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In Transition

"Let The Drummer Kick"

As Citizen Cope gracefully soothed her mind, she stood companionless in the middle of the empty community college gymnasium right in the middle of the faint halfway line of the basketball court, looking pleasant and light-hearted on the outside, but feeling nervous and disgruntled on the inside.

With the ball trapped just between the fat on her bicep and ribcage, she looked up at the horribly painted red and white walls and read the different banners and pennants from previous years and even before her time that hung there decorating the walls. There were plenty for her to go through.

A quick indrawn breath escaped her lips.

"I hate transferring.." she mumbled under her breath.

Because her music was so loud, she wasn't able to hear the sound of a whistle being blown from the coaches lips as he trudged in front of his team of varsity senior boys. As the screeching sound came to an end it was replaced by the squeak of twelve different pairs of sneakers pacing against the freshly waxed wood floors of the gymnasium.

In single file they ran behind one another. The vibration coming from the floors underneath her feet is what snapped at her attention. She turned to her left and in time she caught sight of the team running laps around her. She met eyes with their feet until she met with the last pair and brought her eyes up to the face of the owner.

<a href="">Josiah</a> jogged at a good pace behind his team making sure no one fell behind and everyone stayed in line, but every few seconds his attention was pulled over to the girl standing in the middle of the court. His eyes didn't want to stay on her for long, but something wouldn't let him pull away. Her presence was like a gravitational pull. He couldn't see her face for a while until he came around the front end of the court to catch her staring at the ground by his feet, he wanted a better look though, so he kept his eyes locked on her face for as long as he could and as if she felt his burning stare, she finally looked up from his traveling shoes, to his eyes.

They were locked on one another.

She wasn't sure why she felt the need to stare, her mother had taught her better than that.

A tap on her shoulder had her snap out of her mind and around to face the person whom the finger belonged to. The coach stared down at her with questioning eyes, causing her to squint in confusion before she removed a bud from her ear.

"I said I'm sorry, this is a closed practice. No spectators miss..." Asked the well built <a href="">man</a> in all Adidas wear.

"J-Jade..Vice." She stuttered, nerves getting the upper hand.

"Ahh, from the Wakelin Community College Hornets varsity team, right?" Asked the coach. <a href="">Jade</a> nodded shortly before letting her eyes dart over to the jogging team, coincidently landing on Josiah's once again.

"I heard through the grapevine that you'd be joining us soon. I'm Coach Mack. It's nice to meet you." Said the coach holding out his hand for her to shake.

She tore her eyes away once she saw that he was looking right back at her. She wondered if he were staring at her, or the conversation between her and his coach. Looking out in front of her she joined hands with Coach Mack and smiled small.

"Nice to meet you too, Coach." She replied softly.

"You trying out tomorrow afternoon? My girls varsity could really use a good point guard. Emphasis on the "good" part." He asked with a brow raised. Jade smirked dryly. She wasn't so sure she wanted to go through the whole process of joining a team again. She had been snatched right out of her comfort zone and dropped into a brand new life that she knew nothing about.

"I'm not sure I want to this time around..too much I gotta do right now with classes and catching up and what not..I don't know.." She answered with a simple shrug of her shoulders.

"Give it some thought, and if you decide it's what you want..then I'll see you here tomorrow at 2:30pm sharp." He rested a comforting hand on her shoulder, patting it gently. Jade offered him a smiled and nodded.

"Transition's always tough but, you're gonna like it here..and I'd love to have you on our team Miss. Vice." He encouraged. Jade, feeling very conflicted at the moment, only smirked at his words.

"Thanks Coach.." She spoke lowly, almost instantly falling into a depression over the matter. She'd have a new coach, a new team even. Building relationships with people was never her strong point.

Josiah had managed to perfect the art of not seeming like a creep in the time he'd been running laps with his team. His teammate for a year, <a href="">Ryder</a>, spun around on his heels and began jogging backwards, grabbing Josiah's attention.

"Ey dawg, who's that talkin' with coach? I ain't never seen him so nice, even with girls." He asked eyeing the two bodies in the middle of the court as his face twisted up in confusion. Josiah only shook his head and looked back over to her, thinking that since Ryder was doing it, there was no way he'd look weird doing it as well. He couldn't see her face anymore, only her back and the outline of her small frame. She was tall, but not freakishly tall in his opinion. He judged by the ball tucked underneath her arm that she was a baller, which immediately caught his attention when he first laid eyes on her.

"I don't even know man. Look like she a baller though." He breathed trying to pace himself and speak to his friend, who shrugged and returned to his jog, spinning on his feet to face the front once again.

Jade locked eyes with him for what must had been the fourth time now. She couldn't deny that from where he was he looked absolutely gorgeous. His glistening caramel complexion and tattoos really did wonders for him. His toned legs and defined biceps really had her taking second looks. He had almost all of her attention.

"Give it some still gotta go though. It's still a closed practice." Smiled Coach Mack. Jade pulled her eyes off of the boy and focused on the man, delivering a light hearted chuckle and a nod.

"See you around Coach." She paid one last look at the team and then the last runner, catching his eyes yet again before she turned on the heels of her shoes and trailed out of the gym at a smooth pace.

From what she could gather the coach was a cool and down to earth man. He was young, and vibrant with every word he spoke. She liked that.

Josiah watched as she retreated out of the gym. Her long flowing dark hair sweeping her cheeks as she moved with a calm he hadn't seen anyone walk with in a while. He wondered what her story was, knowing by the way she looked at him, that she has one.

"Ey Coach can we stop man?!" Yelled a tired Ryder. The coach laughed and blew on his whistle, signaling for them to stop and meet in the middle of the court to do some stretching.

"Ey Coach who was that fine piece of tail you was talkin' to?" Asked another of Josiah's of teammates and friend, <a href="">Dev</a>. Coach Mack threw him a look.

"A piece of tail you will never get to Devon, so hush." He told him. The gym was then filled with laughter. Josiah had to laugh himself.

"I see you Coach.." Muttered Dev with a sour look.

"Nah but for real though Coach..who she be?" asked Josiah with curiosity written in the creases of his forehead. Coach Mack looked over at the captain of the senior varsity team and smirked.

"I'm surprised you don't already know." He said. The boys all looked at one another with confusion.

"Jade Vice. Former point guard for the Wakelin Community College Hornets. She transferred from there last week. She's well known back where she's from." He told them, watching as they switched stretches.

"Which is?" Asked Ryder.

"Brooklyn." He replied.

"Woo..damn! Shorty came a long way dawg. From Brooklyn to Atlanta?" Spoke Dev. Josiah's eyebrows raised in slight surprise. That was quite a random change in scenery. Shaking his head, he also shook her out of his thoughts knowing he had better things to worry about.

"Aight, aight enough with that talk. Let's go everybody to the base line! I want suicides let's go!" Said the coach as he blew his whistle and watched the boys jog to the base line, ready to work hard.

"We got our first game of the school year on Friday! Exactly one week! First game of the semester! And I want a win! So we gon' work! Let me see y'all put in work!" His yells echoed throughout the gym as he strolled along the half way line with his hands behind his back. The teams feet pounded against the wooden floors leaving skid marks at every line.

As Jade stood outside the gym she was immediately met with the fresh air of the day, the breeze was calm and sun was bright and high in the afternoon sky. The campus was flooded with students mingling and horse playing with each other in their groups. Jade stood there, alone and in her own world as she looked over everything in front of her. This was the view of her life now. Things were so different from her city life.

Digging into her pants pocket, she pulled out the folded paper with the directions to her dorm room and the blueprint to the college campus. She read over the title at the top of the page.

<em>Welcome to University of Atlanta!</em>

Groaning internally, she began to move in the direction which she hoped was right and would take her to her dormitory.

<em>"Let the drummer kick, let the drummer kick that.."</em>


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! OMG . I'm freaking out! too much for me to process!

AUTHORS NOTE: this is crucial! You need to listen to "Make this go on forever" by snow patrol for this chapter. I decided to throw this one in the board because y'all been great! Please run and comment! Hopefully I'm well enough to go to school tomorrow! Love you guys.

Harley <3


Jade sat comfortably in the passenger seat of Toby's range rover. <a href="">Colby</a> had borrowed it to pick her up and take her over to the mall to eat and talk. She watched the trees blur by on the freeway and mostly kept to herself. She wasn't sure what she would tell Colby today. Plenty had passed through her mind today. She wondered why it was so hard to do what her heart wanted for once, why it was so hard to let go of Colby. She wondered if it was possible to love two people. She wondered if it were possible to have both.

Colby burned with anger still, Josiah's words taunted him and threatened to push him over the edge. He couldn't help but feel like he was misinformed about something between his teammate and his girlfriend.

<em>"Please don't let this turn into something it's not.."</em>

"...Is there anything you wanna tell me?" He asked Jade who sat still in her seat. Jade's neck snapped towards Colby as her eyes searched his side profile. He was quiet the whole ride and only decided to talk to her now. She knew something was up with him, but feared to ask what, knowing where he had just come from.

"..Not..that I can remember..why?" She lied pushing off the truth for just a little while longer.

<em>"I can only give you everything I've got.."</em>

"..nothing. Never mind." Colby shook his head gripping the wheel harder until his knuckles turned pale white. Jade sighed.

"Don't do that. I hate when people bring stuff up to drop it off. Ask me what you really wanna ask me--"

<em>"I can't be as sorry as you think I should.."</em>

"Do you have feelings for Josiah?" Colby spilled catching Jade off guard. The words were stuck in her throat. She panicked internally, but kept an empty face nonetheless. The hesitance to answer his question scared Colby.

"...why are you asking me that?" Asked Jade quietly. She beat around the question and out of habit, shot another one back at him.

<em>"But I can love you more than anyone else could.."</em>

"Jade, you can't ask a question with another question. There's no subject changing on this. So answer me." Colby said firmly. He was beginning to lose his patience with everything going on around him. His family, his friends, his girlfriend.

"No!" She lied again. Her heart hurt with ever fib.

<em>"All that I keep thinking throughout this whole fight.."</em>

"He's in love with you, you know that right?" Said Colby. He wasn't blind, but he had tried to be for his hearts sake. He didn't want to be hurt in the end. He didn't want to lose Jade. Especially not when he just found her, but Colby knew love when he saw it and he couldn't deny that he saw it in Josiah's eyes every time he looked at Jade.

<em>"It could take my whole damn life to make this right.."</em>

"No, he's not, Colby--"

"He is, you just don't see it--"

"No he's not! How could you possibly see that--"

"You aren't there to see him pick fights with me or throw low blows about our relationship! I am!--"

"Colby, he's jus trynna to get a rise out of you!--"

<em>"Because I know quite well that what I did was wrong.."</em>

"Why?!" He snapped.

"Why would he huh?....Unless he liked you or something happened between you two that I don't know about...something!" Pointed out Colby.

<em>"The last girl, the last reason to make this last for as long as I could.."</em>

"...I.." Jade started, but bit nervously on her bottom lip and avoided his eyes by turning away to face the window.

<em>"The first kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything.."</em>

"Spit it out!" Colby yelled. He could already tell what was coming. His heart ached.

"..I ca--"

<em>"The weight of water, the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned.."</em>


<em>"The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love.."</em>

"I SLEPT WITH HIM!" She blurted out and smashed her hands onto her lips. She felt the sting as she ripped off the bandage. Silence ensued. She knew Colby was trying to process the news.

"" Colby seemed to almost hyperventilate there in the drivers seat. His mouth hung open in shock.

"....I'm sorry!" Jade began to cry.

<em>"We have got through so much worse than this before.."</em>

"You what?--"

"I'm sorry!" She wiped at her cheeks. Colby's face began to redden as be slammed his hand down on the steering wheel. Jade jumped in her seat.

<em>"What's so different this time that you can't ignore.."</em>

"You slept with him?! Are you f***in' kidding me! You had sex with him?! You ch-you cheated on me?!" He shouted as a line tear escaped his eye. Jade caught it slip.

"Colby Im sorry!--"

Colby interrupted her with a bitter laugh of disbelief.

<em>"You say it is much more than just my last mistake.."</em>

"You had that b**** in my face! Smiling and laughing with me, like it was nothing! Like everything was cool! And all this time-ALL THIS f***ING TIME!" He belted out finally having had enough. He had lost. He knew that, but that didn't mean he had to take it well. He wanted Jade to see the damage she had cause on his heart.

"Colby please it was after our fight yesterday! I was upset when I found out you didn't want to introduce me to your parents--"

<em>"The last girl, the last reason to make this last for as long as I could.."</em>

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare try and use that as an excuse! That doesn't justify what you did!...HOW COULD YOU--"



<em>"The weight of water the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned.."</em>

It was a screaming match between the two. As his voice grew louder the car jerked a little to the right while still on the freeway. Jade was sure to keep an eye out.

<em>"The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love.."</em>

"NO! Colby, I care about you!--"

"Maybe..but you're in love with him." Said Colby as another tear slid down his face. Jade's tears were non-stop. She had stopped trying to get rid of them. Colby turned to look at her in the face. He saw that she was pained. Hurting for him, for them.

<em>"The last of it, the last reason to make this last for as long as I could.."</em>

They could have gone far, but he knew Josiah would always be right behind them wherever they went, because Jade would never be able to leave him behind.

<em>"The first kiss and the first time that I've felt connected to anything.."</em>

"..I thought, I thought I could make this work between us...I saw a future with you--"

<em>"The weight if water the way you told me to look past everything I had ever learned .."</em>

"COLBY THE TRUCK!" Jade screamed clutching his bicep tightly.

Colby had drifted to the left, unaware of the large truck beside his tiny range rover.

<em>"The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love.."</em>

As his head snapped to the left, the sound of the trucks loud honking was heard, but it was too late. The range had smashed right into the side of the truck, scraping off the side view mirror on Colby's side and as he swung the wheel over to the right, the car had skidded, turning itself to the side as another vehicle had smashed right into Jade's side of the car, sending it tumbling and flipping over three times in mid air before flipping twice more on ground.

Jade's side of the car had curled inward, shaping the vehicle into a "V" shape. Colby's side was totaled just as bad. As the car finally came to a stop upside down, little ways down the freeway, everything went quiet until the continuous sound of a horn was heard. Colby's head rested unconsciously against the horn.

<em>"...And I don't know where to look.."</em>

Jade's body hung upside down only being held up by her seatbelt. Blood drip from almost every spot on her face and other exposed and unexposed parts of her body. Bones were surely crushed as she lay there.

<em>"...My words just real and melt.."</em>

The smell of gasoline was enough to bring Colby back to a blurry reality. His eyes rolled from the back of his head as he fought to regain consciousness.

"Hey! here!" Colby heard the voice of a stranger yelling from outside of the car. The loud ringing in his ear made it hard to tell what they said.

<em>"...Please just save me from this darkness.."</em>

"Get em' out..there! Th-........gasoline!..." He made out. Sniffing in the strong air he immediately coughed in pain. The sharp pain in his ribcage let him know that they were indeed broken.

"Ahhhh!" He groaned out as he moved his head from the horn. He didn't what state he was in, but he had to try and get out. The smell of gasoline let him know he didn't have long. Twisting his head to the right he realized another body and soon his memory came back to him. He bawled out.

<em>"...And I don't know where to look.."</em>

"Jay!..Jay! Baby!.....Babe wake up!" He cried trying to move his arm to shake her, but the immense pain stopped him from doing so.

<em>"...My words just break and melt.."</em>

"Jade!...Ahhhh!" He yelled as loud as possible, but it was no use. She was out cold.

<em>"...Please just save me from this darkness.."</em>

"Help!....Help.." He said before darkness clouded his vision again and he too was brought back into a world of unconsciousness.

<em>"...Please just save me from this darkness.."</em>

oowweee u done cranked up the heat!! I seriously thought Josiah was gon slip up and say he and jade had sex! that would have definitely set it off in there..ready to see what u have in store for us! RUN IT

she need to tell Colby before.... they gon fight anyway lol run it

i hope zi gives jade the chance to tell him instead of him telling colby he at least deserves that much
and zi not cool dont kiss and tell especially about it being a cheat scandal like really? respect her and u -__-
not too happy with his actions but i guess its his heart and ego getting the best of him
lets hope this doesnt ruin anyone careers
run it!

Lol Ziah let that boy know he ain't no joke. Colby gon be upset by I hope he's understanding of the situation. I hope Jade tell him and be honest with him.
Run It!!!

Oh goodness!!! the heat is high!!!! Run it!! Jade better handle this!!

Wow, I think things are definitely going to get ugly! Like Zi might say something before she gets a chance to.
Get better, boo!

"Y'all smashed for real dog?! Vice?! Jade Vice?! thought she had it in her to get down like that." Spoke Ryder. Dev was new to all of the news so he sat there in mild shock, though part of him always saw this coming.

"Man, I still can't believe y'all creepin' around like that though. And behind Colby back? That s*** ain't right." He shook his head. Josiah sucked his teeth.

"Man, that nigga don't know how to handle V like I do. He don't know what he got, so I stepped up to my rightful place. I ain't gon' apologize for that." Shrugged Josiah as he sat within the large circle with most of his team. Some teammates were running late including Colby and the Coach so the boys decided to sit around and talk.

"I didn't even know Colby's fam got down like that.." Spoke Ryder disappointed.

"Well regardless nigga. Y'all still wrong. If that happened to you, how would you feel?" Asked Dev making a good point. A small part of Josiah felt bad for coming between another man and his woman, but his love for Jade was bigger than that.

"Man chill with all that emotional s***. You always gotta shower over a nigga with some feelin's dawg. Ziah and Vice belong together. That's clear to even your ass. So be happy for him. When's the last time you seen him trip over girl like he is with Vice?" Said Ryder. Dev rose an eyebrow in thought.

"s***...never." He admit. Josiah pulled his lips up to the corner and delivered a dry look.

"Man shut up. Look, y'all think I'm playin', I ain't playin'. I mean...Vice is...different like for real like...she got me open. Like wide open. From the get I ain't even want anything to do with her..but I couldn't even front if I wanted to. I love that girl. Imma lock that down as soon as I get the chance." Admit Josiah with a serious tone.

"Whatever. I just know that in a few minutes you gon be face to face with that nigga. So what you gon' do?" Asked Dev. Josiah took a moment to visualize the situation ahead of him. He shrugged.

"He better not try me is all im sayin'. You shoulda seen the way dude was grillin' a nigga yesterday in the parking lot when V left with me. Lucky he didn't catch a eye jammy right there." Spat Josiah earning a few chuckles from his friends.

Just then, both the coach and Colby stepped into the gym. Josiah payed close attention to Colby, looking for any signs of hurt or anger or even betrayal, but there was none. He seemed normal and unharmed. Josiah sighed, he knew Jade hadn't spoken to him yet.

"Sup y'all?" Asked Colby as he dapped everyone up. He eyed Josiah and delivered a respectful head nod. Josiah did the same, not wanting to create any unnecessary drama.

Ryder and Dev shared a look.


"So how you and my girl doin'?" Asked Ryder purposely. Josiah crossed his eyes at his best friend when Colby wasn't looking.

"We're good. Hit a little rough patch, but were gonna talk things over and make things work. I'm actually heading to hers right now." Answered Colby with a happy smile. Ryder hummed his response as they dapped each other up. Josiah shook his head.

Colby caught the movement.

"Hey, you got a problem with me man? You've been on my ass for days now--"

"Man ain't nobody got no least I don't. Matter fact I'm feelin' preppy as f*** right now." Spoke Josiah. Colby felt anger bubbling in the pit of his stomach.

"Good for you. Take your s*** somewhere else then, and stay away from my girl while you're at it." Spat Colby. Josiah had to do a double take at the situation. He wasn't sure he had heard him correctly. Colby had always been a straight forward person, which was why Josiah respected him so much before, but being on the receiving end only riled him up.

"The f*** you just say to me?.. Dude." He mocked using a fake skater boy voice. Colby had grown fed up and walked right up to Josiah.

He wasn't backing down.

"You heard me." Answered Colby.

"Ey, come on y'all now is not the time--"

"Yo warn ya friend dawg, cause I ain't about that talkin' things out s***. If he down to get banged on then we could--"

"Zi! Chill dawg.." Yelled Ryder growing frustrated with his teammates.

"You think I'm scared of you?! I'm not scared of your ass--"

"Get this f***in' joke of a boyfriend out my face dawg, before he gets f***ed up." Warned Josiah.

"What'd you just say to me?!" Colby pushed against Dev who acted as a restraint and Josiah did the same with Ryder. The whole team gathered around to watch with no intentions to break it up.

"Man one of y'all go get coach!" Yelled Dev.

"You heard me. If ya ass wasn't so ashamed to show ya girl off to ya parents maybe y'all wouldn't have to "make things work"--"

"I swear I will f*** YOUR s*** UP--"

"COLE! Relax man!" Tried Dev.

"You can't handle yours homie!" Taunted Josiah. Colby turned red.

"That's why she left with me!" He finished before being shoved away from the scene by Ryder.

"EY! Knock this little boy s*** off! Y'all ain't five!...Now go on home! See you all at practice at 6:00pm UNHARMED and ready to work!" Demanded their coach. Colby shook loose from Dev and with one last glare he left the gym.

Josiah watched after him. Chest heaving and anger boiling in his stomach.

"Wright, the f*** was that?!" Cursed the coach.

"Oh don't worry coach. This is just the beginning. There's gon' be waaaay more to see after this. Stay tuned." Said a sarcastic Dev as he and Ryder made their way out of the gym.

Josiah shook his head in response and carried himself out of the gym through the side entrance.

Jade can't drag this out. And I hope Josiah is secure enough in his feelings to not pick a fight with Colby.

Oh Lord Jesus, just Run it!!!!

Those adds were EVERYTHING!!!
Jade finally let Josiah put it down and said she loved him! aww I knew it was gona happen and I'm happy for them cause they honestly love and care for each other :)
But now she has to tell Colby the truth so she can let go and move on with Josiah!!
I can't wait for them to be an official couple :)
RUN IT!!!!!

I know it's easier said than done but she really just needs to leave him.

Jade stop tripping...Colby lost you dude. Go be happy.

Jade swallowed the pill whole and tossed her empty water bottle. Her tummy begging for food all the while. As she unlocked her phone it began to ring again. She answered on the second.

"..hello?" She answered.

"...I've been calling you all day.." Spoke a saddened Colby. He sounded so broken over the phone. It made Jades heart ache.

"I know...I just...needed time to think." She lied. She shut her eyes as she sat calmly in the middle of the field. She and Josiah had slept through all of their day classes leaving then both with a free day, though Jade had no idea where he was.

"Jade I'm sorry. I promise I never meant to hurt you or make you feel like you weren't good enough. You are! You're more than that and I-...I just don't wanna lose you over this...please just let me fix this." He begged. Jade felt the crack down her chest.

"You can't fix something like this Cole, your parents are the only ones who can change their minds about their preference--"

"But why are you letting them dictate our relationship?! This isn't about them..this is between you and me. That's it. No one else, not Toby, not anyone..." He argued.

Silence ensued.

"Please...where are you?" He asked.

"The field." She answered.

"Can we meet up somewhere and talk about things? I have a meeting with the team in half an hour but I can pick you up from wherever and we can go somewhere?" He asked with hope. Jade's eyes widened.

Josiah and Colby in the same room after what had happened last night was dangerous. Josiah had already picked a fight with Colby once, what would happen the second time around frightened her, but she knew she couldn't barge into the gym like she wanted to. They would see each other eventually and she would have to deal with that.

"..okay." She sighed.

"Okay. I'll call you when I'm outta there..I love you." He told her. She shook her head.

"Bye Cole." She hung up before she could hear anything else.

Something in the pit of her chest threw her off. Something was going to happen, she could feel it.

Looking up to the sky she shut her eyes and recited a short prayer.

"Heaven help me.." She whispered.

Thank you guys so much :$ some of your comments had me rolling in a horrible stare. Coughing my ass off.. Bronchitis and s***. But I laughed regardless. Love you loads. Stay tuned for more!
I've got time to add since I'm on bed rest and haven't taken my NyQuil yet.


Please don't drag this out Jade! Don't complicate things further by toying with feelings.

Hope you're feeling better boo!

That was perfect.

Jade lay awake in bed while Josiah was sound asleep next to her. She was still tangled up in him, one of her legs spooned his and her head rested on his dead arm. She twisted to look up at the ceiling.

She had no idea where to go from here. The heaviest conflict fell onto her shoulders and began to weigh her down. How was she supposed to break Colby's heart gently? There was no such thing. That scenario was nonexistent.

She could see it now, the many possible outcomes after telling her boyfriend she had cheated on him with one of his friends. She sighed through her nose. They hadn't even used protection; her and Josiah, and she had forgotten to take her pill yesterday due to the madness that had taken place. So not only did she cheat, but she may have been irresponsibly impregnated by her boyfriends teammate. She shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut clearing her mind of those thoughts.

There was no longer competition between Josiah and Colby. Josiah cancelled him out hands down. The love she had fought to keep out of her heart had swallowed her whole and now there was no way of getting rid of it. She couldn't even if she wanted to and she didn't.

She could see it all now. Josiah was the mate her soul belonged to.

"You ain't gon' answer ya phone?" Asked a sleepy Josiah. His voice more raspier than usual.

"I don't know.." She answered numbly.

Josiah peeled open his eyes to look to his left. Jade was always beautiful in the mornings, whenever she would just wake up and her wavy hair was an uncombed mess and her lips were extra plump and ready to be kissed. She seemed to be in deep thought. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he proceeded to wake up.

"It could be important." He said before clearing his throat, even still his voice was raspy. Josiah passed his tongue over his lips and turned on his side to face her. Jade felt him burning holes into her cheek, so she turned to face him.

The moments she spent laying awake feeling nothing but guilt and a heaviness over her chest, were washed away looking into Josiah's eyes now. She exhaled.

"Mornin'." He grumbled. Jade smirked. He was adorable in the morning time.

"Hi." She replied. Josiah could see she was in deep thought.

"What's up?" He asked knowing he'd have to in order to get answers.

"...I need to take the plan b pill." She admit looking into his eyes. Josiah's eyes turned pointed and concerned. He shot up a little but relaxed trying not to freak out.

"Zi relax. I'll go pick up it from the pharmacy when I get up. I have seventy-two hours." She spoke holding the calm between them. Jade knew that she could definitely be pregnant because of the lack of protection, but she was determined to make that problem go away. She was in no position.

Josiah looked up to the ceiling. Things were so crazy last night that protection had completely slipped his mind. He just wanted to be with Jade. Every inch of him and though their actions were highly irresponsible, he didn't regret anything.

Neither did Jade.

"...Colby ain't gon' stop calling you." Reminded Josiah as the phone vibrated from a distance yet again. She sighed and ran her hands through her hair.

"I don't know what to do.." She admit, stumped.

"You do, you just don't want to deal with the aftermath." Spoke Josiah. He was right.

"...My father always told me that the broken heart of a man is the hardest thing to repair. Once it breaks it's broken forever...I don't know any apology that would make up for what I did to him." Explained Jade.

"Dude don't deserve you. He hurt you. He don't wanna showcase his biggest prize. This is his consequence. It's his loss." Said Josiah with barely any remorse. As harsh as he sounded, Jade had to agree. Colby was ashamed of her. Too ashamed to tell his love ones about her and that hurt.

Her phone vibrated again.

"You gotta be real with him, ma.." Josiah told her, sitting up with her in bed. The sheet fell into their laps, revealing her naked chest. He eyed her hungrily, and bent down to peck her shoulder lovingly.

"I know.." She breathed swinging her feet over the edge of the bed and placing them onto the cold floor.

"I can't believe we.." She said covering her mouth as she randomly thought back to Josiah pounding into her. She shut her eyes momentarily.

Josiah eyed her carefully.

" don't regret it do you?" He questioned furrowing his brows. Jade shook her head and tried to hide the blush.

", but I have to tell him." She said burying her face in her hands. Josiah looked to her back and the way that her spinal cord rose beneath her skin as she leant over.

He stood and made his way over to the closet where his jeans lay, right beside Jade's panties. He bit his lip to hide the triumphant grin and turned to Jade.

"Uh.." She looked up at the sound of Josiah's cough and found him standing there with her underwear hanging from his finger. She saw that he was holding in his laughter and smacked her lips and threw a pillow in his direction. Josiah dodged the pillow while laughing out loud and tossed her undergarments her way. Jade caught it swiftly and put them on quickly. She searched for her hoodie and a pair of basketball shorts along with her slippers.

Josiah continued to put his clothes on, watching her carefully. The way she moved with fluidity. The way she sniffed when she was nervous even when her nose wasn't running. He had noticed all of these things over time.

"You need a ride to the pharmacy?" He asked not ready to leave her company yet. Jade shook her head.

"Nah. I'll walk. I need some time to myself for a bit.." She told him avoiding his eyes. Josiah nodded with an understanding nod and walked over to her after shoving on his shoes and hat. Jade sighed and looked up at him. Her heart swelled at the sight of him. She knew this was real. He pecked her lips.

"Take ya time..I don't expect you to fall into my arms and run away with me..I just wanted you to be honest with yourself and know that I'm not f***in' around. This ain't a joke. I love you girl..all I want you to do is try and love me back.." Confessed Josiah. Jade peered up at him and saw the generosity in his eyes. She loved watching him speak, the way his mouth tugged down at the corner always got to her. She thought it was adorable.

"Just give me a few days to do this..please?" She begged. Josiah bit his lips and wore a thoughtful look.

"..aight...but I ain't gon' wait around forever V." He said. He would wait, but not for too long. He felt he had waited long enough. Jade spotted her phone lighting up with messages in her jacket pocket by the door. She grabbed her keys and ID from off the bench and retrieved it from her pocket before dashing the jacket into the closet. Josiah exited the room first. Jade took the second to look at her phone.

15 missed calls from Colby, 5 voicemails, and 7 unread messages from him as well.

She exhaled before walking out of the door.

yessssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssss josiah ,,this add was everything gave me so much colby you can take several seats jades heart,mind,body,and soul belongs to josiah!!

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