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Thug Love *New Story*


"ladies!!" <a href="">Nicki</a> called out as she walked into their crib. She had a Gucci bag on her shoulder.

"we in here nick" her friend heather called out. She walked into the living to see her girls <a href="">Heather and Chyna</a> counting up their money.
"we man about 6 grand this week" chyna spoke stacking up the money.
"which is 3 grand less than what we made last week" heather added in stacking up the other half of the money.
"you know what this means right?" nicki asked sitting next to chyna.

"what?" chyna asked.
"we gotta take over Kennedy" she spoke.
"hold up, isn't that spot claimed by troy and them?" heather asked.
"i heard he left the state" chyna spoke."but everybody and they crew tryna get that spot" she added.
"then we need to get it poppin before anybody else does" nicki spoke."lets split this up so we can roll out" nicki spoke.


"yo Breezy!" <a href="">trell and tyga</a> called out from outside his house. A few minutes later <a href="">Breezy</a> opened up his door as he put a shirt on.
"yall niggas don't have phones? what the f***?" he asked.
"i know you're ass wasn't sleep?" trell asked as he and tyga walked in without an invitation.

"naw i wasn't sleep, but i was in bed" breezy said closing the door.
"oh you got a honey up there?" tyga asked quietly.
"yeah nigga, what ya'll want?" he asked.
"we heard troy and his boys left the state. Kennedy ave is up for grabs" trell spoke.
"you know thats the block to be" tyga added in.
"so ya'll wanna do a takeover?" breezy asked.

"hell yeah, we need to get there before some other crew gets there" tyga spoke as a female came walking down the steps.
"umm, you coming back up?" the girl asked from the bottom of the steps.
"actually, i have some business to handle" he told her as she sucked her teeth."i got you another time ma don't trip" he added.
"i ain't tripping" she spoke."i never trip over a dude" she spoke picking up her things and walking out the door.

"so we rolling out or what?" breezy asked turning to face trell and tyga.
"yeah lets go, you driving" trell told breezy as he and tyga walked out the door.
"like always" breezy said grabbing his keys, walking out the door and closing it behind him.

They hopped in his car as breezy started it and pulled off towards Kennedy ave.

"we gonna make hella money on this block" trell said sitting in the front seat.
"foreal, it's like everybody on that block smokes or pops something" tyga spoke.

Breezy parked the car at park where most of the usual transactions go down and seen some chick with blonde hair sitting on the hood of all white Benz talking to a group of dudes with two other girls by her side. He got out the car and peeped her making a transaction with one of the guys.

"yo you seeing this?" breezy asked as tyga and trell walked to his side.
"what she did she doing?" tyga asked.
"don't she know this is a mans hustle?" trell asked.
"i guess her momma aint never teach her better" breezy said as he crossed the street with his boys behind him.

"yo nick 3 cuties to the left" chyna spoke as nicki looked over to see breezy, tyga and trell walking up.
"wassup boys, need something?" nicki asked them.
"we need this block" breezy spoke.
"to bad" heather spoke laughing.
"your momma never told you this was a grown man's business?" Trell asked them.

"your mother never taught how to talk to a ladies" chyna spoke.
"look yall young ladies should just run along and go play with your barbie dolls or something" tyga spoke.
"f*** you, we aint going anywhere" nicki spit.
"so its like that?" breezy asked.
"hell yeah it like that" nicki spoke as they mean mugged each other.

"you no just cause your a chick don't mean you can't catch a bullet just like these niggas out here" breezy spoke lifting his shirt up a little exposing his 22.
"you ain't shooting s***" nicki said looking him dead in the eye.

Breezy looked around to see if anybody was around, once he seen the coast was clear he pulled out his 22 quickly, c**ked it and pointed it right in between her eyes.

"yo breezy chill out" trell spoke.
"you need to put the gun down homie" heather spoke
"relax yall he not about s***" nicki spoke as she continued to look him straight in the eye.

Everyone was silent and a few seconds later Nicki pushed his gun out her face and stood up.

"yall done?" nicki asked."cause i'm tryna do bidness out here" she added. Breezy blood boiled as he stood their heated at the fact she made him like a fool in front of his boys.
"yo breezy lets roll she clearly aint boutta move" trell spoke.
"iight we out" breezy spoke."but this s*** aint over" he added as he walked away with his boys.

"ayo next time you pull your gun out on me be prepared to pull the trigger, or i'll be the one offing YOU" nicki called out as they walked away.


run it

run it

dam maybe she could use a friend or more
run it

yay you added breezy and nicki need to team up on black ass. run it please

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Run It!

:) run it !!


"yo its mad boring over here breezy" ty complained.
"i say we head over to Johnny Rockets to mess with them girls" trell spoke.
"man you just tryna holla at ol girl with the blue hair" breezy responded.
"you know them females are BAD" trell said as ty nodded his head in agreement.
"they iight" breezy said fanning them off.
"he just mad ol girl don't f*** with him like that" ty said talking about nicki.
"shouldn't have pulled a gun out on her" ty said."she ain't even budge" she added laughing with trell as they remembered that night.

"shut up! aint nobody checking for that girl" breezy spoke.
"iight well we gon go meet up with them, you down or not?" ty asked as he and trell got up and walked down the steps.
"yeah i'm down" breezy said after scanning over his surroundings."only cause there aint s*** else to do" he added as ty and trell chuckled.
"yeah iight lets go" ty spoke at they made their way down the block to try and catch up with the girls.

"ughhh how long did they say?" nicki asked growing impatient as they waited for a booth at Johnny Rockets to open up.
"15 minutes chill nick" chyna spoke.
"man i'm just hungry as f***" nicki told her.
"same here i just wanna get in and eat" heather spoke agreeing with nicki.

"we came to crash the party" the girls heard as they turned around to see ty, trell and breezy walking up.
"i thought i told you another time?" heather asked trell with a smirk on her face.
"i figured yall would change your minds if we came all the way over here" trell spoke looking directly back at heather as they never broke eye contact.
"besides we were bored as hell sitting in front of this niggas house" ty spoke pointing at breezy who was typing away on his phone.

"well like heather told yall before, maybe ano..." nicki spoke before chyna cut her off.
"wait!, we could probably get that big booth thats empty if we have them with us" chyna spoke.
"yall lucky i'm hungry" nicki spoke as they made their way up to the hostess to get a seat change.

Without any issues the hostess grabbed 6 menus and escorted them to the huge booth in the corner of the restaurant. They slid into the booth 3 people on each side with heather sitting next to trell, chyna sitting next to ty and nicki sitting across from breezy.

"your waiter will be with you shortly" the hostess spoke as they put the menus on the table and walked away.

Their was an awkward silence as everybody looked over their menus. Nicki figured out what she wanted first and put her menu down on the table and took out her phone. Another menu was placed down on the table as she looked up to see breezy looking at her and gave him a 'what?' facial expression as he shook his head telling her nothing.

"nicki what you getting?" heather asked.
"same thing i always get" she answered as heather nodded.

Putting her phone in her pocket nicki tried looking everywhere but at the man sitting across from her but she should help it. By this time everyone figured out what they wanted and were just waited for the waitress to come so they could order.

"man its to quite somebody say something" ty spoke.
"what yall doing tonight?" trell asked the girls.
"handling business" nicki spoke.
"i thought we were just gonna chill at my house?" heather asked exposing nicki lie as nicki sucked her teeth.
"looks like somebody got caught in a lie" breezy spoke for the first time since they sat down.
"whatever" she said looking with squinted eyes as he stared right back at her.

"yall better not pull out any guns" ty joked.
"nicki aint strapped" chyna spoke.
"i'm always strapped" nicki spoke with a smirk with her eyes still on breezy.
"same here" breezy responded with the same smirk on his face
"i feel like some Mr and Mrs smith s*** is about to happen" trell laughed as ty, nicki and heather joined him.

"hello i'm your waitress for today are you guys ready to order?" was the voice that pulled breezy ans nicki from their hardcore staring contest.
"yeah we're ready" chyna spoke as they all began to order their food and drinks.
"is that all?" the waitress asked.
"yeah" they all answered together as she walked away.

"so about tonight, yall want some company?" ty asked.
"nah this is strictly just a girls night" chyna spoke."i'm sure yall don't wanna be around the hair doing in the nail painting" she added.
"you right" trell said scrunching up his face.
"you don't even look like the type to get into all that" breezy said to nicki trying to make conversation.
"thats cause i don't, i rather polish a gun than polish my nails" she said trying to intimidate him but his just laughed.
"thats a good one" he spoke nodding his head.

Just than 2 waitresses came over with their food and drinks and placed them on the table in front of them.

"enjoy your food" they said.
"thank you" they responded ass they began to dig into their food without hesitation. heather and trell and chyna an ty broke off into their own little conversation as breezy looked up from his plate to look at nicki who was pushing her hair behind her ear.

"why you so hard all the time" breezy spoke breaking the silence between them.
"what?" nicki asked looking up at him.
"why you hard, you got this wall up for no reason" he spoke.
"i got a wall up cause niggas aint trust worthy, your friend could be your biggest enemy, i like to keep my circle tight" she responded.
"so everybody other than these two are enemies?" he asked her pointing to heather and chyna.

"pretty much" she answered.
"see, that ain't right theres so cool people out there besides the two you already know" he spoke.
"like who? you?" she asked."the same nigga who put a gun to my head first night he met me?" she asked and by this time heather, trell, ty, and chyna were lusting in on the conversation.
"to me at that time you were a threat but i see now you're not and i can apologize for pulling a gun out on you because i know was wrong" he spoke intelligently which threw her off since she expected him to be the typical non educated 'thug'.

"it's nice that you apologized and all that but i don't need any new friends i'm fine with the two i have" she spoke."lets just end it there" she spoke as he nodded his head.
"i can respect that" he spoke.

At that point in time everybody at that table felt like it was time to roll out. They got the check paid for their food, left a tip and each crew went their separate ways.

"we still on for tonight right nick?" chyna asked.
"of course, imma be at your house around 8" nicki answered."but i swear to go yall better not try and give me a make over' she added pointing sternly at the both of them.
"we promise" heather said laughing as nicki broke away from them and went on her own towards her house.

Heather and chyna continued on their way to chyna's house as chyna tired to hide a smile that was forming on her face.

"what you got planed?" heather asked stoppign in front of chyna as she seen the look on her face.
"nothing" chyna spoke trying to walk around her but she wouldn't let her.
"spill it" heather spoke.
"already but you gotta promise you won't tell nick cause you tell her everything" chyna spoke.
"i promise, spill spill spill" heather spoke.

"alright, i told ty to come later and bring the guys you can't tell nicki cause than she won't come" chyna spoke.
"you think she gonna stay once she see them?" heather asked.
"i'll make her" chyna said confidently."DO NOT tell nicki" chyna said sternly.
"i won't" heather said.
"i wanna chill with them, nicki always talking about money before niggas she ain't never tryna have fun" chyna spoke as they continued to walk.

Nicki walked up her stoop and to her front door. Just as she was about to put her key in the lock she noticed a note on top of her step. She picked it up and opened up the door to her house and walked inside closing the door behind her. She opened the letter and began to read what was written.

<em>I here you're looking for me, telling people you gon put 22 in my mouth and shoot my brains out? you're one funny little girl i'll give you that. I suggest you quite while you're ahead before i do to you what i did to your big brother. Trust baby you want no problem with King Black, these are my sheets even when you think you're alone i got my niggas on you. Be easy ma i don't wanna have to harm you, or ya moms</em>

Nicki's hands shook with anger as she read the letter. The letter only made her want to hunt him down even more but the mention of her mother had her scared for only her mothers life she life was the last thing on her mind. Crumbling up the letter she tossed it in the garbage and began to pack a little bag to take to chyna's house since they were forcing her to come to the slumber party. She was kinda happy to be going now so she could get her mind off of the letter she had just read.

run it!

Sad wat happn to breezy mom smh nikki want her sum breezy lol he want her to please more run it

run it

Run It!

Run it


A few days had passed and Breezy chilling on the steps of his house with Ty and trell talking and handling 'customers' when they came along.

"aye breezy aint't that your little sister over there" ty pointed out as breezy looked to his left to see <a href="">her</a> walking up.
"yeah" he spoke standing up as she got closer."lauren what you doing around here" he asked with a confused expression as he looked around.
"i came to see how you were neither i or anybody else has heard from you since momma passed last year" she spoke.

"i don't wanna talk about momma right now" he spoke.
"you need to talk to somebody christopher, were worried about you" she spoke as trell and ty chuckled behind at her using his real name, which he hated.

He clenched his jaw wanting to avoid this conversation that he's been avoid since that day but theres no running from it now. He motioned for her to follow him and lead her in her house closing the door behind them.

"so whats up?" he asked sitting down and preparing himself for their conversation.
"we miss you, when are you gonna come back around?" she asked as he let out a deep sigh before speaking.
"i really don't know" he spoke."her being gone is basically my fault' he told her as she looked at him in a confused expression.
"what are you talking about?" she asked him.
"you remember black right?" he asked her as she nodded, she was the only one is his family who knew about his affiliation with drugs.

"yeah... chris what does black have to do with momma?" she asked as he looked down and shook his head.
"that bullet was meant for me lauren" he spoke putting his head into his hands as he began to tell her the story.

<em>Breezy drove towards his mothers house with her in his passenger seat. He had just picked her up from the grocery store after she called him telling him she bought to much and couldn't carry it home.</em>
<em>"thanks angel you are a life saver" his mother spoke as he parked outside her house.
"no problem momma" he said as they both got ou the car and began to get the bags out the truck of his car.</em>

<em>As his mom took the first load of bags into the house he noticed a very familiar car pulling up. Rolling his eyes he put the bags down and waited for him to come out.</em>

<em>"this ain't the place black, not at my moms house" breezy spoke.
"don't worry, i'm not hear to start trouble" <a href="">he</a> spoke</em>
<em>"whats that?" breezy asked clenching his jaw
"i need you on my team" black spoke.
"i don't for no body man, i do my own this" breezy told him as black laughed.</em>

<em>"at the end of the day, you don't have a choice, people like you so they buy from you" she spoke."so what i do is i get the competition on my team our i end them, which would you rather be? on my team or dead?" he asked with a death stare.</em>

<em>"christopher, whats going on out here?" he heard his mother's voice as he turned to see her walking back out her house.
"ma go back inside" he said as she hesitated before doing what he told her to do.</em>

<em>His mother watched from her kitchen window as her son and the unknown man had a verbal altercation. She opened her window at bit to see if she could hear any of their conversation.</em>

<em>"i'm not working for you black, i told you no before and i'm telling you no now" breezy spoke.
"iight" he nodded with a smirk as he pulled out his gun, c**ked it and pointed it right at his forehead."you might wanna re think your answer.</em>

<em>His mother watched sacred to death at what she was seeing while her soon stood their in the path of death. Moving away from the window she ran as fast as she could to door and ran out calling chris's name.</em>

<em>Chris turned to face his mother, just as he laid eyes on her he heard a gun shot go off and seeing his mother clutch her chest and fall to the ground. With a face full of rage he turned towards black and charged at him. They went blow for blow until black's boys came out the car and they jumped his brutally. Leaving him laying on the grown spitting up blood not to far from where he mother laid dead.</em>

As he finished telling his sister what happened tears were flowing from his eyes heavily as she sat closer to him rubbing his back.

"she gone because of me lauren and i can't sit up in your face or anybody else in the families face knowing that i'm the reason she's gone" he spoke.
"chris you need to know what it's not you're fault, yo can't blame yourself for something you had no control over" she told him.
"i did have control lauren if i would have said yes and joined him momma would still be here" he told her.

"if you joined him you probably would have been dead right now, remember what he did to kenny, and they were boys for YEARS" she told him as he couldn't understand why she was trying to make him feel better when he practically killed their mother himself.
"i rather me than her" he said speaking from the heart.
"i'm sure she wouldn't want that, and i'm sure she would be upset hearing you talk like this" she said.

"i just wanna see that nigga on the street one time and i swe---" lauren cut him off.
"what are you gonna do? kill him?" she asked."chris don't be stupid revenge is never a good thing, and i'm sure you don't wanna end up in prison" she said trying to talk some sense into him.
"you understand" he said shaking his head.
"i do, you're pissed, i am too but you can't go around killing people you aren't like him, you're better than him" lauren spoke.

Chris sat their rocking back and forth as he tried to calm himself down. Whenever he thought about Black his thought turned into dark ones as he thought about was to get revenge.

"i'm is having a cookout saturday the family and some friends are gonna be there, you should come" she said trying to lighten the mood.
"nah i can't" he spoke.
"come chris, we miss you" she said.
"i'll think about it' he said as she smiled."that doesn't mean yes" he added as she nodded.

They both stood up and hugged each other for what seemed like forever. He missed his litter sister he couldn't lie about that but its the fact that she looked so much like their mother that made him hold onto her longer. He walked out the door with her and took his spot back on the stoop with his boys as she walked back to her car, started it and pulled off.

"christopher does your sister have a man" trell asked.
"1 don't call me that s*** and 2 chill out thats my sister i'll knco yo ass out" he spoke.


Meanwhile Nicki and Heather walked down the block to meet chyna at Johnny Rockets, their usual chillout restaurant spot.

"well look who we have here" they heard head a voice as they stopped in front of a stoop to see breezy, trell and ty chilling."have you forgotten about a nigga?" trell spoke looking directly at heather.
"no, but the phone works both ways" she spoke with a smirk as she stood their with her hands on her hips.
"where yall headed?" ty asked

"meet up with my girl chyna at johnny rockets" heather spoke as nicki tried not to make eye contact with breezy as she felt him look at her.
"yall wants some company? i'm tryna wife ya home girl up" ty spoke joking about chyna as nicki looked at breezy planning for it to be a quick glance but got sucked in to his brown eyes.
"maybe next time, we got business to handle" she spoke.
"iight than next time, don't forget to hit me up ma" trell spoke.

"i got you" heather responded as she and nicki walked away and went to go meet up with chyna."you good?" heather asked looking over at nicki who looked to be in deep thought.
"what? y..yeah i G" nicki spoke glancing back quickly before looking straight ahead.

Run it !!!!

run it please

run it please

run it please

Run it

Run It!!!

his own friend said tht to him? i have a feeling that he gona be dealt with soon
run it


Just realized i made a lot of typos and mistakes in that last chapter. Sorry guys.

i will be checking over my Chapters before i actually post them from now on



Run it

That scene was so emotional..dang she was there to witness her brother get was that dude his friend that said that to him??? If so that messed up...well happy birthday kenny...:( How did breezy mother die??? RUN IT


The next day Nicki woke up with her head pounding. She sat up and realized she wasn't in her bed but on a couch in heathers house. She looked over to see Chyna knocked out on a smaller couch and threw a shoe at her to wake her up.

"ughhh what the hell nic" chyna groaned.
"what happened last night?" nicki asked.
"you got drunk, and threw up in the street" chyna spoke still half asleep.
"ughhh thats so rachet" nicki said shaking her head.
"what DO you remember from last night?" Chyna asked turning her head to face.
"dancing by myself" she answered.
"thats it?" chyna asked with a smirk.

"yeah i don't remember s*** after that" she said honestly as she looked at the smirk on chyna's face."what?" she asked getting annoyed.
"you don't remember kissing a guy?" chyna asked.
"now i know you lying, who?" nicki asked.
"i can't tell you" chyna spoke.
"cause you might shoot me" she responded.
"i will not, i;'m not even strapped right now" she said joking as chyna made a face.

"foreal who?" nicki asked.
"that breezy dude" chyna spoke.
"breezy? who is.... ohhhhh oh no! please tell me you're joking?" she said with her hand over her mouth.
"not even the slightest, you were grinding on his leg and then you kissed him... for a long ass time to" chyna told her."and after that is when you ran outside and threw up" she added quickly.

"see thats probably why i threw up, cause i kissed him" nicki said making a disgusted face as chyna laughed."its not funny chy" nicki said throwing her other shoe at her.
"what the hell is going on out here?" heather asked walking out her room.
"i just told nic about the kiss she shared with breezy" chy spoke as heather tried to hold in her laugh but it came out anyway.
"yall laughing and it aint funny" nicki spoke with a smirk."i'm out i got stuff to do" she added as she slipped on her sneakers.

"wait! can you drop me off at my crib?" chyna asked.
"nope, get your laughing buddy over here to do it, bye bye" Nicki spoke grabbing her keys and rushing out the door.

She hopped in her and unlocked her phone to see and Event pop up on her phone that read: <em>July 20th Happy Birthday Kenny!</em>. She couldn't help but think about the fun times she shared with her brother whether it was videos games or basketball they always managed to have a good time. She started her car and pulled off down the back. After a 15 minute driver she parked her car and got out.

She looked up at the sign they said <em>Lakeside Cemetery</em> and walked in putting a pair of shades on. She followed one of the many paths until she came across the name she was looking for Kendrick Anderson, her brother. She bent down so she was eye level with his tombstone and rubbed her hand on the bright green grass.

"love you big bro, happy 28th" she spoke with a single tear running down her face as she remembered the events from that night.

<em>"i wanna go see that real scary that just came out" nicki spoke as she and her brother walked down the block.
"you know you're a punk" he said nudging her with his elbow.
"never that i aint never sucrred" he joked as they both laughed</em>

<em>"aye Kenny!" he heard someone call him name and turned around to face him.
"oh wassup B" kenny said dapping him up.
"nothing Black wanted me to tell you farewell" he said as he rushed in the other direction.
"farewell?" nicki asked as she looked at kenny to see fear and confusion written on his face.</em>

<em>Kenny knew what 'Farewell' meant to Black he just couldn't figure out why he was coming after him. his head snapped up when he heard the sound of engine roaring down the block.</em>

<em>"nicki i need you to run home, now" he spoke turning to look at her.
"what? why?" she asked getting scared.
"don't ask any questions, and don't look back, i love you" he said hugging her."GO!" he shouted as she did what she was told and he ran in the opposite direction.</em>

<em>Nicki had no clue what was going on but she did what her brother told her to do and ran. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard 1 single gun shot. She turned around to See her brother all the way down the block but then suddenly he dropped. Her heart began to beat fast as she ran back towards him hopping he was okay.</em>

<em>"Kenny!" she yelled out as she ran as quick as she could. When she got to his side she dropped down to her knees and lifted his head onto her lap.
"i..i..i..told you you to go home" she struggled to speak as he head onto his chest. Nicki moved his head from his chest for a second to see he had indeed been shot.</em>
<em>"please, please, please kenny don't leave me" she cried as she rocked him."somebody call 911!!" she yelled out.</em>

<em>"i love you Onika" kenny spoke."tell momma i love her too an.. and i'm sorry" she spoke coughing off blood.
"you're gonna tell her Kendrick, you're not going anywhere" she spoke."just keep breathing" she coached. She listened to him breathing and put her hand over his to feel his chest moving up and down. Not a second passed when his chest stopped moving and he stopped breathing.</em>

<em>"kenny? KENDRICK! no no no no" she cried as she put her forehead on his and heard the sound of an ambulance getting closer.</em>

"hey" She heard a voice interrupting her thoughts and looked up to see Breezy
"i can't even get away from you here" she said with a sigh as she stood up.
"who was he?" breezy asked being sincere.
"my brother" she told him."he was shot" she added.
"i'm sorry for your loss" he spoke as an awkward silence took place soon after.
"why are you even here? are you stalking me or something?" she asked."and just so you know i was drunk when i kissed you it won't happen again" she added in.

"i came here for the same reason you did, My mother grave is here" he told her.
"oh my god, i am so sorry" she spoke.
"nah its cool" he spoke as he stepped away."and just so you know nobody was think about kissing your ass again" she walking away with his hands in his pockets.

Damn she straight threw up after kissn his ass lol run it

Damn she straight threw up after kissn his ass lol run it

lmao at the comment below
but true
i wasnt expectin that kiss
run it