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High School

”When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face
Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place
Suspended from school; and scared to go home,
I was a fool with the big boys, breakin all the rules
I shed tears with my baby sister
Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids.”

Pharrell's POV

<a href="">I</a> had just got done brushing my hair when my twin sister, <a href="">Asia</a> knocked on the door. ”Wassup beautiful?” I asked as I turned off the music, she chuckled, letting herself in and sat on my bed. ”Nah s***, handsome. You ready for school? I can't begin the year late. Miyah needs a ride too.” I nodded and grabbed my last chain just as <a href="">Miyah</a> showed up. ”Speaking of the devil. You got your s*** together? I'm not about to speed back to the house because you done forgot something.” She rolled her eyes at me. ”You better be worrying about speeding to the hospital after your neck breaks from all them damn chains.” I smacked my lips. ”My neck ain't gon break smartass. Now get to stepping.” I ordered. ”Nigga you ain't my damn daddy.” Asia scrunched her face up at me. ”I know, you would look way more prettier if I was your daddy.” I joked earning a chuckle from Miyah. ”Whatever. Lets go!” She yelled, rushing us. She never liked to be late. EVER.

Asia's POV

I hated being late, unless it was fashionably late, then I had no excuse. I turned up the music as ”Face Down” by Meek Mill blared through the speakers. ”Face down. Ass up. Thats the way we like to f***. Got some hoes in this house tryna f***. Got some hoes in this house tryna f***.” I rapped along. I looked over at Pharrell and he was bobbing his head as he quickly whipped into a parking space. ”Okay, today we will act like civilized people and you two will work hard and show out in all your classes, kapeesh?” We both nodded our heads and he smiled. ”I can keep my eyes on you Asia because I'm in all your classes, but you Miyah. I hear one negative thing and it's me and you.” She rolled her eyes. ”Kay dad. Bye love you guys.” She gave us both hugs before walking to a group of her friends. We were all popular kids. In and out of school.

I like how I got popular in school. I am a basketball star, I get perfect grades, but I hung out with the wrong crowd at times. But this crowd had my back at all times. ”Asia!” My bestrfriend, <a href="">Dany,</a> yelled. ”b****!” I yelled opening my arms wide. She ran into them and hugged onto me for dear life. ”Where's my boyfriend at?” I asked referring to HER boyfriend, Miles. ”I don't even know. I think he was looking for Pharrell.” I shook my head. ”You're a terrible girlfriend, you know that?” I joked causing her to laugh. ”Girlfriend!” I turned to see <a href="">Miles</a> walking my way. ”Boyfriend!” I yelled back, running to him and hugging him. ”I would've thought you two were the couple not us.” We rolled our eyes at Dany. ”Come on boo, lets leave this loser and get to class.” I said playfully mushing her face. ”Uh heffa!” She jumped on my back and I took off running to our class.

”Wassup youngin'?” I said to my cousin <a href="">Tez.</a> ”Not s***, G. I'm just ready for the day to be over with. A nigga tired as hell.” He yawned and I laughed sitting next to him. If I wasn' t with Dany, Miles, or Pharrell. I was with this nigga getting in trouble. I looked at the empty six seats across from us until Dany, Miles, and Pharrell took three. At my school we didn't have rows, we had groups. Eight people to a table. So it was me, Tez, Pharrell, Dany, and my other friends Dee and Jay. They were brothers and sisters, just like Pharrell and I. <a href=" ">They</a> came in the classroom being loud and obnoxious. ”Aye! Shut the f*** up and sit down.” I yelled they looked at me and laughed. ”Girl, leave me and bro alone.” Jay said coming up to hug me. ”Wassup with this extra seat? It's all lonely and s***.” Pharrell said staring at the last chair. ”I wonder who is gonna sit there. I mean the right here.” A couple minutes passed and a real cute light skinned dude came in. His dress game was on point and so were his tattoos. Everybody in this crew had a tattoo addiction. Dee and Jay had fewer than everybody, but they still had a lot. ”Who that be?” Jay asked me. ”I don't know. What about you Dany?” Dany looked at him for a minute and called Snoop to the table. This nigga had tabs on every motherf***a in this school. Even the teachers. ”Who is that?” She asked him. ”Oh him, that's Chris Brown. He and his younger brother Michael, or Tyga, moved here all the way from Virginia in the Summer.” I raised my eyebrow. ”All that way? s***, I'm glad they came. I finally can have some eye candy.” Jay said. All of a sudden he looked our way and I locked eyes with him. It was like a shock went through my body causing me to squirm in my seat. ”Aye! Here he come. Thanks Snoop.” We all began acting cool, but watched his every move.

He sat down right in the empty seat next to me. His scent alone gave me chills. ”Hey. I'm <a href="">Chris.”</a> He held out his hand for me to shake. ”I'm Asia. This is my brother Pharrell. Over there is Tez, Dany, Miles, Dee, and Jay. Welcome to the Blue Group.” I said in a sarcastically enthusiastic way. He chuckled and gave everybody a head nod. ”Ms. Jones, will you show Mr. Brown here to all the classes he needs to go to. Isn't it a coincidence that you two have the same classes.” Mrs. Townsend laughed. I smiled and nodded. ”Okay class. I am Mrs. Townsend. Some of you know me better than others and some, well. You don't know me at all. So, I'm going to ask all of you to stand. Give your first and last name, fave sport, and fave hobby. Starting with the Blue table. Go!” This wasn't new at all to us. We all had the same intrest. ”I'm Asia Jones. I am in love with basketball. And my favorite hobby is to get a tattoo, but it has to have meaning like all of them.” Everybody at out group said the same thing so we just zoned in and out on each other. But when Chris stood up all eyes were on him. ”Uh, I'm Chris Brown. Basketball is my favorite sport-” ”I love the way they dribble up and down the court!” Tez's silly ass interrupted him. We all laughed until Mrs. Townsend gave us the eye and we gave our undivided attention to Chris. ”Yeah, oh and I like to sing and dance too.” All the girls in the class made unnecessary ”awws and oohs” I just rolled my eyes. ”Thirsty ass hoes.” I mumbled earning a chuckle from Chris. I smiled at him and he smiled at me showing his dimples. Maybe I don't want this year to go by too fast after all.


Yo, Where you at mamas?

Run It!

Damn! If I was that b****, I would've been scared as hell, just like she was. I'm afraid of heights. And no no no, Miyah you are beautiful girl! f*** that b****! Lol, Ty wrong for that. Aye! f*** it right boi! Awww, I have a freind that I baby like Mina. She so purtty and nice, she's shy too! Mcgriddle is the s***! Really Jay you're so bad.......i love it!!! How could you abort a baby and still be thirsty. It's a damn shame. Ha! You know Kae felt some type of way when Chris hugged Asia and not her. They got some serious skills! Damn!!!!!! Mina and Asia went ham!!
Run it

Wow damn run it

Miyah's POV

I walked up the stairs to go wash my hair when I remembered my shampoo was in my room. I heard moaning and low grunts, so i barged in. ”Yo! What the f*** Trey?” The b**** sucking his d*** smacked her lips. ”Who the f*** is she?” I yelled. ”Listen, don't be mad cause I took over. Obviously, you weren't doing your job.” This b**** smirked. ”Listen hoe. I'm his little sister, that'd be disgusting. So you better watch and learn about who the f*** you talking to.” She raised her eyebrow. ”Ugh! How could something so ugly come from the same thing so sexy came from.” He snatched her hand off of him and threw her clothes at her face. ”Get the f*** out.” He growled. ”I'm sorry Trey. I promise I'll be good.” He rolled his eyes and opened the door. She put her clothes on and stopped in my face. ”b**** ain't got s*** on me.” She looked me up and down and then scoffed. ”I got yo b****!” I lunged at her and grabbed her head I had her hanging over the balcony and she was screaming, ”Please don't drop me! Forgive me for what I said! I was cranky!” I chuckled and put my lips to her ear. ”God forgives. Do I look like God?” She slowly shook her head no and I winked. ”Good answer. Bye bye!” I dropped and she screamed so loud, one of the glasses bust. She fell on the couch and scurried out the door. ”You really enjoyed that. Didn't you?” Trey asked me. I nodded and began to laugh evily.

”Bad girls ain't no good. And the good girls ain't no fun. Look, and the bad girls want a real nigga! Cause real niggas just wanna huh!” I rapped while washing under my arms. I continued to wash my hair and myself until I felt squeaky clean. I walked out of the bathroom to my room, trying not to slip. ”Why you tip-toeing?” I screeched and slipped, but <a href="">Ty</a> caugt me before I hit the ground. ”Damn Ty, you scared the s*** out of me!” He laughed and I glared at him. ”I'm sorry, but you're too damn cute when you do that. I began to pout and Ty thought it was the funniest thing ever. I then saw a flash from the corner of my eye and I snapped my neck at Ty. ”Michael erase it!” I demanded. ”Nah. I'm cool.” I huffed and pushed him far from me. He would've fell off the bed if I pushed him any further. I turned and pulled the covers over my body. ”Babe. Don't you have to get dressed?” He tapped my thigh. I smacked his hand and got up. I put on a sports bra and some shorts and went back to bed. My phone vibrated and then the light started flashing. It was a notification from instagram. I read it and glared at Ty. <a href="">”She</a> mad at me @NoNeed4Words.” He looked up from his phone, absent-mindingly licking his lips. ”What?” He asked. I continued to stare until I forced my lips onto his. He pulled me under him and carressed my body. He stopped kissing my lips and started to suck on my neck, I'm pretty sure he left a hickey. He kept going until he got down to my shorts. He pulled them down along with my underwear and my breathing quickened. He blew on my center and licked my clit. He stuck his tongue in and I felt him stiff it. ”Ahh!” I moaned. I gripped his shoulders as I was nearing my climax. When I was sleepy, everything was rushed. I could bust in fifteen seconds. He rubbed my clit real fast and just as I was about to let go he stopped. I groaned and sat up on my elbows. ”What the- f***!” I yelled as he started back at it. It took about ten minutes before I actually let him have what he wanted. I snuggled against him and pecked his lips. ”Love you Mikey-Pooh.” I cooed. ”Love you too Ya-Ya.” I smiled and fell asleep in his arms.

Moe's POV

I woke up sore as hell. My baby put in work last night boy! I chuckled at my own thought. I looked over at my clock and it was 6:45, school start at 7:15. ”s***! Get up Peso!” I yelled pushing him. ”George Mitchell Bryant! If you don't wake the f*** up now, you won't wake up later!” I warned he sat up slowly and rubbed his eye. It was the cutest thing ever. I pecked his lips and he stretched and yawned. ”Goodmorning baby.” He cooed. Besides him himself, his morning and sleepy voice is sexy as hell. ”Morning. You know school is starting in about 30 minutes?” He looked at my clock and ran his hand down his face. ”Let me guess, nobody is up, but us.” I nodded and put on some shorts. I walked down the hall banging on everybody's door. ”Yo what the f*** Moe!” Tez yelled. ”Nigga don't try me. We about to be late for school.” I barged into his room. ”Get yah ass up Tey!” I yelled. I knew something that'll get the niggas up. ”Mama brought back some pancakes from iHop!” I yelled. It was an eerie silence and then the floor shook and these niggas almost trampled me. All of them were down here except for Mina. I heard something clanking and I looked behind me to see Mina sitting down with her plate and fork ready to eat. ”Not really, but since you're all up....Go get dressed right the f*** now!” I yelled. They smacked their lips and went back upstairs to get dressed. ”And that is how you wake up a house full of niggas.” I said to Peso. ”Aww man. I was hungry too.” Mina pouted. ”On our way to school we'll make a special stop just for daddy's babygirl.” Peso cooed. I laughed as she nodded her head like a little girl. ”Now give daddy some sugar.” She kissed his cheek and ran upstairs. When he wasn't babying me, he was doing it to Mina. It was kind of hard to not baby her though. Those eyes make you feel like you HAVE to get her everything she wants. Which is never that much.

Jay's POV

<a href="">We</a> were ready and so were <a href="">they</a> were too. ”Where the hell is Asia and Chris?” I asked them. They all just shrugged and walked outside. ”Here they go!” Miles yelled. I walked out to see <a href="">them</a> laying on the car. I walked up and smacked Chris' butt hella hard. ”That ass!” I yelled. He glared at me while Asia and I almost died of laughter. ”s*** not funny. But that is.” Chris said, pointing behind me. I looked behind me and before I could move Pharrell smacked my butt twice as hard. I whimpered and limped around a bit. I glared at Pharrell and he winked at me. ”Let's go.” Moe said walking out the house with Peso behind her. We all got in the cars and pulled off. That was when Peso called me and said we had to make a detour. The detour happened to be for Mina, she was hungry. ”Really George! Mina, you my baby and all, but I'm not bout to be late. Just order fourteen Mcgriddle's and be out!” Pharrell said. I laughed at Mina's face as she hid behind Dee.

We walked in the school about thirty minutes late. We were all walking slowly trying to eat our sandwiches. ”f*** it! Ms. Gonzales can suck my imaginary d***. I'm hungry, so imma eat.” I protested. Everybody laughed because they knew i was dead serious. I hugged Miyah, Ty, Peso, and Moe. ”Bye babies. Be good.” I sung. ”We should be telling you that.” Ty mumbled. ”I heard that nigga.” He smacked his lips. ”You ain't hear s***. Now go to class.” I laughed and walked away. Ty and Chris were like my big little brothers. I loved them to the death of me. ”Hola Ms. Gonzales!” I walked into class late, smacking on my sandwich. ”Your late. Again.” I looked at my watch then at Asia, Tez, and Mina. ”Well would you look at that we're late. Again. I also don't give a damn. Again.” She slammed her hands down on the desk an everybody jumped. Well, everybody except for us four, nobody was scared of this b****. ”Listen. If you don't sit down. I will fail you for the quarter.” I continued to stand there. ”No you can't. This year I've had straight A's up in this b****. I think the system will think something is up if you fail me. Plus, you already know that me and the principle are tight as hell, so she knows all my grades. So say bye to that plan.” I sat down and got out my paper to finish my assignment in class.

Asia's POV

I looked over at Jay and shook my head. ”Now you know if Pharrell was here. You would've came in here not even making a sound when you walk.” She giggled and looked at me. ”We can sit here and talk about if's all day. But baby, this is reality!” She whispered loudly. ”Shut up Jasmine before you get us in trouble.” Tez whispered. Mina nodded her head and Jay stuck her tongue out. ”Look. This is how mature I am.” She got up and I knew all hell was about ot break loose. ”Ms. Gonzales, I would like to apologize for my language and behavior. I had no reason to use those words or tone with you. Will you forgive me for my actions?” The whole class gasped and Ms. Gonzales looked up at her in shock. ”Well um, o-of-of course I can Ms. Jackson.” Jay smiled and walked to the table and sat down. ”See, I'm the bigger person.” I shook my head. ”Now she knows tomorrow she is gonna come in here tomorrow acting a fool.” Jay shook her head. ”I bet you can't go the whole year without acting up in this class.” Tez held his hand out. Jay held hers out. ”What do I get if I do?” Tez rubbed his stubble and looked at her. ”I'll pay for everybody to go to Bahamas.” Me and Mina gasped and looked at Jay. She smiled big and shook his hand. ”You better not f*** s*** up.” Mina whispered. I looked up and down at her. ”What have we done to you?” I said in a dramatic tone. She giggled and hid under Tez's arm. ”Nope, she's back.” Tez laughed.

Chris' POV

I was sitting in class with Pharrell and Miles working on this project. ”Okay. Miles, you design. I'll build it, and Chris, you can paint it.” Pharrell said, picking up the tools. ”Sounds good. Cause you can't draw for s***!” I joked. Me and Miles almost died as Pharrell thought he was hard. ”Yo. I killed people too. Only I did it with a smile.” Pharrell did some creepy ass smile and I got all uncomfortable. ”Bruh. Chill with that s***. Ayo! Snoop!” I yelled. <a href="">He</a> walked over to us and we dapped him up. ”Yo wassup?” I nodded over to some firls table. ”What you got on her?” I said nodding to this <a href="">girl,</a> she kept staring at me. ”Oh her, that's Karrueche Tran. She moved here about a month ago, but started school Thursday. She just switched classes today.” I nodded. ”Why you wanna know? You got a girl, and yhat girl is my sister. Chris I swear if you f*** up, you are gonna feel my wrath.” Pharrell gritted through his teeth. ”Nigga shut the hell up. I mean she fine, but she ain't no Asia. I was just asking cause the girl over there drooling over me. That s*** is making me feel weird.” Pharrell looked over at her and she waved at him, he nodded and looked back at us. ”She was pregnant, she got an abortion.” Snoop said, out of the blue. ”Ah hell naw! I ain't talking to her. She can get the hell up out of here.” Miles said, I started laughing all over again. About thirty more minutes passes and the bell had rung. ”Well, I'll see yall later. Bye!” I said. I walked to my locker and unlocked it. I got my gym bag and closed it. ”s***!” I yelled as Karrueche just laughed. ”Hi, I'm Karrueche Tran. But you can call me later.” She said. Hoes like her made my balls itch. I rolled my eyes at her. ”Look, Karrueche is it. I got a girl and I'm not intrested.” I said walking away, but she pulled me back. ”Damn. You strong for a short girl.” She smiled and then straight faced me. She looked completely familiar. Was she the one I saw in that dream three months ago? Yes! ”Look, what Kae wants. Kae gets!” She rubbed her hand up and down my arm I snatched it away and walked to the gym. ”Oh goody, we have the same class together.” She clapped. ”Yup, you get to be with my girl too.” I smiled and she frowned. ”I bet she ugly as hell.” She mumbled. I turned quickly and she stumbled back. ”Don't you ever talk about her like that. Don't be mad cause yo thirsty ass can't have me.” She scoffed and walked off. I prayed that this period went right. ”Hey babe!” I heard an angel's voice. ”Wassup bae. Let me go change and we can play two on two. Me and Michael against you and Miyah.” I suggested. She smiled and pecked my lips. ”That's for luck, you're gonna need it.” She walked away and I stared at her backside for a minute before going to change.

Asia's POV

”Yo Miyah, Chris and Ty want to play two on two.” I said, walking into the dressing room. ”You won't believe who goes here now.” She said, walking towards me. ”Who?” I asked. ”Well hello old besties!” I turned to see Kae and I almost ripped her head off. ”b**** move out the way.” I walked around her and started to undress. ”Oh, you're still not mad at me are you?” I turned around and stared at this b****. I should've killed her rat ass. ”Nah. I'm mad at myself for not busting two in that dome of yours.” She laughed and I continued to get dressed. She walked out wearing some too small shorts and a tight ass bra. Her bra was so tight, her small boobs barely fit in it. They were about to bust. ”Damn!” All the thirsty boys exclaimed. ”Hey baby.” Chris said coming up to me, but Kae stepped in front of me. ”I knew you'd change your mind.” We both scrunched up oir faces at her. ”No, this is my girl.” He gently pushed her out of the way and wrapped his hands around my waist. ”Kiss kiss.” I nodded and pecked his lips. He smiled and pecked my lips a few more times before letting me go. ”Ready to get that ass whooped Michael.” He pulled out of the kiss he was having with Miyah and looked at me. ”Never that.” I laughed and picked up a ball. The whole gym looked our way and ran to the bleachers. They loved watching us play, they say it's better than the school games. I looked at Chris and handed him the ball. ”Ladies first.” I said, getting down in my defense position.

He checked the ball and started to dribble slowly. He tried to fake, but I stole the ball and passed it up to the court to Miyah. She crossed up Ty and then did a nice fadeaway and made it. ”Swish bish!” I yelled at her. She nodded and pretened to dust some dirt off her shoulders. I took the ball back up top and gave it to Chris. ”No make it take it?” I shook my head no and he grinned. He did a quick pass to Ty and he dribbled towards Miyah and did a spin move, but she stopped him and he manuvered around her making a layup. ”Good job Mikey-Pooh!” I cooed. He glared at me and looked at Miyah. ”You told her about that?” She nodded and Chris laughed. ”Shut up Chrissy-Wissy.” He said. Chris grabbed the ball and looked at me. ”Really?” I shrugged and pecked his lips. He handed me the ball and I didn't dribble just yet. He was standing far back so I put it up and made a three. The whole class cheered and clapped. About twenty minutes had passed and it was 20-19. We were going to twenty one and they were winning. ”Sorry baby. Know that I still love you after this. He fake passed it to Ty and I didn't fall for it. He dribbled it behind his back, but I stole it before it touched his hand. I dribbled it down the court and passed it to Miyah who passed it to me and I ran up and dunked it. The whole stands went crazy and I started to do my John Wall. ”I may just be 5'3, but I got hops like LeBron up in this b****!” I said walking past Chris and Ty as their mouths dropped. They never knew I could dunk. I ran up to Miyah and we did our special handshake we had since we were three.

At Lunch ~~

”Yo! Everybody is talking about how you and Miyah embarrassed Chris and Ty today at gym.” Miles said sitting on my lap. I kissed his cheek and nodded. ”Yup, I dunked on 'em.” Miles cheered super loudly causing everybody in the lunchroom to look at us. I looked over at Dany and she looked like she was about to kill somebody. ”Dany boo, what's wrong?” I asked her. Dany looked up from her plate and stabbed her fork through it. ”That b**** Kae is back!” We all rolled our eyes. Chris and Ty just looked at us. ”Explanation please?” I looked at Chris. ”I guess I'll tell him.” I heavily sighed and began the story. ”I hated her with a passion. Before she moved away. Kae was me and Dany's bestfriend for eight years. Then three years into me and Damien's relationship, he comes to me saying he was sorry and it was an accident. I asked him what was. And he started to tell me about how him and that hoe was sleping together for three months and he slipped up and got her pregnant, but she told everybody she got an abortion. But she kept the baby. It should be two now......OH MY GOSH! Chris! Amiya is Kae's baby!” He looked at me and then gasped. ”I can't believe it took me this long.” I facepalmed myself and I saw Kae walking in with a bunch of girls behind her. ”b**** been here two days and she already got a possy. Take me now God.” Dany threw her hands up. ”Hey bestie! Long time no see!” She hugged Dany, but Dany pushed her off a little hard. ”I saw that coming.” She laughed and Dany glared at her. ”Yeah. So you might see this coming too!” Dany was about to swing but I caught her arm. ”Yo chill! She ain't worth it.” Kae smacked her lips. ”That ain't what Damien said. When he was all up in this.” I glared at her and punched her dead in her nose. There was a pop and blood flowed from her nose and her lips was busted. She screamed and ran out the lunchroom. ”I ain't cleaning that s*** up. Let's get out of here.” I said, pointing to the blood that was on the floor. Everybody got up and looked at her possy. One jumped at Mina and she grabbed the girl by her shirt and went ham on her face. I tried to pull her off, but she wouldn't stop. ”Dee! Help me!” I screamed. Dee pulled her off and the girl was crying as her face began to swell already. She was blurple! I laughed a bit and we walked out. ”b****es.” I mumbled to myself as we climbed in and headed to our favorite restaurant in the world. Mama's Burgeria!

Damn! Mina shy ass started the smoking session? That s*** cray. Lol, Chris and Ty's horny asses. Peso knew Moe didn't play that, had him shut up quick.Lmfao! She called the teacher a piece of s***! Damn! Aww, now that was wrong! She ain't have to call Chris a dumbass. Oh my gosh! They talking about....they are some freaks! I knew it Asia, you couldn't hide your inner freak, especially with someone like Chris. I mean, I would've never took the offer of doing it behind a tree, I'm glad you didn't, but damn it doesn't hurt to think about it. I'd feel a whole bunch of ways if she swerved me like that for Miles. They got up too quick after they seen the girls. Oh s***! Mina!!!! I can't believe it! Damn, peer pressure is a b****. Oh no Miyah! What happened? Wait, she got his name tattooed on him???
Run it!!

Damn! Mina shy ass started the smoking session? That s*** cray. Lol, Chris and Ty's horny asses. Peso knew Moe didn't play that, had him shut up quick.Lmfao! She called the teacher a piece of s***! Damn! Aww, now that was wrong! She ain't have to call Chris a dumbass. Oh my gosh! They talking about....they are some freaks! I knew it Asia, you couldn't hide your inner freak, especially with someone like Chris. I mean, I would've never took the offer of doing it behind a tree, I'm glad you didn't, but damn it doesn't hurt to think about it. I'd feel a whole bunch of ways if she swerved me like that for Miles. They got up too quick after they seen the girls. Oh s***! Mina!!!! I can't believe it! Damn, peer pressure is a b****. Oh no Miyah! What happened? Wait, she got his name tattooed on him???
Run it!!

Run it

Asia's POV

The girls walked in the house livid. My eyes had turned a redish brownish color and Chris was scared as hell. I plopped myself down and my leg started shaking while tears strolled down my face. I was so f***ing mad right now. The boys were so scared of us, that they wouldn't even come near us. I actually started feeling a bit calmer when Mina pulled a blunt out from my black box and began to smoke it. She passed it to me and I passed it to Jay, who passed it to Dany, who passed it to Miyah, who then gave it to Smokey and she gave it to Moe. We kept the rotation going for about an hour before Pharrell said something. ”Yall hungry?” We all just nodded and I stood up stretching. ”We need to get out of these clothes. Come on.” Chris stood up making everybody laugh. ”Not me and you Chris. us.” He looked at me and sat down. ”Can we watch?” Ty asked. I glared at him and he shut up quick. ”Pussy.” Peso mumbled. ”You wanna repeat that?” Moe asked him. Peso shook his head no quickly and I smirked. I stopped for a minute and walked over to the special drawer. The girls knew the deal, but the boys watched our every move in silence. ”Guns.” Miyah said. They all unloaded them and gave the bullets to me and the guns to Dany. I gave them all a new loaded gun and we made our way upstairs. ”My baby's bout that life!” Miles stupid ass yelled. ”My baby been bout that life.” Tez smirked. I just shook my head and gave them all towels and clothes.

About an hour and a half later, <a href="">they</a> were all out of the shower and dressed. I, on the other hand, had just got out the shower. After I lotioned up, I got <a href="">dressed.</a> I put on my Lebron 8's Blackouts and walked out my closet. ”Yall staying the nigh again?” They all nodded and Jay sat up. ”Why you got shoes on?” I grabbed the leashes and handed one to her. ”Papi and Mufasa never got to pee.” She nodded and all the girls got up. ”We're bout to go walk the dogs Ma, we'll be back.” She turned around and looked at us. ”Nope. Yall can't all go. Jay and Asia go with Chris and Pharrell. Just to be on the safe side. Cause I know if yall get into another fight, yall were just going to let Papi and Mufasa on them.” I looked up at the ceiling. ”True. Babe, that smells so good.” I said walking up to Chris. I wrapped my hands around his waist and he kissed my forehead. ”Hey babies, the food should be done by the time yall get back.” Said <a href="">Aunt Janet,</a> walking through the pantry. ”Tee Tee Jay!” I squealed. She laughed and hugged me. I kissed her cheek and she tapped my butt. ”Come on mamas, when yall get back the food should be almost done.” I nodded, grabbed me and Jay's hoodies, and walked out the house with Jay, Pharrell, and Chris behind me. I looked at Jay and tapped my hip, she nodded. Yeah, we still had our guns in case s*** popped off.

”You do know what tomorrow is Sia, right?” Pharrell asked me. ”Yeah, it's Monday- s***!” I cursed. I hated school. ”It's okay baby, before you know it, we'll be out. Only got six more months.” I smiled at him. ”Damn. I forgot to that stupid ass assignment. f*** you Ms. Gonzales. ¡Pedazo de mierda!” I laughed at her. ”What did she say?” I saw the confused look on Pharrell and Chris' faces. ”She said you piece of s***. Maldito idioto.” I mumbled. ”You wrong for that!” Jay laughed. ”Wrong for what?” Chris looked at me. ”Chris, let it go. Their just gonna keep doing this s***.” Pharrell said. ”¡Mi bebé hace las maletas!” Jay exclaimed. ”Chris es muy grande.” Chris stopped us. ”Now I know you said something about me and big.” Pharrell looked at me with his eyebrow raised. ”We were talking about your feet, but we didn't want to hurt your feelings babe.” He smacked his lips and sped up his pace. I gave Jay the leash and ran after him. He was farther and faster than I expected. ”Chris! Baby wait! I wasn't talking about your feet.” He stopped and looked down at me. ”What were you talking about then?” I bit my lip and moved closer to him. ”Whoa!” He exclaimed when I groped him. ”I guess I am big.” He said in a c**ky way. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. ”Mmm.” He moaned as I slowly stroked my hands up and down his shaft. ”Damn. Okay baby stop.” He said through moans. ”Nah. I'm horny.” I whispered. He threw his head back and I nibbled on his ear. ”” I giggled and stroked him faster. ”Wrong answer.” You could tell he was getting weak in the knees because his weight got heavier on me. ”s***! Okay I'll handle you when we get home.” I stopped and pecked his lips. He glared at me and I looked forward. ”What did I do?” I asked, like an innocent little girl. ”I'm gonna get that ass when we get home.” I giggled and then stopped when he bit his lip. ”You're visible.” I said, pointing to his area. ”So, s***. It's my d***. If he wants to be out, let him.” I laughed and turned to see that Pharrell and Jay caught up. I got in front of Chris and pulled him closer. ”Good looking out baby.” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and grabbed the leash from Jay. By the time we got home Chris' ”Problem” went down and was no longer visible through his gym shorts.

”Ma! Is the food done!” Jay yelled, walking in the house. ”Now you may be my baby, but I will cut yo ass if you yell in my damn house again. And no, it's not.” Jay poked out her bottom lip and my mom hugged her. ”Why you gotta be like that?” Jay fake cried. ”Pussy. Oh s***.” I whispered when I heard Aunt Jay yelling at Tez. ”You such a f***ing dumbass! How the hell are you supposed to cook with the stove off!” I laughed as she repeatedly poked him in his head. That s*** aggravated the hell out of him, me too. ”Ma. Quit. I told you, I thought the stove was on, but it wasn't. Chill.” I gasped and ran over to Aunt Jay. ”s*** ma. I ain't mean to tell you to chill. My bad.” Tez apologized, hiding behind Smokey. Aunt Jay lunged at him and I grabbed her in mid air. ”Let me go! I'm cool. I almost knocked yo two front teeth out. Now come in here and finish dinner!” She yelled at him. He was hesitant at first, but inched closer and closer. I giggled and took Chris' hand, we were walking up the stairs when I heard my mom call me. ”Yes ma'am!” I yelled from the top of the staircase. ”I'll text you it. Nevermind.” I said okay, then walked to my room. Chris walked over to me and laid me on the bed. He got inbetween my legs and attacked my lips. ”Mmm.” I moaned. I swiped my tongue across his bottom lip and nibbled at it. He opened up his mouth and twisted our tongues together. While I tried to untangle our tongues, he tried just as hard to keep them tangled. I giggled in his mouth when he played with my belly ring. He bit my lip and started to kiss my neck. I massaged the back of his head as he sucked harder and started to suck on my collar bone. He stopped at my shirt and I quickly slid it over my head. I climbed on top of him and began undressing him. I stopped when I got down to his underwear and he smiled at me.

He grabbed my face and I kissed down his face, leaving a hickey on his neck and a little under his ear. ”Grind on me baby.” He whispered in my ears. I smirked in the crook of his neck and started to rotate my hips. At first I was doing it lightly, but the harder he got, the harder I grind. He was almost standing at full attention and I was drenching. He flipped us over and climbed between my legs. I stopped him and told him to get on the bed. He did as he was told and I hovered above him. I kissed down his chest to his abs and licked the gaps. He bit his lip and moaned. I got to his waistline and planted kisses on it. I was pulling his underwear down, but he stopped me. ”What you doing babe?” He asked sitting up. ”How bout you let me do me?” He hesitantly nodded and laid back down. I pulled his underwear down and smiled. ”Te ves deliciosa.” He cheesed hard and licked his lips. He was standing at full attention so I licked his shaft up and down before getting to the tip. He curled his toes and grunted lowly. ”Those grunts aren't going to stay grunts forever.” He looked at me and I smirked, knowing he was about to say something. ”Prove I- damn.” He whispered as I stuck him in my whole mouth. I rubbed my hand up and down at a faster pace than my mouth and Chris loved it. He had his hand on the back of my head and pushed me all the way down.

Chris' POV

DAMN!!! My baby had that good s***. When she didn't even gag, that just turned me on to a whole 'nother level. I gripped her hair and she picked up her pace. I swear I almost came when she twirled her tongue around my d*** while still bobbing her head up and down. ”s***!” I moaned. My eyes were closed and my toes were about to start cramping, but I couldn't help it. She started to play with the tip and then I felt something. She used one hand to jerk me off, but I couldn't see the other one. When she started to moan and make faces, I then knew what she was doing. ”f***!” I yelled. She continued to play with herself and then she started to deepthroat me everytime she went down. ”Ahh! I'm bout to bust!” She picked up her pace and my grunts turned into me moaning her name. I felt my climax coming so I pushed her head down all the way and busted in her mouth. ”Damn.” I whispered as I laid back. I then noticed that I was sweating and I looked at Asia. She started to play with cum and then she tilted her head all the way back and swalloed it. ”Don't touch me, I'm still sensitive.” I whispered. ”Did I ask you?” I guess payback is a b****. She licked my shaft and I started to shoot out cum. She put her mouth on my tip and bobbed her head up and down. My body was getting tired and I couldn't take another bust. She took notice and stopped. She smirked at me and smiled back. She climbed on top of the bed and kissed my lips. ”The food is done b****es!” We heard Moe yell from downstairs. ”Crazy ass.” Asia laughed and agreed with me.

”Mmm. Boyfriend you did good. This taste amazing.” Asia said. I smiled at her and went to kiss her. ”Not you.” She mushed my face away and pecked Miles' cheek. ”I see how we are.” I said acting butthurt. ”Aww baby. I love you.” She cooed. ”Mhmm, whatever.” She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile too. ”Aye! Yall bet not start making out t the table. Nobody wants to hear yall smacking 'n s***.” We all laughed at Ty and finished up our food. ”Well we gotta go. I'll see yall later.” Aunt Janet said. ”Hold up! I ain't get a kiss from neither of yall. I thought you loved me.” I pouted. ”We do.” They cooed. They both gave me a kiss on the cheek and I smiled. ”Bye mama. Bye Aunt Jay.” I waved to them. They waved back and walked out. Asia pushed me and I almost fell off the couch. ”Yo! What the f***?” She giggled. ”Stealing my family, f*** wrong with you nigga?” I laughed. I couldn't say that she wasn't hard, because she was. So I just sat back and said nothing. ”I wanna go swimming.” Smokey pouted. ”Leggo!” Miyah hopped off of Ty's lap and all the girls ran upstairs after her. ”Man f*** that s***. I ain't going swimming.” Miles said. We all nodded in agreement and continued to talk.

All the guys were talking when <a href="">they</a> walked in it was a whole different story. We all licked our lips and just stared. I couldn't see Asia so I lifted my head a bit. I saw her short ass trying to hide. ”I can see you.” I said, not even looking her way. I could barely see her body, only her face. ”s***.” I heard her curse. She sighed and the girls laughed. They started to walk to the back in a majestic way. I bit my lip hella hard when I seen <a href="">her</a> walk. She smirked and did the hair flip almost knocking me out of my seat. ”Umm. You know swimming didn't sound like a bad idea.” Ty said. ”The hell was I thinking?” Miles asked himself. We all looked at each other and ran out side. All the girls swimsuits were on the ground, but all the girls were in the pool. ”They skinny dipping!” Peso yelled. All the girls hid themselves in corners and we all just laughed. ”Don't get in, it's cold.” Mina warned softly. I took off my shirt and hopped in. ”Ahh s***! It's cold.” I whined. The others just followed me and got in complaining about how cold it was. ”I told yall.” She said into Dee's chest. ”How yall get her shy ass to get in the pool naked?” Miles asked the question every one of our minds. ”Peer pressure is a b****.” Jay laughed. ”I would come over and give you a hug-” Pharrell started. ”No the hell you won't!” Dee snapped looking at him. ”Nigga calm down. I was about to say I wouldn't cause she was naked. Dumbass.” We all laughed even Dee.

”No, stop Chris.” Asia whispered. I smirked in the crook of her neck and she swatted my hand again. ”Chris. Stop trying to finger me in the damn pool.” I looked at her face and laughed. ”Kiss kiss?” She held up one finger and I paused. ”I'll take it.” She puckered up her lips and I kissed them. She grabbed the back of my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist. I tried to keep her from feeling me getting hard, because I knew what she would do if she did feel me. Grind. ”Baby, why you backing up?” She pouted, pulling out of the kiss. ”Because I know you. You feel I'm getting big and you'll f***ing grind until I bust.” She giggled and I glared at her. She straight faced me and I smiled. It wasn't Asia that scared me, it was her face. Those eyes, they turned from green to red in a heartbeat. Also, she used that same face when she killed niggas for a living, of course I was going to be scared. ”I promise I won't grind.” She poked her lip out, which made her look even more adorable. ”Fine.” I gave in. She pulled me close and attacked my lips. I forced my tongue through her lips and our tongues wrestled and played rogether. I was getting harder by the moment and she was getting hotter. I pulled her closer and started to grind into her. ”Chris.” She moaned. ”I thought you said no grinding.” I chuckled. ”I said you no grinding, not me.” She smiled and kissed my lips. About an hour passed until we all remembered we had school tomorrow. ”Aye! It's 2 in the morning, we need to get out.” Miles yelled. We nodded, but the girls stayed put. ”Umm. Could yall go get us towels?” Mina asked. ”I mean I would, but. I can't.” Peso said. ”Why the hell not?” Smokey asked. ”I'm hard, damn.” We all laughed. ”Okay. I'll get 'em. Just tutn around.” Asia said. We all nodded and turned around. ”That means you too Chris!” She yelled. She got out of the water and I turned around. I had just noticed a tattoo right above her crack. It said, ”Christopher.” I yelled real loud causing everybody to turn in my direction. ”What?” They all asked. ”She got my name tatted!” All the boys yelled, while the females just laughed. Asia turned and glared at me. She handed everybody a towel, but me. ”You can get your own since you wanna peep.” I laughed and got out the water. ”I'm not ashamed of s***.” They all turned their heads and walked inside. ”Who the hell is she?” I heard Miyah yell. I got my towel and shirt and walked inside. We seen Trey with some girl and knew some s*** was about to go down.

Those poor dogs!!!
They was really bout to go in on them groupies! Remind me to NEVER ask Trey Songz if I can have his kids...O_O
Run It!!!

Awwies! I have an albino pit too! Lol, they are too cute all of them. Haha! How does oxygen taste? I would've said something smart back. Omfg, that was tge saddest thing ever. I hate that people think pits are terrible dogs, but they were brought up like that. Sad life. DAAMMNN!!!!! They went ham on them bitvhes and then they still pulled the guns out. Damn, is really all I can say. Lol, they tried the wrong ones. Sad s***......not!!!
Run it!!!

Run it

Jay's POV

I was in love! Evrything that Rell did made me smile. We have our arguments, but its mostly over stupid s***. One time, I didn't talk to him for three days because he said Caillou was stupid. I'm like,”b****! You stupid! You wish you could imagine yourself being a magician.” I laughed at my thoughts and Pharrell lookef down at me. ”What's so funny?” He asked. I pecked his lips and he smiled. ”It's a secret boo.” He smirked and put his arm around me. We made it to the basketball goal and it was pretty dark. I wonder why we did everything so backwards. Here it was going on to ten o'clock at night and we just ate breakfast for dinner. Papi got a little lonely so we stopped by my house to get <a href="">Mufasa,</a> his older brother. I remember when we got the dogs. Me, Trey, and Asia.

*Flashback* 3 years ago.....

I had just finished the last blunt off and was high as a kite. ”Woof! Woof!” Trey barked like a dog. I chuckled and got up lazily. ”I want a dog mama.” Asia said, hugging onto my thigh. ”Me too.” Trey hopped up, but stumbled over the table. ”Whoa.....okay I'm good. I know this b****, she be selling fighting dogs. Yall wanna go check 'em out?” He asked. ”Yo ass is grass if your manager sees you with us at a fighting dog place.” Asia warned. ”f*** em!” Trey yelled, grabbing his car keys. I shrugged and got in the back and Asia got in the front. She turned up the radio and my song came on. ”Beamer, benz, or bentley. Beamer, benz, or bentley. Beamer, benz, or bently. My jeans are never empty b****!” I rapped. ”You have issues.” Trey said pulling in a parking lot. You could hear the viscious barks of the dogs and the whimpers and howls of pain. A tear slid down Asia's cheek and Trey smacked his lips. ”Quit being a pussy Sia!” I hugged her. ”Shut the hell up Trey! You know I get hella emotional when I'm high.” I poked out my bottom lip. ”It's olay. We can rescue a puppy from being turned into a terrible monster.” She nodded and hugged me. When we walked in, my heart stopped. This one <a href="">dog</a> caught my eye and tears slid down my cheek. ”This is sick.” Asia mumbled into Trey's chest. I turned my head towards a <a href="">fight</a> that was going on and I watched in horror as the brown pit began breathing heavy, then he just collapsed. This was worse than watching Asia kill somebody. ”Yall look!” Asia exclaimed. We saw some man about to throw a <a href="">puppy</a> in the cage with the black pit. I shook in fear as Asia was bawling her eyes out. ”Yo! I'll take that one!” Trey yelled at the man. ”Ain't on sale.” The man said. ”I'll give you six grand.” I pulled his arm and he looked down at me. ”That one too.” He looked over at the <a href="">puppy</a> struggling to keep it's balance. His right leg was terribly bitten and his right ear wasn't fully attached. ”I want that one too.” The old white man laughed. ”Boy, you wasting ya money. These damn dogs better off dead.” Trey shrugged and handed him the money. Me and Asia hugged onto them for dear life. ”What the hell you doing King? Finish him!” The man yelled to the black dog. The dog licked his lips and walked over to the dead brown dog and attacked the dog's leg. He ripped it's stomach open and started to actually eat his guts. I almost threw up and Trey grabbed our hands and pulled us out of there. I felt good knowing we saved two dogs from being killed. ”I'll call you Mufasa.” I said like they did in the Lion King. ”OH! Mufasa!” Asia hissed. ”I'll name you Pachino, but I'll call you Papi. Pachino Papi Jones and Mufasa Simba Sanders, welcome to the family!” Asia sung. I kissed Mufasa's head and soothe him the way to the vet.

*Flashback Over*

I wiped a stray tear that fell and Asia looked at me. ”I know those tears. That place was horrific.” I nodded in agreement and held onto Mufasa's leash tighter. ”That will never be you.” I whispered. ”Oh my gosh! That's Trey Songz!” We heard girls yell. Trey ducked behind Chris and the girls circled us. ”Trey can you have my baby! Trey f*** the s*** out of me! I just want you to marry me!” All these questions from hoochies were coming way to fast. So it was either they shut up or I was gonna help them. I opened my mouth to talk, but somebody had already screamed,”Shut the hell up!” I looked over to see Mina's chest heaving up and down in anger. ”Now all yall loose pussy ass b****es need to hop off my bro d*** on that real s***.” Miyah said. ”Yeah. We squadin' up so what's it gonna be?” Moe asked. They sucked they teeth and one trick b**** slapped Asia. ”Oh hell naw!” Asia attacked her and like nine oyher girls jumped in. The girls jumped in, swinging like straight dudes on 'em. Like Bushwill said, we was droppin' them muhf***in B's on them. This one b**** kicked me in my mouth and it was like Mina saw red. She pulled the other girls hair and threw em up against a car. I never noticed Smokey's ass was stomping their faces in. I heard screaming so I looked in that direction to see Dany f***ing this b**** face up! We heard sirens and kept on whooping ass. The f*** were they gonna do? My aunt ran this city. Moe had a girl's head and was banging it against a car's rims. ”Stop! Asia! Stop!” Chris yelled. I noticed that Asia had a gun to the girl's head. We all took that as a cue and pulled our guns out. The boys ran over to us and calmed us down. The police got out the car and put the nine girls in handcuffs. ”b****!” I kicked one in the face and she was knocked out already. All of them were. We decided to go home and rest. I was still heated.

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Run it

Author's Note: I decided to change Asia's pick so don't be surprised when you see another girl. Thanks for all the support, bye!!!

Asia's POV

I woke up to laughter, talking, and the shower running. I rolled over and Chris wasn't there. ”Chris!” I whined. ”I'm in the shower!” He yelled. ”No s***. I can see that.” I mumbled. ”Oh! I'm telling you got smart.” Pharrell said, coming in the room. ”Shut up and give me my sugar.” I stood up and he bent down to peck my lips. ”Ugh! That s*** is nasty. I'm not kissing you no more. Well at least not until you brush your teeth and scrub yo lips.” Chris joked. ”Shut up!” Me and Pharrell yelled at the same time. ”After you brush your teeth, you and Chris can come eat.” He said then gave me hug before flicking Chris off and leaving. ”Boo!” He whined, I looked back at him and he was holding my toothbrush. ”I want a kiss.” I just nodded and brushed my teeth. I walked out to see <a href="">Chris</a> and I laughed. I walked over to him slowly and he licked his lips. ”Walking like that, you bout to get more than a kiss.” I laughed and straddled him. ”Who told you I wanted a kiss?” He furrowed his eyebrows in a real cute way. ”I did. Now give me them pillows.” He demanded. I smirked and leaned in and pecked his lips and he gave me a confused face. ”The f*** was that? I asked for a kiss. A real-mmm.” He moaned when I cut him off by sticking my tongue in his mouth. We were going at it for about five minutes, but then I started feeling dizzy so I pulled out. ”Ahh! You weak!” He joked. ”Kiss my ass.” I glared at him. ”I rather lick and kiss what's in front of it.” I giggled and raised an eyebrow. I stopped giggling and looked at him.

”Chris! Can you make my plate first?” I asked him as the <a href="">boys</a> were cooking dinner. ”Yeah babe.” I smiled. I loved it when he called me that. I heard the bathroom door open and close and I looked. ”Oh hey Trey.” I said, then snapped my head back. ”Trey! Oh my f***ing gosh!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Me and Myah hopped up and hugged him. ”!” I said, kissing between each word. ”I missed you too Pookums.” <a href="">He</a> slick flipped me off and started laughing. ”Nigga I saw that s***!” I said punching him. ”I missed you Maine-Maine.” Dany cooed. ”I missed you Any-Wany!” I laughed. These niggas. ”I heard yall got little boy toys.” I smiled. ”Yup. The taller stranger is Chris, he's mine.” I said, pointing and waving for Chris to come over and he shook his head no. ”I should've figured.” Trey mumbled. ”That one right there is Tyga, or Michael. Come here baby.” Miyah called Ty. He came over and she hugged him. ”Ty, this is my brother, Trey.” They shook each other hands and then Chris came over. ”Yeah babe?” I smiled. ”I want you to meet Trey.” He held his hand out. ”I'm Chris.” He said. I loved everything about this man. He was the best anyone could ever have. ”I'm Trey. The oldest brother. Don't f*** up.” He gritted through his teeth. Chris and Ty seemed unfazed. ”I'm sure she'll put two bullets in my head herself if I do.” Chris joked and they all laughed. ”Well....Welcome to the family! Show your brother some love!” Trey hugged them tight and Pharrell pouted. ”I want some love.” All the girls, ”Aww'd.” and hugged Pharrell. ”Yup, this is the life.” We all laughed and kissed his cheeks.

The <a href="">girls</a> were now on there seconds of pancakes, while I was on my seconds of <a href="">everything.</a> ”Damn. That appetite ain't caught up with you yet, huh Pookums?” I laughed at Trey and shook my head no. I looked over at Chris as he stared at <a href="">me.</a> ”Stop.” I whined and hid my face inbetween his arm. ”You're beautiful, you know that?” I nodded and he smacked his lips. ”I'm just kidding boo. Thanks.” He puckered up his lips and I pecked them. He licked the syrup off my lips and I laughed. ”Mushy asses.” Dany mumbled. ”Aww, you want a kiss too?” She nodded and puckered up her lips. ”Aw hell yeah!” Trey exclaimed. I looked at Dany and she laughed. ”Nevermind.” We both said in unison. ”Yall done got a nigga hard n s***.” I shook my head at Tez. ”Tell yo girl to kiss a girl. I bet she would.” I joked. ”Kay, come here.” Smokey said to me. I walked over to her and she grabbed my face and I puckered up my lips. I could feel her breath on my lips and she smiled. ”Nah.” We laughed again. I was laughing until I heard the front door open and close. ”Mommy!” I screamed like a four year old. <a href="">She</a> laughed and hugged me tight. ”Hey babies!” I felt a whole lot of extra hands on me and I noticed everybody was giving my mom a hug. It was like a giant group hug. Only one person wasn't in it.

”May yall move so I can give my mom a hug?” When she heard that voice she looked around. ”Maine!” She hugged him tight and he did the same. ”I missed you mama. Where aunt Janet?” He asked. ”I don't know. I told her I was coming home from the trap and she said she was collecting money, so I guess she's at one of her corners.” He nodded and kissed her on the cheek. ”Hold up!” I yelled. Everybody looked at me in confusion. ”Where the hell is my son at?” I asked Trey. Chris and Ty gasped. ”That dog is my son now!” He said running to the back porch. I ran after him and smiled when I saw <a href="">him.</a> ”C'mere Papi” I exclaimed. He wagged his tail and ran to me. ”Mommy missed you, yes she did. Yes she did.” I cooed. ”Oh s***!” I heard Ty exclaim. ”Who's dog is that?” Chris asked. ”Mine nigga. Now back the f*** before he bite yo ass.” Papi started to growl and Chris wasn't no dumbass so he backed the f*** up like I said. ”Scary ass.” I mumbled. Chris raised an eyebrow. ”I know yo ass wouldn't be talking all that s*** if yo dog wasn't here.” I nodded and laughed. ”Papi!” Moe yelled. He ran over to her and licked her all over her face. That dog was in love with me and her. ”Man. That dog licking her more than I do.” Peso grumbled. We laughed and I hugged Peso. ”It's all good. Yall wanna go to the basketball court?” I asked them. ”Now?” I nodded and they all shrugged. ”Don't we need to be dressed?” Dany asked, I looked at her and we both started cracking up. ”Did I miss something?” Miles asked. ”Yeah. We all used to run around the park in our bras and underwear. Even Mina's shy ass.” I laughed. ”Yall still do it?” Dee asked, looking thirsty. ”Nigga stop! Not after my f***ing bra got caught on the swing. I had to walk home with no bra on. But Ya-Ya gave me her jacket.” Mina kissed Miyah's cheek and she smiled. ”Well s*** leggo then!” Jay yelled, coming up for air. ”How does oxygen taste Jay?” Teyana asked. ”Good, but not as good as him.” I laughed. Horny muhf***as.

Tez was looking good af! Mmm! All that sexiness in one house, whoo! I wouldn't be able to control myself. Lol. Damn Teyana! Calm down! Lol. He got little hype there.Moe and Dany gon end up pregnant soon. What??!!! Chris was giving head like that? Damn!! Lucky ass Asia! Damn! They all just freaky freaky!
Run it!!!

Run it


Asia's POV

I can't stand Chris right now. This nigga had the audacity to take my last f***ing Vernor's and thought that s*** was funny. That's why his ass at the store now. I started to yawn, so I got up and brushed my teeth. I came back into the room and laid down. I started to doze off, but I heard someone shut a car door. I was wide awake now and really didn't feelvsleepy anymore. ”That must be Chris.” I said to myself. I turned the TV back on and waited for him to come in. ”Babe.” I heard someone knock at the door. ”Yes Christopher?” He laughed. ”You dressed?” I shook my head. ”No Christopher.” He busted in the door and looked a bit disappointed when he saw me in my bra and booty shorts on. ”You said you weren't dressed.” He pouted. ”I'm not.” He glared at me and handed me my Vernor's. ”Thabks boo. Kiss kiss?” He held up one finger and I nodded. He climbed on top of me and I looked up at him. ”Whoa.” He jerked his head back. ”What?” He looked at my face. ”Your eyes just changed from brown to like a greenish color.” I chuckled. ”My eyes do that when I get horny and hungry at the same time.” He got up and took my hand in his. ”Well, lets eat first. Cause I refuse to let you eat my beautiful lips.” I hit him in the chest softly and he carried me down the stairs ”I could get used to this.” I whispered. ”s***, me too.” He smacked my butt and my body jerked up. ”You know what happens when you do that s***.” He laughed and sat me down on the counter. ”What would my beautiful queen like?” Ibshrugged. ”Surprise me.” He nodded and went into the freezer and got ice cream out. Then he got the strawberries, hot fudge syrup, whipped cream, and bananas. ”Aww, my baby is gonna make me a sundae.” He nodded and told me to go sit in the livingroom. ”Wait.” He said before I got off the counter. ”Yes?” He puckered up his lips and I grabbed the back of his neck, pushing our lips into one another's. He slid his warm tongue across mine and I opened my mouth wider. He stuck his tongue out and licked the roof of my mouth. I locked my legs around his waist and could feel his erection. I licked his tongue and then moaned when he bit mine. His hands wandered my body and I smiled at him when he pulled out and bit my lips.

"No Chris! I said no! Now stop." He kept on trying to lick the ice cream off my thigh when he continued to drip off the sides of the bowl. ”Nigga you bout to get hit up in this b****.” I smacked his hand one last time. ”Don't hit me no more Asia. I'm warning you.” I raised my eyebrow and looked at him. I hit his chest one last time and he picked me up and carried me upstairs. ”I told yo ass.” He threw me on the bed and got on his knees while pulling closer. Oh no, he's gonna give me head while he's mad! Damn Asia! He pulled my body to the edge and started to kiss up my thigh. He got to the hem of my shorts and pulled them off with his teeth. I cursed myself for wearing my laced matching cheetah bra and panties set. The one that Chris loves. ”Just for me?” I laughed while nodding my head. ”You're going to have to buy a new set.” I looked at him strangely. ”Why would I- Chris!” I gasped as he ripped off my underwear. ”You don't even know how much you just turned me on right now.” I said in a low seductive tone, which caught him off gaurd. ”Well s*** let me get it done then.” I laughed. ”You do th- uhh!” I moaned as his warm tongue flicked my clit quickly. My body's tempature was rising and he made my back arch when he bit my clit. ”f***!” I screamed as he stuck his tongue in me. I gripped the sheets as his pace quickened and his strokes deepened. ”Chris!” I moaned. ”Yeah, I like that s***.” He panted, while rubbing my clit. My face began to strain as I struggled to keep my composure. He unexpectedly stuck his tongue back in causing my legs to wrap around his neck and push him in deeper. ”Ah! s***!” I yelled as his pace quickened even more. I began to sweat and tremble all over. I gripped his small curls, making an attempt to push him out, but he wasn't having it. ”Stop f***ing running Asia. You're a big girl now. You got your own ass into this s***.” He mumbled into me sending vibrations through my body and causing goosebumps to appear. ”Chr...C....Chris! I'm ahh!” I yelled. The sentence wouldn't even come out. All I could do was scream and moan. ”You're about to what? Tell daddy what you're about to do.” I tried, I really did. But that s*** wouldn't come out for nothing! ”I..I...I'm about cum!” He smiled at me and began staring into my eyes as he sucked on my clit. My body shook, jerked, and was yearning for him to just continue. But my mind couldn't handle all the excitement. ”Please! Please!” I begged him. He slapped my thigh hard causing me to scream in pain and pleasure. ”Come on. Let it go for daddy.” He whispered. My back arched and he put one hand on my stomach and pushed me down gently. I felt something pushing on his tongue and my face scrambled up. He took his tongue out and some water looking fluid came out. I was lost for words as my body shook. ”No, don't touch me. I'm still sensitve.” I told Chris as he prepared to lick me dry. ”Did I ask you?” He said smartly. He licked up and down and my body began to shake once again. That was when I started to cum in trials. It felt like my body was so tired I couldn't even fight him off let alone moan.

He came back up after licking me dry and kissed my lips. I turned when he tried to kiss me again and he smacked my thigh in the same spot. ”Stop acting like that.” He whispered kissing my neck. ”No. I told you I was still sensitive.” He smiled into the crook of my neck. ”You know you liked like...that?” He asked inbetween kisses. ”I didn't like it.” I said like a five year old girl. ”Yeah you did.” He turned me on my stomach and began licking my spine. Chills ran through my body. I began to giggle when he licked and kissed my back dimples. ”You still mad at me babe?” I shook my head no and he climbed off of me. I turned on my back and as soon as I did he kissed my lips. I forced my tongue through his lips and he gladly accepted it. I moaned in his mouth as he bagn to rub my center with his fingers. I pulled away as he started fingering me and bit my lip. He started kissing, sucking, and biting my sweet spots on my neck. He slid in another finger and I slightly screamed, but I grabbed a pillow and put it over my head. ”Stop, I wanna hear your screams.” He whispered, biting my ear. He pulled the pillow off my head and caressed my body with one arm as he quickened his pace. I screamed and came on his fingers. ”Chris....I'm sleepy.” I whined into his chest he nodded and took off his pants. He walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth, washed his face, and washed his hands. When <a href="">he</a> walked back in, I instantly smacked my lips. ”Nigga! Take my s*** off!” I yelled in a raspy voice. ”No.” He said, brushing the other side of his teeth. ”Fine, no kisses for you.” He smacked his lips and began taking my robe off. ”Why don't you wear that around the house?” He asked laying down while I put some underwear on. ”Because it's see through.” I said in a smart tone. I heard the bed and creeked so I looked back. I jumped when I saw Chris right behind me. I felt his erection through his boxers and bit my lip. ”Did I do that?” He nodded and kissed my cheek, wrapping his arms around my waist. ”s***.” He grunted as I grinded on him. I felt that he wasn't small or thin. I shivered just thinking about what he cpuld do to my body. The places he could take me. I noticed he backed up a bit and I looked back at him. ”Oh, I'm not about to go to sleep with blue balls. You got me f***ed up.” I laughed and climbed into bed. He climbed in and pulled me closer and I turned facing him. He pecked my lips and I kissed his chest. ”I love you Asia.” I smiled to myself. ”I love you more Chris.” He smacked his lips. ”Negative.” I shook my head not wanting to argue and fell asleep.

Dany's POV

I woke up to hear screaming and moaning, knowing it came from Asia. I knew it was her from the pitch of it. Her moans and screams sound like the ones in pornos. ”Wow. Really?” I whispered. I rolled off the couch and noticed Miles wasn't there. I shrugged my shoulders and turned on the Xbox. I put in a game and started playing. I was so into it, I didn't notice Miles came back until he cleared his throat. <a href="">He</a> was looking fine as hell. He smiled at me and I <a href="">smiled</a> back. He bit his bottom lip and I shied away from his eyes. ”Come on baby. I wanna play too.” He grabbed a controller and had me sit on his lap before putting the sheet over both of us. I felt his erection on my bare ass and giggled. He began to grunt as I grinded on him. Let me remind you that we were both naked, so he could the heat. I gasped as he stuck it inside and then moaned as he began to grind in and out of me. Forgetting how sore I was, I grinded back with just as much force. He threw his head back and bit his lip as I began to bounce. ”s***!” I moaned. I could feel his veins pumping inside of me. ”Yeah. Ride daddy d***.” He whispered hugging me close. He, unexpectedly, flipped me on my back and put us on the floor. ”Oh!” I screamed as he started to pound my insides. I couldn't feel my legs anymore, but I could visibly see them trembling. ”f***! Harder!” I demanded. He went harder and my whole lower half went numb for about 20 minutes. I could feel my walls tighten around him and our faces were both strained. ”Ahh! s***, you so tight!” He exclaimed. I couldn't do anything but moan and scream. ”Play with it for daddy.” He said, pulling out. I licked my fingers and began to rub my clit fast as I moaned. He was getting harder by the second and I never really saw him this hard and we've been f***ing for 4 years. He moved my hand out the way and slid back in. I coyld here my mind screaming for mercy, but my body screamed for more. ”f***. Cum for me Danielle” He whispered in my ear, nibbling it. ”I...I...I'.....I can't.” I whined as I bit onto my lip. ”f*** that s***! Do what the hell I said!” He yelled kissing my breast. He bit down on my left nipple hard and I yelped in pain. He sucked on it with his warm tongue making it feel all better. I clawed at his back as he began to take deeper but faster strokes. ”I'm cumming! Don't stop!” I yelled. He bit his lip and began kissing me. I kissed him back and his pace slowed down, but the strokes were still deep. He began rubbing my clit as I moaned in his mouth. My body then began to shake and my face twisted up as I came on him. He then, out of nowhere once again, picked up his pace. ”s***! I'm almost there!” He moaned. A tear slid down my eye from the excitement and pain, but it was good pain. He kissed away and then he bit his lip harder. He pulled out and came on my thigh and he collapsed on me. He rolled off of me and we both started breathing hard. After our breathing slowed down he picked me up and laid us on the couch with me on top of him. ”That...was...amazing.” I said, inbetween breaths. ”Hell yeah.” He whispered and smiled extra hard. He kissed my forehead and ran his fingers through my sweated out hair. ”You should get my name tatted on you.” He randomly said. ”Where would you want it?” I asked him. ”Here.” He smacked my butt and I jerked forward almost falling. ”What if we break up and I have sex with another guy?” He bit his lip. ”Well I guess you just gon have a jealous ass boyfriend.” I laughed. ”I'll think about it.” I kissed his lips and he held me tighter. ”Love you weirdo.” He cooed. ”Love you too a**hole.”

Teyana's POV

I climbed into Tez's bed and sighed. ”Uh uh girl! That's my side why you getting comfortable.” I smacked my lips and stayed put. ”Fine, since you sexy, I'll let you stay there.” I started to blush and he smiled. ”I'll be back. There should be some sweats in the dresser if you want to wear them.” I nodded and thanked him. I walked over to the dresser and saw this <a href="">picture.</a> She's beautiful. I picked a pair of sweats and looked in the mirror. I <a href="">look</a> good. ”Well, I'm keeping these.” I yelled to Tez. ”What ones?” I heard the door open. ”These on- f***.” I bit my lip and thanked God for my good eyesight. Lord knows Tez was looking <a href="">delicious</a> right now. ”Thank you Jesus!” I shouted. ”Girl calm yo ass down!” He laughed. I walked over to him and counted his pack. ”Whew!” I started to fan myself. ”Is it just me or is it hot as hell?” He smirked. ”Nah. That's just you ma.” I nodded and took off the hoodie. I turned after he cleared his throat. ”Something wrong?” I asked him, he bit his lip and shook his head. ”Okay.” I climbed into bed. ”Aye! I sleep naked. So don't go kicking a nigga in his bidness.” I laughed at how country he sounded. ”Okay. I won't.” He climbed in bed and scooted over, farther from me. I snuck up behind him and hugged him from behind. ”I get cold easily.” I whispered in his ear. I felt goosebumps on his arm and laughed. ”Tey. To be perfectly honest. I would like nothing better than to hold you right now. But if I end up getting hard, I can't help that. You've known me since I was two. You already know I get horny easily.” She giggled and turned me over. I was cool until she climbed on me and kissed me, causing my erection to come back. ”s***. That feels good.” I moaned as she rotated her hips on me. ”Damn T. I ain't know ypu was packing like that.” I opened my eyes to see her looking at my d***. ”Whoa there. You got to feel and see. No more.” She bit her lip and pecked my lips. ”Okay. Night boo.” She wrapped my arms around her waist and put her butt on TJ Jr. I was getting harder and harder. ”You're poking me.” She whispered, her eyes still closed. ”Your fault.” I whispered back, closing my eyes. ”I never said I didn't like it.” I chuckled. ”I'm glad you like it.” She nodded and I heard her soft snores. I smiled and hugged her closer and went to sleep myself.

Run it


Tez's POV

I was panicking going through my closet to find something to wear. ”Wow Tez. I never seen you this nervous.” Moe said walking in my room. ”Yeah man. You need to chill out. She doesn't like scary niggas.” Peso advised. I just nodded my head and took deep breaths. ”Don't let her pay forbs***. She'll never go on another date with you if that happens. Oh and call her by her real name, she'll know you're being serious” I took in Moe's words and continued to look in my closet. ”Move nigga. I got you.” Peso moved me out the way. ”Go take a shower.” Moe pushed me out the room. ”Thanks!” I yelled from down the hall. As soon as I got in the shower, my mind immediately thoguht about Smokey. Her body was smoking no doubt. s***! If we ever lived together, I'd have her walk around the house naked all day. Except when we have company. But if we have kids, I guess she can wear a bra and panties, but they have to be laced. I notice I was getting hard, so I turned the shower to cold. I chuckled at how gone I was right now.

After about 30 minutes, I was finally out of the shower. It was only 7:45 so I walked to my room to see Peso and Moe making out in my favorite chair. ”Oh hell no! Did yall even get me something to wear. Moe turned around while Peso peeked his head around her body that was straddling him. ”Yeah. It's right there.” She pointed to <a href="">it</a> and I rubbed my hands together. ”This'll do.” I said, knowing Moe was gonna flip. ”What the hell you mean this'll do? Nigga it better do. You wanna pick out something else? Yeah that's what the f*** I thought!” I laughed as she rolled her eyes. ”I'm sorry boo. Thanks.” I kissed her cheek and dapped up Peso as they walked out my room. I got dressed and walked back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I started to hum as I brushed my teeth and just started singing super loud. ” See I, met her at Magic. And I don't go there often. Anything she can have it, all she gotta do is call. And she go to school by day, but she at night she work at Onyx. You can't judge, she'll do anything to get that money. Even if she sell dope start cooking, dancing or selling pussy it don't matter cause. You can't judge her. Even if she got four different baby daddy's, I don't care long as she happy. It ain't my business cause, you can't judge her!” I finished brushing my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror. A nigga's <a href="">smile</a> was on point. I walked out of the bathroom to see Mina coming out of the guest room with a sheet around her. ”Oh my gosh!” She hid her face and I just laughed. ”Where's Dee?” I asked she pointed to the room. I walked in to see Dee knocked the f*** out. ”Damn Minnie, you put it on him like that?” She blushed and ran to the bathroom. ”Yo shy freaky ass!” I yelled after her. ”I'm not a freak.” She yelled softly. I just shook my head and went downstairs. ”Alright, I'm out! Thanks again! Bye.” I shouted to Moe and Peso. ”Nigga! Come back here!” Moe yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked backwards then turned towards her she snapped a picture and puckered up her lips. I smiled ad put my cheek on them and she made a smooching noise. ”Yo girl cray cray!” I laughed pointing at Peso. ”That's why I love her.” She squealed and kissed his lips. ”I love you too Papi!” He bit his lip and picked her up and walked up the stairs. ”How bout you show me just how much you love me?” She nodded and giggled. I just hurried out of the house, but I couldn't get out without hearing a moan come from Moe. I just shivered and got into my <a href="">car.</a>

When I got to her house my mouth dropped open. <a href="">This</a> is nice. ”Damn.” This was all I could say. I got out and walked to the front door. I was scared at first until I rememebered what Peso and Moe had said. ”Okay. You can do this.” I saw another car in front and it had TS on the back. ”Trey ass is here.” I shook my head and knocked on the door. It took a while for somebody to answer, but when they did, his ass was smiling. ”Wassup Cuzzo!” <a href="">He</a> yelled. ”Man. Calm yo ass down! What are you doing here?” I asked giving him a bro hug. ”Man. I came down to surprise those other three evil ass kids. I heard Asia and Miyah got boyfriends.” I nodded. ”Yup there brothers. They real coo- Damn!” I exclaimed as <a href="">she</a> walked down the stairs. When she reached the bottom step, my eyes explored her body. That dress hugged her body so tight and those legs, whoo! I almost fainted. ”Hi Tez.” She gave me a hug and I took in her scent. ”Hey Teyana. You look beautiful.” She smiled and bit her lip. ”Thank you...for calling me by my real name. Smokey was getting annoying.” I laughed. ”I like Smokey.” <a href="">They</a> came out the kitchen arguing and laughing like always. ”Smiley!” Nicki said running over to me. I met her halfway and hugged her. She was like a big sister to me. ”Wassup Booty Queen.” She smacked her lips. ”Whatever boy.” She walked to the livingroom and started watching TV with Trey. ”Wassup No Muscles.” Busta joked. ”Nigga, nobody wants to be as big as you. I saw yo ass on the BET Awards. You couldn't clap worth s***. Matter of fact take that damn shirt back to wahtever store you got it from and get a bigger size. You know what, I'll get it for you.” I went into my pocket and he looked at me and smiled. ”I didn't think you'd have 5,000 on you right now.” I froze. ”You paid 5 grand for that? I could've went to Tj Max and got it for $25.” They were all laughing at me. ”Okay. Let's go.” Teyana said bye and we walked out the house. I opened the car door for her and she smiled and thanked me. ”So, where shall we go?” She asked looking at me. ”You'll see.” I grabbed her hand and kissed it causing her to giggle.

”Tez! This is the most expensive restaurant in Ohio!” She exclaimed. I nodded and laughed. ”Tez, I feel under dressed.” She whispered, hugging onto my dress. ”Don't. My mom is gonna love you.” She gasped. ”Your mom. I'm so afraid. Does she know who I am? What if she doesn't like me because of what I do? Oh my gosh!” She panicked. ”Teyana! Calm down. If she does anything is give you the most respect, BECAUSE of what you do.” She nodded and bit her lips looking at me. ”You are the sexiest thing on earth.” I smiled and kissed her as she moaned in my mouth, I massaged her butt. Things were getting pretty heated untilwe heard someone clear there throats. <a href="">She</a> smiled at us and squealed running to Teyana. ”Oh my gosh! It's my pleasure to meet you Ms. Teyana. I'm his mom. You can call me Janet.” Teyana smiled and held her hand out. ”It's nice to meet you Ms. Janet. It's an honor to meet someone like you. I have nothing but respect for you.” My mom smacked her lips. ”Please. Us women have to show these men we run everything around here.” They both laughed. ”You don't run this d***.” I mumbled. ”Nigga, I'll cut yo ass. Now go in there and sit in the back. I have to go to the trap, Robyn says somebody playing with the money.” I nodded and kissed her cheek. ”Bye Ma, be careful.” She nodded and kissed Teyana. ”I'll be back. Don't get her pregnant while I'm gone!” She yelled causing me to laugh. Teyana just blushed. ”Shall we?” She took my hand in hers and smiled. ”We shall.”

”Nah! This one dude tried pulling a gun out on me, talking about he heard I was Smokey's b****. Then he had me call myself, thinking Smokey was a nigga. I answered my prepaid and he looked at me like I was crazy. I pulled my gun out and shot him in the foot. When he fell I kicked that nigga so hard he coughed up blood. Then I told him Smokey said smoke his ass. So I put two bullets in his head. Sad life.” Teyana had just finished telling me and my mom a story. ”Holy s***!” I exclaimed. ”Good work. I probably would've let that nigga walk away then shot his ass. But you're way made you sound like you had bigger balls than he did.” Teyana laughed and looked at me. ”Tez. This is perfect. Thank you.” She kissed me and I slipped in some tongue. She moaned in my mouth and gently bit my tongue and I gripped her butt. ”Uh! We'll take condoms to go!” My mom yelled. We pulled out the kiss and I apologized. ”Please. Me and your father were worst. We f***ed right on a table here once.” She smiled and I just gagged. ”Wow! Uh. Look at the time. Time for us to go!” I hurried so my mom could stop talking. ”Oh, well dinner was lovely Ms. Janet.” My mom smiled and kissed Teyana on her cheek while hugging her. She whispered something in her ear and gave her something. ”You ready to go home beautiful?” She smiled and nodded. ”Bye Ms. Janet.” My mom waved and gave me a kiss. ”You better keep her, or I'll gut you like a fish.” She threatened, scraping her nails on my stomach. I winced and nodded. ”Come on Tey.” She grabbed my hand and we walked outside. She cuddled up against me as the cold air hit her. ”You cold?” She nodded and I put my arms around her, rubbing my hands up and down her soft skin. We waited for valet to pull up, and in teenty seconds, my car pulled up. ”Sorry sir, we uh, had to park you're car in the garage.” <a href="">He</a> was eyeing Teyana a little too hard. ”You got a problem with yo eyes or somethin'?” He laughed and shook his head while handing me my keys. ”b****.” I heard Teyana mumble. I decided to not ruin the moment by asking questions so I just opened her door for her. When we got in her phone rung. ”Hello...what the f*** you mean you went out and took my key...hold you saying I'm gonna be locked out for four f***ing hours...Trey if you wasn't famous I'd bust a cap in that ass...what the f*** ever...yeah, love you too...bye.” She held her hand up to her forehead and shook her head. ”Can you drive me to the trap? I gotta stay there.” I shook my head no. ”Nah. I can't let somebody as fine as you stay with niggas like them. You coming home with me and that's final.” She bit her lip and giggled. Yeah, I knew she'd like that s***.

Lol, they were all trying to get some. Damn, Pharrell put that ass on hush mode. I would've been mad listening to that if Jay was my sister. Oh! Mina! You a freak and you know it. She is so adorable. Yay!!! Tez done turned her out! High five! Lol. She damanding as hell, GO SMOKEY! Asia and Miyah have another victim. Lol, they really need to stop sleeping in the middle. Aww, they're so damn cute! Nobody go in the game room for the next few hours! Lol!
Run it!!!

O they all sum freaks run it

*Three Months Later*

Pharrell's POV

”Aye! The f*** ate the last damn slice of pizza?” I asked walking into the livingroom. ”You already know who did that s***.” Chris said without looking at me. ”Who?” I asked. ”Asia dumbass!” Dee exclaimed. ”Don't talk nigga.” He shook his head at me and got up. ”I'm thirsty.” He whined. ”Yeah, we know. That's why you always f***ing Mina.” I joked. ”Don't be mad cause I can get mines anytime of the day.” I laughed. ”Nigga, yo sister a freak! Bet if I call her she'll let me come over.” He shook his head. ”My sister is not that damn d*** whipped. She has a test tomorrow, so she won't even give you the time of her day.” He argued. I nodded and picked up my phone. ”Hey babe....Yeah, I was just calling to check on you...Oh you miss me....and daddy dic- Oh imma be over there in five on that bed by the time I get there...i love you...aiight bye!” Dee just looked at me. ”Damn, my sister done got d*** whipped by one of my best friends.” He hung his head low. ”Yeah yeah, whatever. I'll be back tomorrow.” I said walking out the door leaving <a href="">them</a> alone.

Dee's POV

As soon as he left. The boys got up and headed to the game room. ”Dee is just pussy whipphed!” Ty sung offkey making everybody laugh. ”Yup! Her pussy should be on Honor Roll, she get straight A's everytime I see her. I be like, Goddamn when she walk out the shower butt ass naked.” I smiled  and they all just shook their heada. We heard the front door open and close with louad laughter and talking coming after it. ”Where yall at?” I heard Moe yell. ”In here!” I shouted. When <a href="">they</a> walked through the door. All eyes were on them. ”Damn!” I exclaimed. Mina blushed and looked at me. I signaled for her to come here. ”I missed you.” I cooed in her ear as she giggled. ”Did you really?” I nodded and she pecked my lips and bit them. ”We heard about yo freaky ass Mina!” Tez yelled. ”What?” Her face turned red and she hid her face in my chest. ”No reason to be shy. We knew that s*** from day one. Dee never had a smile so big on his face.” Asia laughed sitting on Chris' lap. ”I ain't get my kiss.” He pouted. She smiled at him and pecked his lips and licked them and Chris bit hers. I just shook my head until I heard moaning. I looked in the corner to see Ty and Miyah making out. ”f*** that s***! I'm not about to witness them f***ing, come on babe.” Mina pulled me outthe room. Everybody thought about it then raced out. When we heard the door lock behind us we all just gagged.”Ugh! I'm visualizing it!” Asia whined. ”That's nasty.” Smokey shook her head. I looked over at Tez as his tongue grazed over his bottom lip. He wanted her. I walked over to him and sat down. ”Talk to her nigga.” I encouraged. ”Nah. She a lesbian. I've had a crush on her since freshman year.” He laughed at himself and continued to stare. When she looked up at him, she gave him a small wave and he waved back smiling. ”Nigga, get yo pussy ass up and go talk to her. She likes you too.” Moe said coming behind him witb Peso. ”Really?” Tez asked. We all just shook our heads no and he frowned. ”Yes nigga, now go.” He bit his lip and stood up and walked over to her.

Tez's POV

I took a deep breath before I approached her and I tapped her lightly on her shoulder. ”Oh, hey Tez. Wassup?” I looked at her smile and I started to smile, but I needed to keep my cool. ”Uh, Smokey. Look. I know you like girl's, and so do I, but there's this one girl I need help getting. She's wonderful, funny, smart, she deals, her hair is the sofest thing out there. She is just so damn good looking. Her personality, her eyes, her-” I was cut off by her kissing me. I wrapped my hands around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck. ”Oh s***! Tez done turned my main nigga out!” Dee yelled. I flicked him off still kissing her. She slipped in some tongue and I bit it before letting it in. I flicked her tongue with mines and played with her tongue ring. She moaned in my mouth and pulled out after biting my lips. ”You can take me out tonight. I look forward to seeing you.” She smiled and waved bye to everybody and walked out the door. ”Yes!” I shouted, jumping up and down. I ran over to the girls and we all started jumping. ”Nigga you gay!” Miles shouted. ”Whatever.” I said, flipping my imaginary hair and switching down the hall to my room. ”Yeah, he gay.” I heard Mina whisper. Everybody laughed, including me.

Asia's POV

”No Chris! Stop! Stop it!” I whined as he continued to bite my ear and giving me hickies. I couldn't go to school like this tomorrow. ”Nah! You and Ya-Ya did that s*** so now you're gonna pay for the both of you.” I smacked my lips. ” should've...s***....never slept in the middle.” I said through moans. ”I had to! You two be kicking niggas off beds and s***.” I giggled as he narrowed his eyes at me. ”I see you've forgotten the rules.” I nodded and smiled. ”Rule number one, no giggling especially when I'm horny. Number two, no smacking your lips.” I rolled my eyes. ”Uh! You just did all three rules in under one minute. No kisses for one whole day.” I laughed. He knew he couldn't stay away from me. He was going to learn that I always get my way. ”Hey! Uh oh!” Miyah said eyeing Chris' neck. ”Yeah, you next!” He exclaimed. She took off running and ran into her room. ”Ty help!” She screamed. He walked up the stairs and started laughing. ”What did she do now?” He asked me. ”Chris slept in the middle.” I simply explained. ”Man, that's yo fault. They told yo ass from day one that they do that. Now leave my baby alone.” I heard Miyah snickering from the other side of the door. ”I'll get that ass Ya-Ya.” She laughed and Chris left. ”Come on baby. We can go to the mall by ourselves.” He hooked his arms around me and I heard the door unlock quickly and Miyah jumped on Chris' back. ”I sorry. I wanna go.” She pouted. ”No.” He sternly said. I started to make the puppy face he couldn't resist. ”Please babe. She's my sister, and I always have her help me go shopping.” He looked up at the ceiling trying to avoid my eyes. ”No.” He repeated. I sighed heavily and looked at Miayh. ”Well, I guess I got to ask you if this makes me look fat, or if the shoes I want make me look boyish, and we might spend at least an hour in each store. We have to go to at least five stores. Or maybe ni-” ”Okay she can go!” Me and Miyah smiled. I kissed Chris on the lips, even thoughi was on punishment. ”Thanks baby.” He smiled and puckered up his lips and I backed away. ”No. I'm on punishment still.” He <a href="">bit his lip</a> and looked at me. ”Stop Chris.” I whined. ”Stop what?” He asked, stepping closer. As I backed up, I felt my door hit my back. ”Dead end.” He bit his lip again and put his hands around me. I twisted the knob as his lips were about to touch mine. He looked up and laughed. He picked me up and pinned me on the bed. He kicked the door closed and put his chest on mine.

”What?” I asked as he narrowed his eyes at me. ”You know what.” He lowered his face so our foreheads were touching. ”No, I don't.” I giggled as he began to tickle me. What was a little giggle turned into a screaming laugh as he continued to tickle me. ”Okay! Okay! I'll give you a kiss.” I exclaimed. ”I knew you wouldn't last a minute. I smacked my lips and he picked me up making me straddle him. ”Freaky?” He asked. ”Just a little bit.” I measured with my fingers. ”A little bit. I'll take it.” I smiled and he grabbed my face and pulled it to his before licking his lips. I forced our lips together and put my arms around his neck while hebrested hisbhands on my butt. I moaned and giggled a bit when he grabbed it. I slipped my tongue in and he circled my mouth while massaging my lower back. I started to move my hips back and forth as he grunted. I pulled out of the kiss and began licking his neck as he threw his head back. I nibbled on his soft spot, causing him to moan. He gently pulled my head up and laid me on my back as he kissed my neck. I was in pure bliss when he sucked on my collar bone. There was a knock on the door and I ignored it, but Chris just stopped. ”Babe!” I whined. ”You can get some more when we get back.” I started to pout and he kissed my lips and I smiled. As he stood up I stretched my arm out groped his manhood. ”Aye! s*** Asia! You can't be doing that. I was about to lay yo ass on that bed and give you the business.” I looked at him with lust written all over my face. I slowly licked my lips making him weak in the knees. I knew this because he leaned on the door for support. ”You better quit. Now lets go.” I laughed and walked out the room to see Miyah and Ty sucking the life out of each other. ”Okay. Imma need for you two to stop because I ain't calling the ambulance because your heart failed from lack of oxygen.” I warned. Ty pulled out of the kiss and Miyah kissed me on my lips. ”Ah! I got d*** on my lip! Ugh!” I wiped it off on Ty as he just laughed. ”f*** you.” I spat walking downstairs.

Dany's POV

I laughed at Miles as he and Mina were having a staring contest. ”You ain't gone win Minnie.” He said. ”I'm the one sitting under the fan.” She mumbled. ”Babe. I need my dosage.” Dee yelled from upstairs. She rolled her eyes. ”I know you hear me. Fine, I'm not gonna let you ride. You know that's your favorite position, especially when you hit the splits. Hell yeah!” He exclaimed. She gasped and hid her face under Tez's arm. ”Don't hide now girl.” Tez said. You could see her cheeks turn pink. ”Aw! Well we'll be back. We're going to the mall!” Asia exclaimed. ”b****! I know you not leaving without my kiss!” I yelled after her. ”Mine too.” Mina said softly. ”Oh, sorry.” She kissed my cheek and Mina's and left. ”Damn. How did you not blink?” Miles asked more to himself. ”It's magic.” She whispered. ”Mina!” She looked at Dee and blinked her eyes. ”I win!” Miles exclaimed. But Mina wasn't even paying attention to him. I looked at <a href="">Dee</a> and laughed. Mina bit her lip and looked at us. ”I'll be back in a little bit.” Dee smiled and took herhand and they walked upstairs. ”Nigga no!” Tez yelled at Miles as he whispered something in his ear. ”What?” I asked. ”Nothing.” They both said. I shook my head and looked at the time. ”Hmm, it's 7 o'clock and your date begins at 9. Shouldn't you be getting ready?” Tez jumped up and ran down the hall. ”Haha! That nigga took off like Forrest Gump.” I joked. Miles laughed and sat me on his lap. ”Only place we haven't f***ed is in the game room.” He randomly said. ”Leggo. I want to play a game.” I whispered. He smiled and kissed my neck. ”What is that?” I kissed his lips and bit them. ”It's called. Your in charge.” He jumped up and pulled me into the game room and laid me on the couch. ”Face down ass up!” He yelled as I just bit muly lip giggling.

Aww damn, I'm glad that was a dream. I started to get the chills n s***. Whoo! She pulled that gun out on Chris, boy! I would've just stopped moving. He over here clenching his jaws. Lol, Iike how they keep on pushing Asia on Chris. They really want them to be together. Hahaha! She said, ”You should've grew some wings and flew away.” I'm dead. Damn! Chris knew what the hell he was doing. Walking around with no shirt on. They had a water fight. I know they was mad they had to clean that s*** up. Ohhhhkkaaayyy! Miyah, I see you sitting on Ty's lap. Haha, her ex's daughter is too cute! Dang! Her ex is cute! Uhhh! I would've whooped Miles ass for doing that s***. I love her and her brother's relationship.
Run it!!

Run it

Asia's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night hungry as hell. I looked over at my clock. ”It's only 2:30.” I sighed and got up. I pushed Miles over and grabbed my phone. I turned it on and the brightness burned my eyes. ”s***!” I cursed. I opened the door and headed downstairs to warm me up some pizza. As I was looking in the fridge I heard footsteps behind me and jumped when I saw Chris. I then noticed I started to bite my lip looking at <a href="">him.</a> He knew he looked good enough to eat. ”Uh, hey.” I waved and continued my search for the pizza. ”Are you f***ing kidding me?” I cursed. ”What's wrong?” He asked. ”Rell must've ate the last piece of pizza.” He chuckled. ”I see somebody has the munchies.” I nodded and looked for something else to eat. ”f*** it. I'll just go to Wendy's. You wanna go with me?” He nodded and slipped on his shirt. ”Thank you for putting that on. To be honest, if I was high, I would've been jumped on that ass.” He raised both of his eyebrows and laughed. ”I'll take that as a compliment.” He said, walking out behind me and I locked the door. We walked to my <a href=" ">car.</a> ”Wassup with yall and bugatti's?” He asked. ”Trey gave them to us on our birthdays.” He nodded and got in the car.

”Oh s***!” Chris yelled as I sped to Wendy's. He was leaned back in his seat from the gravity pulling him. ”Aren't you going to get pulled over?” He asked. ”You must've forgot who my mom is. Only police building she doesn't run is the one on Reese St. Guess who runs that? The DP Boyz. They don't like my mom because how she came into the game. They feel she doesn't deserve to have her title as Queen of the game.” I explained. ”How did she get into dealing?” He asked. ”She dated this nigga who was the king of Columbus. Everyone knew him. He took real good care of me, Pharrell, Trey, and Miyah. He was the nicest man ever to us. But then the DP Boyz killed him while he was walking out of the ice cream parlor, holding my hand. That was the first out of many dead people I'd seen, I was only five. When I turned twelve, I had killed a DP boy. He was talking s*** about Trey, saying he was gonna kill him and s***. Then I called him a pussy nigga and he smacked the hell out of me. I pulled my gun out and shot the nigga six times. Since my mom ran the police, nobody ever reported it. Yup, my first victim, but he sure as hell wasn't my last.” I started to smile an evil smile. I looked at Chris and he looked like he was scared out of his mind. ”H-h-h-ho-how many people have you k-ki-kil-killed?” He stuttered. ”Um, lets see. 23 at least. I used to be a hitman for my mom. No one ever suspected that a teenage GIRL could do that s***. Especially when it was a grown man's game.” His eyes widened a little more, if it was even possible. ”We're here.” I announced getting out the car.

”Hey Si-Si! Long time no see!” My ex, <a href="">Damien,</a> said walking up to me. ”Wassup stranger. I mean s***. Was that b**** pussy that good, you stopped hanging with me.” He laughed. ”Nah, I got a daughter now.” He said holding up a small hand. ”Oh, I'm sorry. Those are bad words. Don't reapeat them.” I said looking down at <a href="">her</a> and smiling. She nodded and stuck out her hand. ”I'm Amiya.” I took her little and shook it. ”Hi, I'm Asia.” She smiled and looked at Chris behind me. ”Is that your boyfriend?” She asked. ”Nah. He's my friend. He's a cutie isn't he?” She nodded and waved at Chris. He laughed and waved back. ”Sup man. I'm Damien.” Damien introduced himself giving me the side eye. ”I'm Chris.” They dapped each other up as a thought raced across my mind. ”Why is she up at 3 o'clock in the morning?” He looked down and picked up Amiya. ”Tell her why daddy has you up at this time?” She smiled and looked at me. ”I kept begging daddy to take me here. I'm his little girl, so I always get my way.” Me and Chris laughed and Damien just shook his head. ”She's beautiful. How old are you?” She held up three fingers. ”Oh wow! You're a big girl!” I exclaimed. ”I haven't seen you since you broke my heart in the 10th grade.” Damien pouted. ”Well, I told you we could still be cool. But yo ass went and left the damn state without telling anybody! How long have you been here?” I asked, changing the subject. ”Chris, I would watch out. She's s bit bipolar.” I glared at him. ”Answer the fuc- I mean answer the question, please?” I said stopping myself from cursing in front of Amiya. ”I've been here for at least two months now.” I nodded and walked up to the cashier. ”I'll take two triple Baconator's and a large Sprite with large fries. Chris did you want something?” I asked looking at him. ”Damn girl! Your appetite is crazy when you're high.” Damien laughed. ”She get's hella horny too.” I mugged him and he just laughed harder. ”Girl that face scared me then, not now. I'm a grown ass man.” I then straight faced him and he shut up quick. ”Yeah, that's what I thought.” He smacked his lips. ”That's the same face she used when she took niggas out. Of course imma be scared. Wouldn't you?” He asked Chris. ”Hell yeah. I almost pissed my pants when she told me what she used to do for a hobby. ”Tell him how old you were when you had your first tat.” Damien looked at me. ”I was nine.” I said in a nonchalant tone. ”What? The f*** were you doing with a tattoo. You supposed to be worried about how many stickers you can fit on you, not tattoos.” I rolled my eyes as Damien was dying from laughter.

”We have to catch up some time. I'll see you later Si-Si.” I hugged him and he dapped up Chris. ”It was nice meeting you Amiya.” She smiled and put her face in the crook of Damien's neck. ”Alright. I'll see you two around.” He waved at us and we walked to the car. ”That was your ex, right?” Chris asked me. ”Yup, weird that we're still cool. He knows all my darkest secrets too. So I guess it was manditory for me to keep him close, ya know?” He nodded and turned up the music. When ”Some Type Of Way” by Rich Homie Quan came on. It was a whole different world. We we're hella turnt. ” My Niggas been hustlin' trying to make him something. Ain't no telling what he'll do for the paper. Soufflé, I'm straight, I scrape my plate. Sade, I'm a smooth operator. I Drop The Top Of My Whip Baby!” Chris yelled. ”That car I'm driving make you feel some type of way. That Custom Breitling make you feel some type of way. This b**** I'm with got me feeln' some type a way. Is it because my homies rich you feel some type of way? Some type of way, make you feel some type of way. Heard she wanna f*** me, know you feel some type of way. Mr. CEO is what my title say. Me and my homies did your Ho, he feel some type of way!” I rapped. We stayed hype throughout the whole song and laughed as Cgris would do some weird ass dance in his seat. I almost crashed when he started to twerk, though. We finally made it to the house in one piece and I laughed loudly as we walked through the door.

”Where yall go?” I jumped in Chris' arms, but calmed down when I saw Pharrell up with Miyah and Ty. ”We went to Wendy's. We brought yall back some food.” I held up the bag. They junped up and Miyah snatched the bag out of my hand. ”Damn Ya-Ya! Calm the f*** down!” I yelled. She rolled her eyes at me and grabbed her burger and bit into it. ”I needed this.” I laughed at Ty's dramatic ass. ”Oh! Guess who we saw.” Pharrell shrugged and swallowed his food. ”Who?” I smiled. ”Damien. He got a daughter now. She's so damn beautiful!” I screeched remembering her cute little face. ”Word? I never would've thought his ass would have a child. He always said f*** b****es get paid after you broke up with him.” I rolled my eyes. ”I know. Jay ain't come back with you?” He shook his head. Miyah and Ty reached for the two last burgers and I quickly hit their hands. ”No. Those are for Dany and Miles.” I heard the steps creak then they appeared. ”What's for me?” Miles asked. ”A damn baby will be if yall don't stop f***ing like yall do.” Miyah joked. ”Shut up Miyah.” Dany said, kissing her on the cheek. I tapped my cheek and Dany came over trying to kiss it. I mushed her face away from me and Miles kissed my cheek. ”Hope you don't break out.” I scrunched up my face and looked at Miles. ”You forgot Miles eat the pussy.” I started to shake and I hurried to the sink. I started scrubbing off my face as they laughed. ”Not funny.” I pouted, walking over to Pharrell and laying my head on him. ”Aww, it's okay Beautiful. You won't break out.” I looked at him and smiled before kissing his cheek. I took my pickles out and threw them at Miles. ”We are officially O-V-E-R.” He poked out his botom lip and made thisbadorable puppy dog face. ”Okay alright. We aren't over. Now.” Dany laughed and kissed him. I stuck out my tongue at her and they all laughed. ”Damn, I'm hungry.” I whined. ”Eat!” Everybody yelled at me. I jerked my head back and scoffed. ”I was about to damn!” They shook their heads as they continued to eat. ”Bullies.” I pouted.

Run it

Asia's POV

I walked into the kitchen mad as f***. I heard the bathroom door open and close. ”Oh, hey Asia. Um, where did everybody go?” Chris asked. ”They all went into the game room.” I mumbled. ”Oh. Do you need help with those?” I looked back at him and he smiled. ”Yeah. I'd like that.” He bit his lip and walked over to the sink. ”Damn. They left you all by your lonesome to clean yhese dishes. Some friends, huh?” He laughed. I smirked. ”Yeah. Some friends. I never asked you what part of Virginia you came from.” He scrunched up his face. ”Didn't I tell you that last night at Peso's party?” I shook my head. ”Oh wait, that was a dream. Nevermind, I'm from Tappahannock.” I looked at him. ”You had the dream too? So did me and everybody else.” He looked down at me in shock. ”So, you had a dream about me.” He blushed and his cheeks took on a pink color. ”Yeah.” He whispered softly. I took my hands and turned his face towards me. ”I love your freckles.” I complimented him. ”I love your eyes. Their beautiful.” I noticed our faces getting closer and closer until I could feel his breath on my lips. ”Uh! Excuse me.” <a href="">They</a> walked in, clearing their throats. Me and Chris quickly moved and acted like nothing happened. ”Uh, did we interrupt something?” Miles asked. ”Not at all.” Dany came over with a big ass <a href="">grin</a> on her face. ”Move b****!” I spat as she smacked her lips. ”Girl! Don't try me. Peso ain't the only one that'll shoot yo ass dead.” I gasped and she gasped too, but jers was more sarcastic. ”Oh my gosh! Who didn't have that dream?” She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. ”That's some weird ass s***.” Miles said. ”Yo scary ass. You two can help put the dishes away.” They walked over to me and hugged me. ”Wassup Chris.” Miles greeted smiling hard. ”Not s***. Just helping out.” He laughed. ”Almost pissed yourself when Asia pulled that gun on your ass, huh?” We busted out laughing. ”Hell yeah! I fell out my f***ing bed and s***.” Chris said rubbing his head. ”That's okay. We all know Asia a pussy. She ain't bout that life.” Miles joked. I glared at himand he laughed. ”Yo what the f***?” He yelled when I splashed water in his face. ”Haha! See, who's the pussy know?” He grabbed a bottle of water and I started to run, but bumped into Tez. ”Damn! Sia, sit yo ass down.” I tried to move around him, but Miles caught me and pinned me down on the couch. ”Don't Miles! I'm sorry. Just don't pour that on me.” I begged. ”Okay. I won't.” He got up and walked around the corner. He did that a little too fast. I ran after him. ”Miles, are you sure- Ah!” I screamed as a bucket of ice cold water hit my face and everything behind me. I wiped my eyes to see Dany with a bucket of her own and Miles laughing at me. She put a finger up to her lips, signaling me to stay quiet. ”Aye man! Watch out!” Chris warned Miles. He moved out the way and looked behind him. He took the bucket from Dany and smiled at her. ”My turn.” We both took off running into the backyard hiding by the door. They came around the corner and ran right pass us. ”Man where they go?” Chris asked. ”I don't know- s***!” He yelled as me and Dany pushed them into the pool. ”Oh this means war.” He started to swim towards us and we ran back into the house to the game room and locked the door behind us. We opened our eyes to see everybody looking at us. ”What the hell? Yall dripping on my floor!” Pharrell exclaimed. ”Calm your tits Rell.” Miyah said looking away from Ty.

We were all chilling until we heard somebody knock at the door. ”Who is it?” Moe called. ”It's me and Chris.” Miles said. Me and Dany jumped up and hid behind Ty and Peso. I clutched onto Ty as Miyah looked at me like I was crazy. ”Don't let your brother get me Ty.” I begged he scrunched up his face and just nodded. ”I'll get it.” Moe got up. Before we could refuse, the door had already been open. We heard snickering and Ty put his hand up. ”Aye! Chill with that Chris.” I wanted to see what was happening so I peeked my head and was squirted with a water gun. ”Stop!” Dany yelled as Miles was hitting her with water balloons. ”Aye chill! Yall getting the floor wet!” Pharrell yelled. They finally stopped and were laughing hysterically. ”I'm breaking up with you Miles.” I pouted. ”Aw, I'm sorry boo.” He hugged me and Dany and gave us some towels. ”Go dry yourself off. I'll go make you some hot chocolate.” I kissed his cheek and mugged Chris. He snickered and so did everybody else. ”Jay, you can't laugh. We all know you was hella wet when you and Rell was f***ing!” I spat and I heard her get up. I took off to the bedroom and locked the door behind Dany. ”Really D? You just had to take all my damn gym shorts.” I sighed looking through my dresser. ”I got shorts.” Miyah walked into my room. ”No. I refuse to have my ass hanging out in front of strangers.” I said, shaking my head in disapproval. ”Your ass won't hang out. I promise.” Miyah held up her pinky and I locked mines with hers.

<a href="">We</a> walked downstairs to see Miles and Chris cleaning up and Ty looking at his phone. ”Where did everybody go?” Miyah asked. ”Oh they went- damn!” Ty yelled, finally looking up. Miles and Chris looked up and Chris licked his lips while Miles was already up the stairs in Dany's face. ”I like the outfit, but I say you'd look better without it.” She bit her lip and lead him to my room. ”Uh n-” I was cut off by her slamming and locking the door. ”My poor sheets.” I pouted, walking to the couch and turning on the TV. I reached over Chris and grabbed my black box with my pre-rolled blunts in it. ”You smoke too?” Ty asked Miyah. ”That b**** right there stay smoking like Santa's chimney.” I laughed at myself and Miyah sat down by me. She took one and lit it up. She inhaled, then exhaled making little ”O's” in the process. ”Damn.” Ty whispered adjusting himself on the couch. ”Oh Sia! Do the cycle, do the cycle!” She exclaimed. I shook my head not really in the mood. ”Please? I'll love you forever and ever. I'll let you have three of my husbands.” I begged. ”What? You're married?” Chris asked. ”No! We each have five famous husbands and the other can't do s***, but be mad.” Asia laughed. ”Okay, I'll take Justin Combs, Miguel, and mmm Bow Wow.” Chris smacked his lips. ”Why ain't yall pick somebody like Trey Songz?” I looked at Chris. ”That'd be weird having a crush on your older brother.” He looked at me and his mouth fell. ”What?” I nodded. ”Yup, that's my half brother. Me, him, and Pharrell got the same deadbeat daddy.” Ty nodded and I tapped Chris' cheek lightly. ”You okay?” I asked him. ”Yeah. I'm just a little surprised. Why don't yall live with him?” I looked up and laughed. ”He offered so many times to move us out there. But I couldn't take the paparazzi. I would've been in jail for life.” I admitted. They both laughed and Miyah cleared her throat. I looked at her and she looked at the blunt. ”Do it!” I rolled my eyes and inhaled as much smoke as I could. I opened my mouth and inhaled it from my nose and the smoke came back out of my mouth. ”Holy s***! You have to teach me that. I've seen a whole bunch of people just exhale and inhale from their nose, but you kept that s*** flowing.” Ty applauded, dapping me up after.

Pharrell's POV

After I had left Peso's crib and dropped Jay off. I headed back home. ”Yo!” I shouted into an empty house. I looked to my left and saw a burning blunt. ”Don't mind if I do.” I began to sit down and jumped up when something moved. I had made the face out that belonged to Chris. ”The f***? Nigga! Wake yo ass up!” He smacked my hand away and I looked on the sofa to see Miyah in Ty's lap. I gently picked her and Asia up and took them upstairs. I felt Miyah bite me and Asia start to suck on my ear. I raced to the room before I loss feeling in my legs. I layed them in the bed and pulled the covers over them.”Horny asses.” I thought to myself. ”Wake up!” I yelled scaring Chris. He jumped and fell off the couch. ”What time is it?” He asked rubbing the sleep out of his eye. ”12 o'clock in the morning.” He smacked himself and rushed to Ty. ”Come on Ty. We gotta hurry up and walk to Peso's house.” Ty loked at him and sighed. ”Bye Pharrell, see you later.” Before he could close the door I stopped him. ”Yall can stay here. I don't feel like driving and I really don't want yall to get jumped by them little ass niggas around the corner.” They both smiled and walked back in. ”I'll go get yall some shorts and covers.” They nodded and sat on the couch. ”Here you go. Don't f*** up my s***.” I warned they laughed and Chris went into the bathroom and Ty went into the guest room to change. When they came back, I walked up the stairs, but Chris stopped me. ”I know I probably sound hella gay, but thanks. I appreciate this.” I nodded and gave him a bro hug and walked up stairs.

Run it