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Not What It Apppears

Have you ever looked at yourself seeing the real you. Only you know the truth as everyone on the outside looks in envying you. But you really envied them but only you knew. Hiding the truth as they put you on a pedestal when really deep down you are falling apart. Thinking no one will understand and they can't save you from this pain. The good girl image is what she was known for but that wasn't the truth. <a href="">She</a> had a dark truth that no one ever knew......


Run it


Chapter 1:

<a href="">Jesse</a> just got out another interview and was tired from all the running around to different talk shows talking about her new album. Soon she made it home and went directly to the bedroom and saw that there was a bouquet of roses waiting for her with a card attached on the night stand.

Jesse took the card and read what it said which was sorry. She rolled her eyes and the card into the draw with the rest of the sorry's written over the years.

She went into the bathroom turning on the water as she took off her clothes carefully not to brush up against her bruises on her thigh and ribs. Slowly she eased into the warm water dipping her whole body in under the water and coming back up.

"Sorry doesn't mean anything" she said out loud to herself

Replaying the events that happen last night with her and <a href="">Reggie</a> as he once again came in drunk. She always blamed herself that maybe if she didn't do this or say that than he would not have acted the way he did towards her. Jess knew it wasn't her fault but she could not think about giving up on him.

At around three in the morning she heard the front door open and knew it was her boyfriend Reggie of two years coming in. He came in trying not to wake her, not knowing she was already up. Reggie laid down smelling of liquor on his breath and that made Harmony angry but she decided to pretend to sleep and would talk with him in the morning.

(Next Morning)

Jesse woke up to the smell of bacon knowing that it was Reggie since he always did this every time after he did something wrong. She got out of bed and walked downstairs into the kitchen and saw him over the stove. She sat down as she watched him debating on whether or not to bring up last night.

They began to eat in silence as Reggie could feel the tension and decided to talk.

"So how was your interviews yesterday?" Reggie said trying to start off the conversation.

"Fine" Jess replied as she chewing on a piece of pancake.

"I would have come to but you know I had business to handle" Reggie explained before taking a sip from his orange juice.

"Does business mean coming home at three in the morning smelling of liquor and can't even walk straight falling over everything. Wow, I didn't know that was called business now a days."

"Jess don't start I've been under a lot of stress past few days and I don't need anymore problems out of you" Reggie replied in a annoying way as he looked into Jesse's eyes.

"Oh so now it’s me who is putting more pressure on you now" Jesse said as she could feel the anger building inside her.

"I didn't say that you did so don't twist my words around to make you seem like you’re the victim." Reggie said as he raised his voice a bit

"I didn't twist your words!" Jesse yelled at him

Soon Reggie slapped her across the face and got up from the table. Jesse sat there holding her face crying as he left the dining room table leaving his food there as he went into the bedroom and slammed the door after him. Jesse was fed up with all of his late night "business meetings" that he said he was doing. She knew very well that something was up with Reggie but did not know the answer to what it really was. Jesse finished up the rest of her food and as soon as she was in the kitchen she heard the front door close and knew he was gone.

Jesse wanted to leave him but she was in love with him and could never do that at least not now.....

Run it