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Unexplainable Feelings


Main character, Shamari is experiencing her own set of unexplainable feeling when she finally gets to meet her celebrity crush Tyra B. The thing is Shamari is not a lesbian, but she has had her heart stolen by the very attractive Virginia native, RnB singer Tyra B, who is a lesbian. Unlike other girls, her fantasy becomes a quick reality for her. Fortunately, her best friend Jassiel has been in a very long on again, off again relationship with Virginia RnB singer Trey Song. Trey and Tyra are good friends with each other and have come home to Virginia to do some promotions for their new song they have together. While they are there, Tyra and Shamari link up with each other, despite the fact that Tyra has a girlfriend named Lex. As for Jassiel and Trey's situation, Trey tries to win back the heart of the one women who really loved him, even though she is fed up with his past actions that left her heartbroken and bitter. Although the plan seems simple for everyone, all four will experience their trial and tribulations and...... Unexplainable feelings


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<strong>Tyra pov</strong>

I turned around and looked at Trey. He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "Hey I'm Jassiel, that's my best friend Shamari! You don't have to introduce yourself, I know who you are." I looked at her and could tell she was a little drunk. " Hi nice to meet you. Do you mind if I ask you about your friend?" I asked. "Go ahead." She said. "Whats up with her, what's her problem?" Jassiel just laughed. "Well, she thinks you are totally arrogant and you an a**hole." I could tell she was a little tipsy. "What?! What I do?" I was highly confused. "The whole airport situation girl! Why did you let T-Rex- I mean Lex do that girl like that? Shamari like you, she just into her feelings right now." I laughed. Did she really just say T-Rex, she had to be drunk. "Well look, I can't control Lex, she do her own thing I-" "You need to control her, and who the hell dresses her and does her makeup? You need to control that too cause she be looking a hot ass mess. You ain't no good girlfriend if you be letting her look any type of way. You need to-" "Jay lets go you trippin now." Trey said pulling her arm. "Trey get off me you ain't my man!" She said and walked off. "I thought you said that was yo girl?" I said laughing at Trey. "Man shut up that is my girl, she just drunk right now." "Yo whatever that ain't yo girl, but since I know shawty feelin me and she just frontin right now, imma see if I can get her to change her mind." "Good luck," Trey said.

I moved through the crowd of people to try and find Shamari. I finally found her by herself drinking. I watched as she took one to the head. "Hey." I said to her. I must have startled her cause the look on her face was priceless. "Umm hey.... Tyra," she said trying to fix her hair real quick. "Are you following me?" She asked. "Um.. I just wanted to apologize, just in case you got the wrong impression of me in the airport or if I offended you today. I'm not like that, I promise. I guess I could have handled the situation different. Look I really don't like letting my fans down like that. Are you okay?" "It's cool, it's your image not mine!" she said taking a sip and beginning to walk off but I stopped her by grabbing her arm. “Um, is there a reason you’re touching me?” she said a little loud, confirming that she had had way too many drinks. I gently grabbed at her drink and set it down. “Yeah, I wanted to talk to you, but everytime I come around you walk away. Did I offend you that bad?” She stood there for a minute, not saying anything, then finally she spoke. “Look imma just keep it real with you, I f***ing love you! Like everything, your music, your swag, your voice which sends chills down my spine everytime you f***ing sing, and that smile, Jesus! You have a smile that just makes me melt,” I couldn’t help but smile when she said that, “See,” she said pointing “That one right there, but when you pulled that little s*** you did in the airport it pissed me off, and on top of that, and I mean no disrespect when I say this, but that ugly ass thing you call a girlfriend, just makes me wanna f***ing puke!” she said grabbing her forehead, “and then-“ “Okay, okay, I get it boo, you don’t like lex.” I said laughing. “More like T-rex!” Oh, so this is where jay got that from, but Trey was right she’s a handful, but I can’t help myself. I mean damn shawty is bad. Whoa, chill Ty you gotta girl, yeah but she don’t look like this. My self-conscience said to me.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Shamari waving her hand in front of my face, and calling my name. “Uh, I’m sorry, what did you say?” I said coming back to reality. “I said if you’re done, can I have my drink back and go dance?” she asked reaching for it. I grabbed the drink moving out of her reach, “I’ll let you have it back, under one condition.” She sighed and crossed her arms, “Fine, what is it?” she asked. “You’ll go out with me.” “What!! Oh hell naw, Tyra I’m not one of those groupies that you can wine and dine for a night, get a good f***, and then go back to your ugly ass girlfriend. You are really starting to change my mind about you! Ugh!” She snatched her drink and walked off through the crowd. So there I was standing there with my mouth left opened, confused. Trey said she was handful, but this is way more than a handful, but f*** it I love challenges and she was definitely challenging me. I was brought out of my thoughts by my phone going off, it was a text from lex. “Hey babe, the fam is good, I miss you, don’t have too much fun without me, love you!” I shot her back a quick love you too and went to find Shamari. I didn’t know what it was about her, but I wanted her and I wanted her bad.

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This is tyra's girlfriend btw:

<a href=>T-rex</a>

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

I was working on my third drink at the party, still wondering why in the hell Jay made us come. I mean I should be happy, but after that little stunt Tyra pulled at the airport, I had lost all respect for her and I damn sure didn’t wanna be in the same room with her or her ugly ass girlfriend. “Yo Jay! Can we please go? I don’t wanna be know where in sight when Tyra and her monkey looking girlfriend get here.” I said a little irritated. “Wait a minute, did you really just call that girl a monkey?” Jay asked laughing. I laughed a little, “You know I’m right!” “Yeah, but that’s just wrong, but Trey just told me Chris might be rolling up in here a little later-“ “Chris!” I said cutting her off, “You mean as in Chris Brown, the love of my life, Chris Brown!” I said getting a little excited. “Yes, that one, so we gotta wait!” “Oh yes the hell we do!” I said finishing off my drink. “Whoa there hoe, you betta slow down with them, you know how you get when you’re drunk!” “Yeah, horny as hell!” I said laughing before going to get another one.

When I came back from getting my drink Trey was standing with Jay. “Damn Trey, you gon let her breath!” I said laughing before taking a sip from my cup. “Damn Shamari, you still being Betty Ford!” he said laughing. I laughed, “f*** you dawg, I can’t help I like to drink!” I said flipping him the bird. “I’m just playing with you girl, but you were pretty calm at the airport except for you little hand gesture, you were giving people, what’s up with that?” he asked me. “What you mean what’s up with that? I was chilling.” I said sipping on my drink again. “Exactly, you and the word chill, are never in a sentence together!” “Well.” I said shrugging. “Well, I know you excited, because Tyra will be here in a minute so-“ “Uh f*** her!” I said cutting him off. His eyes got big and he looked at Jay like did I hear what I think I just heard. Jay laughed, “Yeah, she’s not feeling Tyra too much right now.” “Correction,I'm not feeling her ass at all! I mean that was rude as f*** what she did at the airport! And T-rex ugly ass would’ve gotten her ass beat if I was that girl!” I said getting mad all over again. “T-rex?” Trey asked looking confused. “She’s talking about Tyra’s girlfriend.” Jay explained to him. “Ohh, haha, damn mari that’s cold!” “I don’t give a f***! That b**** is ugly and she rude, which makes her even uglier.” I said disgusted. Trey just shook his head and laughed, while jay was laughing tryna calm me down. “Haha, I’m good girl!” I said finishing off my drink, “Damn it! I’ll be back my cup is empty.” I said starting to walk away but Jay grabbed my arm. “Uh no, I think you need to slow down!” “Awe, I appreciate your concern Jay, but I’m good! Look!” I said standing on one leg without wobbling. “Well of course your ass can do that! You’re a f***ing dancer!” “Fine, zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba, there I just said the whole alphabet backwards without a flaw, and I’m still standing on one leg.” I said putting my hands on my hips. “Alright fine,” she said letting my arm go, “I give up.” I smiled, “Thanks bestie!” and I walked over to the drink table.

Me and Jay was dancing and vibing to the music and by this time we were both tipsy as hell. “So, are you and Trey okay?” I asked sitting down on one of the couches. “I mean for the most part, but I’m still not letting my guard down.” She said sipping out her cup. “And you shouldn’t!” “Trust me, I’m not!” “You not what?” Trey asked walking up. “Nothi-“ “Letting her guard down with you!” I said cutting her off and sipping out my cup eyeing Trey. “Oh, well I understand but uh Shamari, you’re boo just got here.” Trey said pointing to the door. I turned around to look and there <a href=>she</a> was smiling and looking sexy as f***! No, no calm down shamari, you saw what kinda a**hole she can be. I turned back around and looked at Trey and shrugged. “So.” I said and took another sip. Jay laughed “Girl you know you hype, so stop frontin’!” “Girl ain’t nobody frontin’ , nor is anybody checking for her ass!” “Checking for who?” I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I turned around, looked up, and there she was in the flesh, still smiling that smile that just made me melt all over. Now, every part of me wanted to just jump up and scream and act like a fool, but I held my composure. “You.” I said standing up and walking away.

I walked quickly into one of the bedrooms, shutting, and locking the door. “Okay, shamari breath girl!” I said tryna calm myself down. I went into the bathroom and patted my face with a wet towel, and then touched up my makeup. I examined myself in the mirror. “Damn, I do look good!” I said to myself laughing. I turned off the light in the bathroom, took a deep breath, and walked back out to the party and went to the drink table to get another drink. If I was gonna get through the rest of this night alcohol was definitely gonna be needed.

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Jassiel POV

We arrived at the airport and Shamari was right them b****es were dressed to the nine up in there. I'm glad I took her advice on the outfit. It seemed a bit over rated, but she had a point. It was crowded as hell in the airport and there was type of security there to keep the place in control. " OMG Jassiel I'm so nervous. I can't believe I'm really about to see Tyra B. for the first time." "Yeah you'll see her foreal this time." I said joking her about yesterday's incident at the mall. "Jay it's not funny. I really thought I saw Tyra yesterday. Don't laugh at my thirst." "Oh I'm not laughing at your thirst, I'm laughing at this extreme thirst that I'm about to witness from you when Tyra comes off the terminal." I said laughing. "Oh ok so you wanna talk junk now cause you feeling Yo self, cause I made you look good. We'll see how much talking you'll be doing when Trey comes around, it's gonna be straight silence." "Well at least I don't have to work to get attention from a celebrity. I got one eating out of the palm of my hand." "Ok Jay you got me, I'll give you that one.... Just this once."

We waited and waited for Tyra to come. Her plane was late for its arrival and I was starting to get irritated and I could tell Shamari was too. Girls started to notice me and they realized who I was. They recognized me as Trey's ex. I was starting to get a lot of stares and finger pointing in my direction. I got a few mugs and heard some of the girls there make rude comments towards me. I had to stop Mari one good time from snapping on one girl that was talking s*** bout us. " She over there wanna be talking s*** real real loudly but I bet she won't come over here." She said ranting on. I was just not in the mood for nonsense. " Girl you getting mad for what doe? She can talk s*** as long as she want. I bet she won't get as close to Tyra as we will. Don't forget, we got the hookup." I had to remind her. " OMG Jay, you so right I don't know what I w-..."

Before she could finish her sentence we heard some screaming. We look up and there's Tyra looking all types of cute with her ponytail. "TYRA!!!!!!!!" Shamari screamed while jumping up and down. I could hear her starting to hyperventilate. "Mari girl you?" "Omg it's Tyra, it's Tyra." She was so into the moment that I don't think she heard what I said. I watched in excitement as Tyra smiled at the fans. Then, out of nowhere comes Lex, Tyra's girlfriend. She looked like a bigger hot mess in person than she did on the Internet. "Noooo!!!! What the f*** is she doing here?!?!" Mari screamed. I could hear a scatter of boos from the crowd of people. One girl in the crowd was so hyped to see Tyra she was pushing through Tyra's security and grabbing on her. Next thing I see is Lex trying to fight the girl. "Get tha f*** off my girlfriend," she said and pushed the girl on the ground. Tyra just let out a laugh grabbed Lex's hand and continued to walk.

"Holy f***, did you just see that?" Shamari asked. "Yes girl, I would I have beat Lex's ass if I was that girl." " yes, and then Tyra had the nerve to laugh about it. I'm just thru. Between Lex tryna fight that girl and Tyra lauding, I just lost all respect for her. I was already pissed by presence, but that was just too much, and I'm still mad about that girl talking s***. I can't believe Tyra. I hate when celebs start getting a big head and think that they too good for us non celebrity people and think they can just do what they want. I'm ready to go where the f*** is Trey?

Trey POV

Man I was knocked out on that plane, I had no idea Shamari and Jassiel were trying to contact me especially Jassiel. I never get any type of notifications on my phone from her. I must have gotten on her nerves enough to get her to come to the airport. I really just want us to be cool again. Be she always gotta be so damn tight towards me. She's got a huge guard up making it impossible for us to have a decent connection with each other. Just straight up awkwardness. I try to make her feel comfortable but I guess it doesn't work for whatever reason. She never let's me into her thoughts so I never know what she's thinking. I deserve it after what happened, but I just feel like I need her a lot right now. She's the only person I trust.

I hear the sound of noise picking up, indicating that a big crowd of people waiting in the lobby area. I look out and there's lots of girls as usual. I wave and flirt with them from a distance. Immediately my phone starts going off its Jassiel. "Where you at?" I said screaming in the phone. "Look to the left." She screamed back. I barely heard what she said I looked and I didn't see her. "Where?" I look again and I see her and Shamari headed towards me. I wave for them to come quickly. They come and then get turned away by my security. "Hey man hold on, don't do them like that they good. Let them through, only them two." I see Shamari first and acknowledge her. "Hey how you been?" I asked her. "Good and yourself?" She responded. I look over and she's flicking so girls off in the crowd. She's still the same ole Mari. "Chill with that, Mari" "I'm just saying what's up to the haters that was talking s*** just moments ago." I laughed at her. I realized that me and Jassiel were holding hands. I assume there was nothing special behind it, it was just done more or less so she could keep up with me, unless she was trying to prove something to some haters like Shamari. "You ok Jassiel?" I had to ask, she was never one that loved getting a lot of attention. "Yeah I'm fine." She said not making any eye contact. She looked real good. She definitely be on the comeup since I last saw her.

We got through the crowd and into the Escalade. "That was wild as f***." I said. "It sure was and I enjoyed every moment if it. I wonder if my face will be on a blog site tomorrow." Shamari said primping herself. "Most likely." I said. Hold up right quick. I jumped out to see where Tyra was. "Yo you good?" I asked her. "Yeah it was live as hell up in there. Tyra said. "Aight. I just ran out her to check on ya, see y'all at the hotel." "Wait hold up Trey." She said grabbing my shoulder. "What's up?" "Yo who was that girl, next to you?" She said in a hushed voice. "Who? Look if you talking bout the dark skinned shorty she off limits that's-...." "Nigga chill I'm taking bout the other one." Tyra said. "Oh, that's Shamari, my girls best friend, she's a handful." Tyra laughed, "Yo I ain't even trippin. She real cute man. Invite her to the hotel tonight." "What? What about Lex?" I asked. "Lex is about to leave, she gon be with her family, but I I gotta go, make that happen for me man" she ran to her car and I went back to Jay and Mari. "What y'all doing tonight?" I asked. They looked at each other. "We don't have any plans." Jassiel said. "Cool, me and Tyra wanted to know if y'all wanted to come to the hotel tonight. We having a party." Shamari smacks her lips "Tyra? Ugh I'm done with her." She said. "We'll be there, just give the hotel address and stuff." Jay said. I gave her the info and the driver drove them over to their car. "I'll see y'all tonight." I said. "Ok bye" they said and drive away.

<strong>Chapter 2</strong>

<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

"C'mon Jay, please! Just call him and ask him what time they would be getting here!" I begged jay. "I just can't shamari!" she said. "Why?" "Because he's gonna find a reason to try and keep me on the phone, and he's gonna wanna know why and I don't feel like explaining myself!" she said. "Fine, give me his number and I'll do it!" I said pulling out my phone. "What the hell? It's really not this serious, I mean the concert is at a club, so it's general admission." "And your point?" I asked. "My point is, unfortunately you're gonna have to be actually on time for something." she said smiling. "Fine!" I said crossing my arms and pouting. "Haha that is really sad girl." "What is?" I said looking confused. "The fact that you think because your giving me the puppy dog face, it's gonna change my mind." "Is it?" I asked getting excited. "Nope." she said then laughed. "Uggh!" I said throwing my hands up in frustration. "So besides your little "tyra issue", what’s up with you and Ryan?” I smiled, “Girl more like how was he up in me! Haha, but I told you we just sexing that’s it!” I said using my hands to put extra emphasizes on the end. “If you say so.” She shrugged. “I know so but oooo, you look <a href=>cute!</a>girl trey is gonna flip s*** when he see you!” I said admiring my work. “Haha, I do look good don’t I!” “Oh now who’s the c**ky b****?” I said folding my arms across my chest and smiling. “No no, confidence sweetheart, not c**kiness.” She said flipping her hair. “Whatever hoe, you ready to go?” “Yup, am I driving or you?” “You b****, I’m not wasting my gas!” I said laughing and walking out the room.

<strong>In The Car<strong/>

“What the f*** Mari? Where in the hell do you get these crazy ideas?” Jay asked me. “My mind, duh! Haha it’s a good plan isn’t it?” “Yeah if you tryna go to jail!” she said. I laughed, “Damn girl, calm down I was just joking, get your draws out ya ass haha.” “I’m convinced you were dropped on your head as a baby.” She said laughing. “f*** you hoe! Now, are you gonna call trey please!” “No, but you can!” “Yay! What’s his number?” I asked digging for my phone in my purse. “I don’t know, he got a new one it’s in my phone.” She said tossing it in my lap. “Thank you!” I found his number and called it. It rang like 5 times then went to voicemail. “Damn it!” I said hanging up. “What’s wrong?” “He didn’t answer, oh well we’re here now!” I said pulling down the sun visor to do touch-ups on my makeup. We parked and got out. I looked at Jay and took a deep breath. “Here we go!” I said as we walked through the doors of the airport.

Jasielle POV
Some time goes by and I hear my doorbell ring. I definitely wasn’t expecting Mari to get here so fast. I wasn’t even dressed yet. I run to go open the door and this b**** is dressed like she’s going to the club. “b****, what the hell you got on?” I asked. <a href=> She</a> smiles then flips her hair and prances through the doorway in her heels. “I know I look good; you don’t have to be jealous. You could just give me a compliment and just keep it moving. Why aren’t you dressed? I told you I won’t playing no games. I’m tryna be at the airport nice and early. “I threw my head back in disgust. “ Well excuse me, I didn’t know you was gonna be on your high horse today.” I said. “No b****, not horse, heels. High heels to match my high level of confidence.” I laughed at her. “You OD’n. I have two outfits layed on my bed, but I didn’t know which one to wear.” I said while closing the door. “Well you asking the right person cause I love picking out outfits, and you were right I really think I was hallucinating yesterday!” she said laughing. “I told your obsessed ass that!” “Whatever! Let me go see these outfits!” “Okay.” I said.
We headed upstairs and I showed Shamari the outfits on the bed. “Ugh Jay, what is this?” I could hear the disgust in her voice. “My outfits Shamari, what you mean?” I was confused by her reaction. “Jay we are going to see Tyra B. and Trey Songz at the airport, we’re not going grocery shopping hun.” I personally didn’t think there was anything wrong with the outfits, but all I could do was shake my head and laugh. Shamari was one funny person. “Ok Shamari, the closet is all yours. I’ll just be sitting on my bed waiting for my personal stylist.” “Girl boo.” We both laughed and I watched her go on a raid through my closet. “Here wear this,” she finally said. “Hell no!” I said in disagreement. “Girl you need to be killing it when Trey sees you. You need to look so good that that sorry mofo is going to be begging for your forgiveness.” “Mari that was years ago I’m over that.” Still shaking my head. “It doesn’t matter if it was years ago, he did you wrong so you need to show him what he’s been missing. Also, you know how competitive these 757 hoes are for attention. They all wanna be bad b****es. We gotta set the record straight and let them know that there will only be two bad b****es at that airport today.” I thought about it and Shamari was right. I wouldn’t mind messing with Trey’s feelings a little bit. A smile crept across my face. “I like the way you think.” I gave Shamari a high-five and got dressed.

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Omg I'm weak that Drake is like a nobody in this story. And I totally can see all this happening in real life. Your character is just like you. Especially that part with the security guard, it's so funny cause I can imagine that being you foreal.

Okay Shamari & Ryan gettin it in & he can't be on that lovey dovey tip if all they doin is freaking . They some true fans goin to the airport doeeeee .
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<em>Shamari’s pov</em>

When I got to the mall I went straight to the food court. I texted Jay letting her know where I was, and stood in line for Chick-fil-a. I was next in line, and tryna decide what I wanted when somebody walked up behind me covering my eyes. “Guess who?” they whispered in my ear. I couldn’t help but giggle. I turned around placing a soft kiss on his lips, “Hey <a href=>Ryan</a>!” I said smiling. “Hey beautiful, what’s up? What you doing here?” he asked. “Nothing, I’m meeting Jay here, so we can do some shopping, for the concert next week.” “Concert?” he asked looking confused. “Yeah the one at the Lounge next week, with Tyra B. and Trey Songz.” I said. “Oh yeah, I forgot about your little crush on her.” He laughed and I playfully hit his arm. “Shut up!” I giggled. “I’m just playing with you girl, but uh I was about to get something to eat too, you wanna just eat together?” he asked. “Of course!” I said and then ordered my food.

By the time me and Ryan finished eating, Jay was walking up to us. “Hey Mari, hey Ryan, I see y’all hungry n*ggas ate without me!” she said hugging me. “Hell yeah! I was hungry and you were taking too long.” I laughed. “I figured that, that’s why I ate before I got here.” She said. “Well good, you ready to go?” I asked. “F*ck yeah, Trey text me with some nonsense, so I need some retail therapy!” she said pulling out her phone showing me the text messages. “What the hell? Ain’t nobody checking for his dumbass! We going to support my baby hahaha” I said giving her phone back to her and throwing my trash away. “Exactly! That’s why I ain’t entertain him, but really? Your baby? Haha I thought she was Lex from bliss’s baby.” She said smirking. “b**** don’t play you know how I feel about that! Haha but anyways Ryan I will see you later.” I said biting my lip. “You know it.” He said before kissing me and getting up to leave. “Bye boo, bye jay.” He said, walking away. “Bye Ryan, girl what is up with y’all? Why you playing with him?” Jay asked while we walked into forever 21. “What you mean playing with him? Me and Ryan are just f*ck buddies, the relationship thing wasn’t working for us.” I said looking through the racks. “Are you sure? Because dude looks like he is in love haha.” “Haha I mean you can’t blame him, look at me haha.” I said pointing to myself. She laughs, “I swear you have got to be the c**kiest b*tch on this earth!” “Whoa,” I said putting my hand up, “Confident, not c**ky.” “Whatever, imma go try this stuff on.” She said before heading to the fitting rooms.

“Okay.” I continued looking while jay was in the fitting room, when something caught my eye, no not something, someone. I walked to the front of the store, making sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. “Holy s***!” I said out loud forgetting I was in the store until some lady with her kid, started mean-mugging me. I gave her a look and then turned my attention back to who I had seen, but they were gone. “s***!” I ran back towards the fitting rooms calling out Jay’s name. “What!” she said walking out one of the rooms I had passed. “Yo, we gotta go, I just saw f*cking Tyra B.!” I said loud enough for her to hear but nobody else. “Shamari, are you that excited that your a** is hallucinating!” she said while laughing. “Jay, I’m not hallucinating, I really saw her dawg!” I said with a serious face. She stop laughing, “Oh you’re serious?” “Duh! Now, come on!” I said pulling her towards the door. “Okay, okay I’m coming.” She said following down behind me. I looked around the mall tryna see if I could see her, but my a** was too short, so I got on a bench tryna see over people, until a security guard came over b*tching. “Excuse me mam, but you’re gonna have to get down.” “And you’re gonna have to wait.” I said still searching for her. “Look no need for the attitude -.” “Okay whatever!” I said cutting him off because I didn’t see her. “Thank you.” He said and walked away. “Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome.” I said rolling my eyes. “Are you sure it was her?” Jay asked. “Yeah I swear Jay, she was right there!” I said pointing towards the footlocker. She strained to look over the people and at footlocker. “Dang, well you wanna go over there?” she asked. “No, it’s okay, we can finish shopping.” I said sadly and walked back towards H&M.

When I got home, I was looking through my bags at all the stuff I bought. “Not bad, shamari, not bad.” I said to myself patting myself on the back. I was putting my stuff up when my phone started ringing. “Hello?” “Sup babe, what you doing?” Ryan asked. “Nothing, just finished putting up all my stuff I bought, you?” “Sh*t, chillin, you home by yourself?” he asked me, I knew what that meant. I laughed, “Yeah, why?” “I thought we could chill..order some pizza…play some games…watch a movie…or make one!” he said laughing. “Mmm I like that last suggestion.” “I know, so I’ll see you in about 30 minutes?” “I’ll leave the door unlocked.” I said before hanging up. I finished putting my stuff away, took a quick shower, and waited for Ryan.

<strong>The Next Morning</strong>

I woke up the next morning in Ryan's arms, and smiled, then I looked over at the clock. “Oh sh*t! Ryan you gotta get up!” I said shaking him awake. “What? 5 more minutes babe!” he said like a little kid, I giggled then hit him across the head with my pillow. “What the f*ck, Shamari?!” he said jumping up. “Goodmorning to your a** too, but unless you wanna explain to my dad, why his co-worker and best friend’s son is leaving his house at 8:00 this morning I suggest you get the going.” I said smirking. “Haha, you right, I love your dad, but that nigga is crazy!” he said laughing. “Exactly!, but I’ll call you later boo.” I said. “Aight,” he said tryna give me a kiss. I shook my head and backed away. “Eww no, you still got morning breath!” I said laughing. “D*mn!” he said laughing “Can I least get a hug?” “Yeah boo!” I said walking over and hugging him. “Aight babe, I’ll talk to you later.” “Okay Ryan.” I said walking him downstairs and to the door. I closed the door and went upstairs to wake up Jay like she did me yesterday!

“Hello?” she said still half sleep. “Wake up hoe, I’m coming over!” I yelled. “What the f*ck shamari, it’s like 8 in the d*mn morning!” “Oh , so now you know how it feels! But so, I’m coming over, we gotta discuss this Tyra issue.” I said picking out my clothes. “What Tyra issue?” she asked. “Uhh, like what time is she f*cking arriving, so I can happen to be at the airport, duh!” “Hahaha, hell no Shamari, we are not going to the airport!” “Why not?!” “Because that’s called stalking!” “Jay no it’s not! Stalking would be to follow her around all day and so forth.” I said. She started laughing, “Something is seriously wrong with you, but okay what time you coming over?” “As soon as I get ready.” “Okay, so that’s like 5 hours.” She said laughing. “Hoe don’t try to play me! But I’ll be there in about an hour.” “Hahaha okay, just call me.” “Okay bye b*tch haha.” “Bye hoe.” After we hung up I made some breakfast, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, and headed to Jay’s house.

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Tyra cute asf ! But uhm Trey nobody checking for you so juss keep it moving boo .
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Jassiel POV

I was happy that me and my girl Shamari, was finally about to get a chance to see Tyra B. but I have a little problem. Not only was Tyra B coming but so was Trey. Trey Songz that is. They were premiering a new song they have together.

At one time he was my world, my everything. We had a great relationship. It was me and him until the end. We messed around when we were young, then things got serious between us. We started living together and Trey was starting to get noticed and recognition for his music. He would have to leave from time to time, but I never complained. I understood how the business was.

Eventually, I found out I was pregnant with his baby. I remember his reaction when I told him; he was so happy. I told him the same day that his first album dropped. That day was great day for him. He was going to be a father, and his album was already selling well. He got that first check and everything just seemed so perfect at the time. A couple of days later, he told me he had to leave again. As usual it wasn't a big deal to me. I took him to the airport, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I never thought in my mind that he would leave me and never come back, but that's exactly what he did. Left me. At the time I didn't know. I was very patient at the time. I understood that he had just released an album and had to promote it more, so I just waited, and called, and waited. I knew it was over by the time the third week came and I still had no response from him.

About a month and a half had a passed since then and things were falling apart for me. People kept asking me about me and Trey. I started hearing rumors about him and it was all just too much. Then on top of that I was trying to survive off my one income struggling to keep my apartment. By then I was pushing the deadline to get an abortion, which was never a part of plans to get. I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant, but it was starting to show in my face.I didn't want to go through with it but what else could I do at such a time. I barely was making enough money to support myself, so I know I couldn't support someone else. I cried long and hard just thinking about it, but I decided to go through with it. My first abortion. I could never forgive Trey for that.

At some point later on down the line we reconnected. I maintained my composure and learned to be cordial with him but his mind is always on something else. He never mentions the pregnancy whenever we talk. He has told me sorry many of times but never says what it is he is sorry for. He likes to keep in touch with me now. I never hit him up first though; I never have anything to say to him, but like always I remain cordial. Now that he's coming to town he wants to see me. He been blowing me all week but today he is irkin. He keeps texting me while I'm trying to get dressed for the mall.

"You coming to the event?" He text.
"Yes, I will be there. Me and Shamari are trying to see Tyra B." I replied.
"Dang, what about me? You tryna see me too?" He responds back.

I look at the message and all I can do is shake my head.

"He is being wursome, and I need to get ready to go to the mall." I said to myself. I had to put him on block. I needed some time to get him out of my head. I didn't want my feelings to get in the way of "girl time" with Mari.

<strong>Chapter 1:</strong>

<em>Shamari’s Pov</em>

“From beyond this bed of mine I see, ceiling fans with you on top of me…” I was awakened by my phone ringing. “Hello ??,” <a href=>I</a> answered sleepily. “Girl, wake the hell up, I got some news for you’re a**!” my best friend <a href=>Jassiel</a> screamed into my ear. “Jay I know yo ass didn’t wake me up for no damn drama!” I said sitting up in my bed. “Girl now when do I ever have drama, but anyways guess who’s coming home to VA to perform?” she said excitedly. “Who?” I said getting off my bed and removing my eye mask. “The love of your life!!” she screamed again. “Holy f***! Chris Brown is coming?? When girl?” I said jumping up and down. She laughed “No silly, your les-bi-honest love of your life!” and just like that my whole world stopped.

I couldn’t believe what Jassiel just said to me. “uhh, hello? Shamari , you there ?” Jassiel asked. “Yeah, I’m just freaking out a little, haha, so when the f*** is she coming ?!!” I screamed into her ear. “I don’t know, and that’s something I never wanna know.” she said then laughed. “Huh? Ohhhh haha, I didn’t mean that a**hole!” I laughed. “a**hole? Me? Never!, but she’ll be here tomorrow, but the concert at the club isn’t until next week.” She explained. “s*** that means I gotta get an outfit, shoes, tickets!” I panicked. “No need for the tickets, I got them already!” she said excitedly. “Stop playing!” I said. “Nope, I was gonna surprise you, but I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore haha.” “Awe, did I tell you how much I freaking love you and so glad you’re my best friend!” I said walking into my closet to pick out my outfit for the day.

“Haha, I know I’m pretty f*cking awesome haha.” She said laughing at herself. “Yeah, yeah whatever, but I’m about to get dressed, imma call you back and we can meet at the mall, I gotta get cute for my bae!” I laughed. “That’s so nasty, but I’m not judging you only because she’s got to be the sexiest d*mn stud I’ve ever seen.” She laughed. “Better not! And don’t be drooling over my babe like that! Haha! But okay love you hoe, bye!” “Bye slut!” I laughed then hung up the phone. After hanging up from Jassiel, I couldn’t help but smile, I mean the love of my life is gonna be in VA in less than 24 hours! Anyways, I picked out my outfit, did my hygiene thing and headed to the mall to meet Jassiel.


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