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In Transition

"Let The Drummer Kick"

As Citizen Cope gracefully soothed her mind, she stood companionless in the middle of the empty community college gymnasium right in the middle of the faint halfway line of the basketball court, looking pleasant and light-hearted on the outside, but feeling nervous and disgruntled on the inside.

With the ball trapped just between the fat on her bicep and ribcage, she looked up at the horribly painted red and white walls and read the different banners and pennants from previous years and even before her time that hung there decorating the walls. There were plenty for her to go through.

A quick indrawn breath escaped her lips.

"I hate transferring.." she mumbled under her breath.

Because her music was so loud, she wasn't able to hear the sound of a whistle being blown from the coaches lips as he trudged in front of his team of varsity senior boys. As the screeching sound came to an end it was replaced by the squeak of twelve different pairs of sneakers pacing against the freshly waxed wood floors of the gymnasium.

In single file they ran behind one another. The vibration coming from the floors underneath her feet is what snapped at her attention. She turned to her left and in time she caught sight of the team running laps around her. She met eyes with their feet until she met with the last pair and brought her eyes up to the face of the owner.

<a href="">Josiah</a> jogged at a good pace behind his team making sure no one fell behind and everyone stayed in line, but every few seconds his attention was pulled over to the girl standing in the middle of the court. His eyes didn't want to stay on her for long, but something wouldn't let him pull away. Her presence was like a gravitational pull. He couldn't see her face for a while until he came around the front end of the court to catch her staring at the ground by his feet, he wanted a better look though, so he kept his eyes locked on her face for as long as he could and as if she felt his burning stare, she finally looked up from his traveling shoes, to his eyes.

They were locked on one another.

She wasn't sure why she felt the need to stare, her mother had taught her better than that.

A tap on her shoulder had her snap out of her mind and around to face the person whom the finger belonged to. The coach stared down at her with questioning eyes, causing her to squint in confusion before she removed a bud from her ear.

"I said I'm sorry, this is a closed practice. No spectators miss..." Asked the well built <a href="">man</a> in all Adidas wear.

"J-Jade..Vice." She stuttered, nerves getting the upper hand.

"Ahh, from the Wakelin Community College Hornets varsity team, right?" Asked the coach. <a href="">Jade</a> nodded shortly before letting her eyes dart over to the jogging team, coincidently landing on Josiah's once again.

"I heard through the grapevine that you'd be joining us soon. I'm Coach Mack. It's nice to meet you." Said the coach holding out his hand for her to shake.

She tore her eyes away once she saw that he was looking right back at her. She wondered if he were staring at her, or the conversation between her and his coach. Looking out in front of her she joined hands with Coach Mack and smiled small.

"Nice to meet you too, Coach." She replied softly.

"You trying out tomorrow afternoon? My girls varsity could really use a good point guard. Emphasis on the "good" part." He asked with a brow raised. Jade smirked dryly. She wasn't so sure she wanted to go through the whole process of joining a team again. She had been snatched right out of her comfort zone and dropped into a brand new life that she knew nothing about.

"I'm not sure I want to this time around..too much I gotta do right now with classes and catching up and what not..I don't know.." She answered with a simple shrug of her shoulders.

"Give it some thought, and if you decide it's what you want..then I'll see you here tomorrow at 2:30pm sharp." He rested a comforting hand on her shoulder, patting it gently. Jade offered him a smiled and nodded.

"Transition's always tough but, you're gonna like it here..and I'd love to have you on our team Miss. Vice." He encouraged. Jade, feeling very conflicted at the moment, only smirked at his words.

"Thanks Coach.." She spoke lowly, almost instantly falling into a depression over the matter. She'd have a new coach, a new team even. Building relationships with people was never her strong point.

Josiah had managed to perfect the art of not seeming like a creep in the time he'd been running laps with his team. His teammate for a year, <a href="">Ryder</a>, spun around on his heels and began jogging backwards, grabbing Josiah's attention.

"Ey dawg, who's that talkin' with coach? I ain't never seen him so nice, even with girls." He asked eyeing the two bodies in the middle of the court as his face twisted up in confusion. Josiah only shook his head and looked back over to her, thinking that since Ryder was doing it, there was no way he'd look weird doing it as well. He couldn't see her face anymore, only her back and the outline of her small frame. She was tall, but not freakishly tall in his opinion. He judged by the ball tucked underneath her arm that she was a baller, which immediately caught his attention when he first laid eyes on her.

"I don't even know man. Look like she a baller though." He breathed trying to pace himself and speak to his friend, who shrugged and returned to his jog, spinning on his feet to face the front once again.

Jade locked eyes with him for what must had been the fourth time now. She couldn't deny that from where he was he looked absolutely gorgeous. His glistening caramel complexion and tattoos really did wonders for him. His toned legs and defined biceps really had her taking second looks. He had almost all of her attention.

"Give it some still gotta go though. It's still a closed practice." Smiled Coach Mack. Jade pulled her eyes off of the boy and focused on the man, delivering a light hearted chuckle and a nod.

"See you around Coach." She paid one last look at the team and then the last runner, catching his eyes yet again before she turned on the heels of her shoes and trailed out of the gym at a smooth pace.

From what she could gather the coach was a cool and down to earth man. He was young, and vibrant with every word he spoke. She liked that.

Josiah watched as she retreated out of the gym. Her long flowing dark hair sweeping her cheeks as she moved with a calm he hadn't seen anyone walk with in a while. He wondered what her story was, knowing by the way she looked at him, that she has one.

"Ey Coach can we stop man?!" Yelled a tired Ryder. The coach laughed and blew on his whistle, signaling for them to stop and meet in the middle of the court to do some stretching.

"Ey Coach who was that fine piece of tail you was talkin' to?" Asked another of Josiah's of teammates and friend, <a href="">Dev</a>. Coach Mack threw him a look.

"A piece of tail you will never get to Devon, so hush." He told him. The gym was then filled with laughter. Josiah had to laugh himself.

"I see you Coach.." Muttered Dev with a sour look.

"Nah but for real though Coach..who she be?" asked Josiah with curiosity written in the creases of his forehead. Coach Mack looked over at the captain of the senior varsity team and smirked.

"I'm surprised you don't already know." He said. The boys all looked at one another with confusion.

"Jade Vice. Former point guard for the Wakelin Community College Hornets. She transferred from there last week. She's well known back where she's from." He told them, watching as they switched stretches.

"Which is?" Asked Ryder.

"Brooklyn." He replied.

"Woo..damn! Shorty came a long way dawg. From Brooklyn to Atlanta?" Spoke Dev. Josiah's eyebrows raised in slight surprise. That was quite a random change in scenery. Shaking his head, he also shook her out of his thoughts knowing he had better things to worry about.

"Aight, aight enough with that talk. Let's go everybody to the base line! I want suicides let's go!" Said the coach as he blew his whistle and watched the boys jog to the base line, ready to work hard.

"We got our first game of the school year on Friday! Exactly one week! First game of the semester! And I want a win! So we gon' work! Let me see y'all put in work!" His yells echoed throughout the gym as he strolled along the half way line with his hands behind his back. The teams feet pounded against the wooden floors leaving skid marks at every line.

As Jade stood outside the gym she was immediately met with the fresh air of the day, the breeze was calm and sun was bright and high in the afternoon sky. The campus was flooded with students mingling and horse playing with each other in their groups. Jade stood there, alone and in her own world as she looked over everything in front of her. This was the view of her life now. Things were so different from her city life.

Digging into her pants pocket, she pulled out the folded paper with the directions to her dorm room and the blueprint to the college campus. She read over the title at the top of the page.

<em>Welcome to University of Atlanta!</em>

Groaning internally, she began to move in the direction which she hoped was right and would take her to her dormitory.

<em>"Let the drummer kick, let the drummer kick that.."</em>


Jade dnt giv up like dat cmon girl zai need u the crew need u run it

*ignore the word fishy! .. smh

Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! C'mon Jade, cut this pity party out! fishy and pull through! who needs or cares about basketball when you have JOSIAH!!!!!

AUTHORS NOTE: Okay guys. Soundtrack alert! "Professional" by The Weeknd. I only used the first part of the song. You'll know what I mean when you listen to the song if you haven't already. I plan to use the second part in the next post. Feel the moment and enjoy! Adding more soon.

Much love.


"Doesn't the sound of this thing annoy you to death?...last time I was in a hospital I nearly tore it apart." Spoke a voice that Jade was able to decipher as Tyson's. It faded in and out as Jade regained consciousness. She was immediately washed with comfort and reassurance of some sort. The kind that Tyson always brought to her.

The pain was slightly tolerable now, she had grown used to waking up in it every hour.

"I should have became a psychologist." Said Tyson, boredly.

Jade exhaled gently; her current way of expressing laughter. She wanted to open her eyes. She wanted to see outside of herself again. A part of her couldn't bare to see her state, but another part couldn't stand to not know any longer.

She squeezed her lids tighter together, wincing, before slowly but surely peeling them open. The light was alarming and painful against her retinas. She instantly shut them back hissing in pain.

It was a good attempt.

"..f*** it.." She mumbled with a cracked and sleep filled voice. Tyson cracked a smirk and sat up straight in her seat, happy and relieved to see her awake. Jade moaned as tears threatened to fall.

"You want some water sweetheart?" Asked Tyson, ready to be of aid. Jade moaned "no" and frowned.

"...are you in a lot of pain still?" She asked. Jade never responded.

Silence ensued.

<em>"It's ideal, you need someone to tell you how to feel.."</em>

" it shattered? wrist?" Jade murmured. Tyson frowned as her eyes traveled down to her wrists. She couldn't lie to her.

"...yes, honey." Answered Tyson. Jade bravely peeled open her eyes, keeping them in low slits. She stared up into the bright florescent lights above her, not caring if she would go blind from staring for too long. Tyson eyed her sadly.

"...karma." Jade uttered.

"What? I didn't hear that." Tyson asked her to repeat.

<em>"There's so much more the world has to reveal.."</em>

"...this is my karma...I cheated..and now God is punishing me..." She spoke numbly. Tyson reached in and rested a hand on the mattress by her shattered hand.


<em>"So you're somebody now, but what's a somebody in a nobody town?.."</em>

"What's the feeling.....when all it does it hurt you in return....what's..what's the point loving someone?...look at me....I was better off being who I was four months ago.....whats the point in any of it?" She cried softly. With every sob, pain wracked her entire body, but she continued not being able to hold it in anymore.

"Listen to me. Don't give up. The whole point of this? Was so that you could find Josiah and he could find you--"
<em>"So what's a somebody in a nobody town ouhhh.."</em>

"Oh God, Colby!--"

"Colby's fine!....He's fine, Jade....but he's not the one..he's not the one for you. You have a man down two floors, who's so in love with you. He wants to love you..and you love gotta hold on baby. Don't let this sway you. Do not let this sway you one bit." Pressed Tyson, afraid that she was losing Jade in more ways then one.


"I can' anymore.." Spoke Jade still ignoring the pain.

She let the tear slide down her cheek. She could feel herself letting go of all of her hard work, everything she had done to get to that point, to find herself again, to be herself again.

<em>"But it consumes you, it's everywhere you go.."</em>

"It bad.." She hiccuped.

Jade could feel everything slipping through the cracks.


Josiah sat down with another granola had set out in front of him. He wasn't sure of Jade could eat any solid foods once she woke, but he'd bring it for her anyway. He couldn't wait to see her. He wanted to tell her everything. How much he loved her, now much he wanted them together, how much he wanted them to hard he would work.

All because he loved her.

<em>"And I don't blame you, it's everything you know.."</em>

He exhaled heavily, but an unexpected cramp in his chest caught him off guard and caused him to sit upright and pause his breathing. After a moment it disappeared and he released his held breath. He stood to his feet and made his way towards the elevators.

He needed to speak with Colby. He wanted to make things right.



Jade breathed heavily, in and out. Hyperventilating as she processed her condition. Basketball. Her only outlet, was suddenly swept from underneath her. It was no longer an option. It wouldn't be the same anymore. She knew that. Her chest heaved as her monitor kept track of her racing pulse.

Tyson stood over her trying to calm her down, but nothing she said was heard by Jade. She could see her face in her vision, and her lips moving, but there was no sound.


"Jade, babe you gotta calm down. Calm down sweetie. Breathe!" Tyson said trying her best as tears stung her eyes. The sight was heart breaking.

Jade felt her chest convulse and the shooting pain shoot from every which way through her body as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

<em>"All this time, this ain't you.."</em>

*Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Bee-bee-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Tyson's eyes shot over to the monitor quickly. Her heart squeezed in her chest as she read the flatline.

"...No.....NO! HEY! JADE!....Ja--HELP!" Shouted a hysterical Tyson as she pushed away from the bed and sprinted out of the door as fast as her legs would carry her.

"DOCTOR!" She screamed running down the hallway trying to flag down help as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

<em>"I decide when were through.."</em>

TYSON mf BROWN is the best we just love her lol Ziah listening to her she telling you the truth.
Run It!!!

Wow! I love Tyson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN IT!

Run Itttt please

I need a Tyson in my life! cause I be going through!! smh Love this story Harley girl! ... I'm ready for J dawg and Josiah to get back to loving ! Run it!



Jade lay there, in pain, but was much too tired to moan or make noise. She could feel the morphine leave her system slowly. She breathed carefully, sure not to expand her ribcage too much. Her finger twitched involuntarily and the pain spiked right up her arm. She sniffed as a tear left her closed eye. She knew she was hurt badly, but she refused to believe that her hand had also paid the price.

She wondered if she was being punished.

She wept hard to herself, keeping her noise internal until her head couldn't take it and she lost consciousness again.


Josiah opened his eyes after shutting them momentarily and exhaled heavily, feeling exhaustion take over.

"So..." Said Josiah popping his lips. Tyson smiled amused. She was so calm and composed while he felt like he was losing his mind.

"So what's next for you and Vice?" She boldly asked. Josiah cleared his throat caught off guard.

"What you mean?" He asked.

"We'll you're in love with her right?" She continued. Josiah shifted. She knew everything which sort of bothered him. Josiah never liked anyone in his business. No matter how kind.

"You don't need to put up barriers with me kid." Spoke Tyson.

"You need barriers up around everybody." Countered Josiah.

"Not me." She replied quick.

"I don't even know you." Josiah spoke slightly frustrated. Tyson smirked nonetheless.

"You don't always need to know somebody. My Nona once told me that the perfect stranger can be the perfect aid to someone in need." She said as she reflected on her grandmothers words. Josiah showed no emotion, but Tyson didn't mind.

"Look no disrespect..but I'm just not the type to open up. It took me long enough to trust Vice, so I definitely ain't gon just open up to no stranger." He said. Tyson shook her head with a set smirk.

"Kids these days." She chuckled earning an eye roll from Josiah.

"No really. None of you listen to your heart, you're so busy poppin' off at the mouth, y'all-y'all don't take a second to stop and think and pay any attention to your heart...I swear I can't even get my daughter or my niece to do that. Hell, Vice didn't listen to me either." Exclaimed Tyson. Josiah was somewhat caught off guard by her reaction. He didn't mean for her to take it personally.

"I didn't mean to--"

"Honey, please. Spare me. My feelings aren't hurt. I just-I want you kids to open up your eyes and see what I see! You're so young and everywhere you go love, grief, anger, happiness, sadness, everything follows right behind you! But you refuse to turn around and embrace it. Why?! That's what life is all about!--"

"I ain't afraid to embrace nothin' I been embracing s*** all my life. Ain't got me s***. So what's the point? And why you grilling me so hard anyhow?" Fired Josiah.

"I'm just tired of watching people hurt themselves because they made the wrong choice.I mean I don't see what the point of holding it all in is. What's the point Josiah? If you got someone who wants to sit here and LISTEN to you and HEAR you...take advantage baby...spill. Because let me tell you, those people hardly exist anymore." Finished Tyson. Josiah was nearly stunned into silence as he took in her words. He suddenly couldn't hear anything anymore. He had zoned out while still looking Tyson dead in the eye.

Tyson waited patiently. She knew the moment was coming. Looking at Josiah she could tell he was the type to harbor his emotions just as Jade would. They were the perfect pair. A matching set in her eyes.

His eyes went void, and as if possible redder around the corners. She caught him swallow as his Adam's apple appeared and disappeared.

"Spill." She pushed. A few beats later, Josiah exhaled and released a sob. Tyson cringed, the visual of his breakdown, reminding her much of the many men in her life whom she'd seen have their weak moments.

"I can't lose her man..I ca-"

"You won't." She said sitting still across from him.

"That girl has been fighting for you, the moment she admit to herself that she was in love with you--"

"How you know?!" Cried Josiah.

"Because I saw it with my own eyes. I've seen love so many times's hard to miss...and you and guys have just begun. God isn't spiteful. She isn't going anywhere. Trust me." She said strongly. Josiah sniffed and wiped his nose with the back of his hand.

"..aight." He murmured trying to regain his composure. Tyson smiled feeling accomplished.


"A crying man...never get tired of seeing that." She said sitting back in her seat and crossing her arms. Josiah never replied at her attempt to lighten the mood.

"How long you gon' be around?" Asked Josiah trying to cover up his tracks of weakness.

"Not sure anymore. With Jade being here." Frowned Tyson.

"You could go see her now if you want..imma wait down here and collect myself.." Josiah said checking the time. It was going on 5:00am.

"Thanks." She smirked. Josiah nodded and the two exchanged soulful glances back and forth.

"'re a good man, Josiah. You've got the ability to love HARD. So when she gets outta here..make sure you don't miss a chance to show her that..use every one you've got." Said Tyson. Josiah had never met someone with so much to share. Especially a stranger.

"Thank you Mrs. Tyson." He cracked a smirk. His face finally returning to it's normal color.

"Don't be afraid to release some of that weight on your shoulders, baby..and if you need me, don't hesitate to shout out...I'll hear you." She reminded him softly as she stood from her seat and patted his shoulder before walking off.

Josiah released the biggest breath possible. He didnt know before, but needed that release. He thanked God for Tyson Brown. It was probably because of her that Jade had admit to her true feelings at all. She said all the right things and somehow got him to open up after only an hour. He wondered how long it took Jade to open up to her.

The perfect stranger.

Run it

Omg I'm glad she's ok for the most part. I know healing for the both of them will be hard. Toby is real for being real with Josiah and honest with his baby bro. I love Tyson. I'm glad she is there to provide comfort for Josiah.

I bet it was freaky for Tyson looking at a guy that looks like her husband's twin lol. I feel like she's going to drop some knowledge on Zi that's gonna make him open completely up to he confessed his love for her but I feel like this is gonna bring them way closer.I applaud Toby for saying and doing what he did.

Tyson :D
I love Zi and V together, I'm so glad that she is fighting! RUN IT!

At least Toby can make Colby laugh still. I know if I caused a mess like this I wouldn't be any good. I'd be depressed and some more. I think its kewl how Tyson can read them so well.
Run It!!!

Ohh Miss Tyson is back yay!!!
I already know she's gona give Josiah sum good advice :)
Please Run ittt!!!!

I promise Tyson brings comfort to my soul. If you tie Chris and Josiah together in some twisted way I am going to freak out. Colby should know that since this all happened he lost her. I'm happy in a small way that Toby set things straight but I also wanted to make sure he wasn't just handing Jade off to remove her out his brothers life. Jade gonna be alright...

Ofcourse he reminds you of your husband lol :)

But umm man I feel so bad because Jade wont be able to play ball for a while ...

Glad Toby cleared a few things up .. Can't wait to see how Josiah & Colbys convo is gonna go.

Colby awoke to the bright florescent lights above him. They were the brightest lights he had ever seen, but he blamed it on his headache. He moaned and flicked his tongue against the roof of his dry mouth.

"Easy brother. Here." Spoke Toby from the seat beside his bed. Colby took his offer of water quickly and gulped the entire cup down careful not to choke. His vision was hazy, and it took a moment to focus on Toby when he looked over at him. Toby smiled in his face.

"Welcome back." He told his little brother who's face twisted in pain.

"Where was I?" Asked Colby.

"Somewhere in unconscious land. Probably off picking roses and dandelions for yourself.--"

"Shut up Toby." Colby strained as he attempted to shift.

"Ah!" He yelped and clung onto his chest.

"Careful man. You were in a car crash, you didn't fall off your bike. You've got broken ribs and bruises everywhere remember--"

"Have you seen Jade yet?" Asked Colby.

"Not yet. Visiting hours don't start up for another five. I'm not even supposed to be here." Spoke Toby, sitting back in his seat. Colby sighed and then cringed as the sharp pain shot through his ribcage.

"Mom and dad?--"

"Are pissed. But they stopped by regardless while you were knocked out. Said they'd be back during the day. Mom was a wreck." Said Toby. Colby gave up trying to get comfortable and relaxed his sore muscles.

All of this was because of him.


" you ain't gon' tell me who you are?" Asked Josiah with a dry look. The lady chuckled while sipping her hot chocolate.

"Josiah, you know who I am. You knew since the moment you saw me." She replied just as dry.

"..<a href="">Tyson</a>?" He asked. Her smile told him he was right. He remembered her name from Jade. He remembered her telling him about going into town to visit her friend Tyson and he never knew who she spoke of until now.

"Nice to finally meet you." She said sweetly.

"..she talk about me for real?" Asked Josiah, trying to hide the glee.

"She does." Replied Tyson looking into his eyes.

"But aint you from LA? How you know to come out here?" Said Josiah puzzled.

"I'm in town for a while. I opened up shop not too long ago...I was watching the news back at the hotel and I saw..the crash. It was horrible. I only knew when the reporter said her name." Said Tyson. Her tears were ready to fall, but she held them in. Josiah felt bad.

"That little girl can't catch a break. It's heartbreaking." Said Tyson. Josiah figured that Jade told Tyson about a lot of things going on with her in her life and if she had it in her to trust Tyson, then she must have been a good person.

He played with the granola bar wrapping in his hand, tearing it from every corner.

"She gon' be aight Mrs. Tyson." Spoke Josiah offering comfort. Tyson sniffed.

"Do her parents know?" She asked.

"Yeah, I saw their names on the visitors log when I signed in. I think they left though. I was hopin' to catch em' but..yeah." He told her. Tyson smiled through her teary eyes.

"Sorry, I'm so emotional. I'm usually much stronger in these situations. Jade's just..a really special girl. I don't want her to lose in life. She deserves so much more than this.." Spoke the older woman. Josiah frowned deeply.

"" He mumbled.

Awww snap Tyson in this thang lol!!! Now he's finna know everything and learn more about what Jade was not telling him.
Run It!!!

Josiah strolled by the waiting area only to find that the lady was still seated patiently in the same spot. His brows sank. He wanted to ask her who she was to Jade, but something told him that he already knew. He swallowed his mouthful of granola and came to a stop in front of her. She kept her eyes on the magazine, not noticing him.

" gon sit here all night?" Asked Josiah. The lady's head popped upward and she delivered a kind smirk and rested the magazine in another seat as she stood to her feet. Getting a closer look, he found that she was an attractive woman. Her eyes were so full of life and wisdom, and the tattoos all over her neck and hands told him that she was a creative soul much like himself.

"Too lazy to go back to the hotel...figured I'd just wait for visiting hours." She replied. Josiah nodded and sipped his black coffee. He cringed, hating the taste.

" here for Vice right?" He asked.

"Yeah. I're Josiah, correct?" She smirked stepping closer. Josiah nodded and cleared his throat. She was reading him. He could tell.

"Ye.." He replied.

"You look like you could use some sleep." She spoke.

"Nah, I'm good. Thanks." He said before moving to walk off. He wanted to get back to Jade.

"I take it you two have worked out your differences?" She spoke with a higher volume. Josiah froze with a look of confusion and turned to face her again.

"What?" He questioned. The lady smiled a bright smile.

"You and Vice? Settled your differences?...she talks about you all the time. You're much more handsome then she described...remind me of my husband. It's freaky." She said walking up to him. Josiah shifted on his feet.

"Who are you?" He asked finally. The lady only smirked and patted his shoulder.

"A good friend of Jade's. Come on, lets take a walk.." She said nodding him in the direction of the cafeteria. Josiah didn't know why, but he felt compelled to go with her, he was sure nothing wrong would happen while with her. He wanted to go with her, but he wanted to be with Jade as well.

"She'll be fine honey. Come on." She ushered him away from the waiting area. Josiah sighed and let her take him away.

Is it Tyson???? He should ask her who she is and see wassup. I'm glad Toby told him that cuz Ziah woulda probably tried to kill him when he saw him. I wonder where Jade parents went to??? I wonder watz gonna happen to her abt basketball and how she's gonna take it???
Run It!!!

Run it

the lady is Tyson! haha love her. smh at least Colby recognize! Jade wake up. ugh! Harley stop tormenting us!! Lol Run it

All in due time my loves.
Run it! And to my new readers thank you for your support and love for this story. Greatly appreciated!

Much love.



Jade had been dosed with morphine a couple hours ago. So Josiah knew it would be a while before she woke again. He was glad to know that she wasn't comatose or anything worse. The fact that she was breathing on her own brought him comfort. That meant everything was still working. He thanked God for keeping her here on this earth with him. He kept a close eye on her monitor, as it was the only thing giving him reassurance.

Looking at the time, he saw that it was going on 4:00am. He sighed and rubbed his bloodshot eyes before standing to his feet. He needed to reenergize himself.

"Imma go get some coffee and a snack real quick. Be right back ma." He said, planting a soft peck on her scratched temple.

He closed the door behind him, sure not to make any noise and began to walk down the corridor that lead to the elevators. He had remembered seeing a sign that the cafeteria was located on the first floor near the waiting room.

What Josiah saw when he nearly passed the waiting room warmed his fragile heart. In almost every seat, was someone dear to Jade. Ryder, Dev, Tina, Kendra, Chloe, Amelia and even Toby, whom Josiah was sure was only here for his brother, sat there. They all seemed exhausted and eager to hear any news, so when they spotted Josiah they all shot up from their seats and to their feet and made their way over to him. Josiah noticed a lady of an older age amongst the group. She stood with everyone else, meaning she too was here for Jade. She seemed more concerned than everyone else which confused Josiah. Based off of pictures, he knew that she wasn't a parent of Jade's and she was an only child. The worry lines across her forehead disappeared as she stepped closer to him and painted on a warm smirk.

Josiah tore his eyes away.

"How is she doin' Zi?!" Asked Tina for the group. She looked as though she had been bawling all night. Josiah nodded, not completely sure of what to say. He didn't want to lie.

"..not too good man. She in a lot of pain. They got her on morphine. Uh..she got a sling over her right shoulder and a ankle brace, a cast around her right hand..she crushed's f***ed up...I ain't never seen her like that.." Josiah spoke with a thick voice. He hated that he sounded so weak. He wanted to be strong. Always and no matter what. So he sniffed and ran a hand over his face and cleared his throat.

The lady eyed him carefully. Josiah feeling her stare, gazed over at her. Her eyes, though sad, still held a strength and a warmth that he so desperately needed. He fed off of her, feeling as though he needed to.

"Her right hand? But that's her shooting hand!" Cried Tina for her friend. Josiah watched her with sorrow. He knew that Jade's basketball days were probably over. He just wondered how she would take the news..or if she had already known.

"Imma go and get some grub. Y'all should take off. Tell coach about her. Tell her teachers and all that..I'm gon stay with her. Keep y'all updated." Said Josiah. The crew nodded and made their way over to him to deliver hugs and words of comfort.

"Before..I was against you and Vice..but, I see you, dawg. You love that care for her..and imma support that one hundred percent." Said Dev, being the last of his friends to leave. Josiah eyed him thankfully, before delivering a manly hug and watching him leave.

Toby then stood to his feet and made his way over to Josiah who sized him up as he approached.

"I uh..I'm glad to hear that Jade's doing okay." Spoke Toby. Josiah balled his fists.

"She's not. Because of ya punkass brother!--"

"I don't wanna fight, Josiah. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry..this should have never happened." Said Toby. Josiah clenched his jaw. He wanted to be angry. He wanted to punch Colby and knock him out cold, but he couldn't, because he knew that this was all an accident.

"Cole told me everything..the argument he had with you, the argument he had with Jade in the car--"

"They was arguing before they crashed?" Asked Josiah, anger in his tone.


"'Bout what?" He pressed. Tony sighed.

"I think you're better off talking with one of them...I just wanted to say..that if you're in love with her..then you should be the one with her, not Cole." Said Toby. Josiah's face twisted up in confusion.

"Ain't you supposed to be dude's bro?" He questioned. Toby chuckled.

"Yeah..but I'm also supposed to be honest with him when he needs to hear the truth..judging by everything going on..little bro doesn't stand a chance against you...he knows that now..and I'm not one to stand in the way of true love.--"

"You just sayin' that cause ya parents wouldn't approve of her.--"

"No. I'm not against biracial relationships. My last girlfriend was Grenadian. I support my brother no matter what, but he's always been afraid to stand up to my parents and I told him, "one day it gonna bite you in the ass" and it looks like it has..but that's beside the point. I just wanted to let you know that, he's fine..and he's fine with you and Jade...he knows he has to let her go..and he will." Finished Toby. Josiah nodded in appreciation.

"I appreciate that bruh. Thanks." He said dapping up Toby who smirked warmly at him.

"Give Cole a visit when you'll be good to get rid of the thick air between you two. I saw the last game. Horrible." Joked Toby earning a chuckle from Josiah.

"Aight man." He said watching him turn around and leave the hospital waiting room.

Josiah released a breath and rubbed his tired eyes. As he looked up, his eyes fell on the lady. She had taken her seat again and had looked up from her magazine feeling his eyes on her.

Josiah peeled his gaze off of her awkwardly and walked away, towards the cafeteria.

The lady watched after him.

No cliffhangers! What happened?

Awww jade im bout to cry for her run it

run it!!!!! i hope Jade is ok

Wth just happened??? you gotta stop this leave us hanging stuff. I wanna know wats going on with Jade???
Run It!!!