said getting out the car to help her. “Hey Tyra!” she said getting in the car. “Uh b**** I know she not the only one you see !” Jay said. “Damn girl can I get in the car first! But hey trey ! hey jay!” shamari said sarcastically and loud. I just shook my head and laughed.

Tyra got back in the car and I pulled off and headed towards Petersburg, an hour had passed and shamari and tyra were cuddled up in the back sleep, and me and jay were talking about random stuff. We got to Petersburg about 1:30 and we were all hungry, so we stopped at McDonald’s. “Wait, is it safe for yall to get out?” Shamari asked. I laughed, “Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” “Uhhh, do you not know who yall are?? You’re f***ing Trey Songz, and she’s Tyra f***ing B. The hoes are gonna swarm and I don’t have time to be beating a b****es ass!” she said then smiled. We all laughed then got out the car. As soon as we walked in some girl screamed out my name and tyra’s and just like that me and Tyra were surrounded. Shamari and Jay just laughed and went to order their food.

After all the picture taking and hugs, me and tyra finally got to sit down and eat with the girls. I looked at shamari who was smirking at me. “Don’t even say it!” I warned her. She started laughing and went back to eating. After we finished eating I dropped Tyra off at her mom’s house and then me, jay, and shamari headed to my mom’s. “Trey!” my mom yelled when we pulled up. “Hey mama!” I said hugging her. “Awe, jassiel sweetie you look beautiful as ever and shamari you too, I’ve missed you girls.” She said hugging them both, “Well come on in, dinner should be ready soon.” “Actually mom, imma drop them off at Jassiel’s first then they should be back, right?” “Yup!” Jassiel said then smiled. “Okay, i’ll see yall later.” She hugged us again and we headed to Jassiel’s parents house. I dropped jassiel and shamari off, and went back home to catch up with the fam!

Hey yall this is the song tyra sang to shamari:

<a href=>Greatest Sex</a>

Run it

<strong>Chapter 3:</strong>

<em>Shamari's pov</em>

We get in the store and I am relieved to see that it was not packed. Lord knows my nerves were already shot from begin nervous about preparing this dinner for tonight. I would hate to have to cuss someone out tonight. Me and Jassiel are going down every aisle and I still don’t know what I want to make for her. “Mari you need to calm down. It’s not that serious girl.” She said to me, “I bet if you made this girl some fried chicken and mashed potatoes, some beans, corn, pulled pork-“ hearing her say the word beans sparked an idea in my head “Oh beans sounds like a good side, and umm I don’t know what the hell you talking about. That sound more like a Sunday dinner. I’m a culinary arts student. I have to bring it. Maybe you should make that for Trey or something since he like southern style cooking.” I said laughing at my own comment. She was mad. “Uh how bout no. He aint on that much of good terms with me.” She said. “Yes I got it! Crab cakes, baked potatoes, sautéed green beans, and homemade rolls. I’m a genius!” I said proudly and I marched down the aisle as I went looking for my ingredients.

As I was gathering all my stuff I got a text from Tyra. “What time you say again?” It said. I replied back,”8:00.” As soon as I sent that she text me back, “STARVING!!!” with all the crying face emojis. “Oh God, I can’t with her right now.” I said. “What happened?” Jay asked. “She text me talking about she starving.” Jassiel laughed. “Tyra is so funny. I can always depend on her for a good laugh.” “Girl yes.” I said laughing with her. I texted Tyra back, “Eat something to hold you over until dinner is ready. I promise it will be worth the wait.” She texted me back, “What you making?” I just responded, “You’ll see when you get here.”
By then I was at the register and I had paid for all my stuff . We went back to Jassiel’s house and we got out the car. “Well I guess I will see tomorrow, call me and tell me about the dinner love. Good luck.” She said headed back to her apartment. “Um actually……. I was going to do it here, not at my house.” She turned around surprised. “Why not at your house?” Ugh I couldn’t believe this b****. “b**** you know I live with my parents and you don’t.” I said to her. “Girl I’m tired, I done had three other people in and out my apartment for like 2 days. I need my space.”

Dang, I definitely wasn’t expecting Jassiel to be trying to kick me to the curb like this. She kind of pissed me off but I wasn’t going to let her know that. “Omg Jay don’t act like a b****. Can I please do dinner here just this once? I really want to impress Tyra, and plus this was your idea hoe.” We both just stared at each other in silence. I started to make the sad face that I knew she hated so much. “Oh no b**** I’m not looking.” She started to smile and then closed her eyes. “Please I mean honestly it was your idea.” I said. “I’m still not looking at you.” She said. “Jay please. I’ll let you have first dibs on the food.” “Ok fine Mari.” She said laughing. “Jay you’re such a fat ass. I knew that would work against you.” I said. “Whatever b****, get to cooking my food maid.” I knew she was joking so I replied, “Yes master.” We both laughed at each other’s joke and went inside.

Dinner was done. Now that I was done I called Jassiel so she could come and fix her a plate. “Thanks b****!!” she said then blew me a kiss. “Girl bye, and don’t disrupt my dinner hoe.” I said back to her. “Oh trust me I got stuff to keep me occupied. I don’t need to be down here with yall two clowns. Goodnight.” She said. “Goodnight.” I went to clean myself up. I didn’t want to smell like the crab. I made sure I was dressed on point, but not doing overkill. I wanted to look cute, but not too sexy. I would rather save the sexiness for later.

Just then there’s a knock on the door, I knew it was Tyra cause she made it all extra. I hurried to answer the door and there she was. “You always have to be so extra Tyra why you just can’t knock regularly.” I said with a smile on my face. “Cause then that wouldn’t be me. I always have to be different.” She came in and then gave me a hug. I closed the door behind her. “What you make in here some fried fish or something?” She asked. She could be so hood at times. “Uh no some crab cakes, baked potatoes, sautéed green beans, and homemade rolls. You can go wash your hands in the bathroom while I fix your plate.” I said.

She came back from the bathroom and looked at her plate I had fixed it so it would be fancy and professional. “Wow this looks nice. I feel like I’m in one of those restaurants that sell you small portions of food and s***.” “Oh no. I don’t believe in that, I believe in having people full when they leave.” I said. “Man I can’t eat your cooking all the time. I’mma be fat as hell.” She took a bite out of the crab cake. “This is amazing,” she said,” I was expecting to get some fried chicken, macaroni and cheese type s***, but this is the bomb right here.” She started going in on the food like there was no tomorrow. I just couldn’t help myself. I just had to laugh at her. “What?” she said. “Every time you eat, you literally attack the food.” “Man that’s just because every time you cook it’s f***ing amazing and I be hungry as hell.” She took a sip of her drink. “Damn this s*** taste expensive. You was trying to do it up for me huh?” I blushed at her comment. “Well I had to turn it up a little. I had to do better than what I did for breakfast. Anybody could do breakfast, but how many people could do this?” Tyra shook her head in agreement. “Yeah you right.”

As dinner went on I started sipping my wine more and more. I started thinking about the comment she said to me earlier about the threat/promise situation. Just the thought of what she would do to me had me thinking all sort of stuff. My body was giving signals that it was ready for whatever she wanted to give me. Another side of me was a little unsure I didn't know what to expect. I had never been with a girl before. In fact I wasn't even sure I would like it. I loved the D!!! I would imagine that she must be pretty damn good to be "turning b****es out" like she said she does. I wasn't going to let Ryan's comments about Tyra induce false options about how she was in bed. I wasn't going to knock it until I tried it.

<em>Jassiel's pov</em>

This food was on point that Shamari had made and it definitely had me a little tired. I sat in my bed watching tv in the darkness. As I was flipping through channels I saw that my favorite movie was on ATL. Me and Trey used to love watching this movie together. I always thought it was funny how much Shamari looked like the girl playing New New. She loved her; that was her idol. After watching some of it I hear my phone vibrate. It was Trey. I honestly didn't think that he was really going to call me like he said he would, but he did. "Hello?" I answered the phone. "Hey sweetheart. How you doing?" He asked me. "I'm doing good, I'm just chilling in the bed. How did everything go today?" I asked him. "It was ok. My manager was on my ass today about taking them two days off, but I don't really want to talk about all that though. I just want to relax and talk to you. I was bout to go to sleep but then I turned on the tv and saw our movie was on." He said yawning. "Oh so you forgot that you said you would call me tonight huh?" I said just playing with him. "Yeah Im not gonna lie I did forget. I just was so busy today. Were you waiting for me?" He asked. "Yes I was but its cool though. Oh and I was already watching it before you called." I said. "Damn you wasn't even gon hit me up to tell me our movie was on? You know I love watching this movie with you. It just brings back so many memories."

I thought about what Trey said and he was right. It did bring back memories. I thought about the time we went to see this in the movies. It was one of the first dates we went on when we were young. I also thought about all the good times we had, before all the craziness. I missed the way things used to be between us. Deep down inside I knew that I still loved him and I did want to be his girl again. I felt like Mari was right, something about him had changed, but I just didn't want to keep making a fool out of myself. I was perfectly fine just starting out slow with him. I didn't want to try anything until I knew for sure he was fully mature and serious about me.

"Hello?" I heard Trey say on the other end. "You got quiet over there for a second. What you thinking about?" I didn't really want to tell him what I was thinking so I lied. "I was just thinking that this girl playing New New does a horrible job at doing a southern dialect. It just seems so forced." I said. "I always thought it was supposed to be that way cause she was faking like she from Mechanicsville. Speaking of Mechanicsville, I wanted to know if you wanted to go to Petersburg with me tomorrow. My mama keeps asking me about you. You know you her favorite." I laughed. "Yeah I know. I'll go with you but I can't stay out late. I start my new job the day after." "Where you working at?" "Sentara Hospital as an RN." I replied. "Ah that's right. I gotta call you Nurse Dixon now." I laughed at his joke. "Well we can hangout and stuff but in between time I'll be working, doing shows, interviews, nothing too serious." After hearing that, I had a change of thought. "Oh I don't know about all of that Trey." "Come on it will be fun, I promise." He said. Again I thought about what Shamari was saying to me. "Sure." I said.

Things got silent as we both watched our favorite part on ATL. The scene when the twins got busted. We both laughed at how mad their mom was. Then as always silence came about as it went to the scene with New New and Rashad in the car. The intimacy between them reminded me of how we used to be. "Trey can I ask you something?" "Yeah sweetheart." " Why do you always come back to me?" I know the question was random but I just had to know why. He was silent and he took a deep breath. "I don't know why... I mean I know why, I just... You sure you’re ready to just jump into that conversation? I really do want to value this time as friends, like you said." I understood what he was saying. I'm quite sure he didn't want to say anything to piss me off. "OK, let's not go there then. You scared?" "To be honest, yeah I don't want to mess up where I'm at with you."

A slight gasp came out of my mouth. I actually felt like he was serious about what he was saying. I was starting to feel some type of way about him. I just felt like I was starting to fall in love again. I got nervous. "Trey I'm getting sleepy." I said. "Already?" "Umm yeah, call me tomorrow when you're ready." "Oh ok I will talk to you tomorrow love. Goodnight Jassiel. " Goodnight Tremaine."

<strong>Tyra's pov</strong>

"Why you looking at me like that? Tell me what’s going on in your head." I watched as Shamari looked down at her plate and fidgeted in the chair. "I was umm, thinking about that comment you made earlier." A sensation ran through my body when she said that. "Oh yeah? What about it?" I said looking at her. "Um it just made me feel some type of way. I feel like you've heightened my interest in knowing what that would be like." I want sure where she was trying to go with this conversation so I had to choose my words wisely. I was totally aware of what I said earlier but I just didn't want her to get the wrong idea about me, but I felt it would be fun to play with her a little. "Well just imagine having sex with Ryan with no d*** and 10 times better." I smirked and she laughed.

"Wow, very funny Tyra," she said sarcastically,"I'm serious. Out of curiosity, I just want to know if you use a strap?" I just smiled and raised my eyebrows. "I don't like giving away my bedroom secrets." That was the best answer I could give her right now. "Since we asking questions, you like to ride?" I asked her. She looked confused at first, but then it must’ve clicked because she smiled and said "You would have to find that out, but I’m open to trying new stuff as well. Very new stuff. I like to experiment." I saw the look in her eyes and it was telling me all I needed to know.

“Well uh, look let's talk about something different. I really don't want to go there right now. I really do like you. I don't see you as a sexual object. I like spending time with you. We have fun, we make each other laugh all the time."Aww Tyra. I didn't know you could be so sentimental." She said. "I mean I'm not a robot. I have feelings too." I said smiling "Well of course you do, but I didn't know you could be so deep cause you be thuggin so hard sometimes and you are a big clown." She said. "Yeah I know but in all seriousness, I really like you.”

A big smile came across her face. "OMG Tyra I feel so special. I will be right back." She went into her room and through the wall I could hear what sounded like a muffled scream. Then Shamari came out with an even bigger smile. "Really though?" I asked her. "You were that excited that you went to go scream in a pillow?" "Tyra shut up, don’t mind me. You know how I feel about you." She said having a seat. "Tell me what’s your favorite Tyra B. song?" Without hesitation she said,"Greatest Sex." I shook my head in agreement and said,"Okay." "I would like to make a request." She said. "Sure what is it?" I asked. “Sing Greatest Sex to me!" She replied. "Mmm somebody's mind is actively on sex tonight." "Tyra shut all the way the hell up." I laughed. "Okay i'll do it."

As I was singing to her I made sure to look dead into her eyes, but at the same time I was looking at her face and checking out her body language. I had made her blush and she became bashful. I grabbed her hand and got closer to her. I touched her face and then kissed her. By the look on her face I could tell she was shocked. "Oooo I liked that can we do it again. Is it hot in here?" As much as I would love to do that I had to stop myself from going any further with her for many reasons. "Umm yeah it is a little hot, how bout we watch a movie or something?" "Cool beans let me go look at what movies Jassiel has." I walked with her to the front room and she pulled out a movie. "Ahhh I always wanted to watch this movie." She put it in and we sat on the couch. "What we watching?" I asked. "Unfaithful." That was the last word I needed to hear right now. "You serious? That’s what it’s really called?" "Yeah," she said,"Oh I get it. Don’t worry it’s not your fault I’m so irresistible." She said followed by a giggle.

Everything was all good while we was watching the movie and then things started to get a little hot. "Oh great a sex scene." I thought to myself. It just made everything awkward between us. Then there came the sexual tension. Very awkward. I didn’t know what to do and I became antsy and uncomfortable. It just seemed like I wasn’t going to escape sex today. I could feel Shamari getting closer to me and she put her hand in mine. I just knew that she wanted so bad for that to be me and her. I felt like she was purposely trying to tempt me. Then again maybe it was just me. Maybe I wanted her more than she wanted me. Whatever it was that was going on, I just wanted it to pass. I didn’t want to do that to Shamari….yet. She laid her head on me and I tried to keep my composure. I just wanted this part to be over.

I ended up watching the whole movie and it was pretty good, but I didn’t realize that Shamari had fallen asleep. I tried to wake her up but she was gone. I got up and carried her to her room and put her in bed. I couldn’t help but look at her beautiful face while she was sleep. I kissed her on her cheek and put the covers on her. I was about to leave but I was way too tired to drive anywhere. I just got in bed with Shamari and held her as we went to sleep.

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<em>Jassiel pov</em>

I had been awake for like 10 minutes, but I didn’t move because I heard mari and tyra arguing about something. I wasn’t tryna listen at first but I couldn’t help it, but then it got real quiet. I layed there for a few minutes tryna get myself together, and sat up to turn around and see tyra whispering something in shamari’s ear and from the way shamari was smiling, it was something I didn’t wanna hear. “Good Morning!” I said yawing. “Morning!” they both said together then laughed. I laughed and shook my head then went upstairs to brush my teeth and take a shower. About 30 minutes later I was dressed in some lounge clothes and went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

Shamari had disappeared to somewhere and I saw tyra had fallen back asleep on the floor, and trey was still asleep on the couch. Since me and mari cooked that big breakfast yesterday, I didn’t really feel like cooking so I settle for a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. I said my grace and starting eating. “2 chainz you f***ing crazy, motherf***ers know im f***ing crazy..” Shamari came busting in the kitchen rapping loud as hell with her headphones and some workout clothes on. “Shamari!” I said, she still didn’t hear me. “Tell tyga looking for that b**** called black chyna..” “Shamari!” I said yanking a headphone out. “What the f***!? b**** are you crazy?” she said looking at me. “No, but you are coming in the kitchen rapping loud as hell!” “Damn, my bad shawty haha, but you know this my song!” “I know, but where you going?” “Bout to go run! Wanna come?” she said excited. “Hell no! Girl its 90 f***ing degrees outside!” “I know that’s why I have on shorts and a sports bra, duh!” she said grabbing her water and a towel. “Well you do that, imma eat my cereal and chill in this AC!” “Whatever, if tyra looks for me tell her I’ll be back!” “Mhmm, sure.”

I finished up my cereal and went and turned the tv on in the living room and was watching Love and Hip-Hop, when trey woke up. “Morning beautiful.” “Good morning , you still sleep like a damn baby I see.” “Hell yeah girl! What I miss?” he said standing up stretching. “Nothing but shamari and tyra arguing over something, idk what though.” “Arguing already? Damn!” he said laughing and then walking towards the bathroom. While trey was in the bathroom, I started cleaning up a little, making sure I didn’t wake tyra up, but that failed. “Hey jassiel, where mari?” she said still half sleep. “She went for a run, she should be back soon!” “Cool, yoo I gotta take a piss.” She said getting up. “Well trey’s in that bathroom, so you’re gonna have to go upstairs.” “Aight.” She said running up the stairs.

I shook my head, she was really niggerish, she even had the bathroom schedule down pack haha. Anyways I finish cleaning up and was chilling on the couch. Trey came back out the bathroom like 10 minutes later dressed. “You leaving?” I asked sitting up. “Yeah, I got some stuff to do before the show, but thanks for everything, I had fun.” “Me too, but tyra not going with you?” I asked confused. “Yeah, she not in the car?” “Haha, nah she went upstairs like 20 minutes ago.” Right after I said that tyra was coming back downstairs dressed too. “Yo, trey you ready?” she asked. “Yeah nigga!” he replied. “Aight let’s go, bye jay thanks for everything, tell shamari imma call her crazy ass later.” She said giving me a hug. I laughed, “Okay.” I let go of tyra and hugged trey goodbye and he kissed me on my cheek and told me that he would call me later. After making sure the door was locked, I laid back down on the couch and fell asleep.

<strong>30 minutes later</strong>

I was awaken by shamari loud ass coming back in the house singing. I laid there hoping she wouldn’t bother me. “b**** get up! I know you ain’t sleep!” she said plopping down on the couch beside me. “I was till yo loud ass came in here waking me up!” I said with an attitude sitting up. “Whoa there hoe, chill with the attitude. Where tyra and trey?” she said before drinking some of her water. “They left like 30 minutes ago, but tyra said she would call you later.” “Well her later must’ve been five minutes ago, I just got off the phone with her!” she said smiling. “And?” “And she wants to take me out to dinner tonight!” she said excitedly. “What the hell? Shamari didn’t you just f*** Ryan like an hour ago, argue with her about it, and now y’all going out to dinner? And on top of that, she still is with Lex!” I said tryna talk some sense into her. Her smile faded, “Damn I forgot about t-rex, I’ll just tell her no.” she said pulling her phone. “Whoa, I didn’t say cancel it!” I saw a confused look come across her face, I laughed and then said, “Shamari, you’re going to school for culinary arts.” “So, what does- Ohhhhh, I get it!” she said smiling and nodding her head.

“Exactly, show her how she could be eating.” “Oh she knows.” She said with a smirk. I thought about it for a second then it hit me, “Eww, that’s nasty!” She starts laughing then gets real serious. “What’s wrong?” I said looking concerned. “ I don’t know what to cook! I mean I don’t wanna cook something she doesn’t like! OMG, panic mode!” This girl was so dramatic, but I loved her haha. “b****! Calm down, you got this!” I said laughing at her. “Hoe this ain’t funny, but I need a favor.” She said pouting. I sighed “What now?” “Can you help me get everything ready for tonight?” “Sure!” I said smiling. “Yaay! Okay, well imma go call tyra and then take a shower and get ready so we can go to the store.” She said heading upstairs. “Wait a minute, we?” “Yes we!” I shook my head, and got ready to go to the store. Shamari came back downstairs in hour later ready to go. I swear that girl doesn’t understand the way time works. We hoped in her car and headed to the grocery store for her big night with tyra.

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I woke up with a pain on my side and back. I look around and realize that I fell asleep on the floor with Shamari. I look up and see Treys ass looking all comfortable and s*** sleeping on the couch. I couldn't be mad for long. The smell of Shamari's perfume all over me made me forget all about my pain from being on the floor all night. I knew whatever I forgot too, Lex. I had barely talked to her at all yesterday. I go in my pockets and pull out my phone and I see that I had about a thousand notifications from Lex. I'm quite sure that she's probably pissed at me and I was probably gonna have to hear her mouth just running and running while she fussing at me. Might as well get this over with while Shamari was asleep. I step out on the balcony and call Lex. She answers immediately. "Hello?" She answered the phone. "Wake yo sleepy ass up." I said. "Wow Tyra really? You play way too much. What were you doing the whole day yesterday acting like you cant send me a text message or two?" She said obviously disappointed that I didn't pay her any attention yesterday. "I know sweetheart, calm down. I just got real busy yesterday. I did some radio interviews and promotion yesterday." I said hoping she would believe my lie. "Oh yeah what stations you do yesterday?" She asked. "Lex you trippin ma, you know how it is when I'm working. Don't act like man." "Whatever Tyra, all I know is that you better be texting me or calling me today. When are you coming to Richmond? Me and my mother were expecting yesterday." I had totally forgot about that. I didn't really know when u would go home back to Richmond. "I'm not sure, I'll be there soon Love, but be on the lookout for some text from me today baby. You know I can't forget about you." I heard her laughing on the other end of the phone. It was times like this where I felt blessed to be such a smooth talker. "Ok baby I love you." She said. "I love you to baby girl." I said and hung up the phone. That had went a lot more better than I had expected.
Everyone was still asleep and then there was a knock at the door. "Jassiel." I said. I repeated myself and she still didn't respond "Hey" I said shaking her softly. She was knocked out. I didn't really want to answer the door though. I don't know why but for some reason I thought maybe Lex was on the other side of the door. "Oh f*** naw." I said to myself. I heard another knock at the door then Shamari's phone started lighting up. I look and I see a guys picture flash on the screen with the name Ryan displayed on top. "Who the f*** is Ryan?" I know Shamari ain't have no boyfriend and not tell me, cause she sure was tripping about me fooling around on Lex. The knocking continued and I just decided to answer the door. What's the worst that could happen? I open the door and see the same dude on the picture standing in front of me. "Dang my bad, I think I went to the wrong apartment on accident." He said about to leave. "Naw you at the right place you looking for Shamari?" I asked. The expression on his face showed that he was shocked. He looked and just stared at me and he chuckled to himself. "Wow. I can't believe this. You’re Tyra B and Shamari is like in love with you." I chuckle at his comment and decide not to say anything about that. "Shamari is knocked out on the floor over there." He walks in. I watch as he walks over to Shamari and tries to wake her up from her sleep. She eventually wakes up and turns to look at ole dude. She awakes with a smile and then gets a look at who's waking her up she gasps. "Ryan?" I saw her shoot me a glance from across the room. She looked embarrassed as hell. I couldn't help her. I all I could do was shrug my shoulders and laugh.


"What the f*** is going on" I said in my head. I can't believe Tyra actually answered the door and let Ryan in. "Hey you ok?" Ryan asked. “Umm yeah I just wasn't expecting you to come over." He laughed at me. "We'll obviously you wasn't. You over here living out your fantasy." A smile came across his face. "Ryan it's not funny, come quickly." I quickly got up and went into the room I usually stay in when I slept over Jassiel’s. On my way there I completely avoided making eye contact with Tyra. I'm sure she wasn't tripping but I just felt a rush of embarrassment come over me. I had no plans of telling Tyra of Ryan.
When we got in the room I quickly locked the door. "We'll aren't you lucky, not many girls get to actually have their celebrity crushes stay the night with them." He said still smiling. "Please shut up about it. I don't know how to feel right now." I had let my feelings get the best of me and I started pacing around the room. "Mari calm down boo. I get it, don't act like that." He put his arms around me. His strong embrace instantly made me calm. "Did y'all get it in last night?" His question set me off and I broke the embrace and hit him in his chest. "Hell no Ryan, I just met her the other day." I couldn't believe he would ask me such a question. He just laughed again. Here I was feeling some type of way and he was sitting here laughing in my face. "Stop being an ass." I said to him. He stopped laughing. "Ok look I came over here looking for you cause I just left your house you weren't there and I knew you had to be over here. I missed you." I knew exactly what he meant when he said that to me. "No Ryan not right now." I said. I usually didn't turn down his offer for sex, but I just couldn't. "Why not?" He said kissing me. "You letting Tyra take my place?" He knew exactly what he was doing to me too. He knew I couldn't resist him. "You know she could never replace me right? "He said pulling my hair and kissing my neck. I didn't even have the strength to tell him to stop.
Sometime had gone by since Shamari had left the front room. At one point I decided to be noisy and see what the hell was taking them so long. I started eavesdropping and I didn’t hear much. The fact that didn’t hear anything said a hell of a whole lot to me. They was in there trying to be quite but I knew exactly what they was doing but I wasn’t going to say anything. By the time they had walked out I was just sitting at the table chillin. I watched them walk past me. Ryan looked at me and had given me a head nod. “Nice meeting you.” He said with a smile. “Same to you.” I replied back. “This a**hole.” I said to myself. He think he funny coming at me talking bout “nice meeting you” and then had the nerve to smile in my face about it. I’m sure he knew by now that me and Mari was messing around. I have no doubts in my mind that they just got finished f***ing. What pissed me off is that this nigga think he so funny just cause he got a d***. I knew how the f*** to turn women out without a d***. I aint even gon sweat it though. I’m just gonna let him think that he just 1 up’d me.
Shamari closes the door and after letting Ryan and she just looks at me. I know I told myself that I wasn’t gonna say anything but I couldn’t help it. “Welp….. I just got s***ed on. Who’s that clown?” I watched as Shamari’s face turned from embarrassed to disappointed. “He’s not a clown and his name is Ryan.” She said. “When was you gonna tell me bout him?” I asked her trying not to sound jealous. “Umm I wasn’t cause what I have with him isn’t even in important.” She said rolling her eyes. “He must have some type of importance to you, right? I now yall was f***ing back there.” I said as a smirk coming across my face. “If you had a boyfriend you could have just told me about it Shamari. I mean that’s the least you could do after going in on me at the hotel the other night about me and Lex.” She just stopped what she as doing and just looked at me. “See that’s where you’re wrong cause that aint what you think I was. How the hell you gon be mad but you with Lex?” I had a point, but this was different. I didn’t even know about this dude or what her relationship was with him.
My jealously started to take over. I might have been a stud but I’m still a female. I get jealous just like any other female in this world. I scoffed at her comment. “What you mean it aint what I think it is? I know what I saw and heard.” “What did you hear?” She asked. “Nothing. Yall was quiet as heel up in there, but I know you and yo little boyfriend was having sex. Why else would yall be in a room for so long together.” Shamari just laughed and gave me the hand. “Tyra I just can’t with you. So you mad cause you think Ryan is my boyfriend?” I looked at her with confusion. “Isn’t he?” I asked. Shamari just busted out in a cascade of laughter. She was laughing so hard I could see Trey waking up from the noise. When she finally caught her breath she was able to say, “Ryan is definitely not my boyfriend. He’s more of my friend with benefits.” I had nothing to say. I just hit her with the “you playing right?” face. “Wow who knew you could be such a jealous ass person Tyra. You must really f***ing like me cause you damn sure was acting like an ass.” I still didn’t really know what to say. I shook my head and smirked. “You know what? I’m just let the fact that you had sex with another nigga while I was here side, but let me tell you something. You and ole dude Ryan better not under estimate my skills just cause I don’t have a d***. I saw that f***ing smile he gave on the way out the door, and I knew exactly what he meant by it too. Trust me I’m just fine without a d*** and I stay turning b****es out.” I saw her bite her lip. I could tell she liked what I was saying. “Was that a threat or a promise?” I stared at her for a while. I could tell I had her going. “You tell me, it’s whatever you want it to be. If you want it to just be a threat, then we can keep just a threat, but if you want it to be a promise-,” I paused and got closer in her ear,”then I can make that happen.”

that was nice i am glad they are on better terms..and while tyra playing she better hope Lex dont find out..she already crazy.. RUN IT

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<strong>Trey’s pov</strong>

Man I was scared as s*** when we pulled up to jassiel house, tyra betta be lucky she my nigga, or I would’ve said hell no. We had got out and I was walking behind tyra up to the door, but when she rang that doorbell, something told me to turn my ass back around, so I did. I saw the door open when I had got in the car and I saw it was shamari, but even then I still wasn’t walking my ass up in that s***. I was sitting in the car with my eyes closed thinking, when I heard a knock on the window, I looked over and saw it was jassiel, she looked so beautiful. I opened the door, “Uh, hey wassup ?” I asked nervously. “Nothing, are you gonna come in and eat or sit out here and starve?” she said smiling. “Um, yeah , I’m coming.” I said smiling getting out the car and locking the doors. She grabbed my hand and lead me into the house and into the kitchen where shamari and tyra were already sitting down eating. “Damn y’all couldn’t wait?” Jay said when we walked into the kitchen. “Oh no, I was fine, it was tyra hungry ass over there claiming she was starving.” Shamari said laughing. “You damn right I was! Aye jay I don’t know what you said to him or did, but you had that nigga shaking in his damn boots! Haha!” Tyra said laughing. “Aye Tyra dawg, chill! That ain’t cool we suppose to be here!” I said pointing to my eyes then hers. She laughs, “Nigga you know I got you, but I aint no liar either so I had to let her know.” She said stuffing a piece of bacon in her mouth. “Haha, whatever nigga!” “Here you go, Trey.” Jassiel said handing me a plate. “Thanks.” Honestly I was still a bit nervous by the way jassiel was acting, it was way different then last night.

I made my plate and was about to sit down and start digging in when Jassiel asked me to go eat with her on the balcony, I looked over at shamari and she just shrugged and laughed. “Um, jassiel, you sure you wanna go out there? I mean it’s hot and you know the flies and s*** gonna be swarming and-“ “Uh trey stop being a b**** come on, damn!” Jassiel said grabbing my plate and hers and walking out the kitchen. Tyra and shamari gasp and start laughing at the same time. “Damn bruh! She just straight clowned yo ass!” Tyra said laughing real hard. “Man both of yall shut all the way the hell up!” I said getting up. “No nigga, you, before I call jay back in here to do it for you, haha!” Shamari said before drinking some of her juice. I shook my head and laughed and headed towards the balcony to find Jay.

<strong>On The Balcony</strong>

I walked out onto the balcony and saw jassiel standing up against the rail admiring the scenery, and I admired her, and I thought about how much I really did hate myself for hurting her the way I did. I realized a couple of weeks ago when my mom asked about her, how much I actually loved and missed her, and I screwed it all up by treating her the way I did. Well I gotta make it right. I cleared my throat announcing my presence. Jassiel turned around and smiled. “I was wondering where you were?” she said sitting down at the table. “Sorry, I was talking to them fools.” I said sitting down across from her. “It’s all good.” She said sipping her juice. “So why we up here?” I asked I couldn’t take it anymore. “Well, I thought we could talk, about last night, and where we are exactly.” She said smiling. “Okay, and where do you think we are?” “Well, obviously not anywhere good, I think we should just start over fresh, I mean as friends.” She said putting emphasizes on the friends part. “Okay I’m cool with that, I just want us to get to a point where it doesn’t feel like you hate me and that we can be around each other without it being awkward.” I said before putting some pieces of my pancakes in my mouth.

“Yeah, I would like that. So, how you been?” “I been good, glad to be back home and taking a minor break, yourself?” “That’s good, and I’ve been good. You ready for next week?” she asked. “Of course! I live to perform, I love it!” I said a little too excited. She giggled, which brought back so many memories of how it was before I became famous, and before I did what I did. “Um trey, did you hear me?” she asked making me realize I had gone off into space somewhere again. “No , I’m sorry, what you say?” She giggled again, “I said, what are you gonna perform?” “Oh, haha, now you know I can’t tell you that!” I said smirking. “Well can I get a hint?” she asked pouting. “Nope.” I said laughing. “Fine!” she said throwing a piece of bacon at me. “Haha, you mad?” “Nope.” She said smiling. “Okay.” So me and jassiel finished up our food and went back downstairs and I saw that Tyra and Shamari were outside in the pool playing around. “Where they go?” Jay asked walking in the kitchen. “In the pool.” “Forreal? I hope Tyra can swim.” “Why you say that?” I asked looking a bit concerned.
“Hahaha, can she?” “Yeah, to my knowledge.” “Oh then she should be fine.”

Right when Jassiel said that I turned around and saw Tyra had gotten out the pool and Shamari ran up behind her and pushed her in. “Oh s***!” Jassiel started laughing “I told you! That girl is crazy, you wanna get in?” “Uhh yeah, I think I got some shorts in the car, I’ll be back.” I said heading out the kitchen to the car. I got my stuff, changed, and went out back to the pool. I saw Tyra chilling in a chair playing on her phone while Shamari and Jassiel played around in the pool, I went and sat by Tyra. “What’s up T?” I said dapping her up. “s***, chillin. What’s up?” “Nothing.” I said smiling. “Damn nigga, you smile any harder, you could be the next “Smiling Bob” for that Enztye commercial! Hahaha!” “Enztye??” “Yeah the commercial about the pills that’ll make your d*** bigger and it got that nerdy ass white dude named bob smiling extra hard!” “Ohh, man f*** you !” I said laughing. She just laughed. “But uhh, what’s up with you and mari?” I asked looking over at her. She started smiling, “Oh nothing, we just chillin.” “Chillin my ass nigga, you feeling her aren’t you?” “Hell yeah nigga! I mean lex cool and all, but shamari it’s like…man I don’t even know what’s it like! I just know I’m feeling her way more than expected!” she said shaking her head. “Well what y’all talk about?” I asked being nosey. “Nigga you nosey, but don’t worry about it!” “Aight man, whateva.” I said before getting up and jumping in the pool. By the time we got out the pool and showered and stuff we just decided to stay at Jassiel house with the girls. We ended up watching a movie with me and jassiel on the couch and Shamari and Tyra were cuddled up on the floor. By the end of the movie everybody was sleep and jassiel was in my arms.


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<em>Shamari pov</em>

“Even though I try, you seem like you’ll never be satisfied-“I t felt good to wake up to the sound of Tyra singing in my ear. Someone had texted me. I look and I see its Tyra. “AAAAHHHH!!” I screamed silently. The text read, “Good morning” with a winking emoji face. A big cheesy smile came across my face. I just sat there for the longest time trying to figure out what to say. “OMG, get it together Mari,” I said to myself in the head. I took a deep breath and replied with a simple, “Good morning.” I didn’t want my eagerness or my thirstynesss to show. As soon as I text her back I get another text. It was Tyra again. It read: “So…What you doing today? “My eyes got big and I bit down on my lip. I replied back,”Umm, as far as I know I don’t have any plans.” My phone went off again, dang Tyra texted back fast. That made me like her more. “Good cause me and Trey tryna see you and your friend Jassiel again” I let out a scream again. This one louder than the last.

I ran into Jays room. “b**** wake the hell up! Tyra wants to see me again!!! Oh yeah and trey wants to see you again too!!” I said. Jay just sat up in bed. “I’m glad you and Tyra been hitting it off girl. I know this is like a dream come true for you girl,” she said barely awake. “f*** yeah! you have no idea.” I get another text message from Tyra: “Where you at now?” I text back,”Holy f***! I know yall not tryna come over now?” Tyra’s response was,” Holy f***? But umm yeah, we hungry. Me and Trey aint have a good home cooked meal in a while, so what’s good doe?” “What the hell,” I said now talking to Jassiel. “What happened?” she asked. “ Tyra is acting like a nigga. She wants to come over cause she said she was hungry.” Jassiel laughed at what I said. “Wow that’s real niggerish of her. You cooking? ‘cause I aint making Trey s***.” She said getting out of bed. I had to remind her of our little talk. “Uh what did we talk about last night?” when I said that I immediately heard her groan at my question. “Ok, Ok I will be nice today.” She said. “You better” I hit Tyra back and gave her the address. “ Oh Lord I need to find figure out what I’m going to wear.” “Girl don’t be tryna dress up just for some breakfast, cute PJs Mari duh.” I laughed at her. “Girl I’m not slow. You helping me cook too, wit yo face ass.” I said in my lil scrappy voice.
Me and Jassiel wash-up and change our PJs. We ended up making a really big breakfast and it wasn’t even on purpose. The breakfast consisted of eggs, ham, grits, sausage, hash browns, bacon, biscuits, and pancakes. Jassiel and I had really thrown down with this breakfast. I guess it was a good look for me because Tyra would know that I knew how to cook. Who knows, maybe she would come back for more after this one breakfast. I really hope I could cook her dinner one night, that way I could really show off my skills for her.

My nerves were getting to me. I started to get nervous again while waiting for Tyra. I needed her to come quick. I started doubting my breakfast. What if I made something she didn’t like? What it I forgot to add and ingredient to something and it tasted off. I couldn’t help myself. I went into the kitchen and started taste testing everything. Everything was good. Matter of fact everything was great. I was starting to over react. I took a few deep breaths and I managed to calm myself down. I was calm now. Just as I got my nerves under control the doorbell rang and then I heard someone beat boxing on the door. I smiled to myself and shook my head. “Tyra.” I said quietly to myself.

I opened the door and there she was with that adorable smile of hers. “What’s up gorgeous?” She said. My heart melted. “Hey.” I replied. She came in and gave me a hug. I look behind her and I see Trey isn’t there. “Where is Trey?” Tyra turned around. “Oh damn, he was just behind me. I think yo girl got him spooked or something. He didn’t really want to come over here I had to make my nigga come over here. That’s what took us so long.” I couldn’t believe what she just said. “Oh hell no. Tyra you can have a seat I will be right back.” I closed the door and went to get Jay. “Now you know I ought to punch you in your face.” I said to Jassiel with my arms crossed. “What you talking bout?” She asked. “You got Trey feeling some type of way outside. He wont even come inside the house. Girl go get him.” She rolled her eyes at me. “Yes mother dearest.”

After Jassiel left out of the room I went back to Tyra. I see her already in the kitchen eating her a sausage. “Dang you couldn’t wait?” I asked her. “I told you I was hungry.” She was so funny to me I couldn’t even be mad at her. “So I guess you don’t want to wait for Trey and Jassiel to get in here do you?” I asked her. “Man I aint tryna be rude, I would wait for them but just trying to get Trey up and out took up so much time. I’m just to the point where I’m starving. I can’t even wait anymore.” She said. I just smiled at her. “Ok well we can eat in here. Grab a plate and dig in.” That’s exactly what she did too.

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<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

So, I was making my way through the crowd, trying to find Jay so we could get the hell out of there. I found her and Trey talking, it looked serious, so I waited by the door for them to finish. “You really are mad at me?” Tyra said with the cutest sad face. I sighed, “No, I’m just tired and ready to go home.” I said putting on the fakest smile I could. She laughed, “I don’t know what’s funnier the fact that you’re lying to me or that fake smile you just gave me.” She said smirking. I tried not to laugh, but I did, “Was it really that bad?” I asked. “Uhh yeah haha, do I need to show you what I just saw?” she said about to change her facial expression. “Haha no that’s okay.” I said shaking my head. “So, shamari –“ “Whoa, whoa, whoa, “ I cut her off, “How do you know my name?” I asked looking confused. “Does it matter?” she snapped back then smiled. I bit my lip to keep from smiling “I guess not.” “That’s what I thought, now if you’re done frontin’ , you wanna dance?” she asked. “First of all, nobody was frontin’, but sure if you can keep up.” I said drinking the last of my drink and pulling her to the middle of the room where everybody was dancing.

<strong>Tyra’s pov</strong>

Me and Shamari had been dancing for like 15 mins, and the way she was moving her hips on me, if I had a d*** it would’ve been sticking through the back of her dress haha. I think she was doing it on purpose too, because every now and then she would look back and smirk at me, and I would smirk right back. Shamari turned around and faced me “I’m surprise you can keep up !” she said smiling. “Oh really? Why?” I asked. She shrugged, “I don’t know, I’m just surprised.” “Haha, okay.” “So, you wanna talk?” she asked looking away. “Sure.”

I grabbed her hand and led her out to the balcony where it was quiet, but we still had a good view of inside. “So?” I asked. “So, what?” she said nervously. “Haha, do I make you nervous?” “Umm..a little.” She said honestly. “Why?” “I don’t know, and that’s what’s pissing me off, I had this whole plan for if I ever met you, and now I can’t even talk to you without getting butterflies in my stomach or my palms getting a little sweaty, this is so embarrassing.” She said covering her face and shaking her head. I laughed while moving her hands, “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s all good girl!” I smiled reassuring her. She smiled back. “There we go, now about this plan?” I asked curious. “What about it?” she said smirking. “Can I hear it? Since, you didn’t put it in motion.” “Who’s to say it isn’t? How do you know this isn’t what I planned to happen?” she said c**king her head to one side. “You!” I said c**king my head to the same side copying her. She giggles, “Don’t copy me, but I didn’t say that I said I had one, not that it didn’t happen.” “So this is your plan? Me standing out on this balcony with you, tryna figure you the hell out.” I laughed.

“Mmm…maybe, maybe not, that’s for me to know and you to never find out.” She laughed then got real serious looking at something behind me. I turned around to see what she was staring at and it was her friend Jassiel and Trey arguing about something and then Jassiel turning to leave. “s***! I’m sorry I gotta go.” She was headed to go back inside but I stopped her. “Wait!” “Yes?” “You’re really gonna leave me and not give me your number?” I asked. She smiled and bit her lip taking my phone and putting her number in it. “Goodbye Tyra!” she turned to leave again but I pulled her back planting a soft, sweet, kiss on her lips, “Bye Shamari.” She smiled and ran back inside chasing after her friend. I smiled to myself for a minute then reality set back in, oh s***! Lex! Lord you’re gonna have to get me through this one. I shook my head, and went inside to find and ask Trey what happened.

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

I ran down behind Jay yelling her name. “Jay! Jay! Girl wait up!” I said catching up to her. “Oh, I’m sorry girl, Trey just pissed me the hell off!” she said turning to face me. “Uh, obviously! What happened?” I said crossing my arms across my chest. “Girl, he started confessing to me that he really did, and still loves me, and that he was sorry that he put me through everything, and that he wanted us to at least be friends, if we couldn’t be more, and I just don’t know what to do.” She says threw sobs. “Awe bestie come here,” I said hugging her, “It’s gonna be okay, but Jay don’t get mad at me, but why are you mad?” I asked letting her go. “What you mean shamari?” “I mean I know Trey did some grimy ass s***, and best to believe I still wanna beat his ass, but I saw something different in him today Jay. Like when he saw you today, well yesterday at the airport, his eyes lit up like a kid’s in the candy store. I mean you know imma always have your back, but this time I think you should at least talk to him.” I said looking at her. “Shamari, I’m scared!” she said wiping her face. “I know girl, but you can’t be scared all your life hun, you’re gonna have to face some s***!” She sighs, “I guess so, but uh I seen you and Tyra what was up with that?” she said smiling.

I smiled and jumped up and down, “OMG Jay! I don’t know where to start!” “The beginning b**** duh! Haha!” she said laughing. “Okay, okay well she came up to me apologizing and stuff, and I was like it’s cool whatever and I tried to walk away, and she grabbed me and was wondering why I always left when she was tryna talk to me, and I explained, and some other stuff happened and well uh I gave her my number and she kissed me, okay let’s go!” I said turning to walk towards the car. “Pause, wait a minute b****! Did you just say she kissed you?” “Yup!” I said turning around smiling. “b**** you lying!” “Haha I’m not though! Her lips were so soft Jay!” I said getting excited all over again. “OMG! You’re serious?” “Yes b****! Now come on I’m hungry and tired!” I said grabbing her arm and pulling her towards the car. “Fine! Come on with your hungry ass! Haha!” I laughed and ran and jumped in the car. “ What you want?” Jay asked getting in the car. “Hmm, Mickey d’s!” “Ooo, me too!” “Well let’s go hoe!” I said. Me and Jay hit up mickey d’s and then went back to her house and showered, and then passed the hell out.

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<strong>Trey's pov</strong>

I felt like a fool after Jassiel left me. I knew just as well as everyone else that she wasn’t my girl. I guess when I said that, that was just me doing some wishful thinking more than anything. I just wanted to tell her how I felt. I knew now was probably not a good time, during a party while she was drunk, but I couldn’t help it. I found her standing by herself just dancing. “Hey, can I talk to you for a second.” She rolled her eyes and she followed behind me. I took her into a different part of the suite that was quiet so we could talk in private. “Jassiel,” I said looking at her. “Yeah,” she said. “Look man why you acting like that with me?” She was surprised by my question; I could tell by the way her eyes got big. “Trey, what do you mean? What am I acting like? Why are we even having this conversation right now?” I figured by the way she was acting that I had better hurry up and get my point across to her as to why I wanted to talk to her so bad. “Baby I just want us to be cool man, I mean I’m being nice to you and stuff and I really just want us to put aside our differences.” “Ok, I get that but you trying too hard to make stuff work between me and you. Like stop forcing it to happen. Right now and as of lately I just feel like you just being worsome as hell. I just want you to back up off me sometimes. I would love for us to move on and be happy with our lives and s*** but you need to understand that you hurt me and you did me real grimy. I know all that stuff happened years ago but there is no time limit when it comes to healing, so if me getting over what you did to me is taking too long for you, then the only person you have to blame is yourself.” She was right and all my feelings of regret started to settle in again.

“Jassiel, it hurts me to see you hurting like that and all I can really say is sorry.” I couldn’t even look at her in the eyes anymore. It was just too painful for me. Every time I looked at her, she didn’t even have to say anything, I just felt like I could feel her pain. There was so much that I wanted to tell her, but I knew it was too soon and definitely not the right place by any means. “Look I really just brought you in here to ask you if you think maybe we could work things out and try and give this relationship thing another try?” I watched as she brought her eyes up to meet mine. She just stared at me for a while. “How many times are you going to ask me this question? I definitely gave you chances after the whole abortion situation but all you ever did was leave again and again and ignore me, and act like we never had anything. I definitely gave you many chances. I’m not gonna let you keep on embarrassing me and making me look dumb in front of my friends and my family, and since I seem to be getting my own form of publicity when you’re around, I’m not bout to be embarrassing myself in front of the media either. You have no idea what it’s like do you? ” I felt a big lump in my throat when she said that. “Yeah, actually I do.” I said, “Trey please you don’t even know what it’s like to love someone and have that person hurt you. Now that I think about it, you probably was never in love with me, and you still aint in love with me. Why don’t you move on like you always do? You aint have no problem doing that all them other times we got back together and you just left and you damn sho aint have a problem doing it while I was pregnant.”

The tension between us that moment was so heavy. She always knew how to shut me up and make me feel like an ass whenever she talked about that abortion. I try to avoid talking about it every time, but I knew it would never go away. It was the one thing from that past that would always come back to haunt me, and there was no escaping it. Even though Jassiel would never believe me but I do know what it feels like to be in love with someone and then the other person is hurting you. I feel that same feeling right now at this very moment. I knew I loved Jassiel, but she didn’t know that, so I asked her, “What makes you think that I don’t love you?” I immediately saw the anger in her face. “Trey I’m not even about to do this with you right now, you couldn’t wait to have this conversation with me at a more appropriate time then this?” She got up and started getting her stuff together.

“Jassiel wait! Seriously, I just want you to answer the question.” I held her hand and just looked at her. I wanted her to know I was being serious with her. “I’m not falling for this bulls*** again Trey.” The combination of her stare and her response sent chills all over my skin; she wasn’t playing. “You know what Trey, if you would have kept me when you had me and didn’t act like an ass, maybe we wouldn’t have been having this conversation and maybe you wouldn’t feel the way that you do.” She snatched her hand away from me and started to walk away and then she turned around. “Oh yeah, and stop telling people that I’m your girl. You and I know very well that I am far from that.” She turned and walked out the room. I was just speechless. I couldn’t believe what I had done to her and the person she had turned into all because I didn’t appreciate her when I had her. I didn’t even go back to the party. I just wanted to be by myself. I just wanted time to think.