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The Way That I Love You

Trashae Harris was a beautiful girl who was focused on nothing but her education and her best friends, Victoria and Jace. They were as thick as thieves and so were her and her drug lord brother Damien Harris. But that all changes when she meets Xavier Cross her senior year in high school and she falls head over heels despite everyone's warnings and restraints.

But when her already 'on-the-rocks' relationship becomes abusive, drugs get involved, and someone from her past reemerges, she has no one to turn to, who will be there to save her before she loses her life? Will the one who was there all along be the one to pick up the broken pieces?


omg stop being dumb girl!! u better tell your brother! she already know this nigga zay is a murderer. she just gone play with her life like that? smh...

run it!!

Run it

After Zay stormed out of the room, it took me a little while to get myself together and off of the floor before I drowned myself in tears of self-pity. When I finally got off the floor I mopped to the bathroom across the room and looked myself over in the mirror before I went back outside to the crowd. I only had a busted upper lip and that wasn’t that bad compared to everything else I had.

“You can do this Shae.” I encouraged myself, drying my tears and reapplying my make-up that had been smeared from my tears. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror before I trotted out of the room and back into the party.

“Ayee get it Tori!” I heard somebody chant behind me as I was giving some random nigga a lap dance to ‘Booty Hopscotch’. I popped my ass hard then proceeded to put my hands on the ground as he held my legs up and twerked.

“Damn girl.” He grunted as I felt him get hard behind me which made me laugh and twerk harder. Y’all prolly thinkin’ where Damien at but s*** f*** him right now, I seen him getting’ a lap dance by some half naked b**** while him and his boys was throwin’ money like this a damn strip joint; hell nah!

All of a sudden the song switched to ‘So Sexy’ by Luv Jones and I slowed it down and started slow grinding on him makin’ him even more hard (if that was possible). “te gusta que papi?” I asked reaching my hand behind me and grabbin’ it; he was big.

“Don’t start nothing you ain’t gone finish girl.” He whispered in my ear when I leaned into his frame. I ain’t gone lie, he was fine as hell but I wasn’t bout to do that no matter how bad I wanted to. I just turned my body facing his and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Oh, I ain’t even started yet baby.” I whispered in his ear before licking it, looking him deep in his eyes, biting his bottom lip, and walking away. The look on his face was too priceless I swear, I wish I could have gotten a picture or something. I couldn’t help but laugh when I bumped into Omar grinnin’ ass. “Damn nigga yo tall ass! Watch out!” I yelled irritated cause he was one of the thirsty asses throwin’ money.

“I seen you!” he said pointing his finger with a devilish grin.

“Ion now what you talkin’ bout O.” I said rolling my eyes and flipping my hair over my shoulder.

“The hell you don’t! Ima tell Damien.” He said laughing.

“So! I seen y’all ass throwin’ money at that ugly wanna be a stripper b**** s***, I’ll tell him my damn self!” I said flipping him off before brushing past him and into the house to get something to drink out the kitchen; I be damned if I drank something out the bowl outside, somebody might have done something to it.

When I walked in here, it was a whole different kind of party, it was strippers everywhere! All the lights were off and replaced with all different color lights and strobe lights and the music was on point in here; just like a real club. I had to say I was impressed until I seen Damien ass getting another lap dance and I wasn’t bout to have that s*** again so I walked over there.

“Move trick!” I yelled over the music pushing the big booty stripper out the way and standing in front of Damien.

“Who you callin’ a-“ she tried to argue but I put my hand in her face.

“Bye b****! You ain’t wanted over here don’t make me have to speak to you again hoe!” I yelled at her giving her the look that shut everybody up and she walked away. I turned my attention back to Damien who looked scared as s*** with a big stack of money in his hand.

“There she go!” I heard Omar yell pointing at me with Jordan behind him. They both ran over toward us and starting talking at the same time.

“Man can’t nobody understand y’all! ONE AT A DAMN TIME!” Damien yelled.

“SHE GAVE FREDDY A LAPDANCE!!” They both screamed at the same time; snitches. I glared at them with the grins of satisfaction on their faces before looking back at Damien who had the look of just murder on his.

“NO I DIDN’T!” I yelled back at them after seeing his face.

“Yes you did! I seen it! You was all on the ground and poppin’ and lockin’ and s***!” O yelled back trying to imitate what I was doing which caused everybody to burst into laughter.

“Wait, what I’m laughin’ for?” Damien said to himself. “The f*** you givin Freddy a lapdance for girl?!” he said getting’ out his chair yelling at me which scared me cause he was so much more taller than me even in my heels.

“Nah nigga don’t switch this around! This the second lapdance I done seen you get! At least I had on all my clothes!” I yelled pointing my fingers all in his face.

“That’s beside the point.” He said pushing my hands out his face.

“Oh yeah? How so?” I asked with my hands on my hips. When he didn’t say anything I said, “Exactly!” and mushed his face and began walking away when I walked past one of the guest rooms and heard a lot of screaming and yelling. With me being nosey I listened in for a bit.

“What the fuc wrong witchu Zay?! Pullin’ me like that witcho stupid ass! You get on my f***in’ NERVES! You so jealous for no f***in reason!” I heard the familiar voice yell.

“That sound like….” I trailed off still trying to listen.

“I been callin’ yo ass all damn day and I get here and you hoein’ out for this nigga!” I heard some nigga yell and I knew it was Zay and Shae and it pissed me off how he was talkin’ to her.

“Oh no thee f*** he didn’t just call her a hoe!” I whispered to myself about to barge into the room before Damien grabbed me and threw me against the wall pinning my arms above my head. It slick turned me on how aggressive he was being but I wasn’t gone show that. “Move nigga ion like you.” I said lowly trying not to let him hear the obvious lust in my voice.

“You don’t?” he asked seductively before he began kissing me on my neck. “Why you lyin’ to me baby?” he asked me. I began to breathe hard as f*** cause I was really trying not to moan so I didn’t answer his question. “Hmm?” he said waiting for my reply when I didn’t give it.

“I ain’t lyin.” I moaned. s***. When I said that he picked me up ans my first instinct was to wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he put my back on the wall and we began making out before he walked me to the closest bathroom.

“I hate you.” I spat putting my clothes back on.

“Word? You wasn’t sayin’ that just now when I was-“ I cut him off.

“Shut up!” I said glaring at him. I was being mean to him but I ain’t gone lie, that was the best quickie we ever had; and we’ve had many.

He laughed before kissing me, “I’m out. You better be in my be tonight when I get back.” He said biting his lip.

“Out? Where you goin’?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

“Business.” He said finally before opening the bathroom door about to walk out.

“So you gone leave while the party still goin’ on?” I asked walking after him.

“Hell nah what I look like? We just goin’ down in the basement! What I look like?” he said seriously causing me to laugh.

“Bye!” I said pushing him out my way and walking back down the hall when I bumped into somebody and fell.

“Damn b**** what where the f*** you goin!” we both yelled at the same time and I knew that voice. We looked at eachother and burst into laughter.

“Ohhh s***! My bad boo!” she laughed helping me off the ground before screaming, “Hey girl hey!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s alright girl but we was bout to be fightin’ if I ain’t now yo voice or see yo face you know I’m crazy!” I said hugging her, I felt like I ain’t seen her all night. She laughed and that’s when I noticed her busted top lip. “Um, wh-was that you in there?” I asked dumbly pointing to the room beside us that she just came out of.

“Oh, yeah.” She waved the question off and looked the other way; something wasn’t damn right.

“Shae,” I said trying to get her attention again, “what happened in there?” I asked.

She laughed nervously, “Nothing girl, Zay and I just got in a little argument that’s all.” She smiled but there was so much hurt in that little fake ass smile. I gave her that ‘Really?” look.

“That’s it? Just a little argument?” I asked raising my eyebrow; I already knew this nigga laid hands on her but I just wanted to hear it from her but she didn’t answer me. “Shae, did this nigga put his hands on you?” I asked finally, tired of beating around the bush. She looked the other way and I saw tears streaming down her face. “Oh hell nah! Ima tell Damien! How long this been goin’ on?!” I yelled, then it all began to make sense. “He did all that other s*** to you too didn’t he?! Your nose and eye!” I yelled. “Hell nah this nigga got you f***ed up!” I said pulling out my phone and began dialing Damien’s number; this nigga must be crazy to lay hands on Damien little sister. Damien Harris, king of these streets!

“Tori stop.” She finally said but I wasn’t hearin’ that s*** I already had the phone to my ear before she snatched it out my hand and ended the call.

“What the f*** Shae?!” I yelled.

“You ain’t tellin’ Damien s***! You ain’t tellin’ Damien, Jace, Omar, Jordan, ya mamma, ya sister! You ain’t tellin’ nobody s***! Yeah he put his hands on me but so! That’s between me and him! That ain’t got s*** to you wit you or anybody else that’s OUR BUSINESS!” She screamed; no this b**** didn’t. I just had to look at her after that one cause Shae ain’t never talked to me like that. “IF I WANTED TO PEOPLE TO KNOW DON’T YOU THINK I WOULD HAVE TOLD Y’ALL?! YEAH I THINK I WOULD HAVE SO YOU AIN’T TELLIN’ DAMIEN s***!” She screamed again and her face was turnin’ red as hell. This wasn’t the Shae I know, this was a different Shae.

“Tell Damien what?” he said coming up behind me but my eyes never left Shae’s and her’s never left mine. “Ohhhkay, what I miss here?” he asked pointing between the two of us. “Baby what you cryin’ for? Shae what YOU cryin’ for?! WHY EVERYBODY CRYIN? I WANNA CRY TOO!” he said, if I wasn’t in this state I know me and Shae both would be laughing but I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t smile, nothing. She closed her eyes and sighed before storming past the both of us and out the door before leaving. I stood there for a moment before turning to Damien and falling into his chest crying.

What happened to my bestfriend?

I really don’t know what’s wrong with me and I don’t know why I snapped on Tori like that, I know I was wrong but at that moment I was just like f*** it. After I left the party I went home and now I’m bored and I’m sure Pooh nem not coming over here tonight. Sigh. I decided to text Jay and see what he was doing cause I’m sure the party is over by now and if it ain’t then it’s bout to be.

‘Bestfriend Shaee: wyd?’

‘Bestfriend Jaaay: nothing just leavin’ the party y u leave?’

‘Bestfriend Shaee: wasn’t feelin’ good, wanna swing thru?’

‘Bestfriend Jaaay: yeah, omw.’

Thank God. I set my phone done on the coffee table and went upstairs to change out of my party outfit that smelled of weed, alcohol, laundry, and perfume. I slipped on a plain white v-neck tee and some black sweat pants. I went back into my room and grabbed me, Jace, and Tori’s favorite movie, ‘ATL’ when I heard my front door open and close. I smiled to myself and walked back downstairs to see Jace sitting on the sofa watching Spongebob and laughing, I couldn’t help but laugh and not at the show. I popped in the movie and sat on the couch next to him as we watched and recited almost all the words together, keeping eachother company before we fell asleep together on the couch.

run it

Damn run it

After I left Shae’s apartment I drove straight to the trap to see what was up; one of my niggas had called me sayin’ some lil niggas tried to hit us up and I damn sure wasn’t havin’ that s***.

“Wessup man what happened?” I asked Donte, one of my boys.

“Ion know, lil niggas just walked in here bussin’ no questions asked.” He explained sounding stressed.

“Damn, ain’t nobody get hurt did they?”

“Nah homie, only they did. We ain’t kill em tho, we got em in the basement.” He said which put a big smile on my face.

“Iight cool I’ll be down there.” I said before walking upstairs to my office to take a hit.

When I got to my door I knew something wasn’t right so I pulled out my gun and burst into the door. The lights were off and I could make out a darker shadow sitting on my desk. “Who the f*** is you?!” I asked c**king my gun.

It hopped off my desk and starting slow walking towards me; the way it walked I knew it was a female. “Your best fantasy.” She answered seductively before getting down on her knees infront of me and unbuckling my pants and began givin’ me head; not no ‘good’ head but like the best head I ever got from a female. I knew she ain’t have no type of f***in’ teeth in her mouth with the way she was suckin’.

She sucked till I bust two nuts in her mouth and I made sure she swallowed ALL my kids. When she was done she got off her knees and slowly walked out the room without one work spoken or look backward; I ain’t even see the hoe face.

“So what’s ya name kid?” I asked one of the kids in front of me. I was now in the basement with my niggas questioning and torturing these lil niggas.

He spit out blood before answering, “Tyrone.” Weakly.

“Well, Tyrone, who you work for?” I asked.

“Dave nem.” he said coughing.

“Ah, that makes sense.” I said walking over to the table that we kept all of our guns at and picking up a 22’.

“Man, please, don’t shoot us; I swear we won’t come back here.” One of the other boys cried.

“Look at ya lil b**** ass cryin’ if you gone go out, go out a real nigga not no b****. Stop all that damn cryin.” I threatened slappin’ the s*** outta him.

“Aye how old y’all is?” Donte asked them.

“We 16.” Another boy answered.

“Well, hope you had a nice 16 years of life cause you f***ed with the wrong ones.” I said before putting 2 bullets between every single one of their eyes. “Clean this s*** up.” I ordered walking back upstairs headed to my office to take that hit like I was possed to earlier and leaving.

“Man what y’all wanna do today?” Tori asked everyone as we sat around the kitchen and living room eating and watching tv.

“s*** ion know, it ain’t s*** to do.” Jace said.

“Let’s throw a party at Pooh house YAY!” I suggested screaming and throwing my arms up.

“Cool with me.” He said shrugging before stuffing his mouth with food. When he said it was cool we all pulled out our phones and began tweeting, facebooking, pathing, instagraming, and letting it be known on anyother social network about the party. “What time this party start and is it like another pool party or something?” he asked.

“I said it’s a cook out starting at 5.” Tori said.

“I said it’s a night pool party that start at 8.” Omar said.

“I just said ‘PARTY AT DAMIEN’S HOUSE AT 8! NO HOES ALLOWED! NO BULLs***!’” I screamed, I was still a little turned up from last night.

“Well I guess we havin’ a cookout AND a pool party.” He shrugged before his eyes got big. “What time is it?” he asked hastily.

“12 something, why?” I asked.

“Bruh we gotta go to Wal-Mart, I ain’t got s*** for no cook out!” he realized.

“Ohhhh s*** turn up in Wal-Mart!” I screamed running upstairs and putting on some clothes making everyone laugh.

“She too turnt dawg, fa’real.” I heard Jordan say.

When we got in Wal-Mart we were all separated in groups to get different s***.

Me and Tori- buns

Jace, Pooh, and Jordan- meats

Omar, Carl, and Quin- chips

Victor, Kent, and Josh- condiments

Eric, Reggie, and Allen- drinks

Jason, Mike, and Marcus- decorations

“Get a buggy b****!” I screamed to Tori so that we would both have buggies. When she got one I looked at her and smiled, “I’ll race you to the buns.” I challenged

“Oh s***, bet!” she said dapping me up.

Pooh stepped infront of us and said, “On ya mark, get set, GO!” and we took off and he slapped Tori ass making her scream.

I was winning until this b**** pulled her buggy out in front of me on purpose making me fall to the ground pissing me off. “b**** I KNOW YOU HEARD ME SAY ‘HOT BUNS ON THE LOOSE MOVE!’” I screamed to the girl who was laughing with some other girl.

“b**** shut up, you look too old be doin’ all that childish s*** anyway.” She laughed making me even madder causing my face to turn red. “Aw look Jess, she getting’ mad.” She laughed. I know I looked like a little kid about to have a tantrum with my height and how my hands were glued to my side in fists. “Ain’t you Zay b****?” she asked pointing a questioning finger at me.

“Who askin’?” I asked angrily.

“Oh boo, no need to catch a attitude cause b**** you already got, no need to make it worse.” Got? f*** she mean I’m already got, ion even know this b****.

“f*** you mean got? b**** ion even KNOOOOW YOOOOU!” I yelled.

“Oh b**** best believe that you WILL know me, real soon.” She said getting all in my face like I just wasn’t gone whoop her ass.

“b**** I know you better get the f*** out my face for I-“ she cut me off getting even closer.

“For you what b****?” she asked and I swung hit the b**** dead in her s*** as her other friend was bout to jump but Tori got her ass before she could; I ain’t even realize she was here the entire time.

Me and my b**** was straight whoopin’ these hoes asses before Jordan and Omar came yellin’ and snatchin’ us off the hoes.

“Man what the f*** y’all out here fightin’ in Wal-Mart y’all not possed to getting’ BUNS!” Jordan yelled.

“C’mon Money.” The b**** that Tori whooped said and it all just clicked to me; at the trap, when that nigga told Zay that ‘Money just arrived’.

I guess I was lookin’ at her crazy cause she looked at me too, “Yeah b****, Money.” She said confirming everything for me. I was so beyond pissed.

“LET ME GO!” I yelled punching Jordan. “C’mon Tori!” I said snatching her by her wrist and pulling her towards the aisle with buns.

“Everybody get everything they-The f*** happened to y’all?!” Pooh asked concerned.

“They was fightin’ in Wally World!” Jordan snitched causing both me and Tori to glare at him.

“It better not have been Kendra and that other b**** again.” Jace said.

“Nah.” I said dryly looing away.

“Then who was it.” Pooh asked.

“Some b**** named-“ Tori started but I cut her off by bumping into her shoulder.

“Ion wanna talk about it.” I said with force before I went to check out.

After we checked out, we all headed over to Pooh’s house to set up everything. Me and Tori were in charge of getting up the decorations and s*** while everybody else was doin’ whatever the f*** it is they were doing.

“So who’s Money?” Tori asked.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “When we was at the trap, me and Zay, some nigga came in there tellin’ him that ‘Money has arrived.’ But you know I’m thinking it’s actual money then like after that I heard some b**** screamin and moanin and s*** but I ain’t think nothing of it and it took Zay a long time to come back and the only reason he did come back is cause I called for him.” I explained getting teary eyed.

“So do you really think he cheated?” she asked looking me in my eyes.

“Oh I don’t know Tori, I think he did but at the same time I don’t wanna believe it.” I said sighing.

“Well it’s better to ask than to assume mami.” She said getting back to what she was doing.

The party has now started and I was having a good ass time, Zay had been calling me all day but I was ignoring his ass, I ain’t wanna talk to or deal with him right now. The music was right and the smell of weed and alcohol was all in the air.

“Wessup Shae!” I heard somebody say from behind me.

I turned around and the biggest smile came on my face. “Hey Derick!” I squealed wrapping my arms around his neck and his were around my waist.

“Wessup, this party deep as f*** tho.” He said letting me go and looking around at everyone.

“I know right! You know Pooh always used to throw parties, his s*** be on point.” He smiled down at me.

“I really missed you Shae.” He said sincerely. I started to blush; he had gotten so fine since middle school.

“I missed you too Derick.” I said smiling before hugging him again.

“You wanna dance?” he asked me when ‘Booty Me Down’ came on.

“Hell yeah!” I yelled before grabbing him by his hand and leading him into the crowd.

I started twerkin’ with my hands on my knees and his on my hips. Not too long after I startin dancing on him I felt him and he was big as f***; that only made me dance harder.

“Damn Shae.” He said grinding into me causing me to laugh.

I was really dancin’ for his ass for I heard a familiar voice that illed my vibe. “What the f*** is this?!” he said. I stopped dancing and sighed, backing up into Derick’s frame as he put his arm around my shoulder.

“Wessup man, we met at the-“ Zay cut him off.

“I know who you is nigga I ain’t stupid.” He said looking at him crazy making the both of us laugh.

“What you want Zay?” I asked bodly.

“What I want? Girl bring yo ass on!” he yelled grabbing me by my arma dn pulling me into the house and in the first guest room he saw. It was two people in here f***in’ and Zay made em get out.

“What the f*** wrong witchu Zay?! Pullin’ me like that witcho stupid ass! You get on my f***in’ NERVES! You so jealous for no f***in reason!” I screamed sitting on the each of the bed as he paced the room.

“I been callin’ yo ass all damn day and I get here and you hoein’ out for that nigga?” he whispered more to himself than to me.

“Hoein’ out?! b**** don’t do me! I ain’t no hoe!” I screamed getting off the bed.

“You f*** him?” he asked ignoring my rants. I looked at him sideways and furrowed my brows before laughing and throwin’ my hands up in defeat.

“Think what you want Zay.” I sighed trying to leave the room the room but her blocked the door.

“So you did huh?” he said.

“AND IF I DID SO!!!! WHO THE f*** IS MONEY ZAY HUH?! YOU f*** THAT b****?!” I screamed before he slapped the s*** out of me sending me halfway across the room in a fit of tears.

“f*** this!” he yelled before storming out the room and slamming the door.

girl this getting better and better
run it

Run it

run it!!!

I was just bout to bust a nut when I heard Shae scream my name, the way she screamed it made it not sound all that important.

“What you stoppin’ for? I’m bout to cum baby c’mon!” Money whispered in my ear so I kept goin for a few minutes till we came together and that’s when I heard her scream again but this time she sounded like something was wrong.

I jumped out the bed and quickly put my clothes on as Money laid on the bed watching me with a smirk on her face. “I think yo b**** callin’ you.” She laughed and I just glared at her.

“Shut the f*** up and she ain’t no b**** so just chill.” I retorted before grabbing my gun off the nightstand and running upstairs toward my office with my niggas behind me. From the other side of the door I could hear Shae yelling at somebody to get off her and I could hear a lot of movement and that’s when I busted in to see that nigga Trey all up on her. “What the f***?!” I yelled c**king my gun. I know I told this nigga he couldn’t hit and he trynna do it anyway!

“HE CAME IN HERE TRYNNA RAPE ME!” Shae screamed throwin’ punches and kicks at his ass which made me laugh cause she was so short but she had that nigga leakin’. I was gone let her handle him by herself cause he wasn’t fightin’ back but then he turned around and punched her dead in her face and my first reaction was to shoot. I fired the first shot and kept firing with my niggas behind me firin’ at his ass too. After I was satisfied, I ran over to Shae and she was unconscious. “Aye man go get me some cold water or something.” I ordered.

When he came back with the water I poured it all on her face and she woke up punching, kicking and screaming “get off me!” But I guess she realized I was holding her and she calmed down and just cried on my shirt.

“It’s alright babe, you ain’t gotta worry bout that b**** no more I promise.” I comforted kissing her on her temple. I know I do her wrong but it really come down to it I really do trust and love Shae and I never had that with nobody but my ma and my grandma but they both left me that’s why ion trust many, specially not females. My granny died a while back from alzheimer's disease and my ma died from a drug over dose.

“I just wanna go home.” She cried. I picked her up and walked her out the house and to the car.

“Hold on right quick iight?” I said and she nodded weakly before I kissed her and jogged back into the trap to let the niggas know that I was gone be back later.

“That’s her? Damn what happened to her?” Money said laughing as she took a puff of the blunt she was smoking.

“Money just chill I ain’t got time and I ain’t in the mood fa’real.” I sighed closing my eyes. s*** was really getting stressful and I wanted to smoke and take another hit of coke.

“Whatever Zay, hit me up when you through witcha b****.” She sassed rolling her eyes. I was really bout to back hand this b****.

“What I tell you bout callin’ her that Money?” I said angrily.

“s*** ion care, I call it like I see it. And I see a bit-“ she was cut off when I back handed that b**** cross the room as everybody who was watching the whole thing screamed “DAAAAAMN!” and laughed. She sat there with the stupidest look on her face holding her cheek. “That’s how you do me Zay?! After I been here since day one?! You done let a b**** come between us but that’s alright cause that hoe gone get hers!” she screamed before getting up and leaving.

“Man ima be back later y’all and no ion know when ‘later’ is.” I said answering the question that was on the rise before walking back out the house and getting into the car and heading to Shae’s house.

I’m so tired of being hit in my damn FACE s***!!!! Now I have a f***ing bruised nose AND a black eye! f***! I was emotionally exhausted and was now lying in bed with Zay when I heard his phone ring.

“Wessup?” he sounded tired.


“What?” he asked sitting up fast as hell and putting on his shoes.

“Where you goin’?” I asked pouting; he put his finger up telling me to hold on.

“Oh hell nah I’m on my way.” He said before hanging up the phone and turning to me. “I’m sorry baby I gotta go, trap business.” He said before kissing me quickly and leaving.

I laid back on the bed with a long sigh and cried myself to sleep once again.

When I woke up it was 8:42 p.m and I could hear everybody downstairs conversing and laughing. I rolled over on the bed and took my phone off the charger on the night stand and saw that I had a text from Zay saying that he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow, that he was sorry, and that he loved me. I just rolled my eyes with a sigh before getting up and going into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came out I grabbed my phone and began to reply to Zay when I heard Tori’s loud ass.

“She been sleep long enough I’m bout to wake her ass-“ she stopped with her loud rant when she saw me. I looked at her with confusion written all on my face.

“Why you lookin’ at me like that?” I asked confused. She walked closer to me with her eyebrows furrowed and touched my eye and nose and I instantly remembered and cursed to myself for being so stupid.

“Shae, who did this?” she asked me hesitantly. I decided to tell her what happened at the trap but blame both injuries on him. “Oh hell nah where he at?! I’m bout to tell Damien and we gone go buss that nigga ass! Él cogió con la equivocada!” she yelled now speaking Spanish. She would let the Hispanic side of her come out occasionally.

I laughed at her, “Tori, relajarse! Zay and his boys took care of him, I’m fine. Seriously.” I said hugging her.

She let me go and took a few deep breaths, “Ok, I’m relaxed.” She said. I laughed. “Well anyway, I came up here to wake you up but um yeah. We was all bout to go out wanna come?” She asked. I was quiet for a moment. “Mami por favor! You don’t even hang with us like you used to since you been with Zay!” she whined and I ain’t gone lie, she was right.

“Alright, I’ll go.” I sighed but on the inside I was jumping for joy because I can’t remember the last time I went out.

“We goin’ to a 21 over club too boo! Damien got the three of us some fake ID’s!” she squealed.

I laughed, “And by three of us you mean me, you, and who?” I asked confused.

“And Jace you dumbass!” she said hitting my shoulder. “Anyway, we ain’t leavin’ till like 11 so come chill with us downstairs till you can get ready!” she pleaded.

“Alright, I’ll be down in a minute.” I smiled and she left. I had to put makeup on before I went down there so I wouldn’t have to go through what I just did.

I came downstairs to the normal crowd, “Wessup stranger?” most of Pooh’s friends greeted me.

I rolled my eyes, “I ain’t no damn stranger but hey y’all!” I said with a smile on my face, it was nice to be with family again. I noticed that Jay finally looked at me for longer than 2 seconds for the first time since like yesterday. I went and sat on his lap, even though there were more than enough places for me to sit, on purpose. “Hey Jace.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

He looked up and me, “Hey.” He said dryly causing me to suck my teeth in frustration.

“Why you actin’ like this?” I asked him even though I slick already knew why.

“You know why.” He said.

“Man ain’t nobody lyin’ to you Jace damn!” I said louder than intended because everybody looked at us crazy before returning to whatever it is they were doing.

“Ok Shae. Just drop it man.” He sighed looking away from me.

“So you still mad at me?” I asked him pouting and he shrugged his shoulders. “C’mon, you can’t stay mad at mee!” I cooed beginning to tickle him. He acted like a straight b**** when I tickled him.

“The f***? Nigga you ticklish?” I heard Damien tease which cause everyone to laugh.

“Shut up Poohbear! Don’t do him like that!” I yelled to him, “You know you ticklish too!” I warned and everybody looked at him and busted out laughin’.

“AHHHHH NIGGA YOU TICKLISH!” Jordan joked, falling over laughing.

“b**** shut up everybody ticklish!” Pooh yelled defending himself.

There was a moment of silence before everyone agreed and got back to their previous conversations.

“So, you still mad?” I asked looking back at Jace.

“Nah.” He said with a slight smile and a big ass kool-aid smile came onto my lips before kissing him all over his face causing him to laugh. “Girl get off me.” He said pushing my off his lap onto the empty spot on the sofa beside him.

It was now 10 and I was getting ready with Tori and Jace, everybody else left to get ready cause they ain’t have clothes and s*** over my place like they did. Tori was wearing a silver and peach strip, strapless dress with some silver stiletoes, a silver clutch bag, studs in her ear, and her hair down to her ass. I was wearing a lime green dress that showed all of my sides and back with some neon peach heels and my hair was pinned to the top with curls. Jace had on white ‘Pink Dolphin’ shirt with some black Levi’s and some light brown, low top timbs.

“Ohhh y’all we look GOOD!” I complimented as all three of us stood in front of the huge full size mirror in the den.

“Shid, yeen gotta tell me, a nigga already know!” Jay said; Tori and I both looked at him crazy before laughing.

It was now 5 minutes till 11 and them niggas still ain’t came back so I decided to call Damien.

“Put it on speaker.” Tori said and I did so.

“Heeeey!” he answered in a gay voice on the fourth ring causing everyone to laugh.

“Gay ass, where y’all at?” I asked playing with Jay’s blonde curls.

“Turnin’ into the complex go ahead and come outside so we can just go.” He said, returning to his old voice.

“Iight.” I said hanging up and leaving the house.

We were at the ‘Greystone Manor’ in west Hollywood and we were having a f***in’ BLAST! Everybody was vibin’ to the music that was bein’ played and the drinks and blunts were flowin’ throughout our VIP section.

All of a sudden the DJ started playing ‘Drop’ by Tex James and Tori went crazy, “OHHHH s*** THIS MY SONG!” She yelled grabbing me and leading me to the dance floor and started twerking so s***, I started twerkin’ too! “Get it boo!!!!” she said to me when Jace came up behind me and Pooh was behind her. We was straight wildin’ till the end of the song.

“Damn Shae I ain’t now you could twerk!” Jace said looking me up and down and licking his lips as I blushed.

“It’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.” I said seductively before walking off to get another shot as Tori was all down Pooh’s throat.

“What’ll it be beautiful?” the pretty bartender asked me.

“Sex on the Beach please.” I asked smiling at her and giving her the money plus a tip.

“Here you are.” She said handing me my drink. I was still dancing to the tune of the next song when I heard a familiar voice beside me.

“b**** I seen you and my nigga dancin’!” she yelled over the music.

I turned to look at her and it was Kendra which made me laugh hard as hell. “b**** shut up, he single.” I sassed turning back to what I was doing.

“b**** he still mines. You got me f***ed up hoe.” She said from behind before pushing me making me drop my drink. I looked up at the bartender and she mouthed to me ‘Beat her ass!’ and that’s exactly what I was bout to do.

I ran up on her and started swinging on her.

‘Smart Girl’ came on right after ‘Drop’ and I began dancing again but then I realized that my PIC(partner in crime) wasn’t beside me.

“Aye Jay where Shae went?” I asked him.

“Um I think she went to the-OH HELL NAH!” he yelled pointing to the bar where I saw two girls fighting. One of em was getting’ they ass molly whooped! I was enjoying it until I realized that the girl that was beatin’ the other girl ass was Shae and some girl was behind her bout to jump in.

I ran over there so fast and started beatin’ the other b**** ass who was bout to jump my best friend. I felt like we were fighting forever before I felt strong arms go around me and looked up to see that Jay had gotten Shae off Kendra.

“b**** you got the right one! No dejes que te atrape fuera!” I screamed after kicking her twice in the head.

“Girl chill OUT! “ I heard Damien say behind me after sitting me down.

“You alright Shae?” I said ignoring Damien.

“Yeah I’m alright, I whooped her ass!” she said.

“That’s my b****!” I praised dapping her up.

After that hoe show them b****es put on, we had a good rest of the night before going back to Shae’s spot and passing out, me, Jay, and Shae in her bed and everybody else downstairs.

Wow run it

After Shae left we all stayed at her apartment like we always do; chilled, smoked and played the Xbox. But next thing I know, a nigga was sleep on the floor in Omar lap; I jumped up too quick cause I ain’t with that gay s*** fa’real dawg even though I know it wasn’t no s*** like that. I looked around to see that everybody was knocked out everywhere like it was a damn Project X party or some s***. I took my phone out of my pocket and it said that it was 2:16 in the morning. I quietly got up and walked over people up the stairs to Shae’s room cause I wasn’t bout to sleep on this hard ass floor.

When I walked in there, I saw that the bathroom door was open and the light was on so I assumed she was in there. I tiptoed in the doorway with intentions of scaring her; she ain’t have on nothing but bra and panties they had black lace with cheetah print on them. I had to lick my lips cause she looked good. But when I looked her in her face I saw that she was crying and looking in the mirror at her face . Her nose looked real bruised and the first thing that came to my mind was Zay. I had heard rumors that he hit females but for actually see the s*** for myself really pissed me off. She finally noticed me staring at her through the doorway and she tried to turn her head and put on her clothes.

I walked fully into the bathroom behind her and called her name softly. “Shae.”

“Yeah?” she said with fake ass happiness.

I ain’t wanna ask off top but it slipped out of my mouth, “What happened to your face?” it came out kind slow as if I ain’t want to ask but I had to.

“Huh?” she asked still trying to put on her damn clothes.

I was tired of her actin’ stupid like wasn’t s*** wrong with her so I grabbed her and turned her towards me so that I could get a better look at her face but she only looked down at the finger s she was playin with which pissed me off even more. “Look at me.” I told her but she wouldn’t. “TraShae, look at me.” I said with more force this time and when she didn’t do it I lifted her chin with my index finger so that she was looking up at me. I looked her dead in her eyes and read her; hurt, sadness, frustration, etc. I asked the same question I did when I walked in this damn bathroom. “What. Happened. To. Your. Face?”

She laughed, “Oh nothing, Zay was chasing me around and I ran into a car. I wasn’t paying attention.”

“BULLs***!” I wanted to scream at her but I kept my sanity. She knows that I know when she lies because her eyes change color. From a light brown to a very, very dark brown. “You ran into a car huh?” I managed to say aloud. I wanted to touch her face so I did and she winced to my touch.

She plastered a smile on her face and said, “Yup!” and pranced out of the bathroom and getting into bed. I was getting’ more pissed cause she was savin’ this nigga and I NOW he did this s***. I followed her and laid in bed next to her.

I wanted to as her so many questions. “How long you been lettin’ this nigga hit you?” “Why you ain’t tell nobody?” “Did you beat his ass?” I only stuck with one and that was “Why you lyin’ to me Shae?”

She did that little cute thing she do with her eyebrows when she gets confused but I knew she wasn’t but she lied again, “What you talkin’ bout Jay? I ain’t lyin’. Now can I just go to sleep please?” she sounded like she was mad but, hell, I’m the one that should be MAD! She turned over so that her back was facing me and I just had to sit there for a minute to calm myself down so that I wouldn’t leave and do nothing crazy. I eventually calmed down and got up and left the room to sleep back o the floor.

The next morning I woke up balled up on the floor with Tori laid up beside me with the biggest smile on her face like a damn stalker. “The f***?!” I yelled jumping to my feet as she laughed like that s*** was funny. “You scared the s*** outta me!” I said closing my eyes for a minute and opening them.

“I know!! You should’ve seen yo face just then yo! PRICELESS!” She laughed and I just glared at her. “Aww! I’m sorry best friend! Don’t be mad at meee!” she whined wrapping her arms around my torso and kissing me on my cheek. I just rolled my eyes causing her to laugh again. “I love you Jay!” she said hesitantly; but when I didn’t say it back she let me go and put her hands on her hips. “I SAAAAID I love you Jace!” she yelled! “But that’s alright, yeen gotta say it back cause I can just throw yo plate in the trash hoe!” she yelled with an evil grin on her face before turning on her heels towards the kitchen.

I ran behind her. Picked her up and slammed her on the sofa planting kisses all on her face saying “I love you!” in between each one until she began to fight me off which made me laugh. She got off the couch laughing and wiping off all my kisses. I put my hand over my heart with a hurt look on my face, “You don’t like my kisses Tori?” I asked poking my bottom lip out.

“Hell no!” she laughed punching me in my chest, that s*** hurt. “Your plate in the damn microwave hoe.” She said skipping off to the kitchen where everybody else was including Shae and that b**** Zay. He was leaning on the counter and she was leaning on him. I glanced her way and saw that the bruise on her nose wasn’t there anymore, it must have been make-up or something.

“Wessup y’all!” I yelled dappin’ up and huggin everybody but Shae and Zay. I walked over to the microwave and getting my plate out, it was still hot so I just started tearin’ that s*** up where I stood.

“Damn hungry ass!” I heard Omar laugh.

“Shut yo ass up!” I said with a mouth full of food. I kept eating as everyone was havin side conversations and s***. I could feel Shae staring at me the whole time but I ain’t look at her not once. After I was done eating I went upstairs to the guest room to take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed.

When I was done I walked back downstairs and everybody was gone, I ain’t think I took that long. Shae was laid up on the couch with the b****. Again, I didn’t look their way as I grabbed my keys off the coffee table in the living room and walked out the door without one word spoken even when Shae told me bye.

I ain’t gone lie, it really hurt when Jay didn’t speak to me. I knew he was mad at me for not telling him the truth but I was too afraid to. I loved Zay and I know he didn’t mean to hit me like he did. If he did mean it then he wouldn’t have come to me this morning and he wouldn’t have been so apologetic.

“Whatchu wanna do today baby?” he asked me pulling me closer into him I smiled to myself.

“Ion know.” I said shyly.

“Well I gotta go to the trap and a few other places so you can come I guess.” He shrugged.

“Iight.” I said getting off the sofa and going to get ready since he already was.

“You got 30 minutes, don’t have me waitin’ all damn day Shae.” He ordered flipping through the channels on the tv.

“I got you!” I yelled from my room.

When I got out the shower I checked my phone. I had a 10 unread text and 3 missed calls. The only text that was important to me was from Tori.

‘BessFrennTori: hey, wanna hang today? I feel a shoppin’ spree comin’!’

I smiled and replied. ‘BestieShae: I would but I’m with Zay today.’

‘BessFrennTori: mhmm’ she replied with the emoji that looks the other way.

I sighed and put on my clothes; black sports bra, black leather skinnies with a white jacket tied around my waist and some ‘Joker 1’s’.

“I’m ready.” I said turning off the tv and walking out the door to Zay’s all black 2013 Camero.

It took us about 45 minutes to get to his trap but we finally got there. We hoped out the car and I followed him around the house to the back door. He did some kind of crazy knock and some big ass dude answered the door.

“Wessup boss?” he said dapping him up with a smile then frowning at me which I returned. “She witchu you?” he asked pointing at me with a crazy look.

“Yeah.” He answered dryly before grabbing my hand and leading me into the house.

“Tell ya guard he need to watch how he looks at people!” I said with an attitude and he just laughed. We kept walking through the house and I could smell the scents that had become so familiar to me over the years; weed, coke being cooked, etc. We walked past a room filled with naked b****es and I stopped in my tracks in the doorway with the nastiest look on my face.

“Man c’mon!” Zay said angrily before yanking me out of the doorway.

“Why they naked?” I asked him with an attitude.

“So they won’t steal my s*** that’s why!” he said with even more attitude back. I just sighed with irritation as he lead me up some stairs and into a room that a guess was his office before closing and locking the door. I sat on his desk as he sat in the huge chair behind it and pulled something out of one of the drawers of the desk and sat it on the table. It was a little dime bag of coke I thought he was just gone like rebag the s*** or try to sell it or something but no; he spilt the contents of it out of the bag and onto his desk before taking a razor blade making it into a straight line I knew he was about to snort it.

“Zay what the f***?!” I yelled getting off the desk. “I know you not bout to snort that s***!” I yelled.

“Shut yo ass up.” He said calmly before snorting the whole line, nope not even half but the whole damn thing. I had a look of horror on my face as he slumped over in the chair and had a faint smile on his face. “Damn that’s nice.” He whispered. I had no words I just didn’t even wanna look at him fa’real. I sat back on the desk quietly as some dude came to the door and said that money just arrived. “I’ll be right back baby.” He said kissing me on my cheek and walking out of the room.

I had feignin’ to hit since that night I hit damn Shae and now that I had it I was good. For somebody that knew bout the game she act like she ain’t neva seen nobody snort before but it’s whatever. My nigga Trey came and told me that Money just arrived at the house and I got happy as hell cause she got some good as pussy and she one of my main hoes besides Felicia. Of course Shae dumbass ain’t no what the hell we was talm bout, she prolly thought it was some actual real money ha, stupid b****. I told her I would be right back and kissed her on her cheek .

“That’s you in there bruh?” Trey asked.

“Yeah.” I said following him to where ever Money was.

“Damn she fine, you gone let me hit?” he asked hopeful and I had to stop in my tracks for that one. I might treat Shae wrong but she different and I ain’t sharin’ her with nobody.

“Hell nah you can’t hit b****!” I yelled before brushing past him and finding Money for myself cause he slick blew my high off the coke.

“Hey baby.” She said before wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me on my lips.

“Wessup.” I said dryly, I ain’t have time for all that lovey dovey s*** I was ready to beat that pussy up. I grabbed her hand and led her to one of the rooms in the house with a bed in it and closed and locked the door; when I turned around she was already undressed and laid on the bed waiting for me. I licked my lips and climbed on top of her pulling a Magnum condom out and slipping it on.

I ain’t give no warning before I rammed my d*** inside her and she screamed out in pleasure.

I been sitting in this damn office for bout and hour playin’ temple run on my phone. I could hear some b**** yellin’ and screamin’ from downstairs so I just put my headphones in and started listening to music before the dude from earlier came in. I looked at him with one eyebrow raised before looking back down at my phone, noticing the ‘10%’ warning comes up. I cursed to myself before getting the charger out of my jacket pocket and finding a plug in the wall. I bent over to plug it in when I felt the dude behind my all on my ass. I quickly stood up right and pushed him off me and he smiled. He pushed me into the wall and began feeling all on me and kissin’ me on my neck and s***. He was fine but hell nah, ion know him AND I gotta man. I tried pushing him off me but he was too heavy and he took my arms and pinned them above my head so that I couldn’t fight him off.

“ZAAAAAAY!” I screamed struggling to get out of the boy’s grasp, he was strong as f***!

“Shut yo ass up for I kill you b****!” he threatened looking me in my eyes with a death glare but I wasn’t scared of his ass.

I guess I didn’t scream loud enough but I used to be cheerleader and I had the lungs of steel so I took a really deep breath before imagining myself on that field and screaming with everything in me. “XAVIEEEEEEEEEEER HELP MEEEEE!!!” I screamed so loud that bout 5 niggas bust into the room at the same time with their guns aimed and Zay was in the front.

“What the f***?!” he yelled c**king his gun. He looked muuderous.

“HE CAME IN HERE TRYNNA RAPE ME!” I yelled pointing to him before running up on him and throwin’ punches like it wasn’t nothing. I had his nose and lip bleeding before I guess he got tired of me hitting him and he punched me dead in my face knocking me out cold before I heard multiple guns go off.

Smh run it

y is she being so ignorant? y did she even get with him after he showed her that he clearly was not bf material?? smdh zay need his ass whooped again!

run it!

End Of Senior Year……

“Thank God we made it to the end o the year! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it fa’real; the hoes was all on a nigga.” Jace laughed placing a hand over his chest.

We were all chillin’ at my apartment; me, Jace, Tori, Damien, and his crew as usual. It is finally the end of high school. I was graduating Valedictorian with a 3.99, Tori with a 3.78, and Jay with a 3.5. Me and Zay finally got together after a long time of me being hard to get. We have been strong despite the many rumors and his old hoes still texting and calling his phone. Turns out Tori and Damien had been ‘talking’ for a while before we found out and now their together.

“Speakin’ of HOES! I’m so GLAD you broke s*** off with that b**** Kendra! Lord knows me and Tori ain’t like that b****!” I said getting off the couch and praise dancing and Tori joined me; everyone laughed including Jay.

“Man whatever, I already knew her ass was cheating but I ain’t care. But when I seen the s*** I just had to let her go fa’real dawg.” He breathed.

“Yup! And you let her go to an ass whoopin’ me and my b**** been waitin’ to give her ass!” Tori laughed with her tongue all out and dapping me up.

“Hell yeah and that s*** DID go on Facebook! Stupid hoe!” I scuffed causing everyone to laugh again. “Anyway, f*** that I’m just ready to get up outta here and go to UCLA!” I screamed clapping my hands.

“Hell yeah and at least we all get to be with each other.” Tori said.

“And ya boy gone be ballin!” Jay said striking a pose as if he were making a shot.

“I know y’all asses better get y’all s*** together and make somethin’ happen ya feel me?” Damien said jumping into the conversation.

“Oh! I forgot to tell y’all bout this email I got offering me a job as a model while I’m in school. It won’t interfere with classes so I think I might do it.” I smiled.

“You gone have clothes on?” Damien asked, taking a hit of the blunt in his hand and passing it.

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged.

“You guess? I better not see yo ass, yo titties, yo coochie, yo-“ I cut him off.

“Okay bruh damn! Shut ya ass up and smoke.” I said getting a little irritated when I gotta text from Zay.

‘BooZay♥: wessup whea u at?’

‘BaeShae♥: chillin’ at the house wessup?’

‘BooZay♥: I’m bout to come swoop u up, be ready in like 30 min.’

‘BaeShae♥: iight. Casual or classy?’

‘BooZay♥: casual’

I began smiling really hard and was about to get up and get ready to go when Damien grabbed me by my wrist stopping me.

“What you cheesin fah? Where you bout to go?” he asked with one eyebrow raised.

“Zay bout to come pick me up…” I said quietly. Pooh and Zay still didn’t like eachother and Zay stop slangin’ for him and began doing his own thing with his boys but they made sure they were in connection with my bro so their wouldn’t be any problems.

“Oh.” He said lamely before sitting back in the sofa and taking another hit. I stared at him for a bit and he didn’t even look at me and that pissed me off cause I was tired of this so I stormed off to my room to get ready.

I was ready and Zay had just text me saying he was about to pull up to the gate where they let people into the complex. I had on a white tank that stopped right above my belly button with some denim skinnies that had slits at the knees and stopped bellow my belly button and some cute sandals that had a beige plastic flower on them. I added one of Jay’s necklaces that was long and gold and had ‘Jace’ engraved in it and some big nerd glasses with my hair in a high bun with big gold hoop earrings. I walked down the steps and through the living room about to open the front door.

“And where the hell you goin?” Tori asked me being all loud, I sucked my teeth because nobody would have even noticed me leaving if she didn’t say anything.

I looked at Damien and he still wouldn’t look at me then around to everyone else who’s eyes were on me. “With Zay.” I said confidently; followed by a bunch of “ahh man’s!”, “hell nah’s!”, and grunts. I just rolled my eyes and walked out the front door because I ain’t have time for that f*** s***.

I walked off the elevator and met Zay who was leaning on the driver’s side door of his car scrolling through his phone not even noticing me. I just stood in front of him for a few seconds before he put his phone down and jumped back.

“The f***?! Girl don’t eva do that again! How long you been standin’ there?” he asked breathing hard and looking crazy which caused me to laugh really hard.

“Only a few seconds is all, and I ain’t sneak up on you. If you would get ya head out ya phone and focus on your surroundings you would have seen me Zay.” I said getting on my tip toes and pecking him on his lips and squeezing his cheek. He smiled and walked around to the passenger’s side and opening the door for me before going to his own side of the car and getting in.

“So where we goin?” I asked as we pulled onto the main road.

“To the mall then like the movies or something. I don’t know, I just wanna have a good time witchu.” He said glancing over a me and smiling and lying his hand on my inner thigh causing me to smile. “I love you Shae.” He said softly when we stopped at a red light.

I blushed real hard and leaned in to kiss him before saying, “I love you too Zay.”

We had been at the mall for a while and were heading into Footlocker to get the new grapes; the black and white ones. This was going to be our last stop before we were headed to the movies to watch Temptation.

“That’ll be $445.82.” this pretty cashier who rung us up said to Zay.

I looked up at Zay, “You sure you don’t want me paying for my things? I can.” I said about to pull out my black card but he stopped me.

“Just chill bae, I got you.” He said smiling down at me before pulling out his black card and swiping it. She bagged everything up and asked did we want the receipt in the bag or in our hand after she wrote something on the back of it so I took it; on the back she had written her number on it which made me laugh. I told Zay to wait outside the store while I went back to the counter.

“Um excuse me hun.” I said sweetly flashing her a fake smile as she turned to look at me. “You see that,” I said pointing to Zay who was standing outside on his phone holding our bags. “he’s taken. So he won’t be needing this.” I smiled again before crumbling the paper up and throwing it dead in her face; her face was priceless as I turned on my heels and walked out the store laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Zay turned and asked me as we headed to his car.

“Nothing, let’s go.” I laughed as he opened and closed my door before he got in and we headed towards the movie.

We walked out the movie theater and Shae sensitive ass was crying because she thought the movie was really sad how Judith did Brice because ‘he was a really good man to her’ in her words; but karma sure did a number on her at the end and that s*** was funny as hell too cause that’s what she get, lil hoe.

“Baby, stop cryin’ fa’real, it wasn’t a true story.” I said before hugging her and wiping away the stray tears that streamed down her red cheeks.

“I know, but it was just so sad.” she pouted and sniffed trying to stop the tears; she can be so damn dramatic sometimes. I just laughed and hugged her again before I heard some nigga call her name.

“Shae? Is that you?” he said coming up beside us and she got out of my grip and turned to him with a fat ass smile on her face when she seen his face and he had the same smile.

“Yes it’s me! I haven’t seen you since like middle school when you moved!” she squealed before hugging him; one of them long ass hugs, I started to snatch her ass up but she released before I did.

“I know, I’m back down here for the summer cause we already had our graduation up north.” He said still smiling hard as fuc and she was too.

“Why didn’t you tell me you graduated? I would’ve come!” she said slapping his arm as he rubbed it. “I graduate this weekend, I can get you a ticket, your mamma and sister already have one.” She said. I was kind of getting’ pissed off cause of the smile on both of their faces and the way they asses was just talkin’ like I just wasn’t here.

“I don’t now, I’m sorry I guess I wasn’t thinking. But I’ll definitely be at your-“ I cut his ass off.

“Who is you?” I asked with bass in my voice and an eyebrow rose.

Shae glared up at me like I was just the rude one in the situation; um hell no! “Oh, I’m sorry Derick, this is my boyfriend Xavier; Zay, this is my real good friend from middle school Derick.” She said as he held his hand out like I was gone shake his s***, nigga got me f***ed up. I just hit his ass with the ‘wessup’ nod. His smile faded and he slowly put his hand back into his pocket and again Shae glared at me.

“Well it was nice seeing you Shae, I’m stayin’ with my mamma if you wanna drop by, we can chill or something.” He said smiling again at her.

She was about to speak but I did it for her ass, “Nah, she straight. Let’s go Shae.” I said dryly before grabbing her roughly by her arm and walking her to the passenger side and throwing her ass in.

I hopped in my side and sped off towards her apartment with no words spoken from either one of us.

“Get out.” I said dryly without even looking her way when I pulled up beside the elevator that would take her up to her apartment.

“Get out? GET OUT?!” she screamed. “NIGGA WHAT THE f*** WAS THAT BACK THERE?!” She yelled again pushing my shoulder.

“Don’t put yo f***in’ hands on me TraShae.” I said dead ass serious but that ain’t stop her ass.

She hit me again. “Nah f*** that! Tell me what the f*** that was back there at the movies, actin’ like you ain’t got the damn sense God blessed you with! Bein rude and s***! ALL THAT WASN’T EVEN CALLED FOR!!” She was yelling so loud I thought somebody was gone hear us, even if we were inside my car.

“Calm yo got damn voice and get the f*** out, ion wanna talk to yo ass!” I yelled at her and before I knew it, she had slapped the s*** out me; I touched my cheek and said, “b****!”. This b**** hit like a nigga too and I forgot who she was for a moment when I punched her ass dead in her face one good time. She held her touched her nose then looked at her hand to see blood. I could already see the tears welling and the hurt and shock in her eyes. When I looked at her like that all my anger went away and I was about to apologize but she had already got out the car and was heading toward the elevator after slamming my door so hard the window shattered.

I hopped out and dashed over toward her grabbing her by her arm and turning her toward me. “Shae I’m sorry! I ain’t mean to! I was just in the moment and I let my anger get the best of me Shae please don’t walk away from me!” I pleaded with her. The blood was still coming out of her nose and the tears were pouring out of her eyes.

She pushed me off her just as the elevator door opened, “Leave me alone.” She whispered softly, her voice cracking with every word. She stepped into the elevator and I just sat there and watched as the door closed between us.

I sighed and walked back over to my car and getting in.

“f***!” I yelled punching the steering wheel causing the horn to blow when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I fished it out and saw that it was a text from my hoe Felicia askin’ me to ride through tonight. I text her back and told her I would, I wasn’t bout to stress bout this s***.

“Wessup baby?” she greeted me at her door in my favorite red and black lace lingerie.

“Wessup, you ready?” I asked her looking her up and down and licking my lips.

She grabbed me by my belt loop and led me to her room before she pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. “You know I stay ready daddy.” She said seductively.

I was bout to take all my frustration on this hoe.

I can’t believe he hit me. A nigga has NEVER put his hands on me besides Pooh and that was only for disciplinary reasons and when we used to fight as kids. Other than that, a nigga has never touched me. I cried the whole way up to my apartment before I unlocked the door and walked in to see everyone asleep every where. I quickly went upstairs to my room and into the bathroom before closing and locking the door. I looked at myself in the mirror; my nose wasn’t too bruised. I can tell he didn’t hit me with the force he could have but it was enough for my poor nose. I grabbed a rag and dabbed to get the blood off my face. I was done getting the blood off my face and I walked back into my room to get my night clothes before taking a quick shower.

I was back in front of the mirror again with only bra and panties again examining my nose. I tried touching it but it hurt too bad and I winced in pain everytime. Then the tears came again but they were silently sliding down my cheeks. I was so into myself that I didn’t notice Jace standing in the bathroom doorway watching me.

I quickly wiped my tears and ducked my head the other way so he couldn’t see my face and tried to put my clothes on. “Shae.” He said quietly coming behind me.

“Yeah?” I said trying to sound fine, the happy Shae, but I failed miserably.

“What happened to your face?” he asked hesitantly as if he truly wasn’t ready to hear the answer.

“Huh?” I asked dumbly still struggling to put on my clothes.

He grabbed me by my arm and turned me where I was now facing him, he was shirtless again and only had on some basketball shorts. I wouldn’t look him in his face, I just played with my fingers and looked at them. “Look at me.” He ordered but I didn’t, I couldn’t. “TraShae look at me.” He said again and this time he lifted my chin to look at him. “What. Happened. To. Your. Face.” He asked again.

“Oh nothing, Zay was chasing me around and I ran into a car. I wasn’t paying attention.” I laughed sounding somewhat convincing but he saw right through my eyes.

“You ran into a car huh?” he said touching my nose as I jumped back under his touch.

“Yup.” I said smiling up and his before walking out of the bathroom and getting into bed. f*** wearing clothes.

He followed me and laid beside me and now we were lying face to face in bed. “Why you lyin’ to me Shae?” he said seriously.

I furrowed up my brows really trying to look convincing. “What you talkin’ bout Jay? I ain’t lyin. Now can I just go to sleep please?” I said angrily and turning my back to him. We sat there in silence for a while and I could hear his heavy breathing and a sigh before he got up and walked out of my room before slamming the door behind him.

I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a huge headache and when I touched my nose it still hurt a little. I didn’t feel like doing anything today, I didn’t wanna see, or talk to anyone and I damn sure wasn’t getting out of this bed. I just laid there with my eyes closed before I heard somebody open and close before lying in bed with me. I could tell it was a male by the way their figure felt against me and I just assumed it was Jay and I smiled to myself before their cologne hit me and that smile was whipped off my face.

“Get out.” I said dryly and I could feel the tears begin to come again.

“Shae please just listen to me.” He pleaded and I sat there quietly. “I been goin through some things and when you and ole boy started talkin like I just wasn’t there that made me mad as hell and plus I got trust issues Shae.” He said. “Shae I ain’t never put my hands on a female before and I’m so sorry, you gotta believe me Shae, I really just took all my anger and stress out on you baby and I’m sorry.” I was really crying now and I turned over on my other side so that we were now face to face and I could now see that he was crying.

“I know, I’m sorry.” I said quietly before wrapping my arms around him as he did the same and burying my face in his chest and crying. He stroked my hair and began to sing ‘I Did You Wrong’ by Pleasure P.

“Don’t be sorry baby, it was my fault. Will you take me back?” he asked softly.

I didn’t answer back right away but I eventually said yes before I looked up at him and kissed him passionately on the lips and falling asleep in his arms.

run it!

Run it

My party was thick as f*** like always, the music, hoes, and drinks was all on point. I had Tori sitting in my lap while one arm was around my neck and the other was in her lap holding her drink and mine were around her waist.

Everything was cool till I heard some b**** voice behind me. “Wessup Damien?” and her voice sounded familiar too. She walked around to where I could see her and she was lookin right, thick in all the right places and I could remember how tight she was when we used to-

“This you?” she said cutting me off as I licked my lips.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“This,” she said pointing to Tori, “is it you?” she asked placing her hands on her hips.

“b**** I gotta name.” Tori said calmly which caused me to smirk cause she wasn’t worried bout these hoes.

“Yeah this me, why you worried?” I asked as I placed my hand on Tori’s thigh.

She chuckled as in disbelief, “I see you done downgraded, you really gone leave me for this?”

“b****, don’t make me have to tell you again.” Tori said again, still calm.

“Baby just chill I got this.” I told Tori lifting her off my lap and into the seat that I was sitting in getting in this b**** face. “Look Trina, you gone stop disrespectin’ my girl like that and what you mean ‘leave you’ we wasn’t never together. You and me both know what was goin on between us. You wasn’t nothing but my hoe that I called when I wanted this d*** sucked or a good nut now get the f*** outta here before you embarrass ya self iight?” I said sternly as I heard snickers from my team.

She rolled her eyes, “Ight b****, don’t call me when that hoe make you mad either!” she said before walking away.

“I think I’m last one you should be callin’ a hoe sweetheart.” Tori laughed while sippin on whatever was in her cup.

“Aye D ain’t that that nigga Zay spittin game to ya sister homie?” my nigga Darel said.

“Oh hell nah!” I heard Tori say before getting up.

“Just chill man damn, hold up.” I said before walking over to where they were standing. I could hear Zay talkin bout how he wanted to get to know her on a personal level or some b**** s*** like that then next thing I know they asses was kissin.

I just cleared my throat and they turned around.

“s***..” I heard Shae whisper.

“You damn skippy, what the f*** I tell you at the house Shae?” I tried to sound as calm as possible cause I really ain’t wanna beat her ass in front of all these people.

“Look Poohbear I know but you said but just hear me out-“ she tried to explain but I wasn’t hearin that s*** homie. I knew what type of nigga Zay was and he wasn’t bout to get my sister in that s*** and he damn sure wasn’t gone hurt her.

“Get yo ass in the house Shae.” I said closing my eyes and takin deep breaths like my ma used to tell me to do when I was bout to lose my temper.

“Pooh just listen to me!” she pleaded.

“Dammit Shae get in the f***in house for I beat yo ass!” I yelled as she took off with tears in her eyes. I ain’t mean to make her cry but I nigga was bout to lose it; I started to go after her but Zay’s voice stopped me.

“Aye man what the f*** was that homie don’t be talkin to her like that!” this nigga done lost his mind if he think he talkin to me.

“Nigga what? Ion think I heard you right.” I challenged him, I looked over his shoulder and I could see my team on alert as if they knew some s*** was about to pop off.

“I said don’t be-“ before he could even finish that damn sentence, I knocked his ass clean on the ground with a right.

“b**** DON’T EVA TELL ME WHAT TO DO! THAT’S MY f***IN SISTER IN THAT DAMN HOUSE b**** YOU MUST DONE LOST YO f***IN MIND!” I yelled at the same time stompin his ass out before I was pulled off of his by Jay.

“Aye bruh just chill homie what happened?!” he yelled trying to hold me back from that b**** ass nigga on the ground.

“Man let me the f*** GO! Where my sister at?!” I screamed lookin around the back yard but I couldn’t see s*** cause everybody was crowded around us. I sucked my teeth in frustration as I pushed through everyone and ran in the house and up the stairs towards my bedroom. When I reached the door I could hear someone crying and Tori’s voice.

“It’s gone be alright hun, please stop crying, you know I hate it when you cry!” she pleaded with her. I pushed the door open slightly and stepped inside. Shae was lying face down in my pillows and Tori was sitting next to her rubbing her back and looking down at her.

I locked eyes with her and mouthed for her to give us a minute. She obliged as I took her spot on the bed. “Shae.” I whispered as she only grunted and sniffed. “Trashae.” I whispered again and she did the same thing. “Miracle.” I said referring to the nickname I gave her when she was first born, she finally turned over on her back and glared at me and I smiled, it was progress. I gave her that nickname because she was really a miracle child; she was born 3 months early and the doctors thought she wasn’t going to make it and if she did, she was going to have mental problems but obviously none of that happened.

“Why’d you do that Damien?” she asked sadly.

“Miracle you don’t know that man like I know him, he ain’t gone do s*** but hurt you!” I pleaded with her.

“Well can I figure that out myself then? I know you’re only trying to save me but I just need to experience things on my own Pooh, you know what I’m saying?” she said softly, I knew where she was coming from but I still ain’t want her with his ass so all she got was a heavy, long sigh. “Pooh I’m serious, just give him a chance, please. For me.”

“I guess..” I mumbled real low on purpose so she couldn’t hear me.

“What?” she said getting all giddy.

“I guess…” I said a little louder but still low but she heard me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and planted kisses all over my face before I pushed her off me; I’m too old for that s***.

“Thank you so much Poohbear! I love you so much!” she screamed wiping the tears from her face.

“Mhmm but if that nigga f*** up and hurt you, I’ma be there to tell you ‘I told you so’ then dry yo tears and kick his b**** ass. And this don’t mean I like him either, I’ll just tolerate his ass for your sake.”

“Ahh whatever, you didn’t do him too bad did you Pooh?” she asked seriously I guess referring to when I beat his ass.

“Ion know, I ain’t even look at his ass, you go down there and tell me how I did.” I said laughing and looking in her eyes as she rolled them before getting up and running down the steps.

I walked into my bathroom and splashed some water on my face because I still felt like I wanted to fight. I walked back out into the hallway where I ran into Jace.

“Ayee homie, my bad bout what happened outside, I wasn’t thinkin.” I apologized to him while dapping him up.

“Nah it’s cool, you must gave her permission to be with that nigga cause she got that damn Kool-Aid smile on her face.” He joked as we jogged down the steps and into the kitchen.

I hopped on the counter and started drinking a punch and Vodka mix while he leaned on the counter next to me. “Sadly, yeah, I couldn’t say no to her spoiled ass and either way she was gone do it anyway.” I said truthfully as my team walked into the kitchen and started dappin me up.

“Homie you f***ed that nigga all the way up!” Jordan said laughing and sitting on the island as everyone agreed with him.

We sat around talkin and laughin loud as hell like always when that b**** made nigga walked in through the kitchen to get out the front door. Everybody got real quiet and all eyes were on his eyes; I did f*** him up. He had two black eyes, his nose looked bruised, his bottom lip was busted, AND he had a limp! Once the front door closed everybody burst into laughter and not just regular laughter but that laughter that have you rollin on the floor and cryin. But it all stopped when Shae walked her ass in there and gave us the death stare but some of us were still snickering but we put our sups to our mouths to cover it up.

“Ion see s*** funny.” She said putting her hands on her hips looking liked she dared somebody to say it was.

The boys began to cough to cover up their laughing and you heard lots of “Me either”, “Neither do I.” and “It sholl ain’t funny.” I didn’t say anything, I just turned my head and put my head on Jay’s shoulder laughing which cause him to giggle but with we held it in until our faces turned red and that’s when she walked out the door after Zay and we all continued to die laughing.

I was at my apartment now with Zay and we were sitting on my couch watching tv. I had apologized to him hundreds of times since we got here because I really felt bad about how Poohbear did him cause his face was pretty……f***ed up.

He sat on the sofa with the meanest look on his face like he wanted to just kill somebody and I couldn’t help but want to laugh but I held it in to a little giggle.

“What’s funny?” he said angrily turning towards me.

“Nothing, it’s just that you look like you really wanna kill somebody.” I said chucling with every word.

“I slick do, but that’s yo brother so I ain’t even gone go there, Ima just leave the s*** alone. He don’t say s*** to me and I won’t say s*** to him.” He said dryly. I still wanted to laugh because to be completely honest, Zay aint have s*** on my brother when it came to fighting. I mean, Zay had hands but compared to Pooh, he ain’t have s*** and everybody but him seemed to know that.

I just pushed that thought to the back of my head as I leaned back into the sofa and laid my head on his chest just as I heard keys in the door and the first person I seen was Omar’s loud ass, but oh, he wasn’t the only loud one; it was about 10 of them and the last one to come in was Poohbear but when they saw me and Zay on the sofa they stopped in the tracks and stared before bursting out laughing and walking out the door before closing it.

“f***ing a**holes..” I said to myself as I heard Zay sigh. “Don’t worry bout that s***.” I said before looking up at him and he just shook his head.

“Aye I’m bout to go tho I got s*** to tend to…” he said lowly before getting up and heading towards the door.

“Iight, just text me.” I said and he said he would. I walked him to the door and he bent down and pecked me softly on the lips before walking down some steps and towards his car. Poohbear and his boys were sitting outside smoking and again when Zay walked by there were little whispers and snickers when he walked past before it turned into a full blown circus of laughs when he got in his car and sped off and they began heading toward my door.

“Why do y’all have to be such a**holes man?” I sighed as Pooh walked in after bending down and kissing me on my cheek.

“Cause it’s in my daily routine.” He laughed as everyone else followed him inside and sat down on the sofas and at the kitchen table and watched tv. I sighed as I was about to close the door but a foot in it stopped me.

“Wesssssup! It ain’t no party if ya besties ain’t here b****!” Tori screamed in my face wrapping her arms around me as I did the same and laughed.

“Yeeeeah what she said!” Jace laughed coming in after her, clsing the door and hugging me. They also took seats on the sofa; well, Jay did, Tori sat in Pooh’s lap. I sighed to myself because I didn’t have anywhere to sit and started to pout. “What you over there poutin’ for girl?” Jace asked laughing.

“I don’t have anywhere to sit!” I whined and everyone laughed like the s*** was just funny.

“Come here.” He said patting his lap, I cheesed hard as hell and ran and jumped on his lap making him groan. “Yo fat ass! Don’t do that s*** again!” he laughed.

“What time is it?” I asked subconsciously as we watched basketball; the Heats were whoppin’ OKC’s ass 81-53.

“12:52.” Tori answered.

“Y’all asses must be stayin the night?” I asked looking around before everyone screamed, “HELL YEAH!” I just sighed knowing that I would have to cook breakfast for all of the again the next morning.

“Well we ALL goin to church tomorrow morning.” I sassed as everyone sucked their teeth.

“Man really Miracle?” Pooh whined.

“Hell yes really! All y’all asses need Jesus!” I yelled.

“Nigga I got Jesus!” Jordan yelled pointing at his chest.

“SHIDDDDDD!!!!” everybody yelled at the same time and we burst into laughter.

The niggas sat up for hours yelling at the TV as different basketball games came on and talked about random s*** like different they f***ed or got head from. My eyes were starting to get heavy and I looked over at Tori to see her sound asleep in Pooh’s arms and I smiled to myself as I did the same.

I half woke up being carried in someone’s arms, I was about to panic until I smelt the cologne I grew to know and love. I leaned into his strong chest and he laid me down in the bed before climbing in after me and resting his arm around my waist before he whispered, “Goodnight bestfriend.” In my ear and kissed my cheek and going to sleep.

“WAKE Y’ALL ASS UP!” I heard Pooh yell before he began beating Jay and I with pillows.

“The f*** Pooh?!” I screamed before grabbing a pillow off my bed and beating his ass with it.

“BACKUP BACKUP!!!” He yelled before Victor, Jordan and Keith came in with pillows and began jumping me, the whole while Jay was sitting on the bed dying laughing.

“Oh hell nah, not my bestfriend!” I heard Tori scream before jumping in and she didn’t even have a pillow, she just ran in swinging.

“RETREAT NIGGA RETREAT!” Jordan yelled and they all dropped their pillows and ran down the steps laughing.

“Yeah that’s what we thought lil b**** asses!” I yelled before dropping my pillow and dapping Tori up. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand and it said that it was 10 in the morning and church started at 11:30. f***….”Y’all start getting ready dawg for we be late.” I told the two of them before running downstairs and seeing that breakfast was already made and the kitchen was cleaned spotless.

“Ya bro threw down didn’t he?” I heard Pooh say from behind me. He had made waffles, grits, eggs, fried salmon, sausage, and toast.

“Hell yeah! But y’all need to get ready, church starts at 11:30 and ion wanna be late.” I said while making my plate before saying grace and digging in, it was good as hell.

“Ole’ greedy ass.” He laughed before going to get ready.

We left the house as exactly 11:25 in like 5 different cars, we were rolling deep and speeding down the freeway towards the church. I wore a black halter fitted dress with a beige blazer to go over it and some black red bottoms. My hair was curly and down around my shoulders. We pulled into the church parking lot and hopped out at the same time; the people who were just getting out of their cars too just stared at us crazy like. It was about 16 of us in all and the majority of us looked like f***ing thugs in church clothes, tats, grill, expensive cars with rims and bass boomin’ like hell, I don’t blame them for staring, it was actually funny until somebody decided to speak on the s***.

“Damn bit what you starin at?” I heard Pooh say to some cute nigga across the parking lot. I snatched him up so quick and dragged him into the church.

“Boy what the hell’s wrong witchu?! You can’t be talkin to people like that! I swear sometimes you act 16 and not 23.” I sighed.

“Man you know Ion like people starin at me like they ready to jump off or something.” He said clenching his fist. I just rolled my eyes as I went around straightening all the boys ties.

“Phones on vibrate?” I asked looking around at everyone as they began to pull out their phones and putting them on either silent of vibrate. “Business phones too!” I whispered loudly as they sighed and did the same thing with their business phones. “Ok, now behave.” I ordered before they opened the door to the sanctuary and let us in.

The weekend went by pretty fast and now it was time to get back to school. Church went surprisingly well and afterwards we attempted to go out to eat but we were ‘too loud’ and got kicked out, but not before Pooh and his crew caused a scene in the place and they called the police on us but we dipped before they showed up. It was 6:00 in the morning and we had to leave the house before 7 if we wanted to make it to school on time.

I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and shook Jay and Tori awake.

“5 more minutes Shae please!” Tori pleaded turning over so that her back was to me.

“No Tori, 5 minutes turns into 30 for you, now get up.” I yawned before climbing over the two of them and heading into the bathroom to do my daily hygiene routine which took about 30 minutes before walking back into my bedroom to see the two of them still sleeping. I rolled my eyes and jogged down the stairs, into the kitchen and grabbing two pots before running back to my room.

“GET Y’ALL LAZY ASSES UP!” I screamed banging the two pots together scaring them. Tori screamed and Jay fell off the bed as I dropped the pots and hit the floor laughing.

“s*** ain’t funny.” Jay laughed while walking out my room before shoulder bumping me.

“Damn right, then why you laughin?” I yelled after him laughing. “Y’all hurry the hell up before we’re late fa’real man!” I yelled walking towards my closet.

7:00 and we were just now heading out the front door. I decided on a plain white fitted crop top that stopped not too far above my belly button with some high-waisted, washed out, denim jeggings, black, blue, and pink 6’s and a cheetah print blazer with my hair straight down. Tori had on a red and white varsity jacket with a sleeveless jean jacket over it with some black tights and some red chucks and her hair in a curly ponytail on the top of her head. Jay had a regular black tee with a black leather jacket over it, some denim Levi’s and some light brown ankle high Timb’s.

We were now in the parking deck and we hopped in my all white 2013 Mercedes CLS and were pulling into a school parking space right before the late bell rang.


I know this wasn't much and I'm sorry but there's more to come.


Run it

Me and Kendra was standing in line bout to get something to eat cause a nigga was too hungry from riding all these rides; plus I ain’t eat before I came so that I wouldn’t get sick on the rides. We finally got to the front and I ordered for myself and Kendra because I already knew what she wanted and we went and sat down at the nearest picnic table and started talking before I felt my phone vibrate.

“Who is that Jay? That better not be no female textin’ you!” she ordered.

“Girl chill the f*** out, ion wanna hear all that s***!” I sighed as I fished my phone out of my jeans pocket.

‘Bestfriend Shaee: where u?’

‘Bestfriend Jaaay: this place in the very back, can’t miss it we sittin at a table’ I replied quickly before having my phone snatched out of my hand.

“Oh,” she started dryly, “her.” This b**** done lost her mind if she was bout to say something bout my bestfriend.

“Girl give me my damn phone back and what you mean ‘her’?” I asked angrily.

“Nothing baby, it’s just that you always with them or ya boys, you ain’t never got time for me.” She pouted and I wasn’t hearing that s***, I just looked at everyone around us as she talked when Shae walked up.

“Hey.” She said dryly taking a seat next to me and getting a mug from Kendra.

“Wessup, what’s wrong witchu?” I asked leaning over on her, she looked sad and mad all at the same time. “Where Zay at?” I added at the end only receiving a grunt at the sound of his name.

She turned her head and whispered, “He went to go get ‘a quick nut’, like I just ain’t hear or see that s***.” She said angrily.

I clenched my jaw and said, “We’ll talk later.”

I ain’t have no problem with Zay but I knew what type of nigga he was. He had a reputation at his previous high school that followed him to his new one. They were in the same city and everyone talks. As long as he ain’t bring my bestfriend into that bulls*** and hurt her then I was fine cause then I would hurt him; that is if I get to him before Damien does.

Our food had come out and we were eating and talking, well at least me and Kendra were, Shae just sat there quietly, eating off my plate every once-in-a-while before Zay showed up.

“Wessup y’all, aye Shae can I talk to you for a minute?” he said, his clothes were all rumpled and you could smell the b**** on him from where we were sitting.

“Nah, go talk to yo ‘quick nut’. I ain’t got nothing to say to you.” She said dryly and without looking at him, taking another a fry off my plate.

I stuffed my burger in my mouth to keep from laughing while Kendra sat and watched like it was some good ass soap opera or something.

“Man what you talkin bout Shae?” he lied looking helpless and running a hand through his dreads.

“Nigga don’t lie I hear yo-“ she cut herself off and threw her hands up. “You know what, I ain’t even mad. Bye Zay, I’ll see you around.” She said finally before laying her head on my shoulder and taking another fry as Zay walked away in a sigh of defeat.

“I gotchu bestfriend.” I said kissing her on her temple as she grunted which made me laugh.

“He did NOT!” Tori screamed from inside my bedroom as I was telling her the whole story from inside my bathroom where I was brushing my teeth and washing my face before I got in bed.

“Yup, he did.” I said.

“Then his ass tried to come over there and lie bout the s***, I had to stop myself from laughing.” Jace added.

After the fair we came back to my apartment to chill which would probably turn into a full weekend stay like any other time.

“What y’all doin tomorrow?” I asked coming into my room and turning the bathroom lights off and climbing over them to get to a comfortably spot in my bed.

“Nothing, Saturday is my chill day.” Tori said.

“Yeah, what she said.” Jay said too occupied with watching the basketball game on tv to really pay attention to the conversation.

“Well y’all wanna come with me to my brother’s house?” I threw out there, I hadn’t seen him in a while so I thought it’d be a good idea; they agreed.

We all stayed up talking and laughing before we dozed off. I love my bestfirneds.

I woke up to loud talking and laughing from downstairs and recognized my brother’s voice.

“Nigga on what Brandy ain’t beat yo ass the other day?!” I heard him yell to Omar.

“Nigga I let her beat my ass! Ion hit women!” he defended himself and I couldn’t help but laugh, poor Omar.

“Nah nigga you just scared of her ass!” the rest of the guys said.

I sat up and looked around me seeing that Jay was sleeping next to me with his arm around my waist and was asleep on the other side of me with her mouth slightly open. I quietly climbed out of the bed and took a picture of them.

I walked in the bathroom and did my daily hygiene thing that took about 20 minutes before coming out and find both Tori and Jay awake now.

“Goodmorning sleepy heads!” I cheesed kissing both of them on their cheeks as I got a grumble in return. “Get y’all lazy asses up, we got s*** to do!” I ordered putting my hands on my hips.

“I call the shower first!” Tori screamed hopping up and running down the hall to the guest bathroom.

“Hell nah!” Jace protested running after her, I just laughed at them before heading downstairs.

“Hey y’all.” I greeted.

“Wessup.” They all returned except for Damien, he just mugged me.

“The hell wrong witchu boy?” I asked standing in front of him.

“Whatchu mean ‘hell wrong with me?’ You ain’t called me, you ain’t text me, you ain’t came to see a nigga! Like I don’t even exist to yo ass no more Shae…” he said pouting.

“Aww!” I said sitting on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck and planting kisses all over his face as he srunched it up and pushed me off him.

“Girl gone with all that! Ain’t miss yo ass that bad.” He laughed. “I’m hungry, you wanna make some breakfast?” he smiled with those big, pretty eyes of his that you just couldn’t say no to.

“Ugh, yeah I guess Poohbear.” I complained, heading back upstairs to get Tori for help.

“Where you goin? The kitchen is that way!” he yelled after me pointing behind him.

“Boy ima make yo breakfast hold on!” I screamed back walking into my room just a Jace was walking out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist. His upper body was moist and you could see ever muscle perfectly, and don’t let me get started on his V-line good God! He had a nice-nah scratch that, he had the sexiest body I’ve ever laid eyes on and with all his tats, they just made him look even better and his abs I just wanted to reach out and touch hmmm….

“I know I look good but damn!” he laughed, taking me from my thoughts.

“Yeah,” I laughed nervously, “damn.” I hadn’t realized that my mouth was open, I closed it and swallowed. “Ha-Have you-You know.” I kept stumbling over my words not being able to focus with his sexy ass in front of me half naked. “Dammit Jace can you put on a shirt so I can focus!” I yelled clamping my hands over my eyes.

He laughed, “Sure, now open your eyes.”

I opened them about to get back to what I was about to say but I was then met with his friend he calls JJ and he was huge. I screamed and assumed my previous position, hands over eyes. “Jaaaay! Put on some damn clothes!” I pouted as he laughed hard as hell. “That is not funny, you are abnormally big for your age Jay you know that?” I stated with my eyes clothes.

“You said a shirt, nothing about my other clothes. And girl I’m a grown ass man with grown ass-“

“Okaaay! Where’s Tori?” I asked cutting him off, I refused to take my hands from my eyes because I was afraid of what I might see next.

“I think she just got out the shower, she should be in the guest room.” He stated. I turned around and attempted to walk out the door with my eyes closed and hit the wall, hard, falling.

I just laid on the ground pouting with my eyes still closed trying to get up. “Girl the hell wrong witchu?” I heard Tori scream from the doorway. “Yo ass in here screamin and fallin and s***.”

“What does Jay have on?” I asked her.

“Black and red basketball shorts and a black tee why?” she asked confused and he just laughed.

“No reason, look I need you to help me make breakfast for everybody.”

“Who is everybody?” they asked simultaneously.

“Damien and like 10 of his friends downstairs and the three of us.” I sighed.

“Damn, come on.”

All three of us walked downstairs and Tori and I walked in the kitchen getting ready to cook and Jay sat in the living room with everybody else.

“Wessup man.” I heard Pooh say to Jay.

“Wessup, what’s good?”

“Nun, getting money, f***in b****es, same ole’. You been takin care of my sister homie?” he asked, I just rolled my eyes at the first part.

“I can take care of myself!” I yelled from the kitchen.

“Shut yo ass up and cook my food, ain’t ask you s***!” he yelled back as I slammed a pot on the stove. “And slam something else see won’t I come in there and whoop yo ass!”

I heard Jay laugh before saying, “Yeah, ima let her tell you bout ole’ boy she met. You should know em.”

“Dammit Jace!” I yelled in a hushed tone that caused Tori to laugh.

“A dude? The f***? Bring yo ass in here girl!” I heard him yell. I just ignored him like I didn’t hear anything. “I know yo ass hear me talking to you!” Again, I busied myself with cooking acting as if I couldn’t hear anything. “Trashae on everything if I have to get up off this couch-“ I cut him off cause I didn’t wanna get my ass beat early in the morning.

“I’m comin damn!” I yelled.

He looked at me sideways, “Lose that dame attitude girl, who is this nigga you f***in w?”

I shot Jace daggers and he threw his hand up in defense. “I ain’t f***in with nobody, ion talk to him no more.” I said dryly thinking about yesterday.

“Well what was his name and what happened?”

“Xavier. Xavier Cross.” I started before seeing Pooh’s eyes go big.

“Hell nah! That’s one of my niggas, he slang fah me!” he said more to himself that to anyone in the room.

“Ah man I know that lil nigga, he get all the hoes homie. He be turnin’ these girls out roun here!” Carl, one of Pooh’s boys, said.

“Hell nah, f*** that. Ion f*** with them, I ain’t got time to be pulled into that life.”

“I better not hear bout you w that nigga again or I’ll beat yo ass and his! Ion even wanna know what happened no more! Ion want you people on yo head cause of him.” He said.

I nodded and walked back into the kitchen and finishing up breakfast.

When everything was ready, Tori and I made everybody plates and we sat around the living room about to eat but I made them get up and hold hands so we could pray.

“Hell nah, ion hold niggas hands, that s*** gay!” Pooh complained and I hit him upside his head.

“Hold his damn hand and pray!” I ordered as he mugged me but he did as I said. “Everybody bow ya damn heads.” He ordered before he said, “Thank you Lord, Amen.” And plopped down and dug in his food. Everybody just looked at him like he was stupid but followed his lead and began to eat.

“The hell was that? I won’t ask yo ass to pray no more! And y’all nigga cleanin up my kitchen and washin dishes!” I said as they all sucked their teeth. I had made pancakes, grits, eggs, bacon and toast.

“Aye I’m havin a pool party today bring ya asses!” Pooh said with a mouth full of food.

“Shid I’m down.” I said.

“And yo ass gone stop all that cussin too!” he said pointing a finger in my face as I opened my mouth my mouth and bit it. “AHHHH f***! IMA WHOOP YO ASS SHAE!” he screamed as he put his plate down and ran after me. I thought I was fast but he had the speed of a damn track star and caught me by the back of my shirt and took off his belt and beat my ass.

I began to scream for Tori to help me and she came in the kitchen and ran up on Pooh from behind as I got up and got him from the front.

“Aye man they jumpin me!” he yelled just as his boy Jordan ran up on me and we was all fightin, well that’s what I thought. I had Jordan on the ground and was stompin his ass out but I looked over to Tori and Pooh and he was in between her legs with one of her legs around his waist and his arm on that legs thigh and he was kissin on her neck and she was giggling and moaning. I stopped stompin ole’ Jordan out and shook my head going my to the living room to eat my food.

“Hell nah dawg, they gone f***.” I whispered to Jay as Jordan came back in the room and hit me upside my head making me laugh as Jay peeked around the corner at my brother and Tori who were now on the counter making out. We both burst out laughing.

We pulled up in Pooh’s driveway and hour or so after the party had started and hopped out. I had on a black two piece with gold spikes on it with gold bangles and a gold chain Pooh gave me and some black sandals with gold studs on them as well. I put on some black shorts over my bottoms as a cover up and my hair was a tight bun on the top of my head. Tori wore the same thing a me but instead of black, hers was white. Jay had on some camo pants, with the new red, black, and white 13’s with a ‘Black Pyramid’ tank on, he said he had his swim trunks underneath his pants and I was slick ready to see his body.

The party was packed I could already tell because cars were parked around the blocks and you could hear loud voices and screams and the music was good. We walked into the house and the smell of weed hit me hard.

“Aye ima catch up with y’all later.” Jay said tapping us on the shoulder and heading over to some light skin girl with a fat ass. Me and Tori couldn’t help but laugh.

I saw Omar and approached him, “Wessup O, you seen my brother?” I asked over the loud music.

“He should be in the back, y’all look nice.” He said stepping back, giving us a once over and licking his lips.

“Boy please, don’t let me get Brandy on that ass!” I laughed dapping Tori up and the smile was wiped clean off his face.

“You got jokes…” he laughed.

Tori and I walked out the backdoor and the music was even louder now. People were everywhere and you could hardly maneuver around the place. I stood on top of the DJ’s stage and looked over everyone until I locked eyes with my brother and he waved me over.

“Come on Tori I see him.” I said grabbing her by her wrist and walking to the other side of the lawn.

“Wessup y’all.” He greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the check and greeted Tori with a peck on the lips. My brow went up at them as Tori blushed. “Grown folks business, stay out of it.” He teased with a huge smile on his face, drink in his hand and his arm around Tori shoulder.

“Mhmm,” I said smiling, “Ima just leave y’all two alone.”

I walked back into the house and into the kitchen to get something to drink because I was hot a hell. I picked up a cup and poured the red liquid into it before taking a sip; it burned my throat really bad and I knew it was spiked. I hopped onto the counter and drunk it anyway as I heard a familiar female voice.

“Where is my baby at?” she said before she turned the corner and we met gazes. It was the girl from the fair with a couple girls behind her, one being Kendra. My eyes quickly shot to the living room where Jay and that girl were and she was kissing all up on him and he was enjoying the moment. I had to save his ass.

“HEY KENDRA!” I so loud that I’m sure everybody and they mamma could hear me. Jay caught the hint and pushed ole girl off him and came in the kitchen.

“Wessup babe.” He greeted her and winked at me. I just smiled and noticed that girl was still staring.

“May I help you?” I asked her with a brow raised before taking another sip of my drink.

“Yeah, you can help me by stayin the hell away from my man.” She retorted with an attitude Jay and I both looked at eachother then at the hoe sideways and burst into laughter.

“b**** you can have him, he ain’t none of my nigga, and plus you just a ‘quick nut’” from what I heard.” I laughed, this b**** better get her ass on somewhere with that s***. “Anyway, I ain’t got time for that s***, ima catch you later Jay, get some business bout cha self hun.” I said flashing a fake smile her way before heading back outside.

“Wessup ma, you still mad at me.” I knew who it was already and I wasn’t bout to get my ass beat in front of all these people by Pooh so I just got up and attempted to walk away but he caught me by my wrist. “Shae just listen to me iight?” he pleaded. I turned towards him and waited for him to continue. “Look I’m sorry about yesterday, I know that s*** was foul but we ain’t together so-“ I cut him off by holding up my hand.

“You’re right, we’re not together, but that s*** is still disrespectful to do that when you’re supposed to be my date and you walked off with her hoe ass so in my defense I can be mad.” I said.

“I know and I’m sorry, please, I just wanna get to know you on a personal level, I promise you won’t regret it.” He said, he was super close to my face and he had his hands around my waist pulling me close to him that closed the gap between us. I looked at his lips and licked mine, I guess he caught on because he leaned in and kissed me. I didn’t kiss back at first but right when I began to, I heard someone clear their throat behind me. I pulled away from Zay and looked behind me to see a pissed off Damien behind me.

“s***…” I whispered.

I haven't done this in a while so um yeah, I already have the first 11 chapters written cause I started on this book a while back but it's on a different site. I won't be adding them all at the same time. Soooooo, RUN IT PLEEEEASE and leave comments and all that stuff.

href="">TraShae Harris</a>
href="">Xavier Cross</a>
href="">Damien Harris</a>
href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Victoria Hernandez</a>
href="">Jace Johnson</a>

I haven't done this in a while so um yeah, I already have the first 11 chapters written cause I started on this book a while back but it's on a different site. I won't be adding them all at the same time. Soooooo, RUN IT PLEEEEASE and leave comments and all that stuff.

<ahref="">TraShae Harris</a>
<ahref="">Xavier Cross</a>
<ahref="">Damien Harris</a>
<ahref="http://cdn.necoleb****">Victoria Hernandez</a>
<ahref="">Jace Johnson</a>

“Come on Shae before we’re late!” I heard my girl best friend Victoria scream from downstairs for about the fifth time.

“I’m coming, damn!” I retorted, giving myself a once over in the mirror.

It was our first day to our senior year at Mountain Hills High School and I decided to wear a red beanie with my hair down and slightly curled, a dark gray shirt that used to belong to my guy best friend Jace (before I “borrowed it”), some ripped, denim jeans that I rolled once at the end, and some black ankle high boots that I rolled under once. Simple but cute.

I skipped out of my room, down the hall, and down the steps into the kitchen.

“Bout damn time!” she sassed, hoping off of the island.

“I know right, I was getting tired of hearing her mouth.” Jace joked as I laughed with him and Tori shot daggers at him.

“You two are a mess, let’s go!” I laughed, walking towards the door and grabbing my keys and book bag at once.

These two were my best friends, no one could replace them. We’ve known each other since diapers and we have been inseparable since. We knew each other’s life stories and struggles and we went through them together, our problems were each other’s problems.

I lived in my own apartment since after my parents died. My dad died in the streets with hella respect. He got set up by some f*** niggas who was goin’ to the pin for a while unless he ratted my dad out, which he did. Long story short, my daddy wasn’t goin’ out without a fight. Him against a building surrounded by feds, you know the outcome, I was 10, I’m 18 now. Ever since then my brother, Damien, (I call him Poohbear) has taken over and everybody in these streets knew not to f*** with my brother. My mom died of breast cancer when I was 12 so really, Poohbear is all I got. I lived with him for a bit but I couldn’t take the moans, loud talking and laughing, and parties at all hours of the night.

“Who’s car we takin’?” I asked, while we rode the elevator down to the parking lot.

“Jay’s range!” Tori screamed as Jace and I looked at her sideways.

“f*** you screamin’ for? We in this small ass space and you screaming like we just ain’t in yo face!” Jay scolded; I turned my head hiding the laugh that sneaked out of my mouth.

The elevator opened up to the parking deck and we all hopped into Jay’s range as he pulled off.

“How you and Kendra doin’ Jay?” Tori asked, sitting up from the back seat and resting both her elbows on our back seats.

We, as in myself and Tori, didn’t like Kendra, she was the school hoe and everybody knew it. She let the whole team hit and before Jay got with her, me and Tori gave him warning after warning; “Can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” I would say, “or a girlfriend for that matter!” Tori would add, but I guess he got with her because she gave it up on a regular. I just knew she was cheating on him but I didn’t really didn’t care cause my best friend is fine as hell; light skin, tats down both arms, his chest, and up his neck, a nose and ear rings, pretty, white, straight teeth, blonde hair, and he captain of the basketball team, the hoes flock. But trust, if I caught her ass cheating or Jay ass came to me saying he found out she was cheating, I will not hesitate to beat that b****’s ass bout my best friend; I don’t care if he is cheating on her too!

“We good, she let me hit the other day too!” he said, his eyes litting up. “Best believe I put it down like always! Had her screamin’ my name! You should’ve heard her ‘ohhhh Jaaaaaay!!’” he screamed, reenacting her moans; the mental vision in my head was now there and I was scarred for life.

“Ohhhhhhkaaaaay!” I said throwing my hands up as we pulled into the school parking lot. “That was too much information homie, you got my mind all f***ed up, thanks……a lot.” I said sarcastically, getting out of the car.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell.” He cheesed.

“I asked how y’all was doin’ not bout y’all sex life ya dumbass!” she screamed after him as he walked off with none other than Kendra with her arm around his waist and his around her shoulder. “I can’t believe she just now lettin’ Jay hit though. Maybe she ain’t a hoe after all…” Tori trailed off.

I looked and she looked at me. “Naaaaah!” we both said at the same time laughing before walking off towards the school.

We were now in second period and the day so far was going pretty smooth. My teacher, Mrs. Smith, gave us a free period so we were all just sitting around talking and joking. I was sitting on the top of my desk swinging my legs back and forth, playing ‘Temple Run’ on my iPhone. Tori was slouched down in her desk next to me playing with her nails and Jay was sitting on top her desk playing on his phone as well.

I looked up and noticed a really pretty brown skin girl staring at Jace, then she would look away to whisper and giggle to her friends. Come one now, we’re in high school, who does that childish s***? I laughed to myself and shot him a quick text.

‘Bestfriend Shaee: brown skin chick, left side, black hair bout to her ass (weave)’

When he got the text, he laughed and looked in the direction of the girl; they locked eyes and she began to blush hard as hell before looking away.

‘Bestfriend Jaaay: that ass is MINE!’ he texted back before getting up and walking over to her to spit game.

I began to laugh out loud now. “His hoe ass back at it again.” Tori joked, not even looking up from whatever work she was doing with her nails.

I looked back over at him, he was sitting on the girl’s desk placing a loose strand of hair behind the girl’s ear; the whole while she was smiling hard as f***. He gave her his phone and I guess she put her number in it, he got up and placed a kiss on her cheek before coming back over to us and sitting back in his spot on Tori’s desk.

“What’s her name?” Tori asked.


“She’s really pretty. You like her?”

“She cute, I got a girl tho.” He said typing away at his phone.

“f*** that b****..” I said under my breath loud enough for only myself to hear, so I thought because Tori burst into laughter and dapped me up.

“What?” Jay said looking up from his phone with a death stare which only made me laugh.

“Boy ain’t nobody scared of yo ass!” I teased, causing them both to laugh.

“b**** please, what about last month when you cracked his phone screen and you crawled into a corner and cried for him not to beat yo ass!” Tori said loud as hell making Jay laugh.

“Damn b**** just bust me out! And so b****, that don’t make me scared of him! He can’t beat my ass!” I bucked up causing him to put his phone down and stand up.

“Girl we can go toe to toe right now, thro that guard up and back yo s*** up!” he said getting all in my face. I poked my bottom lip out and gave him the puppy dog face which meant ‘I don’t wanna fight’. “Knew yo ass wasn’t bout that life!” he joked, hopping back onto Tori’s desk.

I rolled my eyes and continued ‘Temple Run’ on my phone before the bell rang and all three of us went to our lunch period.

“Hey baby.” I heard Kendra say walking towards our table and kissing Jay on the cheek before sitting in his lap.

“Wessup babe.” He said.

“Hey y’all.” She said dryly, only receiving head nods in return from both myself and my b**** Tori as 2 of Jay’s team mates, Trent and Quint, and some other dude I didn’t know, came and took a seat with us. The one I didn’t know was sexy as hell, he was dark skin, dreads down his back with blonde ends, pretty smile, built too.

“Wessup y’all” Trent said dapping Jay up and hugging me and Tori, ignoring the hoe as if she wasn’t there which made me giggle.

“Wessup Trent, Wessup Quint, who this?” Jay asked referring to the sexy dread head.

“Oh, this my cousin Xavier, we call em Zay. Zay, this my nigga Jace, call em Jay, the ho-I mean his girlfriend, Kenrda, and my home girls, Victoria and TraShae. Call her Shae, and her Tori.” He said as Zay waved at everyone. We locked eyes and he smiled at me which almost made me blush. Almost.

He came and sat by me and I instantly smelled the cologne on him, it was masculine and smelt hella good. He had tats on his arms and his swag was A1, damn I would do some things to him if I wasn’t a virgin, he was too damn-

“Shae. Shaae! TraShae Monet Harris! Girl I know you hear me talking to you!” I hear Jace yelling wich pulled me out of my deep, dirty thoughts of Zay.

“Huh?” I asked dumbly, realizing everyone was looking at me.

“f*** was you thinking bout? Yo ass over there smiling and biting on yo lips and s***, ole’ nasty ass!” he teased.

“I bet I know what she was thinkin’ bout Jay..” I heard Tori say as all three of us shared a look and we burst out laughing at the same time.

“Um, did we miss something?” Quint asked, pointing to everyone else who didn’t laugh.

“Nope, didn’t miss a thing.” I said quickly before anyone of my bestfriends could say anything; they only laughed.

“Anyway! What y’all getting’ into this weekend? I wanna hit up the fair that’s coming to town.” Trent suggested.

“Cool, I’m down.” Quint agreed and so did the rest of us.

We sat around talking and eating for a little while longer before the bell rung out again, letting us now that we were to get to our next class.

School went by pretty quick and next thing I know, it was time to get the hell up out of there. I walked out of my last period class and headed toward my locked putting in the combination and opening it. It didn’t take me long to get what I needed before I closed it and was faced with a smiling Xavier.

I jumped back a little and held my hand to my chest. “My bad ma, I scare you?” he asked sweetly.

“Yeah, just a little, but it’s cool, wessup?” I asked him leaning against my locker.

“I was wondering,” he said, leaning with me and stuffing his hands in pockets. “You seein anybody?”

This caused me to chuckle, “Nah, why?”

“I wanted to be your date to the fair when we go this weekend.” He said hesitantly. I couldn’t believe this, so many thoughts were going through my head at once that I forgot to reply. “You don’t have to say yes, I know we just met, I was just-“ he blurted out after a while of silence before I cut him off.

“I’m sorry, of course I’ll go with you!” I said causing him to laugh and let out a sigh of relief.

“Cool, here’s my number.” He said grabbing my wrist and pulling out a pen and writing it on the palm of my hand. “Use that.” He cheesed pointing to my hand.

“I will.” I smiled back.

“Well, I gotta go, I’ll catch up with you later.” He said before quickly kissing me on my cheek and running off down the hall.

I began to blush really hard as I walked to the student parking lot reaching Jay’s car.

“Where the hell was yo ass? We been out here waitin’ on-The hell you smiling so hard for?” Jay questioned.

“And she blushin hard as f***! What happened!” Tori screamed jumping in the front seat at the same time Jay leaned over onto her lap to hear.

“HE WANTS ME TO BE HIS DATE TO THE FAIR!” I screamed loud as f*** as if Zay was just some celebrity, he wasn’t but he was fine as hell and I got to him before the hoes did.

Jay sucked his teeth and leaned back into his seat but Tori screamed with me. “Girl his fine ass! I knew y’all was feelin each other when y’all first locked eyes! Girl we gotta go shoppin and get you a cute ass outfit!” she planned.

“Ahhh whatever get y’all asses in the car!” Jay hissed which made us both laugh.

“Aw what’s wrong with my boo?” I joked getting into the back seat before leaning forward and kissing him on his cheek a he pulled out of the lot.

“Girl don’t be kissin up on me, ion know where yo mouth been!” he laughed with Tori as she dapped him up.

“Aye that was funny.” She said; I just sat there with a straight face after sitting back in the seat and folding my arms over my chest.

“Aww the baby mad Tori, look at her.” He teased stopping at a red light.

“Shut up.” I said dryly. I wasn’t really mad, I just wanted him to think that.

“Who you talkin to girl? Don’t make me come back there!“ he threatened looking in his rear view mirror at me.

“You ain’t gone do-“ I was cut off when he threw the car in park, took his seat belt off and jumping in the back seat with me in what seemed like one motion.

He began to tickle me which he know I hated because I start kicking and swinging and all that crazy s***. “Now what’s all that s*** you was talkin?!” he yelled still tickling me. “Who was you talking to again?”

“Haha…no-nobody hahaaa damn!” I laughed and talked at the same time which was a bad idea because I began to slob all over him.

“Mhmm that’s what I-the hell?! Yo ass just f***in slobbed on me?!” he stopped tickling me but I was still laughing and so was Tori. “That s*** ain’t funny, yo nasty ass!” he laughed as the cars behind us began to beep and honk telling us to go.

“I love you Jace!” I laughed from the backseat.

“Mhm I love yo slobbin ass too!”

That Weekend…..

I was just getting out the shower and it was 6:00 exactly and we were going to all meet at the fair at 7. I quickly dried off and decided to wear my hair straight with small curls as I grabbed my black and hot pink lace bra and panties match.

I didn’t really feel like dressing up and I knew Tori was gonna be so pissed cause we went on a freaking shopping spree earlier this week for this very weekend. I looked in my drawers and picked out a white crop top the had ‘The Kill’ on the upper left side with some black sweats also with ‘The Kill’ written to my left leg and some black, light and dark brown sneaker wedges that laced up in the front and matched with my cheetah print and black tote. I put on a light makeup and was finishing up with everything when I heard Tori and Jace loud ass come in.

“b**** we here you-“ she stopped mid-sentence and looked me up and down. “That’s cute but b****, what happened to the clothes we bought earlier this week?” she pouted as Jace came in and stopped in his tracks as well.

“Girl where the rest of yo damn shirt?!” he yelled which made me laugh.

“Tori I was gone wear that but then I changed my mind cause I don’t feel like dressing up for a fair, and Jace I don’t know, ask the company who made it.” I sassed.

“Get smart one more gen see don’t I slap yo ass.” He said as I laughed and grabbed my bag off my bed before heading out the door with the two of them behind me.

“AHHHHH I WON AGAIN!” I screamed as the man behind the booth gave me a huge bear. I looked over at Zay and he looked mad which made me want to laugh but I covered my mouth before it could come out.

“You only winning cause I let you.” He said grabbing me by my waist. “Hey, I’ve never noticed that tat on your hand. It’s pretty.” He said gesturing to the hand that was covering my mouth.

“Thanks, we all got this, me, Tori and Jay repping the year we were born. 88’ Year of the Dragon, Jay 89’ Year of the Snake, and Tori 88’, just like me.” I boasted.

“That’s cool, I might just get something like that.” He said and I quickly stepped out of his grasp around my waist.

“The hell you ain’t, it’s just a best friend thing, you’re not allowed.” I said seriously but as soon as I saw his face fall I softened up. “Aw, don’t be sad, you can get something else though.” I said cupping his face in my hands.

“Ah whatever, come on.” He said laughing and gabbing my hand and leading me to some more rides. “No more games, you done won all of em any damn way.” He joked.

He pulled me towards a really scary looking ride and I hate any ride that goes higher than 15 ft. off the ground and from the looks of this one, it looked like it went 200ft off the ground. “Oh hell nah Zay I am not getting on that!” I refused.

“Man quit actin’ scary! I got you!” he said hugging me from behind as we stood in line. I smiled and leaned into him before I seen some b**** from the corner of my eye approaching me and Zay but he ain’t notice until she started speaking.

“This you?” she asked him breaking up our moment and referring to me. I just looked at her sideways as Zay’s arm went from around my waist to my shoulder and he turned to the girl.

“Nah, not yet, we just chillin’ right now why? Look, don’t be comin’ over here on that bulls*** homie fa’real.” He said sighing and I knew he was shaking his head and closing his eyes at the same time.

“Oh,” she laughed, “homie? I wasn’t yo homie earlier when you all up in this-“

“Aye didn’t I tell you not to come on that bulls***?” he said with force which I knew was slick telling her to shut her ass up. I wanted to be mad but I couldn’t be mad because I knew that I wasn’t with him, but at the same time I was mad because don’t leave a b**** and come to me and plus he been kissin on me and s*** tonight. Hell nah. I shrugged his arm from around my shoulder and began to walk off.

Felicia really was trippin comin’ over here on that f*** s*** in front of Shae like that. She knew she was only a quick nut and yeah I was balls deep in that pussy before I came here but so what? I ain’t with Shae and we ain’t f***in’ so she can’t be mad.

“Man see what yo ass just did, get the f*** on man fa’real for I beat yo ass.” I said closing my eyes and breathing.

“So, f*** that b****, I bet she ain’t as good as me Zay, she can’t make you feel how I do..” she said getting closer to me and grabbin’ Lil Zay. I instantly got on hard just thinkin bout her sucin me up and me catchin a quick nut.

“10 minutes.” I sternly before walking back to my car and getting exactly what I wanted, Shae ass could wait a few minutes.